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GOKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-- *boom!* Oh wait, we're describing her, not blowing her up.

You never would've thought Son Goku and Naruto are voiced by women. OK, maybe you would have since they have rather feminine voices, but would it surprise you to know Krillin and Monkey D. Luffy are also voiced by a woman?

No? Well, the point is veteran voice actress Mayumi Tanaka (born January 15, 1955).

Her birth name is Mayumi Abe and she's been in the business for quite a while (39 years as of 2016!). Before being cast as the voice of the lovable captain of the Going Merry, (and later the Thousand Sunny), she was also the resident lancer in Dragon Ball, Krillin. Since then, Mayumi's been cast in plenty of male, shonen roles, occasionally voicing The Hero.




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