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Anime Opening Parody

When a work parodies or imitates typical anime openings.

A subtrope to Animesque. Almost every anime has a catchy opening. Anime openings are rife with their own tropes and clichés, making them distinct from Western cartoon openings. In the West, lyrical theme songs are more limited to kid shows and sitcoms. This has led to the question: what if their favorite media had an anime opening?


This is often used for comedy. There's humor to be found in creating a serious animesque opening for a comedic show and vice versa. It's also not limited to pieces of media, as there have been fan anime openings created for WWII, Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign, and the entirety of the Byzantine Empire.

More often that not, such parodies are a Homage or Affectionate Parody to the anime genre. After all, who doesn't love an epic opening?

Examples: The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime, that one internet historian nordvpn anime opening, uh i need a third one
"Important Dates:"
  • 12th January, 1997: First episode of King of the Hill.
  • 30th September, 2013: Nymph was added to Terraria.
  • 22nd September, 2014: "Soos and the Real Girl" first aired; yeah the .GIFfany. Also the Melody episode.

9/30 is the absolute deadline for ZNA but there's a very good chance for a few reasons that it'll be out sooner. Regardless Wooing the Last Dryad, which is basically a more PG-13 ZNA but isn't literally a rewrite (it has a completely different story and it's set in a completely different world/"timeline" (the NPCs all have the same names though because otherwise it would be needless confusion. Except maybe the Guide, for story reasons)), will be out exactly one week prior.

    ZNA Plan/Outline So Far 

Book 1 — Corruption (Also, Pre-Hardmode. But that doesn't mean there's a "Book 2 — Hardmode" and that's it. However many books there will be (thinking 16 if I'm crazy enough, plus maybe an "Epilogue Book"), 2 onwards are "Hardmode," although there might be a "Harder Mode")

  • Chapter 1 (Intro Part 1): Vince runs in to Sonata, they have the whole scare-fight "Be my wingman or die" thing, then they run in to Iris. Currently Chapter actually ends sooner and Chapter 2 has the Iris encounter stuff end but I feel that going to Lindsey's would make for a better chapter break.
  • Chapter 2 (Intro Part 2): The group meets Lindsey. Lindsey does the cliche "Your new friends or you get unlimited power" thing with Sonata, Sonata picks Friendship so that's a sign she's a good guy (barely), minecart battle with Lindsey's "rainbow" of seven servant Nymphs follows. Also Madeline shows up.
  • Chapter 3 (Tundra):
  • Chapter 4 (Desert): So Mollie really wants the gang to save her brother Billy Bones from the Desert; her asking them actually happens last chapter because I like it when chapters/episodes bleed in to one-another instead of being completely "closed off" one-off adventures. Turns out Billy first got lost for a while but was recently kidnapped by "Sand Nymphs" (working name). The "Sand" Nymphs are also really good Antlion tamers. The old Chapter 4 was kind of a shitty prison break story but that can be saved for later, this one might just be Sonata and Vince's eventual token love interest of the Nymph group
  • Chapter 5 (Jungle????? Might not be):

Skip a bip, a few more episodic adventures, including these:

  • A chapter vaguely inspired by "The Great Divide" (yeah feel free to tell me what a shitty idea it is to take one of the most disliked ATLA episodes as inspiration for a plot but hey I like a challenge), the first one with two new Nymph types introduced, one group from each type wants to cross the Corruption together.
  • Chapter 9 might be Lexus' introduction,

And then:

  • Chapter 12? ("Deep Woods;" based off of an idea of a "more forest-y" Forest biome): Gang comes across "Wood" Nymphs; they look similar to Dryads on the surface but aren't. Anyway, they refuse to basically not shit on Vince/Sonata until they kill the Eye of Cthulhu, finally, twelve chapters in and the first "major" ((False) King Slime is taken out much earlier; there is a tiny chance I might have "original" bosses from Chapter 3 onward but that might bloat up the story too much). Spoilers, they kill EoC without any fuss. This is what finally makes Tania want to go over to the island, previously she wasn't on thre at all.
  • Chapter 13 (???): So, Iris, Madeline, Mollie, Lexus, etc, they aren't really "MAIN" main characters on the level of Vince and Sonata. It was a growing party of those two and every adult female NPC up to this point (and the two after, and some extra new ones), but they were on the backburner while Vince and Sonata took the lead. Anyway, Tania is, she's the third and final main main lead, so her addition is supposed to shake things up a bit. Like, there will ideally be a serious distinction between even "Episodic adventures without Tania the Dryad" and "Episodic adventures with Tania the Dryad." The former will ideally even "feel weird" after reading the latter, because Book 1 ain't even close to half the story, and this is just half of Book 1 that's Tania-less, something that will be broken except for the odd chapter where for some story reason she's written out.

    Anyway that's pretty much it. This is Tania's intro and the chapter's supposed to revolve around that almost. Big moment.

Skip to the end (of Book 1):

I know this is kinda unfitting for what's basically an ecchi (yes this counts as an ecchi, I am very plot and character-oriented so raw summaries of my stuff sound like regular at-worst PG-13 stuff but trust me ZNA is a hard R) but I might do this Avatar: The Last Airbender-style, where practically each chapter is set in a different location, and we probably won't be going back to their "homes" for any single chapter once they go to the Tundra.

"Will this have a Ba Sing Se equivalent" kinda. Spirit World uh, no, no plans for that right now.

Rewritten stuff:

  • Again, originally Chapter 2 also had Iris' rescue in it. But I think moving it to Chapter 1 would be better. That, or I'd make the intro a three-parter but I'd rather not...
  • I stopped my draft of Chapter 5 and went ot rewriting Chapter 4 because 3, 4, and 5 were feeling kinda same-y, the gang heads underground specifically and meets Nymphs that aren't that hostile... it doesn't make much sense considering how awful and "Haha die human" Sonata is at the beginning and how Lindsey's even worse to have them run in to so many "friendly" Nymphs like that, especially since this isn't supposed to fall in to the same trap that RG did where I end up with more friendly/"ally-worthy" characters than I planned. I might still use the stuff anyway... my biggest issue was how they kept going underground, but again, I might keep that.
  • I think my biggest problem with the old Chapter 4 was that it ended on a weird and abrupt note and I wrote myself in to a corner. Foxed-out Mollie rushes off in to the Jungle. Okay. That part I might wanna keep.

     Iran Game 

hopefully one of those works apparently i comment code too much

do titles seriously need to start with letters why pls


Ruby Rose of Class 1-A

Shows that his price is the same as the sticker price.
Hank: "The Hank Hill Special."
"I will transform this planet into a new Apokolips. not Hell on Earth, something far, far worse"
"Can't go back home, and soon you won't be able to live here either. There's no place for you anymore Superman. Now fly!"
"I am going to cut my father's ring from your hand, then command it to utterly destroy you."

Here’s some music

    Depending on How You View the Many Worlds Theory, There is a Chance That This Game Exists in an Infinite Number of Universes (Also Kid Me Legitimately Thought This Would be Awesome) 

SpongeBob Adventure 2: Battle.

DoodleBob: WHO ARE YOU.
SpongeBob: What you see is what you get! I'm just a friendly absorbant frycook! The name's SpongeBob!

Can you feeeeel life? Movin' through your mind?♪

(Yes I know "Battle" is the remake shut up. This is what happened when Kid Me alternated a bit between playing Battle for Bikini Bottom and playing Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) I think.)

It's Pony is being Screwed by the Network. Not surprised, this is Creator/Nickelodeon we're talking about.


  • The Mystery Shacknote 
  • Romance Academy 7 Copies/.GIFfany Army and associates:
    • General and Deans/Main Copiesnote 
      • Dean Rose
      • Dean Dove
      • .GIFfany
    • ".EXE Army"note 
      • "Evil Humans"note 
    • "Next Generation" Deans
    • Other Copies
  • Other Canon Characters

Infinity Edition:

  • Nzyvo and Associates
  • The Seven Evil Inner Devils
  • Presidential Candidates


Wham Line

  • Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group:
    • The finale of Volume 6:
      Mudvin: Heh! I only needed one more ingredient to summon Witchita! The blood of a dead virgin. Guess what? I'm a virgin. My blood was already in place. And now that I'm about to die, well, that last ingredient will be fulfilled. Your days on this planet, why they're pretty limited I'll tell 'ya.
  • The Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan Trilogy:
    • The Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan 2: Another "Another World" Story:
      • Tamiko is rather blatantly hinted at having some Medium Awareness throughout 2 and somehow even moreso the first installment. When she confesses, it isn't much of one. But then Ishiko drops a twofold:
        Ishiko: All of us in the Demon Underground can break the fourth wall. We were aware of that since we were 13. We just didn't tell anybody that but each other. And definitely not Taro, because he'd flip out over finding out he was right about being fictional. Now please, don't worry, boss. Or, (sighs), should I say don't worry, Mom?
        Hanako: Oh, so NOW you're treating Tamiko as our mother after all these years?! Are you finally gonna start calling us your sisters too or is that still off the table and you're gonna keep pretending we're not all family?!
      • The end of Chapter 6:
        Psychic King: Hah! Jokes on you! Go back to your own time?! You know the meteor impact that turned your world in to mine? Well, from your time, that happens in just one year! And you can't change it, because it already happened!
    • The Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan 3: Another "Another World" Story 2: The Tail of the Silver Septagon:
  • Baths: Uniter of Elements:
    • You are told throughout most of the game of a mysterious location/"Line" called "Neutrality," but for a majority of the game you know nothing about it except that it is where the Shower Lord came from. The name, other nicknames for it, and the context of it and the Shower Lord make it seem like it's some incredibly eldritch world. But you're given a chance to Scan the Shower Lord in the middle of Act 3. Scan tells you not just the Line the person is from, but a more specific description of their birthplace. Reading the Shower Lord's entry gives this:
    • [Unsure about this one.] When confronting the Shower Lord face-to-face, with the previous four Act bosses helping out:
      Shower Lord, Hawksa/Hawkingson: (Amused chuckle.) Isn't this interesting? To think you had it in you, Soap. Four of my top creations, that I hand-built to be the perfect Relic-takers. And then there's you, my one and only... more "old-fashioned" creation. Well, I guess it shows that even someone born by me is strong enough to take on my engineered masterpieces! Daughter/Son, I'm proud of you! But your quest will end here, fear the wrath of the Shower Lord, Hawksa/Hawkingson Bloodblade! (Cue 16-bit Soap's backflip in to the bullet box and shield drawing)
    • The end of Act 5. You've just done the impossible and made the Shower Lord, of all people, surrender, also dismantling most of their empire via hacking, and it seems like all is fair and done, seemingly ending the game's story. Then Princess Zelpea/Prince Liro slowly walks up to the Sword of the Core, and...
      Zelpea/Liro: And... Soap. I almost feel bad about burning down your home town all those years ago.
      (Summons several "Limbs" to attack everybody.)
      The Royal/Antiextant Agent: Almost.

Wham Shot

  • Blessed, Unfortunately:
    • At the end of the third arc, Stella finally asks Carlson and Karen who Yuullieke/Lucy is. Neither one of them wants to answer, and Karen insists on dropping the subject right away. We then get a flashback to a fourteen-and-a-half year-old at night dealing with a pesky mosquito. Then she ends up getting the same sort of "ring of dust" effect around her that Carlson and the Eighth Circle both had when they Awoken... followed by her flawlessly dealing a swinging kick at the mosquito, managing to slice it in half with the nail of her toe. That is Lucy "Yuullieke" Yamamura, one of the three people who were Blessed, Unfortunately, Carlson's abusive ex and the only person in the known multiverse of the story that's directly better than him. Also the only character he's downright afraid of.
  • Unviewable Trilogy:
    • 2:
      • After Chapter 4, the Distant King launches the entire party in to the ocean at the southwest corner of the map. Then, in the depths of the water, they see something gigantic and red. This starts blurry, but slowly enters focus — it's the statue of Lil Stalin. A display pops up reading "Distant Land, Year 111" before changing — Earth, Year 2102. This is not an isekai setting, it's a post-apocalyptic Earth. Bear in mind that UPOIC 1 was set in 2070 and UPOIC 2 (the beginning, on "normal Earth") in 2071, so this means that at the absolute minimum the world is going to come to an end in about thirty years. The end of Chapter 6 of UPOIC 2 and the beginning of UPOIC 3 would confirm that, actually, it would come to an end in one. [EDIT: Wow I fucked up badly wth the math there. Hang on a sec.]

Under Shout-Out????

  • A couple to Awful Hospital, which to a degree inspired the whole "Lines" system:
    • Residents of Antiexistence are fond of using "layers" as their version of whatever passed for "time" in their "place."

  • Elemental Plane: Averted with the game's actual elements, as they all "share" simple regions and the like on the same plane/planet/etc. The Lines proper are more like planes based on general "flavors of magic." +r and -r start out fairly easy to understand, a nature-themed universe and a technological-themed universe respectively. +i and -i are a little more odd but still easy to grasp: "light magic" and "dark magic." The "themes" of the Lines, in the order that they are listed/numbered in-game, get more abstract and harder to tell as they go on, eventually becoming seemingly random and themeless with the last four, and any "theming" is more based on the residents just being weird. (Such as the "clothing theme" of -q; that's not the actual overall theme of the world, it's just that 24/25 of the love interests there happened to be a part of an organization themed around clothes, with the final one being a "permanude" cop and the Arc Villain coincidentally being a giant sapient pair of pants.

Even if I didn't spoil to myself about that I wouldn't have encountered that blind and thought they were real to begin with; I went with Knuckles' path first, where they only appear as wanted posters until the boss fight where you're shown they're illusions anyway.

Heavy Magician though <3.

  • Masculine–Feminine Gay Couple: Most of the time this is averted or downplayed, these are the closest to examples:
    • Ashley and Mindy of Joy+Roy. Ashley is a hard-drinker and a video game enthusiast who enjoys snark, messing with others, and can be very direct and aggressive (mostly towards Roy at the beginning). Back in high school, she also had an unhealthy interest in bullying the nerdy, this comes to bite her HARD in the ass in Season 2 when one of them builds a tree mecha and, while harmless compared to her learned demon powers, he still gives her the guilt trip of a livetime and comes close to burning her little brother. Also, she likes wearing heavy blue jeans. And starting from late Season 1 through the rest of the story, no top. Mindy is an open hippie that loves nature and often wears dresses, plus she's an artist that likes encouraging others to be creative. The downplay is how Ashley has her share of feminine traits as well, Mindy having a few
    • From Unviewable, [Actually I'm 90% sure that Tamiko and Yamiko do not actually qualify under this, both of them are pretty feminine I think.]

"The Gang"

    In General 



    The Accursed Bone 

Adam's sword, whether he'd like it or not. A cursed artifact that he thoughtlessly bought at the beginning of the game,

    The Fae 

Tiny fairy-like allies that help you


The game's obligatory merchant. A mysterious teleporting man

  • Creepy Good: Despite looking almost like the villain of a creepypasta, anything actually bad that he's done is only "implied,"
  • Dungeon Shop: While he appears in the main town, he can also be spotted in every proper dungeon
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Would you want to shop under a guy who loudly and proudly nicknames himself "bodybag?" Even worse, it's implied that his nickname is well earned somehow.



    The Wheel of Pain 

Rick's Dragon, an ophanim-resembling monster that likes to appoint himself as the Grand Decider of All that May be. He antagonizes the party throughout the whole game before finally facing them for good in Chapter 7, his last stand.


  • Affably Evil: He's the Big Bad but acts like anyone but, even during his boss fight. He's polite, admits that he hates being involved in violence, and his plan is at least well-intentioned. He even sincerely apologizes to the gang right before his fight begins. That being said he's still a formidable opponent; he also goes through everything he can in order to make sure the Gang doesn't ever get the advantage in his fight. Even his summoning of the, well, Summoned One was not a purposeful attempt at ending the world, but rather him thinking that there's a chance he could control it, and he really didn't want to die so he figured he could summon the Nameless Horror as a last resort...
  • Tom the Dark Lord: Like every chapter boss except the Chapter 7 boss and the True Final Boss, he has a very mundane name, especially in a game where one of your main trio is named after the mother of demons.

    The Summoned One, Nameless Horror 

The True Final Boss of the game and the endboss of the Golden Ending's route,

  • Background Boss: He's so huge that he's almost entirely fought with him in the distant background,
  • Eldritch Abomination: Him simply being in the world immediately turns it in to a hellish landscape, many of his attacks are weird and do not follow the rules of the game's magic system set up, and there's him opening his mouth to reveal an even more Lovecraftian form...
  • Female Angel, Male Demon: The Male Demon to
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: His true name is apparently a Brown Note that makes its speakers undergo a horrible process that starts out as a seemingly mild set of signs. True to the trope being used in that form, the first sign is a sense of unease and paranoia. The second is increased thirst.
  • Speak of the Devil: Saying his true name is supposedly destined to give its speaker, if mortal, a horribe plague. You find out in the postgame that his name is "Rhalkind,"
  • True Final Boss: You can only fight him after gaining all 101 party members of the game.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: The very last part of the fight against him is a straght-up real-time boxing match
  • Ungrateful Bastard: He pays Rick for performing the final step in summoning him by eating and and keeping his soul captive. Despite Rick being the Big Bad for most of the game, you almost want to set his soul free because of how genuinely affable he is and how he really did not deserve to be betrayed by his own summon like that.



Each of the first six dungeons has a theme, and exactly halfway through there's a "variation" of the theme that's more sinister and associated with the boss of the place.


This is a first-person dungeon-crawler RPG that lets you build a massive "backup" party

The game has no points of no return or places you cannot re-enter (although there are bits in Chapters 1 and 4 where parts of the area are temporarily sealed off), nothing you can permanently miss,


So the party starts out as a trio, who stay as the main characters throughout the entire game (along with two major members per the first six chapters): Adam, a Human guy who basically got suckered in to buying a cursed sword that's always trying to eat his arm;

Each party member — yeah thankfully even Adam — has three outfits. Most of them boil down to this: An "outer wear" that's a typical fantasy costume, a swimsuit/underwear esque outfit, and then they just have like some scraps of some stuff, whether it's pieces of nature or something else that barely covers them. The first is the default, the second is unlocked by grinding this stuff called Blue Fabric (don't ask why or how this works) available at the beginning of the game, and the third is unlocked through grinding much more rare Red Fabric and can only be "weaved" when the second one is unlocked. "Upgrading" permanently boosts a party member's stats, but lets you switch out whichever costume you want, in case you want everyone to stay... as modest as the game allows. Although with some cases that's not saying much. Sorry, Adam will always be shirtless no matter what, you'll have to deal with it.

Technically there's a fourth but well... getting it sucks.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: The Ruins of b

So this is the "Water Chapter" and the gimmick here is that there's tons of rushing currents pushing you. Also, whirlpools. And some "diving" segments but you don't have to worry about those.


The second half is in the town's sewers. I actually like this contrast: the first half is in the "beautiful" atmospheric, semi-flooded ruins of this lakeside town, everything is clean and calm. And then you go to a filthy area that... well, okay, the sewage and stuff is green but come on, it's supposed to be full of shit, the game just doesn't want to get too gross with that because it's still supposed to be a "fanservice game." (Boo to that I say. Boring.)

Chapter 4


Right about there is a road with tire tracks going over it. You have no choice but to step on it. So, step on it. A "battle" that's more like a cutscene will play where your gang gets ran over by a train. Believe it or not, the train is the boss here. Sort of.

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Hey, Terraria fans, this is where you finally meet the game's "Dryad."

Chapter 8

Chapter 9/Endgame

"Pit of 100 Trials"

This is actually available after beating the first world but it's highly recommended to... yeah, not.

To anybody who has played the second or third Paper Marios, yes, this is what it sounds like, a 100-floor dungeon where you only progress from one floor to the next,

Sadly it's pretty annoying and with less unique stuff than the Mario ones. Half of the enemies for the first 80 floors come from their chapter/dungeon counterparts: Floors 1-10 have half the enemies from the first area, Floors 11-20 from the second, etc. Unlike the Mario Pits, the tenth floors are not rest areas; you fight boss fights. The first seven boss fights however are just grayscale versions of the main game bosses, but with higher stats (yeah don't think that becuase you can beat a given boss you can beat their PoHT counterpart), but there's a way to quicksave, a micro-shop, a shady "inn," and the option to leave once you're past the boss. Floor 80's boss is a tagteam of a "shadow" Eve and Lilith, Floor 90's is a "shadow" version of Adam, and the final floor finally has a unique boss. The sad thing is that all the cool and original stuff is near the end, where most players won't get to see it. (I mean, come on, most people are playing this for the "plot" and this is genuinely one of the most difficult parts of the game, I bet a lot ain't gonna see this.) Anyway, like Super Paper Mario's Flopside Pit the boss is some Shadow Monster, except you see its true form and you don't have to do the Pit twice. (Although you could go to Floor 50, get the Large Sack, leave, stockpile on items with your doubled inventory, and then try again, but this guide will assume that you do not because that's tedious, and instead you fill your inventory with enemy drops or the Rations sold every tenth floor.)

Unique Mechanics

  • Pit Inns: Don't ask how 100 people can fit in that sleeping bag. Anyway, if you're familiar with LISA: The Painful, the "inns" here function much like the campfires, you can rest there, but there's a chance that something bad might happen. Here's a list of possible effects:


Your Rewards

There are actually multiple rewards with this. If you're like me and like going through a lot of optional content before stepping foot in the final level, this can be a nice, cathartic way to get stuff to

The chests re-close themselves on a revisit; however, all they will ever have in them is a Carrot. Even the final chest.

  • Floor 10:
  • Floor 20:
  • Floor 30:
  • Floor 40:
  • Floor 50: The Large Sack, doubles your inventory from 10 items to 20. I mean I'd ask why a party of 101 can only carry ten items between all of them but come to think of it the fact that none of them are ever wearing much even in their most modest costumes might have something to do with it.
  • Floor 60:
  • Floor 70:
  • Floor 80:
  • Floor 90:
  • Floor 100 (technically Floor 101 you have to go down first and it's a seperate floor with its own map and stuff, but there's nothing here. Also this means the name of the place is a lie): You actually get multiple rewards here.
    • The Double Hit, an equippable Badge that lets the party member with it move twice in one turn, with no drawbacks, requirements, or luck mechanics of the other stuff. Also it stacks with all the other "multiple turn" equipment. Somebody else did some calculations and technically if you get lucky and have enough money, you could have a party member attack a total of seven times in one turn with a certain build.
    • You basically get a "spare" Chain that grants access to Chapter 9, making one of the three "main" Chains you're supposed to get optional. Obviously, if you've already done all three of them, this doesn't mean anything. But still, you get to skip the Ghost Ship quest, [...] and still have a shot at getting the gold ending.
    • Every party member, including KO'd ones and backup, gets a shitload of EXP.
    • Everybody will have all costumes unlocked (even party members you don't have yet, they'll be unlocked automatically — although why you would do this without a full 101 party is beyond me, the idea is terrible) and a special fourth "bare" costume, where they're naked but censored with stars. Honestly this doesn't reveal much more than many party member's "third forms."
    • A few CGs. One of them it looks kinda like Lilith is flipping you off. This is appropriate.
    • One of the Trophies.

It's because the "Red Zone" is part regular nature walks and part a freaking volcano, the "Orange Zone" is a Wild West setting with focus on a train, the "Yellow Zone" is party sunny areas and has a desert with a coliseum, the "Green Zone" is mostly forests with a Nostalgia Level thrown in (well kind of) and a circus at the end, the "Blue Zone" is related to water and the ocean, and perhaps the biggest kicker of all, the "Violet Zone" has a Parallel Universe. Also pirate stuff.

Hence, Paper Mario: Color Splash.

I swear there better be a page for Super Fighter M because it's a masterpiece. It's got Bill Cipher Cappy and Cloud Strife jumping out of a time-travelling washing machine. EDIT: There isn't.

    Fine, I'll Do it Myself 

Oh shit that's a Thanos quote? Fudge fudge fudge fudge fudge fudge fudge.

This is not endorsing bootleg stuff at all I just think the game's hilarious. Plus it's already taken down anyway so it's not like they can take more money using Nintendo's IPs.

Mario and Luigi are both Italian.
—Loading screen message.

Super Fighter M was a bootleg mobile game that had taken assets from various Nintendo Switch titles, predominantly Super Mario Odyssey and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It's an action gacha game

The game was taken down after legal action from Nintendo.

  • Evil Counterpart: Mario has an unlockable alt known as "Evil Mario," which is him with a demonic makeover.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: The game's story is a bizarre crossover version of the plot of Odyssey. Various characters from other franchises appear as allies, even in the cutscenes.
  • Suddenly Speaking: Former Heroic Mimes have full voice-acted dialogue, especially Mario, who talks in complete sentences. Even enemies like Piranha Plants can talk in this game.

Hail, Caesar!!

Honestly my biggest reason for making three of the Prior Players female was to avoid the whole All Men Are Perverts thing. It's like "fuck that, three women were enough pervs to like that game, so there's three women who unironically fell for the .GIFfster."

Fourth Chapter Variants:

  • Freezing Cellar: Ice shit. Because the Burning Basement resembles the Cellar, this will resemble the Basement.
  • Dried Catacombs: A "desert level" so to speak. There's sand there. In contrast to the Drowned enemies there's "dried" enemies, who are all skinny and skeletal,
  • Sanitized Necropolis: Kinda like a giant shower area, but with more of a "soap theme" than a "water theme," and has a lot of technological and electrical shit, so it kinda resembles a "lab." But a "haunted" lab. Has a handful of enemies based on soap or on the Technology series of items.
  • Infested Utero: Actually might be plant theme since I'm uncreative and a sucker for "typical" video game settings so these are mostly just things that the game is "missing." (I'm including the alt path, so a magma/earth area is out since that's Mines. I do not consider Ashpit a "desert.") So uh, this can be like a "forest" or "jungle" level, or at least the closest Isaac equivalent.

I don't want them to feel too different or have too much in like mechanics and unique enemies and stuff; they're supposed to be "equals" with Burning Basement/Flooded Caves/etc. Leave the more drastic changes to the alternate path.

I'm able to remember my place easily but Sonic Story Egg Fleet. WOW Dark Extra can really drag on; watching him go to Rose Story right after is a huge change of pace.

  • Creator's Oddball: Around the mid 2010s, Water finally found a general "style" to "settle" on, one that he dubbed a "Rainbow Neo-Harem." Several Color-Coded Characters (the "rainbow"), a lot of fanservice of a usually-predominantly female cast (the "harem"), but it's genuinely heartfelt and character-driven and has a huge element of an ongoing serial adventure (the "neo," it's trying to be a different flavor from the usual Wish Fulfillment Harem Genre stories). They also make a point in avoiding Time Travel and have a number of fantastic, or light science fiction, elements. With these established, he has written some stories that purposefully break these rules to test himself:
    • The Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan Trilogy is technically a "Rainbow Neo-Harem" in the sense that it has a large central group of color-coded characters, it's mostly female with one guy involved, and it subverts and messes around with the usual harem tropes... it just does so in a way that's the complete opposite of how Water usually does it, with much more Black Comedy, genuinely terrible leads, and being a fourth wall-breaking Mind Screw. All of this on top of every installment after the first (and even the first installment itself, as an "adaptation" that became the "definite canon version") being RPG Maker games, rather than his usual prose-only stories or rare webcomics.
    • Living Twice is rife with time travel and meta elements, among other things. Water said that a major part of the story is that he gave the major heroes and villains (side characters are exempt from this) powers he typically does not feel like writing about, again like temporal powers.
    • [Not completely sure; as it stands it's a hybrid of two older ideas, One Place, One Week and THE BEST FAMILY/Smokedrifle Tower/actually this had a few names as-is] October is a Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall-inspired mystery-adventure with light horror elements, and aimed at a more younger teen/older kid audience than his usual older teen/young adult/"horny people" target of the Rainbow Neo-Harems. It is also much closer to having a Monster of the Week format — almost every supernatural entity was and/or became a reocurring character as a townsperson and had a large amount of foreshadowing to them, but they were only really important for their given chapter and there was no "real" Quirky Miniboss Squad. It also updated once a daynote , something nearly unheard of for a writer with who relies on "It'll be ready when it's ready" outside of anniversary/certain select holiday updates.

  • Screw it Protagonists Should Count Too:
    • Subverted with Bl:oo<dswap: Guess Who's Getting a Spinoff? The premise looks like the story revolves around ten or eleven Nepetas filling each of the Zodiac signs, with Karkat being the odd one out and the only "unchanged" character (except Leo Nepeta herself, whose whereabouts at the time were unknown) for Rule of Funny. Then it turns out that the "Karkat" seen in the first chapter is actually Leo Nepeta assuming a disguise, feeling that if she pretended to be someone the Nepetas were not — aggressive, having a different horn style, and most importantly a boy — the cultists trying to "unite the Ones (Nepetas)" wouldn't ever be able to fully unite all "twelve" of the main bloodswaps. It also hints that an actual Karkat exists — he's from the "first Scratch" of what ultimately turned out to be a thrice-Scratched session,
    • Joy+Roy: Roy is the only man of Team Syulk-Kabus; even all three of his "foils" (Lilith, Joy, and Spaye) are women too. It makes some sense to the degree that most of the gang are demons, an all-female One-Gender Race, but every major human in the group is female too, and all of the followers at least identify as women. Dave and Ermit would be exceptions if they were full-time members of the group, but Dave only partly joins some times and is more of "Eve's sidekick" but not part of the same gang as Eve, while Ermit does not willingly want to join the team at all and is often just strung along because he's the Butt-Monkey, or in the few times Syulk-Kabus asks for his assistance (such as infiltrating the Hall of the Cultured), it's more of a "Oh hey, you're around, could you help us out? It's kind of a matter of saving the world, sorry" sort of way.


Oh my god, you have not LIVED until you have heard of the whole "W[ell then w]hy are they bathing naked?!" thing. Like, you could absolutely HATE Baths but still find this an entertaining story. TLDR but I highly recommend reading the full thing, a guy tried to get holier-than-thou over Baths: Uniter of Elements's fanservice and when called out he snowballed in to a rant about albino people.

So basically it was just one month after the demo of Baths was released, to barely any fanfare or attention. It was relying on word of mouth which I still think was stupid, there wasn't much word to begin with. Once it started picking up a bit of steam and the demo got attention, an obscure blogger decided to take it upon himself to give the game a bit of a looking. He made a post going over BUoE, and I don't want to sound like I think he's making a point overall because of what happens later, but his first post... wasn't bad per-say. He brought up a few decent points, but most of the time he was overblowing small things and going off on random points talking about history and looking for things to try to "gotcha" Team Bath. Most importantly he was one of the few souls brave and/or foolish enough to try to make a "These characters aren't dressed for the occassion; it's another skimpy armor fantasy," and... you know, the game doesn't actually do that stuff if you're familiar with it. (The "revealing costumes" are their casual wear or training Challenge outfits and not what they wear in serious life-or-death fights, what they do wear in serious life-or-death fights is fully-consealing militant suits; Armor Is Useless is pretty much canon in-game and in-story when it comes to defense, look at the whole thing with the Tank Armor, you're supposed to use armor for damage boosts and movement bonuses, the game discourages tanking; men and women actually dress alike here.) And the turning point, talked about how for a dating sim game that not-so-subtely tries to sell itself on romancing elementals in a fantasy world, there's a lot of nudity that's unnecessary to the story. (Also, you can't even really pull the "Oh, the real plot about the real villain is so much more intesting" because at the time only the demo was out, the "Twist" was just speculation and some leaked stuff from ancient TV Tropes Sandbox shitposting from Deep Water way before he founded Team Bath.) Someone on the comments dissected it — admittedly, this commenter was being a huge fucking asshole, pretty sure he was acting in bad faith too and trying to stir up an "any criticism to Baths must be a secret plan trying to make female nudity in media literally illegal" outrage pocket, I don't support the way he tried to "trash" the original blog post, but the important part was that he said that the nudity is from how you're working at a bath house, and your character and their love interests can use that bath house on their spare time, they often steam or bathe up and stuff there. Hence, it makes sense that they're naked because they're at a bath resort in a fantasy world that has super lax rules on modesty and doesn't give a shit about co-ed bathing.

Here comes the history. The original poster replied to that, went over every point, but when he got to the thing about "Well duh they're naked at the bath house," he just replied "Well then why are they bathing naked?!" under the quote box. Complete with the interrobang. Naturally this sentence sounds silly out of context. It sounds silly in context. He pretty much immediately became a bit of a laughing stock with that and the post blew up, becoming what is widely agreed to be the first meme of Baths. (The game was still rather obscure — arguably the post was more known than the game at the time, so stuff like Suburb Style and Maria, they were in the game but nobody really wanted to go around mass-quoting them or anything just yet.) About a week later — after the damage had been done but he could have said this in the same reply as the infamous sentence and it still wouldn't have done any good — he clarified that it could be a thing in a hypothetical world (or, you know, an actual world that isn't super prudish), but it's "unnecessary," and that he meant that they could just as easily have some decency standards to just wear towels. Normally the actual story with the blogger could have just ended here and the rest was all derivatives that other people came up with to meme. But he shot himself in the foot with the same reply: He talked on about how technically all the nudity/fanservice "could easily be" rewritten and isn't important to the story (which, again, was at the time a shallow "stop the evil empire" plot, and even in the full game, it's not that deep. Sorry I'm sick of people acting like the Zelpea/Liro twist was the biggest development in fiction and meant that Baths has this uber-deep narrative... like, no. "The good guy is actually the bad guy the whole time!" isn't that deep)

[The part about the albino thing is coming soon I promise. Well actually it depends on my Chess skills against the AI.]



There are really 85 classes of demon

Daygelz mentioned that there are 85 types of photomagic, Light and Darkness being two of them. Light and Darkness also loosely correspond to White and Black-Class demons respectively. So, whose to say this isn't hinting that each other type of photomagic doesn't have its own corresponding demon class? The whole "search for the missing demon class" is technically not true — there isn't one missing demon class, there are eleven of them.

  • It's worth noting that if you take the number of "captains" from each world, 74 demon captains + 8 human captains + "3" Experiments, you get 85. So an alternative, if a more boring one, is that there are 85 classes of demon now — the humans sort-of formed "variations" of them, as did the artificially-made beings,

This is a "traditional" hell Hell, and the entire story is all one super-elaborate torture to Roy

None of the characters except Roy are "real" following the first bits of the first chapter (and even then, the "peek" at "The Otaku" is nothing but a Red Herring), Roy actually died in a car crash on his way from his shift-filling and the whole rest of the series is the actual God — perhaps a Supergod? messing with him for shits and giggles for being a nonbeliever by having his personal Hell be a bizarre fiction where angels and demons not only exist, but are governed by complicated rules he needed to know. Unfortunately, Roy did something his tormentor did not expect: He adapted to it and grew,

Pumpkin knew Adam was no match for Team Syulk-Kabus and told them about him to purposefully get him killed

It's pretty obvious that Pumpkin and Adam were never the best of friends putting it MILDLY,

The Master Pacts are NOT the Perpendicular counterparts to the Order of Chaos...

Because there already literally is a counterpart, in the form of the Puritans who froze themselves. Since history was mostly roughly the same — there was still Perpendicular versions of almost every historical figure and the like, mostly unchanged aside from color schemes and whatnot, until the Intersection in World War I, that would logically mean that there are alternate versions of the First Half of the Order Founders, somewhere out there. Presumably, Etabed not taking over and whatever happened with the Godhood chain meant that

  • Word of God was that there was in fact another frozen decet of Pioneers in the Perpendicular World, however once topfreedom passed much earlier than it did in Para, a different group of Moral Guardians protested it... one that didn't get along with the frozen people as much as the Para ones did, so they just ended up fighting and killing each other and there was no "Order" as a result.

Most of the main differences between Para and Perp (Pre-Intersection) boil down to coinflips being different

Situation: The biggest war in history has just broken out. Context: you are the head of a massive demon legion, do you alert the masses that your kind and angels are real, since it looks like everyone's gonna see them anyway with the way the war is going? Well, that's a bit too heavy of a fate to let rest on a coin flip... ah, screw it. Heads, you reveal yourself to the entire world and violate Rule #1 of Hell, damning the consequences, or Tails, keep your mouth shut.

If Perpendicular World War I didn't lead to the Intersection, the Perpendicular atomic bomb drop would have anyway

This is stating the obvious at this point but...


Karen is still a Blessed One as she was in the old version — the "Fourth Blessed One's" power just manifests differently

Specifically, rather than raw physical strength by itself,

  • A big hole in this theory is that Karen never once experienced any sort of "major superpower change" when she turned 14.5. She was always a Shade-making prodigy, and always struggled with merging and cooperating with Shades until the 2/3rds mark in the story.

The "Blessed Trio" has subsets of their powers based on their stereotypical "role"

This seems like something fairly obvious but it's never quite said in-story or by Word of God (at most it's a Shrug), so...

...Anyway, this is the reason why Fred is able to split off parts of his power and gift them to the Infernals: because he's "The Monster," and how else to spice a conflict up than to have the monster have minions about his power left going about? Meanwhile, the Knight and especially the Princess typically do not have powered underlings by their side, on their level, kicking ass as well, which is why Carlson is seemingly unable to do the same despite really wanting to, and Yuullieke just doesn't display any attempt at doing that. This is also why he's so much stronger than Carlson or Yuullieke; it makes for a more interesting story to have a Big Bad that overpowers the hero entirely.

To "make things more even," the other two "roles" have similar but not really equal "abilities" unique to them. The "Knight" role

A Shadebow's powers can also be amplified by being clothed as long as possible, if not even moreso than being naked as long as possible...

Nobody ever really tries this because this is actually more difficult than being naked as long as possible.

The "Real Yuullieke" died some time after Carlson broke away from her; what we saw throughout the Stella Saga is a projection brought to life from Carlson's mind world, that or the "real Yuullieke" is still alive

"Yuullieke" only appears after Carlson had been in a Bless-heightened illusion world where she appears in this full eldritch form. And hell, her last words are ominous — "You'll never escape me" because the real one might still be out there. Carlson claims to have finally conquered her, but deep down he knew he was going off against an illusion rather than the real thing. His fears of the actual Yuullieke instead of the nightmare one were still there. And his mental-prison decided to create another one, one that became physical and went "to the real world," to be as convincing as possible that it's not just another nightmare. Perhaps she was made through some variant of whatever it is that allows Fred to give parts of his power to others.

Swinging Blade faked his death

Everything was legit about him until he charged at Carlson — then his "power sensing" kicked in and told him that he was fighting someone with about six more years of experience than him, seven if you count that SB was basically "turning his powers off" throughout the whole downtime year. He suddenly gained some sense and realized that, even if he physically could be on the same level as Carlson, strategically fighting him would probably be suicide (nevermind Carlson was likely rusty on the strategic end since for years he was just one-punching while Swinging Blade at least tried to be clever, but that doesn't matter, Swinging Blade is a moronic coward so thinking Carlson was too much could still be in-character for him). So he had the idea to make it look like he tripped and fell on his own sword. Then he either teleported or FTL'd away from the scene, hoping that Carlson would be so stunned at the stupidity behind his death that he wouldn't pick up on any power sense. Think about it, the circumstances behind his "death" are pretty strange: it's implied that Carlson cannot make a weapon so sharp, even he could get cut by it, so why should the far less experienced Swinging Blade be able to do that by accident? Also, he merely gets stabbed once, and poof, he disappears, while every other Infernal takes a beating and gets multiple stabbings or similar injuries, but bounce back until they're hit with some sort of ultra-powerful blast or lose their Fred-given powers in the first place.

Both Flare Speed and Assily Blast are partly wrong about how Blessing worked

It's neither something as simple as "God wanted three people to be ultra-overpowered"

There are actually multiple "Blessed Trios" across the multiverse...

...It's just that the "monster" of one planet, Fred, happened to "cross in to" the "story" of another pair, Carlson and Yuullieke. Earth's "monster role" was given to somebody else, who, like Swinging Blade, most likely misused their power and died stupididly before Carlson even knew of their existence.

The entire known BU multiverse was created by an exceptionally powerful God-level Shadebow from some other, perhaps more "mundane" universe of the past; Shadebows essentially have the capability of creating realities at their full potential

One of the most noteworthy aspects to Shadebows is their powers of "creation." From

Relatedly, the "Great One" exists, is a Shadebow, and the Lesser Ones are a mere six of his Shades

  • The biggest issue with this is that the Great One is always referred to as a man, the six Lesser Ones as women, and as far as what's been seen, Shades always have the same gender identity as their originals, even with remotely-capable Shadebows being able to freely sex-shift.

Similar to Joy+Roy, this is a loose analogy of how Water feels about nudity in media; specifically the main five and some of the villains

  • Yes, this is another "Carlson is a self-insert" joke, sort of. Carlson is Water himself — an author, and thus "above" the characters that represent the stories, which is most of the characters. He has the powers to ignore (his curb-stomping of them) or create his own (his limited creation skills). The issue is, he already knows he can't do anything better — especially when looking at the stronger Shadebows, his "creation skills" are very limited,
  • Karen represents the sort of thing Water "wants to see" —
  • Unitia Two and Karen's other Shades represent "adult entertainment" as a whole — shady and suspicious as shit overall,


Peaten is just a bitter Monika fan who hates the fact that he's written by a guy who prefers .GIFfany

Seriously, just look at his entire character and mannerisms from this light. Everything he does suddenly makes way more sense, especially in the Rare path. His whole spiel about "being the author of Real Life" is clearly just him in denial.

His real plan was to make all of Water's writing suck out of spite, starting with UPOIC itself, beyond even its usual Stylistic Suck.

Taro is Obfuscating Stupidity, not (just) acting in denial; he also knows about the real meta aspect of the series

He, too, can also break the fourth wall — actually any Gem Holder can, but that's for another guess —

  • Not Hyperbole:
    • In a flashback in Seal 10, Lesuif promisses Daygelz that if Hyumultahs ever tries to attack her again, she could kill him in one punch. She's not exaggerating: this is exactly what happens in the present, three chapters later. The only thing left out is that Hyumultahs did successfully throw a few blows at Daygelz and company, but Lesuif was sealed at the time. Once Lesuif was just partially summoned so that she could have a more physical effect on the world, Hyumultahs wasn't nearly as lucky.
    • Early on in the story Daygelz claims that Lesuif is stronger than all the other demons in the legion, possibly comined. Near the end, all the Kabus demons and their human allies perform a Fusion Dance except for Lesuif, and then have a sparring match with Lesuif. It turns out that, yes, Lesuif is stronger than all of them, combined, and with the aide of seventy-two humans. (Absolutely nothing suggested that the addition of the humans made the fusion "weaker.")
    • Roy does this by unknowingly/unintentionally when he says that he has a body that racists worship and want to kiss. He's just talking about the how he's able-bodied, blond-haired, and while he comes from a blue-eyed family he himself has bright yellow eyes. It turns out to be more literal than he thought it was: several big-profile racist groups, particularly the "White Asses," who see his yellow eye mutation as "the final step of the ultimate human," and have formed a cult around him, calling him "The Golden Eye." The "want to kiss" part is, if anything, an understatement, as his cults also have very a heavy erotic attraction to him much to his chagrin, using Insane Troll Logic to try to insist that there is absolutely nothing gay about it.
  • OOC Is Serious Business:
    • Back in Season 1 and the first half of Season 2, Evelin using contractions was a big deal, as it was part of her whole "fearless mask" that she spoke bold, with everything always spaced out, and tried to be as hammy and direct as possible. Roy simply hearing her say the word "don't" in Seal 11 was huge to him. As the story goes on, she feels more comfortable dropping this act around her friends (although not to the general public until near the finale), so it becomes more common.


  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Carlson is the only one of the "main five" that genuinely enjoys being around her for the most of the story. Stella tried to get along with her, [...] And yes, "main five" includes Karen herself, who spends about two-thirds of the story having serious self-regret and self-hatred issues,

    Expand a Band, Shipping Stash 

Karen/Stella makes zero sense anyway

    There's a lot of these 

Not Distracted by the Sexy

  • Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group:
    • It's a Running Gag that absolutely nobody cares about Diane's various fanservice shenanigans. In Volume 1, the entire gang except Quazzax (who wasn't living with them yet)
  • Blessed, Unfortunately as a whole takes place in a world where Monster Modesty is generally averted, more races than not typically run around naked, and even several humans with or without some kind of "superpower modification" don't even bother with clothing that much. Completely naked supervillains and superheroes are commonplace, and it's treated in a manner where it's weirder (and extremely unprofessional, since peoples' lives are at stake) for a hero to be distracted.
    • Carlson is a special case since he's this on top of being able to No-Sell super-seducers (along with many, many other things — no supposed Brown Note has any known effect on him), and it's implied that he has two major reasons for not giving a crap about fighting naked supervillains and working with naked superheroes. One: He legitimately cares more about finding a decent opponent to fight. Two: His girlfriend and primary battle teammate is always naked, and has an army of "Shades" that outnumber Earth's (human) population that also are always naked, many of which are constantly flirting with him, so he's pretty much numb to anything less than a vast ocean of naked women/men. His main "rival," Ninjssassin, also wanders around wearing nothing (she looks like she has a scarf on, but it's a part of her body, like a long and thin third arm, and it doesn't cover her anyway). He doesn't even notice until it's pointed out months after they first encountered one-another. The closest exception is Karen's butt (and logically the butts of her Shades, since they have the same body type), and even then, he was professional about it before they hooked up.
  • Joy+Roy:
    • Roy spends most of the story being surrounded by succubi who spend more of their time naked than not, even the ones interested in fashion (includng Ikjub, the only one who made a stink about the gang trying on clothing, although she would end up regretting that when Lesuif calls her out for essentially forcing Daygelz to put something on). He gets used to this in just a few hours.
  • Baths: Uniter of Elements:

Ignore the Fanservice

  • Joy+Roy:
    • It's a Running Gag that the otherwise highly perverted and shameless Daygelz sees zero appeal in many common "fanservice outfits."

    Techical Stuff 

The Evolving Title Screen

Save file select (it's kinda like The Binding of Isaac, but instead of showing you what boss you just killed, it shows the next boss, so it's kind of a dickish way to encourage players to keep going):

  • New File: Zelpea/Liro (based on the last gender settings picked/the question in the beginning; "defaults" to Zelpea if the question was somehow bypassed via hacking or glitches) sitting at their desk, holding Soap's application.
  • Act 1: Soap facing off against Seasonal.
  • "Act 2"/While in -r Prior to Beating [Act 2's boss]: Soap facing off against [Act 2's boss].
  • "Act 3"/While in +i Prior to Beating [Act 3's boss]: Soap facing off against [Act 3's boss].
  • "Act 4"/While in -i Prior to Beating [Act 4's boss]: Soap facing off against [Act 4's boss].
  • Saved Anywhere "Outside" the Lines (IE saving the game while in the Origin) or in a Line that Was Already Cleared (including +r any time in the 2-4 Split): Soap floating in the air, surrounded by the Relics of the Lines cleared. Because this cannot appear until after Act 1 is completed, this means there will always be the Green Relic of +r. There is a variant showing all four Relics likely for debug purposes, but it is unused.
  • Act 5 (or Just With Acts 1-4 Cleared): A menacing shot of the Shower Lord looking down on the player with a grin, partly shadowed.
  • Act 6: A "corrupted" version of the "New File" variant; the image is distorted and Zelpea/Liro has a much more sinister smile.
  • Died to Zelpea/Liro: A large mass of Limbs takes up the entire save file rectangle, and "bleed" outside of it, even overlapping a little with adjacent save file images. Two in particular go far to the left and right and extend far down the screen, each going in to nearly half of the total save file icons.
  • "Erased From Existence;" Ran Out of Time With the Voided Debuff: The entire file image, including the file number, is blank.

Save file select, postgame: (Note: This has a "priority" list. Meaning that should the player beat all the other superbosses but not the postgame Lines, the screen will still only show the ones relating to the Lines. For the sake of avoiding redundancy, each of these goes by if all of the "above" bosses have been defeated.)

  • No Postgame Lines Have Been Cleared: Sunrise's door.
  • After Clearing 1-11 Postgame Lines: The Sun Tokens are shown being placed in the door, one for each Line cleared. Note they always start with the one to the right of the topmost one and go clockwise, regardless of which Lines it was the player cleared and in which order.
  • All 12 Postgame Lines are Clear but Sunrise Has Not Been Beaten: Sunrise's doorway, opened, showing just black inside with pinpricks of orange and azure.
  • Sunrise Defeated: Four photographs each showing a Founder Temple pinned to a wall. [This one's supposed to "feel Gravity Falls-y," if that makes sense, like it's arranged like a conspiracy board. The superboss at the end of this is kind of Soos if he was a spiritual guide and a hologram. And he made a fucking kickass hot spring franchise.]
  • Delusion, Fury, Dealer, and Gloom Defeated: A starry night sky background showing the Founder meditating in the middle.
  • The Founder Defeated: A shot of the Origin's Mirror Quest.
  • [Not-Pit of 100 Trials] Cleared/Dark Dry Metal Soap Defeated: [Actually, I'm not so sure about the "Mathematician" or whatnot so much, maybe Grime will live after all and gets to be your "reverse human/not-really-dark-world human companion," BUT I'd want to kill off some other characters in Act 6 to make up for it.]
  • Mathematician[/???] Defeated: Iris/Ivan standing in front of a sign in their cavern home saying "SERIOUS CHALLENGE."
  • All Superbosses Defeated, Ending Had Not Been Seen: Soap's car; this is a soft reminder of the player that the game's "proper ending(s)" can be seen by going there.
  • "All Superbosses Defeated, Unsuccessful Ending Viewed:" Shows Soap at a desk looking at a calculator, surrounded by papers, implied to be crunching numbers. This is unused, as defeating all superbosses includes the Founder and Serious Iris/Ivan, which are both automatic grounds for a Successful ending.
  • All Superbosses Defeated, Successful Ending Viewed: A shot around Soap's beach retirement home, overlooking the sunset.

Love Potion Route:

  • After Using the Love Potion: The file select screen simply shows the Love Potion itself, and remains on this for most of the route.
  • Iris/Ivan is Fightable: Iris/Ivan standing in the Courtyard with their hands in their "pockets," [Context, this is a "Poison Elemental," their outfit is basically just a cloud of poison loosely shaped like a pair of pants maybe.] this is confirmed to be a reference to Sans.

After selecting the file, the lower half of the screen will show small 16-bit-esque sprites of various characters depending on the progress made in the game. These are usually the same sprites seen in their Challenges, meaning they are of low detail and plenty of them are palette swaps of each other. For more:

The Retirement Home

The Beach House is the technical final area of Baths: Uniter of Elements, accessable after beating Act 6, selecting "View Your Future" in Soap's car, meeting the threshold for a "Successful" ending, and watching the following ending and credits. It has no enemies or other Challenges, no shops, and only consists of a walk with various characters to talk to depending on the player's choices throughout the game. It is Soap's new home after saving n-space, earning enough to retire at a young age, and buying a house in their birth dimension. (Implied to be built over or near the ruins of the Shower Empire Capital, after Sunrise is either defeated by Soap or taken care of by authorities.)

  • Act: 7/Credits
  • Greater Location: Neutrality
  • Music: "Memories of a Great Adventure"


The actual house itself cannot be entered in-game (but its interior is seen in certain points in the Credits). The "level" just consists of a walk down the long beach by the home. Every Coworker Soap has three-heart romanced and their friends regardless is on this walk, and talking to them gives one last bit of dialogue referred to as the "Last Line." Walking to the end of the land and over by the see gives the player the option to "Watch the sunset." Selecting this plays a short cutscene of Soap, and any possible lovers, doing just that, while the words "The End" appear on the screen. After the player progresses, they are sent back to the title screen, and if all nine "superbosses" have been defeated (Sunrise, Dark Dry Metal Soap, the Mathematician[???], Delusion, Fury, Dealer, Gloom, the Founder, and Serious Iris/Ivan), the file select image will change to one showing a similar shot, and will remain this way unless the file is completely erased.

It is possible to enter the beach water, as with any body of water in the overworld. Doing so will [actually I can't decide what yet.]

Re-selecting the file sends the player back to the "regular" postgame, before picking the ending in Soap's car.


  • This is the only playable post-credits segment.
  • This is also the only playable segment where Soap is older than 25, as it is implied (but not directly confirmed) that years had passed since the ending/Act 7 postgame and this segment.
  • The Beach House was based on a dream Water had when he was young, where a Sonic game would have a hypothetical "epilogue level" that consisted of nothing but a short run through a beach leading right to the goal. Water liked the idea of a game ending with a simple beach run

The Baths Discord actually has King of the Hill and Simpsons streams all because of that Suburb Style stuff. Some people were legitimately disappointed that KotH didn't have any angel-demon crime fighting shit in it. Although it should be noted that the schedule when they do these has every episode of KotH (but this is because it's the "memeier one" with Baths), meanwhile the general idea is that the Simpsons ones usually just go up to and including Season 8.

And I have to say, the desensitization totally works. I remember when I was trying to romance Bethany and then three-hearting her and being told I get to Bath Bond with her. I was like "Oh so does this mean I can see her butt?" and then it dawned on me I was getting all tense and flustered of the idea of seeing her butt when her yellow boobs are just flat-out there the whole time.

Kentucky man suplexes his own mother, then enters the literal concept of nothingness to beat the shit out of a princess that's actually a Lovecraftian horror (but pretty much the only known Lovecraftian horror in the game that isn't nice) who made up her whole heiratage and "king and queen," all in order to save one hundred colorful people being used as human(/elemental) batteries by the princess so that they in turn can save him from being wiped out of existence.

Broke: "Moeko was a better 'villain' because she had more depth to her and was more of a morally gray and since Ishiko was mean to her you can't really say she was entirely at fault. Zelpea on the other hand is a generic 'I'm gonna take over the world' pure-evil force with no depth or good side."
Woke: "Zelpea was never meant to be looked at as a person with faults and good sides; that's what the 100 or 400 love interests are there for. She's an allegory for an abuser, a manipulator, and a power-hungry wannabe tyrant, and is meant to be a commentary on fiction that glamorizes unhealthy relationships. And of fucking course the story doesn't try to go 'Buh she awso has this good side to her so mawybe don't call her a puwe viwwain,' she's a straight-up abusive 'girlfriend,' the game shouldn't dance around abuse being presented in a negative light or try to pull off that 'You try to fight back or even criticise and you're just as bad as them' bullshit. So please, just forget about UPOIC and move on like Water did."

Also what the fuck do they mean "more depth?" Water outright said Moeko was evil the entire time and that whole "suspicous cutaway" segment way back in 1 proved that, she was basically faking her "shy and harmless" personality until she could get herself to a position of power. He said that Ishiko's treatment of her was bad and undeserving but at the same time it's not even remotely an excuse for her freaking elf genocide. Hell if anything Zelpea is the character that he gave more complexity to than just "pure evil," like she has way more of a personality and post-reveal even when she transforms in to an eldritch monster her personality remains surprisingly unchanged, she still "acts" like herself and has a lot of the same mannerisms, which is what's supposed to make players slap themselves in the face for not seeing the obvious clues that she's evil. Moeko on the other hand was "shy and gets hit by Ishiko a lot" before suddenly turning in to a genocidal dictator and a "silent stoic crazy killer." And that's it.

Although this would make a good point against "Why doesn't everybody have practical and realistic armor" if it's established the game's unrealistic enough that stuff that batshit insane happens, so not wearing full metal suits of armor for "mere" fireballs doesn't seem like a big deal. Also also it's an Urban Fantasy, not a Middle Ages fantasy, typical metal armor would look out of place anyway, bulletproof vests are where it's at. Or more accurately it should be stuff for chemicals, since a lot of this is elemental combat which is very... "chemical?" heavy. (Mostly just the Poison Element Family but still...)


I'm not entirely sure just how accurate and to what degree it is but reading the porn industry is against topfreedom actually gave me the idea to finally sort of "fill the gaps" I had wit Joy| and tie it to the bigger themes on nudity and stuff that -Roy leaned towards, originally Joy| was closer to a "generic fantasy adventure" than the social satire thing of -Roy but as I went on I found it much harder to write because that really wasn't something that could carry itself. Anyway, like, the Master Pacts or whatever could loosely represent corrupt industries in the same way the Order of Chaos represents dogmatic prudes. Similar to Etabed actually being a horny "Nice Guy" loser asshole simply putting on an act of working with the prudes (similar case with the Virtues), Pumpkin could be sort of the "opposite" of them but is just putting on an act (the Sins on the other hand might be genuinely all chill and stuff), and Roxy/Joxy could better reflect

Also I've just thought of what Joxy will do for her last stand. Basically a fight very heavy on the Body Horror and, ironically, inspired by Dogma of Binding of Isaac fame.

  • Lesuif being twice the size of an average human was going to be her default look; at most, she'd have to use size powers to shrink down. Fan/Water decided that would be "just pointlessly complicating things" and instead her "regular" size is that of a human; she still appears twice the size in Mind Hubs,
  • Playable Epilogue: Water likes them and prefers to not leave the players "stuck" on the final bossnote  so it's a given almost all of his games have this:
    • The first Unviewable was an exception: because of the Big Bad's Collapsing Lair and the way that the
    • Baths: Uniter of Elements returns to the "compromise" of UPOIC 2 and 3, where the proper ending sees permanent changes that would make some things inaccessable... so the ending ending does not immediately follow the final boss, and instead it's a cutscene the player can view whenever they want after clearing the last main boss. After beating Act 6,

  • "Old Kingdom": The land past the Great Rift is an Eldritch Location, with no life but Free Magic spirits trapped in obsidian And the body of Chlorr of the Mask's original self, Clariel

Antlion, Drakin, Skeleton Merchant, Sapphire Squirrel, Lac Beetle, Amber Squirrel. >:(

Phantom Thief Reinya
Good grief.

Moeshu "Liquor, rum, beer? You wannit? Well pay up and it's yours." If nobody draws this soon I will.

    Stop portraying the Nymph (or Dryad for that matter) as wanting clothes or else 

How some other people write Terraria Nymph/"rescued" Lost Girl

"Oh you saved me thank you! Okay I should get dressed out jeez I lost my clothes somehow, please help me get dressed."

How I like imagining Terraria Nymph/"""""rescued""""" Lost Girl

When Sonata whipped around, she made a pillar of shadowflame errupt from each of her hands, burning tall, and had switched her look to an even nastier one. Gone was the "stylish green skin with some reddish-brown patches," and instead she appeared to be rotting, the lower half of her skull already showing through her melted face. Thrashing, lively brown vines wriggled from under especially soft parts of skin, as if she was but an endless pack of worms merely wearing a humanoid skin that was on its last legs. Her blood red eyes met Darnell's own, fearfull gaze back at her. The wooden walls of the room began rotting. Plants began to wilt. Down underground, dead cells ranging from the lost arms of zombies to every decaying remain of a fallen ant started wriggling again, preemptively awoken for the rapture that would ensue should the Last Dryad fall.

"That's what you think!" She said in a distorted, raspy parody of her usual voice. "But what you don't know is that you are witnessing the rise of the Bare Empire! We Naked Warriors shall trumph over you pathetic Textiles and establish a new world where we dominate unquestionably! The clothed will fall and in the wake of their broken bodies intertwined with the fabric they so wish to die with we will bring the state of the world to a naked Eden which it should rightfully have been, had your kind not made the mistake of treating 'modesty' as evil upon being bestowed the forbidden knowledge!"

Darnell took a step back.

"So... that is a no...?" He very carefully, nervously asked.

Sonata reverted back to her usual "human look," but the walls didn't unmelt or anything. "Okay, good!"

"And that's how you can get rid of unwanted attention without getting dressed! See Tania,

If the bolding includes the quote marks it's implying some kind of demonic speech going on. If the quote marks aren't bolded but the rest is then that just means the character talking is a loud asshole.

Strengths Of The Heart And Mind



  • You have to do it like this: Series/{{Community}} to get Community.

My dumb kid ass took "Ogres have layers" literally and I thought he was talking about ogre biology, I was thinking "What, there's like, different sets of skin or something? What does that mean?" And I didn't think of it in this exact way at the time probably, but: "So, do ogres shed like snakes?"

Hola hola holi, It is I… ME!

A demon queen who goes by several names… but has also been rumored to be Satan herself. She is a friendly, fun loving demon who ran from her duties and escaped the confines of Hell/the underworld in order to make new friends, learn new things and live life to the fullest. She has an obsession with the internet, music, lewd, nerdy and all things cute. She wears special magical bells on her body to contain and control her power in order to better blend into the human world. If her bells ever get removed only pure chaos will ensue. It has been said that once the bells are off her true demon queen form will be revealed. All she ever wants to do is have fun and see what the human world is all about and consume … make as many souls friends as she can. :)

VShojo's introduction video for her can be found here.

  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Mouse has mentioned a time where her parents ended up seeing a few "special friends" that she ordered for herself. Her mother simply told her to keep them clean and not leave them lying around. Her father still refuses to look at her.
  • Anything That Moves: Has claimed that her fetish is "people with bodies".
  • Becoming the Mask: When she was once asked what she really looks like, she replied with: "What do you mean? This is how I really look like. This is who I really am."
  • Bilingual Bonus: Also speaks Spanish fluently, note  and has some command of Japanese and Korean as well.
  • Bubble Girl: She admits to being one in real life, due to her real-life immune disorder (CVID, as described under Ill Girl below)
  • The Cameo: She joined Arurandeisu's membership during one his cultural exchange streams, and later tweeted her embarassment when he actually recognized her.
  • Can't Have Sex, Ever: Her real self can't get intimate with anybody due to her medical condition. In-Universe, she plays the Horny Devils trope to a T, and doesn't have sex because she doesn't want to accidentally kill anybody. It's going solo or bust in both cases.
  • Cleavage Window: Both her nurse and Santa outfit feature her bust showcased for all to see.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic: On par with Nyanners in the "screams that can sunder eardrums" department. However, Mouse isn't as soft-spoken as Nyanners in casual interaction and often catches grief for it. Fortunately she's good at rolling with the punches and clapping back at anyone foolish enough to do so.
  • Cute Little Fangs: Able to switch between having normal teeth or having a single prominent fang. As of her Christmas outfit reveal, she has added the ability to have a full mouthful of sharp teeth, similar to Gawr Gura or Pikamee.
  • Deal with the Devil: Her character being based off of Satan, she can offer these. She claims to be the cause of Keanu Reeves' often-memed inability to age, and when Calliope Mori made a tweet saying that she wanted to be a cute Shrine Maiden, Mouse responded with an offer to make it happen.
  • Didn't Think This Through: In one interview, she confided that due to her medical condition she had to mail-order certain... "special friends" in order to satisfy her "urges". What she didn't take into account was that, due to the recent CoVid-19 pandemic, her parents have to open and sterilize every package she receives before they hand it over to her, which turned into an incredibly awkward situation.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: Downplayed. She doesn't like people bringing up her real-life illness or pitying her. That being said, she doesn't ban anyone for it either. She is also extremely open and doesn't shy away from answering questions if it means raising awareness about it.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: In a manner of speaking - Ironmouse planned on debuting her new 3D avatar on a special YouTube stream on 13 March 2021, in part to celebrate hitting 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. However, she was so excited about the new avatar that she wound up showing it off to her usual Twitch audience the evening prior.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Before she had her own model, she used an avatar of Tohoku Kiritan.
  • Erotic Asphyxiation: Has confessed to this being one of her fetishes.
  • Eye Scream: Something she's mentioned multiple times is how (back before her CVID worsened, when she was able to engage in physical relationships) one partner licked her eyeball, which wound up giving her an infection. A month later an intimate moment came to an end when her partner accidentally ejaculated into her eye, which also gave her an infection.
  • Fan Community Nickname: Her Precious Family.
  • Fun with Foreign Languages: She loves to teach her English-speaking audience members and playdate partners Spanish swear words and naughty phrases, such as coño note  and mamamelo note .
  • Girls Are Really Scared of Horror Movies: Mouse does not do well with scary stuff, but she still enjoys the thrill of it.
  • Going Commando: When watching a video in which Ookami Mio mentioned that she doesn't wear panties when she sleeps Mouse responded by pausing and after a moment of silence whispered into the mic "We have something in common" before breaking down into embarrassed screaming.
  • Good Bad Girl: Despite her obsession with sex and all things sexual, she's a very sweet and kind-hearted person.
  • Hidden Depths: Can sing a variety of songs due to having studied opera at a performance art school for several years prior to becoming really ill (see below). She also used to breakdance.
  • Horned Humanoid: With the horns serving as Expressive Ears.
  • Horny Devils: Pretty much this personified.
  • Idiot Hair: A single strand forming a heart shape coming from the top of her head.
  • I Hate Past Me: Whenever she reacts to clips of herself posted by fans. One particular reaction is of her playthrough of Tattletail, calling herself out for letting lose a Cluster F-Bomb and subsequently failing the challenge she set out for herself.
  • Ill Girl: Out of character, she was born with CVID note , which has resulted in various health issues for her, including being hospitalized and/or bedridden for long stretches at a time. By all indication, she was able to live a relatively normal life until her body became too ravaged by CVID for her to safely leave home. As she also needs weekly plasma transfusions, she stresses to her viewers the importance of donating plasma. In addition, while she has a 3D avatar, she rarely uses it since it proves physically taxing. Her overall condition has improved at least a bit in recent times as in early in 2021 she mentioned that she's slowly becoming able to walk on her own again, if only a little.
    • In-Universe, she incorporates this into her character's backstory, claiming her health is fading because she refuses to consume live human souls.
  • Lady Swears-a-Lot: She's not afraid of throwing around F-bombs like it's no big deal. All the more hilarious with her cutesy-sounding voice. Her VShojo character art even has a hairpin that says F##k♥. Whenever she tries to do a "No Swearing" challenge on a stream most viewers generally agree that it's not a matter of if she'll fail, but rather when and how severely.
  • Likes Older Men:
  • Madness Mantra: Has a tendency to slip into this when reacting to something, especially when she's excited.
  • Multicolored Hair: Purple and pink.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Ironmouse is, in fact, neither iron nor a mouse note . She has on at least one occasion mused about changing her name to put an end to such confusion. During his guest appearance on Lewdcast Takahata101 even poked a bit of fun at it... as Super Kami Guru no less.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Often happens when Mouse ends up viewing videos of herself, ranging from being pissed off at her past self to being embarrassed at what she said or did.
    Clip!Ironmouse: Can you sing Despactio? You know that's my favorite song. That's my favorite song to get fucked to!
    Ironmouse: (Screams) WHY DID I SAY THAT?! (Giggles) Oh my GOD!!! (Wheezing laughter) OH MY GOD!!! WHAT!? WHEN DID I SAY THIS!? (Laughs more) Aaaaagh! What the fuck, why the fuck did I say that!? (Laughs even more) [...] How am I not banned, oh my god, what the fuck!?
  • Overly Long Tongue: Has one as of her Christmas costume reveal.
  • Perverse Sexual Lust: Oh, boy! She has been shown to literally drool over several fictional characters including and not limited to the "Otoko-No-Uta" trio in Granblue Fantasy, Gilzeren III, and Colonel Sanders.
  • Power Limiter: The bells that she wears note  keep her demonic power in check.
  • Shrinking Violet: Not usually, but she can delve into this at times, such as when making changes that she's not certain will be well-received by her fans (usually changes to her avatar's design), or when playing Dungeons & Dragons.
  • The Shut-In: By necessity, as her condition leaves her highly vulnerable to most pathogens. As she has put it, she's "an extrovert forced to live like an introvert".
  • Time Abyss: Has been around at least since humans began to have original thoughts and ideas. The only reason she couldn't tell you exactly when this was is because she's bad at math.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: She's admitted that she's a bottom who enjoys a little pain with her pleasure.
  • Vampiric Draining: In-character, her reason for streaming, as doing so allows her to drain small amounts of soul energy from her viewers, allowing her to sustain herself without having to harm anyone.
  • What Does This Button Do?: A subversion. She was told that her 3D avatar could change facial expressions through certain hotkeys, but wasn't told what moods were programmed or which keys did what. So she experimented, only to find that one of her possible moods was an ahegao face, that she panickedily changed to something else.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Birds and space. Comes up on occasion, but was notably on display when she failed a "Purity Challenge" note ; as punishment, she later did a stream where she watched a playlist of fan-selected videos centered entirely on these two subjects.

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