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"I love every living creature."

Some people hate animals (to the point some may go out of their way to harm them). Some people are apathetic about them. Some only like a particular group of animals, usually the cute ones. Others like all animals, or maybe all of them with a few exceptions, and this is the page for these characters.

Sometimes, the Animal Lover is an expert on animals and the go-to person for when someone has a problem or a question regarding their pet or has to deal with a wild animal that's dangerous/a nuisance. They could also have a job focusing on animals, such as a zookeeper, vet, or animal shelter worker.

Other times, despite liking animals, the character doesn't really know an awful lot about them, which could backfire on them (especially if they try to keep a wild one) or annoy the animals, sometimes even killing or hurting them. If the ignorant animal lover is a child, especially a girl, they might be seen putting their pet in clothes. Such characters are quite often children, while the more knowledgeable animal lovers are often teens or adults, though occasionally they might be a very intelligent/knowledgeable child.

A lot of fictional animal lovers are reserved and described as "liking animals more than people", but there are plenty of sociable animal lovers in fiction too. Liking animals is also a common way of establishing a character as a Nice Guy or girl, letting the audience know they're a good guy, demonstrate a morally-ambiguous character turning fully good, or revealing that a seemingly mean character isn't so bad. However, not all Animal Lovers are pure and an Animal Wrongs Group is what happens when a whole group of them are nice to animals, but go overboard and end up being mean to humans in the process.

An Animal Lover may also be used to deliver An Aesop about environmentalism or animal cruelty. If a character seems to attract animals, can tame dangerous animals, or can talk to animals, it's a good bet they're also an Animal Lover.

Animal Lovers are commonly depicted as owning many pets of different species, but some may only have one or a few pets and others may really want one or more pets but don't have them due to being too busy, too poor, or their landlord/parents/etc said no.

Expect the Animal Lover to be seen saving animals (see Cat Up a Tree and Free the Frogs), looking after their pets, crying over movies/news/etc where an animal dies or is hurt, making Baby Talk to an animal due to Cuteness Proximity (even if they're normally stoic), Training the Pet, and looking at animal memes on the Internet. They may also be a vegetarian and/or a Nature Lover in general.

Compare (and can overlap with) All Girls Like Ponies, Heroes Love Dogs, Homeless Pigeon Person, Kindhearted Cat Lover, Crazy Cat Lady, The Beastmaster, Nature Hero, Friend to Bugs or Caring Gardener. Contrast Bad People Abuse Animals and Cruella to Animals. Naïve Animal Lover is a subtrope. Do not under any circumstances confuse this with Bestiality Is Depraved. Compare and contrast Men Like Dogs, Women Like Cats.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Downplayed in the Berserk movie trilogy with Casca. She's shown to be affectionate toward the horses, and a female staff member of the movie trilogy said that Casca loved horses and that she was very upset that Guts maimed her horse during their first encounter, resulting in its death; hence the reason why Casca sucker punched him twice the next morning.
  • Castle in the Sky Sheeta who's a secret princess of course was raised on a farm and continued to look after the animals after her grandmother died before The Government kidnapped her. Pazu on his part keeps a flock pigeon above his house, which Sheeta worries about when they're on the run. The gardening robot is the best example in the movie caring for a nest of eggs that Pazu nearly crushes accidentally with a gilder and looks after for numerous other animals in the abandoned Laputa. Ironic since he's a robot designed for warfare.
  • In Date A Live, one of Kurumi Tokisaki's redeeming qualities is that she really loves animals... and will terminate any fool she sees mistreating them.
  • In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the strongest demon slayer that ever lived, was so ethereal in his presence and strenght that some people thought he had to be directly blessed by the gods, one addition to his unique appearance was that wild animals seemed to be naturally attracted to him, when he was a kid large group of animals always gathered around him to be pet and fed by Yoriichi.
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • Trunks can often be seen feeding animals (usually squirrels).
    • Word of God states that Android 17 would go on to become a park ranger who is merciless towards poachers. This was later shown in Dragonball Super, where he spends his time protecting an island that is a reserve for rare animals.
    • This is a trait of the Son family. Since Goku was raised in isolation in the mountains for several years and his sons were raised in the same mountains, they all are very protective of animals and nature this is especially shown in filler.
    • Kid Goku crushed Red Ribbon tanks that were burning a forest filled with monkeys he befriended, adult, Goku was late to the Dance Party Ending in Buu saga just because he wanted to make sure a baby Pterodactyl hatched safely. In the Non-Serial Movie Cooler's Revenge movie, a wounded Goku asks Krillin and Oolong to go rescue all the animals that were hurt in Cooler's onslaught. Then in the finale Goku revives a bird using using Super Saiyan energy.
    • Gohan loves animals just as much as his dad (if not more so), he saves an entire forest population of animals in Tree of Might and becomes best friends with a purple dragon Icarus. Hell even when transformed into a giant killer ape Gohan's love for his dragon remained to the disgust of Turles. In the Great Saiyaman saga Gohan breaks the law stealing a baby Pterodactyl from a circus in order to bring it back to its parents.
    • Goten couldn't focus on training for World Tournament and kept playing with every single dinosaur before Gohan became stern with him.
  • Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist. He calls combining animals with alchemy "the most depraved sort of alchemy there is" (though that is more from their traumatic experience involving Nina, an alchemist's daughter, being turned into a chimera along with her dog Alexander by her own horrible father) and Al mentions that he and his brother would always bring in stray animals a lot and beg to keep them as children. Al even spends the entire episode trying to look for a place to keep a cat. When Wrath is fooling around with a mouse and trying to torture him, Ed tells him that animals aren't his play-things and makes him release it.
  • Hello! Sandybell opens with the main character riding a cart pulled by her collie dog, and when she tends to the Wellington's garden, she welcomes all the squirrels and butterflies that are attracted to the flora. She also loves horses and calmed down Kitty's frenzied steed when he ran into the wilderness, and was later seen riding with him in the pond.
  • Ie Naki Ko Remi: When Remi lived in Chavanon, her adoptive family worked on a farm and Remi helped care for the various animals there. One of her favourites was their bright, orange cow, who she and her sister Nana decorated with flowers. When she's living with Vitalis, she befriends his three dogs and monkey.
  • Kemono Michi: The wrestler Animal Mask is a nigh-unbeatable professional wrestler who absolutely loves every kind of animal and dreams of one day owning a pet shop. One day, he is summoned to another world and asked by the local Princess Classic to slay the vicious "demon beasts" that menace the outskirts of the kingdom. However, after realizing that "demon beasts" are akin to extremely dangerous animals, he instead suplexes said princess and strikes out on his own, eventually creating his pet shop by taming the man-eating beasts. He also discovers that this world is filled with all manner of Beastkin who range widely on the human-to-animal scale, and while he shows apathy or hostility towards humans, he absolutely adores the Beastkin.
  • "'Lady!!'': Lynn adores horses and eventually becomes a Passionate Sports Girl when she's of age, and also adores cats and squirrels. When Mary abused her cat, Lynn took him in and raised him along her own cat Queen.
  • One Piece:
    • Gaimon the strange man stuck in a chest, cherishes the weird animals that live on his island in fact the reason he shoots at intruders is that he wants to protect the rare creatures from poachers.
    • Sanji despite cooking a lot of animals as a chef, actually gets along very well with animals as he takes pity on the massive sea cow Mohmoo and offers food (before Mohmoo tries to bite Sanji's hand) and in Little Garden he tames a saber-toothed cat and rides it. This care for animals extends back to when Sanji was a kid in the Germa Kingdom where he looked after a baby turtle and got furious when his brother Yonji kicked it, Sanji also fed his cooking to rats he befriended which got him punished by his father Judge.
    • Nefertari Vivi. Besides from her constant companion Carue the massive spot-billed duck she adores the creatures of her kingdom except for the extremely dangerous ones; Vivi is also very protective of them as she knocked Luffy, Zoro and Sanji down when they tried to eat the Sea Cat as the is creature sacred is to her culture.
    • Robin finds strange creatures cute, like the Cerberus in Thriller Bark and especially "Ryunosuke" the dragon who was drawn into life.
  • Pokémon the Series: XY: Bonnie, the youngest member of Ash's group, finds practically all Pokémon cute and would've gotten a Tyrantrum as her second Pokémon were in not for the fact it was already owned by a research group.
  • Princess Mononoke:
    • San is dark and tragic version of this trope, having been thrown at feet of Moro the Wolf God by her parents as a baby she was raised as part of the wolf pack. San despises her own kind and ferociously attacks the humans who hurt the forest and animals, not until Ashitaka shows up does she change her mind about at least one human. At the end of the movie San refuses to return to humanity because the humans killed Forest Spirit and despite loving Ashitaka who returned peace to the land, San says she will never forgive the human race.
    • Ashitaka is a more upbeat version of this, he rides elk, hesitates before killing the demon boar that attacks his village and gets a cursed arm as result. Even when his cursed arm urges him to kill the Forest Spirit, he plunges his arm into water resisting the murderous intent, Ashitaka earns the respect of Moro, San, the other wolves and animals though boars are pissed when the Forest Spirit chooses to revive Ashitaka since he is a human.
  • Kaoru Kaidoh from The Prince of Tennis is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold/borderline male Tsundere whose soft side emerges when around puppies and kittens. In the Gakuensai no Oujisama Dating Sim, the final date with Kaidoh takes place either in an aquarium or a zoo.
  • Science Ninja Team Gatchaman: In episode 18, Jinpei blows the team's mission just to save a baby whale, getting them all in hot water with Dr. Nambu. Then there's his puma in the second series...
  • The Secret Garden: Mary Lennox was initially only close to her cat, Paddy, and was scared of other kinds of animals. However, Dickon, who's friends with all the Woodland Creatures and a Nature Lover to the core, helped her get over her fear of sheep, and she likewise befriended all the animals of the garden.
  • Sotomura from Waratte! Sotomura-san would be late for school for the sake of the cicada that once landed on her skirt.
  • Common for World Masterpiece Theater protagonists:
    • The Bush Baby: The Rhodes family work as conservationists for a living, so this is a given. Arthur Rhodes and his assistant Tembo nurture injured Kenyan creatures and make sure they're in stable habitats, while his children Jackie and Andrew rescue an injured bushbaby they find near his vehicle.
    • A Dog Of Flanders: Nello adores the neighbourhood duck and dachshund, but his favourite animal is his dog Patrasche, who he rescued from an abusive owner. The other kids are also charmed by the dog and they accept him as one of their own.
    • Ie No Naki Remi: When Remi lived in her Idyllic French Village, her adoptive family worked on a farm and Remi helped care for the various animals there. One of her favourites was their bright, orange cow, who she and her sister Nana decorated with flowers. When she's living with Vitalis, she befriends his three dogs and monkey.
    • Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow: Lucy-May's family works Down on the Farm, and she has pet sheep, koalas, dogs and even dingos. When her father sells the sheep, she becomes so upset she runs away from home.
    • Pollyanna: Pollyanna receives a Canon Foreigner pet squirrel in this adaptation, and also adores dogs and cats. When her squirrel goes missing, she finds him safe and sound with a boy who feeds squirrels at the park, who similarly has his own horde of squirrels that he's befriended through feeding them.

    Comic Books 
  • Allergic has Maggie, who has loved animals her whole life and has anticipated getting her own puppy when she turned ten. Which is why she's devastated to learn she's severely allergic to everything with fur or feathers.
  • Animal Man is a superhero who gains Animalistic Abilities via physical contact with animals, no matter how big or small they are. He is in general an animal lover, but this went further in Grant Morrison's run, in which he witnesses various cases of animal abuse which make him sick to the point of becoming a vegetarian and adopting various animals in his house, a love for the animals inherited by his children.
  • The Golden Age Aquaman was intensely protective of marine life and would grow furious if it was endangered wantonly. In addition to teaching humans the error of their ways, he also worked to help them understand sea life by giving educational lectures and working to ensure that fish were harvested sustainably for food, and was often found donating any rewards for stopping crooks to marine-focused charities.
  • Batman:
    • Batman looks after the bats in the Batcave and lets them whirl around him (or hangs upside down with them). It's not just his themed animal that Batman bonds with, either — he likes dogs (especially Ace the Bat-Hound), horses (which he uses in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) and even cows, as he and Robin saved one (Bat-Cow) from the slaughterhouse. Batman likes cats, too, mainly thanks to Catwoman.
    • Of Batman's many Robins, none love animals more than his biological son Damian. Despite initially being introduced as an Anti-Hero who struggles to avoid maiming and killing his foes, Damian has been shown to have an incredible soft spot for animals of all shapes and sizes, becoming a vegetarian and adopting a cat, dog, cow, dragon-bat, and a full-size Japanese dragon over time. He also goes on tirades against people who kill animals for profit and once beat up a king and his entire guard for trying to kidnap his dragon-bat, Goliath.
    • Harley Quinn has gone so far as to volunteer at pet shelters during the Christmas issue of her own comic (while getting the police to help her — whether they like it or not). Unfortunately, she sometimes doles out Disproportionate Retribution this way, such as tying up a neglectful dog owner behind her motorcycle. She also adores her pet Hyenas and is horrified when she has to kill them when they go rabid in Death of the Family.
  • Superman:
    • Naturally, since he was raised on a farm, Clark loves a lot of animals: dogs like Hank (the Kents' dog) and Krypto the Superdog, and he even keeps alien creatures in containers inside the Fortress of Solitude since his no-killing code usually keeps from harming anything, even if they invade Earth.
    • Supergirl loves animals, especially cats, adopting one tabby cat and naming him Streaky in "Supergirls Super Pet", and being known to frolick with lions. She also semi-adopts a horse in "The Super-Steed of Steel". And in Action Comics #259: "The Cave-Girl of Steel"), Kara travels to the prehistoric age specifically to see dinosaurs.

    Comic Strips 
  • Footrot Flats: Cooch is described this way from day one, and is notable for even caring about introduced feral animals, which even Australian and New Zealander environmentalists would shoot on sight. He says that somebody's got to care for them. However, he's not a vegetarian, and makes some great cave weta sandwiches.
  • Garfield: Fittingly for a veterinarian, Liz adores animals, having gone into the field because of her childhood pet, a cat named Tiger.

    Fan Works 
  • In Jonathan Joestar, The First JoJo, it's revealed that Jonathan would care for the stray dogs that sometimes appeared outside his home.
  • In X-Men: The Early Years, Cyclops is definitely an animal lover. He buys a goat because he'll not put up with her owner abusing her, refuses to blast a tiger, and is the only one to get along with his ride. The only animals he can't stand are Beast's unholy lab pets.

    Films — Animation 
  • A lot of female characters from Disney, usually this trait is emphasized to showcase a Disney Princess or a female character's inherent goodness:
    • In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White likes to play with the forest animals and sing to them. She also returns a baby bird back to its parents at one point.
    • Cinderella has a horse and a dog for pets, and easily makes friends with the birds and mice of her house.
    • Aurora easily makes friends with all the little critters of her forest.
    • Pocahontas, by her own admission, knows every "rock, tree and creature".
    • Fawn from the Disney Fairies series, by virtue of being an animal fairy, has an encyclopedic knowledge of and love for all animals.
    • Rapunzel's sunny disposition makes people and creatures fall for her easily. She has a pet chameleon and during the story charms a horse enough to turn him to her side. She also mentions liking ducklings at one point.
    • Anna from Frozen seems to like animals: she plays with ducklings while singing "For the First Time in Forever" and makes friends with Sven the reindeer quickly.
    • One male example is Antonio from Encanto. His cousin Mirabel describes him as an animal guy and gives him a stuffed jaguar, and then he receives his magical gift of being able to talk to animals, and he invites a bunch of them into his room.
  • The Book of Life:
    • Manolo Sanchezs, who refuses to kill bulls and gives Chuy to Maria when they were younger.
    • Maria Posada has a strong love for animals and won't stand for the killing of them. As a child she convinces Manolo and Joaquin to help her free a butcher's pigs. Later, the look of dread on her face during the main bullfight is what prompts Manolo to throw down his sword.
  • The Unicorn from The Last Unicorn protects a forest and all of its inhabitants. She watches over them from their birth to their deaths. She later frees mistreated captive animals from a lousy carnival.
  • In The Lorax (2012), the Lorax refers to animals as "nature's precious creatures" and is often seen hanging out with the forest creatures.
  • In Ratatouille, this trope is discussed when Skinner the head chef asks Linguini if he "likes animals" to try and get him to reveal why he keeps showing up with Remy the rat. Linguini, who is drunk on wine, absently asks, "Animals? What kind?" to which Skinner replies, "Oh, the usual. Dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs... rats."
  • Princess Fiona of Shrek seems to really like birds and donkeys. She has a fear of dragons, but we can't blame her.
  • In Toy Story, Jessie likes animals, especially Bullseye the horse.
  • Turning Red:
    • The first page of the movie's Golden-Books adaptation reveals that Mei loves animals. A deleted scene also features her standing up for animals' rights.
    • Sun Yee looked after the well-being of animals in general, but was particularly fond of the red panda.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Ace Ventura became a "pet detective" because he loves all animals...except bats. This doesn't stop him from recovering a stolen sacred bat in the sequel, as doing so is the only way to prevent a tribal war.
  • Subverted with the blind woman in the Haters hideout in the Apocalypse film series movie Revelation, who by her own admission became a vegetarian not because she loved animals, but because she hated plants.
  • Bones (2001): When Tia finds a stray dog in the abandoned building, she approaches him gently, offering him her hamburger upon seeing that he's hungry, and then takes him home with her,
  • In The Dark Crystal, Kira lives in harmony with nature, communicates with animals and cares about them.
  • Elf:
    • Downplayed for Leon, who likes all animals except dogs because of the Yellow Snow stereotype.
    • Buddy likes animals, as demonstrated by him trying to hug a raccoon (even though it attacked him), painting a butterfly, and being excited at seeing a dog.
  • Giselle from Enchanted has a bunch of talking animals as friends and when she moves to New York, she befriends the non-talking ones too.
  • Radagast the Brown in The Hobbit, a wizard that loves all animals and has a deep connection to them.
  • Out of the five monks in Jasminum, three are very friendly for animals: Zdrówko (the monastery cook) feeds them first, then humans, and himself last. Czeremcha keeps adorable fluffy ducklings and Czereśnia takes such pains not to step on ants that he trips and falls.
  • Deconstructed in Killer Crocodile. The environmentalists are against killing any kind of animal and want the titular reptile taken alive, despite the fact that it's dangerously large and aggressive. This gets several of them killed and/or dismembered by the croc.
  • In the MCU:
  • Liz in September: Implied by Eva, as her immediate reaction after seeing the fish Liz caught flopping in a bucket is throwing it back in. Liz is annoyed then charmed by her doing this.
  • Professor X has a warming moment in Logan where he saves a bunch of escaped horses from being run over by using his telepathic powers astonishing the farmers who own them. It's also the only time in the movie where we see the old Xavier use his powers in a positive way and the last time we see him use his powers in general.
  • In The Misfits, Roslyn can't stand it when Gay goes to shoot a rabbit that's eating his vegetable garden, and disapproves of the rodeo when she finds out a flank strap is used to irritate them into bucking. When she finds out that the mustangs are meant for dog food, she loses it.
  • Jay from Okja says he "holds all creatures dear to [his] heart." Although Nancy may be an exception.
  • The Professionals. Hans Ehrengard is recruited as the group's horse wrangler, and his Establishing Character Moment is punching (and then firing) a cowboy who's mistreating a horse. When the group kills several banditos, he talks Fardan out of shooting their horses, which turns out to be a mistake as the horses return to the banditos camp which warns the others.
  • The Scent of Green Papaya: Mui the servant girl takes simple joy in watching ants crawling around, or frogs croaking, or crickets chirping. Eventually she gets a tiny little wicker cage and makes a cricket her pet.
  • In Seven Years in Tibet when the Buddhist monks have to build a building in their monastery, they first comb the ground of the would-be construction site in search of earth worms and carry them away to safety.

  • Angela Nicely: Angela owns a cat, wants a dog, and in “Nature Detectives!”, she wants to see a bear, wolf, snake, bird, squirrel, or baby gorilla.
  • The entire Hope family from Animal Ark: The parents are both vets and Mandy loves animals despite being too busy to look after a pet and is an expert on looking after animals.
  • Animal Inn: Val, who loves animals to the point of having become a vegetarian because she can't stand the thought of eating an animal she's once treated, and one of her biggest peeves is people who abandon or mistreat animals of any kind. However, even she has her limits, as seen in book 3 when Gigi the capuchin monkey drives her a little bananas).
  • Animorphs: Cassie is very good with animals (it helps that her parents run a wildlife rehabilitation center out of their barn), even before her morphing ability lets her understand them better. She's also good with people except in the area of fashion, to the perpetual dismay of her mall-rat best friend Rachel, who is forever dragging Cassie to shopping trips in futile efforts to get her to dress better. Many of her viewpoint books have conflict involving animals, and she's usually the one most cut up about having to hurt them (she once killed a termite queen to break free of their Hive Mind and was the only one to angst about it). Downplayed in one story where the team is trapped and starving in the Arctic and come across a freshly-killed seal carcass. Cassie is disagreeably surprised to find out her friends think she would actually put an animal's life over theirs.
  • Frank from Baby's First Bank Heist loves animals (except mice, which he finds boring) and the reason he robbed the bank was so that he could afford to send away for a bunch of zoo animals (don't ask how he could use the Internet as a baby).
  • Both the cubs from The Berenstain Bears: They were the ones who suggested adopting Lady the dog, they like finding out about wild animals, and it was Sister Bear who looked after Brown-Eyes the baby chipmunk in one story.
  • Elly May Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies has such a passion for "critters" that part of their mansion functions as a zoo, and much of the grounds acts like a nature preserve. Ellie May was played by the late Donna Douglas, who in Real Life was an animal care activist.
  • Catwalk: Mr. and Mrs. Joffee love animals and know a lot about them, running an impromptu animal shelter. Their granddaughter is also an animal lover and complains about how she "doesn't have no pet".
  • Charlie and Lola: Lola loves reading about animals and playing with them, and she wants a dog (but can't have one since the family apartment is too small).
  • Fern Arable from Charlotte's Web loves all the animals on the farm and she was the one who saved Wilbur from being slaughtered as a newborn, feeding him because the sow couldn't (she had ten teats and he was the smallest of eleven piglets).
  • Dirty Bertie: Bertie himself likes animals a lot, except for cats, which he "doesn't see the point of". He often tries to adopt creatures he finds in the garden.
  • In Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo, Felicity pets all the zoo animals... unfortunately giving them her cold in the process.
  • Ilya in Firebird (Lackey). He's willing to eat meat, of course, but he immediately saves a nightingale from an evil water spirit and a fox from an unfortunate tree.
  • A Fly Went By: Implied for the boy, who goes out of his way to help all the animals and scold whoever he thinks is threatening them.
  • Hagrid from Harry Potter likes all animals, including creepy magic ones, and teaches a class called "Care of Magical Creatures".
  • Johnny Catbiscuit:
    • The titular superhero loves animals, as does his normal-person counterpart Wayne Bunn. The whole reason he became Johnny Catbiscuit was to protect the animals from Dr. Septic.
    • Philip the retired superhero formerly known as Animal Protection Man also loves animals and when he was a superhero, he protected animals as well, hence the name.
  • In the short story Little Miss Sneezems, the titular girl (whose real name is Tina) loves animals, but she sneezes whenever she goes near furry animals, which disappoints her. Fortunately, she gets a parrot and her father is confident that she'll outgrow her sneezing at furry animals since he had the same thing at her age and he'd outgrown it.
  • In the Little Princess books, the title princess really loves all the animals she interacts with. In fact, when she learnt the Queen was pregnant, she initially wanted a puppy instead.
  • In the Milly, Molly books, both titular girls love animals. Oddly enough, in some books they seem to be able to speak to animals, but in others they don't.
  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: The kids love observing the animals, and they have many strange pets.
  • Peek-a-Boo Poo: Alfie's introduction describes him as loving pets.
  • Princesses of the Pizza Parlor: Cynthia, and the princess she plays, Princess Flora:
    • Cynthia: In the first story, all the spells she wants Flora to get, are all animal-related, and Flora is clearly a Self-Insert.
    • Princess Flora: Her introduction scene calls animals "cute and cuddly", which no other scene does, and is made by Cynthia to be:
      Like Snow White
      Y'know, singin' and happy and gettin' animals to like her and all.
  • In The Queens Bracelet, Sesame Brown is shown to be an animal lover: she snuggles her two cats, cries upon learning that orangutans are suffering, and is described as "pony-mad".
  • In Ratburger, Zoe likes animals and her dream job is to have a menagerie of performing animals.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Cersei says that as a teen Jaime Lannister cared only for horses, dogs, and her. As an adult, Jaime refrains from naming his horses because that makes it harder when they die in battle. He also felt sorry for the bear in Harrenhal when it died, even though the bear almost killed him.
  • In Star Wars Legends there's Jacen Solo and his daughter Alionna. Both had the Jedi animal calming ability and were always playing with animals, though Jacen mostly as a kid. Alonna had a pet nexu, a normally nasty species that she got from an animal show.
  • Impractical Magic: Yam is an animal lover obsessed with getting many many familiars. He loves all animals. Particularly monsters. Particularly dangerous monsters. Particularly horrifying, disgusting, dangerous monsters that he doesn't actually know how to make friends with. Those he wants to steal and raise as his own by default.
  • A Sick Day for Amos McGee: Amos's best friends are all zoo animals.
  • In 'The Silmarillion'', the wizard Radagast the Brown failed his mission because he loved animals too much which distracted him from fighting Sauron.
  • The Six Bullerby Children: All the children love animals and the often help with the family's farm animals like sheep, cows or hens. Bosse especially loves birds and bird-watching. He collects bird eggs, cares about nests and gets a pet chick. Olle rescues a mistreated dog. In one story, the children get three kittens and bring one to each house. Lisa rescues a baby lamb who almost died because its mother had no milk. The children even feel compassion towards an old aggressive ram.
  • The Story of Doctor Dolittle and follow-up books by Hugh Lofting track the altruistic doctor as he bestows kindness to animals. It helps greatly that he can actually understand the animals' cries as a primitive language. Dolittle makes friends with birds and beasts alike with ease. This character has been adapted into films, two plays, and a cartoon series to date.
  • Trapped on Draconica: Erowin is introduced by calling out the protagonist for attacking a scary creature, because that scary creature was caught in a poacher's trap. She dislikes violence even more than her Technical Pacifist big sister.
  • The Treehouse books feature Andy and Terry's neighbour Jill who lives with a bunch of animals who she likes a lot and is their go-to person for animal-related problems.
  • Villains by Necessity: Kaylana, as a druid, loves and cares for all animals. In fact, she likes them far more than people at first.
  • In The Worst Thing About My Sister, Martina, aka Marty, loves wild animals and has a bunch of toy ones she has imaginary adventures with. She also likes puppies and kittens despite disliking clothes with "cutesy-pie" pictures of them.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Played with in Billy the Exterminator. Billy has no trouble killing wasps and other insects (and generally seems to enjoy gassing the things that can sting,) but anything larger than that, he will often do everything he can to merely catch it and release it into the wild. Any time he deals with an alligator, if it's found to be over six feet long and is required by law to be killed, he genuinely seems upset by it.
  • The Book of Boba Fett: Boba Fett, the feared bounty hunter, turns out to have a bit of a soft spot for animals. During his time held captive by the Tuskens he's forced to hit a massiff and apologises to it for doing so. He later becomes very fond of the Bantha he uses as a mount, sharing his food with her and speaking affectionately when setting her free. When he's presented with a young rancor as a gift from some rivals, Boba goes full Fluffy Tamer and treats the beast like a big, scaly puppy.
  • Lisa Douglas of Green Acres, despite the Pretty in Mink and Fluffy Fashion Feathers that frequent her wardrobe. She's often seen treating various animals with the same kindness she would other humans, refers to each chicken on the farm by name, and at least two episodes ("It's Human to be Humane" and "A Hunting We Won't Go") focused on her attempts get people to treat them better.
  • Happy Days: Fonzie seems to be an animal lover: he's adopted some pigeons in "Two Angry Men" and a dog in "Spunky, Come Home".
  • Shirley from Laverne & Shirley is an animal lover, as demonstrated in "One Flew Over Milwaukee", where she adopts a sick canary and nurses him back to health. She's also apparently cured a hamster of a headache in the past and owns a cat plushie named Boo Boo Kitty.
  • MacGyver (1985): Shown in "Eagles", when Mac fights some poachers who shot down a mother eagle, than at the end of the episode, saves its three babies still in their eggs.
  • Corporal Walter O'Reilly of the 4077th M*A*S*H unit is a farm boy from Iowa, and he tends a small menagerie of critters in the camp. One in particular is a lamb that everyone else viewed as lamb chops dinner. "Radar" O'Reilly neatly moved the lamb out of harm's way by tricking Colonel Blake into issuing a furlough to Tokyo for one Charles Lamb. This sympathy for critters does not exist in the original book's character; actor Gary Burghoff added it as a Heart of Gold touch to the Hypercompetent Sidekick.
    Colonel Blake: Who's Charlie Lamb?
    Corporal O'Reilly: You know, sir, short guy, curly hair.
    Colonel Blake: Oh, yeah, him. [signs furlough]
  • Murdoch Mysteries:
    • Constable George Crabtree loves animals. He's always concerned for various dogs, cats or horses the team encounters during their investigation. In one episode he even grows attached to a spider which he names Webster.
    • In episode "Power", Miss Edna Garrison objects to the exploitation of animals. She is a member of the Toronto Humane Society. She bonds with George Crabtree over their love of animals. She rescues a dog that was supposed to be killed and she calls the dog Violet for the violets she got from George. Edna can't keep her, though, and brings Violet to George who adopts her.
  • Gerald in My Family And Other Animals likes to study wild animals and care for his pets just as much as the guy he was based on.
  • A weird case happened in Power Rangers in Space. A Monster of the Week named Waspicable was an ugly, bee-like creature who could blow things up with eye-beams... Who also loved flowers, animals, and children. Clearly, he wasn't cut out to be a bad guy, and it showed.
  • Sesame Street:
    • Elmo likes to play with and talk to animals, especially his fish Dorothy.
    • While Zoe was afraid of dogs in one episode, she seems to be an animal lover, playing with animals, enjoying dogs once she's over her fear, wanting to go to the zoo in The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, and volunteering at an animal shelter in a Licensed Game.
    • Telly likes to play with his own and other people's pets and he tried to adopt Little Murray Sparkles before realising that he belonged to Elizabeth.
    • Gina is a vet and she became one because she likes animals.
    • Even though Oscar is a Grouch and Grouches generally celebrate negativity and dislike cute things, he seems to have a soft spot for animals, even cute ones like cats.
  • The Sopranos: Tony Soprano is in the Mafia and he's willing to hurt or kill people, but he is an avid animal lover. It stems from having been traumatized by the loss of his childhood dog. For example, he's delighted when a duck brings her ducklings to their pool and he's very sorry when they leave. He takes to a racehorse Pie-O-My. After he heard Christopher accidentally suffocated Adrianna's dog, he was outright furious, saying to Christopher, "I oughta suffocate you, you little prick!"
  • Star Trek: Enterprise:
    • Phlox has many animals he keeps around, and while a few of them are because he needs their hair/drool/etc for his medicines, he's shown to care about them deeply as pets, too.
    • Hoshi also shows signs of being an animal lover: she's owned a slug named Sluggo in "Broken Bow" and shows affection towards both Archer's dog Porthos and Phlox's bat.
  • The Wilds: Martha's a vegetarian, and the only one vocally against hunting for food when they run out. She finally concedes and kills animals using traps for food. However, the guilt about this eventually gets to Martha so much she's left catatonic.

  • The children's song "Bop Shoo-wop" involves a kid who likes all animals and wants an exotic pet to go with her cat and dog. The chorus goes, "I like cats, and I like dogs, I like snakes, and I like frogs. There is nothing better than a nice warm pet, all curled up at the foot of my bed."
  • In the music video for "Shine On" by the German Dance band R.I.O., Tony T saves a turtle from being run over by an oncoming car. The car disappears through him and the turtle before he kisses it and sets it back down.

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 
  • Adiboo: Magical Playland: Subverted. The title character likes feeding birds and has a pet dog, but also enjoys torturing the fish in the pond for shits and giggles.
  • Hazel from Baby Hazel likes to play with her and other people's pets.
  • Baldur's Gate III: Shadowheart is very fond of animals, even when she's trying to live up Sharran ideals that prioritize lack of attachment. Under the right circumstances she'll retire to a cottage and adopt four dogs, eight cats, nine chickens, six pigeons, four sheep, a cow, a squirrel, and a wolf. And an owlbear.
  • Cute Knight series: Multiple ways:
    • During Character Customization in each game, a birth month is chosen which has a description which generalizes its effects on the protagonist's stats. Frost (a.k.a November) is "very friendly and love children and animals, but hate to fight"
    • In the first game, which is called Cute Knight: All to do with Prince Kirelan. The former Royal Nursemaid says this about Prince Kirelan, which is heard after doing a good job reading to kids at the library a certain amount of times:
      • After three times talking to the nursemaid:
        Prince Kirelan was a darling little boy. Not much trouble. Loved animals, especially this dog he'd had since it was a puppy.
      • After four times talking to the nursemaid and choosing to hear about Kirelan:
        he always enjoyed being with animals more than his family.
      • If the protagonist meets Prince Kirelan at the stables about 3 times, he says this about her, if she chooses to be Just Friends when the choice for a Relationship Upgrade of being "more than friends" is available:
        Kirelan: It's always nice to meet a fellow animal lover.
  • Darkstalkers:
    • B.B. Hood is a funny case—plants sprout around her, and butterflies and moles like her far more than is normal, but she does not get along with wolves. (It should be noted that she has a lot of "cute" traits and a less-than-cute personality.)
    • Played even more bizarrely with Huitzil/Phobos, the local killer robot who shows to be quite fond of birds, squirrels and kids.
  • Saint-14 from Destiny 2 is a boisterous Russian combat robot who loves animals, especially birds (with a particular liking for pigeons). He fawns over any animal he sees and likes to show off his knowledge about them in some of his ambient dialogue.
  • Disgaea 3 has Animal King Goro, one of the feared Diez Gentlemen. While he loves the monster-type units, they don't return the sentiments, and in one skit they try to eat him alive!
    • On another axis there is the Beast Tamer line of generic units, whose love and dedication to raising the best monster-types has earned them the admiration and cooperation from those aforementioned monster-class units.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Marianne gets along much better with animals than with people, to the point where hardly anyone in her class knows what she sounds like but she talks to birds and squirrels regularly. She has proficiency in riding and flying, and her personal skill "Animal Lover" heals her for a portion of her HP when she's adjacent to a cavalry, pegasus knight or wyvern-riding ally.
    • Fire Emblem Engage introduces Merrin, who has this as her defining character trait. She finds animals fascinating, and is always trying to learn more about them, especially if she finds particularly rare creatures, such as dragons (i.e. Alear). Her main class is even a wolf knight, who, as the name implies, rides around on a wolf.
  • Galaxy Angel: When she's not at the Elsior's infirmary, Vanilla spends her free time at the Space Whale's room, watching and (eventually) playing with the animals. She especially loves the space rabbits.
  • Jin from Ghost of Tsushima is shown to have a big soft spot for animals. He develops a close bond with his horse and he can pet the various foxes that lead him to Inari shrines across the island; one sidequest even involves him wiping out a camp of Mongols that had been hunting foxes for their pelts. In the Iki Island expansion, Jin can visit various animal sanctuaries for deer, cats and monkeys and play his flute for them.
  • Besides writing poems and songs to deal with his parents' breakup, Nathan Prior in Growing Up likes feeding the ducks with peas at the park and volunteering at the animal shelter. He even becomes a vet in his route's good ending, liking the peace that comes with animal care.
  • Hogwarts Legacy has Poppy Sweeting from Hufflepuff House, a Nice Girl obsessed with magical beasts who's Better with Non-Human Company. After warming up to the player, she reveals that she comes from a family of poachers and is trying to be The Atoner.
  • Max: An Autistic Journey: All but outright stated with Max. His best (imaginary) friend is a dinosaur toy (although he has plenty other dino toys he plays with as well), he spouts animal facts every so often, he's very excited to do his report on emperor penguins, and he is reluctant to help Jimmy kill a spider in his room. It's implied that, due to being autistic, Max connects more with animals than he does with people he doesn't know.
  • Moshi Monsters:
    • Poppet loves "Moshlings" (what monsters keep as pets) and even has a whole song called "I Heart Moshlings".
    • Buster Bumblechops loves Moshlings and he drives around studying them, cheering them up, and helping their eggs to hatch.
    • Another lover of Moshlings is Gilbert Finnister, who knows almost as much about them as Buster, and works in a pet supplies shop.
  • In No Umbrellas Allowed, Dongjun Lee was described as an animal lover, and it shows in his wooden sculptures of animals that you can buy and sell at Darcy's secondhand store.
  • Ollo from Ollo in The Sunny Valley Fair seems to have a thing for pretty geese, and doesn't have a problem with personified animals, either.
  • Wu Mhi from the Richman series is a native who is friend to the animals in the forest she grew up, especially her pet wolf, Kiki. She eventually starts a national park for them in her ending from 6 (base game) and 7.
  • Rise of the Third Power: The party can pet non-hostile domesticated animals. While Rowan is locked as the party leader, any time the party lead is changed due to the story, the current lead has their own animation for petting animals.
  • In Roots of Pacha, Okka is the resident animal tamer who teaches you how to attune wild animals by playing the flute. She also has three pet wolves that you can play with in the village, and she'll comment on how much they like you if their affection is high enough.
  • Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown series is a Nature Heroine who loves all animals and in general the nature, being their defender. Also, she has two mascots who were her Animal Companions, the hawk Mamahaha and the wolf Shikuru (mostly seen with her Superpowered Alter Ego Rera).
  • In The Sims, Sims can be given a personality trait known as "Animal lover" in version three and "Animal affection" in version four. It causes the Sim to build relationships with animals faster than other Sims.
  • In Sticky Business, Bernd S. likes animal stickers and orders them from you to help him cope with his burnout from work. He then quits his job to work at the animal shelter at Patrick K.'s suggestion, and Bernd feels happier about himself.
  • Morgan LeFlay in Tales of Monkey Island. Not only does she like monkeys, but she also loves cute parrots, especially one that is made of pyrite, which she says she'll keep as a souvenir once she's done with Guybrush. It is revealed in Chapter 3 that Santino even loves bugs, as discussed by Moose.
  • The Business from Warframe is a soft-spoken Retired Badass who spends his retirement selling gear for catching creatures of Orb Vallis and relocating them to a safe place where the Corpus goons won't butcher them for quick profit.

  • Archipelago has two of these, Simon and Kor:
    • Simon's constantly accompanied by his dog, June, and later manages to turn shadomandyrs into dog-like critters by the sheer strenght of his personality. He's also unable to leave an injured animal without help which is how he got into the whole shadomandyr situation in the first place.
    • Kor is the caretaker and amateur veterinarian for a large flock of birds and a jabberwock (sort of a bear, except with six paws and owl face, and normally really dangerous) named Charlie, that steals trinkets. He's reluctant to leave for a world-saving quest until a trusted friend offers to take care of his pets.
    Kor: Bad Charlie! That necklace doesn't belong to you! And besides, it'll give you a tummy-ache!
    • Come sequel we learn Vamuro is also one of these, fussing over kirin, feeding magical dogs gefiti and bringing in strays. Even he draws a line at adopting an Eldritch Abomination, though.
  • In Champions of Far'aus, Catharine is quite knowledgable about “monsters”, but gets really excited over the animalistic ones. The Galemore Sky Force setting up a Wyvern petting zoo is the main reason she went to Dorawn for the N.E.U.U festival, she’s more than happy to tell Daryl all about the differences between dragons and wyverns, and is over the moon with joy when Daryl tells her about the ice dragon hatchling they have back at the Hyperia pantheon house. The only time she (reluctantly) fights a dragon is because it was terrorizing a town, and didn’t want it to kill people.
  • Dean & Nala + Vinny: Dean qualifies. In addition to rescuing Nala as a kitten while on the road, he has helped other abandoned animals find forever homes, like Balou the dog and frequently organizes fundraisers for animal charities.
  • When Nikki in Pixie Trix Comix moves into an apartment with two other characters, she shows up with a whole string of pets (two rats, a rabbit, a fish, a bird...); challenged about this (frankly rather presumptuous) behavior, she says that “Animals... are my life”.
  • Rodney R Rodney: Rodney has a large amount of rabbits, and 2 snakes that he keeps in urns labelled "Mom" and "Dad".
  • In Yokoka's Quest, Azha has his ability listed as "Animal Lover" on the between-chapter status screens. Aside from his cat familiar Misha, and her pet bird Chirpy, he's shown introducing himself to and petting Sorbet.

    Web Original 
  • Rowan from Boy and Dog can talk to animals and he has friendly conversations with Murphy the dog, Milo the cat, and sometimes even insects.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Autumn is nice to everyone, from kids to animals to creatures.
  • Echo Rose is an empath, meaning that she cares a lot about the people around her, but also adores animals of all kinds. She owns a cat, felt physically sick when exposed to an animal skull, and generally cares about nature to the point of it being a defining character trait.
  • Impractical Magic: Yam is an animal lover obsessed with getting many many familiars. He loves all animals. Particularly monsters. Particularly dangerous monsters. Particularly horrifying, disgusting, dangerous monsters that he doesn't actually know how to make friends with. Those he wants to steal and raise as his own by default.
  • Less is Morgue has Evelyn, who adores animals, though particularly dogs - even going on a huge monologue about it in Episode Two.
    Evelyn: Did you know there are whole twitter accounts that just have pictures of dogs? I hadn't seen a dog in sixteen years, then boom, dogs everywhere! Dogs driving cars - can you believe that? Can you believe that there's a dog out there that can drive? I mean, how did the dogs learn how to drive? Is there a doggy driving school? I bet every dog that goes to driving school just aces it, because dogs are good at everything. I used to have a dog - she was a rescue and her name was Peppermint. She was a Pomeranian-Cross-Alaskan-Malamute, and—
  • TheOdd1sOut: James the narrator and his twin sister Faith have both shown to love animals in several of their videos, such as "Harry the Moth" (where they try to adopt a moth) and "Our Hamsters" (where they play with hamsters and a dog).
  • Rorschach in Saturday Morning Watchmen is "friends to the animals", and was shown petting two German shepherds in contrast to how he killed them in the original comic.
    Night Owl: Yeah, when he's not clowning around!
    Rorschach: I'm NUTTYYYY!

    Western Animation 
  • Anytime Tales: Jessie from "I Want a Cat" wants a cat and later a dog, and she's jealous of her friends who all have pets.
  • Archer: One of Sterling Archer's many eccentricities is that he really loves animals (except alligators, which he's scared of). Any animal in his presence gets his immediate, undivided attention, and he admits at one point that he'd probably have become a veterinarian if he had done better in school.
  • Arthur:
    • D.W. likes animals (with the exceptions of octopi and mice, both of which she's scared of) and she even cries upon seeing a dead fish in "D.W.'s Deer Friend". She also mourns her parakeet Spanky when he died.
    • Sue Ellen became a vegetarian because she befriended some animals on a farm.
    • Kate can speak to animals and she seems to like most animals (even the fleas who sometimes bite Pal). While Nemo the cat sometimes antagonises her, she likes him better than Pal does.
  • Lydia in the Beetlejuice cartoon is shown to be this; a number of episodes show her being exceptionally kind to animals, including insects and other "icky" creatures. Of course, she's also a friend to a great many non-living things.
  • Bob's Burgers normally Enfant Terrible Louise Belcher adores animals, and more easily shows kindness to them than to other people. A surefire way to distract her is to show her a puppy or other animal.
  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Unsurprisingly, this is common.
    • Gaia, being the anthropomorphic personification of Earth, naturally loves its creatures, even ones that aren't especially appealing. She's often low-key upset by the problem of the week and during "No Place Like Home", she even jeopardizes her own safety by leaving Hope Island to help a suffering coyote family.
    • Kwame hates seeing animals harmed, though he has a special soft spot for elephants, given an incident in his pre-recruitment days in which a herd led him to an increasingly-scarce stash of wood.
    • Ma-Ti, and not necessarily an extension of his Heart Power; in his introduction sequence he calmly faces a jaguar about to eat his future pet monkey Suchi and manages to save the latter without throwing an attack against the former. When he sees the oil spill that Greedly caused in his first appearance, his first reaction is to exclaim that they have to help "the poor animals."
    • The girls of the Five-Man Band are a bit like this as well. In her first appearance the Tsundere Linka is seen playing music for a bunch of birdies, who then bring her the Wind Ring; during hers, Team Mom Gi is wind-surfing and playing with a dolphin as she gets the Water Ring. They also work hard to help other types of animals.
  • Cole from Central Park really loves animals. Bitsy's dog Champagne is a prime example.
  • The Cramp Twins: Lucien Cramp is a vegetarian eco-nerd who loves all kinds of animals (except moths, because they eat clothes). He's firmly against all kinds of maltratation against them, from minor things like dog biscuits (as he thinks the artificial ingredients are bad for them) to major ones like experimenting cleaning products on them.
  • The titular Dan of Dan Vs. has time and time again proven to be much nicer to animals than other people, as he freed the animals from the animal shelter before blowing it (and the employee inside) up and is so repulsed by the idea of a restaurant boiling lobsters alive that he jeopardizes his revenge plan to free them. He's even disgusted by the idea of killing a werewolf and balks at Chris for suggesting they should kill it because it's evil, as his intended revenge for it clawing his car was to find the werewolf's car and key it.
  • Dora the Explorer:
    • Most of Dora's friends are talking animals, and she's pretty good with non-talking ones too.
    • Diego, Dora's cousin, and his sister Alicia, devote their lives to helping (sometimes rescuing, sometimes more along the lines of assisting) animals.
  • In Futurama, Leela likes animals, including alien ones like Nibbler, who she's the primary carer of.
  • Played for Laughs in an episode of Jackie Chan Adventures. When the titular character is split into Yin and Yang, his Yin half (representing his positive traits) considers himself a murderer for accidentally stepping on a bug. When he’s abducted later on, he’s mourning the cows used to make the leather seats of his kidnappers’ car, much to their bewilderment.
  • The Loud House:
    • Lana really loves all animals, often being the one to take care of the family's many pets (which it's revealed that she found when she was a baby) and has rescued animals on several occasions, including termites when the house was being fumigated.
    • Lincoln loves animals— he often plays with the pets and he helps Lana rescue some frogs and ducks in "Frog Wild".
    • Leni likes animals, to the point where she has to restrain herself not to adopt every animal she sees from the pet store.
    • While Lily is a baby, she shows signs of being an animal lover. She often plays with the pets and the episode "Potty Mouth" reveals that she knows the words "doggy" and "kitty cat".
  • Martha Speaks:
    • Helen is shown to like animals— she was the one who suggested adopting Martha and she's always liked cats too even when Martha didn't like them.
    • Alice Boxwood loves animals; she likes to hang out with Martha and other dogs and owns a cat and a parrot.
    • Kazuo likes animals, which ties in with his job as the owner of the pound.
    • T.D. likes animals, and he once wanted to be able to speak to them, but Martha failed to teach him Dog.
  • Milly, Molly:
    • Just like in the books, both girls seem to like animals a lot, although Molly's afraid of some of them.
    • John Oddbottom, the town planner, is revealed to be an animal lover in "Investigate", where he's also revealed to run an impromptu animal shelter from his own backyard.
  • Molly of Denali: Molly adores animals, especially ones she deems cute such as puffins. Tooey loves animals even more, especially since he wants to be a dog musher like his father.
  • Mr Krbec and his Animals: Mr Krbec is a kindly old man who loves animals. He has a tomcat, befriends an owl and a jackdaw (whose wounded wing he tended) and he later becomes a beekeeper.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Fluttershy loves animals and one of her, well, pet peeves is someone being mean to animals. It helps that she can speak to them as her special talent. Notably, she is shown to be entirely indiscriminate in her love of animals — while by default she's seen with a straightforward assortment of Woodland Creatures, she's also often shown interacting with fantasy monsters such as manticores and with traditionally "gross" or "creepy" animals such as spiders, snakes, bats and the like, which she treats with the exact same unconditional gushing and affection that she has for squirrels, birds and bunnies.
  • Phineas and Ferb: Both the titular characters have a way with animals, particularly their pet platypus Perry. In one episode, "Interview With a Platypus", they make an animal-translator device so they can understand what Perry's chatter means, only to use it to help other animals instead. This extends to their friends as well. The only reason Buford became the neighborhood bully is because he was saving his goldfish Biff from the previous one.
  • Rugrats:
    • Kimi Finster likes animals, and one time she threw away some plastic animals to play with her dog Fifi, saying that she likes "real aminals better than pretend ones".
    • Susie also likes animals, owning a cat and two gerbils and liking to play with her friends' pets too.
  • In The Simpsons, both Bart and Lisa appear to be animal lovers: Bart has temporarily adopted several animals (including a bull and a bear) and Lisa became vegetarian due to feeling sorry for a lamb she met, seems to be the closest to Snowball II the cat, and previously wanted a pony until the episode "Lisa's Pony" proved that they couldn't keep one.
  • In Sofia the First, the titular character, Sofia, have the power of talk with animals thanks to her magical amulet, and it helps her in her adventures since she befriends animals very easy, between them her entourage of animal friends,Clover the bunny, her mounts Minimus and Skye, the squirrel Wattnaught and the birds Mia and Robin, and ocasionally crackle the Dragon.
  • Skull Island (2023): Cap is amazed and fascinated by Kaiju, but beyond that, in Episode 4, he feels compassion for a dying Venus Fly Trap Creature (one that got mortally wounded because it was trying to eat one of his comrades, no less), and he tries to comfort it as it passes
  • In Spongebob Squarepants, the titular character seems very fond of most of the little sea critters, even the more aggressive ones such as Larry the snail.
  • Stanley: The main character, Stanley himself plays this trope STRAIGHT. Really straight that in one episode, "Save the Bluebird!", revolves around Stanley trying to save every animal from being endangered, especially bluebirds.
  • Total Drama:
    • Bridgette is a vegetarian who firmly believes animals are friends and not food, and is shown to be quite good with them (like tending to an injured bear in World Tour). She also vehemently opposes hunting; in the episode "Paintball Deer Hunter", she has to be convinced by Harold that pretend hunting using paintballs on other contestants dressed as deer is perfectly fine.
    • DJ too. He is shown to be very gentle with animals (such as rabbits), and will sometimes keep any he finds as pets. World Tour proved to be a nightmare for him when he believed he had been cursed by an Egyptian mummy to accidentally harm any creature that got too close to him.
    • From the later generations of contestants, we have Dawn and Ella. Both characters are a Friend to All Living Things, and display a deeply compassionate nature towards any animals they encounter - even Dawn showed gentleness towards the mutated beasts of a now radioactive Camp Wawanakwa in her debut season.
  • Elaine Pituskin from What About Mimi? is a big animal lover, even having multiple different pets.
  • Winx Club:
    • Roxy, the fairy of animals, loves all sorts of creatures. She's always empathized more deeply with animals because she can understand them and, if she does the right spell, even give them the ability to talk back. Things like poaching or animal abuse enrage her. Once, she found a white tiger and decided to adopt it. It's very well-behaved.
    • Flora, who shows a lot of care and concern for various plants and animals. Her Establishing Character Moment has her display a vast collection of plants (some sentient). She knows how to care for every last one of them and asks the other girls to make accommodations for them. Flora is always deeply saddened whenever an ecological catastrophe occurs.

    Real Life 
  • Betty White was a pet enthusiast and animal health advocate. She worked with such organizations as the Los Angeles zoo commission, the Morris Animal Foundation, African Wildlife Foundation, and Actors and Others for Animals.
  • Sex symbol Brigitte Bardot stopped her acting career in The '70s in order to dedicate her life to animal protection.
  • Queen Elizabeth II was known to have a soft spot for a lot of animals, especially horses, dogs, and even cows. Heck, all her estates have land dedicated to them (even if it's just a large garden in the middle of busy London)!
  • Another good example from Animal Planet's heyday is Jeff Corwin, who gushed and raved about every animal he came across on his show. Well, except for monkeys, but Jeff still liked them and just preferred to keep his distance so they wouldn't maul him. Due to him being a herpetologist, Jeff was especially fond of snakes and lizards, and always tried to give them a kind word and better reputation whenever he could.
  • Jainist monks in India don't wear clothes (so they can't crush insects in them), sweep the ground they're walking on (so they can't tread on bugs), and sometimes even wear a cloth before the mouth, so they can't suck in flies.
  • While less extremely ascetic, some Buddhist monks are also very careful to avoid harming even the smallest creature, carrying bells to warn insects and the like of their approach.


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