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Nicola Glencross (born 21 April 1989) is a Scottish professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name Nikki Cross, performing on the Raw brand. Cross previously wrestled on the independent circuit under the ring name Nikki Storm, most notably for Insane Championship Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling: EVE, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, and Shimmer Women Athletes.

Nikki Cross wants to trope:

  • Adorkable: Nikki is absolutely bananas, but in a very endearing way, to the point where she's the one person ever to be able to soften up Alexa Bliss and make her feel affection. At one point, Alexa asks Nikki to host her talk show "a Moment of Bliss" and Nikki does so. When she does, she talks very slowly and explains that she's trying to do her best to make sure she's easily understood since she knows she has a "bit of an accent." Just to underscore the trope, right at this moment, a man in the audience audibly yells, "you're doing great, Nikki!"
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  • Animal Motifs: She has mannerisms that one would expect more from a playful cat than a psychotic human; she likes to rub her face on things and bat objects around with her hands (usually microphones or title belts), will often gently paw at other people, and sometimes crawls on all fours for no apparent reason.
  • Arch-Enemy: Ruby Riott. In NXT, they were constantly at each other's throats. On the main roster, Nikki joined forces with Natalya Neidhart and Bayley to fight Ruby and her friends Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan in a tag team match despite generally being a heel and the two of them being faces.
  • Ax-Crazy: As a member of Sanity. While everybody in that stable is a bit off, she may be by far the least sane one of the group, which is really saying something. She's been seen (aside from mercilessly beating her opponents) punching, slapping and biting herself, crawling on the floor and snarling like an animal. And that was in and slightly after one five-minute match. Eric Young tried to calm her down (think about the implications of that for a second) and got an elbow to the face for his trouble.
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  • Badass Boast: When lucid, she declares herself to be "The Best in the Galaxy".
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Besides being Ax-Crazy, Nikki also has many moments of being just plain old odd. She's often seen squatting and crawling around for no reason, pawing at others and even saying things that make no sense to anyone besides herself.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Nikki knows how to fight dirty and then some. She often traps her opponents between the ring and the ring apron before pummelling them. During Money in the Bank 2019, she grabbed a ladder and spun it around her head like a helicopter in an unorthodox Herd-Hitting Attack.
  • Cute and Psycho: She can be found smiling like a kid in a candy shop at the violence brought on by her stablemates, commandeering her stablemates for piggyback rides, and, during her sit-down interview, repeatedly batted away the mic and tried to do her interview by walking too close to the camera and holding the mic herself (badly).
  • Dark Action Girl
  • The Dark Chick
  • Giggling Villain: Her girlish giggle definitely belies her twisted, psychotic, unstable personality. She often switches between this and Laughing Mad at seemingly random times.
  • Genki Girl: While in NXT, she comes off more as being completely Ax-Crazy, on the main roster she's just a little weird and extremely hyper. At first, the explanation for this is that she's "socially awkward," but this is soon dropped, and instead the explanation is that Nikki consumes lots and lots of coffee.
  • The Glomp: Nikki is very physically affectionate, and she won't hesitate to show it by aggressively hugging her friends and/or tag-team partners. Turned up to eleven when she is with Alexa Bliss.
  • Happily Married: With Killian Dain on January 17, 2019.
  • Laughing Mad: She's is unhinged to say the very least, and it really shows when she goes through fits of laughter at either the suffering of others (or herself), or when she laughs at nothing at all.
  • Naïve Newcomer: When the 2019 Superstar Shake-up occurred, she was conspicuously absent from among the drafts and subsequently from any of the advertising materials on WWE TV. Eventually she showed up on Raw, having abandoned her Ax-Crazy persona because the persona was apparently making it difficult for her to "fit in" backstage (as SAnitY broke up prior to her being moved). The result is that her persona changed to a sweet, innocent babyface character who routinely appears to gets taken advantage of by the resident Alpha Bitch Alexa Bliss. The rest of the locker room has wised up to Alexa's behavior by this point, but Nikki follows the trope. The trope might be averted, however, in that Nikki explains that she knows about Alexa's previous wrongdoings, but supports her as a true friend anyways. Moreover, Alexa's primary accuser Bayley turned out to be evil herself.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: She has a habit of literally jumping on the backs of her stablemates. She also likes to hype herself up by slapping the other members of SAnitY in the chest (or sometimes in the face), and she particularly likes to hug Killian Dain after the group dishes out a beatdown (even though she can't even come close to getting her arms around his huge body).
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: She's only 5'1", but she's very solidly built and she hits hard.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: She often switches between girlish playfulness and batshit crazy at the drop of a hat. She's also fully capable of being both at the same time.
  • Sanity Slippage: When she made her initial debut, she was perfectly normal. When she reappeared with SAnitY, the commentators were stunned by the change in her personality.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Once she arrives on Raw, she is forced to abandon her Ax-Crazy persona, which also results in her adopting this trope. She basically drops the Sanity gear in favor of just wearing her own merchandise and a much more "traditional" look. Even her match graphics are changed to represent her as a sweet, smiling naive girl rather than a grungy psychopath, though this is COMPLETELY averted when she competes as her old Ax-Crazy persona seems to be triggered when competing while being a giggling Genki Girl otherwise, hinting at a rather complex Multiple Personality Disorder gimmick, though this has yet to be expanded on.
  • Slasher Smile: This is pretty much her default facial expression. Pain and suffering is fun for her, even when it's her own.
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only female member of the stable known as SAnitY.
  • Sudden Sequel Heel Syndrome: Her first television match was as a cheerful face teaming with Carmella and Liv Morgan. The next time she appeared, she was the most unhinged and violent member of SAnitY with no clue as to what happened to cause the shift.
  • Villainous Friendship: Most recently, she seems to have formed one with Alexa Bliss.
  • Villainous Rescue: Her debut on Monday Night RAW involved helping Natalya and Bayley fighting The Riott Squad in a 6-Woman Tag Team match. This was surprising to many, since there had been no build-up or mention of her on the show before she appeared. Why she agreed to help them is unclear, though her past beefs with Ruby Riott were probably a factor.
  • Violent Glaswegian: She was born in Glasgow and proves to be extremely aggressive in taking the fight to her opponents.

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