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Advertisement: (often spelled as Feral) is a fantasy-based virtual world developed and published by Wild Works, and is currently in it’s Early Access phase. Made to be much like the popular kids game called ‘Animal Jam’, is an online playground of fantastic species of myth and fable where players bring their creature to life as they design, create, and play in this strange and off-beat universe. According to Wild Works, is focused on an audience of 13+.

The game takes place in a planet named ‘Feral’, ruled by two Queens named Aradia and Delilah. Within the world of, players can go out in the available six different Realms which includes: City Fera, Shattered Bay, Sunken Thicket, as well as ‘The Expanse’, which also includes: Lakeroot Valley, Blood Tundra, and Mugmyre Marsh. Within The Expanse, players can complete Primary Quests and Daily Tasks, as well as harvest Ingredients.


Aside from completing Primary Quests and Daily Tasks within The Expanse, players can also play mini-games to obtain "Likes" (name of the game's currency system), buy Accessories and Sanctuary Items, design and adorn their mythological creature, decorate their Sanctuaries, meet & chat with other players, as well as level up by earning XP and complete Tiers within a Season Pass.


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