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Video Game / The Dynas Tree

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Shown: Coins, Workfinders, Spiritual power, Banks, Workers.

The Dynas Tree is an Idle Game made in The Modding Tree by ducdat0507 and released in 2020. The initial layer has you claim coins and spent them on upgrades to produces coins faster. Once you earn enough coins, more nodes show up (some of them even placed before existent ones) which are about creating a civilization with buildings and territories. Can you reach World Alpha's endgame?

The game is playable on and GitHub.

This game provides examples of:

  • Achievement System: There is a tab for achievements, but it's only a placeholder as of v0.4.
  • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts: When first unlocked, resetting for Wisdom is generally easy and the costs don't rise too quickly. Once you unlock the Subjects tab, your Wisdom is reset to 0 and its costs scale way faster, making upgrades and subjects that divide its cost more crucial than ever.
  • Cap:
    • Usable managing power is capped at 2*managers.
    • Max queue slots are based on territories and military bases.
    • The game doesn't let you go beyond 1e78,913 points as that's the Singularity threshold and your civilization fails to make it through.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Each layer has a specific color.
    • Coins: Yellow
    • Workers: White
    • Workfinders: Dark grey
    • Banks: Bright green
    • Managers: Light blue
    • Builders: Light yellow
    • Spiritual power: Pink
    • Territories: Turquoise
    • Soldiers: Dark green
    • Wisdom: Blue
    • Singularity: Black
  • Completion Meter: The Singularity layer has a progress bar that indicates how close you are to reaching 1e78,913 points and ending World Alpha (and as of v.0.4.0, the game itself).
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Soldiers running out of health only forces the game to abort the attempt at conquering, with no penalty to honor or anything else.
  • Diminishing Returns for Balance:
    • Workfinder efficiency starts dropping at 100 workfinders, then it drops faster at 40,000 and even faster at 10,000,000.
    • The upgrade that reduces Wisdom requirements based on knowledge has several softcaps to weaken its effect past certain thresholds, mostly to make waiting for knowledge less effective.
  • Downer Ending: As of v0.4, passing the point of singularity results in your civilization not making it through, resulting in all layers becoming inaccessible and the game coming to a stop.
  • Export Save: You can export the 4KB+ savefile into the clipboard and paste it into a window that pops up. Also, gaining access to the map and conquering lands inflates file size by more than ten times.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: There are times where several of the javascript files become corrupted, forcing a reset. Luckily, the game does let you export the save file which should work when it's imported.
  • Interface Spoiler: Defied in the game's changelog, as it puts elements that may be considered spoilers under markup and only reveals them when you highlight it.
  • New Game Plus: There are many times where a game introduces a layer that resets all previous systems. Sometimes this happens retroactively, when workers normally reset coins, but then they reset workfinders and banks as well.
  • Not Completely Useless: Schools and military bases unlock new layers once you have one, but there's no pointing to building more as they don't provide an effect based on their quantity unlike other buildings. That said, the former receive some decent upgrades in the Wisdom layer that make them significant for secondary spell power and knowledge production, while the latter expand the size of the queue which lets you automatically conquer land once you have 80 territories.
  • Number of the Beast: The manager layer/finding work 3 times faster upgrade can be bought for 666 workfinders.
  • Perfectly Cromulent Word: The second exotic spell is known as the Spell of "Strongetivity".
  • Procedurally Generated Levels: The World Map is stated to be made with procedural world generation. Depending on your luck, you can get either diverse environments or mostly grasslands in the area you can access, significantly affecting point gain.
  • Pun-Based Title: Based on "The Dynasty" and "Tree".
  • Random Encounters: Soldiers have a chance to encounter an enemy when exploring which the game displays as "approximately once every x seconds". Faraway areas have their encounter chance listed as "x [times] every second". Winning an encounter grants honor.
  • Regenerating Health: Soldiers regenerate some health every second.
  • Reset Milestones: The Worker, Manager, and Territory layers have milestones unlocked by having enough of their respective resource. They provide automation, make previous layers not reset anything, unlock upgrades and structures, or give strong production boosts.
  • Shout-Out: Some references are hidden in bricks (blacked-out discoveries you can't purchase).
  • Skill Point Reset: You can respec manager job allocations/wisdom discoveries to assign them differently, but that causes a manager/wisdom reset.
  • Take Over the World: V0.4 is called Conquer the World as you start conquering other land once you have soldier dexterity at 6. Subverted as you'll ultimately only be able to take a small portion of the actual visible map.