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Impossibly Delicious Food

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The potatoes were apparently so good that their taste alone will make you cry, whether you like it or not.

"What was the fruit like? Unfortunately, no one can describe a taste. All I can say is that, compared with those fruits, the freshest grapefruit you've ever eaten was dull, and the juiciest orange was dry, and the most melting pear was hard and woody, and the sweetest wild strawberry was sour. And there were no seeds or stones, and no wasps. If you had once eaten that fruit, all the nicest things in this world would taste like medicines after it. But I can't describe it. You can't find out what it is like unless you can get to that country and taste it for yourself."

On the flipside of Foreign Queasine lies this. This is the foodstuff of legends, often produced by a Supreme Chef or a beloved grandparent. Food Porn does not do it justice. The Delicious Distraction pales in comparison. Just one bite will prompt anyone to moan with pleasure. Countries have gone to war for the taste. It's an Impossibly Delicious Food—like Impossibly Cool Clothes, it's food that's over-the-top in terms of deliciousness.

Generally takes two forms: Either it's a food that it's some combination of ridiculous ingredients, known for their yumminess, or its exact composition is never described, only vague flavor. (It will also often be in terms of other foods well-known for tasting good.) But that description is enough for us to form our own opinions. Sometimes the food is actually stated to be magical or godlike. A Trademark Favorite Food may also be treated in this fashion.

Just watch out. Some of these foods are so good, they're addictive in very, very bad ways. Women who are pregnant, could be pregnant, or are nursing should not eat Impossibly Delicious Food. May Contain Evil.

No Real Life Examples, Please! After all, what may be impossibly delicious for one Troper may be stomach churning for another.


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  • A Snapple ad, where the people of the company are all talking about the "stuff" in their new drink. Their only description of ingredients is green and black tea.
  • One A.1. steak sauce ad has a cooker who thinks the sauce tastes so delicious, he can't resist licking a drop that fell on an open barbeque.
  • A bumper for [adult swim] showed a product called "Fab Sauce", which makes whatever it's put on taste delicious. Including things like flowers, rotten fish, old shoes, money, a living dog... It eventually causes the collapse of society.
  • A notable Avocado ad gives us these lyrics:
    "Oh Avocado...
    So soft and green and Ripe-Uh!
    I'm gonna lay you down...
    On a bed of Greens tonight."
    (Oh Avocado so green, Best fruit I've ever seen)

    Anime and Manga 
  • Anpanman himself is an impossibly delicious food. A chunk of his anpan head wins people over, makes crying children happy, and automatically stops growling stomachs.
  • Bartender: The namesake prodigy bartender is supposedly the only one who can create the Glass of God, an impossibly good alcoholic drink.
  • Black Butler: Sebastian's food is this, mixed with a good dose of Food Porn.
  • Blue Exorcist: Everyone's reaction to Rin's cooking speaks of that. Word of God saying that he does every step and method to the cooking 100% correct collaborates with that reaction.
  • Delicious in Dungeon: Any of the dishes cooked by Supreme Chef Senshi. Doubly impressive in that he makes it from monsters and cooks at a campsite rather than a proper kitchen.
  • Dragon Ball Super: Whis has this opinion in regards to, of all things, instant ramen. Both he and Beerus have this opinion towards Earth's food as a whole, hence why Beerus chose to indefinitely postpone the planet's destruction.
  • Food Wars! puts the "Porn" in Food Porn. This is especially noticable with judges of the titular cooking battles. In most cases, the food is so good, it will knock your socks off (or any and all article of clothing for that matter).
  • Gakuen Alice: Howalon is a candy said to be somewhere between marshmallow and cotton candy, only twice as fluffy and delicious.
  • Is This A Zombie?: Some of Haruna's cooking. Especially if she's cooking eggs.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 has Tonio Trussardi, a chef of peerless skill whose Stand, Pearl Jam, makes his food so impossibly delicious that they will subject you to Body Horror, but only briefly, after which you feel even better than before you ate. To name just one example: the water he serves is so tasty and refreshing that you'll cry your eyes out until they begin to shrivel, after which you'll feel as though you've got a full night's sleep. It's left vague if the food's taste is a result of Pearl Jam, or just from Tonio being that good of a chef.
  • Kyouran Kazoku Nikki: Played with. The son of an assassin turned his back on his father's trade and set up a Chinese restaurant based on his mother's recipes. People who eat his food tend to fall into comas. His father taunts him that he's a killer through and through. The real reason is that the food is so delicious it overwhelms an average human's senses.
  • In Log Horizon, Shiroe's party pretty much viewed Nyanta's food as this, after subsisting on a diet of food which uniformly tastes of unseasoned rice crackers for a couple of weeks.
  • Mister Ajikko is probably the modern Trope Codifier. Almost as old as Dragon Ball with everything the trope as to offer.
  • My Monster Secret: Aizawa's cakes are so good that Akane proposes to her repeatedly after tasting them. Her chocolates are good enough that Akane threatened to destroy the world in an effort to get her to make more.
  • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!: Maria's cookies and desserts are so delicious that when she decides to sell them in the school festival, they ran out almost instantly.
  • One Piece:
    • Sanji's food. He was in a league of his own before the time skip, but afterward, he learned special cooking techniques and recipes that were impossibly invigorating as well as impossibly delicious, to the point that even the most hardened criminal can be left blushing and gushing after one spoonful.
    • This actually becomes a plot point in the Whole Cake Island arc. Big Mom's inability to eat the Wedding Cake at the Tea Party triggers her eating disorder, and her rampage can only be stopped if she eats what she's currently craving. The problem is because she never got to taste the cake, the food she's currently craving is a cake that is filled with all her fantasies of what she could've possibly tasted. Such a cake is impossible to make for a normal chef — it was only pure luck that Sanji was present in Totland, as he is one of the only chefs, if not the only chef, in the world that can make such a cake in a manageable amount of time.
  • Pokémon: The Series:
  • Silver Spoon: This is always Hachiken's reaction to eating food from his agricultural school and various family farms. As a City Mouse, it's the first time he has eaten food fresh from a farm. When they make pizza on campus, it's too delicious to describe in words, so everyone bursts out laughing.
  • Sword Art Online: Asuna creates the most delicious stew with a ragout rabbit, a super rare S-class ingredient that Kirito found out of sheer luck.
  • Toriko's entire premise is this mixed with a good helping of Fist of the North Star.
    • One food item was so delicious that it seemed to grant enlightenment in whoever ate it. Giving it to the world leaders was what stopped an entire world war. They named the ingredient "GOD".
    • Another one involves Century Soup, a dish so delicious, it literally puts a goofy smile on your face.
  • Uzumaki: In one chapter, a hospital begins serving incredibly delicious mushrooms as a staple of their meals. The protagonist is suspicious of the food and never eats it, but everyone else can't get enough. It turns out the mushrooms are actually the re-grown placentas and umbilical cords of several newborn Enfant Terrible who wanted to be put back in the womb. At the end of the story, the mushrooms turn out to be so delicious that the hospital staff just gorge themselves on them and pay no mind to the creepy, naked, pregnant mosquito-woman drinking their blood.
    • By the same man, a short story called Splatter Film tells of a kind of honey that tastes so good that everything else completely pales in comparison once you've tried it. In fact, the main characters who get to try it start to suffer from starvation as nothing else tastes good anymore. It doesn't help that there's a certain risk in eating said honey...
  • Wakako Zake: As the entire premise is about the private enjoyment of food and drink, it's probably a good thing that Wakako is pretty good at making all her meals sound like this.
  • The Wallflower: Sunako's food.
  • A common occurrence in Yakitate!! Japan. Azuma's Ja-pan #44 is so good that people who eat it will drop dead before coming back to life a while later. His other creations have sent people back in time and changed the format of the manga itself.
  • Yumeiro Pâtissière: This happens a lot when they try different sweets. One example is a cheesecake that made them see a choir of cows mooing Ode to Joy.

    Comic Books 
  • Umpty Candy in Judge Dredd is like this. It's so delicious that Justice Department had to ban it and exile the creator from Earth to maintain order, and in the modern series, there are major criminal operations devoted to smuggling and dealing it.
  • The Powerpuff Girls: "Monkey Business" (DC issue #67) had Mojo Jojo renouncing crime and going legit, opening his own restaurant. The girls don't buy it and in the opening confrontation, they think Mojo is poisoning the food. But when they actually taste it, they find it's absolutely excellent. (This still doesn't stop them from their suspicions and after two further disruptions, Mojo throws it in and reverts to crime.)
  • Superman: This is the widely accepted opinion of Martha Kent's homemade pies.
  • DoomsdayClock Alfred's Pancake even cold are described by as being very good

    Comic Strips 
  • Al Capp's Li'l Abner introduced us to Mockaroni, a substance (savvy Dogpatchers scoff at the idea of calling it "food") that not only tastes insanely delicious but also causes miraculous weight-loss. Of course, the catch is that once you eat so much as a forkful, you're instantly addicted to the stuff and people just keep eating it and losing weight until they're blown away by a stiff breeze. Same goes for Mockaroons, which you can have for dessert if you survive the Mockaroni...

  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Cucinando…Sōkoku?: The Vicciola Pepper Filet Mignon and Kobe Beef Tataki Italy and Japan made were so impossibly delicious, they incited several...very interesting...reactions from the other nations present.
    Within several seconds, everyone had received their plates and silverware courtesy of a certain speedster. "Buon appetito!"
    "Dōzo omeshiagarikudasai." Italy returned to Japan's side. Both watched everyone take their first bite from each platter...
    ...and subsequently gobble all of the food down. "OH MY GOD!" America turned into goop.
    "Blimey!" England literally fell backwards from his seat.
    It was only because of America—despite being goop—swooping in did no cutlery clatter onto the ground. "I'm a hero!"
    "...Humph." England proceeded to continue eating the succulent cuisine upon taking it back with red tinting his cheeks.
    China began freaking out. "AIYAH! I LOVE BOTH THESE DISHES MORE THAN PANDAS AND SHINATTY-CHAN COMBINED-ARU!" To get such a compliment from such an incredible cook. Pandas. Shinatty-chan.
    "..." Vietnam was rendered speechless.
    Taiwan beamed. "OH MY GOSH!"
    "I could munch on these meats forever!" South Korea could not even uphold his usual disdain towards his elder sibling. The food was just too good.
    Thailand smiled. "This is incredible."
    "Oh. My. Glob!" Poland squealed.
    Russia melted into a puddle on the floor. "VKUSNO!"
    "SO GOOD!" Hungary fangirled nearly as hard as she did over boys' love. Boys' love.
  • In The Dragon and the Butterfly, Julieta Madrigal is considered the best chef in existence. All of her food is this trope; everyone in the Encanto and later Berk knows it. When Hiccup tried one of her arepas for the first time, it was so tasty he cried.
  • In The Heir to Prince Manor Harry developed a craving for merlinnas, an incredibly delicious faery fruit - but only if you picked it at dawn; any other time and it would be hard and bitter.
  • The Last Seidr: Dumbledore keeps a bag of lemon drops in the Sorting Hat, which not only contain a mild calming potion but are also incredibly tasty. By the end of the fic, Harry and all of the Avengers have developed a taste for them (especially Bruce, who found out that they help him calm down). Apparently, they are also Fawkes' favorite food.
  • Rig the Game: Royal: The karaage curry that Akira makes for everyone at the Inokashira Park cleanup event. It leaves everyone who's eating it in a euphoric haze; it's possible that he threw a little magic into it, or that Dr. Maruki did. But it's entirely possible that Akira is just that good.

    Films — Animated 
  • Most of Remy's culinary creations in Ratatouille were considered this by everyone, including Caustic Critic Anton Ego. What truly won this trope was Remy's ratatouille, a basic french vegetable dish that not only mesmerized the notoriously picky Anton Ego, but also the film's villain, Skinner. Ego is so stunned by the taste, which reminds him of the ratatouille his mother used to make when he was a child, that he is almost brought to tears.
  • In Hoodwinked!, the villain, who is revealed to be Boingo creates a substance to lace the sweets in that will make them delicious to the point of addiction. He completes his explanation of the Evil Plan with an illustration of a skinny child before a plate of cookies The picture changes with each slide, ultimately becoming a morbidly obese child with chocolate all over his face.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The fruit in Pan's Labyrinth looked delicious... considering Ofelia had been denied supper the night before (and rationed since long before that), you could almost forgive her for being totally Genre Blind...
  • The... stuff from The Stuff is highly addictive. Possibly because it slowly takes over your mind.
  • God of Cookery has two dishes that qualify: Pissing Beef Balls and Sorrowful Rice. Both cause people to drift off into their imaginations while writhing about. (For those wondering, the former is a meat ball with juicy shrimp inside that squirts when bit into. The latter is just a well-made BBQ pork rice bowl.)
    • Sorrowful rice makes the judge burst into tears, as she knows that there will soon come a time when she won't be tasting this food in her mouth and the thought horrifies her. Or maybe it was the onion.
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), Michelangelo was actually doing well at the dreaded ha-shi where he had to do a handstand on a swivel chair. Until...
    Michelangelo: Guys! I'm in the zone! There is literally nothing that can break me right now!
    Splinter: Oh really? Not even for the legendary... NOVENTANOVE FORMAGGIO! 99-cheese pizza?
    Michelangelo: Starting to break!
    Donatello: Mikey, it's a trap! A pizza with that variety of cheese is a culinary impossibility!

  • Beware of Chicken: Everything Jin grows turns out as this, due to his flooding it with qi. His rice is of a grade so high that nobody in his province can afford to pay what it's worth, his maple syrup is worth more than liquid gold, and people frequently comment on the impossible deliciousness of his fruits and vegetables.
  • The protagonist of Lone Huntress has exactly the sort of metabolism one might associate with a six and a half foot tall, biochemically modified woman with a highly active lifestyle. Almost any food will have this effect on her - particularly anything involving large quantities of meat. Also chocolate. Every person to successfully win her over does so through the act of feeding her.
  • The fruit in Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti. Unfortunately, it's also a metaphor for drugs. Or sex. Or... something. (Maybe temptation itself.) Once Laura eats some she loses the will to eat anything else, it's that delicious — but from that day on the goblin sellers of the fruit are invisible to her.
  • The Queen's Museum and Other Fanciful Tales by Frank Stockton: The story "Christmas Before Last" has the Fruit of the Fragile Palm. It's similar to a coconut, but the inside is so delicious that it's worth as much as diamonds or pearls.
  • Elliot S! Maggin's novel Superman: Last Son of Krypton had an alien spice that made food to which it was added so delicious that humans couldn't stop themselves from eating it.
  • One Homer Price story is about "Ever-So-Much-More-So", an invisible powder which makes anything moreso of what it is. It's introduced as a thing you put on food to make it better, but it also "works" on other things — for example, if an ornery person eats things with it sprinkled on, it makes that person Ever-So-Much-More ornery. (In the product's demonstration, the salesman sprinkles it into a cup of coffee and gives it to Homer, who observes that since he doesn't like coffee in the first place, it is now Ever-So-Much-More bitter and nasty.)
  • The white fudge in The Candy Shop War, to which the entire town of Colson, California, quickly gets addicted. Pity about it being a vehicle for mind control and all that.
  • In P. G. Wodehouse's novels, Bertie Wooster's Aunt Dahlia employs the French cook Anatole, who's so good, that Bertie is willing to take part in the craziest schemes if his aunt threatens to forbid him from Anatole's meals.
    Bertie: Good old Anatole, God's gift to the gastric juices. Many's the time that I have regretted I have but one stomach with which to enjoy his offerings.
  • Food from the titular Abbey in the Redwall series is normally described in such a manner as to make your mouth water. Eventually, a cookbook was printed, so now you can make your very own turnip'n'tater'n'beetroot pie! Redwall isn't everyone's taste in literature, but any writer who can make children want to eat food made mostly of vegetables has to be doing something right.
  • Aside from the page quote, C.S. Lewis used this trope in Perelandra with not one, but TWO Venusian fruits.
  • Bruce Coville's Book of... Ghosts II: Biscuits of Glory features biscuits that are "heavenly" in a near-literal sense. In a normal person, this causes levitation. When given to a ghost, it "feels like it went to heaven", and is exorcised. This is ultimately a negative effect, because nothing else can compare to the taste of the biscuits.
  • Mentioned briefly in A Wrinkle in Time. When Meg is recuperating from her brush with IT among Aunt Beast's people, the food that Aunt Beast gives her is described as "incredibly delicious" — just one more way in which aliens are superior to humans.
    • A softer version of the trope is played with earlier; Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace are offered a meal on Camazotz by the Man with Red Eyes. Meg and Calvin happily enjoy their delicious meal, while Charles Wallace complains that all he can taste is sand. It turns out it's a form of mind control. Since the Man with Red Eyes can get past Meg and Calvin's mental defenses, he is able to convince them the meal is good. Since Charles Wallace unknowingly puts up more resistance to the control, he cannot be convinced.
  • Fourth-dimension-flipped ketchup in The Boy Who Reversed Himself is so good, it renders its consumer euphoric, suggestable, and desperate for more, at least temporarily.
  • Discworld
    • In Thief of Time, newly incarnate entities known as the Auditors are exposed to chocolate for the first time; the experience is so overpowering that it physically kills them. Though this is sort of an inversion; the chocolate is "ordinary" chocolate, albeit the very best the Discworld has to offer.note  The Auditors designed their bodies under the assumption that more sensitive taste buds would allow them greater analytic accuracy but meant they could not handle strong tastes such as from chocolate. When the heroes are launching this attack, Susan is unable to keep herself from constantly snacking on it herself. When the monk Lu-Tze doesn't really care for it (being more of a yak yogurt fan) it freaks her out a bit.
    • Unseen Academicals briefly mentions the Perfect Bacon Sandwich, which a hungry wizard took from the University's Cabinet of Curiosities. It tasted exactly the way you hope a bacon sandwich will taste when you smell the bacon cooking, but somehow never quite does. Unfortunately, everything taken from the Cabinet returns there after 14.14 hours, which is both disgusting and painful if you've digested it.
      Ponder: Apparently, it was the bacon sandwich to end all bacon sandwiches.
      Ridcully: It nearly did, for him.
  • Bone Chillers: A major plot point in Back to School. A new lunch lady makes food so delicious that all the students and teachers flock to the cafeteria every day to get a taste of her meals, and even fighting over them. It's so good that the main character cannot bear to eat anything other than her cooking, comparing the cornflakes he ate for breakfast to sawdust. However, over a series of strange events, he realizes that the lunch lady is actually a giant insect who implants eggs in her cooking so that they will incubate in the hapless residents, controlling their movements until they eventually hatch and discard their hosts' bodies. The main character manages to bring the bug lady down with the help of a fellow student (who was allergic to outside food and had to bring her own lunch to school).
  • The Wind Singer had the underground mud people eating some kind of smoky, sweet roasted nut/fruit that Bowman and Kestrel found tastier than anything they'd had in their whole lives.
  • The obscure Tesco Children's book Guzzle is about two children who invent the world's greatest soft drink, to the point where nobody can stop drinking it. It gets to the point where even health experts won't reveal how healthy it is because they're too busy drinking the stuff.
  • Occurs in Orson Scott Card's Treasure Box - the weird rich people eat food that appears to be the platonic ideal of food, the best food you could possibly imagine, every bite perfection. Turns out that's because you ARE imagining it.
  • In his short story collection Fragile Things, Neil Gaiman included a story called "Sunbird", about the ultimate food sought out by a club whose members make a habit of eating the rarest, most difficult to get foods. The members of the club, aside from the cook (who "practiced" from foreknowledge in preparation) get burned up from eating it.
  • In Doorways in the Sand by Roger Zelazny, mirror-reversed bourbon is described this way. The protagonist spends most of the book mirror-reversed, so he can appreciate ordinary bourbon like this; at the end of the book, when he gets flipped back to normal, he thinks that while he won't miss much about being reversed, the bourbon will probably haunt him for the rest of his life.
  • In Robin Hobb's The Soldier Son trilogy, Everything Nevare eats becomes this once the Speck magic starts to get under his skin.
  • The native family Flinx encounters in Mid-Flinx were out gathering fruits called sugararries when they got lost. When he shares his supplies with them, Dwell reluctantly admits that chocolate is almost as good as those fruits.
  • The wine which the angel Islington serves to Richard and Door in Neverwhere is described in terms of this trope. Pity that it causes a horrible hangover afterwards. Possibly a hint that Islington isn't as nice as he seems.
  • In Spider Robinson's Mirror Mirror, Off the Wall Robert Trebor gives Callahan a case of liqueur in exchange for a case of rotgut. Jake Stonebender called Trebor's drink "The Wonderbooze", saying that "it felt to the mouth, I imagine, the way a velvet pillow must feel to the cheek. And it kicked like a Rockette. It ennobled the mouth." Trebor, it turns out, is from a mirror universe with a reversed metabolism; what tastes terrible to us would taste wonderful to him and vice versa.
  • L.E. Modesitt's Imager Portfolio spends an inordinate amount of time talking about food. Sure it's supposed to take place in a alternate fantasy version of France, but even then, there is a lot of talk about the food and how amazing nearly all of it is.
  • In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka's confections are so tasty and wildly imaginative that rival candymakers sent spies into his factory to steal the recipes for them. He responded by closing it down, and when it finally was up and running again, no one could figure out how it was possible — no workers were ever seen going in or out and Wonka himself was now a Reclusive Artist. Thus, when the news breaks that a contest to win a trip into the factory has been launched, it becomes an international obsession. The 2013 stage musical adaptation gives much of the expository song "The Amazing Fantastical History of Mr. Willy Wonka" over to discussion of just what Serious Business his treats were even before he became a recluse:
    From all around the world they called on Mr. Wonka
    Kings and queens and presidents
    Even down in Rome the Pope left home
    And in the fact'ry took up residence
    Dalai Lamas and their mamas
    Had such episodes and dramas!
    Even Gandhi got himself into a brawl
  • In Star Trek: New Frontier the Beings (true to their Greek god heritage; see below) have the legendary ambrosia. It looks like a golden jelly-like pudding, but whoever eats it almost instantly begins to worship the Beings. This sensation happened to the Danteri...and Soleta, probably the most logical person on the Excalibur.
  • Isaac Asimov's "A Statue For Father": Thanks to the eponymous individual's mostly-unsuccessful time-tunnel experiments, humanity as a whole learns that dinosaur meat is the most succulent meat that ever existed.
  • In The Bliss Bakery, all magical bakers are able to make baked goods taste impossibly delicious. The good bakers just use it to make people happy, the evil ones use it to make people addicted to their baked goods.
  • In the Goosebumps Gamebook Beware of the Purple Peanut Butter, the protagonist finds a mysterious purple substance in a refrigerator that smells like the best PB&J sandwich ever with chocolate on top and tastes just as delicious. Too bad that choosing to eat it causes you to gradually shrink down.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians has ambrosia and nectar, the respective food and drink of the gods. Being literally divine, it heals all wounds (though some take longer than others, and poison typically slows down the process), and it's so good that you'll die if you eat too much of it (and that's if you're part god - mortals perish immediately, no matter how much they eat). To Percy, it tastes like buttered popcorn and his mom's freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
  • Nina Tanleven: Jokingly mentioned in The Ghost Wore Gray when Nine suggests that Captain Jonathan Gray is hanging around as a ghost because he'd had one of the cook's pastries and decided he'd already made it to heaven.
  • The Franny K. Stein book Recipe for Disaster has Franny create a robotic baker called the Muffin Man, who bakes muffins so delicious that Franny's friends and her dog/lab assistant Igor become addicted to the muffins to the extent that they forget about their other interests and pursuits.
  • Wayside School: In Maurecia's chapter in the first book, Mrs. Jewls makes ice cream flavored after every student. While all the ice cream tastes good, everybody falls in love with Maurecia's flavor of ice cream, except Maurecia herself who can't taste it. All we know about the flavor besides its deliciousness is that it's the flavor Maurecia tastes when she's tasting nothing at all. Maurecia falls in love with Todd-flavored ice cream instead, so much that she sometimes bites Todd's arm to get that taste.
  • The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant has aliantha berries, which double as Impossibly Nutritious Food.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, shade-of-the-evening is a blue wine consumed by the warlocks of Qarth. At first it tastes foul, but when swallowed it tastes like everything you've ever eaten and more. To Daenerys, it tastes like "honey and anise and cream, like mother's milk and Drogo's seed, like red meat and hot blood and molten gold." However, drinking too much can cause you to have horrible nightmares and fever dreams.
  • John Ringo plays with this in Troy Rising where the Glatun *really* like Maple Syrup, over and above its intoxicating effects.
  • Lizard Music: The lizards have a drink that is described as being similar to really good lemonade, except it's not made with lemons. In Victor's opinion, it's the only drink he's ever had that tastes better than grape soda.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In the Red Dwarf episode "Demons And Angels", Lister and Kryten build a matter duplicator with the aim of solving food shortages on the ship. It extracts the very best qualities of an object in one copy, and the very worst in another. When trying out an example of the former, the ultimate test is a food that Lister normally hates:
    Lister: I tell you one thing. I’ve been to a parallel universe, I’ve seen time running backwards, I’ve played pool with planets, and I’ve given birth to twins, but I never thought in my entire life I’d taste an edible Pot Noodle.
  • In the Doctor Who episode "The Happiness Patrol", the Kandy Man describes his favoured method of execution: he creates "sweets that are so good, so delicious that sometimes, if I'm on form, the human physiology is not equipped to bear the pleasure".
  • In the TV version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1981), Ford discovers some hagra biscuits baked by the Dentrassi and tells Arthur, "Your mouth will love you for the rest of your life." Unfortunately, the Dentrassi baked these particular biscuits for the Vogons; after one mouthful, Ford realises just how much Dentrassi hate Vogons.
  • The Soup Nazi's soup in Seinfeld. It's so good it makes your knees weak, and it's why people still go to his restaurant despite his extremely strict rules that will get you banned for the slighest infraction.
    • The titular treat of "The Non-Fat Yogurt". It's so good it makes the characters on a PG-rated show drop (censored) F-Bombs! And it's completely non-fat! A claim the characters become skeptical of once they start gaining weight after eating it regularly. They get a sample analyzed and find out that it does indeed contain fat, and go public with the information. The yogurt shop is then forced to take the fat out in order to stay in business, but without it, the yogurt tastes awful.
  • A Saturday Night Live sketch hosted by Lindsey Lohan depicted characters in a fancy restaurant and eat this impossibly good chocolate dessert. Their expression of this deliciousness is taken up a notch when one guy starts smashing plates on his head and Lindsey starts smearing the chocolate all over her face and chest.
  • Stargate SG-1 has kassa, an addictive form of corn distributed by a group of bad guys as a means to control various planets. One SGC team member takes a bite out of curiosity and describes it as "sweet corn heaven."
  • iCarly: The episode "iPie" centers around the products of Galini's pie shop. Carly, Sam, and Freddie collected dozens of coconut cream pie recipes from their fans after Galini's death, but none of them were close to Galini's in quality.
  • Kold Kream ice cream in the episode "Catching Cold" of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour is this. It comes with a pretty deadly price to get a good supply of it though...
  • The best burger in New York on How I Met Your Mother. When Marshall had first moved to New York after college, he came across a burger joint which, according to him, made the best burger he had ever tasted but he had never been able to find it again, and no burger ever lived up to it. After talking about it, he ends up dragging the group around New York trying to find the elusive burger joint, which had moved locations several times, and pick up Regis Philbin along the way who has also been searching for it. They eventually find the place, and the rest of the group agrees that it is the best burger ever. Double Subverted when Regis Philbin claimed after all of that the burger was still not the right one, and then after a moment of thought, realized that it was.
  • The Golden Girls plays with this on occasion, but the dish that stands out is Rose's Sparhuven Krispies. They smell downright foul, but if you eat them right, they taste just like cheesecake, fresh strawberries, and chocolate ice-cream.
  • Iron Chef: The whole reason Chairman Kaga set up Kitchen Stadium.
    • Competitive cooking shows by nature frequently challenge contestants to create tasty foods with unlikely combinations of ingredients. The results either end up here... or elsewhere.
  • Supreme Chef Reese's food is supposed to be like this on Malcolm in the Middle. In an episode where he pulls out all the stops to make a magnum opus Thanksgiving dinner, he's able to coerce his father and little brother into working like slaves and putting up with his Prima Donna Director tendencies just by periodically giving them a taste of whatever he's currently working on and watching them melt.
  • One episode of QI discussed how it took over three hundred years from its discovery for a specimen of the Giant Tortoise to be presented to the British Museum, simply because people kept eating them before the ship could reach its destination. Contemporary reports describe it as being unbelievably delicious, which the guests naturally took up a notch ("right, this time we'll take nine of them, and we'll eat eight"). Unfortunately, they're a protected species now...
    • Also mentioned is the example of Steller's Sea Cow, which is extinct because of how tasty it was.
  • Mega Gino's Super Jump Star from Pixelface.
  • In Law & Order: Criminal Intent, the daughter of a chef claimed that her father could cook up a four-star meal with a hot plate and leftovers.
  • The addictive wursts sold by SKUL in the M.I. High episode "Fit to Wurst".
  • 2point4 Children: The experimental "Drool" chocolate bars end up having to be withdrawn from sale and destroyed, as it turns out they're so delicious they're psychologically addictive. Anyone who has one not only can't stop eating them, they will lie, cheat and steal to get hold of another, as shown when Ben, Jenny and David end up turning on each other. Even Rona, who's allergic to chocolate, ends up succumbing to temptation, and is later found ripping up the Porters' floorboards in the hope of finding one they may have stashed (and covered in hives).

    Mythology and Religion 
  • In the ancient Greek The Odyssey, the food of the famous Lotus Eaters is so good, whoever eats it never wants to do anything else but sit there on the island and eat and eat forever.
  • See also: ambrosia, nectar of the Greek gods. (Or in other mythologies, booze of the gods, honey of the gods, milk of the gods, elixir of life, etc...)
  • Legend says the "Buddha Jumps Over the Wall", or "Buddha's Temptation", a luxurious meat-based soup, smells so irresistible that the vegetarian Buddha would try to jump over a wall to eat it.
  • The Bible:
    • It is low on references as to what the catering will be like in Heaven. We are assured bread, water, milk and honey will be part of the post-mortem deal; but the only Biblical reference to the taste of heavenly foodstuffs concerns a "scroll" offered to St John of Patmos on his visit to the heavenly realms in the book of Revelation. This is described as being impossibly sweet in the mouth, sweeter than anything the saint has ever tasted before (but bitter in the stomach).
    • Earlier than that, in the Book of Ezekiel, the prophet is given a scroll to eat with lamentations and woe written on it, and it was to the prophet like honey for sweetness.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Fraggle Rock:
    • The Grapes of Generosity, which appear when a Fraggle needs to learn how to be generous. They are so delicious that a Fraggle will want to eat them all himself, but if he eats them alone, he will become more and more selfish... and eventually weightless, so that everyone can see how selfish he is. By contrast, if he eats the grapes with others, he becomes extremely generous.
    • Mossmelon, the rarest and sweetest fruit in the Rock, can only be harvested every hundred years.
    • The legendary Tooth Tower was built by the Doozers, who had to withdraw the building material because it was so sweet that it drove Fraggles wild.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • The Complete Book of Elves mentions feywine, a potent wine made by elves that usually only their royalty drink; even elves find it hard to resist after tasting it, and humans have been known to fight over it when the elves share it with them (which is rare, for that exact reason).
    • The results of a Heroes' Feast spell is incredibly delicious (as opposed to the bland but nutritious stuff produced by Create Food and Water), and eating it can cure any poison or disease, and for the next twelve hours the diners gain several buffs. Once your party gains access to this spell, expect it to become their primary source of food.
  • GURPS: Magic: Essential Food is basically food in its purest, most perfect form. (It's created by magic, of course.)
  • In Nomine: Preparing such foods is a special ability of Lilim of Gluttony.

    Video Games 
  • Ultimate Curry/Finest Curry in the Harvest Moon games, which nearly everyone loves and will do almost anything to taste. A large number of bachelor(ettes) even have one of the two as their favorite item! However, Carter and Alisa both despise the stuff.
  • The Ultimate Dessert in Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?
  • Planescape: Torment has a series of short stories in the form of memories. One tells the story of a wine connoisseur who is offered a wine so delectable that he is willing to literally do anything to get another taste. The memory is labled "Slowly Dawning Horror'' as the drinker realizes the implications of what it means.
  • The sunny side up dragon egg in Disgaea 3, which prompts Mao to give a lengthy speech about how good it is.
  • Killia from Disgaea5 learned to make legendary-quality foods by trial-and-error from the loot scavenged off the corpses of curb-stomped overlords. It shows.
  • In Earthbound, the Delisauce condiment. Nobody knows what it tastes like, but it makes everything incredibly delicious (thereby maximizing its recovery effects).
  • The Golden Apple in Super Paper Mario, which causes so much contentment that whoever eats it sleeps peacefully for a very long time.
  • In Suikoden II, the justification for all the Cooking Duels with your army's Supreme Chef is the "Blue Moon Bird Recipe," a recipe for a foodstuff said to bring the person that eats it "happiness," though we never get to see it prepared . Serious Business, indeed.
  • In The Sims 3, an expert chef Sim can prepare Ambrosia. It takes two rare ingredients, but it's so potent that the consumer gains a powerful, positive moodlet for A WEEK. It also brings Sims back from the dead - ghosts can interact with it.
    • In The Sims 2's Free Time expansion, sims with the Family aspiration can learn to prepare Grandma's Comfort Soup. It gives a strong boost to food and comfort meters and automatically cures sicknesses (which normally would need to be waited out or treated with the medicine station from the Science career).
  • The Black Emporium of Dragon Age II has a barrel containing "The Pickled Apples of Arlathan." In its codex entry, Brother Genitivi describes a taste of a sliver of one of those apples as the epitome of what an apple tastes like. The five sovereigns he paid for that taste, he says, were well spent.
    • Of course, he was in a magic shop run by an immortal being and Arlathan is the lost jewel of the fallen eleven empire. The apples are also potentially dangerous, as the sense of loss when the flavor of the one sliver ended was so strong he cried. Trying to eat a whole apple might cause someone to go mad.
  • Pokémon:
    • Chansey eggs are said to be this, in addition to being delicious, it's healthy. Its evolution Blissey takes this a step further: even one bite will cause the sourest sourpuss to become unfailingly caring and pleasant to everyone.
    • Moomoo Milk, which is given by Miltank, is similar, but easier to get. Although, most PokéDex entries for Miltank focus more on its milk's incredible nutritional value, rather than its taste, which acts as a healing potion for Pokémon.
    • Supposedly, Farfetch'd have been eaten to near extinction, not only because they're incredibly delicious, but because they taste even better with leeks which they all happen to carry around with them.
    • In Sword/Shield, the player can make impossibly delicious curry. The proper skill in its preparation, combined with the proper mix of berries and ingredients (even weird additions like whipped cream), will grant players with a "Charizard Class" curry dish that completely restores all of your party's HP and PP (even reviving fainted Pokémon), cure any and all status ailments, and provides an ample bonus to your party's Relationship Values.
  • The "Sinner's Sandwich" from Deadly Premonition contains turkey, cereal, and strawberry jam. York is initially convinced that it's to punish the sinners. Then he tries one, and it's delicious. So did the fans, and it really is pretty damn tasty.
  • Oko San's route in Hatoful Boyfriend culminates with him and the heroine leaving school on a quest to find the mythical True Pudding, a seven-colored dessert so perfect that one bite will grant the consumer eternal happiness. In his extended ending in the paid version, eating it grants Oko San godhood.
  • Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus gives us SoulStorm Brew, a drink so addictive that the Glukkons are able to make willing slaves out of the Mudokons by giving out 'free samples'. Once the Mudokons were hooked, the Glukkons told them that to get more they would have to work for them.
    Abe: They fell for it.
  • According to the creator, the people of I Wanna Be the Guy do eat Delicious Fruit, despite it, you know, actively trying to kill them. It must really be delicious.
  • Most foods classified as "epic" in Kingdom of Loathing would qualify as this. The foods you can create during an Avatar of Jarlsberg run are all described as being the platonic ideal of their respective food-stuff, literally in the case of the sublime deluxe hot dog.
  • In Dwarf Fortress, let a dwarf do enough cooking and he'll eventually become a Supreme Chef, turning dog intestines and bear kidneys into delights that send his fellow dwarves into "ecstatic" moods.
  • In Princess Maker, your daughter can make this if her Cooking skill goes high enough. If her Sin also goes high, she can use it to enslave people or have them kill themselves.
  • The ADVENT Burgers in XCOM 2 may be a form of this. Everyone who's had them loves them, even the staunchest opponents of the alien regime. Just don't ask where they get the meat...
    • XCOM: Chimera Squad: ADVENT Burger (rebranded as Burger Palace) revised the secret formula so it would meet ethical standardsnote ... barely. They take a kelp-protein burger, and literally plant a 'flavor bulb' inside, which matures as it cooks. Each bulb is specifically tailored by species to react to taste buds. Of course, these bulbs might be toxic to a person of the wrong species, so the bulb is designed to sprout limbs and flee if it smells a species it is toxic to. That's right, you're eating a living burger that wants to be digested by a specific species.
  • Eulmoran "meol" in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers may look like a bland lump of pasty bread, but it was stated in a Live Letter to be universally delicious — the comparison made was the smell of a bakery, that scent that makes you want to just try everything in the store. However, because it's made of sin eaters, it also infects you with primordial Light, making you susceptible to Vauthry's mind control and eventually turning you into a sin eater yourself.
  • In NieR: Automata, mackerel is described as being incredibly delicious when ingested. Unfortunately, it also causes a chemical reaction that makes androids' bodily fluids congeal, killing them in a matter of moments.
  • Sakura Wars (2019): Yang Xiaolong, the captain of the Shanghai Combat Revue, is a Supreme Chef of Iron. When he cooks up fried rice for Seijuro Kamiyama, his reaction is accompanied by an image of light shooting from Kamiyama's mouth and eyes as he gushes about just how delicious this simple dish is. When he brings Sakura Amamiya with him, she is seen clutching her cheeks as her face breaks out into an ear-to-ear grin.
  • Divinity: Original Sin II: The Fantastic Drug drudanae makes food irresistibly delicious as an additive. One particularly sadistic Magister Exploits this, training dogs to attack Sourcerers by feeding them drudanae-laced Sourcerer flesh.
  • In Ys: Ancient Ys Vanished ~ Omen game, the Roda tree seed is said to be this. Somebody in a bar asks you to get one, but once you do he changes his mind because the seeds have become hard to find and he's afraid if he eats it nothing else he eats will ever be as good. You can eat it yourself, which is part of the requirements to be able to talk to the Roda trees and get the Silver Sword.
  • A variation occurs in Marenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God. Mystery Soup, the last thing Coco needs to eat before he can stop blessing Patty's family, is made with several incredibly rare ingredients. But it's treated less as the most delicious thing in the world and more an incredibly unique flavor that only those who have properly tried it can understand, though it does still end up being quite tasty.

  • Awful Hospital: Chip's signature chocolate mocha tastes so amazing, Fern levels up just by drinking it.
  • Sam Starfall of Freefall. No, that's not a dish, that's a character. His planet lacked any mass extinction events that forced life to evolve back to its previous point, resulting in his proteins being so simple and easy to digest that even Earthly herbivores find his flesh incredibly delicious.
  • In Girl Genius, Agatha's improved coffee engine makes coffee that's perfect. And reveals to the drinker the mathematical perfection of the cup itself! And it got a raging Super Soldier instantly hippiefied by what little part of a splash in the face hit his mouth.
  • The plot of Gourmet Hound revolves around the attempts of the main character, Lucy, to track down a vanished chef who used to work at her favorite restaurant so that she can eat their cooking again. She even describes the food they produced as having "The Perfect Taste"!
  • The cookies baked by Piffany in Nodwick. Armies will halt their invasions and rebuild the towns they destroyed in return for them. The gods themselves will threaten holy wars to get some and do anything you want for the recipe. Nodwick was able to use her brownies and punch as part of a scheme to convince a mercenary army to fight off an orc horde and rebuild every single town destroyed by said horde. (The mercenaries choose the cookies over the orc chieftain's offer of allowing them a portion of the loot and their pick of the women of the conquered territory for not trying to stop them.) Oh, and you know how Nodwick is a Chew Toy for whom even his hundreds of deaths is no escape from constant mistreatment at the hands of Artax and Yeagar, and whatever monsters they encounter? He's still a lucky bastard because when Piffany makes her cookies he gets to lick the bowl.
  • Weak Hero has the chicken served at Ttosikki, which is Ben's go-to Comfort Food. Gray, who is normally The Stoic, sparkles when he tries it for the first time.

    Web Original 
  • Mortasheen: Rhost is a Supreme Chef who can make just about any dish from inside his body in minutes, and his cooking is universally considered delicious, but the good cook also has an ace up his sleeve - he can produce an unreasonably tantalizing substance he calls his "special sauce." This sauce is said to be so tasty and enticing that Rhost can even use it to lure armies into obvious death traps with a trail of fresh pasta and make enemies eat themselves into comas, to name a few.
  • The SCP Foundation has numerous examples of incredibly delicious supernatural food. However, it's also usually Schmuck Bait and incredibly dangerous in some manner.
    • SCP-261 is a vending machine that produces all sorts of packaged food, including some that are from other planets, realities or points in time. One of the items it produced was a bottle labeled "Mr. Mercer's amazing condiment" which makes anything taste delicious. And we mean anything, including wood, stone, sand, rotten meat, and brussels sprouts. However, it only changes the taste without making them any more edible. The researcher left a note "requesting new D-class personnel due to loss of teeth."
    • SCP-294 is a coffee vending machine that produces whatever drink you input on its little keypad. When it was asked for "the perfect drink", it made a drink so unbelievably tasty that the guy who tried it said everything afterward was a drag and committed suicide two weeks later. Two different researchers later asked for "their favorite drink". Each one got a different beverage; each one found their own drink just short of the perfect one. When they swapped the consensus was "Good, but mine's better."
    • I am SCP-426, a toaster that causes everyone talking or writing about me to always refer to me in the first person. Prolonged exposure to me causes people to believe that they too are toasters, and they will attempt to emulate the functions of a toaster, usually inflicting injury or even death upon themselves in the process. When the Foundation exposed SCP-682 to me, it ate a lot of bread and started launching deadly Projectile Toast. Said toast was later eaten by a bunch of D-class subjects, who claimed it was the best toast they ever ate.
    • SCP-597 is a giant blob of flesh covered in nipples for every species of mammal. Those in its presence will be immediately compelled to find a teat and begin to nurse. The milk tastes so good, and makes the drinker feel so warm, safe, and happy, that they will never be able to stop nursing once they get a taste and revert to a mentally infantile state regardless of their age.
    • SCP-807 is a plate that makes any food served on it incredibly delicious, with a literally irresistible smell and a calorie count so high that whoever eats it goes into cardiac arrest within minutes.
    • SCP-1361 is a giant orange mass of animal tissue. If it ever gets bigger than 107 kilograms (236 pounds), it will start producing an irresistible scent, described by a D-class as "better than a rare steak, crispy fried bacon, and a wet [EXPLETIVE DELETED] all rolled into one." If anyone eats it, SCP-1361 will start eating them from the inside instead. It smells even better when cooked, as D-class personnel will resort to violence in order to get the stuff after catching a whiff of it.
  • Hoagizine.
  • In Space Beasts characters often react this way to either Minsk's or Marzipan's cooking, Marzipan even has a secret weapon! Her tears when added to her food make her food even more delicious!
    • Also the Elves and half elves wasabi is so impossibly delicious, once they start eating they just can't stop! For Fairies and half fairies peanut butter has a similar effect. For Goblins and half goblins Bananas
  • Subverted in the SML Movie "Bowser Junior's Addiction", where Bowser Junior tries a Starbucks latte and is immediately filled to the brim with energy. Two hours later, he experiences a sugar crash and forces Chef PeePee to go buy another latte for him. It turns out Junior is addicted to coffee now.
  • The Lightbringer, Patron of Truth from the Sporewiki Fiction Universe can create this for any organism, with the result literally being the best-tasting thing possible for said organism. His pet mortal, the high priest Riffrex, lives on a combination of this and an altered version designed to compromise between this and his nutritional needs. Word of God has stated that if the Lightbringer were unable to continue to supply Riffrex, Riffrex die of withdrawal very quickly and that it would theoretically take centuries to reduce doses slowly enough to safely expunge the addiction. In addition, he stocks his moon, Isuma, with fruit trees containing more generalized ideals, as well as fauna that crawls up to you with the hope of being eaten, which grows tastier and tastier as you near, enter, and move to the center of the Lightbringer's palace, with the food in the center being impossible to resist eating.
  • In the Shopkins webseries, Peppa-Mint accidentally orders a gelato cart when attempting to speak Italian for the first time. Since she can't return it, she starts selling the gelato off. Turns out, the gelato is so amazing, that even disgusting additions (such as dog treats, smelly socks, or radioactive chemicals) do nothing to deter how delicious it is.

    Web Video 
  • Monster Island Buddies: Gorosaurus's pork ribs are so insanely succulent, even the most mild-mannered kaiju go completely bonkers upon having a taste of them. In the episode "Aporkalypse 2020", Pudgy Pig seeks out to ruin Gorosaurus's barbecue as revenge for his slaughtered brethren by having his gang of Power Rangers monsters crash the party, and he succeeds for a while... until his own henchmen turn against him after experiencing how tasty the pork ribs are. Pudgy Pig ends up getting killed by Chris and is turned into a whole new supply of pork ribs for the hungry monsters. As mentioned, the ribs are just so delectable, even the otherwise vegetarian Winged Godzilla is willing to make an exception with them!
  • Sword Art Online Abridged amplifies the example from Sword Art Online's episode 8, and Asuna's meal made from an S-ranked ingredient comes out of the oven with an overwhelming golden aura. But it also shows the downside of this sort of food when afterward, Kirito and Asuna find that even her sandwiches now taste like she "dipped a dog turd in Cool Ranch."
    Asuna: Don't you see, Kirito? It's the rabbit! An S-class ingredient prepared by someone with the highest possible skill? It's literally the tastiest thing you could ever eat, real or otherwise! What food could possibly compare after that?
    Kirito: My God... we Flowers for Algernon'd our taste buds?!

    Western Animation 
  • The éclair planned to kill Homer in The Simpsons episode "Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner".
    Fancy Restauranteur: Come on, you're gonna kill him with a pastry? I've seen this man eat a bowl of change!
    French Chef: This éclair is over one million calories. Twenty-five pounds of butter per square inch. Covered with chocolate so dark, light cannot escape its surface.
    [The other restauranteurs all lunge for the picture while drooling heavily]
    French Chef: [slapping their hands away] No, no, no! This is just a picture! But Homer Simpson will find the real thing both delicious... and deadly.
    Akira: Ah, yes. Death by Chocolate. [Un-Evil Laugh]
    French Chef: ...And poison, I'll stick in some poison.
    • Homer also once made a deal with the devil for his soul in exchange for the perfect donut. He tries to cheat Flanders Satan by not finishing the donut. Until he eats the final piece while half-asleep.
    • There's also the trip to the gummy bear festival.
    Homer: In this sweet land, donuts are foul as poison. You'd spit them out, you would!
  • Adventure Time:
    • "Tree Trunks" centers on Jake and Finn's quest to get the eponymous little green elephant through the dangerous forest so she can taste the legendary Crystal Gem Apple herself. It's so good that Tree Trunks vanishes into another realm, not returning until the season 2 episode "Crystals Have Power" revealed she became the evil queen of said realm.
    • The royal tarts from "The Other Tarts". They're so delicious, Princess Bubblegum has Finn and Jake escort them to a royal meeting under the possibility of theft.
    • Happens again in "Time Sandwich" where Jake creates the most delicious sandwich ever made, with tears, eggs from a bird outside the window, and a lobster's soul among the sandwich's ingredients. However, the Magic Man steals it away before Jake gets a chance to bite into it. Defeated, Jake tries to make it again but since he's no longer in "the zone", it's nowhere near as good. Luckily, he gets it back in the end (with punching Magic Man as a bonus).
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: No one can resist Krabby Patties. When Squidward tries a tiny bite of one for the first time after saying he hates them, he becomes obsessed with them, starts having dreams about marrying a Krabby Patty and having children with it, and ends up breaking into the Patty Vault and eating so many patties that he bloats up to a gigantic size and then explodes.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door had the legendary Fourth Flavor, an ice cream flavor so delicious that only the one with the purest of taste buds could find and taste it. Numbuh Five dreamed of doing so. At the end of "Operation: F.L.A.V.O.R." she got her wish, although we had to Take Her Word For It that it was as good as she imagined.
    • In another episode Numbuh One is kidnapped by Doctor Professor Triple Extra-Largenote  who wanted his help to make the perfect snow cone since Numbuh One is immune to brain-freeze. To Numbuh One's dismay, the rest of the team "rescues" him right after he found the perfect one (but before he could tell the scientist).
    • "Operation M.U.N.C.H.I.E.S." features Rainbow Munchies, a cereal so delicious that Sector V and a supermarket full of villains are driven to fighting over the last box on the shelf. Knightbrace buying the box and threatening to destroy it (because, as a dentistry-themed villain, he hates unhealthy food) is enough for the kids and the villains to call a truce for the purpose of beating the stuffing out of him.
  • In The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, Jimmy invents the perfect candy. It's so delicious that all the people in Retroville develop an addiction to it and act like zombies, caring about nothing but getting more of his candy (luckily, Jimmy never got to try it). Jimmy, of course, saves the day through Behavioral Conditioning, making the candy electrify them so they'd associate its taste with pain. Sheen still likes them, though.
  • The Guacamole of the Angels from El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, made by maidens squashing the avocados with their feet.
  • In Tiny Toon Adventures, Hamton J. Pig accidentally spilled a super-condiment on himself, causing everyone who met him (including Plucky) to attempt to eat him. It eventually washed off, though the other jar gets spilled on Plucky, with Hampton trying to eat him.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force had the Broodwich. A sandwich so tasty none can resist. Eating it transported you to a strange astral plane where guys with axes try to dismember you. Shake can't stop eating it though. He tapes it to the ceiling when he decides to stop eating it, but he can't stay away. Frylock chastises him to get rid of the damn thing because he'll eventually give in and finish eating it. Of course, it ends up a moot point because Shake took off the sun-dried tomatoes because he finds them disgusting, so he never has a desire to truly finish the sandwich. So the evil voice resorts to giving him a lobotomy so he'd be suggestible enough to eat it anyway.
  • Futurama loves this trope. In Fry And The Slurm Factory, Fry is put in a death trap to drink concentrated slurm until his stomach bursts. He can't stop eating it, even long enough to save his friends. He's only able to save Leela by dragging the heavy metal trough to the lever, guzzling it all the while. When Leela frees him from it by dumping it down the sewer, Fry tries to chew his own arms off to follow it.
    • The entire Earth ends up with an addiction to Popplers. They're so delicious, people even have a hard time stopping eating them when they find out the truth behind what they are. Then again, in a world of Soylent Cola, it's hardly surprising.
    • Also, now-extinct anchovies are that for Zoidberg's species. Expectedly, that's why they went extinct.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy:
    • The cookies baked by Grim's grandmother were so tasty, everyone kept cheerfully eating them even after she announced that the recipe included dung beetles.
    • Also the chocolates from the Chocolate Sailor. They're enchanted to turn anyone who eats them into a chocolate minion. Unfortunately, they're so delicious that every salesman they manage to recruit samples the merchandise and becomes so addicted that they eat their entire supply, instead of selling it, and resorts to Autocannibalism.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: In "MMMystery on the Friendship Express" the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness or MMMM is described as this by Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity; to a lesser extent the other bakers' desserts (Gustave's Exceptionally Exquisite Eclairs, Doughnut Joe's Doghnutopia and Mulia Mild's Chocolate Mousse Moose) are this as well. That's why they ate each other's.
  • Looney Tunes: Apparently the Roadrunner himself is this at at least according to Wile E Coyote as he a explains "The Roadrunner is to the taste buds of a coyote, what caviar, champagne, filet mignon, and chocolate fudge are to the taste buds of a man." He then pulls out a chart explaining that every part of the Roadrunner comes "In a dazzling array of flavors." From banana to sponge cake to candied yam to pistachio.
  • Passion Patties, a brand of chocolate mint cookies sold by Happy Girl Scouts from Totally Spies! are so good a single bite brings about untold euphoria and can get you hooked just like that. This was deliberate on the half of their creator, Inga Bittersweet, who used to be a Happy Girl until she was kicked out for eating the cookies instead of selling them. So she created a highly concentrated sugar extract in order to make the cookies insanely addictive and insanely fattening, inciting riots and causing widespread obesity.
  • The dishes Porky cooks from his grandmother's recipes in The Looney Tunes Show episode "Bobcats on Three!" are this, especially to Bugs. The principal ingredient is butter.
  • The Fairly OddParents!: Nana Boom Boom's Fairy Cherry Brownies, baked once a year to win the annual Fairy/Anti-Fairy bake-off. They're so tasty that whoever eats them is overcome with hunger for more. Poof in particular goes crazy for them.
  • In one episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog, when Courage is searching for a storm goddess' pet dog (it's a weird cartoon) he finds that the dog has fallen under the spell of something called the God Bone, a giant bone that is so delicious that a dog who licks it will keep doing so until it starves to death. Despite a stern voice that bluntly warns anyone who enters the room of the danger, it appears that dogs simply cannot resist it. (The numerous dog skeletons surrounding it seem to confirm this.) Courage falls under its spell too but saves himself and the other dog by somehow managing to pick the giant bone up and carry it with him.
  • In the 1986 version of The Berenstain Bears there was the Wild, Wild Honey, which Papa Bear attempted to get - or even simply taste - many times, claiming it was "better than money". Unfortunately, it was jealously guarded by Queen Nectar and her hive of fierce bees.
  • The first episode of Teen Titans Go!, "Legendary Sandwich", has the Titans, sans Raven who has sent them off for some secret alone time to watch Pretty Pretty Pegasus, exploring different areas of the galaxy (or in Robin's case, the supermarket) for ingredients for the perfect sandwich. After they have returned and assembled the sandwich, they end up fighting over who gets to try it first, resulting in Silkie sneaking in and eating the foodstuff himself to their horror, leading him to a comical "revelation" moment... before spewing it back out, all chewed up.
  • In the Star vs. the Forces of Evil episode "Goblin Dogs", the eponymous Goblin Dogs are hyped up to be one of the best foods in the multiverse, with a series of absurdly long lines just to get one, which seems to be an excuse for the proprietor to sell waiting customers Goblin Dog merchandise. Star and friends eventually call shenanigans, and after a convoluted series of events and passing a Secret Test of Character, they finally get some Goblin Dogs. They seem like ordinary hot dogs, but then they kick in...
  • Big City Greens: Gramma's Feel Better Butter Biscuits, which she only bakes for her family members when they are in serious pain. In the episode they're introduced in, Cricket and Tilly get their firsts tastes and become obsessed with getting more of it. Hilarity Ensues as they do everything they can to convince Gramma to bake more of them short of hurting themselves again.
  • Summer Camp Island: The PB&J sandwiches made at the Sasquatch Monastery are apparently so delicious, nobody can eat them without screaming in ecstasy. For this reason, you always have to check your voice at the door when you visit the monastery.
  • The Powerpuff Girls (1998): The girls react this way to the candy the Mayor gives them in "Candy is Dandy." They get giddy and savor every moment of the experience. When he tells them they can only have one piece each time they save the day, they resort to repeatedly springing Mojo Jojo from jail so that they can recapture him and reap the rewards.
  • In the Lilo & Stitch: The Series episode "Frenchfry", the food made by the titular experiment is so good that, even after Lilo and Stitch realize that it's all insanely fattening, they're completely incapable of stopping themselves from continuing to eat it.


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