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Recap / Foster Home For Imaginary Friends S 2 E 5 Cookie Dough

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  • Balloon Belly: The B-Plot has Frankie going nuts over Madame Foster's cookies being available more than once a year, and buys loads of them to gorge herself throughout the episode while degrading in sanity. The credits gag shows her still glutting herself on them and downing entire milk jugs before zooming out to show she's gotten a huge bloated stomach from it.
  • Grandma's Recipe: The premise of this episode, being Madame Foster's cookies.
  • Insubstantial Ingredients:
    • When a customer mentions that the new batch of cookies taste different, he says that it's missing the secret ingredient of love. Bloo doesn't get the hint and just tries to change the recipe some more.
    • After becoming rich, Bloo asks for emeralds and rubies on his pizza.
  • Oven Logic: After all the other friends leave him, Bloo is left all alone to bake all the cookies. He tries to play with the oven temperature to make the cooking go faster, with predictable results.
    Bloo: Okay, this is taking too long. Let's see, if it takes 20 minutes to cook at 250 should take 2 minutes at 2500 degrees! (Bloo does this, causing the roof to be blown off) Whoops.
  • Saving the Orphanage: Bloo is selling lemonade to pay for roof repairs for the home. Business is slow (mainly because it's the middle of winter), then Madame Foster gives Bloo one of her special cookies. A passerby buys the cookies, leading to Bloo appropriating the recipe and selling them on his own. Soon he makes enough to have the roof repaired, but he becomes greedy and in an attempt to make the cookies faster, ends up blowing up the roof, putting him at square one.


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