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See that export box? It may not even be one twentieth of the save file.

As save data became almost omnipresent, Password Save started becoming obsolete by the late 1990s and pretty much extinct by 2010s. However, the idea of saving the game in text was still interesting, especially in the cases of games that could be easily transferred by copy-paste (almost always computers) and lack cloud save functionality. Due to modern games having a lot more variables than old-school games with typically higher values as well, a solution has been developed with the export save.

An export save is a save file which is usually so absurdly long that just typing it in would be impractical. Instead, you're supposed to copy the text into a .txt file with an "Export" function and then paste it into a window with an "Import" function. Alternatively, you have to download the file directly from a game in .txt (or occasionally in a different extension) and then import it directly from the file manager.


Most files are obfuscated or encrypted in order to prevent people from figuring them out or making code generators (not that it stopped this). Additionally, if someone shares a 100% code, the game can effectively beaten by everyone with a simple copy-paste, which is even easier than typing in a password for the last level. Used fairly, it can be a nice and easy way to backup your savefile. This trope is most commonly used in Idle Games but can be seldom seen elsewhere. By the way, most export saves end with "=" due to peculiarities of base64 encoding.



  • Antimatter Dimensions copies the 6KB+ save file into the clipboard which can then be pasted into the game's import window.
  • Brain Creator has an 800+ byte save copiable or downloadable from the game which can then be loaded.
  • Candy box! saves the game as a 2KB+ .cs file that you save and load directly from the file manager. Be careful, as it's made in such a way that just looking at it will spoil most upgrades and secrets.
  • Many Choice of Games works use export saves containing data on every ultimate variable as a way of preserving progress for sequels that haven't yet been released.
  • Clicker Heroes has a 4KB+ save that is first downloaded as a .txt file and then pasted into the game.
  • Cookie Clicker has a copiable save file that weighs at least 3KB. It's also full of "wMDA"note  if you've just started playing.
  • Epic Battle Fantasy 5 has at least 1KB files in the odd .meow extension. They're downloaded from the game and loaded from the file explorer. A program like Notepad++ can easily open them, though.
  • Exponential Idle, unusually for a mobile game, lets you export the approx. 20KB save into the clipboard and paste it into the game or a document.
  • Galactic Grind has 11KB+ files. Oddly, the Import and Export buttons seem to serve the same function, as you can export by copying the code, then replacing it in the very same window by pasting it and clicking import, no matter which button you pressed.
  • Groundhog Life has 19KB+ save files which are copied from and pasted into an in-game window. The game also notes imports from pre-Kongregate versions are no longer supported.
  • Idle Bouncer offers 5KB+ copiable files due the game's massive numbers that easily exceed 1.8^308.
  • Idle Mine Remix: You can copy and paste the game's save into a text document that's over 100KB long.
  • Idle Breakout has a not too large (for this trope anyway) copiable from a web window save file that is only 300+ bytes. It's also full of "MCwwLDAs"note  if you've just started playing.
  • Idle Recruit has a suprisingly short 20+ byte file which only holds how much EXP you've earned and not other game data. That said, it's still copied into the clipboard and pasted into the game.
  • Logistics Inc has an 8KB+ save that takes up the whole game screen which can be copied from there and imported either directly from the .txt file or pasted into a window. Note that it's impossible to get out of the save code screen after opening it.
  • Kittens Game: As an option under the options menu, a text version of the game state is provided to copy out, and a corresponding import option is available there as well.
  • The Perfect Tower starts with 4KB save files which grow larger as you play (clearing just one mission can typically add 10 bytes). Due to engine limitations, a password is directly exported into a .txt file, but it can be copied into an import menu's window.
  • Swarm Simulator has a 900+ byte save file which can be copied normally or by push of a button in-game and then copied into a window.
  • Synergism lets you export the game's save file to clipboard or as a 15KB file and paste it back to the game. Exporting gives you a small Quark bonus (up to 25 per day which can be increased with Research). The game developer also mentions exporting every time he releases an update.
  • Trimps has a 15KB+ save file (growing to 40KB+ on later stages) that can be copied manually from an in-game window, copied into clipboard or downloaded as a file and imported by pasting it into another window.
  • Vector Incremental: You can export the game in a 12KB+ .txt file which is automatically put in the default folder you've chosen for downloads and imported from the file explorer.


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