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Nululu Online was a Thai MMORPG from SecondSoft and Ji-Net. It was available roughly during the mid 2000s. It was the first online game from Thailand that could be played simultaneously on mobile phones and PCs.

It takes place in a fantasy world populated by playable ghost-like creatures. The mascots are Nu and Lulu. There are eight playable varieties of these creatures: Jinny (cyan, includes Nu), Speedo (yellow, includes Lulu), Kiku (blue), Ula (red), Zaa (purple), Mikan (orange), Alibaba (green), and Mohalk (pink). The MMO featured battles against monsters and minigames where players could compete each other.


The website for the game seemed to had stopped updating in January 2007 and is gone. (Archived link) Interestingly, during the 2010s there has been a Facebook page called "Nululu World" that shows a new art style and several more main characters. However, the Facebook page only teased the mobile games Nululu Dice and Nululu Dash from Brain Evolution Co., while there appears to be no revival or successor to the MMO game. There were earlier mobile spinoff games from SecondSoft such as Nululu: The Cave of Secrets, Nululu: Picture Hunt, and Numanza. There is also short animated clip on YouTube.


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