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Ah, the Status Effects. Nobody likes getting debilitated in any way, and like everything else there can be ways to alleviate, resist, or even prevent being debuffed.

Common ways to do it:

  • Having a passive resistance towards debuffs - maybe said resistance is inherent to you (a species that can resist poison, for instance) or acquired through various means, like an item of clothing or an unlockable skill. The resistance may be absolute (you can't get inflicted with certain debuffs, period) or relative (the duration, or the effects, or the chance of affliction may be reduced by a certain percentage).
  • Having the ability to remove existing debuffs - If you're already debuffed, there'll be ways to remove it either via a consumable item or a particular move/attack your character can execute.

Depending on the common severity of the debuffs, anti-debuffs may be a Useless Useful Spell or a pivotal part of playing the game. Contractual Boss Immunity may make bosses immune to most, if not all, debuffs, by virtue of being bosses.

Compare Status-Buff Dispel and One Curse Limit (where one debuff protects against other debuffs). Contrast the Antidote Effect, which sometimes happens to these spells.


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    Eastern Role Playing Games 
  • Several pieces of equipment in Chrono Trigger prevent a single status ailment, with the higher-end ones preventing them all. The Final Boss has an ability that removes this immunity, which he oftens follows up with a confusion-causing spell.
  • In Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth has multiple ways to do this:
    • The Anti-(status) abilities remove that specific status effect accompanied by a minor healing effect. The Recovery items have the same effect. The Restore ability and the Multi-Recovery remove all status effects.
    • The equippable Barrier items and certain passive support skills grant varying degrees of resistance or even outright immunity to one or more debuffs.
    • The Dispel ability removes stat-lowering debuffs, which is very useful since those are stackable.
    • The Status Barrier ability grants a one-time immunity to all status ailments to a single Digimon.
  • In the Dragon Quest games, some bosses are resistant to debuffs, and pretty much all bosses can remove debuffs with a Disruptive Wave.
  • Fate/Grand Order: Many of the Servants' skills provide resistance or immunity to debuffs for a duration, and some servants have passive skills that give natural resistance to certain or all debuffs. Many others cleanse existing debuffs from either the individual servant or the whole party.
  • Final Fantasy has the White Magic spell Esuna and the Remedy item, which remove most or all negative status ailments. Individual status effects can also be removed with specific items and for a few of the more common ailments, specific spells.
    • While there are many pieces of equipment that grant immunity to one or two status ailments, most Final Fantasy games will also have the Ribbon, which blocks most status ailments.
    • Final Fantasy II has two of these spells. Esuna removes status ailments that remain after battle and Basuna removes status ailments that would normally wear off at the end of battle.
    • Final Fantasy XII has a few of these specifically targeting the Disease status. The Cleanse spell and Vaccine item remove Disease while the Bubble status both doubles HP and grants immunity to Disease for its duration.
    • Final Fantasy XIII: Most enemies will actually have a passive resistance to debuffs, which can be removed with the Saboteur's "Imperil" ability. As a result, most Saboteurs (when starting the battle off) will spam Imperil before spamming every other condition to see what the boss is vulnerable to. Synergists learn Veil, which grants a buff of the same name that increases the party's resistance to status effects.
    • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 have the Astra buff, which grants a one-time immunity to debuffs. It's granted by the spell of the same name, which is learned by the Templar and Alchemist classes, and the Moogle Knight ability Mog/Moogle Shield. In Tactics A2, the White Mage's Refresh spell removes status effects that are unaffected by Esuna.
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia: Several characters get debuff removal abilities; Yuna is the first with the "Esuna" spell to cleanse them, but Lenna is the first to prevent them from affecting party members in the first place with her "Wind Drake's Ward" ability.
  • Grandia II: Debuffs occasionally need addressing, since they persist between battles. The "paralysis" and "silence" conditions, for example, can greatly limit the tactical use of the affected character (blocking use of special moves and magic, respectively).
    • There are specific (cheaper) and indiscriminate (more expensive) anti-debuff spells and items. They can be safely used between battles as well.
    • Rejuventation at Save Points clears debuffs.
    • The White Magician Girl Elena's across-the-board healing special move fully restores all friendly units on the battlefield (clearing debuffs, filling HP and MP, but not the special move points).
    • "Coral Necklace", found in a treasure chest mid-game provides Poison/sleep/confusion resistance. There are various different items providing combination or specific resistances, neither systematically available for every imaginable occasion, nor worth specific pursuit, nor random in their attributes.
  • Shuine from Temtem can have the Guardian trait, which protects its ally from negative stat changes and the burned, poisoned, and cold status conditions. In addition, the immune status protects a Temtem from all negative statuses for a few turns.
  • Grimms Notes: Chaos Aurora was the only playable character with a passive skill that gave her immunity to any negative status effect. Her boss version lacked this skill, however.
  • In the Trails Series, there are a series of accessories that prevent specific status effects. Some advanced ones can prevent multiple status effects, provide stat bonuses, or both. There are also some very rare accessories, generally received as an award for completing large numbers of quests (such as the Grail Locket), that grant immunity to all status effects.
  • Mega Man Battle Network: The Tomahawk Soul in the fifth game (T. Cross in the sixth), done by TomahawkMan merging with MegaMan, has a passive ability called Status Guard, making MegaMan immune to most status effects.
  • Octopath Traveler:
    • Apothecaries get "Rehabilitate". It cures existing status effects, and prevents the target from receiving new status effects for a limited time.
    • Starseers get "Celestial Intervention". It removes existing debuffs, and prevents the target from being debuffed for a limited time.
  • Pokémon:
    • A Pokémon can only have one of the truly major status effects, such as paralysis, poison, or sleep, active at any time, meaning it's possible to deliberately afflict a Pokémon with a less harmful status effect to defend against more dangerous ones.
    • Some Pokémon have innate abilities like Clear Body, White Smoke, and Full Metal Body, which prevent any stat from being lowered by an opponent. Other abilities prevent single stat debuffs such as Keen Eye (prevents accuracy loss), Big Pecks (defence), or Hyper Cutter (attack), and Own Tempo and Inner Focus prevent confusion and flinching respectively. Other Pokémon have abilities like Comatose and Shields Down (which prevents any non-volatile status effect), Immunity (prevents poison), Insomnia (sleep), Limber (paralysis), Magma Armor (frozen), and Water Veil (burn). Abilities like Soundproof prevents the user from being debuffed (or harmed) by voice and sound-based powers. The Magic Guard ability disables all damage from non-volatile status conditions (and anything else that is not direct damage), and Magic Bounce reflects all debuffs back at the one who cast them.
    • Moves like Haze, Mist, Clear Smog, and Safeguard remove a Pokémon's stat debuffs, and moves like Aromatherapy, Purify, and Heal Bell remove non-volatile status effects.
    • Some abilities and moves can be used to additionally screw debuffs over. For example, Heart Swap can be used to exchange altered stats, including ones that were lowered by debuffs, with anyone. Poison Heal is an ability that, after its user gets poisoned, prevents any damage from poison and heals the user instead. And Topsy-Turvy and Contrary are a move and an ability, respectively, which not only negate stat-lowering debuffs, but reverse them into buffs.
    • Certain types of Pokémon are inherently immune to certain debuffs: Fire types are immune to burn debuffs, Poison and Steel types are immune to poison, Ice types are immune to frozen, and Electric types are immune to paralysis. Grass type Pokémon are also immune to Leech Seed and powder debuff moves like Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, ect.
    • Held items such as Safety Goggles provide immunity to powder debuffs. Guard Specs temporarily prevent stat reductions, and certain berries (one time use) can prevent status like sleep, poison, burn, etc. Also, White Herb is a similar one-time-use item that is consumed after any of the holder's stats are lowered, restoring them.
    • During contests, the "Oblivious" condition can be given by several moves, and it protects against negative-appeal moves and debuffing-contest moves.
  • Septerra Core: Not the key-to-survival aspect of the game, since battles are rarely long and debuffs are cleared each time a battle ends.
    • Shops offer a variety of "head" accessories which increase resistance to one single sort of debuff or special attacks (Like "Mind Shield" adds resistance to Berzerk). Not very useful stuff (better choice are speed or, earlier on, attack strength items, which are passive ability enhancers). To make use of these, you have to know what debuff is expected in the battle ahead, the enemy has to opt to use his action for a debuff, the enemy attack should come at the character equipped with the protection item, and the protection is not 100% (neither is debuff landing rate without it). Late game has empowered protection items, which are, again, inferior to the respective speed and other passive enhancers.
    • Consumable items that clear all debuffs upon use are available in shops from the get-go. The only downside is that a party member has to spend a turn to use it.
  • The Shin Megami Tensei games feature Dekunda, a spell that removes all debuffs currently active on the user's party. Both players and enemies can use it. Some games possess Dekunda Stones or similar usable items that provide the same effect without needing anyone in the party who knows it. Some games combine Dekunda and Dekaja into Silent Prayer, which erases buffs and debuffs for both sides of the battle.

    First Person Shooter 
  • Overwatch:
    • Some characters have the ability to make themselves invulnerable and/or untargetable for a short period of time, and doing so will also remove any debuffs or negative effects said character is under.
    • Zarya's two barriers both have the ability to remove debuffs from allies. In addition, the Projected Barrier version is the only ability in the game that can remove debuffs from teammates.
  • Quake series:
    • In Quake the Biosuit prevents damage from slime pools and drowning for 30 seconds. The Pentagram of Protection protects from all kinds of damage during the same time length. The Expansion Pack Scourge of Armagon introduces the Wetsuit, which protects the player from electrical attacks; this includes traps, Shambler attacks, and discharging the Lightning Gun underwater.
    • In Quake II, the Environment Suit protects against slime damage, the Rebreather prevents drowning, and the Invulnerability protects against all kinds of damage. Their downside is that they last only 30 seconds and in the campaigns, players can carry only one of each type of item.
    • Quake III: Arena and its Spiritual Successor OpenArena have the Battle Suit, which acts in a similar way to the Q1 Pentagram of Protection, except that it doesn't prevent direct enemy weapon fire.
    • Quake Champions: Sorlag has a passive ability preventing damage from acid and toxic pools while the Death Knight has immunity to fire-based attacks and level hazards such as fire and lava.
  • Quake Champions: Doom Edition: Gordon Freeman's "H.E.V. Suit" passive grants him immunity to world hazards.
  • Team Fortress 2:
    • When someone gets on fire, running to a nearby body of water will extinguish it. Some equippable items (such as Sniper's Jarate) can also be used to remove fire from your allies.
    • The Quick-Fix's ÜberCharge renders the Medic and his target unaffected by knockback and other movement-impairing afflictions such as Natascha's slowdown effect.
  • Unreal has the Asbestos and Antitoxin Suits. The former protects against fire damage (and allows the player to traverse through lava pits) while the latter protects against slime damage (including Biorifle shots and slime pits). Since both suits count as armor for the player, enemy fire depletes them.
  • Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict: Some characters have immunity to certain adrenaline ability effects and weapon fire:
    • Skaarj characters are immune to the ability "Poison Cloud" (used by Garek and Korig).
    • Necris characters not only are immune to Necris abilities, but also get healed from them. The abilities are "Siphon" (Judas) and "Vampire Cloud" (Lauren and Lilith). The same is true for the Necris version of the Enforcer, whose shots, instead of sucking the life of Necris characters, heal them.
  • Vermintide II: Some Trinkets grant a percent-based resistance to Curse, a Maximum HP Reduction inflicted when a party member is carrying a Grimoire. The DLC-exclusive Warrior Priest of Sigmar Career enjoys 100% Curse resistance, which can stack with a Trinket to actually improve his maximum HP.

    Hack and Slash 
  • Honkai Impact 3rd:
    • The Rowland M-type Stigma gives a 51% chance to remove debuffs if equipped.
    • Blood Rose (one of Himeko's "suits")'s Ultimate Skill is a Super Mode that will make her immune to any status effects for the duration.
    • Valkyrie Pledge and Luna Kindred (two of Theresa's battlesuits) have a similar passive skill that decreases the duration of debuffs for the whole team.

    Massively Multiplayer Online Games 
  • Elsword
    • Veteran Commander, Sakra Devanam, and Diabolic Esper have passives that can reduce the duration of any debuff inflicted on them.
    • Enchanting your armor with elemental El Shards will let you resist the debuff effects of the specific elements by reducing the chance of affliction, duration and effect of them. I.e. resistance against fire element will make you get burned less often, less long, and less painful. Some random effects from Unknown Item Identification for equipments and accessories may give you additional resistances as well.
      • Iron Paladin has passives (Elemental Training) that automatically give him the resistance points against the elements without the need of enchanting equipments (although the two can be stacked for further effectiveness). Blazing Heart's passive Body of Fire can do it as well, but only for fire element.
      • The buff skill "Blessed Aura" owned by Rena and Chung buffs elemental resistance as well.
      • Wind Sneaker and Elemental Master have passives that apply temporary elemental resistances to themselves.
    • Lord Knight's passive skill Pain Suppression lets him have a chance of negating a status effect on him by using a skill.
    • Blazing Heart's passive Blooming Flame lets her negate a status effect inflicted on her and turns it into a pick-up item that can buff either her or her ally. The downside is that there's a cooldown after each negation effect.
    • Noblesse's passive Tribute gives Lu/Ciel a chance to cancel a debuff by using one of the souls they've collected, while Dread Lord's passive Lord of Terror gives them relative resistance to several kinds of debuffs.
    • Among the Set Bonus effects of the Hamel Secret Dungeon equipment set is negating all status ailments you may have when you enter Awakening Mode.
  • Monster Hunter: World: Wearing armor with a high enough elemental resistance also increases your resistance if not outright makes you immune to the associated debuff.
    • Certain songs from the hunting horn can provide resistance and immunity to various debuffs.
  • RF Online:
    • Aside from cash shop stuff, the specialized mages (those with more than two tiers of magic skills) have access to a spell that removes one negative status effect from self or ally (strictly the latest effect applied). Repeated use of same debuffs wouldn't stack or renew them, so "burying" a situationally pivotal debuff under less important ones can be a decisive factor in pvp.
    • Accretia race (which had no mage class from the start) has access to an extra type of spammable potions, which cut all of the active debuff effect durations in half upon use. Use more to cut the remaining in half again and again.
  • Star Trek Online:
    • Various bridge officer powers, primarily from the Engineering and Science schools, act to remove debuffs from enemy attacks. One of the most commonly used is the Science space power Hazard Emitters, which clears plasma fires, radiation effects, Viral Matrix, and Borg shield neutralizers, and also regenerates HP.
    • Activating a battery or using Emergency Power to <subsystem> will reactivate a disabled subsystem.
    • Space combat has various options to reduce both enemy-inflicted and self-inflicted power drain:
      • The skill Starship Power Insulators. Investing skill points reduces shield damage from Tachyon Beam and the potency of attacks to your subsystem power levels (e.g. Energy Siphon and the Plasmonic Leech console).
      • Engineer captains have the class ability Nadion Inversion, which reduces subsystem power drain both from enemy attacks and from firing your own weapons.
      • Equipping a plasma-integrated warp core or thoron-infused singularity core (depending on whether you fly a Federation, Klingon, or lockbox starship, or a Romulan warbird) purchased from the Fleet Spire will likewise boost your resistance to power drain, as well as increasing your power regeneration rate.

    Mobile Games 
  • Jurassic World Alive: The "Cleansing", "Adrenline", and "Regeneration" attack line remove all debuffs and Bleeding effects on the player's creature in particular.
    • Interestingly, the "Superiority Strike" attack is a downplayed example, as it removes the user's Attack debuff (if it was debuffed before), but at the same time, debuff's the opposing creature's Speed stat for one turn, unless it has "Immunity" itself.

    Real Time Strategy 
  • Dungeon Keeper: A spell exists to temporarily convert enemy creature in your territory into chicken. It then flees, unable to attack or cast spells. The effect wears off much faster if the afflicted creature is dropped into a temple to "pray" some.

  • For the King:
    • Certain creatures have immunity to specific harmful Status Effects, such as The Undead's immunity to Bleed. Player Characters can gain immunities by wearing protective equipment.
    • A few rare pieces of equipment allow characters to cast spells that remove harmful status effects from a target character or the whole party.
    • Inverted with the "Wet" status effect, which removes the target's immunities. Zig-zagged further with items that grant immunity to Wet.
  • NetHack has a variety:
    • If you perform a melee attack on a floating eye you'll be temporarily paralyzed. You can avoid this by wearing a blindfold or towel over your eyes.
    • You can avoid all forms of paralysis by wearing a ring of free movement.
    • There are two forms of sickness, the less serious nausea and the fatal food poisoning. Either can be cured by eating a eucalyptus leaf or drinking a potion of Holy Water (though a chaotic character will take damage from this). These can also be cured by the character self-applying a unicorn horn.
    • Immunity to sleep effects. This can be gained by starting out as a monk, reaching Character Level 4 as an elf, or by eating the right sort of corpse.
  • Darkest Dungeon has the Medicinal Herbs provision that can be bought before heading into a dungeon or rarely found within, which clears any debuffs stuck on a hero by enemies, a curio, or as a nasty side effect of a skill. It’s not completely foolproof, as some debuffs, such as a damage debuff a Hellion inflicts on herself, cannot be dispelled using Herbs.
    • Dispelling debuffs isn’t the only things these herbs are good for. You can also use them on certain curios, like a relatively fresh animal carcass, a dining table and food cart containing human meat, and a rotting fish for loot drops, usually food. For the less sensible solutions, you can also apply it to an experiment table to get gold, or to coral to somehow remove a negative quirk. And with a certain district built, it also grants a disease resistance buff as well. Medicinal herbs are a necessity in higher level areas for a damn good reason.
  • Bonfire features both types:
    • Ephrem's Healing will shorten debuff durations by 1, and Hildie's Purge will remove all debuffs completely.
    • The Immune buff protects against all debuffs, but it will eventually wear off like any other buff. "Immune" enemies start with 6 turns of the effect, and you can apply it yourself with a Shield Crystal (which also clears all existing debuffs as a bonus).
  • Clive from Brutal Orchestra has the ability Resolve, which heals him for a small amount and removes most debuffs from him. While this ability is all-around useful if situational, it can completely negate some of the central mechanics of Heaven, one of the final bosses, since their battle involves having one character be given crippling debuffs each turn.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition:
    • Paladins have a class ability granting Ideal Illness Immunity, as well as the ability to magically cure diseases (which are implemented as stat debuffs).
    • The spell dispel magic (and its variants) is an all-purpose remover of magic-induced buffs and debuffs.
    • The Iron Heart Surge technique from Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords is probably the strongest non-magical form of anti-debuff, able to dispel immediately a wide array of conditions through fighting spirit. That is, if you manage to settle the endless debate over what it can exactly be used against.
  • Pathfinder: The Paladin class gains immunity to fear effects and grants nearby allies a bonus to resist them. Its Evil Counterpart the Antipaladin gains a unique anti-anti-debuff that suppresses fear immunity.

    Tower Defence 
  • Plants Vs Zombies 2:
    • The Hot Potato can be used to thaw plants that got frozen in the Frostbite Cave levels. In addition, some plants are inherently resistant to freezing such as Pepper-pult or Cold Snapdragon, and some of them can also slowly thaw nearby plants if they're frozen.
    • Low-lying plants and the Phat Beet are immune to being temporarily charmed by the Boombox Zombie's romance music, which otherwise stuns all plants on the lawn.
    • In addition of being able to heal zombies and cure them of debuffs (including the otherwise-useful hypnotization), the Healer Zombie is also naturally immune to those debuff effects.

     Turn Based Strategy 
  • In the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise, heroes can collect artifacts for extra benefits. Some of these can prevent the opponent from causing debuffs like blind or berzerk.
    • It is also possible to cure debuff. You can use a spell like "cure" to remove all negative effects. Alternatively, some spells have a negative/positive counterpart that can replace one another. For example, using bless (inflict max damage when attacking) on a hero afflicted with curse (inflict minimum damage when attacking) will replace the negative effect.

    Western Role Playing Game 
  • Anachronox: Debuffs come from offensive use of "Mystech" (basically the element-locked auxiliary weapons, which can spend a local equivalent of "mana" to launch "magic" attacks).
    • Use of Mystech on a friendly character in battle would nullify the lasting debilitating effect associated with the same element used offensively. The way explanations are done, most players likely finish the game totally unaware of such mechanic existing (debuffs are that much of a big deal).
    • Accessories that protect against one certain element are available, but are outclassed by stat-modifying ones (gather a few and Bag of Sharing makes it easy to keep the party well-geared).
  • Divinity: Original Sin II:
    • Most status ailments are resisted by either Physical Armor or Magic Armor, so a character is safe from them while they have Armor Points of that type. In addition, some protective Skills dispel or grant ongoing protection against specific conditions.
    • Item Crafting provides one Mundane Solution: combining footwear with nails makes the wearer immune to the knockdown effect of ice surfaces.
    • Inverted with two Talents that negate the anti-debuff ability of armor: characters with "Glass Cannon" gain extra action points per turn but aren't protected from statuses by armor, while those with "Torturer" can inflict damaging statuses on armored enemies.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • Several races have natural passive resistances and/or outright immunities to some of the more common debuffs. For example, the Altmer (High Elves), depending on the specific game, are either outright immune to Paralysis (Arena, Daggerfall) or highly resistant to Disease (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim). Likewise, Argonians are highly resistant to disease, and, in a few games (Morrowind and Oblivion) are also completely immune to poison.
    • Numerous spells exist throughout the series (which are also found as enchantments and potion effects) which remove common debuffs, including "Cure Disease", "Cure Paralysis", and "Cure Poison".
  • The Epic Battle Fantasy series:
    • A character's resistance to specific debuffs can be increased by his or her equipment, though blocking them all is impossible.
    • Enemies may have resistance to debuffs like lowering any of the various stats.
    • The Cleanse and similarly named skills serves this purpose for a single ally, and removes negative status effects, such as in Epic Battle Fantasy 1, where it's called Purify, and used to remove Poison and Seal.
    • The fourth game introduced the Bless status effect, which prevents most status effects from being applied to a character that has it.
  • Joe Dever's Lone Wolf:
    • If Lone Wolf picks the Mind Blast ability, he'll be able to subject an enemy to a Mind Rape that will make them stunned for a while or until they're attacked. However, Gourgaz and Vordaks are immune to psychic attacks and wont' be stunned. In return, if Lone Wolf has the same ability he can avoid being stunned in return by the Vordak's own mind attack.
    • Lone Wolf can also debuff enemies by disarming them (if using a sword as a secondary weapon) with a successful strike, forcing them to rely on defense or other tricks. Enemies with oversized or dual weapons however can't be disaarmed.
    • Aside from their immunity to Mind Blast-induced stunning, Gourgaz can emit a foul smell that turns any Giak present into The Berserker, giving them a buff and removing all debuffs from them.
  • A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky: Multiple pieces of equipment prevent status effects, such as Rubber Gown:
    Prevents all status changes other than instant death;
  • Warcraft III: Spell Immunity and Anti-Magic Shell are passive and active abilities that prevent negative buffs from being put on the unit (ironically, while Anti-Magic Shell removes all preexisting buffs on the target, it can be dispelled). Passive abilities like auras cannot be turned off, so are not affected by debuffs.
  • Weird and Unfortunate Things Are Happening:
    • Things that remove statuses:
      • Alicia's Great Cleanse: Removes all yellow and red status ailments and grants 16%-per-turn HP regeneration.
      • Lamar's Health Surge: Restores some health and removes all yellow status ailments
      • Med-Kit: Heals 30% of health +60 and cures yellow ailments. A high grade kit for applying first aid.
      • Wonder Drug: A mysterious miracle drug that cures all yellow and red status ailments.
    • Things that prevent statuses:
      • Alicia's Odd Bravery: Alicia is immune to the Dread status ailment.
      • Lamar's Sharp Mind: Lamar is immune to the Sleep and Disrupt status ailments.
      • Pocket Flashlight: Stun, Disrupt, and Paralysis resistance up to 50%
      • Alarm Watch: Prevents Sleep and looks somewhat stylish.
      • Old Compass: DEF Break, ATK Break, MIND Break, and RES Break resistance up by 50%

    Third-Person Shooter 
  • Warframe
    • Rhino is protected from all forms of damage and status effects while his Iron Skin is active.
    • Nezha is able to protect himself from damage and status effects with his Warding Halo. In addition, those who step in the trail of fire left by his Fire Walker skill are cleansed of their status effects.
    • Hildryn's Pillage ability will clear herself and all allies in range of the wave in addition to stealing the armor and shields of nearby enemies.

    Wide Open Sandbox 
  • Terraria: Equipping certain accessories will make you immune to certain debuffs, and can be combined to immunize you to 11 debuffs.

    Non-Game Examples 

Anime & Manga

  • Fairy Tail: One advantage of Wendy's Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is that it has supportive spells like Raise and Re-Raise, which prevent bodily anomalies from taking effect on herself or her targets of choice. She's used these to cure poisons, paralysis, and even forced sleep.
  • Infinite Dendrogram: Nemesis's second form, "Like a Flag Flying the Reversal", causes all debuffs afflicting Ray to be inverted - e.g. speed penalties become speed bonuses, and Damage Over Time effects are converted into Gradual Regeneration.
  • In one chapter of the RPG-themed manga Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle, Princess Syalis is forcibly equipped by her captors with a protection locket that grants total immunity to status effect after she tries to use a mushroom that gives off poisonous spores as a mattress. To her great dismay, this includes the status effect of sleep (even when natural), causing her to once again wander around the castle wreaking havoc trying to figure out why she can't get any rest, until the abuse she inadvertently suffers by repeatedly harassing monsters that cause status effects causes the locket to break from overuse.

Web Animation


  • In issue #559 of Grrl Power, Dabbler says that she has: "One hundred thirty-five resistance to debuffs" thanks to a trinket around the edge of her ear. The commentary below the comic says: "Because some act bosses have up to 150% on debuff auras."


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