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Border Break, SEGA's arcade online TPS
What if you mix alien minerals with robots and put them in a Third-Person Shooter setting developed as an Arcade Game by Sega? Now, throw in Competitive Multiplayer with a possible 10 player vs 10 player and large maps that require you to capture key locations to spawn closer to the enemy base and destroy it before time runs out? Welcome to Border Break.

A Humongous Mecha, squad-based Third-Person Shooter with a control system that combines a joystick, a mouse and a touch-sensitive main screen similar to newer Gundam arcade machines. The main draw is all machines are networked, allowing for large numbers of players over multiple locations across several nations.

Each player has control of a "Blast Runner" configured for a specific role: Assault, Heavy, Sniper and Support. Teams must cooperate to complete map objectives, while preventing opponents from completing theirs. Good performance allows players to increase their rank and obtain new parts for their Runners. Due to the scope of the game, data is stored on a personal card, allowing progress to be carried over from one session to the next.

As of 2012, Version 1.27 has been released, with a new chip-based system that grants passive abilities and stats to Runners, but also new active techniques that can be executed when the right chips are equipped. Furthermore, a "Satellite Bunker" system has been implemented, essentially a portable Kill Sat marker.

A Free-to-Play version for the PlayStation 4 was released on August 2nd, 2018. While most of the mechanics are retained, this version features some minor changes like a Microtransaction-based system for equipment and unlimited free play. The console port was discontinued on September 9, 2023, although offline modes and Exhibition remain available.

There was a game for mobile phones known as Border Break Mobile.

Border Break provide examples of :

  • Always Over the Shoulder
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Sword weapons on Scout loadouts. They are a melee-ranged weapon in a TPS, and are quite hard to use properly and even harder to connect with in a firefight. The Sword, however, inflicts massive Slash-type damage, which ignores N-DEF, and connecting a hit will throw an enemy Blast Runner straight sideways across the field.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Alien material which consumes the local landscape and is poisonous, yet makes an excellent energy source... what could that possibly be?
  • Limit Break: You can equip a BU that can be summoned after filling a gauge by battling or just waiting over time. The BU has immensely powerful effects but has limited use, such as summoning a double blaster cannon that can tear through enemies or planting a mine that deals massive Area of Effect damage in a wide range.
  • Microtransactions: The PS4 version lets you buy a premium currency with real money, which can be used to buy items and characters from the Market or pull on the Frame Lotto.
  • A Mech by Any Other Name: Blast Runners.
  • Series Mascot: People outside of Japan generally know Border Break by way of Cougar NX. While Cougar NX itself is simply a normal Scout-type Blast Runner with Cougar NX-series parts, the Blast Runner is most well known for repping the Border Break series as a miniboss in fellow SEGA game Phantasy Star Online 2. He's even had some figures of his own.
  • Shoot the Medic First: Enemy Support Units will generally pose a bigger threat than its allies, since Support Units usually have a healing special that can both regenerate ally HP and revive allies that haven't been destroyed.
  • Spiritual Sequel: to Virtual-ON.