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Video Game / Go Beryllium!

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Go Beryllium! is a 2013 freeware Shoot 'Em Up game for PC and macOS that operates on a borderline Bullet Hell level. The settings takes place in an atomic scale. The player plays as a beryllium atom shooting photons at other atoms. The player has got only one life with the health bar going down when hit and it also goes down slowly on its own. To regain health bar, player must collect quarks from destroyed atoms. When health bar goes full, a powerup is received.

It can be found here.

Tropes in Go Beryllium! include:

  • Bullet Hell: Just look at the screenshot above.
  • Flunky Boss: Large nucleus bosses.
  • Homing Projectile: Boson barrage powerup.
  • Last Ditch Move: When bosses don't have life bar depleted when the time runs out, it makes tons of bullets.
  • Mercy Invincibility: A variation. If you get hit, all bullets currently on-screen instantly vanish.
  • Mouse World: You are a single beryllium atom, fighting off atoms of helium, nitrogen, carbon, and other chemical elements. Bosses include a uranium atom and micro-black holes (the type some people are afraid the Large Hadron Collider will create), a powerups include neutrinos, bosons, and the cathode ray (made of electrons).
  • Musical Gameplay: Player shots, powerups, destroyed enemies etc. contribute to music.
  • Power-Up Magnet: type 1 and rather weak one.
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  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Your character is a beryllium atom that can potentially survive a blackhole. The bosses also count too.
  • Unrealistic Black Hole: Dodging Hawking radiation has to be done.
  • Wizard Needs Food Badly: Beryllium Needs Quarks Badly: Your "life bar" constantly ticks down, forcing you to collect as many quarks as you can while dodging the many, many projectiles being shot at you. On the upside, once you fill up one color of quark, your photon shots get a powerup, which often clears the screen due to the significant increase in fire-rate.