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Antimatter Dimensions is a text-based Idle Game created by Hevipelle, that was originally launched on May 3rd, 2016. Your goal is to produce as much antimatter as possible by purchasing dimensions. First dimensions directly produce antimatter, while higher dimensions produce the dimension before them. Every 10 of a dimension you manually purchase (not produced by the higher dimension) gives you a boost to them. You can also purchase tickspeed bonuses to speed everything up.

Not all dimensions are unlocked at the start. To unlock another dimension, you have to a dimension shift, which boosts your dimensions and unlocks another dimension, until there are 8. After there are 8 dimensions, dimension shifts are replaced by dimension boosts, which boost some or all of your dimensions.

It can be played here. It is also available on Steam and Google Play.

Note: Spoilers regarding most mechanics on this page will be unmarked as it's not particularly hidden by Steam screenshots or the achievements tab. However, information regarding the last few segments (the glitched-up 18th achievement row) will be spoilered.

Antimatter Dimensions provides examples of:

  • 11th-Hour Superpower: Even through the barrage of nerfs and softcaps Pelle hands you, after reaching 1e4000 EP in a Doomed Reality, you unlock the Galaxy Generator, which can be used to generate unlimited galaxies in order to reach e9e15 antimatter and end the game.
  • 420, Blaze It:
    • One news ticker says: "1e420 blaze it".
    • One news ticker lists "Blaze rods" as a traditional gift for 420 year anniversaries.
  • Ability Required to Proceed: The fifth Eternity Challenge 4 requires that you perform zero Infinities to complete it, otherwise you fail the challenge. In order to succeed, you need to have Time Study 181, which gives you 1% of IP you would have gained on crunch each second, thereby eliminating the need to perform Infinities altogether.
  • Achievement Mockery: One achievement requires that you fail an Eternity Challenge — not quit, fail. The reward is "a fading sense of accomplishment". This however, is Not Completely Useless as it counts as a regular achievement, meaning that it will give all achievement-based bonuses a boost, as well as being required to perform your first Reality. A secret achievement requires you to fail an Eternity Challenge 10 times without refreshing, and that one is completely useless.
  • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts: As expected in an idle game, prices of things go up very quickly. Antimatter Galaxies in particular become Distant after 100, getting a more disadvantagous formula, and Remote after 800, making their costs rise exponentially.
  • Ad Reward: The mobile port has an option in the shop to watch an ad to give an increasingly beneficial multiplicatory effect for 5 hours (that affects different currencies the further you get), with further ads extending the effect's length.
  • A.I.-Generated Economy: Once you have enough Antimatter, you can unlock autobuyers for various Dimensions and Tickspeed. Normal challenges let you improve the interval and bulk of those autobuyers, until they become unlimited. A bunch of other autobuyers for resets and upgrades get unlocked with challenges, milestones, and perks, but major chunks of the game go into full Gameplay Automation territory once you have the Automator.
  • All the Worlds Are a Stage:
    • In a Challenge Run example, the very first Infinity Challenge has all the restrictions of the regular challenges save for Challenges 9 and 12. It should also be completed relatively quickly despite the requirement rising from 1.8e308 to 1e650, showing just how much more powerful the player has become.
    • The final celestial's reality is a faster replay of the entire start of the game, until 1e4000 EP.
  • Antimatter: The entire game revolves around this, as you have to get antimatter to obtain dimensions, which produce either antimatter or lower dimensions.
  • April Fools' Day:
    • April Fools 2019 made the game 10x slower, and added an import code to make the game speed back to normal (or even faster), and another import code to make it even slower. However, using the import code to make the game faster caused the notification "SHAME!!!!" to constantly appear.
    • April Fools 2020 replaced the overall theme with one based on COVID-19, renaming almost everything to relate to it, including Antimatter being called Toilet paper, meaning the game was called "Toilet Paper Dimensions", Tickspeed being called Water Pressure, Infinity being called Costco, Infinity Dimensions being called Mask Dimensions, which produce Hand Sanitizer, Replicanti being called COVID 19/Infections, Eternity being called Amazon, and Time Dimensions being called Mask Dimensions.
  • Arc Number:
    • 1.79e308 is referred in-game as "infinity" and shows up in a lot of places. The reason for this is that this is the largest number possible in JavaScript without external large number libraries, and an early version of the game was limited to this number.
    • 8, perhaps because it's an infinity turned on its side. Many things in the game go up to exactly 8: there are 8 dimensions, 8 infinity dimensions, 8 time dimensions, and 8 infinity challenges. Even referenced in one of the achievements: "The 9th dimension is a lie".
    • 12, when it comes to Challenges. There are 12 normal and Eternity Challenges.
  • Auto-Save: Periodic, but may also be disabled.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: The theme options are Normal, Metro, Dark, Dark Metro, Inverted, and Inverted Metro.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: There are in-app purchases that multiply your IP/EP gain, boost all dimensions, and provide other benefits, which will easily allow you to reach Infinity and Eternity far more quickly. That said, their effects become negligible by the end of their respective prestige layer and by the endgame.
  • Bizarro Universe: The antimatter universe is this to our real life, having media that appear to be the opposite of what we have. Examples being the very short Idle Game called Letter Go Down instead of the endless Number Go Up, "Always Gonna Give You Up" instead of "Never Gonna Give You Up", etc...
  • Blatant Lies: One news ticker reads: "This message will never appear on the news ticker, isn't that cool?"
  • Boring, but Practical: A few Glyph effects don't really improve your production, like those that boost Replicanti factor for Glyph levels or Eternity gain, but they're invaluable in increasing future Glyph levels.
  • Cap: At first, when you get 1.8e308 antimatter, your amount becomes infinite, forcing you to reset and gain 1 or more infinity point(s). However, when your break infinity, your antimatter is not limited, and the number of infinity points you get when you reset is based on how much antimatter you have.
  • Challenge Run: The various challenges, where you have to get a certain amount of antimatter or Infinity Points with certain restrictions. The celestials do this as well, although with more variety.
  • Color-Coded Item Tiers: The Glyphs follow a rarity system with each percentage tier having a color and name: white Common, dark green Uncommon, blue Rare, purple Epic, orange Legendary, red Mythical, sky-blue Transcendent, and finally indigo-blue Celestial.
  • Crawl: The top of the screen has news ticker-style messages scrolling by.
  • Crutch Character: Out of the three Time Study Tech Tree branches, the Passive Branch is one initially. It's very useful at helping you gain EP when it's first accessible, but later on its lack of Active's pushing power or Idle's growth over time makes it far less useful in the mid to endgame. Despite this, it proves to be useful against Eternity Challenge 12 because it gives a boost to Replicated Galaxies unlike Active, which increases a cap you can't even reach, and doesn't have a 10x penalty to Replicanti reproduction rate unlike Idle. The PASS perk makes its multipliers even better than Active's max (which the latter is likely to have thanks to the ACT perk), but it also multiplies Replicanti growth by 3, thus making it worse for normal progression (due to the lack of strong Replicanti galaxies), but great for Replicanti grinding for Glyph levels.
  • Curse Cut Short: One of the news messages ends with "HAHA DISREGARD I SUCK CO-"
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: On mobile, the "Respec Time Studies on next Eternity" button used to be between "Import tree" and "Export tree". Version 2.37 replaced it with an option for selecting preferred paths while making the respec button bigger and above the rest, but those who got used to the previous placements and already have setups with prepared paths who only respec to switch presets for Light/Dark Studies needed for EP/TP gain can easily select the path one by mistake.
  • Developer's Foresight: There are some news ticker messages for feats which are really hard or next to impossible to achieve under normal circumstances, like getting Zero Deaths on your first run or spending 2,500+ real life dollars to reach a dimension multiplier greater than 5e307.
  • Double Unlock:
    • To unlock an Eternity Challenge, you have to get a certain Time Study and all those that come before it, meet a resource requirement (Antimatter, Infinities, 8th Dimensions, etc.) that goes up with each completion, and spend Time Theorems required for it.
    • Before a one-time Reality Upgrade can be purchased, you have to reach a specific goal, which is frequently tied to a condition you may fail to satisfy in your current Reality.
  • Effortless Achievement: The first row of achievements are this, as they only require you to buy one of each dimension. The first achievement can literally be obtained with one click because you start with enough antimatter to buy a first dimension, while the rest of the first row take more time to get because you have to slowly accumulate antimatter to afford those dimensions. The 5th-8th dimension achievements take longer because you have to Dimension Shift reset to unlock those dimensions.
  • Export Save: This game copies the 6KB+ save file into the clipboard which can then be pasted into the game's import window.
  • Factor Breakdown: The Statistics screen has a Multiplier Breakdown tab that shows effects that affect a resource/production and what their percentage is. A lot of them have several layers for even more detailed breakdowns, leading to cases like like Antimatter Production > Antimatter Dimensions > Base AD Production > AD 8 Multiplier > Infinity Power > Infinity Power Production > 1st Infinity Dimension > Time Studies > Time Study 72.
  • Feghoot: One news ticker is a vignette about someone starting a soccer team of ants with their aunt Diana, ending with '"How can we make this ant team matter?" Di mentions' (The last few words are a homophone for "Antimatter Dimensions").
  • Fictional Color: According to one news message, scientists confirmed that the color of antimatter is blurple.
  • Foreshadowing: There are three early achievements that refer to 'the gods.' The fourth one, much later down the line, refers to 'the god' in a singular sense and requires you to sacrifice one of each type of non-Companion glyph, hinting at the final celestial having godlike power over the other six and requiring you to sacrifice your Reality just like you sacrificed a Reality glyph.
  • Hypocritical Humor: The news quote below shows this, an unfinished sentence about people not finishing their sentences:
    "Doesn't it annoy you when people don't finish their"
  • Infinite: In this game, Infinity is actually finite, at 2¹⁰⁴ or 1.8×10³⁰⁸. Initially reaching this amount of antimatter causes a Big Crunch and provides you with 1 Infinity Point — but there is a way to break this limit, after which you can build up to an "infinite" amount of Infinity Points, allowing access to Eternity.
  • Konami Code: The (exclusive to computer versions) "30 lives" secret achievement is unlocked by inputting up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, and A.
  • LOL, 69: The "Nice" secret achievement is earned for inputting 69 into an autobuyer, while the regular "Nicenice" achievement is earned for getting a Glyph at exactly level 6,969.
  • Lucky Seven: The achievement for getting the seventh antimatter dimension is "Not a luck related achievement".
  • Magikarp Power: Tickspeed starts out at an 11% reduction, and it stacks multiplicatively. However, for every Antimatter Galaxy bought, this percent increases by a bit — meaning that the difference in one Antimatter Galaxy gets very noticeable when there are many stacks of Tick Speed. Very soon, you will be having enough Antimatter Galaxies to make each purchase of Tick Speed boost give an insanely huge speed boost.
  • More Than Infinite: "Infinite" is represented as 1.8e308, due to being the original number limit for JavaScript, and in the game you can surpass infinity. Once you do so, you will eventually gain infinite Infinity Points to access Eternity, then even further on get enough Eternity Points to access new Realities.
  • More than Three Dimensions: The game has eight dimensions. Eventually, Infinity Dimensions and Time Dimensions are unlocked. Lampshaded in the news feed:
    "What do you mean, more than two dimensions??? We're on a screen, clearly there are only 2 dimensions."
  • Moving the Goalposts: One news post claims to be from a News Dimension, and that you will need ten paperclips to buy the 2nd news Dimension. One news ticker allows you to disassemble (remotely turn off) the news ticker for a trace amount (one) of paperclips and another will give you a paperclip if you click it under the guise that it will hard reset your save, but if the former post comes back, it will explicitly mention how many paperclips you have before stating that you need ten more (specifically ten plus your paper clips) to buy the 2nd News Dimension.
  • Mutually Exclusive Power-Ups:
    • On the Time Studies Tech Tree, there are a few branching paths that lock you out of the others. The Antimatter, Infinity, and Time Dimensions are initially exclusive, but a later upgrade allows you to pick a second one, and a Time Dilation upgrade allows you to pick all three. The Active/Passive/Idle paths are also exclusive, and later on, you can only pick either a Light or a Dark upgrade on the same category, although you can get all of these at the same time after completing the V-achievements to get Space Theorems.
    • Among the seven potential effects for Effarig Glyphs, Glyph Instability boost and Reality Machine multiplier are coded to never appear at the same time. Combined with how you can only have one Effarig Glyph in a loadout, this means you not only are limited to a maximum of four Effarig effects, you can't boost both Glyph levels and Reality Machine count for every Reality run.
  • New Game Plus: There are... quite a number.
    • Firstly, we have Dimension Shifts, obtained by getting 20 of the highest antimatter dimension. This unlocks the next dimension, up to the 8th antimatter dimension, after which you get Dimension Boosts which increase the production of your dimensions.
    • Next up are Antimatter Galaxies. These can be obtained when you have enough 8th dimensions, and gives an increase to tick speed reduction while resetting all your Dimension Shifts and boosts, meaning that you have to buy them all over again.
    • After this, we have Infinity. When your antimatter hits the 1.8e308 cap, you'll be forced to Big Crunch and earn an Infinity Point, while losing all Dimensions, Dimension Shifts/Boosts and Antimatter Galaxies. Later on, with enough Infinity Points, getting to Infinity becomes almost trivial, and you'll be able to use those points to gain boosts, remove said cap to earn more Infinity Points, and buy Infinity Dimensions to boost your Antimatter gain rate.
    • Once Infinity is trivialized, we then have Eternities, which are obtainable after you earn at least 1.8e308 Infinity Points. Getting an Eternity will reset all your Infinity progress but give Eternity points to use in Time Theorems, Time dimensions and Upgrades make subsequent Eternities far easier, while also resetting all your progress — Infinity boosts, Antimatter Galaxies, etc.
    • Much later, we have Reality at 1e4000 Eternity Points and 13 rows of achievements. It makes you lose all Eternity progress and the first 13 rows of achievements (gradually re-unlocked thanks to the Auto Achievement feature), but you gain Reality Machines that can be spent on various one-time/repeatable upgrades and unlocking the Black Hole, a Glyph that can provide one or several effects of a type, and a Perk Point that is used to unlock various Perks to make things go more smoothly.
  • Non-Indicative Difficulty: Challenge 8 is actually faster than the main game for the first few infinities.
  • Not-Actually-Cosmetic Award: Completing a row of achievements provided a production multiplier, later adjusted to each achievement giving a flat multiplier on top of this. In addition, most achievements have a reward associated with them (e.g. having exactly 99 8th Antimatter dimensions makes 8th Antimatter Dimensions 10% stronger)
  • Now, Where Was I Going Again?: Averted thanks to the Content Summary feature, which suggests the general course of action (like "try to increase your Infinity Points") in case you don't know/have forgotten what to do. It's shown to you alongside a summary of content if you come back to the game after a long time.
  • Only in Florida: Referenced in the news feed:
    "Florida man attempts to get Zero Deaths on first run, is stopped by heat death of the universe"note 
  • Player Nudge: Repeatedly pressing the "Max" button in the mobile version causes the game to state you can hold it.
  • Point of No Return:
    • Upon completing Celestial 6, you're given the option to Doom your Reality. Upon doing so, you enter Celestial 7's reality, which you cannot escape from. While this doesn't make the game unwinnable, as you need to have all achievements up to this point in order to Doom your Reality, this makes some secret achievements impossible to earn.
    • There's another one further down the line: once you dilate time in a Doomed Reality, you receive the fifth strike, which makes dilation permanent.
  • Poison Mushroom:
    • Challenges 11, IC1, and IC6 have matter production, which is obviously a problem when your goal is producing antimatter. In the former two it makes a dimension boost reset without the bonus if it exceeds antimatter, while in the latter it divides dimension multiplier.
    • Cursed Glyphs actively hinder your progress when used, but unlock upgrades for going far enough with them.
  • Premium Currency: The mobile and Steam versions have coins (named STDs by the game) that can be bought with real money and spent on optional upgrades.
  • Randomly Generated Loot: Glyphs are generated from a randomized selection of 4 out of 5-6 types (initially Power, Infinity, Replication, Time, and Dilation, but eventually you unlock Effarig Glyphs), which get a rarity level between 1-100%, and the main 5 have four effects that you can normally only get 1-3 of. A later mechanic is present that provides a chance for getting all four effects, with the further you go boosting that chance until eventually it's a 100% guaranteed 4 effects, and multiple mechanics boost the minimum rarity until you eventually always have 100% Celestial rarity. Even after you achieve permanent 4 effects and 100% Celestial rarity, there's still a remaining randomized aspect in how Effarig Glyphs have seven potential effects, with two Mutually Exclusive Power-Ups, so even with 4 effects you'll never be certain what the Celestial Effarig will provide you.
  • Reset Milestones:
    • Eternity Milestones are the Trope Maker. They are given as you perform more Eternities that provide various convenient features meant to speed up repeated Eternities, starting from 1 and ending at 1000. They include things like an autobuyer to the Infinity Point Multiplier upgrade, starting Eternity with all Infinity Upgrades, completing Infinity Challenges as soon as you unlock them, Infinity Dimension autobuyers/autounlocking, and offline Eternity Point/Infinity/Eternity gain (only one of these can be active at one time).
    • Perks are an expanded version. Completing a Reality grants one Perk Point that can be spent on a permanent upgrade that makes future Realities more convenient, such as starting with Eternity Points, always having maxed Active Time Study multipliers, automatically unlocking achievements faster (or just keeping them), and removing Eternity Challenge required for Time Studies. There are 47 perks to purchase, but Perk Points can be used at a Perk Shop later on, making them regular currency.
  • Serial Escalation: The entire game runs on this, from obtaining antimatter dimensions, to achieving and breaking infinity, to earning Eternity from getting infinite Infinity Points, followed by transporting to new Realities after gaining 1e4000 Eternity Points.
  • Set Bonus: Once you have Achievement 148, the number of different Glyph types you have equipped is added to future Glyphs' level.
  • Shaped Like Itself: One news ticker says: "If you see this, you saw this".
  • Shout-Out:
    • The achievement for getting the third antimatter dimension is a Half-Life meme: "Half-Life 3 CONFIRMED".
    • The achievement for getting the fourth antimatter dimension is "L4D: Left 4 Dimensions", a play on Left 4 Dead.
    • One achievement, "The 9th Dimension is a lie", is a reference to Portal's "The cake is a lie".
    • The achievement "Forever isn't that long", with a picture of Duke Nukem, is a dig at Duke Nukem Forever's infamously long development.
    • The achievement "Snap back to reality" is quoting Eminem's "Lose Yourself", and the icon has a picture of him.
    • A couple of ticker messages reference a Star Wars quote — Anakin complaining about sand in Attack of the Clones.
      • One ticker reads, "I hate antimatter. It's rough, coarse, irritating, and it gets everywhere".
      • One ticker reads, "I hate replicantis. They're coarse and rough and irritating and they replicate everywhere".
    • One of the ticker messages reads, "Just another antimatter in the wall". This is referencing Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall".
    • One ticker message is a reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender: "There is no war in Antimatter Dimensions. Here we are safe. Here we are free".
    • One ticker message is an Antimatter Dimensions-themed version of the Navy Seal Copypasta.
    • One ticker message says "Hello fellow news messages! 🛹" in comic sans, referencing a memetic scene from 30 Rock.
    • One ticker message says, "Ahhh I love the smell of particle annihilation in the morning", referencing a famous line from Apocalypse Now, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning".
    • One ticker message claims, "If you put infinity into your calculator, it will result in 42!", referencing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
    • One news ticker plays off of the first line of Bee Movie: "According to no known laws of aviation, there are multiple ways a bee should be able to be swallowed up by antimatter".
    • One news ticker references a memetic line from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: "I was a part of antimatter like you once. But then I got matter in my knee".
    • One news ticker is a version of "Let It Go" with the game's terminology.
    • One news ticker references Adele's "Rolling in the Deep":
      We dug a big hole to store this antimatter... Adele's rolling in it.
    • One news ticker is based on a level of Baba is You: "Roses are red, violets are blue, flag is win, baba is you".
    • One news ticker lists "Blaze rods" (a Minecraft item) as a traditional gift for 420 year anniversaries.
  • Tech Tree:
    • The Time Studies tab is a tree with several branching upgrades and splits which cause other ones next to them to become unavailable.
    • The Perks tree has 47 perks on several branches. Purchasing one perk is necessary to unlock others (ACH2 after ACH1 or ACT after EC5R).
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: When your Infinity Points are high enough, you will make very short work of the Challenges and Infinity Challenges, usually within milliseconds. In fact, getting a total Challenge time of below 5 seconds earns you an achievement, and getting a total Infinity Challenge time below 750 milliseconds earns you another. To even give the player a hint of how easy they get, the very first Infinity Challenge involves all the restrictions of all the regular Challenges save Challenges 9 and 12. It should be completed relatively quickly. Later achievements require completing a Reality in less than five game-time seconds and completing all five levels of all twelve Eternity Challenges in less than one.
  • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: Out of the three Time Studies paths between Active, Passive and Idle, the Passive path quickly falls out of effectiveness due to being a Crutch Character whose bonuses are static as compared to Active's extra Replicantis and Idle's higher gains over time. However, Passive turns out to be the best path at taking on Eternity Challenge 12 because it gives a boost to Replicated Galaxies unlike Active, and doesn't have a 10x penalty to Replicanti reproduction rate unlike Idle — and in Eternity Challenge 12, speed and fast Replicanti production is of the essence. Averted in later Realities thanks to Achievement 138 removing all penalties from Active and Idle Studies, but it can provide another 3x multiplier to Replicanti speed, or around a 5.01e1442x multiplier to its amount, thanks to a Perk unlocked later on in case you need them.
  • Timed Mission: Eternity Challenge 12 has to be completed within one second (actually 1000 due to the game running at 0.001x speed for the duration of it), with each completion lowering the time limit by 200 milliseconds.
  • Useless Useful Spell: Some late-game achievements have "rewards" that are completely eclipsed by the magnitude of the numbers you need to unlock them. For example, "Can't hold all these infinities" gives you a x1.1 boost to all Antimatter Dimensions... in a phase where every extra upgrade tacks on over a hundred zeros to the price tag, and whose effect can be replicated by letting your Infinity Dimensions produce power for one extra second.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Didactic?: In-universe, one news ticker is a person searching for meaning in the game and positing that it is one long extended metaphor for overcoming depression, with the various game mechanics standing for life changes, setbacks, positive/negative thoughts, and so forth.
    But what does it mean? It can't just be a game, it seems too plain for that. The developer must have made it as a metaphor. […] [F]inally the realization came to me. The dimensions are just thinly veiled misspellings of the word 'depression'. Regular matter are the cruel and negative thoughts that add to and fuel depression, while antimatter is the positive thoughts and good friends that dispel it.
  • Year Inside, Hour Outside: The Black Hole and some Time Glyphs multiply the speed at which the game runs and counts time immensely. Achievement 155 requires you to play for 13.7 billion years, which is practically impossible in real life, but since it counts game-time, it's totally doable.
  • Year Outside, Hour Inside: Eternity Challenge 12 locks game speed at 0.001, making in-game timers and processes way slower.
  • Your Mom: One ticker message reads: "There must always be an equal mount of matter as compared to antimatter; I guess your mom balances that a bit".