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Space Beasts is a collection of stories, some on Furaffinity.Net, and some on (in the form of campfires). There are also many scripts that were written on Final Draft that are yet to be published. It's a young series that may very well be an actual cartoon show/movie/web animation/comic book/whatever if the creator is lucky. Its premise is a mix of Star Trek: The Original Series meets Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars, or, it could be described as Cordwainer Smith meets Mel Brooks with a liberal sprinkling from various Broadway musicals and plenty of Shout Outs to various other shows and stories the creator loves.


The story follows the crew of The Fellowship; they're a motley crew composed of Uplifted Animals (called humanimals) along with two humans (one is a former prince named Edward Green who marries the second-in-command, Minsk; the other is a homeless waif boy named Ichabod Crane who is adopted by the crew and serves as team doctor) and one alien (also a former prince who marries the captain, Matoaka). The humanimals of the crew are Matoaka Redfeather, a unicorn girl; Minsk Flemmingcoff, a mink girl; Bill Brandy, a bull boy; Jim Buckwheat, a squirrel boy; and Bob Buttz, a catfish boy.Former members of the crew include Henry Wisner (AKA Kong), a gorilla boy and Belladonna Starchild, a dragon girl.

Except for the two humans and the alien, all the crew members grew up together on a slave farm in what was formerly Burbank, California. The young humanimals escaped when they were just children and found a peaceful valley known as The Valley of the Rushes and lived there peacefully for six years before humans discovered them.


The series follows Ichabod as he learns about humanimal culture, rescues humanimals from slavery (including his own teammates from time to time), falls in love with the mysterious catgirl Marzipan Cheshire, and discovers that both he and Marzipan are part of a thousand-year-old prophecy that will alter the very nature of the universe.

Not to be confused with actual beasts in space.

Space Beasts contain examples of

  • A Load of Bull: Bill Brandy, an anthropomorphic Texas Longhorn with a Brooklyn accent.
  • A Taste of the Lash: This is necessary, every time Ichabod falls Off the Wagon and gives in to his wasabi addiction he needs to be whipped back to normal before he turns into a member of The Fair Folk.
  • Absolute Xenophobe: Skeksis is the only member of his race who displays this characteristic, while the other Aves are willing to at least tolerate other species. (Though they may secretly laugh at them behind closed doors.) Skeksis hates all other sapient life, especially humans and humanimals, as he believes Earth to be "a fallen world, a tainted world". Skeksis is not so much a "kill any species that isn't an Ave" kind of guy; what he wants to do is sever the alliances the Aves have with the cephalopod-like Octos and the feline Magis and turn Ava into an isolationist planet,
  • Acid Reflux Nightmare: At the start of the Phantom of Crystal Mountain story, Marzipan has a frightening prophetic nightmare of the ordeal she is about to go through in this story. When she wakes up Ichabod and tells him about it, he dismissively says that the dream was probably caused by the junk food she had for supper. Marzipan is deeply annoyed by this remark.
    • Frequently a character will exclaim after having a bad dream "That's it! No more (Insert food/drink here) before bedtime!"
  • Action Girl: Matoaka the Unicorn, Minsk the Mink, and Marzipan the Cat Girl. Really, it's harder to find females in this series who are NOT action girls.
  • Always Chaotic Evil: The Hatemongers and the demons. The Hatemongers (that's not what they call themselves, that's what other people call them — they technically have no names for themselves) are among the oldest living things in the universe, and believe that the ancient death god Negator chose them to destroy the universe and bring back blissful nothingness. They work by listening for a vulnerable heart who might be tempted to obey them, using 'psychic whispers' to implant suggestions in their heads — their most frequent targets are religious fanatics. Demons in this universe exist only on Earth and are our anthropomorphic personifications of sins, vices, and social evils. There's a spirit of gluttony, a spirit of lust, a spirit of genocide, etc, etc. Demons are spirits who get their jollies from making mortals miserable and they feed on their misery, each one being an Emotion Eater.
  • Animal Stereotypes: Plays with these, Matoaka embodies the Noble Unicorn stereotype, Marzipan is fairy typical as the sweet and lovable Cat Girl most of the others subvert, Bill is in no way a stupid and clumsy bull but is actually quite street smart and savvy, Jim does not embody the hyperactive squirrel stereotype by being a mellow and laid back Nice Guy.
  • Animal Talk: Referred to as Animalese. All humanimals understand it without the need of an interpreter; also, all animals understand each other. A dog can understand a cat, a cow can understand a horse — humans are the only Earth species that does not understand Animalese.
  • Animal Wrongs Group: B.A.A.W. (Because Animals Are Wonderful) is an animal rights group determined to "liberate" humanimals by setting them free in the wild. Humanimals generally don't want to be released in the wild, so understandably they don't submit willingly, B.A.A.W. becomes increasingly extremist in trying to subdue the creatures they are trying to "liberate". Turns out their leader is a Demon/Soul fragment of an Eldritch Abomination who doesn't care about humans or animals, and is simply trying to separate animals from humans in a roundabout attempt to destroy all of existence.
    • The Intergalactic Humane Society (a thinly veiled parody of the Humane Society of the United States) is only slightly more benign by comparison — they are actually a crazed cult who seeks to rid the universe of humans by turning them into animals by performing crazy sex rites with virgin humanimals.
  • Alien Catnip: Ichabod learns he is half-elf, and that to half-elves wasabi is like a mix of catnip and crack cocaine. The only way to bring him back down to normal is through physical pain, which normally means that Ichabod gets a spanking.
    • Also, Strawberries seem to have a similar effect on Aves to ecstasy mixed with Viagra. The result is a painful, long lasting erection.
      • On a side note it seems there are different kinds of Fae each with their own addictions. Fairies are addicted to peanut butter and goblins are addicted to bananas.
      • In the Paradise 5 Mini Arc, this trope is used as a clue to show that the Gryphons are not a terrestrial species. It is revealed that Gryphons go absolutely nuts for strawberry lemonade — they will bite, claw and mangle each other for a taste and once they get a sip they just can't stop. The heroes use this newfound knowledge to bring the Gryphon overlords to their knees. It is later revealed that Gryphons were created by an ancient race to be the ultimate biological weapon, and at some point escaped to Earth during the Neolithic times and quickly went native.
  • Asexuality: Amanda the Raven certainly comes across this way, though it's not clear whether she is truly asexual or just really Hates Being Touched. She seems utterly uninterested in romance and in one of her childhood flashbacks chastises a childhood friend for her "hedonism" (i.e. being interested in dating rather then thinking about all the suffering in the universe). Amanda does seem to admit to appreciating male beauty but also states she prefers to satisfy her desires in private. By contrast, the bearer of of the other half of her soul (Amanda the giant panda) seems to be simply be heterosexual, having crushes on two males at the same time.
  • Archaic Weapon for an Advanced Age: James, the wolf, has a tendency to utilize weaponry that comes from a late 20th/early 21st century era in an age where laser weapons are used. Justfied in that he's from a parallel world that has that sort of technology, although it seems to still be around in the setting's universe. Surprisingly, they still prove to be effective.
  • Artificial Animal People: The Humanimals are a race of anthropomorphic animals created by humans to serve as slaves. The Humanimals all have mostly human forms and animalistic heads, since the scientists who created them nixed the idea of genetically engineering animals to be mostly or entirely indistinguishable from humans — after all, if the Humanimals looked too human, they would be accepted as such. They're still pretty humanlike, to the point of being able to interbreed with humans.
  • Author Appeal: The Author seems to have a little fetish with female Beast Men Domming human men and spanking them, along with men getting spanked in general.
    • Some Non-Sexual Author Appeal in the form of times and places that hold almost morbid fascination the Author; Word of God is that the author's fascination with the Victorian Era is what leads to lot of Victorian Era architecture on other planets if for no other reason then it looks cool. Also the Author has a weird fascination with being underground. She is not sure why she is so fascinated with being underground; it could be her love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when she was younger, or it could be that her being very Acrophobic and something of an ANTI-claustrophobe (she likes closed in spaces) possibly leads to her obsession to being underground.
  • Babies Ever After: The Epilogue features almost all the main couples having at least one or two children, The Author is working on sequel series featuring the children.
  • Badass Crew: The Fellowship Herd. Team leader Captain Matoaka is a unicorn who can turn invisible, cure poison with her horn, and cure broken bones with a touch. Edward spent most of his childhood and early adulthood being groomed as the heir apparent to the throne of crime-ridden Violla Strearria; his great success in the criminal underworld and slave trade for decades afterwards seems to validate his attentiveness as a student. Frequent ally and Badass Normal James was an elite soldier who unwittingly volunteered for military experimentation, which happened to make him identical to a an uplifted wolf. Jim wields the ancient Ave relic the Space Sword, with cutting power on par with a light-saber and which can teleport him and his allies into pocket dimensions. Bob can sense 'hot-spots' of pain and suffering, making the smuggling of slaves in his presence a virtual impossibility -he can also detect momentous events in the near future and stun opponents with psychic blasts. Ichabod Crane became a combat medic licensed to practice on hundreds of sentient species before he turned 15. Zander is described as ten times as strong as a typical member of his own species and went into combat for the first time when he was 6 as a guerrilla/saboteur. Marzipan may very well be the most powerful mage in the Orion Arm, and with her constant training is only learning to focus her powers as time goes on.
  • Barefoot Cartoon Animal: Most every Humanimal with a few exceptions, most notably the two Humanimals seen wearing shoes (A Wolf Boy and a Vampire Bat Girl) Both say they wear shoes out of necessity, not by choice. (The Wolf Boy claims his paws were tortured by the Wranglers.) Pretty much the only time a any Fellowship Humanimal wears anything on their feet is when they are wearing their spacesuits, which probably is custom made to fit each individual Humanimal.
  • Bat Out of Hell: Averted with Iris Ogg, a bat woman. While she does seem creepy and does have bizarre magical powers, she is one of the most powerful heroic characters in the series.
  • Bears Are Bad News: Averted with Snowy and Ebony. Although they are officially M's henchmen, they secretly helped the heroes during their battle with B.A.A.W. Snowy the polar bear is especially helpful in revealing M's origin story to the heroes.
  • Berserk Button: for many Humanimals, stereotypes associated with Furry Fandom, especially Yiff.
  • Bestiality Is Depraved: Weather having sex with genetically engineered animals even counts as bestiality is at the very heart of the story's premise, At the story's start when Minsk has taken pity on Edward and proposes she teach him to like Humanimals so he doesn't get the death penalty, Edward asks her why she saved him, Minsk admits her reasons aren't entirely selfless, she wants to him to be her mate, at first Edward is horrified and disgusted at the very idea, but after much thought he realizes that Minsk has been kinder to him then any human woman ever has and realizes he loves her as well, a kind of strange Rescue Romance. Ichabod as he gets settled into his new life as a Space Cadet also struggles with the idea of Human/Humanimal love, perhaps more painful for him then it was for Edward because at this point in the story Ichabod is going through puberty and is extremely embarrassed that he is getting a Raging Stiffie after seeing a hot Zebra Woman (Who will one day be his aunt), by time he meets Marzipan he realizes there is nothing wrong with Humans and Humanimals loving each other. However both couples still have to deal with people who are not so broad minded having to deal with people cracking bestiality jokes just to humiliate them.
  • Big Beautiful Man: Kong being a gorilla and all is more muscular then chubby, but still he has a big paunch, Human Woman seem to find him hot (Much to Kong's annoyance and Bill's envy)
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Marzipan is frequently described as chubby, and Ichabod finds her very sexy because of that.(This doesn't make Ichabod a Chubby Chaser though as he doesn't seem exclusively attracted to chubby girls, he just likes girls who aren't as skinny as he is, and that isn't too hard to be as Ichabod is almost at Jack Skellington level of thinness) Though at one point Marzipan has overeating too much and T-shirts that were formally very baggy on her are now very tight. Ichabod is worried about her health and tells her she needs to lose some weight, Marzipan knows he is right, but it is so hard to stop eating.
    • Snowy is also described as beautiful in an expansive sort of way, but she's a polar bear she's supposed to be chunky.
  • Big Eater:Once again, it is easier too list the characters who are NOT this. Bill, Jim and Bob are pretty much walking garbage cans, Marzipan is loves to devour junk food, Ichabod is interesting because he became a Big Eater through character development, now he competes with Bill, Jim and Bob eagerly shoveling food in his face with the best of them!
  • Big Prick, Big Problems: Of all the Human/Humanimal mixed couples, only one of them is Human girl/Humanimal boy. Resident "Sexpert" Kate explains that this is a big factor in why most mixed couples are Human boy/Humanimal girl; turns out smaller (or at least medium sized) is better in bed as far as Humanimal women are concerned. Bill, for example, is a little nervous about having sex because of a particularly bad Bedmate Reveal he suffered in his past — on his 14th birthday he went downtown to a rave, met a nice human girl, they both got really drunk and the next morning she was dead). Kate also reminisces about a very well-endowed Shetlan Pony humanimal and the troubles she had with him (she's a bit smaller than the average Zebra woman). This alarms Ichabod, who remembers Marzipan making an offhand comment about his penis being big. Bill tells him not to worry — after all, Marzipan isn't that small of a Cat Girl.
  • Boldly Coming: Matoaka was the one who approached Zander for sex, but that was only because she was really desperate for sex and he was the only male she deemed appropriate to lose her virginity with. (She originally intended to be a one night stand, she realized too late that having sex would permanently bond her to Zander, but at that point she didn't really mind.) Zander made Matoaka promise him she would come back to marry him and she promised she would be back within two months time, she had no way of knowing she was carrying Zander's child.
    • A similar situation happens with Falco and Rose the Dragon Girl, only this time both of them were mutually infatuated with each other even before they had sex.
  • Born into Slavery: Momo Kashi, Fossil and all the Fellowship crew (Except for Belladonna who was once a human being who later turned into a Dragon Girl) were all born into slavery, the the Fellowship Crew's case they were born on slave farm, where they were being trained in the basics of slave work, however they all escaped before they could be sold and thus never really were subjected to the back breaking labor or cruelties that most Humanimal slaves are put through.
  • Brains and Bondage/Casual Kink: After getting spanked at various points in the story in time Ichabod realizes he rather likes getting spanked, he only likes it when Marzipan does it though.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Or a triceratops, or a gorilla, or a cobra. It seems the only reason Humanity got away with treating the Humanimals like dirt for so long is that while Humanimals know that they are stronger, faster and in many ways smarter then humans they still aren't bulletproof.
  • Camp Straight: Sinuous the shadow cobra is this. He is a frilly fashion loving reptile who is nonetheless in love with a female penguin.
  • Cat Girl: Features one prominently as the main Love Interest, there is also a Unicorn Girl, a Mink Girl, a Zebra Girl Etc, Etc...
  • Cats Are Magic: Marzipan is a powerful Mage who has not yet realized her potential, her Mentor Mr. Quaxo Tabby is also a mage but does not have the same amount of raw power she has.
  • Cats Are Snarkers: Marzipan can be this at times, but most of the time she's pretty mellow and nice.
  • Circumcision Angst: Discussed, with a twist, When Ichabod joins the Fellowship Crew, he starts showering together with the other males of the crew, the younger Humanimals (Bill, Jim and Bob) have never seen a human with his pants off and are amazed that his penis has no sheath! Some of them ask if his foreskin is what the sheath evolved into. Ichabod guesses that's probobly correct, he tells them a story from his childhood about a boy who was picked on because he was circumcised, The Humanimals have no clue what this means, so Ichabod spells it out for them, they Humanimals are horrified, Who would be so cruel as the remove a child's body parts? Edward cuts in, he states that circumcision is religious in origin but nowadays in the Eighth Millennium religion is by and large a null and void institution with very few exceptions, "You can get circumcised if what to." Edward says "But no one is really enforcing it these days."
  • Clones Are People, Too: How many stories do you know of where a clone is the hero of the story? In fact the fact that he is a clone isn't really an issue to anyone except some old fashioned bigots who considers clones crimes against nature (These people generally aren't fond of Humanimals either)
  • Cloning Blues: Ichabod is a clone of his Father who was a half elf (This explains why I call Ichabod Half Elf and not quarter elf, he gets none of his genes from his Mom) Also while Ichabod always knew he was a clone, for most of his childhood he didn't suffer from this trope as his parents treated him as their beloved child and not something expendable, however in the episode Monster, the people of Earthport learn Ichabod is a clone and start harassing him for it calling him a Monster, Ichabod is rescued by his Humanimal friends and learns An Aesop That harassing Bob for being gay (Which he had been doing earlier in the episode) is no different than the Earthport citizens harassing him for being a clone.
  • Comfort Food:
    • Ichabod and his chamomile tea. Also when Ichabod was a little boy, his father made a mean New England clam chowder that was fondly remembered by Ichabod in an episode discussing childhood meals.
    • Jim and his apple pie.
    • Bill Brandy is also quite fond of ice cream, particularly strawberry flavor after being allowed a taste of it after having a Near-Death Experience at eight years old
    • Matoaka Has her Strawberry sweets
    • Edward Green Mentions chicken soup is his comfort food.
    • Marzipan Absolutely LOVES hamburgers, but more importantly Comfort Food is part of her Supreme Chef Philosophy, as she believes knowing how to make a man's comfort food helped her survive all those years as a cooking slave. At one point is even says "Comfort food is Serious Business!"
      • Four whole episodes in fact are dedicated to the subject of comfort food, starting with Marzipan trying to host a cooking show but weird stuff keeps getting in her way The next two episodes have Marzipan asking her friends what their comfort foods are and why. And the Final comfort food episode, A Raccoon Knight Searches for The ultimate comfort food after sampling several characters' comfort foods and finding them insufficient he finally decides barbicue flavored potato chip are the ultimate comfort food.
  • Conveniently an Orphan: Subverted with both Ichabod and Marzipan. Ichabod initially thinks he's an orphan but a few months later after he has met Marzipan, he finds out his parents are alive and are coming to see him. At first Ichabod is overjoyed, but quickly remembers that he had an Arranged Marriage to a human girl, one we conveniently forgot about when he met Marzipan. Ichabod does everything he can to avoid his parents but they quickly track him down and they know about his new engagement to Marzipan and they are none too pleased when they find out their son is engaged to a cat. Ichabod and his family inevitably reconcile but it takes at least half year to do so. Marzipan was kidnapped when she was eight years old after running away from home because of a spat she had with her little sister Emma. For many years Marzipan never knew weather her family was alive or dead, then she received a tip off that her mom, dad and sister were living in the sewers of Viola Streirra the seedy underworld planet. As for the Characters who actually are orphans. (Bill, Jim, Bob, Minsk, Kong and others) They will let you know the the fact they are orphans is NOT convenient.
  • Cooking Duel: Frequently happens when Minsk and Marzipan's rivalry gets out of hand often very silly with matches like Minsk's borscht VS Marzipan's chicken soup, or something like that.
  • Corrupt Church: Marzipan tells Ichabod a fable her father told her about the Hatemongers (Or as the Humanimals call them The Whisperers) and how the Hatemongers are drawn to religious fanatics. The story goes once upon a time on a far away planet.The government collapsed leaving the church to run things. The church was run by a Sinister Minister who believed he was the only human in the universe who deserved to go to heaven. There was another man who also believed he was the only one who deserved to go to heaven, the Minister's own servant, both were told the same thing by the Hatemongers 'Remove all pleasure from the world and you will go to Heaven. The Church did it's darnedest to make all pleasure disappear. (Getting rid of all forms of entertainment, forcing everyone to eat only a thin watery gruel, allowing couples to have sex only once in their lives (And only for reproduction) and once kids hit puberty they have to wear chastity belts 24/7.) One day a adolescent boy hears a sound he does not understand the sound He follows the sound down into the Downdeep-Downdeep, to where the Humanimal slaves who give the Human city power are partying the night away! The Humanimals welcome the Boy to the party and tell him to get rid of his chastity belt. They all party the night away until they learn of an evil plan. The Minister's Servant has been given a new order by the Hatemongers, since it has now been proven impossible to remove all pleasure he must kill everyone in the city, then and only then can he be accepted to Heaven. The Boy with the help of the Humanimals, secretly get everyone out of the city just before the Servant blows up the the place, the Citizens are glad to finally be free of the Minister and the Servant and together with the Humanimals they go on to live in harmony with nature, free and unencumbered. Ichabod asks Marzipan if the fable is based on a true story, Marzipan responds she isn't sure but it would be nice if it was.
  • Creepy Cockroach: Averted with Sir Nrrr'c an Uplifted Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, Nrrr'c is a marriage counselor and an overall nice guy that you'd love to have as your friend, you just don't want to be near him when he's eating.
  • Crossover: Several of the Campfires including Hearts On Fire Contact and Turtles in Distress Features the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles visiting the Space Beasts universe for a year and a half, these fanfics try to honestly explore the differences between Mutants and Humanimals,and keep the Turtles and their friends and enemies as much in character as possible, eventually deep friendships between the Turtles and the Fellowship crew forms and love blossoms between Donatello and Belladonna and Raphael and Tiamat.
  • Cunning Like a Fox: Marzipan's best friend Rook Reynardo is a fox boy who is both cunning (When he needs to be) and true to the typical Furry Fandom Stereotype very, very gay. However he is more of a Straight Gay than anything.
  • Cute Kitten: Marzipan knows darn well about this trope and uses it to get her way. Whenever she wants Ichabod to do something, she acts like an adorable kitty by purring, meowing and batting at a ball of yarn until Ichabod relents from the Cuteness Overload. She also used this tactic when she was being held prisoner by Falco and his wicked Uncle Skeksis. It seems to work even better on Falco due to the fact he was suffering from Lima Syndrome.
  • Delicious Distraction: It's pretty easy to distract elves or fairies if you've got lots of wasabi or peanut butter on hand, unfortunately this also applies to their half human descendants who get hit much harder by the addiction because they are not immortal.
    • In the Phantom of Crystal Mountain arc Skeksis sets a trap in the form of a feast, when Ichabod, Jim, Bill and Bob taste some of the food they discover it has a poison that doesn't kill them but gives them severe stomach cramps
  • Deus ex Machina: The Pure One's invasion of Earth is halted when it is revealed that exposure to direct sunlight (or, it's hinted, just the simple beauty of a sunrise) triggers face-heel turns in them, resulting in their unconditional and immediate surrender.
  • Disney Creatures of the Farce: When Matoaka gives birth to her daughter Amalthia, flowers start springing up In the middle of a spaceship floating through space! Also little Woodland Creatures (Not Humanimals, just talking non-anthropomorphic animals) appear out of nowhere to sing and dance for this joyous occasion, leaving both the Wranglers and the Fellowship crew a tad creeped out
    Bunny Rabbit "We came from happiness!"
    Bob "I have got to get my prescription changed!"
  • Does Not Like Spam: Ichabod DESPISES anything too sweet, its not because Real Men Hate Sugar either, Ichabod simply cannot tolerate excessive sweetness, also despite his lust for wasabi he does not like sushi.
    • Also Marzipan despises both mustard and pickles just like the author herself does
  • Edible Theme Naming: Marzipan the Cat, Momo the Triceratops, (Momo of course being Japanese for Peach), Rose the Dragon is more Floral Theme Naming but could be considered to, since rose petals are edible.
    • Some of the characters have edible themed last names, like Jim Buckwheat the Squirrel, and Bill Brandy the Bull. On the Paradise 5 Mini Arc, the Heroes meet a helpful Orangutan whose nickname is Mr. Chips, prompting a very hungry Marzipan to state "God I could go for some chips right now!"
  • Erotic Eating: Kong tries this one time with a banana.
  • Ethical Slut: Kate Punda-Milla, the zebra girl is only partially this. She was infamous on her home world for being a mare who Really Gets Around but has since come came to settle down for the family life with Ichabod's half uncle, Thomas Lanky. However, she is very helpful to the crew as she is pretty much a sexual encyclopedia and gives Bill and Samantha advice on how to safely make love. She also gives Ichabod and Marzipan ideas on how to satisfy their libidos (tickling fetishes, spanking) without losing their virginity.
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: There are quite a few dinosaur humanimals, there is Momo Kashi, a female triceratops, Fossil, a Velociraptor Shaman, and Rodan a Pteranodon who was raised by the Aves.
  • Everything's Better with Cows: Both Bill Brandy and Sir Taurus are Bull Men.
  • Everything's Better with Monkeys: Before Ichabod was adopted by The Fellowship crew the Team Medic position was filled by Henry Wisner (but everybody calls him Kong) Kong is a Gorilla, a jive talking gorilla with an afro.
  • Everything's Better with Penguins: Hopper the rockhopper penguin is a figure of legend in Humanimal history, one of the first Humanimals ever created. She's also a Killer Rabbit.
  • Evil Poacher: Minsk's human father, Guy Romanov he's a hunter of Humanimals who enjoys killing the Humanimal Men and sleeping with the Humanimal Women on the side. He seems to have a soft spot for Minsk, claiming that she is the most perfect daughter he could wish for, unfortunately he only seems to care about Minsk not any of her friends, he tries to hunt the other members of the crew and almost succeeds in killing Jim, thankfully Edward manages to kill Guy before he could harm the Squirrel Boy. Minsk is horrified her father was a Humanimal Hunter and wishes she could have just remained ignorant.
  • Evil Redhead: Ichabod is normally NOT this being one of the most compassionate, tenderhearted characters in the whole story. (Possibly second only to Jim in overall niceness) However piss him off one too many times (Like Bill did in the five episode pilot or as Falco did in the Phantom of Crystal Mountain arc) and he can get downright nasty! However Ichabod's hissy fits of vengeance tend to bite him in the ass. (After running away and joining the Wranglers in the pilot. Ichabod is forced to kill an innocent Lizard Man, which he is haunted by for the rest of the series, in Phantom of Crystal Mountain, Ichabod's act of vengeance is snitching to King Revel (Who has a long time grudge against Falco) that Falco is in love with a Humanimal. This causes Falco's Uncle Skeksis to go after Falco's love Rose and forces Falco to once again pursue Marzipan in a desperate attempt to save his dying girlfriend. This almost costs Ichabod Marzipan's love) Ichabod may be The Hero but his temper is one of the reasons you should Beware the Nice Ones
    • Also Bob Buttz (Yes, you read that right the Fish Boy has hair! It's account of having a mammal (Specifically a Bull Man) as a father) Bob is also a pretty nice character but when he's riled up enough he can be downright scary. Not as much as Ichabod but still.
      • Also Uni the Shadow Unicorn has a red mane, she's a little closer to this trope, although she's not so much 'evil' as she is unable to control her raging hormones.
  • Evil Uncle: Played painfully straight with Falco's Uncle Skeksis, Thankfully averted with Ichabod's Uncle Thomas, who for the longest time was the closest thing to a Father Figure Ichabod had, true Thomas was a former embezzler but he has since learned his lesson and provides guidance for Ichabod throughout the series.
  • Exotic Entree: Most of the Wranglers' meat comes from sapient animals, The wranglers seem to Delight in the fact that their meat often comes from rare and endangered animals, often leads to Nightmare Fuel filled discussions about weather Giant Panda should be served with red wine or with white.
  • Expy: Jim Buckwheat and Jordan Celt were loosely inspired by and look kind of like Taren and Ellonwy from TheBlackCauldron you know...If Taren and Ellonwy were anthropomorphic Squirrel People.
    • Interestingly Jim has almost the polar opposite personalty of Taren in both the film and the books, while Taren starts off as callous Heroic Wannabe Who only grows out of it during his Character Development Jim starts out a Humble Hero and ends a Humble Hero the only real change is that Jim has overcome his self-doubts and realized his true power, Jim sometimes suffers from Middle Child Syndrome Between the Boisterous Bruiser and occasionally angsting over his half human heritage Bill Brandy and the Oracular Urchin Bob Buttz, Jim occasionally resents being overlooked, but quickly realizes that it's his job to be the mediator between to two similar to Sodapop in The Outsiders and just like Sodapop sometimes it just gets to be too much, and Jim just shuts down However Jim does seem to be the most emotionally well adjusted of the Fellowship Humanimals (Kong comes in second) In the sequel series Jim marries Jordan and Jim fulfills his Mother's wish and becomes a baker and the two of them couldn't seem happier.
  • The Fair Folk: Ichabod soon learns he is half elf. He is NOT happy.
  • Fantastic Racism: Since Space Beasts is a Homage to Cordwainer Smith, fantastic racism between Humans and Humanimals is pretty much a given, much more frightening is the racism between Aliens and Humanimals, particularly the the irrational hatred Most Aves feel for all Earthlings. Aves have come up with multiple excuses for why they don't like Uplifted Animals but as Zander put 'It basically all boils down to 'Eww! You have Earth cooties!' Skeksis in particular seems to hate all living things that are not Aves making him an Absolute Xenophobe. But perhaps the most shocking of all is the strange case of Planet Paradise 5, where all the humans died of mysterious circumstances and the Humanimals enslaved other Humanimals! So a class system was built with all wild carnivores on top and all herbivores and domestic animals as the slave class.
    • And just to make clear all this racism isn't completely one sided, Many Humanimals including some of the Fellowship Crew (At least in their early years) have many (admittedly understandable) hateful feelings towards human beings, this can be painfully obvious (Such as Bill's racist remarks towards Ichabod in the Five-Episode Pilot or it could be small things like Humanimals making assumptions about human beings like for instance the assumption that human emotions are not as real, (Or at least they don't feel emotions as intensely) as animal emotions. Of course this may stem from differences in how humans and Humanimals function, Humanimals often have difficulties fully understanding the complexity of human emotions, how humans can feel many emotions at the same time, like being able to love and hate the same individual all at once, Humanimals seem to be like Tinkerbell as they seem incapable of feeling more then one emotion at a time. It they feel angry or sad, it entirely consumes their being. Humanimals who are half human (Like Matoaka, Minsk or Bill) or Humanimals derived from domestic animals seem slightly better at understanding how the human mind works.
  • Far-Out Foreigner's Favorite Food: Falco is fond of salmon, and Zander likes apples, but special mention goes to The God of the Plot who goes absolutely NUTS for curry, seriously it's one of the few things that calm him down when he is mad about disruptions in the plot.
  • Flaming Sword: The Space Sword 'The Most Magnificent Sword in the Universe' The Space Sword has a handle of pure silver and it's blade was made from a magical crystal meteorite, it's blade is deep purple black, the color of the night sky with little bits of silver on it representing the stars and galaxies. It was weapon that was once used by ancient Ava royalty, but for many, many years no king or queen has managed to get the sword to ignite. When Zander and his sister Gear first meet the Humanimals, he gives them a tour of his home town, then gives each one a good bye present. He gives the Space Sword the Jim (The royal council was horrified that he gave a five thousand year old artifact to a squirrel 'A mere mammal!') but Zander realized that the Fellowship crew needed it more, and he later said "I knew Jim was destined to have it" and he was right. The sword will only ignite if wielded by one 'with a very loving heart' and Jim is probobly the most compassionate person on the Fellowship Crew (His establishing character moment as The Heart is seen in the five episode pilot when Ichabod is rescued by Fellowship crew and brought on board, all Jim wants to do is help Ichabod feel better, at this point Ichabod is too immature to appreciate Jim's kindness preferring to be left alone to wallow in his own Wangst) The reason Jim got the sword and not the captain Matoaka is that while Matoaka is The McCoy and is very compassionate, she does have a few issues with pride and wrath (Which comes part and parcel of being a Unicorn) Matoaka willingly admits that she has a petty grudge against Duchess Bimbolurlina and enjoys beating her up. Jim on the other hand hardly ever gets angry, his only Berserk Button is when you hurt his friends. Other people in times of need have gotten the sword to ignite for them, most notably Ichabod himself, however because Ichabod still had a problem with his Pride and his Wrath While he did get the sword to ignite for him, he hands were badly burned by the fire and his hands were in bandages for many days after.
  • Floral Theme Naming Completely guilty of this, there is Rose the Dragon, Belladonna the Eastern Dragon, Iris the Bat, Jim's late mother's name was Violet (Very fitting considering her personality), Jim and Jordan's daughter in the sequel series is Lily.
  • Food as Bribe: Marzipan was fond of using this on the soldiers when she was a slave girl, this seems pretty effective on the heroes as well, Jim in particular as Jim is probobly the biggest Big Eater in the crew, and when regular food won't do apple pie will normally seal the deal.
  • Food Porn: Oh yeah, plenty of this, between having two characters being Supreme Chefs and almost everyone being a Big Eater this series is all over this trope like butter on toast (Mmmm! Butter!) Marzipan in particular seems to specialize in classic Comfort Food New England Clam Chowder never looked so good!
    • In one episode where Ichabod is mad at Marzipan, she manages to get him to shut up by promising to make him some tea, her description of the tea is almost as lush as a phone sex actor describing what she is wearing.
  • Free-Love Future: Inverted. Nearly everyone in the universe seeks a monogamous marriage. For the Aves, their very biology prevents them from falling in love with anyone other then their first love because when they lose their virginity, their bodies produce a chemical that bonds them permanently to their first mate. For Humans and Humanimals monogamy is encouraged because of the danger of radiation - mutated STDs that are resistant to all antibiotics.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Bill Brandy and Bob Buttz respectively (Yes Bill and Bob ARE half siblings! Helps explains Bob's Non-Mammalian Hair) It subverts the usual dynamic as the younger Bob is the responsible one, also there is no competition for the affections of the opposite sex as Bill's the only one interested in girls. Bob prefers the man flesh
  • Theundamentalist: One shot Villain who was simply known as 'The Judge' was raised on a Church Militant planet. (The planet at this point was only a small rock with a church on it, the rest of the planet had been destroyed after one too many 'holy wars') The Judge believes that only humans have immortal souls and that only humans have an afterlife. (He doesn't seem to want to acknowledge that many Non-human but sapient alien species exist) While he can ignore the aliens, he can't ignore the Humanimals who live on every planet Humans live on, The Judge considers them abominations, insults to man's supremacy. (He also doesn't seem to want to acknowledge that Humans made the Humanimals, that they didn't become sapient by their own choice, Humanity chose it for them.) The Judge decides that the only thing to do is wipe out the 'Humanimal Abominations' so he takes a bunch of humans who have always envied the strengh, power and grace of the Humanimals and gives animalistic speed and strengh, there he intends genocide on all Humanimals...what makes this a real Nightmare Fuel episode is that the Humanimal Army almost loses! The Humanimals and the Enhanced Humans are too evenly matched and almost end up killing each other...Matoaka and Marzipan realize no good will come of this fighting and almost die trying to stop it. In the end, ordinary humans come to the Humanimals' rescue, stating they reject the Judge's theology and that they know all living things have souls.
  • Furry Confusion: Averted. It is pretty clear that Humanimals are sapient and ordinary regular animals are not.
  • Furry Fandom: in addition to Space Beasts being a Furry Fandom series itself, Furry Fandom exists in-universe as well, sometimes to the annoyance of the Humanimals.
  • Gay Aesop: The entire fourth episode (After the Five-Episode Pilot) Monster is about this. Ichabod learns his teammate Bob Buttz is gay (This isn't a secret, all the Humanimals know Bob has preferred males since they were little kids, Ichabod is new to the team and Straight Gay Bob doesn't make a big deal over his sexuality) Ichabod-who has been raised with Victorian Era values- is shocked and horrified at this, Everyone else, including the Alien Zander and fellow human Edward just accept it, Ichabod however is bloody furious, he yells at Bob for being a pervert and sick depraved 'monster' Everyone on the crew including Zander and Edward tell him to knock it off as this is the eighth millennium, people have come to accept homosexuality as natural and the fact that Ichabod can't accept it as so, just proves how backwards he is. Ichabod and Bob start a petty feud, Ichabod harping on Bob's sexuality and calling him names, and Bob retaliating physically, often by kicking or biting Ichabod on the butt. Finally it gets to be too much, Matoaka bottom lines it, if Ichabod can't accept Bob's sexuality he can't stay on the Fellowship and they're going to have to put him in a foster home, Ichabod is horrified, and leaves the ship in a huff. He quickly gets a taste of his own medicine at an Earthport bar, when Ichabod reveals he is a clone, the humans of Earthport turn on him calling him a monster. They start to beat him up, fortunately, Bob saves Ichabod from the mob and takes away to get his wounds cleaned up, after a tense and long talk, Ichabod realizes that harassing Bob for being gay is no different then the Earthport citizens harassing him for being a clone, Ichabod also realizes that the monster really was himself after learning about all the horrible things that have been done to gays throughout history, he tearfully apologizes to Bob and feels so guilty he puts himself to bed without supper, even though he didn't need to.
  • Genius Bruiser: Kong the Gorilla Boy, He is the the second only to Bill in brute strengh and clearly he is one of the smartest if not THE smartest Humanimal on the team. (After Ichabod takes over his position as The Medic on the Fellowship, Kong is the one who Ichabod turns to for medical advice) When Matoaka went into labor (They were aboard an enemy ship at the time) Ichabod completely panicked (To be far, most 14 year old boys would do the same) Kong gave him a through smacking and gave him a scolding about how This Is No Time to Panic Kong was helped deliver Matoaka's daughter Amalthia while Ichabod mostly helped by bringing hot water and towels.
  • Gentleman Thief: Edward THOUGHT he was this before his Heel–Face Turn But really he was more of 'Gentleman Humanimal Trafficker' capturing innocent Humanimals and sending them to horrible fates, Only when Minsk breaks through the conditioning is he able to realize how awful he was.
  • Gone Swimming, Clothes Stolen: Bill pulls a rather humiliating prank on Ichabod during the five episode pilot using this trope. First he tells Ichabod he is in danger because he still smells of his home planet, which may incur the wrath of non-friendly Humanimals, next he shows Ichabod a pond where he can supposedly 'wash off the stench' he also tells him he must remove all his clothes before entering the pool. Once Ichabod's back is turned, Bill steals Ichabod's clothes and several hours later Ichabod has to walk back to the Fellowship being seen by everyone, this prank leads to Ichabod running away from the Fellowship and briefly joining the Wranglers
  • Good People Have Good Sex: Subverted all over the place! By an large it's the heroes who are the kinky ones! Ichabod and Marzipan on one hand, as far as kinks go they are fairly vanilla (Ichabod likes spanking, Marzipan has a foot and tickle fetish) Matoaka and Zander seem to subscribe to G-Rated Sex But soon Matoaka reveals to Zander she has a secret fetish for rough sex, at first Zander is shocked but then confides in his wife he has a secret exhibitionism fetish. Bill and Samantha are fairly vanilla, but Bill's bovine biology tends to complicate things, when they have sex, he needs to be either near a toilet or chamber pot or outside in nature because when gets aroused enough he starts to urinate and defecate. Falco is not a villain so much as an Anti-Villain but his relationship with Rose is pure Pet the Dog Kate and Thomas...Hoo Boy they once got arrested for having sex in the Endangered Species Breeding Lab! Jim and Jordan are closest to the Good People Have Good Sex ideal but still what is considered 'vanilla' to animals would probobly be kinky to humans. (We see Jim and Jordan doing it doggy style, and Jim biting Jordan's nape, which isn't that unusual as far as animal sex is concerned)
  • Green Aesop: For a series with such heavy Bio Punk themes Space Beasts is surprisingly shy about the these kinds of Aesops (Probobly because the Author is aware of how must this Aesop is loathed by the masses.) It avoids the standard Gaia's Lament or Gaia's Vengeance tropes instead stating the Earth will heal itself naturally, and stating People almost caused their extinction not by incurring nature's wrath, but simply because when the population got too big they ran out of food and resources, which led to wars and famine and in a few short years Humanity was just a fraction of what is was before, giving the Earth plenty of time to renew itself. At the climax of the Battle With B.A.A.W. arc it doesn't make the statement 'Animal Rights is nonsense' it's Aesop is 'Animal Welfare, which cares for both animals and people is what we should support.' Bianca states that humans ARE animals and therefore have rights too, and they should be allowed to eat meat and animal products and keep pets, as long as the animals in question are humanely treated. It also has parody Aesops such as 'Anthropomorphizing endangered animals is the best way to save them' which does make a strange kind of sense, if there is really no wild to go back to then uplifting wild animals so they can live among us as civilized beings would probobly give their populations a boost.
    • Of course you could interpret the Humanimals existence as a sort of roundabout Gaia's Vengeance The Dark Crystal came to Earth for two reasons, one the Humans were the only race in the universe with enough gall to go ahead and uplift their animals. (Most other species in the universe have too much reverence for mother nature to 'tinker' with her creatures), two of all animals in the universe, Earth's animals were the ones who had suffered the most therefore deserving of uplifting. (While the other species of the universe may have their faults they are not unkind to their animals or their environment) Human populations dropped after world war 3 and mutant germs kept their populations from rising back to what they previously were. Humanimals seem to be a strange form of population control, now that Humanity has to compete with hundreds of sapient animals they can never again overpopulate the earth.
  • Gun Porn: James does this occasionally when interrogating a suspect or threatening an enemy. Subverted in that he's in a sci-fi setting, and lovingly describing the killing power of his Desert Eagle is like proudly going over the awesomeness of your favorite wheel-lock pistol.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Many Humanimals are technically half human hybrids, Matoaka, Minsk, Bill, Momo, Fossil and Rodan all had a human parent. This also applies to the daughter of Ichabod and Marzipan, Since Bill and Minsk are already half human it makes their children two thirds human, but you would never know by looking at them as they all look like regular Humanimals
  • The Heart: Jim Buckwheat fits this trope to a tee. When Ichabod is first rescued by the Fellowship crew. Ichabod is really frightened and depressed over the loss of his family and his home. The first thing Jim does is try to cheer him up. He repeatedly tries to get Ichabod to cheer up during the five episode pilot, especially after Bill (Who at this point is still distrustful of humans) is being mean to him. After a while Ichabod gets annoyed with Jim's constant attempts to make him feel better and demands to be left alone.
  • Hero of Another Story: James, the former Human soldier-turned-Humanoid Wolf. More than a few times, he's already in the middle of a mission, usually with stuff blowing up, when the rest of the crew either get a hold of him, or he contacts them for whatever reason.
  • Horse of a Different Color: Bill Brandy, an anthropomorphic Bull Boy, who is Ichabod's best friend and also his main form of transportation. Bill doesn't mind Ichabod riding on his back as it gives him an excuse to walk on all fours, as Bill is larger then most humans and he claims "Standing on two hooves all the time is really bad for my back!"
  • Humans Are Morons: Doesn't show up too much in the Space Beasts series proper But a fictional story within the story tells of the day all humans on Earth were turned into animals and the Humans-turned-Animals, in trying to solve the mystery of why this happened soon realize that Humans are the most INSANE species in the universe no other species seems to half the amount of stupid, moronic or just plain insane things humanity does.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: Surprisingly subverted, humans, despite creating the Humanimals to be a Servant Race and everything are NOT the epitome of evil in the universe, if anything the series argues that Humans Are Flawed.
  • Humanimal Resources: Back in the bad old days when all Humanimals were slaves, Humanimals who were too old or too worn out too work anymore were sold to the meat factory and fed to the human population. Fridge Logic Sets in when you see they were willing to process animals that clearly should not be eaten like poison arrow frogs.
  • Hyperactive Metabolism: Spoofed in one episode where the characters are trapped in a video game world, and Bob has to patiently explain how eating food heals you. Unfortunately unlike other video games, the heroes don't have a Bottomless Bladder. They inevitably need bathroom breaks on their quest which hampers them quite a bit, on the bright side Decaf Coffee serves as a Power-Up Food to Edward one sip of decaf and he becomes so angry he can smash down a brick wall!
    • "When I eat this apple my HP goes up...don't ask me how it, just is."
  • I Miss Mom: Most of the Fellowship Crew have lost at least ONE parent. (The ones who are half human, like Minsk and Bill at least have their human parent still alive, although when Minsk learns her human Dad is a Evil Poacher She wishes she she could have remained ignorant) Matoaka is unusually lucky as both her parents are alive, her Human Mom still lives on the Reservation and her Unicorn Dad spends his time Walking the Earth but occasionally drops in to say Hi. The most heart breaking moment is when Jim receives a package on Evolution Day (The Most Sacred Humanimal Holiday) and inside the package is a fur coat THAT USED TO BE HIS MOM! Jim has severe Heroic BSoD For a good chunk of the episode
  • Impossibly Delicious Food: Wasabi is this to Elves and Half Elves (For Fairies and Half Fairies it is Peanut Butter)
    • Also Anything Minsk or Marzipan cooks
      • Also in one episode where Ichabod is turned into a ghost, Marzipan goes on a dangerous journey to get the impossibly delicious spirit food that will be able to return Ichabod to his body, she finds the spirit world, but the spirits are so stingy they won't even let her have one spirit apple! Marzipan almost kills herself trying to get a spirit apple, only when Ichabod offers to stay in the spirit world forever in exchange for Marzipan's life are the spirits touched by The Power of Love Between the two to let them have the spirit apple.
  • Intelligent Gerbil: All the Non-Earthling species are this, Aves are Bird People (Specifically Alien Herons) Octos are Octopi, Magis are Cats and those are just the three main Alien species!
    • The first Alien Species Humanity came across were the Denya who were anthropomorphic Pig People
  • Interspecies Adoption: Iris the Bat Woman and Beauty the Cobra Girl were both Raised by Humans (This has tragic repercussions for Beauty as it means she has imprinted on the wrong species.) Rodan the Pteranodon however was Raised by Aliens Specifically the Aves. He lived in the same neighborhood as Zander and Falco, but he never met them due to being incredibly shy and most of the Aves being none too accepting of this strange creature in their midst.
    • And in one episode, an Orangutan Man adopting a Whippet Boy
  • Interspecies Romance: Let's see...We have Human Boy and Cat Girl, Human Boy and Mink Girl, Male Alien Bird Thing and Unicorn Girl, Bull Boy and Human Girl, Human Boy and Zebra Girl, and one case of a Gorilla Boy having a crush on a Dragon Girl (But nothing ever comes of it) In fact of the very few couples in which the members are the same species, Jim Buckwheat and Jordan Celt (Both Red Squirrels) are the only same species couple that feature main characters.
  • Killer Gorilla: Kong averts this trope. He is a Genius Bruiser Medic who's only real vice is he's something of a party animal.
  • Killer Rabbit: Hopper the rockhopper penguin, a figure of legend.
  • Kindly Vet: Since Ichabod mostly doctors his Beast Man friends you could see him as a variant of this trope (Although his duties include healing the human and alien members of the crew as well) Kong seems to be a rare example of a Kindly Vet who IS a non human animal himself, he also takes care of human and alien patients as Kong is the one Ichabod turns to when HE needs medical advice.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: Jim Buckwheat the Squirrel Boy is pretty mellow and laid back, until you hurt his friends. You definitely don't want to be around him when he's wielding his Flaming Sword.
  • Literal Ass-Kicking: It's a Running Gag throughout the series that the universe seems to hate Ichabod's bottom. First and foremost, the standard cure for his wasabi addiction is to be spanked repeatedly until his elf features recede back into his body. Second, Ichabod almost always gets punished whenever he gets arrogant or cocky by some injury to the rear end. If there is something hot in the room, Ichabod will have the bad luck to sit on it; if Marzipan leaves some unfinished sewing project on a chair, Ichabod is bound to get a needle in his butt. Occasionally, Edward or Zander will get spanked or have their asses kicked once in a while. Ichabod himself lampshades this, wondering why the universe hates his butt so much. Bill and Jim tell him to look on the bright side.
    Bill: It could be worse! The universe could hate your groin instead!
  • Little Bit Beastly: During the early stages of the creation of the Humanimal Race, several scientists considered the idea of genetically engineering animal that look perfectly human except for the ears and tail or even manipulating animals to look completely indistinguishable from Human Beings. Other scientists nixed this idea, pointing out 'If the animals are indistinguishable from us how could we tell them apart from us?' They point out that humans are a visual oriented species after all and if they create animals that look exactly like humans, people will accuse them of human experimentation. They even point out that most people would except Kemonomimi as human as they are perfectly human except for the ears and tail. So one of the guidelines for creating Humanimals which later became an unbreakable rule is 'The Humanimal must always have an animalistic head!'
  • Love Redeems: It certainly did for Falco,the tender kiss of a little blue dragon, turned that bullying Jerkass Ave into a noble hero.
  • Loving a Shadow: M Newkirk chose Snowy the Polar Bear as his bride for no other reason then he loved her inherent 'wildness'. While M loves all animals (and Humanimals) he believes domestic species are 'not as pure' (i.e. corrupted) by Man's domestication, ironically the only Humanimal who actually loves him is Bianca a very domestic Andalusian horse girl.
  • Made a Slave: Marzipan, Rook, Quaxo, Iris, Taren the Dragon Boy and Lea the Dragon Girl, (Momo Kashi was the only escapee from Castle Vortex who was actually Born into Slavery) The Humanimals of Planet Pekopon narrowly escape this fate as the Fellowship crew quickly comes to their rescue.
  • The Medic: This is Ichabod's job on the ship, Also Kong's job as he opens a clinic in Earthport after Ichabod takes his place.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Just as Minsk is Ms Fanservice, her husband Edward is Mr. Fanservice, dashing Lovable Rogue type with a hidden heart of gold? How can he not be this trope? So basically we have Mr. and Mrs, Fanservice Happily Married and raising Fanservice Junior!
    • Bill Brandy seems to think he is this, and indeed for a Bull Boy he is quite handsome with blond head fur and his more slender build (Unusual for Bull People) and long toned dancer's legs. Unfortunately Bill often finds to his dismay that Ichabod is more popular with the ladies then he is. (Ichabod often says that Bill doesn't get any lusters because he tries to hard) over the course of the series FOUR different Humanimal girls fall in love with Ichabod. (A cat girl, a snake girl, a wolf girl and a unicorn girl) Bill has one faithful and steady human girlfriend, for which he is grateful.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Surprisingly enough not the Cat Girl Unless you really dig the Girl Next Door type but Minsk Flemmingcoff, the Sexy and seductive Mink Girl lets see how many turn on tropes does she embody? Is she a Brainy Brunette? Check, Is she a benevolent version of the Femme Fatale? Check, Does she do any Erotic Eating?? (Like Distract Edward by playing with the marshmallow in the coffee with her tongue? SUPER CHECK!
    • Kate the Zebra Girl is also used regularly for fanservice, though on occasion her vanity does get the better of her, in the episode 'Mirror, Mirror' Kate takes a potion that will make her the The most beautiful Humanimal in the world (Actually it will make everyone perceive her as the most beautiful) At first Kate likes the attention she's getting, but then amorous men try to have their way with her, and start fighting over her, after her Human Husband Thomas Lanky is almost killed by a Rhinoceros-Man Kate begs Kong and Ichabod for an antidote
  • Mundane Luxury: Bill Brandy, Jim Buckwheat and most of the Fellowship crew keep a toybox filled with their childhood toys on board the ship, why? Because when they were growing up on the slave farm they were one of the few Humanimal children even allowed to have toys! (Most of them were hand me downs from local children who outgrew them or didn't want them anymore) The Humanimals keep the toys for the sake of nostalgia and to show appreciation for what they have.
    • Also when the they escaped the Slave Farm and found sanctuary in the Valley of the Rushes, Jim, Bill and all the others were overjoyed by the fact that now they could eat all the strawberries, blackberries and any other berry they want and there were no humans to forbid them from doing so (Berries, grapes, cherries and other little delicate fruits were forbidden to the Humanimals because they were an expensive delicacy at the time and reserved for humans alone)
  • Nerd: Ichabod, Bob, Marzipan and Rook all have their nerdy moments
  • Nice Jewish Boy: One Running Gag in the series is various people calling Ichabod a Nice Jewish Boy despite the fact he hasn't got a drop of Jewish blood in his veins, Ichabod seems to fit the Nice Jewish Boy Stereotype quite well, he is studious, self deprecating, brainy, boyishly charming, and he does look a little Jewish with his red hair and long nose, Ichabod is genuinely surprised at first when people think he is Jewish, but quickly realizes that he does fit the stereotype perfectly, lots of people mistake him for Jewish from Big Bad Bimbolurlina, to Momo Kashi the Triceratops Woman who encourages Marzipan to go steady with Ichabod because "Nice Jewish Boys make good marriage material."
  • Noble Wolf: Jake Marrows, a Wolf Man police officer who helps the heroes from time to time. In the first episode he nearly bites off Edward's hand! (This was back when Edward was still a bad guy).
  • Non-Mammal Mammaries: Used on occasion but always justified. Female Dragons like Rose, Lea and Belladonna have 'pseudo-breasts' they don't have nipples and they don't lactate, the reason they even develop any kind of mammary-like body part at all in because in the Space Beasts Universe, Dragons are closer related to mammals then they are to other reptiles, essentially making them mammal-like reptiles like Dimetrodon. Momo the female Triceratops and Fossil the Male Velociraptor also have human like breasts, but both of them are half human making it more plausible (Weather Momo's breasts can even produce milk is never even brought up) Hopper the Penguin also has pseudo-breasts but Hopper was part of an experimental breed of Humanimals called Chimeras who were fused with human genes to have more attractive features (Like for instance breasts) As for regular mammal Humanimals? Well while all Female Mammal Humanimals develop breasts as they enter puberty, they're breasts always start out small and without visible nipples, it's only when they become pregnant for the first time and their bodies start producing milk that their breasts become larger and have visible nipples.
    • The Intelligent Heron Aves are a unique case the females do not have mammary glands and they think lactation is gross, but both male and female Aves have external genitalia. Very human like genitalia, when Ichabod and Edward see Zander naked for the first time, they notice his penis looks almost exactly like a human penis except it's green in color and has pubic feathers instead pubic hair. This could be justified as the Aves are not Earth birds but Extraterrestrials who have other features Earth Birds don't have (Like Teeth) and also birds with external genitals is probobly a little more plausible (Or just less stupid) then birds with Mammeries.
  • One-Note Cook: When Marzipan is enchanted and turned into an Eight Year Old Kitten, She insists she will still do the cooking because apparently the only thing Ichabod can make well-or at least edible-is hard boiled eggs. "Very good hard boiled eggs." He was said to mumble meekly
  • Only Electric Sheep Are Cheap: On the planets belonging to The Empire Regular non-uplifted animals are an extremely rare and expensive commodity, as most of them have been used to make Humanimal slaves. Near the end of the series Big Bad Lord Darkseid's son Prince Julius learns that his Dad took his beloved Great Dane Rosebud and turned her into a Humanimal slave without his knowledge, seeing his beloved dog as a broken in slave was enough to cause the prince to pull a Heel–Face Turn and help the heroes defeat his Dad.
  • Orgasmically Delicious: When Ichabod gets into the wasabi you could almost swear he was about climax in his pants. Also a literal example when Ichabod eats an apple from the spirit world, he the the magic the brings him back to life is so powerful he ejaculates upon reviving. (Yes he was embarrassed but he was also grateful to be alive again and have Marzipan safely back with him.)
    • One story combines this with Mundane Luxury when a female shapeshifting alien called an Omnimal comes to Earth in the form of a Red Kangaroo Humanimal as part of an Alien Invasion she has never tasted Earth food and she has her first orgasm as she drinks apple juice! This is rather tragic when you consider that she responds like this to Earth food because the food on her world tastes like crap.
  • Our Homunculi Are Different: Homunculi here being described as ''An artificial being created to serve the Human Race which is essentially what the Humanimals are calling them Homunculi to their faces is the single MOST offensive thing to call them basically like calling a black person 'slave' to their face but even worse since the Humanimals know it to be basically true the very reason their race exists is to serve the Human Race, they know that is the basic truth of their existance and they hate it. The only Humans who refer to Humanimals as Homunculi are Wranglers (Who often get the stuffing beat out of them if they call the heroes that) No good Human will ever refer to Humanimals this way.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Many different varieties of Dragon Humanimal populate the universe. Belladonna Starchild is a typical Eastern Dragon, and Tiamat is a Hydra. (Despite being a Multiple Head Case she is considered quite a sex symbol.)
  • Our Zombies Are Different: In the Battle with B.A.A.W. Story Arc, we are introduced to the Shadow Humanimals, undead Humanimals who serve B.A.A.W. they are something of a cross between Voodoo and Reveniant, they are similar to Voodoo zombies as they were brought into being by a magic spell and have to obey the master's commands weather they want to or not but are mostly like Reveniant as they have minds of their own and resent their masters for enslaving them. They are extremely different from the typical portrayal of zombies as they are not rotting corpses but have the appearance of extremely beautiful Humanimals the main way you can tell them apart from regular Humanimals, they don't breathe, they are freezing cold to the touch and they have a death like stench, Unlike most zombies who subsist on Brain Food Shadow Humanimals mostly eat normal food despite the fact they don't need to and mostly do so out of habit, also they tend to have a very strong sex drive, as poor Ichabod found out when Uni the Shadow Unicorn tried to have her way with him.
  • Pandainng To The Audience: Andy Kan, the Lovable Giant Panda Man who runs The Black and White a frequent hang out spot for our heroes he serves a mean glass of soda and and even meaner pizza pie.
  • Pounds Are Animal Prisons: Yes not even Beast Men are immune from this trip, Marzipan gets separated from Ichabod during a mission and wakes up in a place only known as The Pound where humans unsatisfied with their Humanimal slaves drop off their 'unsatisfactory servant' which right away Marzipan finds strange as most Humanimals who displease their masters are automatically 'put to sleep' not impounded, there are six female Humanimals are similar to the Six Merry Murderesses from Chicago There is Willa the Weasel, Burma the Burmese Python, Zodiac the Zebra, Victoria the Spectral Bat, Ruby the Western Dragon and Lu Tze the Eastern Dragon... Ultimately a Subversion as The Pound turns out to be run by a Humanimal Rights Activist who gives down on their luck Humanimals food and shelter while merely pretending it's a jail to any Wranglers passing by, ultimately Marzipa is reunited with Ichabod and The Pound's inhabitants are taken to Earth.
  • The Power of Love: The Power of Love is what drives the plot. The Prophecy that sets the plot in motion states, "If a virgin human male loves a humanimal female with all his heart and he loses his virginity to her, then the universe will be altered and all intelligent beings will become equal." (Also, in a more literal example, Jim's Space Sword is used by Matoaka/Zander to weaponize their mutual affection, using the resultant energy beam to smash through a force-field protecting Omnicidal Maniac Ingrid Newkirk.)
  • Power-Up Food:
    • The Magic Spice can turn you into a child, the Magic Spring water can reverse the effects of the spice and turn you into an adult.
    • When trapped in the video game world drinking Decaf Coffee enrages Edward so much he can smash walls and break robots in half!
  • Pregnant Badass: Matoaka defies orders to go on Maternity leave and continues to be Captain of The Fellowship while pregnant with Zander's child! Minsk as well when she is pregnant with Edward's child
  • Pretty Boy: M Newkirk, an expy of N Harmonia from Pokémon Black and White is this? He is this! According to most of the other men, he's so beautiful that it's obnoxious.
  • Powered by a Forsaken Animal: Skeksis' plan to take over Ava was to kidnap Humanimals with vast magical power, and drain their magic essentially killing them, drink their magic for himself to become the most powerful Ave is Ava!
  • Recycled INSPACE: Imagine The Phantom of the Opera in space...with furries! (Also without any real love triangle, as the 'Phantom' and the 'Christine' are not in love with each other, Falco just wants to drain Marzipan's magic to save his dying girlfriend.
    • Also imagine the Good Samaritan focused around a homophobe (Ichabod) and a homosexual (Bob Buttz) with a dash of Fantastic Racism as Ichabod learns that human clones like him aren't exactly welcome at Earthport.
  • Raptor Attack: Subverted with Fossil, yes he is a scary looking Velociraptor but he's a good guy. (But woe to any one who threatens his friends) As his mother was a human, he has long black hair to complete his Magical Native American look. He is a shaman and is kind like a Mentor figure to Matoaka. (We later find out he is Matoaka's half uncle, yeah he's the half brother Matoaka's human mother how's that for messed up family tree) It's easy to imagine him as a Saurian Rafiki if you replace the African accent with Native American accent.
  • Real Men Hate Sugar: Played With. Ichabod does not like anything sweeter then a piece of fresh fruit not because he thinks it's unmanly (As a skinny little nerd he has NO false pretensions about being a 'macho man') He just seems he can't stomach anything too sweet, anytime he accidentally ingests something too sweet for him to handle he gets sick, it's not just him apparently, it seems all Elf-Human Hybrids have a low tolerance for excessive sweetness As for the Non-Elf Blood men, Edward certainly doesn't hate sweets, though he always insists on drinking his coffee black, though in the episode One of Us after Edward had to suffer through a 'really rough day' he begged for a glass of Minsk's strawberry cordial as his stomach was too jittery at the moment for coffee, completely averted with Bill, Jim, Bob and Kong who ADORE sweets to no end. Later in the story pills are created that allow Half-Elves to indulge in sweets
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Matoaka, Tiamat, President T.J. Combo (Yes his name is a Killer Instinct Reference) and believe it or not the head honchos of The Empire The Darksied Family have proven to be genuinely caring rulers (At least where Humans are concerned)Two times in ''The Bad Old Days' when almost all human colonized planets had Humanimal slaves at least two times scientists tried to solve the problem of unhappiness by creating humans without minds thus unable to be unhappy (Not particularly concerned that they couldn't be happy either) The second time it happened The Darksied Family put their collective feet down proclaiming 'Thou shalt not create humans without minds!' Though both these incidents are not dwelled on much by the characters, these incidents may go a long way in explaining Humanity's current prejudice against clones.
  • Reincarnation: Reincarnation seems to have several different purposes in the Space Beasts universe. One is purely punitive when a Soul who is does not quite reach the criteria for Hell. But are clearly not fit to stay in the afterlife as they may try to harm the resident ghosts there and try to mess with the fabric of time and space among other things, so they are reincarnated in animal bodies (Punitive reincarnations are always animal reincarnations) in order to teach them humility and compassion, when they finally 'learn their lesson' (Which for some could take hundreds of reincarnations) they are returned to human form and allowed to enter the afterlife. The other less known means of reincarnation is not a punishment or reward but simply for healing and therapeutic purposes. This is strictly for 'Broken Souls' people so utterly broken by their traumatic life experiences, or even just a really traumatic death that they arrive at the afterlife pretty much as a jibbering vegetable and they are reincarnated in hopes that they will lead much more happy and fulfilling lives and will come to the afterlife as whole and complete people, for these souls most of the time they are reincarnated as the same species (Often looking exactly the same as they did in their previous life) Other times they are reincarnated as different species, perhaps in hopes a different perspective will give them a new lease on life. One such case was a human soul so broken her soul was literally split in two both halves of the soul went into different Humanimal Bodies...One half became a Giant Panda Girl the other half became a Raven Girl.
  • Scary Dogmatic Aliens: Aves are and unusual case, not so much 'Aliens are Nazis' or 'Aliens are Communists' but more Aliens are stuffy Victorian Era prudes. Kind of overlaps with Nazis with their 'No Interspecies Breeding Allowed' policy and their general obsession with 'pure blood'. Can you blame Poor Zander for his My Species Doth Protest Too Much attitude?
  • Screaming Birth: In the episode The Miracle of Life where Matoaka gives birth to her daughter Amalthia, this is a fairly realistic portrayal of birth in all it's squiky, messy glory. First of all Matoaka finds her water breaking while she is liberating slaves on a Wrangler slave ship. Panic ensues...Mostly Ichabod panicking as he is now the current team medic but is not ready to be a delivery doctor, fortunately the former medic Kong is here to do the job for him, Ichabod is told he will help by bringing boiling water and towels, The episode points out that laying on one's back is the most difficult position to give birth in so Matoaka is on her hands and knees as Kong points out "Gravity will help the process along" The Fellowship Crew and the liberated slave Humanimals help tie up the wranglers so Matoaka can give birth in relative peace, after the Amalthia is born the episode gives us a few Furry Reminders by having Kong cut the umbilical cord with his teeth, and Bob asking if he can eat the placenta, normally this honor is reserved for the Mother, but Bob got REALLY hungry waiting for the baby to be born and Matoaka graciously gives him permission, at this point, Ichabod who has dutifully helping and not getting squiked by any of it, seeing Bob tear into the placenta like a wild animal, Ichabod finally loses it, he vomits and Edward has to hold his hair.
  • Sex Is Evil, and I Am Horny: Humans are apparently the only species in the universe to ever get the notion that Sex Is Evil, most every other species in the universe and all Humanimals know for a fact that Sex Is Good, the fact that Humans could even think that normal sex between consenting adults is morally wrong is often is often used to point out how out of touch Humans are. Humanimals are quick to point out that this attitude to sex is often what makes Humanity such easy targets for The Hatemongers. The Hatemongers know full well that Sex Is Good and that that's why they hate it so much!
  • Sex Slave: Yeah I know, As Squicky as it may be often times Humanimals are born and bred to be sex slaves. Jordan Celt was being 'groomed' to be her Master's concubine until Jim rescued her. Rose the Dragon Girl was captured to be a sex slave.
  • Shadow Archetype: If you squint a lot, you could say that Uni is a the opposite of Matoaka, Matoaka represents the positive aspects of the unicorn while Uni represents the negative. Matoaka is caring, gentle, maternal and loves her crew as if they were her flesh and blood brothers and sisters, Uni on the other hand is proud, vain, condescending, and generally has a low opinion of anyone who is not a unicorn, also her lust for Ichabod is a dark twist on the standard unicorn-attracted-to-virgin thing. While calling Uni evil might be too strong a word,(And Uni does learn a lesson after her fellow shadows reprimand her) there is no denying who the more positive role model.
  • Shout-Out: Many, many shout outs, One in particular, within Humanimal culture there is a particular Humanimal Rock Band named you guessed it "The Bremen Town Musicians" and just like in the original Folk Tale, there members consist of a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster. Their popularity among young Humanimals is comparable to the popularity of The Beatles or Elvis Presley, it is revealed in story that apparently they broke up for a while then got back together again, Falco says he doesn't know why they don't just stay broken up (he obviously doesn't like them). However, he decides to "cut them some slack" when he sees how popular they are with his half-dragon Humanimal daughter Garuda.
    • There are many loving tributes to Jim Henson within Space Beasts. First is Marzipan singing "The Rainbow Connection" from The Muppet Movie, then there is a group of Humanimals singing "Hip Hip Hooray" from Fraggle Rock. A parody song of Muppet Treasure Island's "When you're a Professional Pirate" titled "When You're a Genuine Nerd" shows up from time to time whenever the topic of the day is Nerd Pride.
  • Show Within a Show: Zander at one point does some voice acting for a 'children's cartoon' called The Creature Show, designed to teach kids about the wonders of nature, it kind of like The Tonight Show Only instead of interviewing celebrities. Zander. (As Orville the Ostrich) interviews animals like Bernie the Black Bear and Shannon the Swordfish, many of the animal guests are voiced by corresponding Humanimals, i.e. Leona the Lioness is actually voiced by a Lioness Humanimal.
  • Significant Greeneyed Redhead: Ichabod, of all the things he doesn't like about his body, he does like both his eyes and hair, as he knows it makes him look striking.
  • Snakes Are Sexy: Beauty Cherrystone a Cobra Girl, is in love with Ichabod and competes with Marzipan for his affections.
  • Soapbox Sadie: Bill's Human girlfriend Samantha Star is notoriously political, particularly when it comes to saving the environment and animal welfare. She also Speaks Fluent Animal.
  • Spin-Offspring: Two of the the Fellowship children, Matoaka and Zander's daughter Amalthia and Minsk and Edward's son Demetri are born within the course of the main Space Beasts series, in the sequel series, we have Ichabod and Marzipan's daughter Kitty, Bill and Samantha's twin sons Jeffery-Beffery and Frito Bandito (Their Father was really drunk when he named them) and Jim and Jordan's son and daughter Rasco and Lily respectively. Also Thomas and Kate's daughter Soul and Falco and Rose's daughter Garuda.
  • Sssssnake Talk: Mostly averted with Beauty and Sinuous neither of them roll the s when they speak, though when Beauty laughs she has a kind of hissing giggle similar to that of Adder in The Animals of Farthing Wood cartoon. Interestingly the one who does use it is not a snake at all but a Psycho Electric Eel Named Electro, though it seems the hiss is just part of his gladiator persona as he drops it completely when pulls a Heel–Face Turn after the Fellowship crew saves his life.
  • Straight Gay: Bob Buttz the Catfish Boy and his boyfriend Rook Reynardo the Fox Boy.
  • Stupid Good: M Newkirk is basacaly an example of when you put extremely idealistic and extremely stupid together. He doesn't fight himself (He lets his undead animal 'friends' do that for him) but he also shows the danger of someone who believes in the Disneyfied vision of nature, imagining that nature is nothing but an animal playground and animals never suffer in nature. He also seems to be crossing this trope with Not Good with People as he refuses to believe animals are capable of doing bad things to the point he claims to have hated the books What Do You Do With a Kangaroo? because he hated seeing the little girl be rude to the animals. Samantha herself points out that it's the Animals who are being jerks to the little girl be demanding obscure things of her but M as always refuses to listen.
  • Supreme Chef: Both Marzipan and Minsk compete for this title and yes this has led to many a Cooking Duel
  • Sweet Tooth: Bill, Jim and Bob all have humongous sweet tooths! Ichabod seems to be the only character with an anti-sweet tooth! He can't eat anything sweeter then a piece of fresh fruit without getting horribly sick, he can however enjoy a drop of honey in his tea
    • In universe there is a food magazine called Sweet Tooth which is dedicated to all things dessert! Jim is one of the subscribers to this magazine and often jerks off to it His favorite edition is the All American Pies edition.
  • Terrible Trio: During the Fellowship crew's time on Crapsack World Paradise 5, Bill, Jim and Bob are sent to to Wrestling Arena slash Gladiator Games where they are forced to fight the three meanest fighters on Paradise 5 the Terrible Trio consists of Psycho Electric Eel and apparent leader of the group Electro, The Dumb but Strong Old English Sheepdog simply known as The Shaggy Dog, and the Speedy and arguably smartest a Basilisk Lizard named Splash Claw (A Shout-Out to Wild Kratts) at first the trio seems just as heartless as everyone else on this planet. But when Electro nearly dies in the ring, Ichabod offers to help save his life, despite the law the gladiators must kill each other. After Electro is healed, Marzipan offers to make the three fighters a home cooked meal that was NOT made from other sapient animals. The three fighters tell their story and they all turn out to be giant Woobies who were just doing their job, Electro who was seemingly the most nasty fighter in the arena turns out he was trying to save his Mother from suffering the same fate as all electric eels on this planet being used as a Living Battery the trio pull a complete Mook–Face Turn and help the heroes bring the evil Gryphons down.
  • Their First Time: Ichabod and Marzipan's first sexual experience was horribly traumatic for both of them, that's because they had to do it in order to not get killed by the Alderbaren military not because they wanted to...Here's how it went, Ichabod and Marzipan both 14 years old, Ichabod is infiltrating Castle Vortex as solider in order to liberate the captive Humanimals from inside, Marzipan, the cooking slave who has done her job so well she has not lost her virginity for all the seven years she's been working there. (Which means she's been slaving over a hot stove since she was eight) Marzipan gets blamed for a crime she did not commit, before something really nasty can happen, Ichabod volunteers, to 'punish her' (Punishment in this case always means something sexual) Ichabod and Marzipan rush off into the garden, with what brief time he has before the soldiers arrive, Ichabod tells Marzipan to stop crying, he promises he won't hurt her, but he has to do something! He offers her the compromise that she gives him oral sex, that would at least give her some control over the situation, she won't even have to take off her clothes! Marzipan is still unsure and asks Ichabod why he is doing all this, in a burst of tenderness, Ichabod blurts out "I love you!" He states he loves her so much he doesn't want the soldiers to hurt her. With this hasty confession, Marzipan agrees to give him a blow job, so when the soldiers arrive Ichabod and Marzipan essentially have 'put on a show' of Ichabod 'raping' Marzipan. It is very embarrassing for both of them but in strange way it also strengthens the bond between them, due to The Power of Trust.
  • Token Wholesome: Rare Male Example, Jim Buckwheat seems to be the most wholesome (Or at least least perverse) Character on the Fellowship, he is completely faithful to his girlfriend Jordan Celt, (They are also one of the few couples who are of the same species, the only other same species couple I can think of is Taren and Lea who are both dragons, Tipp Barrington and his girlfriend Lucinda might qualify until you realize Tipp is GREY squirrel and Lucinda is RED squirrel, at least Jim and Jordan are both red squirrels.) Jim has reservations on the more perverse behavior of his fellow males he doesn't approve of pornography. (That's not to say he doesn't masturbate, only thing is he masturbates to pictures of DESSERTS! Giving a new meaning to the words Food Porn) He also seemed a little less then pleased with Bill's plans to ruin Duchess Bimbolurlina's birthday feast. (Take the choicest morsels for themselves then piss/crap on the rest) As a reward for his wholesomeness, Jim is never put in the embarrassing situations Ichabod, Bill, Edward or even Zander are put through.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Most of the characters are big eaters in general but most have a favorite food or two, Marzipan is very fond of hamburgers, Ichabod is enjoys the occasional cup of chamomile tea,(The wasabi is more of a drug than a food to him) Matoaka loves strawberries, Zander likes to eat fish (Which he likes live and squirming as they go down his throat) Edward likes coffee, Bob likes cola and so on and so forth
    • In one episode, when a Dog Woman asks Ichabod what his favorite things to eat are, he responds "I like a lot of things" He goes on to list fish and chips, German potato salad, scalloped potatoes and strawberries as some of his favorite edible items.
  • To Serve Man: Mostly deconstructed. Many paranoid humans are afraid the aliens (Who consider this trope the grossest breech of etiquette imaginable, Most Aliens are offended when they learn Humans think Aliens like to eat humans) and Carnivorous Humanimals will prey on unsuspecting humans, Fossil points out what's wrong with this trope, first Humans have very little meat compared to other prey, not very nutritious either, second humans seem to be the worst tasting meat on the universe! Humans who live primarily on junk food have a nasty flavor (At least according to any Humanimal who actually ate a human being) Fossil admits he ate a human once and that was only to appease his hunger after being starved for three days. (The human he ate was the one who was starving him) The human in question had eaten nothing but pickle loaf the previous day therefore he tasted of Pickle Loaf which made Poor Fossil nearly vomit. Fossil goes on to say that a the only way a human could taste good is if he or she was a strict vegan who ate nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables...and even then that probobly only make the human's flavor halfway decent.
  • Toothy Bird: The Aves. Averted with Earth Birds.
  • 20 Bear Asses: Combines this trope with Wacky Cravings If Minsk or Matoaka's cravings are particularly strong they will send either their husbands, or Bill, Jim and Ichabod out and will not let them come home without that particular brand of Pistachio flavored ice cream or pickled radishes.
  • Twice-Told Tale: The Phantom of the Opera Parody Phantom of Crystal Mountain is essentially a futuristic retelling of the tale where many of the tropes are subverted or inverted for example in the original novel the story was about a heroine with Stockholm Syndrome in the Crystal Mountain story the Phantom of the story (Falco) is an reluctant kidnapper who develops Lima Syndrome and Marzipan is the Genre Savvy heroine who milks it for all it's worth!
  • Unpleasant Animal Counterpart: Toyed with for a few jokes but ultimately deconstructed. Minsk the Mink finds it extremely offensive when someone calls her a weasel, likewise Kong the Gorilla hates to called a Monkey, this tropes is deconstructed when Jim and Jordan object to being called 'Tree Rats' some rat people overhear and are offended asking what's wrong with rats? Ichabod further questions this as Matoaka told him when he first joined that no animal is inferior to any other. Minsk, Kong, Jim and Jordan realize that they are prejudiced against their animal counterparts but they come to terms with this fact is a fundamental reality of adult life, for as the good song says Everyone's a little bit racist.
    • Completely averted with Yin the Ant and Yang the Termite, however. Not only are Yin and Yang friends and partner,s but Yang seems to be the smarter and more stable of the two—which is good, considering Yin is The Ditz.
  • Unicorn: One featured prominently as the Captain of the crew, plays with the whole 'Can only be touched by a virgin' thing by having her fall in love with Zander who was a Virgin Male at the time (But Matoaka was unaware of that)
  • Uplifted Animal: The Humanimals were created by humans to serve as slaves, naturally the Humanimals didn't like being slaves so inevitably they rebelled, Planet Earth was the first planet to proclaim Humanimals free citizens now the human colonized planets are dived between The Federation Planets-who want the Humanimals to be liberated- and The Empire Planets, who want to keep using Humanimals as slaves
  • Wacky Cravings: While Matoaka and Minsk were pregnant they would send either their husbands or Bill, Jim and Ichabod out for the strangest things in one episode Minsk sends them out for duck blood of all things!
  • Waif Prophet: Bob Buttz and occaionally Marzipan
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Hatemongers have an incredibly embarrassing weakness that they have absolutely no resistance to...MUSIC! Doesn't matter what the song is about, doesn't matter what language it's in it doesn't matter if you're just singing or just playing an instrument...Heck you could sing the theme song from Barney & Friends for Extra Humiliation any kind of music at all and their heads will explode This is the reason the Hatemongers can never leave their barren rock of a planet, they know if they set foot on any other planet it will be instant death because someone somewhere would be playing music.
    • In a similar vein, the nasty Humanimals of Paradise 5-who have gone on for so many generations without seeing a human being-are vulnerable to what they call hard stares When Ichabod gives a hard stare to Splash Claw and The Shaggy Dog they back down instantly, Bob explains it's an animal thing, to most animals looking someone directly in the eye is a challenge for dominance and if you don't have a strong sense of self. (Many of the Paradise 5 Humanimals don't) you will back down instantly.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Cute?: Averted. While most of the main cast are typically cuddly creatures like, household pets Marzipan the ragdoll cat and Quaxo the tabby cat. There are woodland creatures like Jim the squirrel and Rook the fox, farm animals like Bill the Bull, and charismatic mega fauna like Kong the Gorilla and Kate the Zebra. There are also many heroic humanimals whose species are typically cast in a villainous role like Beauty Cherrystone (cobra girl), Iris Ogg (bat woman) and even a heroic cockroach named Sir Nrrr'c.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Many characters have a fear that is related to a childhood trauma, the most prominent are Bill's fear of being lassoed round the neck. (As a calf he once almost died of strangulation in a snare meant for Humanimals) Ichabod has a fear of fire, (Which can be traced back to when he had to leave home and saw enemy soldiers setting his childhood home on fire) Marzipan herself states that being enslaved at Castle Vortex gave her three distinct fears: Being alone, the dark and being alone in the dark. After the fiasco at Crystal Mountain Marzipan seems to not fear the dark so much and seems to appreciate more. Jim admits as a little cub he used to be terrified of heights which had to suck due to the fact he was, you know a squirrel but he quickly grew out it.
  • Xenofiction: The Humanimals are not just people in animal suits, ie their biology actually does vary compared to humans. One of the ways you can tell if a female Humanimal has human ancestry if if she menstruates instead of going into heat. (This only applies to placental mammal and marsupial Humanimals, It is not clear if bird, reptile or monotreme Humanimal women with human ancestry lay eggs or give birth to live young and maybe we don't want know.) Humanimals all agree that menstruation is strange, messy and kind of pointless. (Interestingly Humanimal men don't seem to wince or flee the room whenever the subject of periods is brought up, Bill and Jim explain that since it is so uncommon for Humanimal women to have periods that most Humanimal men are not familiar enough with the concept to be properly squiked by it,) Also while Humanimals hunting other Humanimals for sport is considered a heinous crime, there is such a thing as 'consensual predation' if a Humanimal is mortally wounded or otherwise not long for this world, he or she will often give his or her carnivorous friends permission to eat them.
  • The Xenophile: While Humanimals are mostly descended from Earth animals (Except for Gryphons, who are actually not native to Earth at all but rather migrated there during the stone age.) But nonetheless are a subject of fascination for Ichabod who as the team medic, finds himself treating Humanimals on a regular basis, he is particularly fascinated by parts of Humanimal anatomy that humans lack, horns, tails, hooves etc...He often wonders how it feels to shed your antlers of how nice it would be if he could breathe underwater.
  • Yiff: Mocked. Humanimals seem to be aware of Furry Fandom, and really hate furries' species stereotypes (e.g., Rabbit People absolutely despise the stereotype they enjoy being eaten) And Humanimals in general don't like the Furrys' depiction of animal sex. As Beauty the Snake Girl put it, "We do not yiff! We make love." Mentioning Yiff around a Humanimal (Especially a Fox Humanimal) is a good way to get the stuffing beat out of you.


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