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Rokusho Version
Medabots also known as Medabots RPG or Medarot 2 Core in Japan is a remake of the original Medarot 2 playable on the Game Boy Advance. It was released first released in 2002 in Europse and in 2003 in Japan and North-America. It also is the only mainline Medabots game to have been released overseas and was even released for viewers of the Anime in mind before the series would go on hiatus.

The story follows Ikki Tenryou who's obsessed with Medabots, but doesn't have one himself. However during his groceries into buying Spice-a-roni was tricked into buying a Medabot instead. However this would start his journey into becoming the strongest Medafighter of all time. During his journey he fights against the Rubberobos, an evil organization with the intention of using Medabots for evil especially since the Select Corps, the people who were supposed to fight against them, don't do anything at all.

The gameplay of this game is rather simple yet very strategic. In combat you control up to 3 Medabots whose attacks you chose or put them in auto mode along with the commands set up in order to save time. After deciding the Medabots take part in a relay style race who gets to attack first, depending on the charge time or leg attribute, the command could either go very fast or very slow. However outside Robattles, the player can customize their Medabots to give them different parts in order for them a different attack, more defense or to make them better suited for the terrain they battle on.


In 2015 it was announced that the games would find themselves released in the Virtual Console of the Wii U and just like before it was released in Europe first and North America and Japan later on.


  • Always Accurate Attack: Missiles and Napalm attacks are unavoidable.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: When Ikki was forced to cross dress for different reasons, many people say how good he looks in it although some of them say it half jokingly.
  • Easter Egg: Throughout the game there are many times when you make choices, but certain choices can unlock a special ending with either Erika or Karin.
  • Homefield Advantage: Every type of leg parts (except for Tank) can move faster on certain terrains than others.
  • Mighty Glacier: Tank Attribute have heavy armor and strong attacks, but in exchange they have no terrain advantages and are rather slow.
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  • Mutually Exclusive Party Members: There is a way to get either an ending with Erika or Karin which is determined throughout specific actions the player makes throughout the game. This would allow the player to either get the Cat or ? Medal, but only either one of them.
  • Permanently Missable Content: Some Medaparts are only available during boss battles which means that the player will never gain them in case they don't win the fight or get the wrong part.
  • Police Are Useless: To a ridiculous extent, the Select Corps never actually fight any of the Rubberobos and in fact only arrest them after Ikki defeats them as lampshaded by him and other characters. This comes from the fact that their chief is a lazy Glory Seeker who only cares about looking good in front of the press. He later loses his position when his Vice Chief outs him as the fraud he truly is.
  • Riddle for the Ages: After completing the normal and post-game. There are four mysteries that are still unsolved till this day.
    • The mysterious Rubberobo in the Ninja Village who you can't talk to and stands in front of a house which makes you unable to look inside of it as well.
    • Where Hachiro is on Medabot Island and is it possible to contact him again?
    • What Rintaro is doing on Medabot Island and if he has any significance or is just an easter egg for the anime viewers?
    • What's outside the mysterious house which you enter through the vending machine?
  • Starter Mon: Metabee and Rokusho are these respectively.
  • Trapped in Another World: This happens to Ikki, but he's able to go back to his world in the end and gets an item that allows him to travel to that world.
  • Treasure Hunt Episode: Basically the whole Post-Game is a treasure hunt for 12 Medaparts of three certain Medabots.
  • Version-Exclusive Content: Between the versions some of the Medals and Medabots are version exclusive. For example:
    • The Metabee Version has the Medals with shooting attacks exclusive while the Rokusho Version has Medals with grappling attacks are exclusive which forces the player to change playstyle between versions in case they want to have compatible parts and medals.
    • The Medabots the Rubberobo's executives use also differ between versions.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Air and Sea type Medabots both have high evasion stats, but are easily hit by Anti-Air and Anti-Sea attacks respectively which also deals massive damage to them.


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