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A sub-genre of nearly every video game genre out there, The Mecha Game focuses on the use of Mecha to blow the crap out of each other.

Mecha games usually come in two flavors, High-Speed and Stompy, mirroring the Super Robot versus Real Robot divide. In stompy games, usually referred to as Mech Simulators, which were more prevalent in earlier times, the Mecha move rather slow normally, and an emphasis is on long-range combat with missiles, lasers, machineguns, and the like. Mech Sims usually also have a first-person perspective from the mech's cockpit. High-speed games are, as their name suggests, much zippier, often with a focus on close-range combat, although guns may be just as prevalent. These are usually shown from a third-person perspective.

As noted in the opening, Mecha Games are not a genre in and of themselves, but a sub-class that encompasses action games, simulations, Turn-Based and Real-Time Strategy, and more. What sets these games apart as a sub-genre is the fact that most Mecha games have a heavy customization element. Weapons, pilots, and sometimes entire mechs and parts thereof can be purchased and switched around between missions/stages, giving players unique engines of destruction and mayhem. This focus on Elite Tweaking makes it entirely possible for a Mecha Game to allow both stompy and high-speed styles of play. Other games may not have the customization element (for instance, MechAssault), but are included due to the sheer force of Humongous Mecha as a trope/meme. Because the term "Mech" has been trademarked, expect to see A Mech by Any Other Name.