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In quite a lot of games there's a lot of huge and cool environments or areas. They may feature lush interaction, cool challenges, points of interest, or just contain a shit-ton of stuff that you can do, but couldn't in the main game. Some games feature a bonus mode where the player can interact with all of that with either some constraints or not at all.

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  • Ape Escape games had a few "extra" modes. Some were Time Trial mode, but another was "Free Play" mode, which gave you infinite lives within the level you chose the mode for. This mode made it so the player could explore the level without having to worry about dying and running out of lives. In the third one, there's only one major flaw which can ruin the experience: Getting caught with your own Monkey Net. Why? It sends you back to the Hub Level, which normally wouldn't reset much, but your progress in "Free Mode" is not saved.
  • In Colobot, after you unlock a planet in the normal missions, you also unlock its sandbox version, where you can build any of the buildings and robots you have already unlocked in the main campaign.
  • DayZ from ARMA 2 might be Dead Rising 2 OTR's realistic other. Sadly this is limited due to Perma-death.
  • Dead Rising 2 Off The Record features this, making it the Trope Namer, and is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The player has the freedom to do everything they could normally, but with infinite time. The game goes through a loop of the games 3-4 day cycle, every survivor's a psychopath, and there's challenges to do to unlock Protoman's outfit or just get achievements, and if you got a buddy to play, co-operative Sandbox Mode! It's supposed to be Dead Rising 1's Infinite Mode's spiritual successor.
    • As mentioned above Sandbox Mode in DR2: OTR Dead Rising 1 had Infinite Mode which had Frank survive and vice versa. Could be averted since it got a hunger system exclusive to DR1 which depletes Frank's health one by one after 120 seconds, giving you finite time to roam around the games world freely.
      • Another difference between the follwing Dead Rising games are that DR1 Frank will die at some point, since health items are finite and he can only go on for so much time before dying from starvation, whereas DR2 had a multiplayer mode instead to earn cash, while DR2: OTR followed it by the book.
  • Toy Story 3, the game, is most famous for its sandbox mode.