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Brave Firefighters is an arcade game by SEGA, released in 1999. It is about firefighters fighting a huge fire breaking out after an electrical overload at the Whitehead Hotel. The game uses a novelty hose controller to put out the flames. The player must check the pressure meter.

Unlike SEGA's fellow firefighting game Burning Rangers, this game is set in the modern day.

Tropes present in this work:

  • Adult Fear: Taylor not only being concerned for his safety, but that of his wife and daughter as well, who are also trapped inside the burning hotel.
  • Boss Battle: Boss fires, apparently. You have to protect Mayor Taylor (in Scenes 1 and 2) and his daughter (in Scene 3) while whittling down the source flame's "life" meter.
  • Hostage Spirit Link: If you use the normal spray instead of the sprinkle spray on burning victimsnote , you'll lose 2 seconds of time. The same also happens if you let them stay on fire.
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  • Idiot Ball: After being rescued in Scene 1, Taylor assaults a few firefighters to break free from his detainment and find his family. While it's understandable that he's worried about them, he only causes more trouble because the next scene is dedicated to rescuing him again.
    "Mayor! What were you thinking?!"
  • Kill It with Water: Being firefighters and all.
  • Light Gun Game: As a game about putting out fires, it doesn't have guns for "weapons" but it is functionally a gun game. Theoretically, a cab owner could replace the fire hose controllers with gun controllers, as long as they use the same IR camera hardware.
  • Love Makes You Dumb: A non-romantic version. Mayor Taylor knocking out a few firefighters trying to restrain him to go find his family is the whole reason Scene 2 exists.
  • Multiplayer Difficulty Spike: Think having a 2nd player makes the game easier? Think again! You get less time bonuses than if you played by yourself.
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  • Nintendo Hard: There are only small and fractional amounts of time extensions, and getting hit by fire gives a quite hefty penalty.
  • Reality Ensues: Don't hit civilians with the normal spray. Fire hoses are extremely high-pressure devices and you will hurt the victim, which translates to a penalty on your time limit. Use the sprinkle spray instead.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: Near the end of scene 3, Team A1's captain orders the two of them to evacuate, but they refuse as the mayor's daughter is still inside. Cue the Final Boss fire.
  • Spiritual Successor: To Burning Rangers.
    • Got its own spiritual successor in form of Firefighter FD: 18, although it's by Konami.
  • Timed Mission: In lieu of a health meter, you get a time limit. Clearing a section fast enough will grant you a time bonus. Shooting certain objects will also give you a little time bonus. "Shooting" a hostage with your standard high-pressure spray or getting hit by embers will cause you to lose two seconds.


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