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Video game achievements are awarded for all sorts of things. Sometimes they are awarded for accomplishing something legitimately difficult. Sometimes they are awarded for doing something that required no effort at all. And then there are these.

Achievement Mockery is when you are awarded for either doing something really, really stupid, or for playing the game poorly; whether it be dying a certain amount of times, finding a specific Non-Standard Game Over, completely screwing yourself out of making further progress in the game, or just doing something the developers decided to have the game mock you for. As a kind of jab at the player, these achievements are ones that, more often than not, players either don't want to get, or only go for because of trying to achieve 100% Completion.

May be a result of Easy-Mode Mockery or a character who Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing. Compare Yet Another Stupid Death, as well as Earn Your Bad Ending, where you have to be actively trying to end the game on a bad note. Also compare Completion Mockery, which has the game make fun of you for wasting your time completing it. Sub-Trope of Take That, Audience!.


See Medal of Dishonor for dishonorable rewards being awarded In-Universe.


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    Action Games 
  • The Assassin's Creed series has a few achievements for doing random or counterintuitive things.
  • The Flash game Amorphous+. You get awards for dying a number of times, as well as dying in multiple ways. And it's needed for 100% Completion, as it's the only way to get more reward keys.
  • In Asura's Wrath, the "View of the Valley" achievement is awarded for staring too long at a girl's bust during the Hot Springs Episode.
  • The HD version of God of War has two of these. The first is the aptly-named "Zero Health = Bronze Trophy", awarded for opening a Health Chest when your health meter is already full. The second is "Getting My Ass Kicked", awarded for dying enough times to get offered Easy mode.
  • L.A. Noire has "Public Menace" for racking up $47000 in penalties during a single story case.
  • In Lollipop Chainsaw:
    • The "I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!" achievement is awarded for looking up Juliet's skirt.
    • The "Gunn Struck" trophy is awarded for being struck by lightning (or shocked by Vikke's electrical attacks) ten times.
  • In Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, you can permanently lower your current difficulty any time in the game. Doing this earns you the achievement "Our Little Secret".
  • Yakuza 0 has a trophy for having Kiryu or Majima watch an erotic video, appropriately titled "...I Did It for the Trophy".

    Adventure Games 

    Beat Em Up 
  • River City Girls has the "Killed By Math" achievement, given out for being defeated in the first room of the game.

    Fighting Games 

    First Person Shooters 
  • AMID EVIL has the "Masochist" achievement. To obtain this one, you need to get every possible special death message.
  • The Battlefield series has the Purple Heart, achieved from a certain kill/death ratio depending on game (1:5 for 1942, 1:4 for 2, and 1:2 for 2142).
    • Later entries in the series also 'reward' the player with a Comeback Bonus, which gives you a pathetically small number of bonus points (which in and of themselves mean almost nothing) for getting a kill after several deaths in a row without killing anyone.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront awarded the various units after battles based on their performance with titles. For instance, "Tank Buster" went to whoever destroyed the most vehicles, and "Dead Eye" for whoever scored the most headshots. But then there's "Camper" (most time spent in any one spot, not including turns), "Traitor" (most team-kills), and "Bantha Fodder" (most deaths).
  • Black Mesa has achievements for being killed by your own snarks, killed by a headcrab, overcharging the Tau Cannon (which inflicts massive damage on the user), and even drowning in the Lambda Core's coolant.
  • In Duke Nukem, tip a virtual stripper who takes her top off and you'll get the 10G achievement "Shake it Baby".
  • Goldeneye: Source has a few, including "004," which is awarded for blowing yourself up 25 times with your own mines, "Octopussy" for excessive camping, and "Who Throws A Shoe?", which is awarded to someone who plays as Oddjob (who is widely considered unfair to use due to being smaller and therefore harder to hit, as well as having a borderline-broken Razor Hat) for essentially being the worst player in the round. Then there's the Awards, which are given every match, that point out similar things, and they're similarly both doled out for genuine skill — or a lack thereof.
  • First Encounter Assault Recon awards "Suicide King" for the Pointman killing himself five times, most likely to occur via grenade mishaps.
  • Frontlines: Fuel of War has a zero-point achievement named "Noob" for suiciding 10 times in a multiplayer game.
  • A Modern Warfare player who fails to kill anyone in a multiplayer round, and dies at least ten times, gets an achievement.
  • PAYDAY 2 has over 1,000 achievements to its name, so it should be no surprise it has one in the form of "F in Chemistry", which can be earned by blowing up the meth lab on Rats or Cook Off by putting in the wrong meth ingredients.
  • Postal 2 has the "It's sterile and I like the taste" achievement, which requires you to make your character piss onto their own face.
  • In Prey (2017), there are two such achievements. First, "No Show", which requires the player to kill themselves on the helicopter blades of the transport to take them to work on their first day (the prologue, before doing anything of importance at all). Second, there is "Intrinsic Value", which requires the player to recycle themselves (that is, to kill themselves using a Recycler Charge).
  • In the Xbox 360 version of Secret Service, shooting the president earns you the zero-point achievement "The Exact Opposite of Your Job". There's also the "Drop The Pin..." achievement, which you get for killing yourself with your own grenade, and the "Expert Marksman" achievement, which you get by firing an entire magazine without hitting anything.
  • Star Trek: Elite Force games give the Red Shirt award in a multiplayer game to those who manage to die first.
  • Team Fortress 2's Sniper vs. Spy update introduced the Sniper's "Consolation Prize" achievement for being Back Stabbed 50 times. This can be especially ironic if the achievement causes you to reach Sniper Milestone 3, that would reward you with the Razorback, a shield that keeps you from being backstabbed.
  • In Tribes: Ascend, one of the accolades that earns you points is "llama grab", gotten when you pick up a flag at a very low speed — which is likely to result in you dying before you get much of anywhere with it, screwing up a faster-moving teammate's grab attempt, and dropping the flag somewhere that's harder for you to pick up until the flag automatically goes back to the stand. While it still gives you points, it's less than even a standard flag grab and the description even says "not for use in any highlight reels".

    Hidden Object Games 
  • Awakening 7: The Golden Age has the "Murderer" achievement for trying to use a razor on some sleeping gnolls.
  • Puppet Show 6: Lightning Strikes has the "Reckless Detective" and "Pushy" achievements for using investigation cards wrongly and using an incorrect item five times in a row on the same hot spot, respectively.
  • Puppet Show 8: The Face of Humanity has the "Are You Really a Detective?" achievement for trying to use a knife on the gendarme who demands authorization at the start of the game.

    Idle Games 
  • Kittens Game "awards" the achievement "Super Unethical Climax" to players who click the catnip-gathering button 2,500 consecutive times without 2.5 seconds ever passing between clicks — a feat only likely to happen if one is using an autoclicker.

    MMO Games 
  • City of Heroes:
    • The game awards badges for some rather dubious "achievements", including sustaining high amounts of damage, paying off debt (which is accrued each time you are "killed"), and time spent held in status effects. At least most of the badges for such effects have cool names; taking a lot of damage gets you the Tough, Indestructible, and Unstoppable badges, which are at least okay. The final "Death" badge is Exalted. The cool titles alone (which could be worn and showed up under the player character's name) were reason enough for many players to work towards them. Also, for melee characters like Tanks and Brutes, the "damage taken" badges were, of course, treated as badges of honor.
    • There's another badge, Virtual Victim, for dying in an Architect mission in test mode.
    • The badge descriptions can turn to mockery even if the badge doesn't exactly deserve it; for instance, the Lambda Looter badge, for gathering all the temp powers but using none of them, reminds the player that the temp powers can be used to make the fight against Marauder easier.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online contains an achievement for swimming out too far and being killed by the resulting slaughterfish.
  • Kingdom of Loathing
    • The game has a number of these for the masochistic to collect and proudly display, such as 'Brave Sir Robin', for fleeing from 100 battles, and 'The Ghoul Cup' for eating 11 nasty undead dishes that permanently reduce your stats.
    • There is even one that you need to acquire by buying it: the "Mr. Exploiter" accessory, which can only be bought for a practically impossible amount of money.
  • In Mabinogi, there are several titles for embarrassing failures, most notably getting defeated by a fox. Since the removal of the life cost is associated with the windmill skill, this now takes a considerable amount of patience, since you gain health passively very slowly, but still almost as fast as a fox can damage you.
  • PlanetSide 2's Dasanfall leaderboards track every kill from every weapon from every player. Most players get around 1000 kills on a weapon before moving on. The "Industrial Agriculture" achievement is granted for getting a hundred thousand kills on one weapon, with the quip:
    "Congratulations to GylleBMF from Cobalt for putting our own lives into perspective with his feat."
  • In RIFT, killing innocent animals occasionally drops their tears as artifacts, with flavor text such as "So sad." and "You murderer." Not only is there a full set of these such artifacts, there is even an achievement for collecting 20 of a certain type.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic:
    • After players started jumping into a sarlacc on Tatooine to quicktravel to the nearest regen point, the devs added the "Worm Food" title for doing so.
    • There's an achievement for getting a turtle that wanders around the Rishi stronghold killed. The action for doing so is labelled "You Are a Horrible Person" and it unlocks the legacy title Horrible Person.
  • Warhammer Online has a series of titles unlocked by failure, including dying via mobs up to a million times ("The Tragic"), being killed up to 100,000 times by enemy players ("The Feckless"), or falling to your death up to 5000 times ("The Pancake"). In addition to this, there are specific titles for being killed by each enemy class, drowning in lava, and several other dubious rewards that people nonetheless wear with pride.
  • World of Warcraft:
    • An achievement "Stood in the Fire"note  required players to get killed by Deathwing when he strafed zones. It was actually harder than it sounds, given how random Deathwing's attacks were. Played even straighter after Deathwing became killable when the achievement was modified to include dying during either the Spine of Deathwing or Madness of Deathwing raid encounters. Not only does it retain its dubious value, but it now also signifies that it is likely the recipient's first time fighting Deathwing on that character.
    • "It's A Trap" is an achievement given to players who walk across the obvious traps in a scenario.
    • Some dubious achievements are gained on holidays. The "Disturbing the Peace" achievement is gained during Brewfest by getting completely drunk and dancing in the middle of Dalaran. During Children's Week, you get the "Home Alone" achievement for using your Hearthstone while with your charge, and the "Bad Example" achievement by scarfing down candy in front of him. "Out With It" is gained by eating candy during All Hallows' Eve until you puke.
    • The game Dragon Awaken includes the 'Never Surrender' goal, that requires you to be killed 20 times by another player in one event called Battlegrounds. Completing the goal can help strengthen your character significantly, so many people do end up accomplishing this task eventually, whether by having another player agree to kill them or by spamming attacks at another player until they've been killed enough. Typically, if a player removes equipment, gear, and allied heroes, it makes it easier to achieve this goal. There is also another goal, called 'Stranger,' that requires you to get 'wrong' answers to 20 questions in the Soulmate mini-game with a partner. In this case, the answer counts as 'wrong' if you don't select the same answer as your partner.

    Platformer Games 
  • Achievement Unlocked is based all around this concept. The goal is to obtain all "achievements", which requires doing all sorts of strange actions.
  • The PS3 port of Alex Kidd in Miracle World has a trophy for losing rock-paper-scissors even while using a Telepathy Ball, and a trophy for running out of lives in Janken's dungeon with less than $400. Both trophies are named "Shameful" and "Tears of Regret" respectively.
  • Aritana and the Harpy's Feather has not one but six different achievements for getting hit or dying in different ways.
  • Battleblock Theater has the "Consolation Prize" achievement, which is awarded for dying enough times.
  • Cave Story+ for Steam has an achievement for being killed by Toroko. As in, the harmless little Mimiga who "attacks" by running back and forth waving a stick, which only does 1 damage per hit, and you have to deliberately stand still and wait to die, if you have more than 1 HP. Even the achievement name ("Toroko Wins!") sounds surprised that it ever happened.
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy rewards several trophies for dying in various ways over the three games. Additionally, there are trophies in Crash Bandicoot for spinning away an extra life and for missing over 40 crates, and one in Cortex Strikes Back for completing several levels without collecting the Crystal.
  • Roughly half of the 32 Steam achievements in Eryi's Action involve the many distinct ways Eryi can die. And then there are the achievements that involve actions that don't kill Eryi outright but instead impede her progress or make the level Unwinnable by Design, such as destroying a goal flag.
  • The La-Mulana remake has a number of Steam achievements for falling for certain traps, but of note is the "This is La-Mulana" series of achievements, three of which involve dying to particular instant-death traps and the last of which involves getting punched by a huge stone fist into a pit in the Hell Temple. None of the things that trigger these achievements are in the original version, just to rub it in for those who have played it.
  • In Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, if you end a multiplayer game with the most deaths, you receive an achievement/trophy titled "At Least You're the Best at Something".
  • In LittleBigPlanet 2, there's a trophy called "1,440 Minutes of Create," which is earned by spending a total of 24 hours in Create Mode. The Vita version changes this to "Get a Life". In both of those games, there's also trophies for dying 20 times in one story level, and pins (in-game achievements) for things like dying a certain number of times, coming in last place in races, drowning, killing multiple Sackbots in the story levels, slapping other players to their deaths, or popping yourself to retry. "It's really not too bad..."
  • Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 features an achievement for Mega Man X6 (a game known to be notoriously hard even by Mega Man X standards) that requires Rookie Hunter Mode to be onnote , and you earn it by falling into a pit. Even the name of the achievement ("Wait, What!?") is mockery.
  • The PS3 port of Monster World IV awards a trophy for jumping off the cliff at the start of the game.
  • Nihilumbra: There's an achievement for dying ten times in a row in any void mode level. You will probably earn this in level 1-1.
  • Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty! gives you the achievement "Oops..." for pulling a lever and dropping a Mudokon down a pit. The achievement description says "Fail to observe your surroundings", adding further mockery.
  • Ratchet & Clank (2016) has an achievement for getting killed by a Pool Shark.
  • SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell:
    • "RIP" achievement requires you to die 666 times.
    • "100 ways to die" requires you to get killed by every type of trap in the game.
  • The Simpsons Game has a zero-point Achievement earned by dying ten or more times during the game.

    Puzzle Games 
  • Catherine awards "Take Your Time" for moving a Dark Block (very heavy blocks that take quite a few seconds to move) ten times in a row. Note that every level in Catherine is a Timed Mission, meaning this is usually a very bad idea.
  • Half of Mine Sweeper achievements are for failing, including losing a game on the second click, or losing an expert game at the last possible click.
  • Portal 2 gives an achievement for falling for GLaDOS's trap... and another for falling for Wheatley's.
  • The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition has "Ten Minutes Later...", awarded for waiting for ten (real) minutes after Guybrush gets thrown into the river.

    Racing Games 
  • In Need For Speed: Carbon, to unlock one of the parts, you have to earn the consolation award. You get that for losing. Another one of the parts requires an award where the player has to be arrested in career mode.
  • Wangan Midnight:
    • If you somehow time out the first stage of Story Mode (the timer is quite lenient and is only there as an anti-idling and anti-hogging measure) rather than losing by way of having the opponent cross the finish line, you get the "Fight" title unlocked.
    • From Stage 41 of Story Mode until the end of the current loop, losing a stage, if you have not done so yet, not only deprives you of "undefeated" rewards, but also unlocks the "First Black Mark" title.
    • From the second loop onwards, each stage awards a unique title for winning the stage and another one for losing the stage as well. The title obtained depends on whether the loop is odd- or even-numbered.
    • There are dozens of titles awarded for retiring in Time Attack in very specific locations.
  • Assetto Corsa awards "Collateral Damage" the first time you blow your engine.

    Rhythm Games 
  • Guitar Hero:
    • Guitar Hero 3 had an achievement for failing a song multiple times in a row, and another for failing at the 95% mark in a song.
    • The X360 version of Guitar Hero 2 gives you an achievement for your first failed song.
    • Likewise, the US PS2 version of Dance Dance Revolution: DDRMAX unlocks the song "Celebrate" when you fail for the first time, and "Gentle Stress" when you fail an Oni course.
  • In WACCA, clearing a chart with 1-5 misses awards the "Missless!" status. There is also a special icon of Elizabeth with her Face Framed in Shadow and looking pretty displeased if the player gets 1 Miss on a Hard or Expert chart that would've otherwise been an All Marvelous run.

  • The Binding of Isaac Rebirth unlocks The Scissors after dying 100 times. In the Afterbirth+ DLC, Resetting 7 runs in a row also unlocks the Mr. Resetter achievement and Half-Soul Hearts.note  That said, unlocking (and picking up) The Scissors is required for Platinum God/Real Platinum God, so if you want that 100% Completion achievement, you'll have to get it at some point...
  • Crypt Of The Necrodancer has an achievement for being killed by a green slime. This is actually much harder than it sounds, because the only way for most enemies to hurt you is for them to move onto the spot you're currently occupying, and green slimes don't move at all, so you need to really go out of your way to get the slime to attack you. You need to use Dove's flower to confuse the slime (which reverses all its movements) and then use a scroll of fear (which makes all enemies move away from you).

    Role Playing Games 
  • Darkest Dungeon has a few achievements for losing heroes under specific circumstances, to highlight its brutal and unfair nature:
    • "The First of Many has Fallen...", awarded for the first hero that dies.
    • "We all return to dust...", for losing a Level 6 hero, as a reminder that even being at max level will not guarantee your safety.
    • "No Retreat, No Quarter...", for your first Total Party Kill, with its counterpart "More Blood Soaks the Soil...", for a Total Party Kill against a boss. "Valiant sacrifice..." is its next step up for a Total Party Kill in The Very Definitely Final Dungeon.
    • "The Stresses were Unbearable...", for losing a hero to a heart attack, and often requires the hero to have endured an absurd amount of physical and mental punishment.
    • "Gnawing hunger sets in...", "Blocked from life..." and "Watch your step...", for losing a hero to hunger, clearing an obstacle by hand, and trap damage. All three are environmental hazards and you typically need a hero on Death's Door outside combat (an already bad position to be in) to even stand a chance of earning that achievement.
    • "We return to the worms of the earth...", for losing a hero to a laughably pathetic Maggot.
    • "That'll do, Pig...", for losing a hero to Wilbur, the Swine King's assistant, whose only attacks are to instruct the Swine King to attack, and to squeal loudly (which does only one point of damage, but also stuns). This is not so unlikely, since the Swine King has probably put at least one of your heroes on Death's Door, and Wilbur must be killed last or the boss will always use his strongest attack every turn.
  • Dark Souls II has the achievement "This is Dark Souls", which unlocks the first time you die. There is no known player who does not have this achievement unlocked.
  • E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy has several achievements of dishonor; "Nuclear Man" for gibbing yourself with the Excidium cannon, "Low Tech Dummy" for being hacked by a door, "Doctor Hyde" for "accidentally" teamkilling an ally through medkit overdose, plus a variety of achievements for going insane.
  • In Fallout 4, the achievement "Touchdown!" is earned by being killed by a Super Mutant Suicider or a Mini Nuke launched by a Fat Man weapon.
  • In Final Fantasy VIII, there is a Steam achievement for losing a rare card in Triple Triad. Then again, you have to lose specific rare cards to the Queen of Cards to advance her sidequest, so completionists will have to get this sooner or later.
  • NieR: Automata has a few of them. The first is the "What Are You Doing?" achievement for looking up 2B's dress 10 times. Then there's "Not That I Mind...", which requires you to literally blow the pants off of 9S with a self-destruct attempt, and then spend an hour playing as pantsless 9S. The third is "The Circle of Death", which requires either you or another player to retrieve your dead body (which, obviously, requires you to die first). The fourth is more of a What the Hell, Player? achievement called "Wait! Don't Kill Me!" which requires you to kill 10 friendly machine lifeforms.
  • Penny Arcade Adventures episode 2 has "Pervert", for inspecting a pair of binoceros testicles five times in a row, and "Reluctant Hero", for refusing to join Gabe and Tycho at the start of the game five times.
  • It's possible to get some titles in Tales of Symphonia after difficulty in battle.
    • Raine gets a title for dying five times in a single battle, and another for being the last ally standing at the end of a battle.
    • Presea earns a title if her guard stance is broken by an enemy ten times in a single battle.
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE has achievements (well, "Play Records") for trying to buy a drink from a vending machine without enough money, walking 500 meters while a party member is poisoned or unconscious, and winning 20 consolation prizes in the lottery.
  • All of Undertale's PlayStation-based achievements are taking the piss out of the achievement system as a whole. They're either for anticlimactic things (acquiring one, two, three, or four items); reaching new areas of the game, which is required by the story; or for entirely superfluous, waste-of-time events (donating various amounts of money to the Dog Shrine). The platinum trophy at the end? "Don't You Have Anything Better to Do?". Doubles as a Writer Revolt, since the only reason any of these achievements exist is because Sony requires that all PlayStation games have achievements, whereas Toby didn't like the idea of forcing the player to do certain things.
  • Vindictus has several titles, such as having one's equipment destroyed a certain number of times, and titles for picking up enough gold dropped from destroyed scenery. "Enabler" is acquired by completing a side-quest that involves bringing large amounts of booze to the town blacksmith, and the reward for spending several real-time hours fishing on Valentine's Day is "Master Baiter". Some of these require a huge number of occurrences to achieve the "highest" level of the title.
  • Wasteland 2 has the "What Does This Button Do?" achievement, which is awarded for accidentally setting off the dormant nuke in the Ranger headquarters and getting a Non-Standard Game Over.
  • Winter Voices has the "Like A Hen On A Wire" Steam achievement. To get it, you have to obtain the worst score in every major quest of the boat.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X has a few achievements for things like getting your first Total Party Kill (or getting fifty of them) or jumping into the game's only Bottomless Pit. Unfortunately, the game has a semi-multiplayer mode that is almost always on, and readily broadcasts your achievements for everyone to see. One particular achievement players usually saw several times a day was the one for the first time you get your Skell destroyed.

    Shoot-em-up Games 

    Simulation Games 
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons has Nook Miles rewards for being knocked out by a tarantula or scorpion and accidentally shooting down a balloon present over a body of water. The Miles they come with are just as good as any, though.
  • Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 has "Kinda naked" for a balance of $0.
  • Delicious 2 Deluxe has the "You Should Be Ashamed" achievement for letting 100 angry customers walk out the door.
  • FreeSpace 2 has "Congratulations, you have attained the rank of Admiral. Now go read a book." This is because attaining Admiral requires completing the single-player campaign roughly a hundred times. (The previous game in the series outright accuses you of cheating and urges you to stop.)
  • In FTL: Faster Than Light, you get an achievement for dying in the tutorial mission. Since tutorial enemies can't damage your shields, this requires venting your entire ship of oxygen or turning your shields off manually — two actions that are completely unnecessary to completing the tutorial, and thus amount to killing yourself on purpose.
    "Somehow you've died during the introduction training exercise. Feel free to try again but this doesn't bode well for your mission."
  • HunieCam Studio awards the player an achievement for contracting all six STDs on a single save file. While this is technically a matter of luck, STDs can be prevented with the correct items, meaning that catching so many of them would be the result of extremely poor decision-making.
  • In The Sims Medieval, some achievements are ones that are not very good. A noteworthy one is "Have 25 people die in your Kingdom," which since the maximum population of hero Sims is only 12, 25 deaths have to come from either questing so badly you have to remake your heroes multiple times, or killing off a majority of your original NPC population, which weakens your kingdom.
  • In Spore:
    • There's the "Joker" badge that you can earn if you enter a cheat code in the space stage. This badge prevents you from getting any further achievements. There's also a hidden "Pathological Cheater" achievement that you get upon cheating 50 times.
    • The secret badge that you can get from allying with the Grox is called "Dance With The Devil", and getting it does not give you any badge points.
    • If you get 30 of your pack members killed in the creature stage, you'll be awarded with the "General Custer" achievement.
    • Should you die at least once in every stage of the game, you'll get the "Can't Win For Losing" achievement.
    • There used to be a hidden "Bad Baby" achievement that you could get if a creation of yours was banned from Sporepedia, but it had to be removed because players were deliberately uploading offensive creations in order to get it.
  • Surgeon Simulator 2013:
    • "What Have I Done??" requires you to lose your patient within 15 seconds.
    • "Hammer Time" requires you to lose a total of 50,000ml of blood using the hammer.
    • "It's In! It's In I Tell You!" requires you to lose the patient even though the replacement organ lands safely in its intended spot.
    • "Enter The Code" is awarded for successfully typing in a code during the space surgery that opens up the door to outside, leading to a Non-Standard Game Over.
    • "I Have No Idea What I'm Doing" requires you to quickly smash up all the canisters containing the replacement organs during the alien surgery.
  • Viscera Cleanup Detail has an achievement awarded for getting fired, which requires you to leave the area you were supposed to clean up with an even worse mess.
  • In Warhawk, the PlayStation 3 version has several of the bronze trophies be awarded for such dubious feats as stepping on 5 land mines, or flying into your own aerial mine.

    Sports Games 

    Stealth Based Games 
  • From Deceit, you have an achievement called MVP for earning the most XP of the whole lobby in a game (XP tracking how much you accomplish) and one called... LVP for doing the exact opposite. To top it all, the icon for LVP is a hand doing a L sign with the pointer and thumb.
  • In Metal Gear Solid 2, the Snake Beater achievement is a 10G achievement for Snake getting caught, uhm, stimulating himself.
    • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has:
      • "You enjoy all the killing, that's why." for killing so many enemies in one area that Snake vomits.
      • "Handle with Caution" for breaking off a statue's penis.
      • "You're pretty good." for getting kissed by Ocelot during the final battle, which happens if you don't press any buttons for a while during what appears to be a Press X to Not Die situation.
  • Octodad:
    • "Trim Your Moustache" requires you to get sucked into the riding mower. Normally, the lawn mower section occurs immediately after you attach the fallen birdhouse onto its hook, after which your arm gets glued to it and you can't let go. But if you throw the birdhouse onto the hook, then you can enjoy getting yourself a Non-Standard Game Over.
    • "Number 100 Dad" requires you to die more than 100 times in a playthrough.

    Strategy Games 
  • Age of Empires II and its expansions have Steam achievements...including one achievement for each civilization for being defeated a certain number of times as that civ, as well as for things like losing a match on Easiest.
  • Some of Civilization V's achievements are less than complimentary, including "He threw a car at my head!" for having to buy back one of your cities from barbarian conquerors.
  • Crusader Kings II:
    • "Keeping It in the Family": Sire an Inbred child
    • "One Is Not Amused": Have a discontented council (Conclave DLC)
    • "An Honest Mistake": While secluded, kick someone out who did not have bubonic plague (The Reaper's Due DLC)
    • "Scarrrrrred for Life": Become one-eyed, one-legged, and one-handed (TRD)
    • "Aptly Named": Die of the bubonic plague (TRD)
  • 2nd Original Generations has a trophy titled "King of Being Shot Down" (roughly translated from Japanese) if you lose five of your mechs in a single stage.
  • Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis has a few unflattering medals with penalty effects:
    • Bogus Hero, if you gain 20 or more levels while sparring your own units.
    • Don Quixote, if you attack someone and the counterattack damage deals 2/3 of your max health.
    • Clerics and Priests can earn a third one, Gibe of the Fallen Angel, by killing three enemies with physical attacks.
  • Total War: Shogun 2 includes an achievement for sinking or capturing a particularly powerful ship. Possibly due to a programming oversight, you still get this achievement if it's you that loses the ship in question.

    Survival Horror 
  • Dead Rising 2: Off The Record has an achievement for receiving your first medal (out of many you can earn in sandbox mode). The flavor text reads: "It says 'Participant' in tiny letters on the bottom..."
  • Lust for Darkness has a sequence when the Apocalypse Cult which serves as the antagonists has an orgy in their manor; there's an achievement for looking at the orgy for 10 minutes. Since the part of the plot when the orgy takes place is very short, linear, features no exploration at all, and ends after activate the only interactable item in the level, getting the achievement means the player spent 10 minutes staring at animated NPCs doing dirty stuff (completing the level normally is much, much faster than 10 minutes). There's also three separate achievements earned by dying during the game (one for being caught by the cultists, one for dying inside the Lusst'ghaa dimension, and one for wearing the mask long enough to become insane).
  • The HD remaster of Resident Evil 4 has "Don't Shoot The Water", awarded for provoking Del Lago into swallowing Leon whole, which is done by shooting into the lake.
  • The Five Nights at Freddy's games have a few of these:
"You gave it your best shot. You went all in. You put all your eggs in one basket, and did the unthinkable: you ran out of cash. While we encourage entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, we also recognize a lost cause when we see one. There are no do-overs, and we trust that you know your way out. But before you go, take this Certificate of Bankruptcy. Now do everyone a favor, and get lost."

  • From the same game is the mediocrity certificate, which requires you to buy/salvage anything:
"Congratulations! You've completed a full week on the job, and you've done it in such a lackluster way that no one is proud or disappointed. It's a fine line to walk, but you did it, completing your job with such an efficient level of laziness that we're surprised you're able to dress yourself in the morning. While such a minimalist work ethic is rare, it doesn't mean that we want you back. In fact, it means you should look for employment elsewhere. But before you go, take this Certificate of Mediocrity. You should be proud. You stood on two feet, and convinced someone that you could do something, when in fact you couldn't. Now get out."

  • As a general example, every game with an achievement system has an achievement which requires you to get Jumpscared, and these have the lowest Xbox score across the board, with Five Nights at Freddy's 2’s “ You Failed” achievement having a poultry 15 points, with the second lowest, “One Night at Freddy’s” having 60 points.

    Third Person Shooter 
  • Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, as an Affectionate Parody of games in general, also takes the piss out of achievements. You get achievements for starting the game, watching the credits, and pausing, and there's even a few achievements for features that aren't in the game, such as an interrogation minigame and multiplayer. Matt just throws them at you at arbitrary points of the campaign.
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising will reward you with achievements for:
    • Being turned into an eggplant. This and the one below can be awarded to you in multiplayer provided that player has already "achieved" the status;
    • Being turned into a tempura, and then being turned into a tempura five times. Be it by enemies or other players going out of their way to humiliate you;
    • Being "finished" (the game's equivalent of a Game Over) a certain amount of times.

    Turn Based Tactical 

    Wide Open Sandbox Games 
  • Grand Theft Auto V cheerfully awards an achievement for being eaten by a shark.
  • Minecraft:
    • There's an achievement for riding a pig off of a cliff.
    • There's also the achievement 'Serious Dedication', which consists of building a diamond hoe, diamonds themselves being a limited resource and adding nothing to the tool besides durability, and wearing down all of its 1562 uses until it breaks. The in-game description for this achievement even reads 'Completely use up a diamond hoe, and then reevaluate your life choices.'
  • Saints Row IV has a scene where Zinyak asks you to surrender and be executed, and promises that if you do so he'll set everyone else free. Doing so will get you a Non-Standard Game Over and the "You Chose... Poorly" achievement.
  • The Stanley Parable:
    • There's an achievement for attempting to jump, titled "You Can't Jump".
    • There's also "Click On Door 430 Five Times", which is meant to parody meaningless achievements. If you try to do exactly what the achievement says, the Narrator will express his disbelief about you being awarded an achievement for something so simple, and thus he'll send you all over the place doing all sorts of odd tasks in order to have you "work" for your achievement.
    • Finally you can receive the achievement "Go Outside" for not playing the game for five years straight. The earliest date you could possibly achieve this without cheating is October 17th, 2018.
  • Terraria has the achievement "Watch Your Step!", which is awarded for dying to one of the traps that are randomly generated underground.
  • Xenoblade awards the player an achievement for:
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X awards the player an achievement for:
    • Suffering a Total Party Kill for the first time.
    • Suffering a Total Party Kill fifty times.
    • Getting your Skell destroyed for the first time (you'll see this one a lot, due to the game announcing every achievement that a player on your server gets).
    • Running out of Skell fuel. note 
    • Falling into a Bottomless Pit.
    • Falling into a bottomless pit one hundred times.
    • Failing an online mission.

  • Many games, particularly Shoot 'Em Ups, will award the player exactly 1 point for using a continue (sometimes also zeroing out the upper digits) up to a maximum of 9 times, while everything else is scored in multiples of 10. This makes the last digit of the player's score reveal how many times they continued.
  • Due to its nature, Heavy Rain has a few of these.
    • "Agoraphobia" for knocking down 50 (innocent) people during Ethan's claustrophobia-induced trance.
    • "Blunder" for shooting Nathaniel, which the game all but tricks you into doing even though he's harmless.
    • "Coward!" for giving up or failing the Butterfly Trial.
    • "Bad Cop" for doing nothing to stop Blake from beating up Dupré.
    • "Hands Up!" for getting arrested by Blake.
    • "Queen of Ropes" for escaping from the Doc's trap before he returns, which counts as this because it requires that you fall into the trap in the first place (either by drinking the drugged drink he offers you, or getting caught snooping around his house).
    • "So Close..." for failing after making it to the end with all four characters still alive.
    • "Perfect Crime" for basically letting the villain get away free without leaving any evidence or witnesses, though it's a hell of a time to actually get this one.
  • Sonic Dash has missions where you have to lose rings a certain amount of times in one run.
  • In a South Park episode "Guitar Queer-O", Stan and Kyle succeed to reach one million points in Guitar Hero and they are congratulated... by being called fags by the game itself.
  • The multiplayer mode of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gives achievements to everyone at the end of each level, based on what they did the most of or did particularly well. Anyone who doesn't get any other type of award gets one of a few mocking achievements, such as 'Prettiest Wallflower' and 'Mostly Harmless'.
  • Idle Game Cookie Clicker has one in particular that was introduced when the ability to rename the bakery was added - attempting to name the bakery "Orteil's bakery" (after the game's creator) awards the Shadow Achievement (which does not add to the milk percentage, unlike regular achievements) "God Complex," which calls out the player for not being the game's creator. As of version 2.0 and later, it's even worse - the achievement puts a -1% modifier on all cookie production while the bakery is named after Orteil. And anyone who spells it "Ortiel" instead gets a -2% modifier.
  • The mobile phone Virtual Paper Doll game Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen has "Momo's Nightmare" achievements, obtained by failing styling contest stages.
  • In Sega Mega Drive Classics, if, while playing Golden Axe, you use your potions when no enemies are on screen, you get an achievement called 'What Are The Buttons?'.
  • Western Animation/Futurama has Fry failing a video game and being greeted with “the music the game plays when you get the all-time lowest score.”

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