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Geomon is basically one of the many Pokémon & Digimon clones out there. It is only available for mobile devices, mostly the Apple Iphone and Ipads. The game has ended now, and its servers were taken down on April 17, 2013. The game can no longer be accessed.

The Story:Scientists have recently discovered a world parallel to our own, inhabited by spirit-like creatures. Esper Corp is spearheading research to unlock the secrets of the spirit world. Your help is required to find and document all these mysterious Espers. Be part of the discovery effort!


Become a field agent for Esper Corp and encounter Espers all over the world. Geomon unlocks a portal into the Esper world right on your iPhone. Capture wild spirits to add to your collection. Battle and train your team to gain powerful new abilities. You can even trade with other agents to complete your collection.

Always be vigilant! The Espers that appear change depending on where, and when, you are in the real world. A difference of 5 hours, 5 miles, 5 degrees, or 5 levels can drastically change the Espers you encounter. Even the weather attracts strange new creatures that no one has seen before!

Train powerful spirits! Over 100 creatures are believed to exist with more constantly being discovered. Be the first to find the next one!

The game play follows most Mon stereotypes with one huge exception; the monsters/spirits are captured by Augmented Reality using a mobile device's GPS location tool and your location. There are new Mons being added weekly and so far no one has cataloged them all, not even the creators of the game!?


Link to the home site.

Provides Examples Of:

  • Augmented Reality: You use your GPS location to play; some creatures are only available in some areas.
  • Forced Tutorial: From the moment you create your account and log in, your forced to do a tutorial up until all the 'buttons' for the menu appear on screen. Then you can go about doing whatever; training, fighting, missions, or oddity.
  • Gotta Catch Them All: So far this is a big factor of game play.
  • Holiday Mode: Another oddity; since the Spring of 2011 release of the game, each major North American/Canadian holiday has triggered certain creatures to appear. See YMMV for more details.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: They use the zodiac signs, so Virgo is included.
  • In-Universe Game Clock: An odd inversion of this; based on time of day/night you play can significantly change your chances of getting certain Espers, as it uses Real Life time (based on your current local + phone clock) to determine this its actually a very nifty way to play at different times of day or night.
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  • Interface Screw: The static in the Alpha Ascalon mission.
  • Mon: Pretty much speaks for it's self, being a clone of similar games.
  • Marathon Boss: Alphas, although they are usually minor cases. But god help you if Ezekiel or Queen gets Shield/Heal/Revive...
  • Olympus Mons: Laurelix, the rarest one in the game. In addition, everyone uses Pegasus, Kirin, the Zodiacs, Mozzy, Kit, and Pongo, among other Espers. Really, in PVP, expect to only see a tenth of the total number of Espers, if even that. Oddly enough, Kit and Pongo may be subversions, as they are very easy to get. (Getting a good one, on the other hand... A 418 HP Kit trades for some extremely rare Espers.)
  • Real Place Background: Using topographical maps of your area along with USGS and GPS data you get some weird version of this trope as being near mountains give you access to spirits of the forest and air, being near water grants your water or ice based Espers, and being near dry spots gives you desert monsters. Also Esper Corp's in-world address is actually Loki Studio's Real Life address
  • Video Game Time: Similar to the in game clock; except there are also a bit of Real Life weather and season attributes in the game. For example if your near a mountain and its sunny you could get a dragon-type Esper but if your near the same area in the rain you could get a cut fuzzy tanuki-type creature or a rain spirit, same goes for all seasons...if its spring and raining you could get a rain spirit always but in the summer you could get a fire-fox or in autumn you would get a plant creature, during winter you'd get a snow beast; The game is very dynamic in this.

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