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Oh wait that paranoid mermaid is in this one? Huh. Okay.

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Testingholy biscuits batman they have a page for me and my entire fucking army of OCs

this is a dream come true

Tropes that apply to me (I won't reveal anything personal)



Bulma Briefs (ブルマ; Buruma)

Voiced by (Japanese): Hiromi Tsuru
Voiced by (English): Wendee Swan (Harmony Gold); Maggie Blue O'Hara, Lalainia Lindbjerg, France Perras (BLT/Ocean); Leslie Alexander (DB Movie 2), Tiffany Vollmer, Monica Rial (Kai, DB Movie 1 onwards) (Funimation), Leda Davies, Kristin Nowosad (Blue Water); Jodi Forrest, Sharon Mann (The History of Trunks) (AB Groupe/"Big Green"); Claudia Thompson (Animax)
Voiced by (Latin American): Rocío Garcel (current voice), Mónica Manjarrez (Majin Buu saga, GT and Movies 4-13'), Laura Ayala (some episodes), Isabel Martiñón (Z and Movie 4 Dragon Ball)

The very first human Goku came across (apart from his grandpa) at the start of the series. One could say she's the trigger that kicks off the series as a whole. Originally on a quest to gather the Dragon Balls for her own reason (to wish for a perfect boyfriend), Bulma gets dragged into the craziness that comes along with the search. Even when the quest is finished, she still keeps close ties with Goku and his friends and helps out whenever possible. Which, considering she's a mechanical whiz, is quite often.

  • Can we share? I have OCs I want to share too!

    Darth Manchild 
When the sun collapses into the depths of outer space, and you see a familiar smirk on the moons face, know that I am laughing at you all. I am your nightmares, put into a blender with the darker parts of lovecraft, some crushed ice, and a hint of cinnamon.Know that when you see eyes in the darkness, and the silly string begins to cocoon you, don't fear. I still need you alive to buy my seasonal waterfront property. Come on, I having trouble trying to sell it! So what if it is where the Usher house collapsed! they were a bunch of weirdos anyway, a brother and a sister that seemed a bit too close. Pale too, like vampires, or the fanbase of Second Life. I mean, people, get some sun!Even us eldritch abominations get out from our depths too!Now what was I saying? I will take your mind and replace it with pink elephants dancing to the hamster dance at half speed! You will beg for me to end the world!Too bad I can't. Powers stripped when I got fired. Who knew Chuthie loved that damned beagle so much? I mean it was kinda awkward that it couldn't breathe at the depths of his apartment. I just went to the Mi-go to get it some gills. It wasn't my fault they took out its' brain, put it in a jar, and ate the body with some navy beans and chianti?
  • GIFT: an avatar of such. Think if Nylarthotep lost his powers and had to resort to trolling on the internet.

I think it was, but I haven't exactly written down any concrete Sage <-> Aspect thing, not even in Bl:oo<dswap:

  • Fire = Time (Guarantee; goddamn Uchihas)
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  • Shadow = Space (Likely; Shadow and Space are both associated with vampires in SBIG)
  • Forest = Heart (Forest's the "main one" in SBIG, Nepeta's the "main one" in SBIG/always)
  • Spirit = Breath (Forgot why; I think Tavros had something to do with it)
  • Water = Light (I recall trying to specifically avoid Light = Light because it seemed obvious...)
  • Light = Life (By proxy; also, the Sage of Light of SBIG, just like the rainbow of twelve elements, is associated with healing and shit. Also also, Rose Quartz. Heals and loves life.)

[Will likely move to the Main Sandbox when it's unlocked.]Where the Hell Is Springfield?

  • Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group is set in the fictional Brimcity, in an alternate history of source loaded with strange magic creatures and had been dictated by the Buhvillen Family, who had destroyed most attempts at setting up a complex civilization, which basically reshaped the world considerably. Brimcity itself has weird geography: the center was stated to be a complete rocky wasteland in the past before the city was built, and it has a desert canyon to the west, snowy mountains to the east, a mass forest to the south, and a tropical ocean is to the north. The location was revealed by Word of God to be in the real world's Central America,
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  • Ordinarily United takes place about forty years in the future, where some massive-war and technological restructuring resulted in Canada taking over most of the world. The story has several major city locations that are all "technically" in Canada, yet in other continents, with Word of God and a bit of in-universe history buffs providing some original-country locations of where they were. Beyond that, however, the story draws blanks. Even the "main" city of Hill Town is just "where Canada originally was," with no real definite guesses on where it is aside from maybe "close to the ocean." (Stella has a brief one-night stand with a man who specializes in fishing while in Hill Town (Stella lives there; she tags with Carlson and the Unitias to the other places); Fan did not consider the implication that this would likely sea-lock the setting, .) Eventually, the secondary cities are elaborated upon in suppliment material: Watch City is somewhere near or it even "replaced" Kyoto, Cooper Domain is near the Amazon Rainforest, Joshina [Shoot, did I spell that right?] Fortress is near the Great Pyramids, Hellguy Village "replaced" London, and Quartz Market is in the "dead center" of Australia (the Lambert Centre). However, the general location of Hill Town is a mystery. And no, geography won't help, as the whole place was built from a section of Canada that was blasted to a complete wasteland. The area itself is a lush set of forests, suburbs, and cities, but surrounding it is a vast, unnatural desert made from the war.
  • The main characters of the Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan live in an unspecified point in Japan that is never named, which is rather absurd considering the Continuity Porn the trilogy has and how the exact coordinates of plot-critical areas have been given multiple times, especially in 3. However, their home location is not exactly important to the story, and the heroes are rarely there within the novel/game's events: in 1, they quickly go to Canada and the United States, and generally stay there (apart from when they briefly head to Greece to fight Crim-Sin). 2 and 3 are both set in Generica, which IS Earth from the future, but in a region either in Canada (mostly 2) or in the opposite section of the world from it (3). Either way, they don't exactly head back to Japan.
  • Joy+Roy has an odd track record with this, helping (or not-helping) is that Roy is the closest of his stories to being set in "our world" and "our time"note :
    • For the first few chapters, the exact New York city with the apartment Roy, Ash, and Eve live in is not elaborated upon, other than how it is within short driving distance from a giant nudist colony with borderline-mansions as well as short driving distance from Roy's office building — both the buildings, before and after Hyumultah's attack and the relocation, are in the real city of Buffalo. Word of God is that he did not want it to be set in THE New York City as he felt it was "too cliche,"
    • Joy's
    • This is averted for the main location of the Order of Chaos and Joxy's resting point; the former is offshore directly west from Santa Monica, California (in reference to the Oil Rig of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland; the base is even disguised as an oil rig until the Order finally prepares to launch the Pearl Comet, where it becomes a gigantic industrial spot). Meanwhile, Joxy does not have anything offshore since the whole west half of both North and South America in the Perpendicular World had been turned in to a hellish (or, heavenly, by the standards of Perpendicularites) landscape that the Master and Joxy call their home, so they set up in the exact spot that coresponds to... well, also Santa Monica.


  • Color. Fan/Water's stories are often colorful in more than one way. He thanks the Hemospectrum for giving him the idea to branch off in to tertiary colors and use at least an expanded twelve-color RGB system for coding most of his characters. Additionally,
  • When it comes to team setups, he'll often have the male lead be given a fanservice-y, magical female companion of sorts, with Fan noting a fondness for men having a female "magic companion" and visa-versa. Sometimes, he'll Gender Flip this. Almost all of his main dynamics can be described as this: Carlson and Unitia One of Ordinarily United (respectively, a human and a... ghost-ish... woman that teamed up and even linked a bit of their powers) and Roy and Daygelz of Joy+Roy (respectively, a human and a demoness) definitely fit this, with Roxy and the Heavenly Virtue angels of Joy+Roy being an inversion. Taro and Ishiko... slightly [...] Other groups slightly fall under this sort of setup: Steve Buhvillen is definitely the central character of Intriguing Group, yet his secondary lead is one of the two women in the gang depending on how one looks at it: Diane, for being the first one to sign up to live with him (although Poixer, Hammithan, and Nosfo followed almost immediately after) and having the most screentime and development behind Steve himself; or Quazzax, for not only being more directly "paired" with him (as each member of the Intriguing Group is typically off in a "pair"), those two being the "odd ones out" among the gang, and her generally mysterious nature. Even in 361, Striker Black soon joins [...] One twist on this is Joy+Roy's Joy and Nightfirma, who are not only a same-sex group of main characters, but this time it's the human that is the significantly more fanservice-y one while the (anti-)demon loaning her powers is relatively less bold.
  • Improbably Female Casts are part of a tangent to that. Of his Fictionpress works, [...] on, his "sister stories" Run: .GIFocalypse and Bl:oo<dswap: Guess Whose Getting a Spinoff? both involve "duplicates" of
  • And on a tangent to that is casual nudity, and near-absolute gender pairity in-universe. The worlds of 361, Intriguing Group, and Ordinarily United all accept male and female heroes as equals, put them on squads together, and in all three cases they even share showers (it's a Running Gag in the middle story that this is set up as something unusual, but isn't treated [...]). The Royverse as a whole does not do this, but the main characters specifically are oddly willing to let Roy (and Dave, in fact Roy — the only other man "in the group" — is the one with the strongest objections, but that's really just because Roy really doesn't like Dave) bathe and steam with them — Mindy is an actual nudist, Roy and the demons (all of them, in the two Legions across the stories) consider themselves nudists to some extent, and Ashley, Evelin, and the other humans just mostly don't give a fuck. They
  • He admits that his stories involving angels and demons, or at least beings that call themselves that, such as the title of a group, stems from a lack of creativity rather than
  • Chess. Chess tends to come up often in

Yeah, not only do they die, but their deaths are in ways that are fittingly karmatic. Hyumultahs is an arrogant asshole who sees himself as the strongest angel (or any being, hell he thinks angels are inherantly stronger than demons and humans — I mean, there's a tiny bit of truth with the latter without any outside help, but...). He ends up getting anti-climactically one-shotted by Lesuif, who openly says that he's not even a threat, and despite being the first angel to appear he by far has the least amount of mentions after his death, even Little C — who did not die until near the end of the story — was more talked about post-death than Hyumultahs was. So, Hyumultahs saw himself as a central god-figure, and was basically cursed by his soul being constantly reminded of his own weakness and irrelevance, being brushed off and forgotten. Dilll is so lazy that he slacked off on building a weapon that could have easily killed the whole Kabus Legion (pre-Lesuif's unsealing, anyway), and his resulting battle forced him to put in a lot of effort. He was taunted with his laser barely not activating and all of his plans going to complete shit at once, because of his procrastination, while his "rival demon" is a very diligent person that broke in to his base and really finished him off. So, in Hell, he's constantly bombarded by being told by both his prisoners and the other Generals that his lazy ass is what got him here. Etabed is a desperate, clingy creep who is finished off by a mass-fusion that basically serves, symbolically, as a message from Lesuif going "Fuck you, I'm dating and screwing these people now," and since Daygelz had "main control" over the black hole ass-shoving, one could say that he was technically finished off by Daygelz. The very same woman that he mocked for being an "unusually weak demon." Not only that, but Etabed prided himself in always being able to sum up friends and convince them that they are fighting for what's right. So his fate? Instead of dying in the Solar System, where he could easily reunite with his soldiers (to a lesser degree if his soul wound up in Hell, since he's got a much bigger bounty on him there), the Megafusion shoots him all the way to the galactic core, where his soul is in the "Soul Ocean," a place where even people who slightly left the boundaries of Heaven/Hell had practically no chance of returning thanks to the way the strange forces jerk your soul around through the afterlife of the universe (it's implied that the ancient demon and angel founders of Earth, who made Heaven and Hell, were strong enough to resist those forces, but a non-god Etabed definitely isn't), and since Etabed lost his godhood powers upon death, he couldn't even use those to navigate. Even the ending of Roxy rounding up the Generals (and also Hyoyllk, he was with the Virtues but before they became the Order of Chaos) was ambiguous as to whether or not they would find him, and hell, this still goes with the "karma" thing for all of them:

  • Hyumultahs, rather than being anything resembling a center of attention in Heaven or Hell, just leaves out to a much bigger pond, where he's comparatively a tiny drop. Since access to Heaven is serverely limited, he also won't know what others think of him.
  • Kaeneel still lost everything upon his defeat, and now he has nothing but a tiny ship that can indefinitely make the bare minimum of supplies.
  • Paness took comfort in being the strongest and highest-ranking one in the group to completely bully his own minions to do his bidding. He's a complete small fry, and many of the Abominations are considerably angrier than he is.
  • Dilll is forced to work to keep the ship running.
  • Chartill feels worthless, thinking that even with all eternity they may not find Etabed, and even if they do, returning to Earth/Heaven/Hell is slim, and even if they do, establishing the Order of Chaos again might not go so well, and even if it does, Heckshuffle won't just disappear even if they die eons later thanks to their ghosts being in the afterlife.
  • Temp. is barely getting more than minimal food supplies out there, and sources are rare even with the mass-making technically being infinite.
  • Little C is no longer surrounded by sexy demon women that he can torment. Instead, he's around completely hideous and terrifying Abominations that want to rip up his soul, put it back together, and rip it again, etc.
  • Roxy's case is a meta one: she refused to roll with the sillyness of the story, and after her battle and death she refused to
  • Etabed, again, is alone out there,

I just took the way to make these "headers" from looking at the source of the Super Smash Bros. sheets and just replacing shit.

[Okay, this I'm keeping, but I'll edit it soon to reflect how the story will be planned now.]

_Roy character index
Team Heckshuffle:
Parallel Humans: Roy | Evelin/"Eve" | Ashley/"Ash" | Mindy/"Min" | The Ninja Squad (Lilith/"Lil," Amanda/"Amy," Hellena/"Hel," and Inanis/"Ina") | Human Followers/Squadmates (Main Four | Ninja Squad "Extra Recruits")
Perpendicular Humans: Joy | Riscend/"Ris" | Etinal/"Eti" | Skyther/"Sky" | The Suit Squad () | Human Followers/Squadmates (Main Four | Suit Squad Citizens)
Parallel Demons/Kabus Legion, Major Captains: Daygelz (Squad 0 Captain) | The "Deadly Sins"/Boss Demons (Squad 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 Captains) | Lesuif (Squad Omega Captain)
Parallel Demons/Kabus Legion, Minor Captains: Ground Series (Squads 1-11) | Air Series (13-23) | Wildcard Series (25-35) | Psychic Series (37-47) | Aquatic Series (49-59) | Subterannean Series (61-71)
Parallel Demons/Kabus Legion, Followers: Squads 0, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, Omega | [Not sure if these should get their own pages or just all be lumped together, but the followers of the "main" demons should definitely have their own pages.] 1-11 | 13-23 | 25-35 | 37-47 | 49-59 | 61-71
Perpendicular (Anti-)Demons/Syulk Legion, Major Captains: Nightfirma (Squad 0 Captain) | The "Heavenly Virtues"/Boss Anti-Demons (Squad 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 Captains) | Rhislaujja [Might change name] (Squad Omega Captain)
Perpendicular (Anti-)Demons/Syulk Legion, Minor Captains: Ground Series (Squads 1-11) | Air Series (13-23) | Wildcard Series (25-35) | Psychic Series (37-47) | Aquatic Series (49-59) | Subterannean Series (61-71)
Perpendicular/Kabus Legion, Followers: Squads 0, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, Omega | Other [See? Like this. I'm just "merging" them all because the followers are really, really not that important. Especially of the minor squads.]
The Order of Chaos:
Roxanne | The Seven Heavenly Generals | Etabed | Mooks
Other Villains and Jerks of Master of Debate:
Ron Agann | Rory Greenbanks | The Polygonal Meme Group (Insa) | The Fighters of Sensitivity (Sam) | Treasop and the Vigilantes | The Old Men Against Sex | The Fortress of the Paw | []
Villains and Jerks of
Cunning Underling:

[Legion Name] "The Master" [Demon Name, I haven't came up with either] | Joxy | The Dackhark Family |
Dave Highya

Note to self consider making one for Emazh In, which will almost certainly need it more.

Note to self for... putting it on the note-to-self of the Wordpad file: One of the working names for Azmelditas, that I used in the old version of the page, was Azmeldatious.

ᛞᛞᛞᛞᛞᛞ <— Not actually Daygelz's symbol, that's one of her moms' symbol, just that it'll be a corruption on that. So I can't preface her folder with "ᛞ Cyoo Daygelz ᛞ" kinda like how the Homestuck trolls are in their respective sheets.

"Lesuif" is a valid troll name but not "Daygelz" even though Daygelz is way more troll-y than Lesuif. Go figure. Evelin and Ashley also are but not Roy and Mindy.

Sign Character
Aries Daygelz? (March 25th?)
Gemini Lesuif (June 16th)
Cancer Etabed (July 7th)
Scorpio Roy (October 31st), Roxy (October 31st; she and Roy are twins)

Um, screw it, let's do rainbow order. Seal break order, for reference, is White-Magenta-Green-Red-Blue-Cyan-Yellow-Black

    Daygelz [White]  

The first squad captain released by Roy, part of a technical "Seal 0" and "Squad 0," and the appointed



Beelzebub's daughter among the Kabus Legion and the sixth "Boss Demon" unsealed by Roy. A Yellow-Class demon, the "buffer" between the Ground Series and the Air Series, she commands gasses of most sorts (as well as plasmas), but air and electricity especially.




Belphagor's daughter among the Kabus Legion and the fourth "Boss Demon" unsealed by Roy. A Blue-Class demon, the "buffer" between the Aquatic Series and the Subterannean Series, she controls liquids in general. But mostly water. She's extremely strict and overly-emotional, often demanding that Team Heckshuffle gets off of their asses and helps stop the next plan hatched up by the Order of Chaos. She "represents" the sin of Sloth yet

    Azmelditas [Magenta]  

Asmodeous' daughter among the Kabus Legion and the first "Boss Demon" properly unsealed by Roy. A Magenta-Class demon, the "buffer" between the Subterannean Series and the Ground Series (although her type is formally considered part of the former), she has great powers over earths and most other solids. Despite her designated affinity to being underground, she has taken pride as a wannabe sea-captain sailing around with her gigantic drill-ship. She considers herself Little C's rival, but as Little C is way up on the Order of Chaos food chain, Azmelditas went gentle on Team Heckshuffle and only gave them Hyumultahs as her target before she "reformed." She "represents" the sin of Lust yet, while not being an outright prude, she's generally very work-focused and will absolutely not let sexy things distract her.

    Lesuif [Black]  

The seventy-fourth and final demon captain unsealed from Roy, the leader of the entire Kabus Legion, one of Lucifer's daughters, and one of the strongest-known demons in the Solar System, and the Big Good for the Parallel side of Joy+Roy.

See her page for tropes on Kabus Lesuif.

Perpendicular. No idea about the un...toteming order, but White will still be first, Magenta will still follow, and Black will still be last.

    Nightfirma [White]  

See her page for tropes on Syulk Nightfirma.








Part of me wants this to be a real thing.

  • Debuting in 1:
    • Demon Underground
      • Main Charactersnote 
      • Other Three Clubs
    • Red Empire
      • The Mysterious Rival
      • Mook Encounters, Including Game-Exclusive
    • Othernote 
  • Debuting in 2:
    • Flao Empire
    • Flao Race
    • Monster Encounters
      • Slimes
  • Debuting in 3:
    • The Imp Belowground
    • Angel Servants and Peaten
      • The Archangels
    • The Primordials/3-Exclusive Slimes
    • "Arc" Characters:

Something something about no spoiler marking because in this fan fic she's the main antagonist.

    .GIFfany #9(/ 1 depending on the story)/"The Risen One"/"The Lightning Goddess"/et al. 

The copy that Soos played in canon, the one that directly started Run: Gifocalypse as a whole (although technically speaking, Dove started it indirectly), she kick-starts the "Gifocalypse" with extra help

For tropes on her Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage incarnation (a badfic by the same author with a number of similar themes/OCs but not set in the same universe at all), see [[ here.]] For her canonical self, see here.

  • Ambiguous Siutation: The ending; was she really redeemed or was she taking advantage of Soos's forgiveness to completely bullshit him in to thinking that she had changed just so that she could finally be near him again without having the professors/deans in the way?
  • Ascended Extra: Goes from being a Monster of the Week who does not even re-appear in the finale to the de-facto Big Bad of both versions of the storynote . The original Gifocalypse, translating each chapter to be roughly one episode's length, is about the length of an entire season of Gravity Falls despite Fan originally considering this a "miniseries"note 
  • The Assimilator: In the bad ending of both versions. She just flat-out plugs herself in to the other copies and basically hard-reboots them in to additional bodies of herself.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Definitely in "Game Complete." Arguably in "Game Over," as everyone is where she wants them to be, although whether this is just a harmless "I'm happy with where everything is right now" or an indication that she's about to do something sinister is deliberately left up for the viewers.
  • Body Horror:
    • That thing she transforms the Planet Negation Girl in to is far from pretty: a body made of metal that has a number of faces on it, tentacles, and her "main" face being some weird contraption made with a gigantic ferris wheel (resulting in a ring of thirteen eyes) and a movie screen projecting a photo-realistic mouth.
    • The alternate ending has her just flat-out go "fuck it" and start assimilating with the
  • Book-Ends: Counting canon, she's the first of her kind that Soos fights against, and until .EXE comes along, she's the last.
  • But Thou Must!: She invokes this in-universe. Near the very end of the old version, she asks Soos the same question she first asked: if he'd carry her books. This time, the only options are "Yes!" "Definitely!" and "Absolutely!" Both a Call-Back to the canonical first episode and, indirectly, a jab at Mabel's character. GPF thought that sneaking in a Mabel joke would be too stupid, so by the rewrite the options were changed to ""
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • In the 2018 remake, she's openly described as wincing in Bill's cameo when he threatens to comit genocide on the entire line of .GIFfanys.
  • Expy: Mostly of the way she's presented and her role in the story.
    • Her battle is largely taken from Jergingha:
    • Going with the Undertale inspiration, she's very obviously the "Flowey" of the fic, mainly going by the Neutral Route. Including canon, she's the first of the copies the heroes actually meets and seems sweet at first before
  • Fan Disservice: Oh lord.
    • Her Main Possession takes on the form of a feminine robot wearing nothing but panties, with breasts that even have clearly-defined nipples. It's also a gargantuan mass of metal with screaming faces on the bodies
    • When it becomes increasingly obvious to her that Soos is not just going to jump back in her arms, she stops trying to be cute completely and throws a number of nightmarish transformations, like having her face go blank before images of the Pines appear trying to break their way through her facial skin, or even showing herself rotting.
    • About half of the sexual stuff about her is negated when she starts talking about the Planet Negation Girl like it's her body, down to calling the area where the other discs of her game are produced her womb. This is also shortly after [or fuck, before? I don't remember and I'm too lazy to look up] her aformentioned Nightmare Face show.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: Possessing the Rift enables her to "look" in to and lightly interact with other worlds, including our own.
    • This somehow enables her to tweak the writing a bit, mostly seen by parts suddenly going in first person. At first, when this happens with the Burnda/Burrda mini-arc, it seems like a genuine typo since it only happens once, but then it becomes more frequent over Dove's chapters and especially in the endgame.
    • She manages to hijack the author notes of the story. Her words are in bold and, in case the reader is using a platform of sorts that for whatever reason does not display bold text, bracketed.
    • When Soos enters the Memory Banks, .GIFfany throws a massive Mind Screw on him that's formatted in the same way that GPF formats his chapters, but in reverse chronological order. The "Memory Banks" heading gets increasingly corrupted as the "Chapters" go down from 5 to 0, and then this bombshell happens, implying that she's not just aware of the story, but the entirety of canon's timeline as well:
      MemoRun: Gifocalypse
      Chapter 0: Soos and the Real Girl
    • Because she's completely pissed off and stopped playing around, almost all of the bad ending refers to her in first-person.
    • According to Word of God, the intention was supposed to be that "our world" was simply parallel to that of RG (RG simply "happening" to exist as a piece of fiction; GPF himself is more of a "transcriber" and not a god) and not "a level up higher," which is why she does not make a big deal out of being able to talk to the readers. Nor does she have an exitensial crisis about the Gravity Falls world not being "real," nor does she even use that to try to Mind Screw the characters. (Although her SBIG counterpart does, and SBIG characters in general are significantly more self-aware and several of them break the fourth wall on a regular basis.)
  • Genius Loci: She considers the Planet Negation Girl to be an extension of her body by the time the group finally ends up on it. When she possesses it, it's not hard to see why.
  • Light Is Not Good:
  • Mind Screwdriver: Amazingly, the "Memory Banks" section right before the final battle manages to be both this and a Mind Screw. On the Mind Screw side, in both versions .GIFfany uses simulations to show Soos the "history" of the Gifocalypse of sorts... in reverse chronological order and with the narrative copying the same formatting Great Pikmin Fan has for his chapters, getting increasingly corrupted.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Despite the fan fic bending over backwards to make her much scarier than her canonical self (especially in the endgame), she also doubles as this. In Dian's portion (Chapter 9 in the original, made even more fanservicey in Chapter [I dunno yet] in the rewrite), she's described in great detail getting out of a bathtub and admiring her naked self in the mirror. She briefly dresses up in a number of revealing outfits, including a Naked Apronnote  She's even technically the only one of the AIs to avert Nipple and Dimed (in a T-rated fan fic) — because the scenario in question was completely non-sexual. Once things started getting sillier again and her nude state after her fight with Soos was played for fanservice again, she's no longer described in as much detail and GPF's drawings of the incident go back to obscuring her chest.
  • Nightmare Face: In a last-ditch attempt to get Soos to be on her side, she distorts her face in a number of ways while cornering him alone inside some sort of basement of sorts in the PNG. In both versions, one of her "faces" is to appear faceless at first, but then show tiny versions of the Pines pushing against it from inside, as if they were trapped in it, trying to break out. Another is when she makes her face rot to show how real girls "bleed, excrete, [and] die." And then there's her thirteen-eyed, projector-with-a-realistic-mouth eldritch tentacle horror of a One-Winged Angel form. Taken Up to Eleven in the rewrite,
  • Red Herring: When the gang first arrives on the Planet Negation Girl, they see a gigantic neon "3-D pixel" statue of .GIFfany by the entrance. In the rewrite especially, the wording strongly implies that this will be her Main Possession. It technically is in that it's a feature of her actual Main Possession — the entirety of the Planet Negation Girl.
  • Sanity Slippage: It's implied that something is making her lose it more as the story goes on. In the original, it wasn't very clear and Fan even admits that he forgot what, if anything, was the specific cause of this (he even partly attributed it to "me being dumb and edgy back then"). In the rewrite, it's clearly more of a combination of having the Rift infused with her, the other copies just driving her nuts, and the gradual realization that since she was rejected by both humans and video games she would have "no purpose."
  • Shock and Awe: Still retains this power and now uses it as her main form of combat. Sandy's group does not worship her as the "Lightning Goddess" for nothing.
  • Statuesque Stunner: Made blatant in the old version, just limited to implications in the remake. In the rewrite, she's explicitely shorter than Rumble (his pixel form and "physical black magic body" form are the same height) by default, as a nod to Soos's drawing of them both in the defictionalized Journal 3, but that's not saying that much. Fan toned down her height to try to make the story relatively true to canon, but Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage and all of her expies by GPF just go nuts with making her towering.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: While she was never really a saint to begin with, putting it mildly, Gifocalypse in general makes her much snippier

    Can an .EXE also be a .GIF? 

A mysterious, elusive "lost copy"

  • Evil Counterpart: The eviler counterpart to .GIFfany,
  • Evil Versus Oblivion: The "oblivion" to .GIFfany's "evil." In Gifocalypse, .GIFfany does not give a rat's ass about the rest of the town and barely wants to be involved with them until they absolutely start forcing themselves to fight against her in an effort to rescue Soos. .EXE just wants to outright kill non-players, indescriminantly.

This is scrapped, I'll delete it soon but I want a place to really "jot down" the ideas I had for this so that I won't completely, 100% forget about it.












    EFFI Origin Story 

It started off as, like, a joke thing that might have originally been a low-effort "shitpost" story similar to Axe Effect: Giffillions. Something where maybe .GIFfany tricked Soos in to thinking she was nice, but then wrapped him up with wire and dragged him to get downloaded to her computer. It'd be a black comedy. While dragging him, she'd come across Darlene dragging Stan in a wrapping of spider web. Darlene would look at .GIFfany, smirk, and say something like "Men, am I right?" Then I thought about rounding things off with Pyronica finding a way to capture Ford or something stupid like that.

Then I thought back to this old copy-pasta I saw on GameFAQS's Super Smash Bros. Brawl boards, about Link spying on people in the shower. I think the "original" was with Peach, Zelda, and Samus, but I also found a variation where he was spying on Captain Falcon and... two other dudes, all I can remember was the line "Captain Falcon swung his sweaty *** from side to side." (The original was about Zelda's hair; and yes, the censorship was part of the post.) I thought "Imagine if someone did something like that, but it was Dipper or something, and he was peeping on like, Pyronica, .GIFfany, and Darlene. And then they found out and promptly kicked his ass. (I hate pervert characters. I know Dipper is canonically better than that, but making him in to some straw pervert played for laughs sounds exactly like the kind of stupid crap I'd expect from the sort of cheap fan fiction that hypothetical story would have made fun of. So I'm not mocking Dipper's character, I'm mocking that sort of stuff.)

But both of those got me thinking about a semi-legit, kind of long-ish story involving the three of them. Especially as I had looked around and found that, to my knowledge, nobody has actually done a story about the three of them. (Nothing was advertized as such on In Archive of Our Own, with unlimited character tagging, it's more definite — there's barely any .GIFfany-tagged fics, and fewer Darlene ones. By the way, no, copy-paste "It's really similar to the events of the show down to conversations happening word for word but I swear after 39 chapters totally new content will happen! See! Dipper and Pacifica actually kiss here! They didn't in the show! Yes, all that copy-paste was completely necessary for that!" doesn't count.) So I think I ended up with the embrassing honor of writing's first-ever fic with naked .GIFfany, naked Melody, naked Darlene, and Pyronica (who was already naked) at the same time and antics about Ford and Soos' asses with Stan's "Stanhood." (When I say "antics about Ford and Soos' asses with Stan's 'Stanhood,'" I don't mean like THAT. There's no fhacking going on between man and brother, or man and son-figure. If you want Stan fhacking then there's Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, but it's not with another Pines it's with the Summerween Trickster.)

  • Rose: Low and kind of "motherly"
  • Kathody: Just think of any "energetic showoff" voice.
  • Searah:
  • Sandy: Low, like a female version of your "stereotypical hippie" voice.
  • Cardia: Actually, really kind of high-pitched and all over the place.
  • Bubbles:
  • Leona:
  • Sonia: Low and quiet. Hell, even post-character development.
  • Dian:
  • Wendy: Hrm... now that I think about it, giving her a Luanne-esque voice but with more of a DRAMATIC SHOUT would be kind of funny.
  • Shannon:
  • Burnda: Brenda's voice from Perfect Hair Forever. "But Brenda doesn't talk!" She talks like once, in Japanese.
  • Burrda: See Burnda.
  • Dove: I can't help but picture her sounding like Gimme from Wonderful 101 but that's not it.
  • .GIFfany: She sounds exactly like .GIFfany from Gravity Falls. That episode did the perfect job at capturing the voice I had in mind while I was writing run:gifocalypse. It's almost like she was a character from canon that I directly put in to the fic.
  • Eve:

(The things in brackets are the "symbols" at the corners of the cards. Like the Undertale Tarot cards.)

  1. Fool: Stella [Baton, pizza slice, an "XXX" symbol, winking emoticon]
  2. Magician: Lock-On [Robotic eye, his Lock-On eye insignia, a jungle tree, a crosshair]
  3. High Priestess: Gatherer [Her "X" icon, the Slashed Spade icon, a simplified design of her "New Earth", a broken heart] [(OR a flame, water drop, rock, and a bottle of alcohol considering her teleport-catchphrase- nah...)]
  4. Empress: Unitia One [The number 1, the coordinates "(0,0)," a flame, an inverted heart]
  5. Emperor: Carlson [The letter C, a boomerang, a water bottle, an upright heart]
  6. Hierophant: Hoodieath...? [Pair of panties, a slashed rectangle representing a broken censor bar, a hoodie, and a... "shockwave symbol" representing her main ability to "store hits"]
  7. Lovers: Unitiakind; Three and Four in the center specifically ["3+4!," "C+1!," "Harem!," and several small hearts together]
  8. Chariot: Inventor [Nerve cell, "A+," a hand in a "grabbing pose," his "I" symbol]
  9. Strength: Leon [A dog-like face, his hat, a fang, smiling emoticon]
  10. Hermit: Hex ["ALL," "SYST," "ARE," "CLR"]
  11. Wheel of Fortune: Shiny Rocks [Red diamond shape, yellow diamond shape, green diamond shape, blue diamond shape]
  12. Justice: Kameel [Thong, police badge, cloud representing the sky, foot]
  13. Hanged Man: Eldbrash [Suspenders, fist, water droplet, two shaking hands]
  14. Death: Hundred Demons (all of them in general; except Eighth Circle) [Tomb exterior, paper representing the list, the number "99," Eighth Circle's eight-concentric circle logo]
  15. Temperance: Her Bone [Bone, mouth of sharp teeth, drill, bag/"wallet bag"]
  16. Devil: Eighth Circle [Horns, pitchfork, "devil tail," flower]
  17. Tower: Yuullieke [All four corners are just "YES"]
  18. Star: Transparaghost [Bedsheet/Pac-Man esque ghost, circle half-filled in while half-empty (duality thingy), ribbon, spotlight]
  19. Moon: Ruby ["Psychic energy wave" symbol, leaping stick figure, cake, knife]
  20. Sun: Eighthback [Football, steak, star resembling those on the US flag, dog face]
  21. Judgement: Unitia Two [The number 2, the letter "U," a simplified sharp-tooth "nightmare grin," "Z" Tetrimino]
  22. World: Unitia World/Unitia Land [Binary, Unitia-style portal, "brick" tower, high-tech building] OR Hill Town [Simplified building, tree, lake, ...road?]


Reading Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage/Escape From Fanservice Island/Ultimate Chaotic Mysterious Dark Power isn't required to understand Ordinarily United at all but it would kind of help. Although shit like the Unitias being solar-powered might feel like a very redundant explanation if you've read that.

Not YET but it's my plan

Okay, I updated Four Edges to be stupider.

Now "Satan" inexplicably survives Nzyvo's attack, kidnaps Soos, and strips him naked through slow and gradual clothing damage. I know I don't like that stuff and Dove's writing the story in-universe yet Dove's also supposed to kind of double on my opinions in a self-deprecating way, but let's just say Dove's kind of a hypocrite that will write about her husbando getting

I'd like to think that RG is a simple or possibly complex story told in a simple way but in all honesty maybe it just is a simple story told in a (needlessly) complex way.

Ecchi spinoff please, Hirsch?

They're all kinda censored in a way that suits their personality or element:

  • Rose: Hands of other copies (she's the most liked of them by the other copies with the largest number of followers)
  • Kathody: Seals, but they're not on her, instead they're floating around dramatically.
  • Searah: Water that is arranged to form the "perfect coverage," as she's a perfectionist.
  • Sandy: Various "tribute" artifacts to the "Lightning Goddess"
  • Cardia: Blood splatters.
  • Bubbles: Bath steam, in contrast to her usual bubbles.
  • Leona: Like someone brushed censor-paint over her.
  • Sonia: Floating magic music notes.
  • Dian: Smoke, distinct from her usual clouds of purple poison, resembling an inverse of Bubbles'.
  • Wendy: Hamburgers are covering her ("Sug Night")
  • Shannon: Glares of light
  • Burnda: Outright censor bars (she's the meta one)
  • Burrda: Burnda's hands (the "white-knighting" of her pre-developent)
  • Dove: She's very deliberately placing objects to cover her even in mid-combat, reflecting how it's kind of a "habit" of hers
  • .GIFfany:
  • Eve: It's "glitched" out/with an odd lines/"pixel" effect

    Might move elsewhere — possible new Emazh In form of biomes [EDIT: Might not even be the damn names]  

The old "system" was that out of the rainbow ring etc, each biome would start with a bright/"pure-color"/"nature" variant, a dark/"shade"/"dark magic" variant, a light/"tint"/"light magic" variant, and a dull/"tone"/"technological" variant. But something rubbing me the wrong way about how the two magic ones are, to some degree, possibly "natural." So I just took a page from Dwarf Fortress and replaced "benign" with "technological." Think of it kinda like the time periods of Sonic CD:

Dekstop, Labostoep, Infinity Amusement Park, the Parallel Pocket, Sloeth Core, and the Center of the Galaxy do not have alternate variations/counterparts.

  Technology Natural/"Light Nature" Heavy Nature
Light Magic Guiding Code Fantastic Binding Love
No Magic System Plain Thrashing Wilds
Dark Magic Corrupted Code Ominous Eldritch

No Magic/Natural

Relatively easy to understand, especially a combination of both. This is the closest to our world — with most of the plant and animal life being without fantastic elements (no magic) and not being made from cyber code/gigantic (or tiny) beast (natural).

Ironically, the "plain" biomes are the ones that the main characters out of the satelites live in, and are the most important

Light Magic

Dark Magic


Heavy Nature

Close in terms of general themes to Dwarf Fortress's "savage" biomes, filled with overgrown plantlife and containing animal life that could be giant (as well as tiny counterparts). Heavy nature-biomes tend to

Clear the "center"(/plain) biome of the group — the main Charged Emazh in the rainbow ring — to get a full health up, adding another red heart. The eight "other" biomes in the group, however, each just give a quarter of a health upgrade. Four of those must be collected to get an additional red heart; they do not add quarter-hearts individually. Thus, each sector has three red hearts to gain — one from the main Charge, and two from the eight Charges leading up to her. Across the fourteen sectors, forty-two hearts can be obtained in Part 1, leading to a total possible health of forty-five red hearts counting Olivia's starting three hearts. However, when it comes to Part 1, the only way to obtain that much health is through going near the Friendship Route.

Due to the requirements of setting up the Iris fight, this means having forty-four red hearts. This also makes Iris the only boss fight in the entire game to have a specific fixed amount the player may likely have when facing her, although it can be lower if the player simply does not collect the heart-extenders after the bosses.

In Part 2, red heart containers may be freely extended through just finding

Omega: Possible name of the "Scarlet Stone-Weapon."

It's the same "base" twelve: Red, orange, yellow, chartreuse, green, jade, cyan, azure, blue, violet, magenta, pink. But what specific things he does depends on the story, where they do appear. In 361 they're flanked by twenty-nine other hues in between them for a full, gigantic spectrum circle, even if the differences going from color to color are practically invisible. In Emazh In there are a few in-betweens, but less ones of note (certainly not a full 360 in total), but each of the main twelve has a whopping eight counterparts based on hue and saturation.





—This was originally this One Punch Man-esque parody thing with Gravity Falls, but since then I'm gonna merge it with this possible new Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage. (Which will keep the OPM stuff, but exclusively to Soos. Mabel still has Lagann though, which is also pretty damn OP but not as OP as Soos.)

  • HRT-1: Swinging Blade
  • HRT-2: Blazing Fast (who was actually going to be more like a robot kinda shaped like the number "2" — I didn't finalize anything with his old design, I just wanted it so that if you looked at everybody from the right, they'd loosely be in the shape of their numbers in some way)
  • HRT-3: Assily Blast (made while Inventor had a toilet humor phase)
  • HRT-4: DEATH MECHA (was originally not going to talk like that guy from The Room)
  • HRT-5: Scale Breath (originally "The Dragon")
  • HRT-6: Girlaser
  • HRT-7: Dudenergy
  • HRT-8: Eighth Circle (originally "Big Suit" and did not look even remotely Satan-y)
  • HRT-9: Unitia Origin (basically a completely different character from what she is now. If you think UO/U1 is kind of an asshole, she's a saint compared to her prototype...)

HRT-8 because infinity sign, if you turn 8 sideways. HRT-9 because "breaking" the infinity sign. Unitia Origin was still Demon #9 in the final version for that reason. As I moved Big Suit/Eighth Circle to the Big Bad status I thought it would make more sense if he was Demon #1, so I planted him there, but he's still called the Eighth Circle to reference his original position as HRT-8. Yet ultimately, it still really works symbolism-wise.

The other Demons flat-out weren't going to be in at all. No, not even Ninjssassin, which seems odd. Fun fact, she was actually one of the last designs I came up with — I saved most of the Single Digits (except Tony, Res because I didn't want #2 to die early for... some reason and had the joke about the last guy being able to bring everyone back from the dead, and Unitia Origin and Eighth Circle because where would I be without designing the main heroine and villain first?) for last, and just thought "fuck it, we've kinda got a Matthew, a Lucas, a Todd, and definitely have the twins in this, let's round out the Evil Exes with a Roxie" and I just ended up liking her so much that she became the "Vorkken"/"Jeanne"/"Mudvin"/"Crim-Sin"/"Ninja Squad" of OU.

    NOT CANON (Especially since I'm considering redoing OU anyway) 

Ninjssassin joined one of the many, many not-quite-perfected projects to get a physical body. She's a neutral soul being at first, neither particularly heroic or villainous. The project leader of that thinks about setting up fake IDs and fake stories, using some super-psychic shit so they'd blend right in. NS happens to land in the world at a time period where "leveling up" and "heroics" are common, with video game magic shit going on. Unfortunately, shenanigans happen involving her ID and she's basically stuck herself as having to disguise as a teenager, and while at it gives herself a tan and dyes her hair a really really light pink. (She originally went for magenta but thanks to the way her really oily not-quite-hair works it ended up being a really washed out pink.) As a hero, she tries out to be a magical girl named Glitter Starlight, then thinks "fuck this shit" and goes for being a punk instead. Eventually she gives up that too, comes up with some weird alliterative name that's just half-taken from some Castlevania dude, gets in to college in the sky because she hasn't actually been studying that much, and starts dating some chick with roller skates. Ninjssassin teaches her about going through minds. Unfortunately that chick turns out to have been going through "a phrase" and breaks up with her. And for good measure she explicitely tells NS that she "confirmed" she was not in to women. Years later, some weirdo who also has mind powers contacts NS and considers setting up a gang with a vegan, a movie guy, two robot twins, and some wannabe pirate. NS is like "Fuck it I have nothing better to do, this experiment lasted longer than most other soul being experiments (but she didn't tell him that, that she was secretly a ghost-thing from another dimension who just has a temporary physical body), also I heard pirate guys are powerful" and at some point she tries dyeing her hair a bright, vibrant yellow. But thanks to the way her hair is oily and weird and can grow eyes because she's an interdimensional thingy it ends up just looking a boring blonde. Regaining her weight that she had as a punk some time between college and the guy contacting her she takes a new identity. She fights some guy who refuses to hit girls at first, growing up in a dimension that's pretty damn equal she hates that, but then the guy makes this sword pop out of his chest and decides he'll fight her after all. NS has a sword-fight in rollerskates' backyard. He actually misses, but coincidentally, the time for her "vessel" expires at that point, and when it expires, it's cut diagonally. So it looks like he cut her in half.

Back at the Parallel, everything is still crowded and anarchic, but Ninjssassin still hates her fucking hair. A lot. It's gray, messy, has all these oils and eyes and shit around. Then she notices some strong power. A soul being whose name is Fred but everyone calls him "The Eighth Circle" because it sounds way cooler has been "generating" these things called the Shiny Rocks. He has no idea because this power does not react with him at all, but it does react with other soul beings. She takes a quick sneak of the black one and tests it out. It can be used to grant tons of power, but most importantly to her, it gives her some sexy-ass, slick black hair. Eighth Circle, AKA Rando and Asgore's spiritual son, catches her in the act and asks what she's doing. Ninjssassin is like "I've been on Earth and I've been alive and okay I just need to look better, so uh... oh wait you don't know these rocks actually have energy do you, you think they just look pretty and you poop them out each time you get stronger... hrm" but again she doesn't actually tell him the Rocks are magic. EC is like "Ooh you've been to Earth before?! I love that place! Hey, I've been perfecting a way to give us physical bodies that can last indefinitely, until we're hit with enough force that corresponds to how powerful our souls are. You've been there before, do you want to help? I can have one hundred 'slots' including me. My ex-girlfriend says she's thinking of coming too!" NS is like "Sure." EC is like, "Well okay, five other soul beings signed up, not counting me. I'm Number One, so you'll be Number Seven." NS is like "Okay who are they?" And this is basically how she meets Res. Her relationship with Res starts out platonic but then they really start dating, to the point where Carlson eventually killing Res is what makes her go from "Alexa play Red and Black from Bayonetta" to "Alexa play Blood and Darkness from Bayonetta."


If I could fit in Belphegor/Sloth Devil/Slime or Blob thing of The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage and say that NS actually landed in 2012. Considering the video game characters the OK KO and Scott Pilgrim video game shit existing might make more sense if this was thrown in with my Gravity Falls badfic, although this would imply that OU is a sequel to TJOWPAC.

Then again if her debut on Earth was as some OP slime monster thing it wouldn't make that much sense that after that she'd be significantly "weaker" than someone who can withstand a Saitama-tier punch. Her hatred of Carlson, at least, could be hand-waved in how she hated fighting Soos. Like, a lot. Carlson would remind her of TJOWPAC-Soos on account of basically being an "anti-Soos" of sorts. Except they're both OP.

Rock Alien: Okay you'll get your genders back.


Zapp Brannigan: Hi I killed that thing that looked like it was gonna attack you guys— what the fuck Fry now you have tits.


Example of: