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    Don't confuse him for a purple/pink turtle, a red-haired swordsman, or a guy who works at IT 

_Roy: 3.6 Novemdecillion Moon-Grind is a

  • The Ace:
    • The previous Agent Wednesday was a tidal wave-punching, mountain climbing (without a mech) badass
    • In the present, Eve is easily the most skilled of the Days of the Week,
  • Arc Words: "How many millions?" In reference to the gimmick of millions of 'bots
  • Excuse Plot: Bizarrely, while the characterization and the events with in are handled with a bit of seriousness, the overarching story boils down to "a possible-god got bored and made some vehicle-monsters on the world. Stop them!"
  • Expy:
    • Eve's/Sunday's hammyness, willingness to jump towards danger when almost everyone else wants to back out/hide, sunglasses, red cape, and to an extent her sword fixation brings to mind Kamina. Eve herself was notably also going to be the protagonist of two other scrapped planned stories (one web novel and one game), one was cut because GPF felt the plot was too similar to Gurren Lagann and the other was cut after GPF lost interest in trying to code it in RPG Maker MV.
  • Four-Element Ensemble: Etabed's Initial Generals (before he adds four more) are this, with the addition of each of theme being themed off of some sort of "appropriate" vehicle/mode of transportation. There's a fire-themed giant motorcycle general, a water-themed giant boat general, an earth-themed giant car general, and a wind-themed giant plane general.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: To be exact, seven main humans and an utter ton of robots. This does not count the
  • Monster of the Week: In contrast to Fan's more serialized other stories, while there is an overarching story it mostly takes a backseat to various random threats of the week. The result is that it feels considerably slower compared to his other works, but
  • Reverse Cerebus Syndrome: A slightly intentional example, but the "two-part pilot" (the first two chapters) were a lot more serious in tone, setting up Roy's entry to the group. After that it becomes more of a Monster of the Week story and
  • Social Circle Filler: Subverted. A first for Fan, rather than having main characters either with friends that are barely seen after they get thrown in to the world of new people (Taro, Steve Buhvillen, Strikers Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Black, etc), or people who for one reason or another were loners before the plot started kicking in (Carlson), Roy's

    Won't Exceed 5 

  • Elimination Houdini:
    • Courtney in Total Zeksmit Plains. By the beginning of the story, just about everyone hated her, and she only survived getting kicked off before the teams were formed because everyone hated Heather more and they wanted to prevent her from becoming the main villain of the season (and they succeeded, although Eva was a different story). She survived being kicked off second thanks to a mistake that resulted in Lindsay and Beth being very easily offended by something trivial Gwen did and thus allying themselves with Courtney as a result, and generally barely hangs on the game by a thread after that. She ends up winning, and mostly because Izzy goes as far as giving up on the last challenge to try to prove to Bridgette that she's actually "matured" in the game. Campsites Around the World turns this around: the significantly more Genre Savvy campers (old and new) all decide it might be for the best to kick her off, especially since she already won (albeit a significantly smaller) cash reward.
    • Ezekiel in Total Drama World Tour Rewrite is, directly or indirectly, the cause of most eliminations in the fic, and he survives through a combination of "being invisible" while the rest of the game is against one-another, dumb luck, taking a level in badass, and eventually turning around and giving himself a better image.
  • Hufflepuff House: Parodied. The Demon Underground consists of four "clubs" of six each, and Tamiko overseeing all of them: the Chess Club, the Video Game Club, the Hair Club, and the Land Mine Club. The Chess Club consists of the main characters and we barely see the other three prior to Silver Septagon, although the other three clubs do get a lot more screentime in Another as either "extra units" that Tamiko fights with should you beat the Thirty-Trial Test and get her on the party, or as enemies in the Love Potion Path (the Video game Club in Sandfall Desert, the Land Mine Club in Snowfall Tundra, and the Hair Club in Mount. Tan).
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler:
    • OU: The Inventor is really a bad guy; Unitia Origin used to be a stalker, felt bad about it, but recovered from her guilt and became a full hero under her "true" name Unitia One (and the narrative and everything call her that from that moment on); Stella betrays Carlson and the Unitias and takes the other Knights with her; before any of those, the Eighth Circle is a genuinely nice guy even though he still wants to cause the apocalypse. The first one was even outright said in Fan's Fictionpress profile before said character was even introduced, and it was not until after the reveal that he edited the entry to prevent new readers from suddenly ramming head-first in to actual spoilers about them.

    Gimme Lots of Them 

  • IG:
    • An early chapter basically sends the message that this won't spend any time with the characters stuck in a Tournament Arc. Volume 3 features the main heroes finally getting registered to be "official" heroes/defenders, where a bulk of the process is specifically determining one's rank — mainly through a series of one-on-one battles. The story sets this up to be a huge, long tournament that spans the entire volume and possibly then some (especially since one of the BLOODSHOT officers was posing as an official via Shapeshifting, meaning that that could be used to fulfill the "one BLOODSHOT officer is beaten each volume" pacing quota). First match is Diane versus some tough-looking, meanacing man in heavy purple Power Armor the size of a skyscraper... and she immediately breaks his armor in one punch. After that, everyone backs out of the tournament except Hammithan because they were in it to win rather than just ranking high, and feel that in aiming for the top they'd have to defeat Diane eventually, which looked hopeless. Hammithan barely lasts longer than the guy Diane previously one-punched, and just like that the "tournament" is over with in less than half a chapter.
  • OU (Post-Chapter 9):
    • What happens with Carlson in the second third of Chapter 10 is one long criticism of poorly-thought out romances and stories/finales that basically all-but hammer in the message that having kids is the only way to be happy. One of the Hundred Demons, Wunhart, is creepily obsessed with Carlson to the point where she's willing to kill her own fellow co-Demons (which is a huge no-no by most Demons' standards) to earn his trust. When he tries to back out, she locks him in an illusion where he's "Happily Married" to her out in the suburb with a white picket fence-house and three children. Carlson eventually figures out that he's in an illusion, and with Unitia Origin/One's help, they work on breaking out. The last thing that happens before they have complete control over the sphere of the illusion-inducing gel (it takes them about a few minutes before Unitia One can destroy it completely, so that they have a reason to talk while not wasting time they could spend fighting Assily Blast) is Wunhart trying to make her fake children with Carlson guilt him in to staying. Carlson, unusually for him, yells at the illusion-kids to fuck off. Word of God is that he promises to absolutely not destroy Unitia One's characterization just to turn her in to a "generic mother," and the story ends with Carlson deciding not to have children with the Unitias for... a number of reasons, even though technically speaking it's completely possible.
    • While Pay Peter does have his sympathetic side and his depths, he's mostly a parody of blatant Sex Sells pandering cash-grabs, specifically seen with anime, and specifically the practice of "over-censoring" something to boost disc sales. Hoodieath hates the man because of this, but Hoodieath herself isn't really portrayed in the right at all times either. One episode of a series in his... "network" (he somehow owns and holds creative control over a ludricrous number of ecchisWavette not being one of them — mostly because of Rule of Funny) literally just consists of a recording of him sitting on a chair begging you to just buy the damn thing's "digital chip" (what more-or-less replaces blu ray discs by 2060 in the OUverse) for twenty minutes, with the digital version still being tame compared to Wavette (a children's show that airs in broad daylight, it itself a parody of the idea that a show's quality is directly proportional to its Getting Crap Past the Radar and taking it to its logical conclusion). On a somewhat related note (seeing Unviewable and all, below), the man himself's looks can be described as a Pretty Boy version of... Peter Griffin.
    • In its proper introduction, the otherwise very high-tech and science-focused Cooper Domain is revealed to have a gigantic statue of the eponymous character from The High-Splash Adventures of Wavette. Inscribed on it is a long, all-caps message calling it the most brilliant work of fiction to ever exist and bluntly insulting anyone who thinks it's "less than perfect" (quoted are the exact words on the message), a comment on Fan Myopia and the habit of making up reasons for why someone wouldn't like a work of fiction, especially those that go as far as attacking dislikers' intelligence by claiming they "just don't get it."
    • Fan finally confirms in Chapter 10's closing notes that the Inventor's whole character was initially "respectfully inspired" by Meliodas after being turned off by just the first episode and assuming from others' comments that it just gets worse from there, although somewhere along the line Fan aimed to making him in to more of a "generic" asshole "Nice Guy(TM)" after rethinkingnote . Still, a lot of his original "inspiration" shows up, especially after he's revealed to be far less heroic than he presents himself as. Once he's on a rampage trying to kill Stella for "picking Carlson over him" (ignoring that Carlson was in a hostage situation at the time and Stella was trying to help out, while Inventor was in no danger whatsoever), he starts boasting about his "wrath," rambling about some reincarnation, openly calling himself "overpowered" and a "demon," and his last name is even "Mellows." (Ignoring how this doubles as an Ironic Name.) He not only ends up dying one of the most painful deaths out of anyone in the story (except possibly Pantalite, but it's not made clear just how the Unitias instructed their army of "Chompys" to kill her since it was mostly offscreen) where a "reversal" to his stem-cell powers end up rapidly aging him to death while also suffering from muscle paralysis, but he's ultimately killed by Henfight — his "Elizabeth" that previously just let him grab her whenever he wanted and thought nothing wrong of it, who immediately turns against him after he turns against Stella for "always going after the jocks." And after this, Henfight develops in to a hard-drinking, heavily tattooed and pierced, loud and wild party girl and the writing goes out of its way to it clear that she's the exact person he would not like. Fan even considered setting her up to be a "permenent" love interest for Stella after her various one night stands to show Stella's emotional maturity in to someone who can handle settling and comittment, and the sole reason why he opted against it was because he thought it would come off as feeling too much like a Rescue Romance (Stella doesn't save Henfight from anything, but she's widely involved in the events that lead to the Inventor battle, and Stella would have plunged the syringe in Inventor but thought Henfight should do it instead since she had more history with him).
    • Context: Ordinarily United is effectively a more serious version and story-wide "expy" of a Gravity Falls badfic. Said badfic devotes about a third of a chapter to parodying Bill's Leather Pantsing-fandom. OU itself carries this on with Teerius. Teerius physically resembles a Shadow Siren rather than Bill Cipher (he's purple and his lower half turns in to a "wisp" that merges in with the ground, and he has the ability to disappear in to the floor), but everything else about him loosely says "Fanon Bill:" he (after his first appearance) becomes a snappy dresser,
      Great Pikmin Fan: Yeah, I said in my profile that Teerius is one of the main Demons, right along with the Rock Holders, Last, and the Eighth Circle himself. And if you read that, well, this chapter just suddenly kills him off before he really does anything. That wasn't a mistake. That's not a sign that he's coming back. He really was planned to be one of the minor Demons from the beginning.

      I lied. that's all.
    • Like Intriguing Group, the Dragons and Ants Arc also pokes fun at Tournament Arcs by having one of the Demons try to force Carlson in a "mega death match" against various other "top warriors" he collected. Being Carlson, he deals with all of it offscreen, the whole process takes less than an hour, and he anti-climactically Grayscales the Demon in half.
      Carlson: I do like watching tournaments, but I don't want to be in one.
  • Unviewable:
  • Unviewable 2, Another:
    • While most of the cameo bosses lean towards being an Affectionate Parody, are optional, and tend to survive their fights if they're not evil/trying to kill you, a blatant expy of Peter Griffin is the one (mini)boss fight in the entire game (since the Love Potion Route turns things Off the Rails and you "skip" the Bufflao figths) you must fight no matter what option you take (not counting "Easy Mode"), and you have to kill him. Hanako's Tattle openly calls him a "punching bag" and about half of his moves are just RPG Maker-itizations of his show's Overly Long Gags (like a Conway Twitty musical, represented by a short loop of a few frames taking up the screen for a few seconds) and automatically induces the "Rage" status ailment to your entire party.

    Honestly like 1/4th of the fun of looking through a Wikia of something you know a bit about already is looking at a page on a risque character, going to the "Appearance" section, and trying to see how tastefully they can make the description 

Okay, I finally figured it out. These signs are gibberish on purpose. This Demon is fucking with us.
->"Unitia Origin" redirects here. This article is about the initial Unitia in her entire chronology; for those looking for her past self being treated as a seperate person, see Unitia Origin (Illusion). For information about the Scrapped Draft, see Unitia Origin (Scrapped).

Image dropdown: (The MS Paint Adventures wiki has a ton of them; tabs that you click on to see a character in a different appearance, it's a cool thing.)

  • Main Female Body:
    • Unitia One ("regular" two arms)
    • Unitia Origin (multiple arms in a "dress-"like shape)
  • Main Male Body:
    • Unitia One
    • Unitia Origin
  • Fire Form
  • "Nightmare Mode"

Unitia One, also known by her previous alias Unitia Origin, is the "true" central protagonist of Ordinarily United and one of the four main characters; one of three who appears in every chapter (along with Carlson and Unitia Two). She is a soul being who was arrested for her previous stalker behavior towards twenty-five other soul beings and was forced to attempt to infiltrate the Hundred Demons as a double-agent as community service, to protect the human race from them and stop all of the Hundred Demons. Similarly, Earth also has a society that has a law on her based on her completion of the mission, as she cannot marry Carlson (or anybody) until after the Demons are all dead.

Infobox, Knight/In General

  • First Appearance:
    • "The Knight and the... Witch? Well, Naked Woman. Not Really a 'Witch.'" (Ordinarily; Overall)
    • "One, Two, Four, Eight, Sixteen" (Extraordinarily)
  • Lastest Appearance:
    • "The Grand Wedding" (Ordinarily)
    • "What the Hell is Cricket?!" (Extraordinarily)
  • Inspiration:
  • Full Name: Unitia One
  • Nicknames:
    • Unitia Origin (past stalker persona)
    • Yuuney (Eighth Circle, when they were dating)
    • Traitor (the Hundred Demons)
    • Andromeda "Galaxy" (Carlson; "Galaxy nickname")
    • Vessel of Power (Last)
    • The Censor-er (Hoodieath)
  • Age:
    • Biologically and "Mentally:" 25
    • Chronologically:
      • 19 (Hibernation)
      • 20 ("The Knight and the Naked Woman" — "Is That Even Possible?!")
      • 21 ("Is That Even Possible?!" onwards)
  • Gender: Female (can change sex and general form at will)
  • Species: Soul being; Replicator/Apocalypse? Class
  • Abilities:
    • Flight
    • Super strength
    • Faster than light super speed
    • Matter creation, destruction, and manipulation (any form or "element")
    • Dream-entering
    • Telekinesis
    • Temporary cloning
    • Fusion (with other Unitias, Carlson as well from "Is That Even Possible?!" onwards)
  • Weaknesses:
    • Inability to make decisions where she can only pick one thing
    • Mildly aggressive to people she isn't fond of
    • Being "hacked" (it's implied that this goes for anybody)
    • Can be obsessive towards who she likes
  • Environment: Pocket dimension
  • Affiliations: Stellar Silver Knights,
  • Home: Unit-Verse; Creation World
  • Family: N/A
  • Friends:
    • Emilleabora Carlson (husband)
    • Unitia Two ("guide" friend/lover)
    • Other Unitias (lovers/co-soldiers)
    • Stella Fortyyismah (it's complicated...)
    • Ruby (co-worker)
    • Her Bone (co-worker)
    • Leon (co-worker)
    • Hex (co-worker)
    • Tish "Transparaghost" Goshley (co-worker)
    • Eldbrash (former "servant" (to her annoynce)/co-worker)
    • Kameel Kick (co-worker/secretary)
    • Hanna "Hoodieath" (co-worker (by the finale))
    • Mayor Sario Green (boss)
    • Mayor
    • Prime Minister Abs†
    • Prime Minister
  • Enemies:
    • The Eighth Circle†
    • The Hundred Demons†
    • Eugine "The Inventor" Mellow†
    • Len "Lock-On" Carlson†
    • Lighta "The Gatherer"†
    • Richshirt
    • Senator Jyan Cox
  • Likes:
    • Advanced gardening
    • Cooking large, complicated meals (preferably barbeque)
    • Making long, complicated, coordinated plans to impress her current love interest
    • Sight-seeing
    • Fast-paced multiplayer video games (preferably with other Unitias)
    • Complex tabletop games
    • Inventing new forms of sports (usually difficult ones)
  • Dislikes:
    • Clothes and being told to put on clothes
    • Being told something or someone is scarier than her
    • Teleporters
    • Sexual harassers and peeping toms
    • Waiting rooms
    • Arrogance/smugness

Infobox, Demon

  • Number: 9
  • Nickname: Ant-Demon (DEATH MECHA), Exponential-Demon (Flower's Chest), Everything-Demon (Girlaser, Dudenergy), Unit-Demon (Eighth Circle, Last, Ninjssassin)
  • "Initials:" UO
  • Main associated element: "Creation," fire, or all of them
  • Main associated color: Sea green/viridian





The Generator

Not even Unitia One knows much about the Generator, how it works,

Unitias Two+

Emilleabora Carlson

Stella Fortyyismah

The "Spectrum Seven" Knights

The "Endgame New Knights"/First Real Skies

All Unitias started out with a rocky relationship with the Real Skies (starting under their old name, [I'm not looking that up but I do remember that it's long as shit]) when it was founded by Eighthback purely because he was too paranoid about them to join the Knights. Things worsened when he accepted Hoodieath as a member, as Hoodieath rudely screamed at Unitia One for "censoring herself" (covering herself with a single finger) while One already had to deal with Carlson being beaten unconcious by a Shiny Rock Holder. Near the end of the Blast and the Past Arc,


  • Unitia One, by far, has the greatest number of other characters in other works of fiction cited as her inspirations. Even out-beating Carlson, the second-most "inspired" character, by a number.
  • Unitia One is confirmed to be the "true" protagonist after the beginning sets up Carlson to have the majority of the screentime; his role slowly diminishes in his own-named Carlson Saga. Ironically, the Stella Saga is mostly about Unitia One, although it does serve as a turning point in Stella's character where she starts taking everything more seriously and gives college a try to try getting out of her job at Stelkazh.
  • Unitia One has the most drastic change out of all the main heroes from the Scrapped Draft, with only Blazing Fast beating her for the most drastic change overall. She goes from having cerulean hair, reflective sunglasses, a pair of spats, and like all Unitias relatively more human proportions in to having sea green hair, paler skin, going around completely nude, and having exaggerated claws. She also has the most drastic personality shift of the main heroic characters.
    • By contrast, Carlson still remained a man with gray hair and
  • She is the fourth-ever character to speak in-story, after Lock-On (his rambling to himself when making the Tomb-Softener), Richshirt, and Carlson (both of which talking to each-other about the Tomb landing). That she is the fourth character and the number four being seen as unlucky in East Asian cultures (and Unitia One's design being largely inspired by specific Japanese horror tropes) is admitted to be a coincidence.
    • This also makes her the first non-human with a speaking role, unless one counts Lock-On's advanced cybernetic body as counting him as a "cyborg" and thus not a human.
  • She is the first female character to appear in the story. When commenting on this, coupled with her specific introduction, Fan said that in hindsight it "might kind of make a really fucking bad first impression..."
  • She is introduced with the same type of "boss subtitles" all of the other Hundred Demons do, despite being a double agent sent in to kill them. While this might seem like the story is addressing that she technically fills one of the one hundred slots, it's meant to be foreshadowing the way her past-self is treated as an alter-ego in dreams/nightmares and illusions, and how Unitia One defeating a manifestation of that past self (who goes by "Unitia Origin," the name she is referred to in the "introduction")

    Screw it 

The Generator is a mysterious object/"soul being"

Plot twist: the mystery option is an Adventure Mode, it's like SSE, except the plot is about all the video game characters from Nintendo and several guest franchises all coming together to talk about drugs.

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