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Momoko: Shojo bubbles? This can only mean that he's a good guy.
Pluie: OMG, that ring is fabulous! It must be mine!
Momoko: What? The bubbles... lied to me?

A romantic moment in anime is often accompanied by a pastel background with lots of bubbles. Nobody knows who wanders into all these series with an invisible bubble machine, but maybe they should stop before they get soap in somebody's eye...

This is a technique taken directly from manga, and often accompanied by a Bishie Sparkle for one or both of the characters involved.

Alternately, the background may have a floral pattern rather than a bubble pattern. In yuri manga, the flowers may be lilies, because yuri literally means "lily". Roses are common otherwise, although any kind of flowers may be used, at the artist's whim, including odd things like passionflowers and clematis.

The origins of this are fairly obscure; as some of the examples below illustrate, it's been around for at least half a century and examples can be found dating back to Osamu Tezuka's post-war contemporaries, making it nearly as old as World War II. Examples in older Japanese popular art, though, tend to be harder to find, not aided by the significant destruction of such works, particularly potential immediate predecessors, in the war. The inspiration for the idea seems to come from the concept of one's vision blurring when you see someone you care deeply for and the human tendency to focus only on them - though who "invented" the trope is a fact probably lost to history.


See also Cherry Blossoms and Flower Motifs.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Gunbuster uses a floral background pattern when Noriko first meets Kazumi.
    • Diebuster also does this during the first meeting of the main two characters.
      • This is done as a reference to Aim for the Ace!. Hiromi sees bursting floral patterns and bubbles when Reika does any especially awesome tennis moves, only adding to the unintentional Les Yay.
  • Paradise Kiss uses a floral background pattern when Yukari first meets George. In this case, it is made to look like an embroidered floral pattern on fabric, which matches the subject matter (clothing designing) of the series.
  • Fushigi Yuugi uses love bubbles and sparkles, flowers, colorful backgrounds, etc.
  • The end song of the Transformers Zone OAV shows Cain and Akira running through a field of such bubbles.
  • Yume and Yuuki from Kanamemo are grandmasters in evoking these.
  • Achakura and Yuki in Haruhi-chan, after Yuki rescues her from a cat.
  • Used in, of all places, Death Note. They appear once, when Misa plays Ring Around the Rosie with Light and L.
    L: [deadpan] Yay, fun.
  • Either the bubble or flower version, or possibly a combination, occurs in Fullmetal Alchemist whenever Winry waxes poetic about automail.
  • In the Gundam Wing doujin "Ground Zero" (not to be confused with "Episode Zero") these were used in some particularly tender scenes with Heero and Relena.
  • In Genesis of Aquarion, Tsugumi gets this for Reika.
  • So overdone in I.O.N that the mangaka later said she was embarrassed of it and she'd get rid of them if she could.
  • Appears frequently in Kimi ni Todoke, so frequently in fact, that it would be rare to see a chapter (or an episode) that wouldn't have at least two scenes made of it.
  • In the chapter 423 of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, in the scene where Kenichi and Miu hold hands for one whole minute, they stare wide-eyed at each other standing inside a whirlpool of Love Bubbles.
  • Pokémon: Any time Brock imagines himself wooing the local beauty.
  • A variation happened, accompanied by a Luminescent Blush, in Wandering Son when Nitori asked Anna to go on a date with him.
    • The same thing happens when Takatsuki confesses that she has a crush on Nitori. No blushing though, and there's no sign that the crush is requited.
  • Maid-Sama! uses a lot of both bubbles and flowers. Maid Latte's manager practically has it as a skill, which occasionally goes out of hand.
  • Tsuruga Ren from Skip Beat! uses the love bubbles when he is feeling genuinely happy or loving. Contrast to when he's faking as hell and can come off as intimidating to those who know that he's faking, when he uses the Bishie Sparkle.
  • Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew often sees these around Masaya, and once she and Ryou danced in a field of Love Bubbles.
  • Blast of Tempest's Hakaze does this every time she has an internal monologue about what attracts her to Yoshino.
  • Happens in MÄR after Ginta accidentally kisses Snow the first time. Interestingly, this is pretty much the only time it happens, outside of someone's dreams. Though there's plenty of other Ship Tease later.
  • Sailor Moon Crystal:
    • In Act 1, flat, prismatic bubbles appear in frame with Usagi along with a Gaussian filter as she and Mamoru share a sudden, lengthy Held Gaze on first meeting. After awkwardly breaking eye contact, she mentally notes her heart is still pounding.
    • Again in Act 1, as Sailor Moon, she sees many Love Bubbles and Bishie Sparkle framing Tuxedo Mask, as he introduces himself while making his exit...but does not make the connection to her prior encounter with a boy in white-tie and tails.
  • Used once in a while in Case Closed, and mostly involving Ship Tease moments. Two good examples are the first part of The Big Damn Kiss of Satou and Takagi and Shiratori's Declaration of Protection to his soon-to-be girlfriend Sumiko; in the anime, when either moment takes place, the screen is drenched in sparkles and bubbles.
  • Used in regards to Momoko in Nanbaka, who drenches Hajime in these...and then it's revealed Hajime thinks this love vision is a Death Glare. Made even funnier by how Hajime somewhat looks like he's a certain "hero for fun" while Momoko is an intimidating woman.
  • In Symphogear AXZ, when Hibiki is told by Chris that the Alchemists are planning to attack Lydian Academy, Hibiki's thoughts immediately go to Miku. Viewers are then treated to a short shot of Hibiki viewing Miku with bubbles and sparkles around her, showing that Hibiki views Miku in a romantic manner.
  • In Tamagotchi, love bubbles are often seen when Himespetchi daydreams about her crush, Mametchi.
  • The "love flowers" variant is shown in a flashback in Ranma ½ when Ranma received his first kiss from Shampoo, with the anime emphasizing it by making Ranma's blush much more evident. Unfortunately for Ranma, it turned out that what Shampoo had given "her" was the Kiss of Death. In the manga version, when Ranma receives his "Kiss of Marriage", flowers are shown spontaneously blooming around the newly lovestruck Chinese Amazon and her startled new beau again.

    Video Games 


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, Mikoshiba draws love flower effects for Let's Love!, since they're the only thing he can draw. They also appear in-universe, usually around him or Kashima or when Sakura is imagining something romantic about Nozaki.

    Films — Animation 

    Video Games 


    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • DC Super Hero Girls 2019: Steve Trevor is surrounded by these each time Wonder Woman looks at him.
  • Frequently used in Miraculous Ladybug. The most often when Marinette looks at Adrien. But it can sometimes involve others characters. More rarely, it can be the vision of a third party seeing what he or she interprets as a couple.
  • In the Steven Universe episode "Too Short To Ride", Peridot receiving the alien doll she'd wanted has these in the scene, which is made to look like Peridot and the doll were lovers dramatically coming together.


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