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Lateef Crowder dos Santos is a stuntman, martial artist, and actor based in California. Born in Salvador, Bahia in Brazil, he moved to San Jose, California, at the age of four. Growing up, he studied gymnastics and Capoeira, and joined the Zero Gravity Stunt Team. Lateef Crowder is largely notable for his work in portraying Capoeira in film. His first major film role was as a capoeiristra fighting Tony Jaa's character in Tom Yum Goong (the choreography of which was abruptly reduced due to Crowder damaging his Achilles's tendon during filming), and he was a fan-favorite to play Eddy Gordo in the Tekken live-action film, which he was ultimately cast in.


Notable Roles:


Tropes invoked by Lateef Crowder:

  • Big Scary Black Man: A common aspect of his roles. At 5'11", and his packed musculature, Lateef makes for an intimidating figure.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: His characters are often rather jovial, smiling and joking around with opponents even in the middle of fight scenes.
  • Dance Battler: Part and parcel with Crowder's Capoeira style, his fighting tends to be relatively dance-like.
  • Capoeira: One of the foremost actors in the field for this style, he is pretty much the go-to guy for Capoeira in films, and incorporates it into his style even when it's not listed as the fighting style.
  • Dreadlock Warrior: Another common aspect of Lateef Crowder's roles is his dreadlocked hairstyle.


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