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Anime / Dancougar Nova

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Gravion. Only without the maids.

"Super Divine Beast Combination!"

Dancouga Nova is a Super Robot show that started airing on February 15, 2007. Masami Obari designed and directed the series. This is the supposed sequel to Super Beast Machine God Dancougar, though it is more a Spiritual Successor to Gravion.

The story takes place in 2014, when wars spring up all over the world and Japan has been devastated by a massive earthquake. Where ever the fighting turns to favor one of the sides, a mysterious force appears to even the odds, but never finishes off the side that once was winning. It leaves once the balance of power is restored. This is Dancouga Nova.

Tropes associated with this series include:

  • Bi the Way: Seimi, though she only shows any interest in Aoi in the course of the series.
  • Big Bad: Moon Will
  • The Cameo: by Klein Sandman of Gravion's fame.
    • The President was also there with him. Beside Sandman.
  • Char Clone: Eida. Blonde wearing a mask, piloting a red mecha.
  • Take That!: America had invaded the Middle East using a war on terrorism as a cover and caused terrorism to spread throughout the world.
  • Theme Music Power-Up: Lampshaded. Dancouga Nova plays it's own theme song over external speakers.
  • True Companions: Aoi, Sakuya, Kurara and Johnny start out as complete strangers and end up like this.