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Toys / SD Sengokuden Musha Shichinin Shu Hen

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In the peaceful country of Ark, Yamishogun leads the Dark Army to invade it. To combat this new threat, Nidaime Daishogun follows in his father's footsteps and creates the Gundam Army. Together with the Seven Mushas, Musha Gundam, Musha Noomaru Gundam, Musha Gundam Mark Two, Musha Zeta Gundam, Musha Double Zeta Gundam, Musha Nyu Gundam, and Musha Psycho Gundam, they work to repel the Dark Army from Ark and return harmony once more.

SD Sengokuden Musha Shichinin Shuu Hen (SD戦国伝 武者七人衆編, translated as "SD Warring States Legend: Group of the Seven Warriors Chapter") is a work staring Manga series Plamo-Kyoshiro's Musha Gundam, the first work in the SD Sangokuden series, and the work that solidified SD Gundam as a sub-franchise for Gundam. First starting as comics in instruction manuals for BB Senshi model kits in Comic World magazine, they were drawn by artist MARSHI (aka Susumu Imaishi), with the Comic World for BB Senshi No 17. Musha Gundam telling the story of the seven Musha Gundams. With that concept, Bandai got together with Comic BomBom magazine and expanded the story of that Comic World, leading to a full-length manga compilation series of the first five works titled "SD Musha Gundam Fuunroku", with original character designs by Yokoi Kouji and art by Yamato Koichi. Comic Worlds are still featured in the instruction manuals of BB Senshi releases to this day, though the artist isn't always MARSHI. In addition to both the manga and Comic World, this series also got animated shorts in the Mobile Suit SD Gundam series.

It's characters are based off of Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack.

Tropes associated with SD Sengokuden Musha Shichinin Shuu Hen are;

  • Big Bad: Yamishogun is the one leading Dark Army to take over Ark. Except not really, he's just a mind-controlled pawn for Yami Koutei.
  • The Man Behind the Man: Yamishogun is actually Zakuto, being brainwashed by Yami Koutei.
  • Original Generation: Nidaime Daishogun and Yami Koutei, the true villain of the story are not based off of any Gundam mechs, making them the few SD Gundam characters to be so.