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While most often seen in fighter games, this character will occasionally appear in RPGs. This is the one with the usually shaggy, muscle-bound and under-dressed appearance who's from the past/from a jungle/victim of a military experiment. The Wild Man will often use primitive means of attacks, such as big blades or clubs (gee, who would've thunk it?) and some times slightly more advanced weapons which you're not really sure how they manage to be good with (bombs, usually).

When this character shows up in RPGs, it will often overlap with The Big Guy trope, but as far as fighters go, this character will usually be the odd looking guy with increased strength/agility (or both) and animal-based or generally very melee-based attacks, probably The Berserker.

Compare to Wild Child or Jungle Princess. May "evolve" into a Beast Man if exposed to magic or genetic engineering.

This trope is Older Than Dirt, first appearing in The Epic of Gilgamesh.


  • The classic fighting game version is Blanka from Street Fighter II, almost more animal than man.
  • Tam Tam from Samurai Shodown; note that he comes complete with Cute Monster Girl kid sister Cham Cham, who's playable in the second game. As well as being one of the few Catgirls who actually has some feline behaviour.
  • Ayla of Chrono Trigger is a Wild Woman from the prehistoric past. Leah from Chrono Cross is much the same, and has a few of Ayla's special attacks too.
  • Tends to show up in Professional Wrestling, too. Typically this one's big, bulky, and not the most technical guy out there.
  • EXTRAPOWER: Zophy is practically the poster child of the trope, a taciturn man raised in the wilderness who wanders into adventure with nothing more than a speedo and some golden jewelry and a mountain of muscles. In Attack of Darkforce and Giant Fist, the only attack he needs is a mighty punch that's as strong as any other ally's magical or technological attacks. The latter game diversifies his fierce repertoire of punches and gives him the ability to pick up and throw enemies and objects of any size. A friend to all living things, he's never seen without King Leo, a talking lion and his closest companion.
  • Gau in Final Fantasy VI
  • King Rasta Mon in Saturday Night Slam Masters.
  • The eponymous hero of Tomba!!
  • El Cabaillo Blanco, the reclusive Real Life ultrarunner from Born to Run who is rumored to be a former boxer who killed his opponent in a bout.
  • Onmyōji (2016): Yamakaze is considered "king of the forest" but has a refined appearance and a deep-down caring personality. Nonetheless, he is a badass, Ax-Crazy warrior whose battle scenes land squarely into Nightmare Fuel territory.
  • Akihiko Sanada in Persona 4: Arena is built off of this archetype. He was originally going to be a Man in Black-type character inspired by Jason Statham in The Transporter, but developers wanted a Wild Man so he was tweaked.
  • Junkmen from Arknights, being the first Giant Mook encountered, serves as Reunion Movement's heavy hitter early in the game. They possess high health and attack power with their massive clubs, but wear ragged clothing that offers low overall defenses. Invoked by their description, which mentions that they disguise themselves as drifters to hide the fact that they are mercenaries.
  • A non-video game (but most likely inspired) example is Burk from A Path to Greater Good and its reboot Hero Oh Hero (the latter of which also gives him a better dressed Aristocrat as a foil). He wears nothing but trousers (or Goofy Print Underwear after he lost them) and a shaggy head of hair while fighting with Good Old Fisticuffs.