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Hardcore Mecha (originally Code: HARDCORE) is a 2D action-platforming Mecha Game in development by Beijing-based indie studio RocketPunch Games. The game features a campaign mode following a conflict between Martian colonists and the Earth military as one of several unique pilots who can use one out of fifteen available, highly-stylized Mecha. In addition, a multiplayer mode of upwards to four players can compete against one another. The game was funded via Kickstarter and will be released on PC and PlayStation 4; no release date has been announced.

By the year 2219, humanity has been existing under the singular banner of the Earth United Nations (EUN), who has stretched out as far as the colonies established on Mars. However, new residents of the red planet are unsatisfied with the government, thus staged a grand insurrection, amassing a giant army right under the EUN's noses. Soon, the Mars Rebel Forces (MRF) have taken over most of colonized space, occupying the Jump Stations needed for space travel and isolated the Earth from its space colonies. Victory for the MRF is all, but assured, yet despite their losses, the EUN is planning a final, desperate offensive, which could turn the tide of war in their favor.


This game provides the examples of:

  • Graphics-Induced Super-Deformed: All robots look like they were taken right out of Super Robot Wars. They were, however, first designed in a realistic manner, only to down-scale them later in production.
  • Humongous Mecha: The game will feature a wide plethora of robots of different sizes, shapes and abilities. As stated by the developers themselves, they take inspiration for the mechanical designs from as many as sources as possible - Japanese-style, Western-style, Super Robots, Real Robots, etc., to satisfy the need of any Mecha fan. So far the revealed units are:
    • Thunder Bolt, a unit design to work and adapt to any battle situation. The most humanoid-looking unit, it's meant to be an Expy of the mobile suits in the Gundam franchise.
    • Round Hammer, a Metal Gear-esque heavy duty mecha.
    • Geier, a Transforming Mecha capable of turning into a jet.
    • Crimson Flame, a close combat Super Robot-inspired mecha, which comes with a Chest Blaster.
  • Super-Deformed: All mecha are rendered in-game in this style reminiscent of Super Robot Wars.
  • Super Robot: The Crimson Flame s a Super Prototype that fights like one, complete with Rocket Punch, Eye Beams, and Chest Blaster.
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  • Transforming Mecha: The Geier can transform into a flying vehicle, granting it flexibility in mobility and fighting prowess.

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