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Eve Of Man

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Three Wise Men

Dawn Of The Breakers

    Some weird gatcha game that's a minor guilty pleasure or something. If nobody else is gonna make a page for this, I guess I will. Eventually. 

Dawn of the Breakers is a free-to-play beat em up game, originally released on the Nintendo Switch in June of 2018. It also has a Steam

In the near-future, humanity has become under attack by strange beings only known as "Ghouls" that spawn from the shadows. Combatting them are forces known as "Enchanters," soldiers with various hero forms

  • Alliterative Name: Mikoto Misuno and Kiri Kanagae.
  • Bonus Boss: "No. XVII" and "No. XVIII," two bosses only available on weekends in the daily co-op thread. Both have
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: The game is free-to-play and has a gatcha system
  • Color-Coded Characters: All five of the members of the Breakers team have clearly distinct hair colors and
  • Color-Coded Elements: Both the main elements and sub-elements. Of the main four, Vita is red, Fate is blue, Terra is green, and Fortune is yellow. Sub-elements are simply listed by color: Red, White, and Pink under Vita; Blue, Silver, and Violet under Fate; Green, Black, and Cyan under Terra; and Yellow, Amber, and Orange under Fortune.
  • Denser And Whackier: The crossover events involving virtual YouTubers. The main plot takes itself seriously, but the Virtual YouTuber storylines are just bonkers, with giant bunny-men attacking with oversized carrots, a girl getting turned in to a huge duck with an army of smaller ducks, and all sorts of interdimensional-weirdness.
  • Difficulty Spike: Episode 6 gets considerably more difficult
  • Exposition Fairy: Mikoto literally turns in to one in the capsule. She has no idea why she turns in to a fairy and no idea how she knows how it works, but
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere:
    • The final boss of the Halloween special, Avenger, is a black-green... humanoid thing that just shows up from nowhere, being summoned by the Halloween ghouls from some sort of pumpkin-decoration ritual.
    • The final boss of the Christmas special. Chronos, the god of time, apparently
  • Improbably Female Cast: While the main game's roster is almost gender-balanced, every single crossover hero as of the Hololive event has been female, tipping the scales greatly. Not counting the alternate Hime/Hina forms and Roboco having two hero selves, there have been seven additional girls
  • Ms. Fanservice: Mikami has some of the most revealing hero forms for Normal and Rare, which respectively include a harpy-based costume with her cleavage bared and a claw-themed form with underboobs. Downplayed in that as of May 2019 she has yet to have a Super Rare hero form,
  • Play Every Day: Players get daily login bonuses that cycle from a list of prizes each day. During events, additional login bonuses may be found as well.
  • Stripperiffic: Many of the heroine (and some of the hero) outfits, especially the Awakened Super Rare-class heroes. Yuki's Calamity Trigger form just wears a thin black band around her chest and a completely opened coat.

    Meh, I'm gonna start the Seal 0-through- 6 page draft early 

PAGE WILL BE MADE "SOON." (Might not be until after the Mass Edit. Which might take a while.)

Mass Edit status:

  • Seal 0, Part 1 (White, Bright ol' flashlights): Almost finished, plan on finishing tomorrow (5/23/2019). I'm not gonna do changes so far because in hindsight that might be a pretty bad idea. Once I'm done with that I'll stop doing my "little by little in-between each other writing project" and considerably speed up.
  • Seal 0, Part 2 (White): Haven't started
  • Seal 1 (Pepper?, speedy ladies): Haven't started
  • Seal 2 (Turquoise?, getting the generic "telekinesis" out of the way early to force myself to come up with more "creative" powers): Haven't started
  • Seal 3 (Orange, jumps way too high but can't summon airstrikes): Haven't started
  • Seal 4 (Liberty (Blue), renamed from Neon Blue, definitely not Splatoon): Haven't started
  • Seal 5 (Capri, mermaids because I wanted mermaids in early, although this is gonna bite me in the ass if sets this number very late in to Joy): Haven't started
  • Seal 6 (Periwinkle, renamed from Liberty (Blue), moving through walls): Haven't started
  • General Changes that will happen:
    • The main demon legion's name will change from Cyoo to Kabus, I don't want a billion jokes/ripoff accusations relating to HuniePop.
    • The color scheme of the White Squad will be tweaked slightly; some of the color names will be re-arranged. Instead of ranging from white/silver to azure/medium azure, they will be white, two light grays, and a really light shade of red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and magenta.

Joy Roy Series — Likely main title.

Roy Master Of Debate — Possible redirect. If (or, hopefully, when) Roy gets long enough.

Joy Cunning Underling '' Another possible redirect.

_Roy: Master of Debate is Great Pikmin Fan's fifth "major" fictionpress story/series,


Six months after the first part of the prologue was released, on April 30th of 2019, Fan published Joy|: Cunning Underling, a story confirmed th be set in the same general universe of _Roy, but in a parallel world — or, a perpendicular world. It too has a similar premise: an "ordinary" person finds themselves with a massive harem of seventy-four small "squads" of demons and they try to work together to stop a common Big Bad. However, there are some differences between this group and Roy's group: the protagonist is a woman (but the rest of the "harem" is still all-female, this is not a Gender Flip with plenty of beefcake and M/M at all), the "demons" actually hold more angelic traits, and the biggest of all is that the setting is an Urban Fantasy-like world where demons and angels had revealed themselves to humanity a while ago. Also, for some reason, the humans and several animals of that world bleed blue.

[Alright I'm gonna stop giving all three sections at least one trope per-edit here; I mean, if I can think of one for each, I will. But Joy is the main factor: It's just one fucking chapter so far and that chapter is 2/3rds the length of the first chapter of Roy, so there really isn't that much to work with. I will, however, give at least one trope per edit to this overall, in any of the sections.]

Both, World-Building Tropes, Tropes on the Species, etc

  • Aerith and Bob: The names are all over the place, which is not too surprising given that the author admits that he is bad with names. While the demons and angels having exotic names and the humans having normal names is a given,
  • All There in the Manual: Most of the information about follower demons,
  • Ambiguously Brown: While the main characters of Roy have defined races given by Word of God, many of the side-members of the Legions in either story do not, and are often just described in terms of vague palette. In contrast to the main humans and demons of Roynote , almost everyone in Joy is this, as their races are not specified and are much harder to pin down.
  • Ass In Embassador: Both of the main demons in their respective stories are this:
    • Daygelz is far more of an outright jerkass, immediately going on to hate Roy and assume that he's an ultra-prude mostly just because he's a human, and even scaring him when they meet in the Mind Hub in an attempt to get him to wake up. She softens up, but mostly after finding out that Roy's not really the kind of person she thought he would be.
    • Nightfirma is far more formal and less violent (towards people she doesn't know, anyway) than Daygelz, but she's also fairly short-fused and openly insults Joy from time-to-time (but Joy always fires back). Daygelz "at least" puts on a show of
  • Color-Coded Characters:
    • Of the main humans, across both stories:
      • Roy: Yellow
      • Eve: Red
      • Ash: Blue
      • Min: Green
      • Joy: Chartreuse green
      • Ris: Spring green
      • Eti: Azure
      • Sky: Rose red
    • Of the Order of Chaos, the human members:
      • Roxy: White and cobalt blue
      • Lil: Orange
      • Amy: Pink
      • Hel: Purple
      • Ina: Cyan
    • Order of Chaos, angels:
      • Hyumultahs: Violet
  • Creepy Good: The demon heroes of both stories are a bit... off. More obvious in Roy, [...] In Joy, it's heavily implied that ["lead" demon, I forgot the name I came up with for her and don't feel like digging through the text files to find it] is even worse than what Lesuif pretends to be,
  • Dark Is Evil: The Dackhark Family is a corrupt delivery company working with the evil goddess that is the Big Bad of Joy. They also have the Big Bad's personal assistant, Joxy, working among them, and Joxy is also heavily
  • Expy:
  • Hellfire: The ability of Capri-Class demons is to make a type of flame that can burn underwater. It is implied that there are several varieties tied to some other classes,
  • Homosexual Reproduction: Done by angels and demons, as they are both One-Gender Races. Daygelz elaborates that demons can somehow get one-another pregnant, while angels have a more complex-looking system
  • Horny Devils: "Succubus" and "demon" is apparently synonymous in the Royverse. Likewise, "Incubus" and "angel" are synonymous according to Word of God; both species are considerably lustier on average than humans, and both of them can consume... certain fluids (actually, any fluids; blood consumption, for example, is where the myths of vampires came from) to boost their energy.
  • Intentionally Awkward Title: There's nothing wrong with Roy or Joy by themselves. However, their "subtitles" bring to mind masturbation and cunnilingus, respectively. Some of the chapters are even worse,
  • Mook Debut Cutscene: Both stories have ones that act as a cross between those of Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101:
  • Light Is Not Good: The Order of Chaos are light-themed and act as the main antagonists for the Parallel side of the story. There are also
  • Lighter and Softer: Even with Joy being a bit darker than Roy, both stories together are significantly more lighthearted than Ordinarily United, Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group, and The Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan. All three of them have death out the wazoo, and in the latter two cases, they can get pretty blunt with how violent things get (Intriguing Group features a teenager getting decapitated and having her body explode, while her head is blown up by a remote detonation chip; Unviewable has a man getting crushed by a tree onscreen and a Joe Quimby expy getting bludgeoned to death offscreen), while not outright gory. Ordinarily United originally wasn't, but since Joy+Roy effectively took over its role as Fan's story with a high amount of fanservice/nudity but almost no violence, he started dialling back on that. Ordinarily United also deals with heavier topics, such as the main character having an abusive ex-girlfriend and
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: To the point where Fan apologizes for it early in to Roy. Even just the "main heroes" themselves of Roy total in at twelve: Roy, Eve, Ash, Min, Daygelz, Lesuif, and the other six "Boss Demons." Now, each demon captain has eight "followers"
  • Odd Name Out:
    • All main human characters and their direct foils of the Ninja/Suit Squad have three-letter nicknames (which gets a bit ridiculous in some cases, like a "Hellena" who calls herself "Hel," pronounced the same way as "Hell" despite being part of a group that hates demons) to what is otherwise something longer... that is, except for the main leads, Roy and Joy. They are the only ones whose three-letter name is not short for anything.
    • Daygelz and Nightfirma are the only members of their respective eigth "main" demons among their Legions that do not have names based on corruptions of the patron demons/angels of the Seven Deadly Sins/Seven Heavenly Virtues. The "corruptions" in the first place come from them being the daughters of those respective demons (and the virtue "angels" in question are actually Perpendicular demons);
  • One-Gender Race: Daygelz explains in Seal 0 Part 2 of _Roy that demons and angels are this, demons being an all-female fanciful species and angels being an all-male fanciful species. This at least partly justifies the Improbably Female Cast, since Roy only has demons sealed with him, hee quickly deduces that it's an Amazon Brigade, that the first nine to come out being women is not a coincidence, and that
  • Painting the Medium:
    • If a character is trying to invoke power, their words — and even the quote marks it's written in — are written in bold, in a manner distinct from typical bold-for-emphasis (the latter of which is rare). Lesuif commonly talks like this, but Great Pikmin Fan confirms she will not always have her text in bold despite her overwhelming power. Nightfirma also telepathically communicates to Joy in bold, although that was just to have a quick way to tell their thoughts apart, as once she's freed her words are not written in bold.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni:
    • Daygelz is a loud, foul-mouthed, and lewd demon foil to Roy, who is significantly more uptight,
    • Daygelz and Roy's Perpendicular "counterparts" flip this around: the human, Joy, is the one that's far more energetic and brash, while Nightfirma — the angel-looking demon — is much calmer, and speaks in a far more sophisticated manner.
  • Spiritual Antithesis:
    • Both stories act as an inversion to The Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan, and are basically Fan's attempt to reshape what Unviewable broke down. Unviewable is a fairly scathing
    • Joy itself is this to Roy.
  • Spiritual Successor:
    • Of GPF's own writing, the series is this to Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals. Both of them are Homestuck-inspired (obviously in the case of Housestuck, as it is literally a badfic of the webcomic) Urban Fantasy stories involving a small group of color-coded humans living in the city that team up with a larger band of superpowered, horned humanoids to try to stop an enemy color-coded gang, where their Dragon is seen doing most of the work. Both of them even have an "alternate world" of major note: the Loop and Split Timelines in Housestuck, and the Parallel and Perpendicular Worlds of Joy+Roy. Specifically, the whole "changing the minds of the captains one-by-one" is taken from the second season/arc of HHC,
  • Stripperiffic: Many of the characters wear revealing outfits. It's the norm in the Perpendicular World for adults to run around in what look like parodies of fantasy armor, with Joy's default clothes being a skimpy black bikini with some chartreuse decorations that don't actually cover anything. Demons, or at least the main legions of the stories, go around either naked or wearing little themselves. In the Order of Chaos of _Roy, it's played with: the men have tiny speedos as their default outfits, while the women are absolutely covered head-to-toe. It's not that surprising that this absolutely pisses off Daygelz to no end, especially since it's the sort of dress code that the Order wants to enforce on the entire world.
  • Theme Naming:
    • All of the human leads across both stories go by some name with three letters. It's always a nickname to something longer, except for Roy and Joy as those are their birth names.
    • All members of the Parallel White Squad are named after runes, with Daygelz coming from dagaz.
    • Fan gave the first Parallel squad of each "series" released names based on translating various words related to their powers in different languages, although the captains are all corruptions of the name in English. Tolevey is confirmed to be based on "Velocity," based on her Super Speed,
    • The Parallel Orange, Chartreuse, Spring Green, Azure, Violet, and Rose-Squad captains are all named after corruptions of the Ars Goetia demons,
  • Title Drop: Inverted. The chapters are named after some kind of odd quote (think Two and a Half Men), usually related to sex or sounding sexual (it can go either way). As a result, the names of the first chapters in either _Roy and Joy| sound... really awkward. Joy's makes sense in context, Roy's... doesn't.
  • Urban Fantasy: Both stories are set in the current era, but both feature heavy fantastic elements. Joy's world is closer to a typical medieval fantasy setting appearance-wise (with a bigger emphasis on natural locations rather than cities, the whole cobblestone roads, and giant castles existing) as a result of demons and angels revealing themselves to the human population a few decades back, but there's obviously still current technology and the like. Both worlds are different "flavors" of the trope, Roy being a contemporary story with fantasy stuff, and Joy being a fantasy story with contemporary stuff.
  • Vapor Wear: Fan confirmed early on in the story's life that Ashley is the only main character who wears two "full" layers of clothing in the normal sense. Mindy has an undershirt beneath her dress, but no panties; and even the undershirt is really just for a joke that she and Ashley wear each-other's


  • Alternate History: Aside from angels, demons, and various creatures allied with either existing, history is implied to have remained pretty "consistent" with most of the angel/demon shenanigans going on in the background... until 2012. Obama was not re-elected for a second term, and instead another president took footing who really pushed topfreedom until it became fully legal within just a manner of a few months. This ended up pissing off the eventual founders of the Order of Chaos, and it's implied that had the Royverse's timeline been like ours, the Order of Chaos would not have existed even "today," while in the Royverse they've been around for six years.
  • Black and Gray Morality: [This MIGHT also apply to Joy, but the good guys being "gray" will come a bit later if it does. Right now the Joy stuff is just on the first chapter.] A downplayed example. While Evelin, Ashley, and Mindy are inoffensive, Roy and Daygelz are both not exactly perfect people, although they do get Character Development in the first season to slowly step away from it. However, they stand against the Order of Chaos, a bunch of controlling,
  • The Cameo:
    • Joy Riebal shows up briefly near the end of Seal 6, just before the end of the chapter, and in the chapter in question that comes right before Fan published Joy| itself. She is seen picking up Roy's "lucky pencil" after it fell out of Roy's pocket and in through a portal Hyumultahs used.
  • Evil Is Bigger: The Order of Chaos generals are gigantic when they have their Power Speedos on. All except one of them is the size of a building,
  • First-Episode Spoiler:
    • The beginning lightly implies that Roxanne might be a potential love interest, and that she forms a group of five with Roy, Eve, Ash, and Min. She doesn't; she's actually an agent of the Order of Chaos,
    • Daygelz reforms starting from the second part of the first "chapter." (Which is just its own, seperate chapter.)
  • The Friend Nobody Likes:
    • Roy, by the beginning of the story. At first it seems like his relationships with his roommates (and Mindy) are stable enough, but as the webnovel goes on it becomes obvious that their old friendship from the past is barely hanging on by a thread after a few years of Roy gradually becoming more of a misguided, arrogant "activist." One of the first demon captains released, Fiagnayd, flatly asks what Roy's friends even see in him. It takes them four days to come up with a reasonable answer as to why they're even friends with him at all, and even that answer did not come from them but rather came from Azmelditas.
    • Daygelz, Roy's demonic foil, is incredibly unpopular among the other members of the Legion. At first it seems like her own followers at least dearly love her and treat her as a hero, but the end of Seal 0 Part 2 reveals that even they think she's kind of stupid and mostly take her side because they feel it's the best way for them to move forward; as soon as Daygelz has her proper Heel–Face Turn, they drop the act and confess that they were never really on her side to begin with. Then the other demon captains are released, and one by one, they all either have some beef/disagreement with her or just find her constant whining about the violence/nudity Double Standard really annoying. Or Daygelz doesn't really like them, as seen with Ikjub (as Ikjub is a strong believer in "more clothing is sexier," a philosophy that pisses off Daygelz) or Delshdin (Delshdin has a surprisingly "neutral" opinion on Daygelz, but she's also very hard to convince anything, so Daygelz just sees her as an annoying "challenge" in the grand scheme of the mission to convince all captains to not follow Lesuif's plan to take over humanity).
  • Harem-Powered: The Bracelet of Darkcast allows its users to borrow powers from demons. Roy does this with the Legion,
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Daygelz and Roy, respectively. The former is
  • Minion with an F in Evil: While the Ninja Squad are good fighters and even came up with anti-angel/demon technology, they are terrible at actually working with the Order of Chaos. Lilith immediately apologizes for breaking in to Roy/Eve/Ash's apartment
  • Mooks: The Soldiers of the Order of Chaos. Their absolute lowest-ranking members,
  • Moral Guardians: The Order of Chaos are partially this,
  • Politically Incorrect Villain:
    • Daygelz might swear that the Order of Chaos are this trope's opposite on a bad day, but they're really this. Their foundation was a combination religious extremists of the 18th Century with self-proclaimed TERFs, and from there they snowballed in to being an amalgamation of every sex-negative stereotype imaginable. [I can't remember if I actually got to writing Roxy saying this or not, but there's always the rewrite if I didn't:] They also clearly view women to be inferior to men, in spite of their second-in-command being a woman. They also don't give a shit about the rest of the world, as Lilith reveals when she explains what the Order of Chaos refers to other countries/regions of the world as, they're all "X America." Finally, it's implied that they're outright bigoted towards demons (an all-female race to boot),
  • Production Foreshadowing: Joy shows up at the end of Seal 6, which was published mere hours before Joy| itself debuted.
  • Punny Name:
    • The island of Vioslant. It's "viole(n)t" + "island."
    • Roy's full name is a play on "Roy G. Biv,"
  • Self-Deprecation: Great Pikmin Fan is a character in-universe as a comic author and television producer whose real-life Fictionpress stories are television shows. He goes by his planned alternate alias, NeedsMoreDeepWater, with his shows being nicknamed "Waterworks." However, [um, maybe something else first? It's a bit hard to write this trope since the real self-deprecation stuff doesn't come until a bit later.] Also, neither Roy nor Daygelz like Ordinarily United that much, which also reflects Fan's dislike towards how it turned out after he felt like he wrote himself in to a corner.
  • Serious Business:
    • Daygelz treats the act of covering up nudity in fiction as a very serious subject. Considering that the Big Bad is for this and also for
  • Stealth Parody: It's easy to think from the story and the story alone that this is purely a spiel against censorship relying on the usual Refuge in Audacity, with the "censoring" group being portrayed as an Obviously Evil cult that are trying to resurrect an evil god and cause the apocalypse. However, Word of God is that this is actually a parody of such things. While not a prude himself (hence why both installments have plenty of unironic sex and more "vanilla" fanservice), Fan got fed up with seeing people ranting on censorship-strawmen, casually defending... controversial matters, and either being oblivious to or blatantly ignoring the difference between artistic sex/nudity and blatant pandering. The true main purpose of the Order of Chaos is to show that no group like them in real life actually exists, or at least that they have nowhere near the amount of power that people somewhat like Daygelz think that they have. Overt-prudishness and the desire to control all of media is mocked, but so is perversion: Ron and Insa are both viewed as nuts, and Daygelz is seen even by her own peers as an edgy asshole who won't shut the hell up, with few of the other demons in the Legion actually liking her by the beginning of the story.
  • Surprise Creepy: Inverted. Ignoring the title, summary, and author's notes, the start of the work makes it look like it's a horror story — a clearly unhealthy man covered in blood out in the middle of nowhere performs some ritual that results in a bright light with screaming faces coming out of what's implied, and later confirmed, to be the bone of an angel, before the light and faces fade away and the man walks away. Then it cuts to the next week, where some delivery company employee happens to have his car break down by that same place, and he ends up being attacked by a crow with teeth that manifested from that bone. Also, the story was published on Halloween. It's not until Roy actually sees Lesuif and Daygelz in the Mind Hub that the story begins to lighten up and turn in to a more typical GPF romp.
  • Wham Episode: The end of Seal 6. Hyumultahs shows up in Roy and co.'s apartment, trashes the place, and dares them to go over to his base at "Violsant,"


  • The Chessmaster: Joxy, being the one who set things up so that Joy would encounter the Syulk Legion in the first place,
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: It's an "interquel" rather than a sequel to Roy, but the villains are still opposites to one-another. The Master is greatly shrouded in mystery, unlike Etabed, who is elaborated upon rather early in the story. The Master's main goal is to plunge the world in "anarchy," wheras Etabed wants a complete dictator-god control over everyone. The Order of Chaos is the end result of two toxic, dangerous, but opposing extremes being paradoxically blended together, while Fan's profile page reveals that the Master and Joxy's whole belief system reeks of the Golden Mean Fallacy. Most obviously, however, is that Etabed is a light-themed angel associated with gold and cobalt while the Master is a dark-themed demon (despite demons in her world otherwise being associated with light), although her color palette is unknown. Even their Dragons are completely different to one-another: Roxy pretends to be a friend to Roy and company before revealing herself as a villain, dresses very heavily, is as light-themed as Etabed, and she makes it clear that she will try to just outright shoot Roy if the situation allows for it. Joxy, on the other hand, is a total stranger who outright introduces herself as a villain to Joy, runs around in what's basically underwear, is dark-themed, and toys around with the heroes rather than flat-out killing them despite having the potential to do exactly that.
  • Contrasting Sequel Protagonist: Again, interquel,
  • Darker and Edgier: Downplayed. While not completely serious and still refusing to hold back in terms of sexual content, Joy on average is set out to be more focused on treating the story genuinely, instead of the borderline South Park-esque antics going on in the Parallel World. Adding on to this is that both the human and demon components of the gang here are "failure heroes;" either through lazyness or misguided ways they pull off their acts of heroism. This is most obviously reflected in regards to the way their Dragons are handled: Roxy is
  • Establishing Character Moment:
    • Joxy makes Joy aware of her presense by breathing heavily in the middle of a pitch-black cave, while Nightfirma calmly and telepathically lets Joy in on who it is that's doing that. Joxy then turns on some sort of portable light, with her face/mask barely away from Joy's face, and taunts her. Yeah... a totally friendly and not-creepy character at all.
  • For Want of a Nail: In the Parallel World, angels and demons stayed secret to humanity as a whole, and still are now. In the Perpendicular World, they revealed themselves around the beginning of the 20th Century [I'm gonna make a note to put this on my profile, because going purely off of what's there right now this is not explained].
  • Heroic Albino: Skyther lacks pigment, having white hair and reddish-pink-colored eyes, and is confirmed by Fan to have albinism. She's part of Joy's gang, so she's a hero.
  • Monster Clown: The "Jox Fool [full name later]," AKA Joxy, a mysterious woman in a clown-mask of sorts that appears while Joy is in the cave she finds Nightfirma in.
  • Mundane Fantastic: The beginning establishes that a number of odd fantasy elements are totally commonplace in the Perpendicular World. Giant, sprawling castles with cars that drive up walls? Meh. Standard view out the home window. Magic defense spells showing up as rings in the night sky? Okay, those are just the barriers. Humans native to this world bleed blue? Of course they do. What other blood color would they have? Characters also regularly go out on adventures called "quests," although Totem 0 Part 1 implies that these "quests" can be very small in nature.
  • Painting the Medium: In addition to "strong demonic" words being written in bold (mostly Nightfirma's thoughts, as a way of having a quick way to tell the difference between her messages and Joy's), the narration treats many of the odd quirks of the world as though they are completely normal, barely bothering to explain them. Or, such as the case with the blue blood, writing it out in a sarcastic "what else would there be?"
  • R-Rated Opening: Immediately after the opening author's notes, the story opens up with a sex scene between Joy and Ris — not overtly graphic, but still a definite hard R/M-rating. This is unlike Roy itself, which just opens up with Roy driving. None of this is to imply that either story tames themselves up, as Great Pikmin Fan makes it clear that these will eventually dive in to fanservice, Roy a tiny bit moreso than Joy.
  • Series Establishing Moment: Unlike Roy, Joy opens up with
  • Seen It All: Joy's reaction to seeing a blood-(by our standards)red sword made out of an angel's bone and releasing a seal with several demons in it.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Nightfirma shares Daygelz's love of combining formal talk and also not being light on swearing. In Nightfirma's case, she speaks "formally" far more often and swears a bit less, but this makes her few swears that much more jarring.
  • Surprise Creepy: Unlike Roy inverting this, the beginning of Joy plays it straight. First it seems like some quirky and sexual adventure about a woman in a fantasy world with angels and demons just trying to see why the power of her house went out, and this part is almost exclusively played for laughs. Then she winds up having at least nine demons sealed in her, which is also played for laughs... until the one demon telepathically talking to her mentions that there's something else in the pitch-black cave in there, with her. Right in front of her. Joy reaches out and feels something. That "something" turns on a bright light and reveals herself as a strange, robotic Monster Clown covered in what looks like both Parallel and Perpendicular blood, with Nightfirma all-but flat-out saying that Joxy could kill Joy whenever she wants to.

For much later, but I want to just save these as a "trophy" for when I've reached this point:

  • Characterization Marches On:
    • The original Seal 0 painted Roy as much closer to a typical,
  • Early Installment Weirdness:
    • The Prologue and Season 1 of _Roy are considerably different from almost everything after it in the series, tonally. It's basically much closer to South Park in terms of having a heavy focus on satire and just about everyone outside of the main characters being a bunch of nuts, and hell, including some of the main characters. Insa and Sam in particular are much closer to common straw-exaggeration
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    • This bears special mention seperate from the above bullet point: the fanservice was actually fairly far spaced-out, despite being written from the get-go to have a lot. This was mostly to get through exposition
    • Seals 1 and 2 were pretty different from the seals that follow. The demons released there were openly hostile towards Daygelz and — to a lesser extent — Roy, while

Fuck, MORE "future" stuff but I promise to keep the main focus on what's out:

  • Foreshadowing:
    • In Seal 0 Part 1, Ashley and Roy talk about dreams, and Ash concludes this by joking that she brought it up in case Roy wants to try to crack her head. The revision also gives her one more sentence where she immediately follows that up by saying that he'd find it too difficult. Much later, when the Parallel and Perpendicular groups meet, Nightfirma and company note that Ash is the only one of the sixteen human captains that hasn't been "cracked" yet; Nightfirma cannot really get in to her hed or "figure her out" like she can with the others. (Especially Roy, incidentally her chromatic-opposite in terms of color-coding. Everyone can read Roy like a book, but nobody can read Ashley.)

    Angry (Compilation) 

Berserk Button

Good Guys


  • Roy:
  • Daygelz:
    • To her, less is not more
    • If she complains about something dialing down its nudity, for the love of Lesuif, do not try to argue that she should watch full-blown porn instead. She'll go on quite a long rant

Not Heckshuffle

  • Marjorie:
    • She's a complete pushover when it comes to her employees, but only if it's from her own decisions. Don't push her in to getting a raise out of her, and do not deliberately take advantage of her borderline Extreme Doormate nature.

Bad Guys

  • Roxy:
    • Flashing/mooning her is a bad idea. While this action would, in general, offend just about anyone, with Roxy is takes note for two reasons. One, she only reacts in the first place if the person doing so is a woman; a man flashing his ass or even penis will just garner the same stoic disinterest as just about any other taunt. Two, speaking of that stoic disinterest, doing so is one of the very few things that makes Roxy actually angry.
    • The MO of the Order of Chaos is to spray "censor paint" everywhere to cover various posters, images, and the like of female nudity, and they even extend this to actual people. With this in mind, it's ironic that graffiti outside of this pisses off Roxy significantly: do not doodle anything in the Order of Chaos base, even a slight scribble or an "Ashley was here," as revealed early in Season 4.
  • Joxy:


  • Me:
    • Do not call the Water Works "porn." Or at least, don't say that they're

Blue and Yellow:

  • IG:
  • OU:
  • Unviewable:
    • General:
      • Yoko (blue hair) and Junko (yellow hair) are considered a "duo" and tend to be seen together, having a lot of "opposition" (such as Junko being a masochist and Yoko being a sadist). They are both found/recruited at the same time in 2, and are in fact the only demons who are recruited together.
      • The entire "Board" set of species and subspecies has heterochromatic eyes: one always blue, and one always yellow.
    • 1:
    • 2:
      • While Dudeality's initial form in Chapter 3 is "half-fire, half-ice" themed (red and cyan), his reappearance as a miniboss in Upper Mount. Tan as "One True Dudeality" gives him a half-blue, half-yellow color scheme.
    • 3:
  • Joy+Roy:
    • General:
      • The rarest of the nine angel classes is called Gold/Cobalt, variations of yellow and blue. It is the class of the main antagonist of Roy, and it is the only class of either angels or demons with the natural ability to move between the two worlds.
    • Roy:
      • Roy (associated with the color yellow) and Ashley (associated with the color blue) have much more symbolism as a "duo" than the other pairs; they are more diametrically opposed, particularly in Roy being predictable and easy to read while Ash is absolutely not. They have also known each-other earlier than and longer than any other pair between the sixteen humans (they met as babies, set up by their parents; nobody else in the gang met while that young)
      • Roy is also the designated "good foil" to Roxy, who is associated with cobalt. To fit the "Etabed/Gold-Cobalt variation," some times Roy is specifically surrounded with gold or associated with that color to "complete" the duality, since Roxy's palette is almost never just called "blue," and the story tries to set Roxy and Ashley as having distinct colors.
      • Chartill (yellow) is the next Angel General after Dilll (blue). However, since Chartill's respective "rival demon" is the cyan one while Temp. (orange) has the yellow one (as a nod to the Ocarina of Time Medallion and text colors), the Boss Demons are not introduced
      • The first two of Lesuif's followers to be released are the ones with extra-dark blue and extra-dark yellow magic.
    • Joy:


Roy actually does have a big, round butt. A number of characters joke around that he kinda has a "womanly" ass.

    Steve, in Case I get Bored 

They say Mohdezes aren't naked without fear...
They say Avaages aren't thinkers.
They say Descendos aren't fighters.
They say Darks aren't friendly.
They say Beta Cuts aren't winners.
They say Buhvillens aren't good.
It's our job to prove them wrong.
The Intriguing Group.

Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group

  • Boring, but Practical:
    • As a Hank Hill expy, Steve is this despite having superpowers. He is confirmed by the author to be the "weakest" of the main characters and his powers are significantly less flashy than the others in execution, despite having big potential to have cool abilities in concept. He mostly just grows branches and vines, in contrast to flashier use of technology or game-breaking powers
    • Exaggerated with Diane. The main characters have some sort of elemental power (in Hammithan's case, he cannot naturally make his element, but his machines do produce a lot to make up for that), but on top of that they have another ability: Poixer has a giant, trained kaiju as his friend, Nosfo has shape-morphing and regeneration, Hammithan has a ton of vehicles at his disposal, and Quazzax has advanced Hard Light technology that can be used in multiple ways. Diane, on the other hand, "just" has Super Strength on top of her fire powers... but that strength is so far above most of the other characters that she can oneshot
  • Decoy Protagonist: In true GPF form, we're introduced to Jim early on (in fact, he's the first character we see in the story) and he seems to be a regular player, acting as Steve's foil and the older brother figure he never really got from the Blood King. He seems like something of a mainstay when he, Quazzax, and Steve work together to kill Darkhorse, or at least that his death won't be for a while. He's killed at the beginning of Volume 2 with almost no warning,
  • Expy: A great deal of the characters.
    • The Intriguing Group themselves are based on Fan's "Six Sages" concept. No, not the Sages of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that inspired the whole idea — although their "elements" are present in these characters too — but the "Sages" in his badfics. Steve is an expy of Hank Hill, as a middle-aged man who wants to live a simple life and goes by Boring, but Practical. However, Hank would not be caught dead as a near-naked man living out in the forest and having a heavy tie with nature. Also, as a deliberate "anti-nod," Steve likes charcoal — which Hank hates. Hank is "assigned" as the Sage of Forest for some odd reason, so Steve has powers over plant matter and wind, but he leans towards using the former while Jim leans towards the latter.
    • Diane is an expy of Brenda, as both are anime-inspired, fanservice-y, and very quiet. Because Fan did not want to have a near-completely silent main character, however, Diane does speak, but she is a Terse Talker. Brenda is the Sage of Fire as a "hot" joke, so Diane comes from a volcanic underground region and has explosive fire and lava powers. Her schtick of being able to take things out in one hit is taken from Saitama, and she is actually the first in a line of GPF-written heroes (usually heroines, Carlson being the only exception) powerful enough to instantly take down anything. (A trend continued with Carlson and Unitia One of Ordinarily United; Tamiko of Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan; and Lesuif of Joy+Roy.)
    • Poixer is Sheldon Cooper, a complete know-it-all jerkass genius that's at best only tolerated by the other members of his group. While less overall insensitive, Poixer is considerably more negative and cynical than his inspiration and goes out of his way to avoid the other members of the Intriguing Group, prefering to insult them outright instead of just annoying them with backhand insults and unnecessary rambling. Sheldon is the Sage of Water in GPF's badfics, so Poixer is a sea-person with water powers.
    • Hammithan is a Kamina clone, as a very loud, hammy man who uses a mech in combat. Since mecha are not very common in the Intriguing Group world, Hammithan's mech-skills are actually a valuable and rare thing, and he doubles as being good with gadgets (even moreso than Poixer or Diane, both of whom are considered geniuses by others). Kamina is a Walking Shirtless Scene, so Hammithan goes around with a shirt... and nothing else. (But the shirt is long enough to cover his genitals. Barely.) Kamina in the badfic lore is the Sage of Spirit, which is associated with the desert in Zelda canon; Hammithan is very electric-themed and originally lived out in the Western Desert before moving in to the Southern Forest to live in Steve's tree community.
    • Nosfo is Alucard, although he's the odd one out in that he's moreso based on Alucard's joke-portrayal in Fan's Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals than the canonical Alucard. (Diane also borrows several traits from how GPF portrayed Brenda in his fanworks, namely The Hair Idealization making her know a lot about physics for the one-time joke of Leonard not being able to stomp the physics portion as he thought, but it's more justified in that there isn't that much character to go by for Brenda in the first place.) Both are powerful vampires with regenerative skills, and in the case of Ulumate Crconikals Nosfo has a strange personality and a fixation on sea captains and tanks like Alucard did. In fact, from the end of Volume 2 onwards, Nosfo even hijacks a tank and keeps it to himself. Alucard is — fittingly, and not too surprisingly — assigned as the Sage of Shadow, and while Nosfo generally just shares a few of Alucard's powers, he's given far more of a "darkness and shadow" theme than a "blood" theme.
    • Quazzax was designed after Rose Quartz, prior to some certain reveals, but Fan decided to keep Quazzax based on what was "thought" of Rose for some originality. They are rebels of a rock-and-light-based race of aliens that have the same build,
    • Darkhorse and Darkerhorse are confirmed to be inspired by Laambo and Walltha, a pair of hammy brothers with a red and blue fire theme that are incredibly similar. Darkhorse himself also appeared in Sweet Jade and Hella John, albeit with a completely different personality and a character gimmick (namely, he was a parody of the Ensemble Dark Horse trope; Hank Hill liked him for no reason, and he's such a minor character that he's killed off immediately after his first appearance).
    • Xunter is not an expy of anybody in particular; he's an "edgy anime protagonist" joke.
    • Coward's Mask
    • Tanker is what would happen if someone took Peridot and completely stripped away anything positive about her, and replaced those things with tryhard
    • Kenith and Hacksa are based very, very, very loosely on Jesse and Jane, although Hacksa's powers and the way they are handled brings to mind Doopliss. They are also taken from two characters from Hecksing: The Dawn, a pair of hackers named Haxxor and... Kenny.
    • Evol-Fish is based on a one-time joke on The Simpsons that involved a fish growing legs and learning to breathe. He also has SCP-682's powers, except much faster and without any hard rules.
    • Revealica
    • Mudvin is
  • Warmup Boss: Darkhorse is the first BLOODSHOT officer Steve and company faces,
  • Wham Episode: The beginning of Volume 2. What seems like a bit of falling action after the Darkhorse fight and a mostly-tame chapter has Tanker attacking a coffee shop while Steve, Quazzax, and Jim are there, and her invasion results in the direct death

    Gravity Falls shitpost fic Trackers 


  • Character Name: RG "Meat" | RG "Candy" | RG "Game Complete" | Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage | Escape From Fanservice Island; alive dead ascended to Godhood/Sagehood/"God Tier"/etc status unknown/uncertain

Main human characters in at least RG:

  • Dipper Pines: Rocking a surprisingly "adorable" prosthetic arm | The only GPF-Dipper whose right arm survived to late teenagehood | Probably okay, right? Right?! | Being overshadowed by your life-long sister and your two long-lost sisters is really hard | Had no idea just what the hell he just missed
  • Mabel Pines: Rocking a surprisingly badass prostehtic leg | Enjoying life on the New Domains | FUCK .GIFFANY | Simon the Digger, but like, kind of the opposite in terms of character development | "Hey, isn't that that spider that tried to suck my uncle's juices out — eh, who cares, everyone likes her now, so do I."
  • Soos Ramirez: Not-Link | Not-harem protagonist | Not happy/assimilated? | Not-Saitama | Not-God Tiered
  • Wendy Corduroy: Cool | Fool | Getting ready to axe some dating sim characters out | Some kind of weird meta... something | Was Ms. Mystery for a while, hated it
  • Stan Pines: "Solved" the Bermuda Triangle | Might have one hell of a series of sisters-in-law, if not daughters-in-law, depending on what Ford or Soos do | Probably got a bigger tombstone | Is fricking the hell out of a mass of rejected not-Halloween candy | His Hank Hill-ass saved the world
  • Spoiler guy, but like the show ended three years ago so: Just friends with Burnda | "Just friends with Burnda" | Probably not okay; and has a smaller tombstone | Hates elections now | WATER MAN, also ice
  • Melody: In no threat of being cheated on | STILL in no threat of being cheated on because Soos does not do that, he's a faithful boy | Ironically might be okay | Each time you read this she might have just finished another three-way with the strongest man alive and the strongest AI alive | Same as TJOWPAC, except all three of them are gods now
  • Hank Hill: Needed a fourteenth season | Teen Titans Go!-itized | Somehow exists now????? Might save the universe from .GIFfany | Always dies in SBIG, and this is no exception | Stan's ghost mentor. Kind of

AIs/RA7 Characters/.GIFfany Copies (and their/or just .GIFfany Prime's "brother"):

  • Rose: Scientific botanist | Magical dryad | ASSIMILATED | Probably punching trees | Never really got to do anything; dammit, Dove
  • Kathody: Off doing some haunted-romance carnival or something | Link to the underworld | ASSIMILATED | |
  • Searah: | | ASSIMILATED
  • Sandy: | | ASSIMILATED
  • Cardia: | | ASSIMILATED
  • Bubbles: | | ASSIMILATED
  • Leona: | | ASSIMILATED
  • Sonia: | | ASSIMILATED
  • Dian: | | ASSIMILATED
  • Natalie: | | ASSIMILATED
  • Shannon: | | ASSIMILATED
  • Burnda: | | ASSIMILATED
  • Burrda: | | ASSIMILATED
  • Dove: Thinks Soos made the wrong choice | Thinks Soos made the wrong choice | ASSIMILATED (DEFINITELY thinks Soos or someone else made the wrong choice) | DON'T fucking make FNAF or DDLC jokes around her or she'll flip out; actually, don't joke around her in general | Wishes she kicked Zeskit's ass to make up for how she treated Prime
  • .GIFfany (Prime/Risen/whatever): Now displaying at a local art museum near you | Knew Soos had it in him | Is God now, or Lord English, or something like that | The only timeline where she's still dating Rumble | Devoted to Japanese censorship laws
  •    .EXE:    "Hey Soos I have your dad" | "Hey Soos I have your mom" | Damn even SHE couldn't survive assimilation | Soos "redeemed" the hell out of her; only timeline where she's "redeemed" | Just disappeared
  •    Creepypasta Sonic:    No | No | No | Amnesia'd, then got his memories back, possessed the Death Star in a world of Homestuck, and died for good | Probably still No

The other video games:

  • Rumble McSkirmish: He exploded after finding out .GIFfany technically killed her own father, but he might be back | Definitely okay | Retroactively suffered a NASTY breakup | Discount Genos | Discount Geno
  • Dr. Karate: Still fictional? | The ending implied SOMETHING but we don't know what | Likely not even part of the equation | Soos's first actual one-punch victim | Might be okay

Main TJOWPAC characters:

  • Nzyvo Northwest: Doesn't exist | Still doesn't exist | NOT IN RG AT ALL, DOES. NOT. EXIST. | Eh, not as bad as Carl | Might exist. Might not. Schrodinger's sister
  • Pacifica Northwest:

TJOWPAC ONLY characters (there aren't any "split" timelines because there's no need):

  • Greed Devil: FREEZE! Christmas Police!
  • Sloth Devil:

Main EFFI characters:

  • Darlene: It's implied Future-Dipper wasn't so merciful as the whole gang was in canon, but she could still be alive | This time it's probably the Stans' fault, but you can't really blame them considering "Roadside Attraction" | "This town ain't big enough for two charming spider-ladies..." | |


  • Great Pikmin Fan/NeedsMoreDeepWater: [Hell if I know. I hope he's dead in this timeline! He killed this version of me! What the fuck, Water!] | [I still don't know, but he is not important] | ["My timeline's" avatar of the Maker of this world. I hope I deleted him at some point... he creeps me out] | [Oh! This version of me killed him] | [He was going to show up and talk a lot to that version of me, but that was scrapped. So I do not know where he is]


Someone brought this up on a Reddit Homestuck thread talking about how little Jade and Rose have interacted and mentioned that every other combination of the original four kids has a dynamic with one-another. That got me thinking. Shit, I should probably write out dynamics between the main gangs of my own dumb stuff.

Roy (This one is especially important IMO because how many harems actually build interactions with the women amongst each-other? This is an actual question, not a rhetorical "I can re-invent the whole genre" brag)

  • Roy and Eve: A guy pinning after his childhood crush but doing his best to take her advice; meanwhile, she
  • Roy and Ash: The longest-standing friendship of the four,
  • Roy and Min:
  • Eve and Ash: Two people casually trying to playfully one-up each-other in terms of coolness, but
  • Eve and Min: Nature enthusiasts
  • Ash and Min:

  • Daygelz and Azmelditas:
  • Daygelz and

  • Daygelz and Roy: [this is absolutely not how it's written at first but that's what the rewrite should aim to fix:] Initially two outcasts of their respective groups who kinda get along because they know the feeling


  • Steve and Diane:
  • Steve and Poixer:
  • Steve and Hammithan:
  • Steve and Nosfo:
  • Steve and Quazzax: Two "kinda-almost-done with this weird shit" people who at first just has Steve kinda pinning after Quazzax, but after fighting a bit and killing Darkhorse they've

    Joy Riebal 

An average suburban woman living in the Perpendicular World with her roommate and lover Ris. She really wants to go on a journey, and after doing some light investigation following a strange power outage, she heads out and almost immediately finds the Syulk Legion.

  • Contrasting Sequel Protagonist: It's an interquel with Roy and the two stories virtually run parallel to each-other, but she still fits this compared to her designated Parallel World counterpart. Roy is, putting it bluntly, an asshole pre-Character Development, a real friend liked by nobody who is at best only tollerated by the other three main characters, he hates going on any drastic journies, and all-in-all he's a man with some real Boring, but Practical ideals. Joy, on the other hand, is a social butterfly and it's the other three main characters who have comparatively small friend groups instead, she's a genuinely nice (if slightly snippy, mostly to Nightfirma, although given that Nightfirma introduced herself while stuck in Joy's head it's a bit justified) who actively wants to find something exciting, and her plans/schemes are Awesome, but Impractical. Even the way they treat Dave is different: Roy cannot stand being around Dave even after he softens up a little despite knowing Dave for a long time and sharing a mutual friend in Eve, while Joy barely knows Dave but loves it whenever he shows up. About the main thing they have in common is their love of sex.
  • Ironic Name: Her last name is a corruption of "rebel." She's... not very rebellious. In fact, her ultimate goal in Cunning Underling is to keep leadership intact. Or, prevent a "rebellion" of sorts from going on.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She's technically a Dark-Skinned Blonde, but her hair has an odd pale green tint to it, directly compared to the color of dry grass.

    Light and Dark (but both of them are evil) 

Oh they're meant to be foils in way more ways than Roy and Joy.

  • Roxy's default outfit is a fairly covering "hipster" costume, and when she goes One-Winged Angel she puts on a full OOC-"habit." Joxy's default outfit is basically really thin underwear, and when she goes One-Winged Angel she strips down to just some card suit-stickers.
  • Roxy has Scary Shiny Glasses often but otherwise shows her face. Joxy wears a mask at most times, her eyes technically being among the only parts that are visible, although the eye holes are really dark.
  • Roxy often makes her presence with blinding lights, while Joxy tends to surround the people she wants to fuck with in darkness first. When Joxy comes over to the OOC bases to play Chess or something with Roxy, she cuts out half the lights in the room. When Roxy invades a hideout of Joxy's, she brightens things up considerably.
  • Roxy was well-known by Roy as the former pretended being a friend and neighbor of the latter. But Daygelz, Roy's patron demon, knows almost nothing about her. Joxy is a complete nobody to Joy at first, although Nightfirma, Joy's patron demon, does know about her.
  • Roxy hates villain cliches and will stop at nothing to avoid them, such as trying to kill the heroes at absolutely every chance she gets and never making evil speeches or one-liners. Joxy embraces these tropes whole-heartedly, which annoys the hell out of Roxy.
  • Not counting Gold/Cobalt, Vermilion is the last angel class that Roxy draws powers from via pact, while it's the first Joxy draws powers from (hence, the latter's constant teleportation).
  • Roxy is associated with the color cerulean, while Joxy is associated with the color vermilion.

How Roxy and Joxy's chess matches usually go: (Really quick shuffling, they are also throwing a bunch of other stuff at one-another and doing a cross between sparing for practice and genuine fighting because they hate one-another. Matches are usually over with in under a minute, and are very heavy, usually being very close until the end.)
How Roy and Joy's chess matches usually go: (Joy spends three fucking minutes staring at the board before moving a pawn forward, not realizing that she just left herself for a Fool's Mate. For the second time.)


Kabus Daygelz [Oh shit "Kabus" is actually a pretty good Legion name, it's still clearly taken from "succubus" and it kinda sounds like "caboose" which fits in so many ways. This might be the final name, and the Perpendicular Legion's name might be based on the first part of "succubus."] is one of the main characters of the Joy+Roy series, the deuteragonist of _Roy: Master of Debate, and is the leading Parallel demon.

  • Full Name: Daygelz (Legion name "Kabus")
  • Species: Parallel Demon, White-Class
  • Age:
    • Seasons 1-4: 24
    • Seasons 5+: 25 (Born March 25th, 1994)

Personality and Traits


Daygelz is a demoness with the appearance of a mildly wide-set woman with mid-back-length white/light-silver hair, and like all demons and angels, her irises and various bodily fluids match that color. Her "regular" "outfit" consists of a knee-length white dress that easily blows around, frequently shamelessly exposing that she wears nothing underneath. As the series progresses, she occasionally switches to other, similarly revealing costumes,

When "slightly powered"/in her "true form," like other demons, her skin changes to match her hair, eyes, and various other parts of her, in this case making her white all-around. Horns and a tail may also grow in either her "unpowered" or her "slightly powered" state, but like all demons, she can retract them at will. When significantly powered, she grows wings made out of darkness (or, "light darkness" as they're called for her demon class)


Unlike any other member of the Kabus Legion, Daygelz was born and raised on Earth, under the false identity of a human. Her own demon heiratage was specifically kept secret from her during the early years of her life. When she was ten, Hyumultahs had arranged a private "witch hunt" towards

That's another contrast between them. Lesuif at first seems really grim, serious, and imposing, but under that she seems like a goofy sort of kinda-fangirl archetype, but if you get past her occasional "OMG yeas"-type speech you'll see that she's actually not just some "adorkable" cookie-cutter type, but rather she's a dishonest (in a story where honesty is a huge theme), selfish asshole who could have easily trimmed down the length of the story if she had just outlined her mission clearly and talked it out with the Kabus Legion, instead of partly encouraging them to be violent assholes. But with all these layers she is still exactly as powerful as told. Rhislaujja, on the other hand, at first seems like a maniacle being of pure power that has way too much fun with what she does, but under that she seems like a standard creepy psycho after all, yet if you look past that you'll find that she's actually

"Minibosses;" POSSIBLE thing. (Might not do that because URMOD and JBCU are bloated as-is.)

Hyumultahs arc.

  • Capricorn:
  • Aquarius: A fountain-statue thing with several arms. Basically kind of a Glamour ripoff.

Kaeneel arc.

  • Cancer:
  • Leo: The most humanoid of the "Zodiacs." Some weird muscular lion-man that can copy himself a lot,

Paness arc.

  • Pisces: A huge fucking fire-fish-dragon thing, keeping in line with "fish/mermaid" characters having at least some kind of fire association in my stories. Also looks pretty serpentine. But not so much as to look like a knockoff of Kaeneel,
  • Aries:

Dilll arc.

  • Scorpio:
  • Saggitarius: The smallest of them. Just kind of some angel-turret thing. Really accurate. Has some implied connections to Ansuz/Assun and her heirloom Piece of Shit Musket.

Chartill arc.

  • Virgo:
  • Libra:

Temp. arc.

  • Taurus: A giant fucking bull-angel thing that also doubles as a sort of train. But not Temp.'s main train. Fighting him is part of the "motorcycle segment."
  • Gemini:

Little C. does not have two Zodiac assistants; he strictly hangs out in Los Angeles, which has loads of each Zodiac. The others are encountered in New York, which only has one of each since it's far away from the main Order of Chaos base. It's this shitty Wonderful 101-esque situation where the heroes spend, like, 90% of the story actually only fighting a tiny fraction of the enemy's forces, and I say "shitty" because unlike 101 (a plasma barrier is keeping most of the aliens out) there isn't really any good reason why the Order of Chaos doesn't just all head over to NY together is because they were just underestimating the non-Lesuif demons. And Lesuif had a long ways before she was released.

     a thing this troper found out two seconds ago 
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Animated Spellbook

"Okay! Okay, I give! I... (huff) if I kept going... (huff), I know I would have died, so... you win. There. I'll stop exerting myself.

"Bu-but wait! No, calm down, I'm not going to do anything! No more tricks up my sleeve! I just... everything's yours, you already won, I'll join your Band no questions asked, I... I just want to say... one last thing. Just... please promise... that you won't turn in to... you won't turn in to me. Okay?




"Aw, forget it.










"So, Boss, what do you want me to do now?"

"Write purple some more, obviously"

    Morbid Idea From... the 4th, I think (warning: .GIFfany) 

So this is kind of but not really copied from the Housestuck Epilogues but fuck it. I'd imagine some people would want .GIFfany to die in RG and frankly, she's canonically an abusive, murderous, misogynist, so they kind of have a point.

The revised version of "Game Over" will have a split ending after the Giant Naked Pileup. First, Burrda or maybe someone else gives Soos the anti-AI sword. And there might only be one of those, instead of two, to make the former ending more """powerful.""" One ending is like the 2015 version, where Soos continues to try his fu — he's sorry he doesn't swear — cking damndest to "reform" .GIFfany and still offers his hand. He also breaks the sword outright, which destroys its ability to erase an AI's code. The other is that he kills her, but it's half-accident, half-self defense. What marks the "diverging" is when .GIFfany goes "NOW you're being nice to me?!" (she'll still do that, from the original) which kind of pisses him off, a pretty difficult thing to do. Like, imagine that you've just freed yourself from someone who has a whole planet-sized army and who tried to outright wipe you out for fun when you still refused to stay with her out in the vast depths of space. You try to help this person see the error of their ways and that person acts like YOU were the bad guy the whole time, also cementing that they learned butt-fucking nothing. .GIFfany makes the move to attack and Soos flicks his wrist out of reflex — which brings the sword on her and lands a fatal-to-coding-blow. At first, she's hurt, but then realizes that the last time Soos "killed" her (the thing in canon) she went down all like "noooo" so she deliberately tries something different. One last "fuck you." She tries to go down triumphantly. She'll say something like "Enjoy being alone" with a fucking horrifying face. Also, she'll say "You and Melody will make a great couple," but in both endings. In the ending where she's spared, it'll sound genuine. In the ending where she's fought, it's clearly sarcastic and venemous. When killed, she turns in to a statue. The rift starts kind of "leaking" from he statue, but Ford manages to get it (just, like, scrape it off of the stone) and he and Stan fix it. Bill doesn't get a cameo in this ending; it's implied that this is actually a really, really bad sign. He still cameos in the other ending, and .GIFfany still seals it by reverse-engineering her technique for "possessing" that damn thing in the first place.

In both endings half of the deans will be like "You made the right choice" to Soos and help support him, while the other half will be silent but won't directly judge him. Regardless, however, Rose will be of the "you made the right choice" path because she's encouraging and sweet and shit, while Dove will be silent because she's never happy and always thinks of the road not taken. Regardless, unlike the original, .EXE takes offense to this "redemption" bullcrap and takes off along with the Second+ Generations, taking the PNG with them. The ending where she's killed symbolically will also be kind of a shift away from these candy-colored weirdos, so the epilogue there will have a much stronger focus on the human members of the GF cast. Mostly how they deal with their town being ripped apart by some obnoxious foul-mouthed edgelord who has been forced to scrub all their floors. The other ending will still be like the 2015 RG, and will include a segment of Mabel going around the new domains. Mabel will not explore around in the version where .GIFfany dies. There will be a lot of deliberate parallels between these two endings but outright copy-paste will be minimal. The tail end of both stories will have .EXE sending Soos threatening messages over the phone, like how the Homestuck Credits ends. I'm thinking of some minor differences, like in one ending she had somehow kidnapped his mother (I looked at the wiki and apparently she's around we just haven't seen her at all), and in the other one she's like    "I HAVE YOUR FATHER"    and he's like "Oh sh — I'm sorry I don't swear — it on one hand he's out of my life, but on the other hand I feel morally obligated to save him." And then in either ending everything goes dark, Soos looks up in the sky, and there's a bright light reflected in his eye at first — the camera focuses, and this light turns out to be a burning symbol many are familiar with:

The shape of the state of Texas. Suddenly, we see a burning, giant Texas shape, with four shadow-cloaked figures standing by it, all of whom appear to be standing in front of a fence, holding beer cans. A dark, slow, ominous remix of "Yahoos and Triangles" plays as we see closeups of Hank Hill and Dale Gribble's faces. RG 2: Only coming if this King of the Hill revival actually goes through.

His father won't be Tad like he is in TJOWPAC, that would be dumb. The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage is supposed to be stupid so that's why it'll have Tad Strange as some ultimate boss battle with butterfly wings splitting galaxies with one hit, and he's not even the final boss. He's Soos' final boss, though.

Game Complete will still be a thing, but will be handled slightly differently. It may have a hopeful ending and not end with Earth being blown up. Besides, I just did that one last part because I wanted to have some story where Earth is destroyed, and now I think UPOIC will take over that role in the third installment with the Taro Timeline.

    Dragon Project 

Dragon Project is a free-to-play MMORPG for Android and iOS, developed by Colopl (a child company of Creator/Sega), and published by Go Game for the Global release. The gameplay is similar to Creator/Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise, as players team up with a group of four to take on giant monsters called Behemoths. The Global Anniversary trailer can be seen here to see what the game looks like.

A long time ago, the kingdom of Heiland was peaceful, until the massive crimson dragon, Tiamat, unleashes the horrific Hex of Tiamat, turning once normal animals into the massive and hostile Behemoths. All hope seem to be lost until a spear-wielding hunter named Altair steps in to fight the demonic dragon. Altair successfully defeats the dragon and was hailed as a hero. However, Behemoths are still on the rise, posing a threat to the Kingdom of Heiland, and possibly the world. To combat the threat, the Kingdom of Heiland opens up a guild of hunters to battle the Behemoths, and you are one of the hunters.


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Note: blah

  • When you use this option, you don't make an attack roll for the attack. Instead, choose one creature you have seen in the past minute. The arrow flies toward that creature, moving around corners if necessary and ignoring three-quarters cover and half cover. If the target is within the weapon's range and there is a path large enough for the arrow to travel to the target, the target must make a Dexterity saving throw. Otherwise, the arrow disappears after traveling as far as it can. On a failed save, the target takes damage as if it were hit by the arrow, plus an extra 1d6 force damage, and you learn the target's current location. On a successful save, the target takes half as much damage, and you don't learn its location. The force damage increases to 2d6 when you reach 18th level in this

Poldark - In Season 1, Ross Poldark fights courageously in North America, graciously accepts his girlfriend's decision to marry his cousin, rescues a street urchin from poverty, dresses down an arrogant judge in righteous indignation, and in contrast to his corrupt cousin — doesn't have vicious habits (e.g., soliciting prostitutes).

[[folder:can i make a folder correctly]] [1] <—- gonna make this page Why does the page look so weird in preview? Most Wonderful Sound: invokedGetting Super Rare Egg from PAD

    Incredibles Sandbox 

  • When Chad was remotely interviewing Helen, he talked about being mind-controlled on television, and the whole public heard him describe how even after seeing a recording of his Screenslaver-induced monologue, he had no recollection of it whatsoever. This is likely why there was no lasting impact from Frozone, Mr. Incredible, and Elastigirl's mind-controlled monologue on the Ever Just - everyone already knew that mind-control existed, and had seen it in action once before.

  • The world seems rather blase about people with superpowers at this point, and while Edna casually rattles off some information about "young supers", for the most part it looks like children with super-powers are a new phenomena. It makes sense, however, once you realize the movies are at least in theory set in the 1960s - the first generation of superheroes likely came out of WWII attempts to create super-powers, so the Parr kids, Voyd, etc. may very well be the first generation of *born* supers.

    • It might also explain how they seem to have such highly developed tech despite being "only" in the 1960s - much like Edna was able to create so much stuff just by studying Jack Jack, most likely the last several decades of technology have benefitted from having all these randomly super-powered people around to study for deeper or more creative understandings of physics.


    Gag Butt 

Wait this isn't already a thing is it?

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   Stupid Sexy Flanders   


8+8=16. 16=10+6. 6*2=12

I, King Playing, do declare that my name = cool.

So, in episode 33 of Alice and and Bob adventures...


Eat poor people.

Use 1/2 cup of lemon juice on top on the cookies...



Help me! I am dying! Pothole this to Dead Red!

   Kill those heroes.   

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: World of Light

Wiki Sandbox#SomeAnchor

Gainax Ending: While his original fiction tends to have fairly closed, self-explanatory endings (although exceptions are below), his "longer" fanworks often take a sudden dive in to "what the FUCK did I just read?!" territory.

  • Total Drama World Tour Rewrite's at first looks like a flashier version of the canonical Season 3 finale, since the jet is still intact, the contestants could all run over there and fly off — with a fireball splitting the thing in two. But from there, things just get weirder and weirder. Remember those strange devices found back in the rewritten Area 51, previously just brushed off as a Bizarro Episode
  • Total Zeksmit Plains. Most of the series is internally consistent and makes sense. And that even extends to 90% of the final chapter, "Campers Without a Camp," the strange mutant-bear aside. But that last ten percent, hoo boy... The chapter is initially written as though it could either be seen as a "transition" to a possible second season or as a conclusion/epilogue to everyone's character after the "finale" and the post-game Aftermath raised a few more lingering issues with... basically everyone who wasn't Courtney, Izzy, or Bridgette. Then, just as it seems like the foregone conclusion of all the campers arriving at Wawanakwa happens, Ezekiel dies. Sort of — some strange black hole happens thanks to the mutant bear colliding with Heather's "found ray gun," and Ezekiel gets sucked in to this black hole. Also,

The OU parts are still for rewrite, I'm just kind of drawing blanks going straight to a character sheet

  • Nice, Mean, and In-Between:
    • The three main characters. Stella is the nice one, being much closer to a typical kind and loving hero archetype and even when she distrusts her allies it's for a number of pretty good reasons. Unitia One is the mean one, being very asocial (except to Carlson; she also tollerates Stella), brutal and violent towards her enemies,
    • Even the Infernals have this settup, with the main three members fitting: the Eighth Circle is "nice," being genuinely Affably Evil, and a large softie who cannot bring himself to actually harm anyone directly; Ninjssassin is mean, with no quote marks as she really does leap in to things and attacks people (read: Carlson) almost unprovoked, she's foul-mouthed (although to a lesser extent than Stella) and has a Hair-Trigger Temper on top of being the one who technically came up with the idea to invade humanity in the first place; and Last is the in-between. Last is just... there,

I don't think anything else he's done could out-curse the "hidden lore" that implied that Ninjssassin, Roxanne Richter, and Glitter Starlight are all literally the exact same person in the OUverse. Which doesn't even make sense, since KO at least has time travel and Fan is very adamant that OU does not. But whatever. It's not "official," it's still really cursed.

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Folders are a communist invention

Mr. Green did it in the balcony with an aluminum bat Mr. Green did it in the laundromat with a revolver

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Hey everyone I'm a red link and I'm on strike!

Hey everyone I'm a red link and I'm on strike!

Hey everyone I'm a red link and I'm on strike!


Here there be anchor. Here there be anchor.

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I am about to spoil something which contains another spoiler, that being[[spoiler:this spoiler here, so yeah]], so yeah



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Avatar And The Airbending Fellowship Of Vampire Slayers Episode Guide
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Avatar And The Airbending Fellowship Of Vampire Slayers Episode Guide
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    Trying to be spoiler-free, kinda (UPOIC trilogy) 

Fan says that Tamiko's "default concept art pose" (and the post that she gets in to in that quick cutscene right before her fight at the end of the Thirty-Trial Test) is based on some Homestuck cheesecake art. He refuses to say which, but he's kind of an ass about it and gives hints, saying it involves "kinda-clever censorship" and that it would hypothetically piss Kabus Daygelz off. Honestly, the latter isn't saying very much.

The Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan is a trilogy of

Whole Trilogy

  • Artifact Title: It's a Running Gag of the whole series.
    • Only the first chapter of the first story is actually about Ishiko's in-universe Magic Skirt. Once the Mysterious Rival shows up and the Red Empire are introduced, the plot point of Taro trying to see her panties is abruptly dropped (although her skirt-magic itself does come up a few times, namely when she falls over and happens to either have objects cover the underside of her skirt or it's shadowed in the right way). But Ishiko does disable the probability settings and show him at the end anyway (right after he finally beat the probability and saw them anyway)...
    • ...And the sequel reveals that she disabled it for good, as she repeatedly flashes her panties in the prologue alone. Lampshaded as her panties are the first piece of "armor" the player finds for her, which were lying in the grass at the beginning of Wooded Forest. Ishiko says "So much for these being 'unviewable'" and abruptly strips bottomless in front of Taro to put them on. Meanwhile, for the "Another 'Another World' Story," it turns out that most of the game does not take place in another world. That isn't to say the majority isn't set in Generica. It is. It's just that Generica is actually Earth from the future, which means that the title is pretty close to being a lie outright, if not for
    • The eponymous Silver Septagon in Tail of the Silver Septagon is only ever relevant to the prolougue. Also, the use of "Tail" instead of "Tale" implies
  • Central Theme: A meta one, one that's not quite applicable literally in real life as most people tend to not fight against supervillains directly: punching out a strong, evil, ominous person will not automatically solve all of a person's problems. Being better than the Big Bad does not excuse you or make you a "good person."
  • Crapsack World: Unlike the specific harem "isekai" stories this is making light fun of, UPOIC makes it painfully clear that Generica is absolutely not the kind of world one would want to live in at all. It's a horrible dictatorship where almost all of the world is inhabitable to non-Slimes/non-monsters
  • Deconstruction:
    • The entire trilogy is one to the "shut-in who finds himself winning the Superpower Lottery and being in a world where his pop culture obsession is a treasured virtue that helps save the day and he's surrounded by loads of girls" sort of Escapist Character. Namely, none of Taro's "problems" back from his regular school life are really fixed by any adventure he goes on in the trilogy. He
    • Generica is as a whole a deconstruction of isekai settings. Not the place itself, that's just a standard Crapsack World, but how it poses the question as to what a "trapped in another world" situation would be like if that world was pretty much worse than the "regular" world.
  • Escapist Character: Invoked and deconstructed with Taro, who is a
  • Evil Tower of Ominousness: All three games have one to different extents, and climbing some tall structure is a recurring theme:
    • The example played straight the most is the Red House of 1, which was the White House post-hacking, with an absolutely massive, cloud-piercing tower built atop it, by far being the tallest structure in the entire Red Empire. It is also the only "final dungeon" case where the "tall thing" is entirely the natural building, and not just a semi-tall structure built atop a giant mountain.
    • The King's Castle in 2 is dwarfed by the gigantic mountain of... well, Mount. Tan that it sits upon, but it is also a fairly tall structure. The Flaos serving under the King lampshade that it's Awesome, but Impractical, as it is a complete pain in the ass getting all the way down to the base of Mount. Tan
  • Four Is Death: A common


  • Characterization Marches On:
    • Moeko was originally a shy-type/reluctant Butt-Monkey played almost completely straight, along with the "archetypes" of the other members of the Chess Club to a lesser extent. It was not until Chapter 3 that GPF decided to give Moeko a dark side, namely that she's really just a bitter, hateful, female version of a "nice guy" who blames people like Taro and Ishiko for what's honestly her own faults, . Other similar "flaws," like Yoko being a flat-out Blood Knight and [...] Junko's, however, was foreshadowed/planned back at the beginning, as in her proper introduction she's described as being dark and brooding, then seemingly 180's upon seeing Taro.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Even ignoring that this is a prose Fictionpress story rather than an RPG, there's still a number of oddities to this compared to 2 and 3:


  • Dueling Player Characters: Moeko and Ishiko in Sparkle Shores/Chapter 5. Moeko has finally been fed up with Ishiko's bullying/abuse and turned on her. What would have been a cathartic moment of getting revenge against an arcetypical badly-written tsundere is muddied up considering that Moeko herself is far from a perfect person,
  • Elite Mooks: Each of the Terminals feature Flao enemies that act as their "standard" mooks; the King's Castle, however, has elite versions of them
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • Sparkle Shores, despite being a beach level, marks a very down and serious point in the game, especially since it comes right on the heels of the biggest Wham Episode in the entire trilogy. Right after that, the player could go to either Upper Mount. Tan or Handy Graveyard. The latter, despite being a ghost/undead-themed level, is the most lighthearted and comical area of the entire second half of the game, and that leads to another whiplash upon going to Upper Mount. Tan, where the game takes itself very seriously again.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: The first three bosses are laughably easy, especially since Hanako has a Running Gag of repeatedly telling you what you should do and the exact items you should buy for them. Then there's F.L.O.W.E.R. P.O.T., where the



  • What Could Have Been:
    • Moeko was originally going to be much more heroic, and basically a shy/"cutsey" archetype played completely straight. Additionally, her battle with Ishiko in 2 was going to portray her side as unambiguously in the right, and was meant to be a cathartic beatdown on Ishiko for all the crap she put the whole gang through. As such, the game would have forced you to be Moeko during this battle. However, Fan did not like the thought of people regarding the Demon Underground as unironic
    • Permadeath was planned in the second game, but only in Hardmode. Like LISA: The Painful, some attacks (but only by bosses) would instantly kill party members,
    • Hard Mode itself back in 2 was originally going to go Off the Rails, where Taro would be permanently killed off without a choice in the matter after Chapter 1. There also would have been several Hard Mode-exclusive paths and the like, including one (combined with the above Permadeath plan) where Margaret would have been confirmed to be Brenda, and would have warped over to fight Sheldon Cooper — two "Sages" in GPF's badfic lore,

    King Flao 

The self-appointed monarch of the Flao race, said to be the first Flao in existence, who has terrorized Generica as long as any of the inhabitants of Flao Town can remember.

  • Big Bad: Of 2.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist:
    • Lil Stalin in the first Unviewable was a parody of Older Than They Look "cute girl" characters, namely by being a legitimately disgusting dictator and emotionless to the point of outright eerieness. Lil Stalin was cold, calculating, and yet had an overly "girly" theme to her beneath the industrial wastelands she surrounds herself by. Her default expression is a vacent stare with open eyes, and she's directly spying on other people.
    • While King Flao is still a dictator and not revealed until Chapter 4 just like his predecessor and his technical "mother," he's much more outwardly emotional and
    • ...And Peaten contrasts both of them, as described in his section.
  • Evil Counterpart: Just as the Bufflaos/Captains and Flaoette are loose evil counterparts to/inversions of the core members of the Demon Underground (sans Tamiko), he's the evil version of Taro.
  • Expy:
    • He's heavily based on Flowey, as a Foul Flower in general, and as it turns out, both of them are born from experiments, both are aware of the fourth wall to different extents, both of them also take powerful plot-items and end up hijacking the narrative to a corrupted, horror-themed version of itself, and both appear as grotesque monstrocities that are drawn in a different way to any other boss in the game (although in UPOIC, the Demon Underground make it very clear that his shit doesn't scare any of them). However, King Flao lacks any sympathetic backstory/alter ego or
    • His difficult choice mechanic is lifted from Buzzo,
  • Eyeless Face: His face only consists of a large mouth that goes right across the entire head. And even in to his petals.
  • Final Boss: Of Another "Another World" Story. Specifically, in the Taro Path, he's ultimately faced as a Duel Boss against Taro, with just the Red Gem in him. In the Shopkeeper Path, he has the power of both Gems, and is fought with the Chess Club(/entire Demon Underground if the Thirty Trial Test is cleared and Tamiko joins). Regardless, however, a fight against the King is the very last battle of the story, not counting postgame content.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Back in 1, when Lil Stalin first appears, she's holding a potted plant in her hands. This plant turns out to be King Flao, in a very, very young state. The Stinger of 1 (well, the second stinger) shows this "ordinary flower" growing a mouth and laughing while surrounded by the flooded remains of the Red Empire, setting up 2 and also hinting at the fact that "Generica" is really Earth in the future, and not a generic fantasy alternate world.
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: As implied with Lil Stalin, he can actually break the fourth wall much like the Demon Underground, while Taro just thinks he can.
  • Four Is Death: Just like his predecessor and successor, he's associated with the number four:
    • He does not appear proper until the end of Chapter 4, and his appearance is associated with the biggest Wham Episode of 2, if not the whole trilogy.
    • Counting his "Otakave" just prior to the Boss Rush, both of his possible final battles have four phases in total. The "Otakave" is the first fight in either route. In the Taro Path, he has a "final form" that's used as a bait-and-switch to make the team and the player think that the fight is over, where he battles them in the time machine's room. Then Taro ends up getting blasted in to the "main lab," and while he works his way back, the Chess Club/DU fight him again on the bridge linking his room to the time machine. Then when Taro catches up, he's managed to knock the gang away, and he breaks the bridge, with the fourth and final fight being Taro and King Flao fighting one-on-one as the bridge (and time machine room) fall to Generica. In the Shopkeeper Path, he tries to "go creepypasta" on the group, and the resulting fight with him and both Gems is broken in to three "pieces," separated by some overworld "horror."
  • Obviously Evil: While the Bufflaos could pass for "looking friendly" if they did not have smug smirks, this guy is outright some tentacle (well, vine) monstrocity with a "face" that consists entirely of a gigantic, Piranha Plant-like mouth. At least Lil Stalin, with absolutely no context whatsoever, could be seen as a regular ol' anime girl who happens to have a Thousand-Yard Stare as her default expression. Everything about this guy's appearance (except the rainbow of flower petals) just screams "villain."
  • Otaku: He's actually one himself, to add to his parallels with Taro. When he's encountered in the Taro Path, he even opens up his boss fight with a direct copy of Taro's opening speech from the game (and the previous prose story), before flipping on the lights and revealing that his "main bedroom" is actually full of Flao-based manga and even body pillows. He calls it his "Otaku Cave," or "Otakave." Unlike Taro, he pronounces the word correctly, despite not being from Japan while Taro is.
  • Ultimate Evil: Until the very end of Chapter 4, he's not seen — not counting his cameo as an "ordinary" flower held by Lil Stalin in 1, or his appearance in The Stinger of that story. Taro lampshades when he first shows up by basically saying that the King's appearance is "underwhelming." While the King has him and the rest of the gang tied up. This goes about as well as you might expect.
    Taro: Urgh, see? Really?! I hope this is happening off screen! This is why you NEVER show the villain in a horror comic! It takes out the imagination, and it usually sucks ass! Look at this eyesore! What the hell is so scary about a flower with a giant mouth for most of a face? Nothing! He's underwhelming! He doesn't even look that much more different from a usual Bufflao! He could have looked like anything for all we know up until this point! A giant tentacle-demon — uh, no offense, girls. A melting, bleeding skull monster! Some giant face with pale skin and a big grin with bloodshot eyes! But this... this is just fucking LAME!
    King Flao: (Slams Taro in the face with his gun.)
    King Flao: Is that how you greet

They're called Perfectly Generic Objects. They're these weird green cubes that show up if you try to alchemize with an unaltered dowel. At least I think that's what those cylinders are called, it's been a long time since I looked through that particular part.


Don't even pull that. Hell, not too long ago I found out that there's this point-and-click adventure game where your guy walks in on a woman showering and for a second it shows her bare ass without any censorship. It's rated T, I looked up the ESRB summary and it specifically mentions this scene and the butt so it's not something that slipped by.

  • Ax-Crazy: As stated This example contains a TRIVIA entry. It should be moved to the TRIVIA Austin:
    "hawk is fucked, he's insane, he looks like shit and wears make up in an effort to glorify his horrible looks. visually if lisa was life action he would look like heath ledgers joker."

Wait if you copy something with the Trivia/YMMV thing, it also copies the message. I was just messing around by taking that but I ended up learning something new.

Logan's Sandbox is a Fan-Fiction Epic, that revolves around a man who has his own imaginary world. A lot of the tropes pertaining to the individual character carry over, with some noteworthy exceptions.

Death Is Cheap: Considering the entire residents of Logan's world are reborn at the same age with their memories when they die, this happens a lot.

Rival: With the shows Logan liked as a toddler, and his current troupe of friends, this trope is downplayed to a friendly degree. Played to a hostile level between "adult" cartoons (Drawn Together, Family Guy, Futurama, South Park, etc.) and everyone else. Lois Griffin frequently kills Piper Wright, Logan's wife, purely out of spite towards Logan.

Forgot Flanders Could Do That: Happens Chiefly with characters like Sora Takenouchi from Digimon and Ariel from the Little Mermaid with their Used to Be a Tomboy and the Animaniacs with their Flanderization.

Hufflepuff House: Worker Faction.

Demoted to Extra: 17 years prior the series's beginning, toddler shows like Dragon Tales and Dora the Explorer were Logan's closest friends. Now that he's 21, they have been pushed into the background.

Badass in Distress: Logan gets kidnapped once, and Ash Ketchum sets off, alone, to rescue him. Ash succeeds.

Cloudcuckoolander: Logan. He spends most of his time in this world.

Mr. Fixit: Downplayed. Logan has great engineering and repair potential, but his Brilliant, but Lazy gets in the way.

Mad Scientist: Logan.

Papa Bear: Logan.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Logan. Logan loves all of his subjects to varying degrees; however, he'll insult and berate them with crude humor.

Plot Armor: Zig-zagged with Logan. While he never dies (even temporarily), his plot armor doesn't prevent him from getting seriously injured.

Crossover: Nearly every piece of fictional media Logan has consumed (and some he hasn't) has a character in this world. The crossover chiefly happens with: Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bionicle, Avatar: the Last Airbender, MacGyver (2016), Digimon Adventure (01), Code Lyoko, Super Mario, Harry Potter, Fallout 4, Team Fortress 2, and Percy Jackson.

Took a Level in Badass: EVERYONE! Hell, even Caillou's mom is an expert in healing magic. Melody from Little Mermaid II carries around a trident and is a combat master.

Girliness Upgrade: Inverted: Princess Peach carries around a guitar, normally wears a denim skirt and t-shirt for her casual wear, and has a bachelor's degree in Archaeology. She is 50/50 Girly Girl and Tomboy.

Big Bad: Logan and his antics often lead to a problem that is wrapped up in either an episode, or an entire season.

Character Check: Terra from the Original Teen Titans. She is friendly with the Titans, and still has her powers. However, her "Slade" armor acts as a geo-kinetic amplifier. Said armor acted as a 3-episode Mcguffin when it was stolen.

Not Allowed to Grow Up: Each character can manipulate their age according to the different "Stages" they were in the show. (I.E. Sora Takenouchi has a 10 year old form, a 14 year old form and a 17 year old form. Her adult form is a separate entity to take care of her children as seen in the epilogue of Digimon Adventure (02)).

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Is it possible to beat any video game without turning it on? Yes. But only for King of the Hill: World of Propane. Despite this only 1% of people have beaten the game, even when turned on. It's brutally difficult.

  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Water tried pretty hard to avoid this; he wanted a lead character that was an over-
  • Hate Sink:
    • Rory is the series' go-to "raw hate" character, as he lacks any "cool" traits unlike the Order of Chaosnote  or the major villains of Joy, and he lacks the "so stupid it's funny" traits of the "side-villains." (Such as Insa willingly setting her own boat on fire while she and her group are on board it in the ocean by a dangerous island just because she found out something basic about Modern Family that "ruined" her boat's meme.) What he lacks in those, he makes up for in just being an obnoxious jackass and a poor man's earlygame Daygelz; his main schtick is just complaining about various trivial elements about the United States (especially nudity-censorship) while "faking" to be from the United Kingdom and acting as though this makes him superior, when he himself is an American. Much like Daygelz, a number of his censorship-related facts turn out to be incorrect
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Two depending on which route you take. In both cases, it's the game's Mirror Boss:
    • When the Parallel Route sics the Ninja Squad on you, the effortless times of the early game abruptly end. Near-full screen attacks that must be parried in the right way, lightning-fast (by that point in the game, on Normal) reflexes needed to counter their demanding, painful attacks. And don't even think about shoving them out of the arena, unless you want them to dive back on with a counter attack that hits like a train. If you assume from the fact that this is intended to be a fanservice-heavy game that you can just get by playing with one hand, Lilith and co will slaughter your whole party. Quite astonishing seeing as these guys are the comic relief/sympethetic members of the Order of Chaos, and are seen as jokes. And don't even think that playing on Hard with the human squads giving you a significant boost in numbers will help, because on Hard they will have their own "human squads."
    • The Perpendicular Route has the Suit Squad, which are by no means any easier,


  • Daygelz and her demon squad do not get very far in Buffalo before being harassed by a gang that seems to intend to take them captive.
    • White Squad vs Well Guy doubles down if you've read the Prologue of Joy first. In Joy, the sequence in 0-2 that delivers narrative exposition on the world is told while the Perpendicular White Squad (as well as Joy, Ris, Eti, and Sky) is getting their asses kicked by some Dackhark secuirty personel, ultimately getting "arrested" by them and needing Joy's parents to bail them out. By contrast, Roy's expositionary-beatdown is way more optimistic: while the enemies are not nearly trained to fight demons, it still demonstrates how much more adept the story's main Parallel demon legion is at fighting by how they effortlessly kick the gang's asses. No help from parents, no help from Eve or Roy, nothing. The last words of the exposition are far more hopeful as a result, instead of initially coming off as sarcastic:
      Where they were to remain as silent dwellers of the day's shadows...
      ...Until now.
  • Eve's Big Damn Heroes moment in the Prologue, where Hyumultahs shoots a ball of shadow-mass shaped like his own face after Roy. Eve motorcycles in to the scene, leaps off, and slices it clean in half. And keep in mind that Hyumultahs is a five-story tall Angelic Abomination giant that even Daygelz is traumatized by, while Eve is an ordinary human.
  • After Daygelz mocks Insa's Powerpoint presentation and calls out her bullshit, most of the Polygonal Meme Group immediately go violent and try killing her. Emphasis on "try." Just like the Well Man "fight" in the Prologue, these are completely unpowered humans who know nothing about demonkind trying to take on a supernatural being with Super Strength who has trained in combat since she was a young girl. Daygelz effortlessly grabs members of the PMG and throws them around with one arm. While still laughing at how pathetic they are.
    • The fact that Daygelz even got Insa to crack in the first place. (Even though the whole scene implies that getting under her skin is ridiculously easy.) Previously, when Insa finally arrived on Vioslant (being a little late as she set her own boat on fire in a poor attempt to "one-up" Sam and company), she brings Roy to absolute rage, and "rebukes" anything Roy screams at her with one of her stock phrases. She enjoys having a reputation as an ultimate troll who never gets genuinely enraged at anything, and can and will leave her opponents as gibbering wrecks.
  • On the flip side, Roy getting fed up with Sam's bullshit and finally telling him off, after spending his life from his teenage years onwards refusing to even slightly criticize anyone he considers fighting for "his side." Keep in mind that Roy is not only outnumbered three to one in that scenario, not only is he fairly skinny while the "three" he's up against are all massive body-builders, but he has no access to demon magic. (Daygelz was right around the corner, but he did not know that at the time.) He's also seen that Sam at least is capable of violence with little provocation. In fact, Sam's Establishing Character Moment was throwing an axe clear across a street in to the door that Heckshuffle barely walked out of. Roy does not care, he does not let their intimidating appearances get in the way of speaking his mind and what he believes is right. He does, of course, lose the fight and would have been killed had Daygelz not intervened, (even though Sam's ex-lackies tried holding him back) but even then, he puts up a decent one-on-one against Sam himself once Sam proves to lack the "no kill" ideology as his Internet friends.
  • As is Water's tradition of sorts, the "Mirror Bosses" rapidly escalate. This time there's two per story: the Ninja Squad, specifically acting as the "evil human" foil to the humans of Team Heckshuffle; and Roxy, acting as the "evil angel-army leader" foil to the demon portion of Heckshuffle.
    • Round 1 with the Ninja Squad is on Vioslant
    • Round 1 with Roxy is also on Vioslant, and in fact right after the first fight with the Ninja Squad. Roxy gives Heckshuffle absolutely no breathing room in-between. She first establishes how she isn't all talk and significantly more badass than the other Order of Chaos mooks when Eve tries giving her karma; simply shooting her, much as she usually tries to just shoot Roy. Cue Roxy whipping out her Golden Exorciser and impaling the bullet, then spinning it around, stabbing it to the ground, and making one of the story's few actual Jojo references when she poses with a spiritual cast-image of Hyumultahs behind her. Then come her stats,
  • Near the end of the Hyumultahs fight, Daygelz and Azmelditas pool together their magic, along with Roy channeling some of his power, in order to partially summon Lesuif. During that time, it turned out that Hyumultahs was not completely taken out by Heckshuffle's team attack, and he's pissed off. Hyumultahs both opens a gigantic set of gates leading to Heaven (which is also the first time in Roy that Heaven is seen; Hell was seen a few chapters prior), and he uses his earth powers to draw asteroids from the Asteroid Belt to completely rain down on Vioslant like the Reckoning. So, Hyumultahs regenerates to full power and he has an army of high-ranking Angelic Creatures coming straight from the source and a veritable armageddon raging on. What does Lesuif, who is at about a sixth of her power at absolute most, do? She barely looks in Hyumultahs' way and punches. The punch blows him up instantly, leaving behind only his Power Speedo and his ghost, and the shockwave manages to completely obliterate his heavenly gate, kill his army of angels and Creatures, and demolish his meteors. Then she turns to Heckshuffle and tells them to only summon her if there's a real emergency. Daygelz was not kidding when she said that Lesuif is stronger than the other demons in the Kabus Legion combined: This all suggests that Lesuif is so overwhelmingly powerful that she views practically nothing as a threat (Except Etabed, who literally has god-level power. Although Little C. and Sister Roxanne come close.), and sees one of the eight strongest-living angels in the entire solar system as a joke.

  • In the third A Series of Unfortunate Events book The Wide Window, Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire are left in the care of Aunt Josephine Anwhistle, a member of the Volunteer Fire Department and distant cousin (by marriage) to them. Originally a fierce and formidable thrill seeker and passionate grammarian, her husband Isaac "Ike" Anwhistle's untimely demise to the leeches of Lake Lachrymose have crushed her adventurous spirit and have riddled her with a hysterical fear of many number of things.
    Such phobias include: automobiles (the doors may get stuck and she might be trapped inside), avacados (more specifically, the idea of choking on the pit), being thrown overboard, the Black Plague, burglars, Count Olaf, Damocles Dock, doorknobs (lest one explode and a shard hit her in the eye), doormats and rugs (causing her to slip and either break their neck or just lose their head all together), drowning, having children (though she seems willing to take in the Baudelaires), getting hair in her face, splinters from knocking on doors, radiators (lest they explode), refrigerators and couches (incase they fell and squashed her flat), stoves (incase of fire), telephones (for electrocution), realtors (no comment), and, of course, Lake Lachrymose and the leeches they harbor.

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Uchi no Sanshimai
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Uchi no Sashimai is a slice of life comedy series about three sisters: Fu (the eldest one who is responsible but tends to forget things easily), Su (the free-spirited middle child with a bad habit for sucking her lips and pinching someone's ears when she feels tired) and Chi (the youngest of the three who is fond of food). Each episode follows the daily lives of these girls. Their mother and father have to deal with them, but they are used to it. The manga started in October of 2006, but got an anime adaption on April 4th, 2008, which would air until December 28th, 2010. The manga itself lasted until April 2011 with 16 volumes.

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