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Super Robot Wars DD (Super Robot Wars Dimension Drive) will be a 2019 Super Robot Wars smartphone mobile game for the Android and iOS platforms. Unlike the preceding Super Robot Wars X-Ω, it plays closer to the main series' Turn-Based Strategy formula. However, unlike traditional installments, allied and enemy units' turn order is decided by a unit's speed, making DD the first title to eschew the allied and enemy phases during turns.

Series included in DD are (debuting series are rendered in bold):



Super Robot Wars DD provides the following tropes:

  • Adaptational Badass: Mazinger Z is shown using Jet Scrander. In the Mazinkaiser continuity, it never used the device before its capture and its appearances in J, W, L, GC and XO never had it.
  • Alternate Universe: According to the official website, the cast is split among four different worlds.
    • World 1: Devilman, Jeeg, Mazinkaiser, Combattler V, Dunbine
    • World 2: Voltes V, the Universal Century Gundam, Getter, GaoGaiGar, Evangelion
    • World 3: Full Metal Panic, Gundam SEED, Gundam 00, Code Geass
    • World 4: Votoms, Layzner, Zegapain and its movie, Valvrave, Iron Blooded Orphans
  • The Bus Came Back:
    • The Mazinkaiser continuity is back after its long absence in L, simultaneously marking the first time a Mazinger entry featuring Hiroya Ishimaru as the voice of Kouji Kabuto returns (the last time this happened was in NEO), after having the role passed down in Shin and Infinity.
    • Another series that came back from the long absence since L are two of the Nagahama Trilogy Robots, Combattler V and Voltes V.
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  • Back-to-Back Badasses: The opening CG shows Valvrave I and Gundam Barbatos doing this.
  • Post-Script Season: By the time World 2's story really gets underway, the plot of Zeta Gundam has already ended offscreen, with a combined Char's Counterattack and Gundam Unicorn plot taking the stage.
  • The Remnant: Members of the Titans, including Jerid, have survived the Gryps Conflict, and are looking to get to Laplace's Box before it can potentially do harm to the Federation. Of course, since that requires getting the Unicorn Gundam, they get into a conflict with Londo Bell.
  • Revisiting the Roots:
    • One of the first things the teaser showed is the glorious return of the CG opening featuring some of the cast's robots, a staple of the franchise that mysteriously stopped after Tengoku-hen.
    • This game is the first Super Robot Wars with traditonal gameplay to include a 1970s series outside of the "Invincible Trilogy" since Super Robot Wars L. Furthermore, it is the first traditional SRW to feature a debuting '70s series since 2003, when Kotetsu Jeeg, Combining Squadron Mechander Robo, and Future Robo Daltanious debuted in Alpha 2, Compact 3, and D respectively.
    • This game is also the first after a long time (since Super Robot Wars W) to utilize only the original Mobile Suit Gundam SEED as the representative of Cosmic Era instead of mixing it with or going straight to Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
  • Sampling: A minor example that just quotes the lyrics. JAM Project's "Dimension Drive" begins with the phrase "Raise your flag", in the game where Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans makes its series debut.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Despite the Gryps Conflict having occured offscreen, Four Murasame is alive and well, fighting alongside Kamille in her Psyco Gundam for Londo Bell.
  • Trapped in Another World: DD heroine Meguru Daimon gets sent to an alternate Earth following the game's prologue alongside one of her teammates and the Didarion; the teammate depends on which world she ends up in.
    • World 1: Sakimi Kanmaki
    • World 2: Yunna Dawson
    • World 3: Linaria Kuo
    • World 4: Maiko Koutari

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