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New Gundam Breaker is a Gundam-based video game on the Playstation 4 and Steam-based products. Though the fourth entry to the Gundam Breaker franchise, this is the first game to make it to Western countries.

You are a transfer student to the prestigious Gunbre High School, a school in Japan dedicated to creating and improving Gunpla builds. However, your first day takes a strange turn when you confront a member of the Student Council-backed Shield of Laplace, becoming Enemy #1 to the Student Council, who hold the entire school in its grip. Now, it's up to you and your plethora of beautiful female student allies to take back the School from these ruthless bullies the only way how: by beating up their toys with your own toys!

New Gundam Breaker hosts a plethora of famous Mobile Suits from throughout Gundam history, from the RX-78-2 of Mobile Suit Gundam to the AGEII Magnum of Gundam Build Divers. Find your favorite parts, mix and match, go out and crush your enemies!


New Gundam Breaker includes examples of:

  • Absurdly Powerful Student Council: Good grief! As you find out from Yui, the current Student Council President and Vice President actually defeated the previous team, which she was one of, and the school elected them in. Then, they placed in all of these rules to invoke a massive Might Makes Right idealism. When you confront the President at the end, you find out he did all of this because you beat him when you were all in elementary school! Thankfully, when you take over, things are back to normal.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: The Satellite Cannons. It locks you in place with a long charge-up time, making it hard to fire accurately and effectively even with the stun abilities at play.
    • Whip Weapons like Master Gundam's Cloth or the good old Gundam Hammer. Despite being capable of hitting multiple enemies in area, even with max EX-Level their damage is far lower than any other kind of close-range weapon.
    • The Gunner and Striker Inner Frames, causing your suit to suffer from Crippling Overspecialization along with offering some of the worst Frame Abilities in the game. Case and point: One such ability grants 4% boost for your attacks in exchange for taking 50% more damage than usual.
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    • Many of the Builder Parts's set of Buffs and Debuffs fall under this as well.
  • Heel–Face Turn: As you battle various students, they come to realize that the Might Makes Right mentality is not how things should go and start wising up and acting nicer.
  • Karl Marx Hates Your Guts: Buying an entire Gunpla, depending on the type of unit it is, can be prohibitively expensive, especially major units. However, when you sell a part at the end of a round, it's no more than 5% of its buying price.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: While nowhere near the near 300 Mobile Suits of Gundam Breaker 3, New Gundam Breaker does give you 115 at launch and adds more every week.
  • Loads and Loads of Loading: The game has plentiful of loads screens, some of which can be quite long.
  • Might Makes Right: The Student Council imposes this on Gunbre High School, designed in such a way that those who are already strong get stronger and those who want to improve are never able to. This heavily demoralizes the school as all of the fun is effectively sucked up and many of those who used to be nice end up become Jerkasses.
  • Multiple Endings: While the endings are generally the same in that you liberate the school from the Student Council, the endings change depending on which female character you side with.
  • Obvious Beta: The initial release of the game was infamously buggy and had a lot of hallmarks of being unfinished.
  • Teacher/Student Romance: At the end of the Recoco storyline, you find out that the person behind the Recoco identity is your homeroom teacher, Ms. Aida. However, she realizes pursuing such an idea is wrong, suggests they just be friends and if he still wants to after he graduates, she'll be waiting.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Your greatest foe isn't the one with powerful beam weaponry or funnels, but the guy holding a bazooka. Your nice little streak could end because you come across a character holding some sort of bazooka and once you're hit with a round, they will constantly juggle you until you go boom.
    • If it isn't the bazooka, it's the beam launchers. The damage varies, but the problem comes from how they lock you in place, leaving you wide-open for attacks even if you use special abilities to get yourself out from it.

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