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    Master of Time 

Current Progress in Watching ZFG's Playthrough of this: Four hours in to Part 2. Good GOD that Lozen Jail... troll dungeon, no.

The Legend of Zelda: Master of Time is a romhack of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

  • Adaptational Villainy:
    • The Gorons are slavers that have been using the Moblins as slaves, killing them for trying to rebel. Link is also given no choice but to help them out in order to get the Fire Medallion.
  • Black Comedy:
  • Hailfire Peaks: Lozen Castle is snowy and houses the Ice Medallion, making it a Slippy-Slidey Ice World, but it is also associated with ghosts and the general supernatural, and its dungeon (the "Death Temple") is the game's closest equivalent to the Shadow Temple, giving it Big Boo's Haunt elements as well.
  • Lethal Lava Land: Moblin's Lair is a volcanic mountain filled with pits of lava both inside its dungeon and out.
  • Mooks but No Bosses: The hack lacks any "traditional" bosses, at most there are minibosses with enemies such as Stalfoses and Iron Knuckles,
  • Take That!: Patrick's Manor is a reference to [some mayor guy, I'll have to look through the video to see what but he is mentioned by name]. Pictures of him and his wife can be found in the dungeon, and need to be shot at/blown up to act as switched in order to progress.

    In Case it Ever Comes Up (But I haven't seen this fic mentioned on TV Tropes at all yet) 

Eh... I really wanted to like it and it has some things I do like. There's a myriad of Gerudo OCs, which I don't think is a problem in of itself (I have zero problem with a fic adding a lot of new characters or even giving them major roles, and I'd be the King of Hypocrites if I did), except the canon characters get shafted super hard in favor of them. Nabooru (who is even supposed to be like a main character) is basically just mission control and doesn't get involved that often, Ruto pretty much feels like she's thrown in as an afterthought and also left out of many arcs, Saria takes over thirty chapters just to appear, Link has yet to even see almost any other canon character I didn't mention, while the actual major characters in their place are... just kinda archetypical? And roughly half of the conflicts are caused by Hyrule suddenly being infested with cartoonishly evil

From the tags and scrolling through the chapter list I expected a nice little journey about Link and the Sages going around the world and slaying monsters. Instead it's mostly just shilling how awesome and flawless Link is against one-dimensional villains and the occasional monster fight (that's at least more interesting than the Edgy Hylians, but still), while Nemisa beats on him just for breathing wrong. I honestly stopped caring about the main harem shenanigans (which is saying a lot since that was sort of why I read in the first place) and tried reading for the plot and the overarching mysteries, I namely wanted to see the role Zelda had and what the deal with Link's visions was, but it seems like Link's visions are just a typical Superpowered Evil Side, Zelda seemed more like just another Link-worshipping harem member (I swear if the prince she's engaged to also turns out to be an edgy evil Hylian...)... the only "hook" left is the rebel Gerudo group

IMO it's way too tropey. Like, it looks like the sort of things in comedies that I'd go "Yeah no why does this thing keep happening I don't like it" are seen as totally great inspiration to put in the story and... yeah.


Welcome back to Kek or Cringe

    Yimv (All spoilers unmarked 

  • Accidental Aesop:
    • Elements Bath House has been interpreted as having an Anti-Escapism Aesop about not being attached to virtual characters (represented by Zelpea) and, instead of looking in to and getting attached to the other characters (who the interpreters see as also "flawed," namely their comical traits and ambiguous actions), to straight-up going out in the real world, saying "Actual people out there you could date can't be that bad, come on." Zelpea mostly exists to shit on romance tropes Team Baths hate,
  • Dick: Carol Smithson (Carl for the male version), or Carol Spring, went from being an obediant princess of the Spring Kingdom to a tyrant after renaming herself as Princess Zelpea and taking rule over the Spring Kingdom. While acting as a benevolent and well-meaning force, she manipulated Soap Bloodblade via years of physical and emotional abuse in to getting Elements Bath House on a hunt for the twenty-five Relics scattered around Dualuna, so that she could use their power and the energy of a thousand other people in order to become strengthen herself and become the ruler of the world. Once having obtained the final Relic, she imprisoned a thousand Biome Warriors — well-respected heroes of the land — to use as living batteries to power up the giant mass of magic she created that she would mold to a large monster and use to make the world bend to her will, a process explicitely painful to all of them. She also knocks Soap out and forces him in to a spell where he is to live out a customized nightmare world made for him until his mind breaks and he serves her even in her apocalyptic reign. Once her Apocalypse creation is made, Zelpea would go on to kill at the very least thousands of civilians. If the player choses to spare her life at the end the game and talks to her in prison, she will attempt to strangle Soap through the bars as one last insult before Grime punches her and makes her back off. Should the player buy the Love Potion Route, she becomes The Chessmaster and succeeds in her backup plan by simply poisoning Soap with the Potion so he falls under her command, poisoning the thousand Warriors so that they fight on her side, and eventually killing the other heroes Grime, Valsa, and Cy, along with countless others. Faking a role as a kind-hearted Princess Classic, Zelpea is in truth one of the most viscious tyrants known in Dualuna.
  • Mem:
    • "Dualuna-style censorship." Some tongue-in-cheek pieces would follow Dualuna's modesty standards and cover up rear ends in some way or another, while keeping breasts exposed.
    • "Hey guys, I did a cosplay, it's Alexia."Explanation 
    • Naked Car is canon/Cult of Mitch the New Conductor.Explanation 
    • Isn't it... hypocrite?! HYPOCRITE?! HyPoCrItE?!Explanation 
    • "Censorship settings!"Explanation 

  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Considering the high volume of actual hidden content and bizarre Easter Eggs, it's natural that some would pop up.
    • The "1,005th Date" (or 105th, 505th, etc in various other versions), that in addition to the 1,000 Biome Warriors and Soap/Grme/Valsa/Cy, there was a Secret Character that rounded off the gang in a nice multiple of five, either being another date or a full-fledged party member. The most common back in the Beta was that it was a Mermaid — with the game's Running Gag that Mermaids are considered silly superstitions in Dualuna despite everything that is present. This died down a bit as some of the side Biome Warriors have "fish/snake/etc-like tails" that make them loosely resemble mermaids (although none in the completely traditional sense where the fish part replaces the entire second half), and the most common replacement rumor was a straight-up ghost or other undead. [...] Eventually, 1.9 would add an actual
    • The game has a day/night cycle that seems to be almost completely pointless, which is unusual given that Water has gone on record multiple times that he doesn't really care to have details in a game that are purely aesthetic. While it does affect the (already RNG-added on top of that) wares of the Shady Dealer and [some other things?], most noteably that he only sells the Love Potion between 6:16 PM and 6:16 AM both in-game and according to the computer clock, [...] "6:16 to 6:16" has also been
    • Zelpea's Basement. In the Spring Castle, there is
    • That there is a "fully uncensored" version of the game. In reality, all you'll get is Barbie Doll Anatomy between the legs, [...] Alternatively, that in some versions, the game has forced higher censorship settings. This is not the case; the censorship is always adjustable in the same way across all versions.
    • The "UFO Ending,"

    Nosk Knockoff 

The False Lost is the second miniboss of Act 8, immediately after the illusion Cy battle. It is a creation of Zelpea's nightmare that is a twisted amalgamation of Grime, Valsa, and Cy as some giant spider-like beast.

  • Location: The Nightmare
  • Act: 8
  • Max HP: 500 (15,000 in the Dream Arena)
  • Attack:


While trying to escape the Nightmare, Soap soon meets what appears to be Grime, Valsa, and Cy who claim to have entered it in order to save him; however, these are false versions of them conjured by Zelpea. The fake Grime is criticlaly injured by a Hand, and the fake Valsa disappears after navigating through an exceptionally dark room. Once the party is down to Soap and Cy, the two enter a large boss arena-like area, and the fake Cy tries to claim that she secretly wanted to take the Relics for herself and use their power to level the Regions, converting the world in to a factory wasteland where she can rule with a powered robot army. Soap figures out from the shift in character that the Cy is not a real one, but they fight regardless.

After the fight, Soap shouts out to Zelpea saying that he knows about her attempted tricks and that she'll have to try harder to "get anything done" with her plan to break him. Zelpea taunts Soap, and then has the false Cy transform in a matter that involves her neck twisting and her limbs stretching out to unnatural proportions. Then, features of Grime and Valsa appear on her, her entire body bloats out and becomes similar to that of a spider, faces of the three appear on the body, Zelpea appears on top of it appearing to "pilot" it, and several long thin legs spawn out of the mouths of the faces. This form, dubbed the "False Lost," acts as a much more difficult miniboss.

When defeated, the False Lost disintegrates in to a swarm of spiders, and Soap seemingly knocks out Zelpea. This brightens the room considerably and opens the rightmost door, opening to an upwards climb that leads to a sunny outdoor garden. Just as Soap thinks this is the end of the Nightmare and he can wake up, the ground and sky cracks and shatters, and he is sent right back to the beginning room, where the actual Zelpea confronts him. This leads to the Nightmare Zelpea battle, but the real Grime, Valsa, and Cy eventually show up to help him.

Dream Arena

A nightmare abomination conjured by a loathsome abuser who deserves to be erased from history.

The False Lost is the penultimate boss of the Angel's Challenge, and being that this was a boss faced as solo Soap in the main story mode, it has undergone several changes for the Dream Arena:

  • Its health is increased massively to accomidate having a full party+Element aide.


Context: "Spiders..." I'm not sure if they don't exist at all and Zelpea's Nightmare conjurings resembling them is just some coincidence, or if they're rare, but basically these guys don't know about "spiders" so they don't have that as a direct form of comparison; just spiders themselves are like really weird beings such as those deep in the sea.

After encountering it in Act 8:

  • Bestiary Entry: One of the weaker conjurings of Zelpea's personalized Nightmare world for Soap. Born in the attempts to scare Soap in to doubting three of his closest friends, this thing only exists to haunt.
  • Soap's Comment: I didn't feel fear for myself when I fought this thing, I felt dread. I knew that thing couldn't possibly be Cy, but I spent the whole fight worrying if the real Cy was safe. Zelpea really got in to my head with this thing, but probably not in the way she wanted to. Hopefully, nobody will have to fight this ever again.
  • Grime's Comment: I can take a LOT, but I don't think I can take seeing my friends twisting their bodies in to horrifying monsters. Soap, you have more guts than you think you do. If it was me seeing you and the others turning in to something like that, I would have vomitted.
  • Valsa's Comment: Oh dear Krystal! I know Zelpea is* a sick, sadistic fuck, but this is on a whole new level! Soap, c'mere, you deserve a hug for going through that...
  • Cy's Comment: No scientific name or family; as a dream conjuring, it doesn't have one.
    This conjuring was made in the image of myself,

* if Zelpea is killed, this is changed to "was."

If encountered in the Dream Arena but not in the main story:

  • Bestiary Entry: An unknown horror pulled from a distant dream realm made by a wizard of nightmares. Because of identity-blocking magic, its true creator is unknown.
  • Grime's Comment: Eesh! This thing is absolutely disgusting. I don't wanna know who or what made it. No wait, I do. It's got me and my friends as part of it. Whoever this is must really hate us. That's the... least disturbing explanation I have for that, anyway.
  • Valsa's Comment: OH KRYSTAL KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT I NEVER WANT TO SEE THIS THING AGAIN! And I'm normally happy to see my face in ANY form! AUGH! What kind of fucking lunatic would make such a thing?! You'd think the fact that it's clearly me and Cy and Grime melted together
  • Cy's Comment: False Lost.
    Unknown family.
    I did not get much info from this during our fight in the Dream Arena. Apparently, someone created this for their own mental world, probably as a guard of sorts. Based on the Arena encounter, this is incredibly dangerous and should be avoided on sight. Gathering any more info would be too risky even with my party there. I do not want to speculate as to why this resembles me, Grime, and Valsa, but not Soap, Zelpea, or any of our Biome Warrior companions.

Note: None of the Bestiary entries for this are available to read until after Nightmare Zelpea has been defeated, and Grime, Valsa, and Cy's comments are not available until . In-universe, this is because


  • The "False Lost" was originally going to be one of the enemies of a surreal, horror-themed location inspired by the Giant's Lair of Bug Fables, filled with bizarre beasts that are nothing like the game's usual enemy roster. This entire area was scrapped from Elements Bath House because Water could not find a way to fit it in the lore and, after coming up with the idea of the Nightmare, he thought it would be too redundant. The Abyssal Trench came close, but
    • An area with a similar concept of unexplained bizarre monsters and the other enemies planned alongside it were used in Centisword with the
    • The first concept of the "False Lost" enemy was a feminine humanoid figure in what appeared to be a large coat/mantle, but this "coat" is part of their body that opens up and reveals several tendril-like organs. The enemy would have also had empty eyeholes and an empty mouth, all lined with sharp teeth. This concept was used in Unviewable 2 as one of Yamiko's illusion monsters.
  • Originally, the False Lost only had one possible appearance regardless of the player's gender settings, where its "components" would appear to be androgynous as a blend of the possible body types/sexes for the three. After 1.6, the False Lost now has eight possible appearances, based on the body settings for Grime, Valsa, and Cy individually.
    • This makes the False Lost the entity in the game with the largest variety in appearances based on gender settings, and the only single being whose appearance is determined by the body settings of more than one character.
    • The False Lost is always referred to with "it" pronouns, regardless of the selected gender of its components. This is because the False Lost is a conjure by Zelpea and a "puppet" of hers, more of a tool than an actual person. Team Baths also confirms that none of the conjurings in the Nightmare have any sort of consciousness and are merely tools that Zelpea puppets, including the False Lost and the fake versions of the party members.

    Screw it, More Bestiary 

Nightmare Zelpea

  • Bestiary Entry: Carol Smithson was born to parents who assisted the Winter King and had bigger dreams for themselves than they did for their own daughter. Her whole early life, she was told to dress the way she didn't want to, act the way she didn't want to, mask her emotions, be proper and royal. Any slight deviation from this was met with cut meals and even more neglect than what she was already raised with. When the Winter King was poisoned by an "unknown party," the Smithsons took over, and renamed themselves the Springs as the way of symbolizing what they thought would be a new dynasty.
    Carol's life did not change much after she became Spring Princess. She was still expected to be in a mold she did not fit in. Pass on the rule in a way she did not want to. Be stuck in eye-straining, tight green dresses that went against her fashion sense. Marry a horrible, selfish rich man. All to fulfill some standards from the distant, forgotten past. Her life seemed to be stuck in a rut, until she broke out, wandered the dark forbidden depths of the world, and eventually came across a book that would teach her everything she needed to finally grab her own strings and turn from puppet to puppetmaster...
  • Soap's Comment: GAAAAAAAHHH! I smiled and nodded through all of that, thinking you weren't as bad as I thought and you had some good in you, then you turned out to be even WORSE— sorry, I mean that she wasn't as bad. Argh! I'm going to stop letting her live in my head. That's her main weapon, after all. Slowly destroying that nightmare with my friends, my ACTUAL friends, was one of the happiest moments of my life. I'm glad to be awake from that nightmare.
  • Grime's Comment: Zelpea's the biggest piece of work I know! And that's a HUGE accomplishment! I'll never forget the way I RAMMED that motorcycle in to her bloated eight-eyed Nightmare face, she had that comming a long way. When I did that, Soap looked like he saw a ghost and hugged me. The way he told me Zelpea showed him a fake vision of my dying... if that was really me, I'd keep myself alive out of spite!
  • Valsa's Comment: I feel like I've seen the creature Zelpea based that form off of somewhere a while ago, but I don't know what. It'd suck if it was something that's extinct, because those silk thread "cracked glass pattern" things look cool. Anyway, Zelpea herself, she's a real piece of work and I'm glad that Nightmare she made is over.
  • Cy's Comment:

Nightmare "Liro" (might rename to also have the Zelda+Peach thing; if there's twenty-five "main" Elements, I could go back to the Alphabetical Theme Naming, and Zelpea could be the "Z" which would help sell the act of her being one of them and not the villain)

  • Bestiary Entry: Carl Smithson was born to parents who assisted the Winter King and had bigger dreams for themselves than they did for their own son. His whole early life, he was told to dress the way he didn't want to, act the way he didn't want to, mask his emotions, be proper and royal. Any slight deviation from this was met with cut meals and even more neglect than what he was already raised with. When the Winter King was poisoned by an "unknown party," the Smithsons took over, and renamed themselves the Springs as the way of symbolizing what they thought would be a new dynasty.
    Carl's life did not change much after he became Spring Prince. He was still expected to be in a mold he did not fit in. Pass on the rule in a way he did not want to. Be unable to wear dresses as he wanted to, and instead be in tight, confining green uniforms of the new Spring rule. Marry a possessive woman who scared him out of a strange superstition about her fertility. All to fulfill some standards from the distant, forgotten past. His life seemed to be stuck in a rut, until he broke out, wandered the dark forbidden depths of the world, and eventually came across a book that would teach heim everything he needed to finally grab his own strings and turn from puppet to puppetmaster...
  • [The main four's comments are unchanged.]

Apocalypse Zelpea

If Spared:

  • Bestiary Entry: ...The book did not possess Carol, mind control her, "corrupt her soul," or manipulate her in any way. All it did was teach her the spells needed to take someone's fears and crush that person with them. In secrecy, she worked the path of becoming her own ruler, revelling in the title of the Last Princess, and having a pawn of her own to test the limits of what she could get away with. Eventually, her years of mind manipulation lead her to find the then-young adventurer Soap Bloodblade to be a suitable test for her, an obedient pawn that would easily do as she said, even and especially help her gather the powers of the artifacts of which she is one of the few people who knows the true powers of. With the Relics in hand and the Biome Warriors trapped, all was going well. Except that the "pawn" of hers made it to the other side of the board and... promoted.
  • Soap's Comment:

If Killed:

  • An Aesop:
    • "Nobody's perfect" is what one of the game's central messages boils down to. While the "main" Elements, hundreds of datable side characters, and even the main four all have their flaws and problems, they're still at their core at least decent people and/or they aim to improve themselves and become better as their arcs go on. The "side" love interests are presented as flawed but by no means unlikeable, and even less-savory characters (such as Jasmine or Maria) are meant to be seen as developing out of it. Meanwhile, Zelpea, who had been built up as a seemingly "perfect" "ideal wife" archetype, is just putting on an act, and she turns out to be the real villain and the evilest character in the entire game bar none. She's not even perfect in the form of "perfectly evil;" she's prone to breakdowns and her plan has several gigantic holes in it. It's up to these hundreds of "flawed" heroes to band together and put a stop to her.
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    • Don't let terrible people ruin how you view the good in the world, and don't fall victim to continuing toxic cycles. One of what the game conisiders Soap's positive qualities is his always having an open mind when meeting someone new, and he's trustworthy almost to a fault. Soap has dealt with a toxic false friend in the past (and dealt with plenty of other crap), and Zelpea — herself a toxic false friend — tries to use that to get him to distrust any new potential love interests, to the point of gaslighting him twice. Her plan pretty much hinges on Soap not trusting any potential dating partners except herself... which never really happens, as once Grime, Valsa, Cy, and the Elements manage to earn his trust, this sticks, even during Zelpea's illusion where a false Cy attacks him. Zelpea herself meanwhile uses her parent's strict and emotionally abusive treatment of her as an excuse to all her actions, even after comitting much worse actions than they have done, even after killing them outright, and continues to throw increasingly flimsy reasons why she hits Soap and the others around until finally dropping the act and saying that
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    • The game continues the message of "While there is some times no definite 'right answer' or 'best option' to some situations, there are definite 'wrong answers' or 'worst options.'" The game doesn't really have a Golden Ending or any definite "central love interest," [Oh my GOD I forgot what that trope was called and had to look through so many related tropes to try to find it! I think I might throw on mentions of it in descriptions like Fan-Preferred Couple (as like an "inverse" of that)] Grime is the closest story-wise but gameplay-wise Soap/Grime is one of the hardest relationships to actually build to avoid this.

    What the fuck is Elements Bath House 


  • Don't confuse with Epic Rap Battles of History, ERB(o)H.
  • Actually, Edvhard etc can be chapter bosses instead of sidequest bosses. Or the "main Elements" are the chapter bosses, along with "possessions" akin to RG.

Centisword (Not related):

  • New idea that Leaf Knight, Steam Knight, Light Knight, Hair Knight, Shadow Knight, Pixel Knight, and Obscura are in.
  • Obscura's Boss Subtitles alternate each letter being white and black. At first, the background (not the "background of the text," the entire inside of the room) is totally white, making the white letters invisible, but it quickly turns to black through a smooth gradient, making the white letters visible but hiding the black ones. I don't know if that would be really cool or an eyesore.


Oh my lord if I see one more galaxy brain trying to argue that Water is hypocritical because "Hmmmm UPOIC was saying that fanservice bad but here in EBH it's is fanservice so hypocrite much?!" like...

UPOIC was never saying having sexy content at all is bad. Hell it's not even really trying to argue anything about fanservice, it sure as hell isn't saying "Ban this or else" like some people seem to pretend it is. It's making fun of

Most of the bosses, especially the Heartsynch ones, represent like "Negative harem archetypes" or "Negative action-adventure archetypes" or something close to that, but most of them learn their flaws and are set on the path of changing them after thier defeats/arcs. Edvhard realizes that he's not the big strongman he dreams of himself as and starts taking measures to actually train as a hero. Keit learns to back off from trying to forcefully impose his standards of modesty on 1,000+ cultures and learns to desensitize himself to all the toplessness/nudity around him. Insa shows the slightest bit of regret and that usual state "Oh my god these people are just a cult preying on me," which isn't much and she's still tragic, but it's still significantly more development than her Joy+Roy counterpart ever showed. Tottles grows a spine like Iris and learns to grow up emotionally, facing responsibility for her actions. Derrek comes to terms that Suburb Style was a soulless thing that overtook him and tries to rebuild his life around that so that he doesn't let what was once his own creation overtake him and cloud his judgement. Hell, even Zelpea arguably shows regret for her actions, especially how she looks shocked in the kill option, her own "puppet" attacking her and getting the last laugh in.

Then there's Sakura. Who after not one, not two, but THREE defeats, with a dream self-image so ungodly inflated that she even makes Beefy Edvhard look like a modest fantasy in comparison, she doesn't learn a single goddamn thing. She continues being the arrogant, annoying saleswoman who overcharges you, and is the only character who just flat-out blocks you out of Challenging her mind projection thingy. Her ego is so large that even after being taken down thrice she doesn't bat an eye. And that's just hilarious.
  • I agree with most of these except no way in hell did Zelpea ever regret anything except that she didn't break Soap enough. If you spare her and talk to her in the prison, she makes this very clear when she tries to strangle him. I really think that her shocked expression if you go for the kill is really just her hating the fact that her final attempt to break Soap didn't work and she's completely out of tricks to save her ass.

    Eh fuck it, Mob Vs Tatsumaki was a thing so they've done works by the same guy 

"Moeko, the Demon Underground's Shadow Warrior."

"Zelpea, the Nightmare Princess."

"You've heard of a toxic friend, but these two take things to a whole new level."



  • Full Name:
  • Age: 24 (As of UPOIC 3)

Demons in the Unviewableverse... don't have the nicest lives. They're trained since birth to become fighting warriors, and the Demon Underground are no expection. Born to Tamiko and Yamiko, they were a litter of twenty-four raised to be superheroes. Of a sort. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned, especially with Yamiko disappearing thanks to the Red Empire and Tamiko not being the best mother... in general. Tamiko did get her wish. She got eighteen pretty well meaning and heroic fighters... and six that were not. Unfortunately for all of Earth, these six were all put in one squad, where they formed the mother of all ticking time bombs.

Enter the Chess Club, lead by Ishiko, who is, putting things mildly, an asshole. And Moeko, seemingly one of the most normal of them, and an assistant... until she reveals her true colors.

Zelpea Springs


  • Original Name: Carol Smithson ["Generic name," basically.]
  • Age: 70+
  • Height:
  • Weight:

In the chaotic land of Dualuna, filled with jungles that have giant blood-sucking bugs, oceans of sharks that can devour whales, and burning seas of magma with its own extremophile predators, the vilest of them all... is an ordinary Human.

Well okay, Dualuna isn't nearly as bad as the Unviewableverse,


Moeko Wins. While Zelpea easily has an advantage should she get Moeko to sleep, the problem is that with any demon in the Unviewable-verse, let alone a member of the dysfunctional Demon Underground Chess Club, that's easier said than done. Not to mention Zelpea's strategy involves studying and preparing for her enemy, which is not something standard Death Battles allow. Even if Zelpea manages to get all the Relics and amasses the the Elements as her living batteries, Moeko still has a variety of skills. Plus, Moeko technically chainsawed a god in half. Zelpea, at best, impersonated a god... and got beaten down by what was admitedly a huge army, but still.



["Picture:" A naked green woman hugging a naked cerise woman. The latter is crying her eyes out.]

Wood, Snow, Sand and Bomb, Forever.

Book 1: Corruption

  • Impetua and Arborea's grand make up/reunion. Their relationship's been through ups and a big down when they were split over their ideologies on how to deal with invaders, but halfway through the Deep Woods Arc, they finally both came to terms with their own problems, Arborea told the Deep Woods where to shove it,
  • Both Arborea and Impetua's "breakup" and reunion happen in the Grand Deep Woods Arena, with the Snow and Sand Gang surrounding them and Impetua crying, but under different circumstances. In the former, Impetua is left alone in the arena and everyone boos at them, and the Snow and Sand Gang surround her to save her from the incoming mass-pelting they got. In the latter, the arena is instead filled with supporting people and the new additions (Sonata, the Fire/Lightning/Water Trio, Sahnah, Veyynimi, and Radaeliux [yes I hate these names too]) all gathered around to join in on the hug.
  • While the Corruption Cleanup Arc starts with Vince and Sonata having their first (and for a bulk of the story, biggest) fight and even splitting, with Vince siding with Tania while Sonata sticks with the Naked Empire Nymphs,
  • The Naked Empire's "agreement" with Tania. [...] When Tania asks if this means that the group will dress more, and Sonata actually appears to start considering it, it's Vince that comes to Sonata's defense.
    Tania: And as a gesture, would you be willing to wear the garbs of a Dryad?
    Sonata: I— I um... okay... FUCK IT!
    (Other Naked Empire Nymphs gasp.)
    If it means that much... I GUESS... maybe just a tiny front-only loincloth, I'm not saying this is a yes, but—
    Vince: What the
    FUCK, Tania?! Rule #1! Nymphs do not wear clothes, period! You try to get her to wear something, I'm joining them!
    ' ...Huh?
  • After two whole arcs of buildup, it turns out that the mysterious "Dancer of the Jungle" is really something of a support group leader, housing and making shelter

Book 2: Crimson

Book 3: Hallow

Book 4: Candyland

Book 5: Islands

Book 6: Spires

Book 7: Purity





I think the most important thing about ZNA is that this is not meant to be some kind of "Justice for Nymph!" sort of work. (Well, it's sort of a protest in the sense of saying "I'd prefer if you'd not depict the Nymph as putting on clothes please," but that's it.) As in, like, where they go way overboard and act like the character(s) in question that are focused on are innocent little angels and the story goes out of its way to shit on anything that has a negative view of them. It acknowledges multiple times how outlandish the premise is that an enemy from the game works to be a hero. And more importantly, Sonata's not really viewed as some shining misunderstood figure of light. I think it's a very important tip in general to never try to force the reader to like a character, let that judgement come naturally. Yeah, I'm guilty of shilling Sonata a bit in Chapter 4, with her Red/Yellow/Blue Trio telling her shit like "Oh sorry we roped you in to this" and "Oh thanks for saving us," but that's about as bad as it gets, and she does... technically save them so their praise is a bit justified from that? Like, in the conflict of the Corruption Cleanup Arc, where Vince splits off to live with Tania in the Jungle for a bit, while Sonata takes the side of her Nymph Army, Sonata's not really in the right. I'd even go as far as say that... she's more in the wrong than the very Nymphs she sides with, because her position was from dishonesty. She really just wanted Tania and Vince to be on her side, yet she lies and acts like she was completely taking a stand and splitting away from them (Vince was doing that, and it was easier for him because Sonata actually threatened his life when they first met, while Vince had never so much as raised a finger against Sonata except some brief attempts at self-defense when she said she'd eat him. She wasn't actually going to but he didn't know that at the time, hell, she didn't know that at the time.)


I wanted to humanize both Tania and the whole Nymph Army. Give them separate adventures where they're both clearly the heroic party. So that when they meet up and get in to a straight-up, legitimate fight, and not even one based on a simple misunderstanding, it'd hit harder. The less easy it is for readers to pick a side in the conflict, the better. I don't like super conventional flawless heroes versus Saturday Morning Cartoon villains. I like moral grayness.

There was a Tumblr blog that said, for stuff like Chainmail Bikinis, if it was trying to be justified by "Well they're powered by the sun/wind/etc so the more exposed skin the more it works" then why don't they just fight naked and I'm like... holy shit... that actually is how it works in my crap! They "pass" or "miss" that bingo sheet because they just don't have "revealing armor" they fight naked!

Infinity Train x Desert Bus. It makes sense (as a shitpost). Think about it.

Gotta admit I'm surprised it took seven bullet points (not counting sub-bullets) until an Uchiha popped up. I would have thought an Uchiha would be targetted first.

I finally figured out why Binding of Isaac has two curated "Father's Day" dailies, a large thanks to the particular sequence in Repentance leading to its final boss.

  • Part 1: Cain gets a Dollar. Dad spending all the life savings.
  • Part 2: Cain with a Dad's Key that gets charged. Dad leaving the home after the divorce. This part I kinda figured, but Cain getting the Dollar I didn't get until now.

Edmund was actually dropping a lore reveal years before Repentance outright spelled it out.


Warning: Metric system.


  • Arc Number: Ten. There are ten Dungeons not counting the Boss-Only Level finale,
  • Barely-There Swimwear: The game has a Running Gag with the (metric unit)kinis and their description that says that buying them is a waste of time. In order:
    • The Microkini is buyable by default but the most expensive outfit at the beginning of the game, and it actually covers more than what most swimsuits with that title would, but it's still a small top that leaves half of the wearer's rear exposed. Its tagline is "You could just cut a bikini in half, but thanks for the money anyway."
    • Beating Chapter 4 unlocks the Nanokini, which looks more like a "typical" microkini in the sense of
    • Beating Chapter 8 unlocks the Picokini, whose description is just "Tiny strips "
    • Not available in the actual game is the Femtokini. It only appears in Helena's Three-Heart event, worn by her herself in said Beach Episode in her attempt to "be bold." We're not actually shown just how revealing it is, as it's always sold out in the shop, "live" it's always hidden Scenery Censor-style except for a few glimpses of the straps on the end (in a way that covers more than the game's usual Scenery Censor approach at that, so we can't really tell what it looks like; Bart says covering more just leaves more possibilities for the players to think, and it's funnier that way), and in the news broadcast it's outright blurred. But given how much skin the game has no issue with showing, what its predecessors are like, and that even Roxy is left wide-eyed and agape with pure shock (and trying to cover the player character's eyes before her arm just drops limp), it must have been really bad. According to Helena, the tagline is "You could just go naked, and you'll look like you're naked, but we do appreciate the financial support." Patch 1.3 would "give more context" by adding the line from Lance/Lyn/Liz.
      Roxy: Oh my god, that's bad.
      Iris: Holy crap.
      E: ...You're wearing a swimsuit? I can't even see it.
      Lance/Lyn/Liz: The top is just butterfingers and it looks like your body is eating the bottom.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation:
    • Despite the game often alluding to towns, and that half the chapters generally involve escorting someone to one such town, Safe Springs is the only actual "town area" in the entire game. The others are either only ever seen in cutscenes (Oasis Resort) or they are Dungeon Towns you navigate through
  • Traintop Battle: Fitting for the "western-themed" chapter, the Gold Sands boss fight takes place atop a train going through the title vast desert, leading to the Oasis Resort. Specifically, it's against a giant scorpion monster much longer than the train itself.

  • Audience-Alienating Ending: One of the most infamous aspects of the game is that, despite the lighthearted and memey nature of it for the most part, none of the endings are "good" per-say, with the joke UFO ending considering the most uplifting despite ending with the heavy implication that Lance is being experimented on. Most of them end with Lilith in a bad state; in the closest thing to a "Golden Ending," were you eliminate her curse at the source, a Diablos Ex Machina still results in the gang (including Lilith) basically being transported to a weird hellish dimension, right after a Hope Spot where it seems like Lilith can finally be free no strings attached. In exactly one of the endings does Lance ever make it back home, but it's also the only one where Lilith dies outright.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: The "Gold Ending" is considered by Bart to be a good ending, but fans disagree. It sees Lance and company being isekai'd again, this time to the Twisted Realm, which is basically the AP verse's closest equivalent of Hell, and it's stated that their souls will still be there when they die (as it's an afterlife of sorts). This is considered "good" because Lance/Lyn/Liz ends up with a cured Lilith, but it's still a situation where no main character is in their home (Earth or the Otherland)
  • Fandom Rivalry:
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Curses. They are random effects that
    • The Concussed status ailment is the bane of many a player, both casual and speedrunner. It doesn't show up until Chapter 6 (out of 11), very few enemies in the whole game use it,



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    Gacha Games 

Gacha games are a subtype of video games where the purpose is to use currency and receive random virtual times. This currency can be earned through playing or be bought with real currency. Many of these games are free-to-play, usually on mobile devices.

Gacha comes from the Japanese word, gachapon or gashapon, which come from vending machines that dispense capsule toys. The reason why it is called gacha is the sound it makes when cranking these vending machines. This system began around the early 2010s in Japan, Korea, and China.

Eventually they have become one of the most used systems in the world, including the US. Some might consider gacha games similar to loot boxes, which both have received heavy criticism for its usage in these games. The main incentive is for players to spend real money on trying to receive the items they desire which may need to be drawn multiple times. Some people have spent thousands of dollars for these games.

Examples of the gacha system.

  • Characters that are categorized by their rarity with better statistics per rank.
    • Ex: Arknights lets you collect characters by a star rarity. The highest being 6 stars.
  • Collectible cards.
    • Ex: Hearthstone is a card game where better cards can be acquired by purchasing card packs.
  • Items and Characters are in the same draw.
    • Ex: Genshin Impact lets players draw for "wishes" that can get them both items and characters.

Yeah Shikamaru only ever fought girls in Part 1 (Kin, Temari, Tayuya), at least onscreen and aside from like maybe canon fodder.

A Game-Breaker is not merely any strong weapon, it breaks the developer-intended progression of a game and lets you steamroll through what is intended to be a challenge. Anything that's already given to you at the postgame when the hardest challenges are said and done are not a Game-Breaker, because there is no game left to break. As a general rule, if you have to say that there's "nothing left to use this on," then it's likely not a Game-Breaker.

And IMO at least examples that take more effort to get than just playing the game normally, IE beating a superboss way ahead of the intended point and then using their reward against earlier, easier bosses, doesn't count either. You already had to do a lot of uphill fighting. It's arguably harder than playing the game the "normal" route.

Fia the Deathbed Companion...

Poo Man.

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