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Angelic Beauty

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We all know angels run the gamut from being light-based mind shattering horrors to the basically human, and the human flavor are almost always divinely hot. This rule is almost without exception.

Compare Horny Devils, for this trope's infernal counterpart (which may be literal, in some cases). Contrast Divinely Appearing Demons and Hot as Hell. Their boss may also be a Hot God as well. Compare Beauty Equals Goodness, which fits this (almost) perfectly. Not related to Lovely Angels.

A Sub-Trope of Inhumanly Beautiful Race.


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  • An ad campaign for Lynx deodorant used the tagline "angels will fall", and showed hot female angels plunging from Heaven to earth to be near the guy spraying on Lynx. Axe ran a similar campaign in the US.
  • The Victoria's Secret Angels

     Anime and Manga  

     Comic Books  


  • The final ghost of Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past appears as an incredibly beautiful angel.
  • In Date With An Angel, the eponymous angel, who gets stranded on Earth after breaking her wing in a collision with a satellite, becomes the face of the 'Celestial Beauty' campaign being run by a cosmetics company.
  • The Devil's Advocate: The Devil briefly takes on his celestial form at the end after exploding into a fiery rage, essentially looking like Keanu Reeves with angel wings.
  • The Prophecy: Zigzagged by the different angels. Gabriel is played by the gaunt-looking Christopher Walken, Lucifer is played by an attractive-but-still-scary Viggo Mortensen, Michael is played by leading man Eric Roberts, and Pyriel is an outright Pretty Boy (interestingly, also the most evil of those four). Danyael is good-looking enough to get a human woman to fall in love with him, passing his looks on to his hybrid son.
  • Little Nicky: When Nicky finds himself in Fluffy Cloud Heaven, the angels are all attractive perky women. One of them, played by Reese Witherspoon, reveals that she's his mother.
  • The Lord of the Rings: A rejected idea from the third film was to have Sauron (who is basically a Fallen Angel only appearing as an Evil Overlord) appear in his fair form as Annatar to beguile Aragorn during the final battle at the gates of Mordor. This did result in some deleted footage, but was replaced with the Aragorn vs. Troll fight.
  • Reefer Madness: The Musical: In the song "Listen to Jesus, Jimmy!", Jesus is joined by a dozen backup singers/showgirls dressed in sexy angel outfits.

     Live Action TV  

  • Ambassador Kosh in Babylon 5 is seen as such by various races due to the Vorlon's Ancient Conspiracy to manipulate the younger races into being Vorlon pawns for the coming battle with the Shadows.
  • Several examples in Supernatural: Castiel is this to many fans; Michael, in the form of Michael Cohen and Jake Abel; Anna from Season 4 and 5; Season 6 briefly introduced another female angel named Rachel. Averted with Zachariah. These may not count as this trope however. They use hosts, so technically the fanbase is finding the human hosts pretty, not the actual angels. The only angel whose celestial form is explicitly described in-story as "beautiful" is Lucifer. The angels themselves are actually of the Eldritch Abomination variety, but the show has never shown their true forms.



     Tabletop Games  

  • A number of angel pictures on Magic: The Gathering cards fit this, with the first Serra Angel picture (up to 4th edition) just being a mild one.
  • Half-celestial races in Dungeons & Dragons, currently known as devas, are known to have an otherworldly beauty.
    • For related reasons, Aasimars (those with a celestial being in their ancestry) are also frequently quite beautiful.
  • While most demons in Demon: The Fallen drive mortals who witness their true forms insane with horror, the few who still have low Torment do so with the angelic beauty they retained since the Days of Creation.
  • Sanguinus, Primarch of the Blood Angels legion in Warhammer 40,000 qualifies, as does his counterpart Fulgrim of the Emperor's Children. Both are Long Haired Pretty Boys and described as the most beautiful of the Primarchs; Fulgrim seemingly being the most physically attractive and Sanguinius radiating a sort of ethereal, not-all-there beauty. This trait also to a lesser degree applies to their chapters, who share a genetic heritage with them.

     Video Games  

     Western Animation  

  • The Mortis arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars features the Daughter, embodiment of the Light Side of the Force, who usually takes the form of a beautiful, young woman, who visibly glows.
  • When Sabrina and Salem go back in time to King Arthur's days in Sabrina: The Animated Series...
    Arthur: Am I in heaven? For thou must be an angel.
    Sabrina: (giggling) Thanketh thee a lot.
    Salem: I thinketh I'm gonna be sicketh

Alternative Title(s): Hot Angel, Our Angels Are Hot