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"Zoey... 'Stammers too much.' 'Lacks confidence.' 'Wears too many sweaters over collared shirts.' Not sure how that one is quite performance-related..."

This character always dresses a certain type of way.

We don't mean a uniform or a Limited Wardrobe — this character changes clothes quite frequently, probably to the point of an Unlimited Wardrobe — but all the outfits of their choosing seem like variations on a theme, to the point that the character has a signature sense of style. Maybe it's a certain color combination or pattern or a similar but overall consistent way of pairing tops and pants. Whatever style it is, unless it's a special occasion, they will dress this way 90% of the time.

Because Clothing Reflects Personality, this may signify something about a character. For example, a Girly Girl might dress exclusively in florals, a grizzled biker has a rotating stock of leather jackets, or a stoic businessman wears power suits everywhere. However, the real purpose of this trope is to help a character stand out from the rest of the cast through a unique visual style without resorting to dressing them in the same outfit every time. The audience then begins associating this look with the character.

In visual media, this is more common in live-action shows than in animated ones, as resource constraints often make it easier to give animated characters a Limited Wardrobe. On the other hand, live-action shows (especially those set in "our world"), have to keep their characters distinct even though they would realistically be changing clothes regularly. Describing a character's fashion sense can also be useful for visualizing characters in written media. In general, it can help distinguish a large Ensemble Cast or when one has characters who look similar.

Compare Iconic Outfit, when a character becomes associated with one outfit, and Iconic Item, which is about a single item. A long-lasting deviation from this is a Significant Wardrobe Shift, which goes hand-in-hand with change in the character. Not to be confused with Same Clothes, Different Year, which is when the exact same outfit is used in a flashback or a flash-forward so the audience can tell it's them. A Color-Coded Secret Identity may be involved.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Ayakashi Triangle:
    • Suzu's outfits have some kind of hoodie and something that leaves her legs mostly exposed, usually shorts. She even wears a cardigan to school with her skirt, getting as close to the look as the dress code allows. When she eventually has an outfit for fighting made, it's largely based on her hoodie, though with leggings added on.
    • Though Matsuri has a standardized outfits for combat, school, and other purposes, the latter outfit (a jinbei) and anything else he wears always include (usually baggy) shorts and sandals.
  • The Dangers in My Heart: Ichikawa regularly wears dark clothes with skull/bone prints on him. He says it's out of convenience when Yamada points out the former, though the latter suggests otherwise; he's always going to have a skull on him somewhere when he's out and not in his school uniform.
  • Pretty Cure:
    • HuGtto! Pretty Cure: Emiru's wardrobe almost exclusively consists of dresses with a lot of frills and details, mostly in red and pink.
    • Healin' Good♡Pretty Cure: Nodoka's outfits often have flowers incorporated into them, usually via jewelry. The only time she doesn't is in her pyjamas.
    • Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure: It's very rare that Yui isn't wearing a skirt or dress; she has pink dresses for casual wear, a pink Cure dress, a brown blazer and skirt for school in the winter, and a blue blazer and skirt for school in the summer.
    • Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure: All of Sora's main outfits, these being her Sky Land outfit, Earth outfits for summer and winter, pyjamas, and Cure outfit, are all predominantly blue.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Rin has the most outfits out of any character seen in the show, which otherwise is all about Limited Wardrobe, and all of them are in soft and bright colours with prominent shades of pink.

    Comic Strips 
  • In Madam & Eve, Eve is almost never seen without her apron, while Madam is always shown wearing her large hoop earrings.

    Fan Works 
  • The Bolt Chronicles: In "The Coffee Shop," Penny is now a young adult in her 20s. When not in a veterinarian's white lab coat, she exhibits a distinctive, informal clothing style which she refers to as being "neo-slacker."
    Her shape was the type that worked well with skinny black jeans and a plain dark t-shirt worn under an open, slightly oversized men's shirt, as well as sneakers or sandals depending on the weather. It was a look she dubbed "neo-slacker," and was her preferred attire once she doffed her veterinarian's lab coat.
  • Ebott's Wake: Dr. Aster is always wearing black and white with a single yellow accessory, like a yellow bowtie for formal occasions or yellow sneakers. Otherwise, he is always quite conservative and professional with his clothing, like slacks, coats, button-up shirts, e.t.c.
  • Ma Fille: Most illustrations of Katrina, at any age, depict her wearing at least one pink article of clothing.
  • In My Immortal, the goth characters always wear dark colours and Ebony tends to wear fishnets and "corset stuff".

    Film — Live Action 

  • Captive Prince: Damen's narration frequently mentions Prince Laurent's wardrobe, which is invariably severe, high-necked, long-sleeved, and tight-laced to match his guarded nature.
  • Dr. Greta Helsing: In Grave Importance, the billionaire Egyptologist Leonora van Dorne always wears an understated Simple, yet Opulent wardrobe, accented with a single piece of authentic ancient Egyptian jewellery. She has an extensive private collection of both.
  • In Harriet the Spy, Ole Golly always wears tweed dresses, which she refers to as her "things".
  • In Into the Drowning Deep, Olivia the reporter always dresses entirely in white in a deliberate nod to Emma Frost, whom she also Cosplays outside of work.
  • Ian Malcolm's introductory descriptions in Jurassic Park state that he always wears all-black outfits. He notes that he doesn't have to worry about coordinating shirts, pants, or even matching socks as a result, since they'll all blend together no matter what.
  • The Machineries of Empire: Unlike the other leaders of the Hexarchate, Nirai Kujen is an unabashed hedonist who always dresses in opulent, highly fashionable clothes with plenty of jewellery and never wears an outfit twice.
  • Old Kingdom: Touchstone has a lifelong fondness for kilts. He's introduced Naked on Revival from being Taken for Granite and a kilt is the only legwear available that fits him at the time, but, decades later, he's still trying unsuccessfully to popularize them as king.
  • Sheila Rae, the Brave: Louise always wears a hair bow, and (with the exception of one page) she always wears long-sleeved dresses.
  • Wayward Children: Nancy Whitman only wears gauzy black and white clothes with one pomegranate-red hair ribbon since her years in the Land of the Dead, where colours were rare favours granted by the rulers. When her parents replace her wardrobe with bright clothes in an effort to restore her old personality, she's deeply distraught and immediately trades them to another student for more suitable ones.

    Live-Action TV 
  • John Steed of The Avengers (1960s) is always in a dark suit and tie paired with a bowler hat, although the colors tend to vary.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Sheldon always wears graphic t-shirts over a long-sleeved one and khakis. In Young Sheldon, he wore plaid T-shirts, oftentimes with a bowtie, and khakis.
    • Howard wears turtlenecks under button-downs, often in clashing colors. He is also known for wearing form-fitting pants with a flashy belt buckle.
    • Raj dresses in a combination of an undershirt, button-down shirt, sweater vest and track jacket.
    • Leonard favors graphic t-shirts as well, although coupled with an army jacket and hoodie combo. Later seasons sometimes replace the jacket-hoodie combo with an overshirt. He later attributes the layers to the fact that Sheldon keeps the apartment so cold.
    • Amy wears a cardigan/sweater vest over a long-sleeved shirt, along with a straight skirt and tights.
    • Bernadette's usual getup is a short-sleeved cardigan over a floral-patterned dress, with colorful tights and heels.
  • In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the characters are all cops, but because they are plainclothes detectives, they show up to work in varying office casual ensembles:
    • Jake and Rosa both always wear a leather jacket, which Rosa pairs with black trousers, and Jake always wears with a plaid shirt.
    • Terry is always wearing a long-sleeved button-down rolled up to his elbows paired with a tie and suspenders.
    • Before her promotion to Sergeant, Amy usually wore a dark blazer/suit paired with a contrasting button-down top. This is often mocked by Gina, who once wore Amy's clothes in order to render herself invisible.
    • Boyle favors short-sleeved work shirts paired with a tie and slacks.
  • Claws:
    • Desna wears a lot of tight clothes and low-cut tops.
    • Virginia wears revealing, colorful outfits, along with lots of jewelry and sparkly accessories.
    • Quiet Ann always wears some combination of t-shirts, loose button-down shirts, and shorts. For formal occasions, she wears suits instead of dresses.
  • Community:
    • In the first four seasons, prim and young Annie is usually wearing a brightly-patterned blouse or dress, sometimes paired with a cardigan, though this was dropped in Seasons 5-6.
    • Nerdy Abed favors graphic shirts under a shirt or jacket.
    • Amoral Attorney Jeff is usually in a button-down top and pants.
    • Shirley, who is a wife and mother, dresses sensibly in a conservative top and trousers.
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Trent wears turtlenecks in all his appearances, which at first make him look like the successful lawyer Rebecca wants, but it later turns unsettling as his dark side is revealed.
  • Fate: The Winx Saga:
    • Bloom typically wears leather jackets and skinny jeans with either a t-shirt or turtleneck sweater. A lot of her clothing is red.
    • Stella wears a lot of coats and jewelry, her outfits often have sparkles, and she's fond of wearing pink.
  • In Forbrydelsen, Sarah Lund always wears a Fairisle sweater and jeans. She changes which sweater depending on the day. (It crosses over with Limited Wardrobe in the seasons themselves, when she doesn't change frequently, but she also maintains the exact same style throughout 3 seasons.)
  • In Get Smart, Harry Hoo always wears similar-looking (but not identical) white suits.
  • Gilmore Girls:
    • Emily Gilmore is almost always seen in a twinset with matching skirt and matching jewelry, befitting her upper-class mannerisms and Old Money status. In the 2016 reboot, after the death of her husband, Lorelai walks in to find her mother Marie Kondo-ing the house and wearing a worn t-shirt and jeans. When asked why she's wearing them (Lorelai has a "holy shit" reaction and deems this "terrifying"), Emily explains that nothing in her closet "sparked joy," and she doesn't even know where she found the clothes she's wearing — Lorelai explains they were hers, from her teenage years.
    • Luke almost always wears a plaid shirt and a backwards baseball cap. In season 2, when his nephew Jess moves in, he objects to Jess's choice of clothing (a worn band t-shirt that has definitely seen better days) and insists he change. Jess does... into a flannel shirt and backwards baseball cap, claiming he thought this was "the uniform" for Luke's diner. Luke, of course, does not appreciate the humor.
  • The Good Place:
    • Tahani is always wearing long flowing dresses and gowns (if not in a floral pattern, then a bold solid color) to represent her wealth and femininity compared to Eleanor and Jason, who dress more casually.
    • Chidi dresses like an academic in formal shirts and slacks, sometimes paired with a vest.
    • Michael's suits are in line with the officewear of the other afterlife employees, but he's the only one who always wears bowties.
  • Hannibal: In Seasons 1 and 2, Alana always wears a jewel-colored wrap dress with a matching coat or a wrap shirt and wrap skirt. This makes her Significant Wardrobe Shift in Season 3, where she wears nothing but vivid trouser suits, all the more noticeable.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Unlike Ted and Marshall, who dress more casually, Barney consistently wears a suit, which emphasizes the type of character he is: a rich corporate womanizer. He even sang a song about his suits once.
  • Justified:
    • Raylan always wears Levi jeans, a jacket, boots, and his hat to show that he's an Old West type sheriff in the modern day. He switches between a shirt and tie or a T-shirt/henley with a shirt over it depending on level of formality.
    • Quarles always wears suits, which makes him stand out as an outsider in the generally extremely old, informal clothes of Harlan County.
  • Killing Eve: Eve always wears plain, dark, and battered clothes: black trousers, a button-up shirt at work (a T-shirt at home), sometimes with a blazer, and always with her waterproof mac on top. This underlines when she wears the dress Villanelle bought for her or tries to channel Villanelle by wearing more feminine clothes (which never lasts) and to contrast her with Villanelle's Unlimited Wardrobe.
  • While talk show hosts always wear suits, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has a bonus in John's plaid shirts. In an episode, John said that his credit report is probably low, given he spends HBO's money on "silly costumes, pyrotechnics, and checkered shirts."
  • In Laverne & Shirley, Laverne's shirts and dresses usually have long sleeves. She also often wears tight sweaters. Most noticeably, all of her shirts, sweaters, and dresses have a cursive "L" on them.
  • Mad Men: Costume Designer Janie Bryant made it a point to clothe the characters in specific styles and even colors, to fit their characters and storylines.
    • Joan Holloway is often outfitted in curve-hugging wiggle dresses and sheaths to enhance her hourglass figure. As she matured and fashion changed, she maintains the pencil skirt silhouette and adopts a-line styles and blouses with gathered sleeves but her color swatch is often jewel-toned and saturated colors that reflect her sex appeal, red hair and pale skin, and strong personality.
    • Peggy Olson maintains a look where her dresses and skirts were practical a-lines or shifts with a feminine take on menswear with colors that get bolder and brighter as she gains more confidence and power at work (as a reflection of women's progress in the workplace).
    • Betty Draper Francis maintains a classic, feminine, 50s look that changes very little (aside from the skirt width and length) in pastels and neutrals that reflect her icy personality and Trophy Wife status.
    • Even the men get in on this with Pete Campbell's hip blue suits and skinny ties, Don Draper's classic suit and tie in neutral tones with classic polos and slacks off work, and Bert Cooper's 1920s style bright preppy colors and bow ties.
  • Married... with Children: Al typically wore a long-sleeved button-down shirt and slacks, Peggy wore tight long-sleeved shirts (which often showed off her cleavage), tight spandex pants and heels, Bud wore T-shirts, jeans and hightops, and Kelly wore short skirts and either boots or high heels.
  • Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Fred Rogers would seemingly always wear a knit cardigan sweater of any color on his show. These were all hand-knit by his mother. (In fact, one of them sits on display in the Smithsonian.)
  • Mrs. America: Costume Designer Bina Daigler dresses the two groups (the STOP ERA Moral Guardians and the pro-ERA Feminists) in distinctly different costumes.
    • The STOP ERA women are often outfitted in pastel or neutral colors and styles that evoke the 1950s and 1960s (as a reflection of how stagnated their outlooks are) with twinsets, a-line skirts, ruffles, high-necklines, and shirtwaist styles, '50s Hair and '60s Hair, and no pants (the number of anti-feminists on the show wearing pants can be counted on one hand). Phyllis Schlafly often wears high-necked blouses with some ruffle and pastel two-piece suits or cardigans worn over a dress like a cape, Rosemary Thomson in super modest fashions that hide her figure, and Alice Macray is often wearing patterned shirtwaist dresses and pointed collar blouses with a solid color skirt.
    • The Feminists are seen in a wider variety of styles (all to reflect, in contrast to the antis, the movement is made up of women from different classes, races, backgrounds, ages, and even political philosophies). However, a consistent pattern is that the feminists can be seen in pants and skirts, in the patterns and colors stylish during the late 60s and throughout the 70s, dark and bright colors, a lot of natural hair, and while there are stylish feminists there is less emphasis on looking Stepford perfect. Of the main feminists, Gloria Steinem is in short skirts and slacks with long hair, the Republican Jill Ruckelshaus in a more sporty and hip and professional version of the STOP ERA housewives (even wearing pants) with 60s helmet hair, Bella Abzug in her hats and pussy bow blouses and coats, Betty Friedan in Diane Von Furstenburg style dresses and pantsuits, Shirley Chisholm in conservative suits and blouses with eye-catching patterns, and Brenda Feigen in casual separates and slacks.
  • NewsRadio:
    • Beth wears wild patterns, flashy jewelry, and midriff-baring shirts to emphasize her eccentric Genki Girl personality.
    • Matthew, a ditzy nerd, wears dorky patterns such as bowling stripes or argyle on all his shirts.
    • Bill always wears brown suits and elegant patterned ties to show his stuck-up personality and make himself appear more professional, when in reality he is the opposite.
  • Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn: Ricky always dresses semi-formal in sweater vests and ties, emphasizing his uptight personality and offsetting the much more casual style of his siblings.
  • Once Upon a Time:
    • Emma's outfits mostly consist of t-shirts, jeans, beanies, and leather jackets, which reflect her pragmatic, no-nonsense attitude. Her wardrobe veers away from this in the final seasons, and not in a good way.
    • Mary Margaret wears a lot of knee-length dresses/skirts, sweaters, and cardigans, showing her gentle personality. As Snow White, her tops often have puff sleeves.
    • Killian is almost always seen wearing leather jackets/coats and black pants, as he's a pirate.
    • Ruby always wears the color red somewhere on her outfit. As Red Hiding Hood, she always wears a corset.
    • Mr. Gold always wears suits as a rich businessman. As Rumpelstiltskin, he wears mostly leather.
    • Belle wears a lot of short skirts with high heels.
    • Regina often wears business-like clothing, fitting her position as mayor. As the Evil Queen, she wears dramatic, extravagant gowns that show off her cleavage.
    • Zelena, being the Wicked Witch of the West, wears a lot of black and green clothing.
  • Orphan Black uses different hairstyles and distinct fashion sense to distinguish the otherwise identical clones:
    • Sarah has a fondness for tight pants, hoodies, leather, and the color black.
    • Cosima typically has patterns on her clothing.
    • Rachel is almost never seen wearing anything but pricey business attire.
  • Our Miss Brooks: Averted with Miss Brooks, who varies her wardrobe. Played straight with Mr. Conklin, who usually wears a three-piece suit. Mr. Boynton favours a two-piece suit, or his laboratory outfit. Mrs. Davis usually wears a dress with a floral print. In "Madison Country Club", Hilarity Ensues when Miss Brooks is forced to wear one of Mrs. Davis' dresses. Miss Brooks' entire wardrobe was locked in the closet, and Mrs. Davis' pet car Minerva had swallowed the only key.
  • The Sandman (2022): The Perky Goths Chantal and Zelda always wear matching black gowns and veils, sometimes with a taxidermied spider. Lampshaded when Rose sees them and wonders if she's underdressed:
    Chantal: No, we always look this way!
    Barbie: They do. Even at breakfast.
  • Schitt's Creek:
    • Former well-off businessman Johnny is always in a suit.
    • Moira wears extravagant, statement-making black and white outfits nine times out of ten to represent how out of place her flamboyance is in small-town Schitt's Creek. Her son David follows suit by also dressing almost exclusively in black and white, albeit more casually (usually sweaters).
    • Alexis has a very casual, bohemian, feminine style, favoring loose but figure-complimenting cuts and nature-inspired patterns classed up with heels and jewelry.
    • Unlike the Rose family, who dress like they hadn't lost all their money, their new down-to-earth friend Stevie is usually wearing a plaid or checkered shirt and jeans, sometimes paired with a plain shirt.
  • Seinfeld: Each of the four main characters has distinctive articles of clothing:
    • Jerry always wears long-sleeved button-downs and sneakers.
    • Elaine wears long coats and high-end blouses.
    • George favors checkered long-sleeve shirts.
    • Kramer wears short-sleeved vintage button-downs with crazy patterns such as leaves or lobsters paired with slacks. In Elaine's words, he dresses like a "hipster doofus".
  • Star Trek:
    • Star Trek: Voyager:
      • Seven of Nine has several different catsuits.
      • Kes has several different outfits, but she's usually wearing a dress with short sleeves and leggings underneath.
      • Naomi Wildman's outfits are generally made up of a short-sleeved shirt, a dress with straps, and leggings.
    • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
      • Deanna Troi tends to wear bodysuits (until she was made to wear a uniform in "Chain of Command"), and she wears sparkly hair bands.
      • Guinan changes her clothes, but she'll usually be wearing a long-sleeved dress, round hat, and baggy pants that are all the same colour.
      • Mrs. Troi will typically be wearing poofy, colourful, formal dresses. When she starts dressing in a more reserved way in one episode, it tips off Troi that something's wrong.
    • Star Trek: Enterprise: T'Pol's outfits are generally catsuits with the top half being wraparound.
  • Stranger Things: Mike always wears striped shirts or sweaters.
  • The Suite Life of Zack & Cody:
    • Cody either wears sweater vests with a shirt underneath it or polo shirts. He also is the most likely to wear shorts, especially in On Deck.
    • Zack wears patterned shirts and baggy trousers. His shirts have some symbol on them, usually an animal. He also tends to wear black, while Cody veers towards white.
    • London wears a lot of glitter and shiny outfits and usually has some sort of hair decoration and jewellery. Also, all of her shoes have heels. Her outfits in On Deck tend to be less glittery.
    • Bailey wears bright colours, especially her jeans. She also wears sandals most of the time.
    • Moseby rarely wears anything but his Tipton uniform.
    • Carey tends to wear jeans, a top and a patterned cardigan and cocktail dresses for her performances.
  • Ted Lasso:
    • Ted always wears a collared shirt under a pullover sweater, khakis, and sneakers.
    • When not in his AFC Richmond kit, Colin pretty much always wears a polo shirt buttoned or zipped all the way to the top.
  • The titular character of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was kidnapped high school and spent the last fifteen years or so as a Bunker Woman, so she's still unbeatably childish when she is rescued. This manifests in her outfits, which are usually brightly-colored and brightly-patterned.
  • Zoey of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist wears a lot of collared shirts under sweaters or cardigans, and she usually pairs these with trousers and sandals/sneakers. Lampshaded; her peer review points out she wears too many sweaters over collared shirts.

  • You'll never guess what Barry Bluejeans from The Adventure Zone: Balance always wears.
  • Asmoraius from Brimstone Valley Mall always wears Victorian-style goth clothing, being quite The Fashionista and using it as a form of self-expression. His boyfriend Trent always wears... polo shirts. Literally always polo shirts, sometimes multiple at once. Asmo's response to this is basically "you're lucky you're cute."

    Puppet Shows 
  • Rizzo the Rat in The Muppets has a variety of baseball jackets over white t-shirts.

  • Each of the main characters in Monster High has a consistent theme when it comes to their outfits.
    • Frankie Stein's look is most often anchored to a preppy academic theme, with all three signature versions of the character having plaid patterning and outfits that are firmly school-associated. Their G3 clothing also makes consistent use of graphic text accents in their clothing and accessories.
    • Draculaura's look is designed to reflect a sweet, feminine goth look with pink and black accents, and often includes some masculine, formal, and/or older-fashioned touches to reflect a modernized version of her father's attire.
    • G1 Clawdeen Wolf's fashion is usually on the cutting edge and designed to look bold, confident, and trendy, with edgy hair colors, clothing cuts, and fur accents. Clawdeen's looks also feature frequent usage of gold jewelry as a subtle nod to werewolves' aversion to silver. Even as her future incarnations lessened her edge, she retains gold accents and fur costume elements as well as experimental hair colors and makeup.
    • Lagoona Blue's fashion trends toward sporty activewear and mesh/fishnet accessories (as a reference to the fact that she's a water-dwelling monster), even in some of her more glammed-up looks.
    • Cleo de Nil's fashion sense draws heavily from ancient Egyptian fashions and almost always has a very high-fashion spin on it to emphasize her class, wealth, age, and position as a queen bee among her peers.
    • Ghoulia Yelps' outfits in both G1 and G3 trend toward the informal to emphasize her geeky qualities. G1 Ghoulia had a fifties/sixties theme with red and blue colors, all reflecting retro cinema and the era of the defining zombie movie. G3 Ghoulia has more of a street skater theme with bright popping colors that have a different modern-retro feeling.

    Web Animation 
  • The characters in RWBY have certain styles that help inform their personalities, and which fit their personal colour themes. Every time a new story arc changes, the major characters receive new outfits but always based on recognisable elements that fit their characterisation. Examples include: Ruby always wears a red hooded cape that is supported by a red and black ensemble consisting of bodice, skirt, tights, and combat boots elements; Weiss always wears expensive dresses, boleros and heels that incorporate white, grey and blue colours with red accents, and which are classy, high-quality and feminine; Blake never wears dresses and leans towards skintight fashion in black and white colours accented with purple; Yang also never wears dresses and leans towards tomboy-esque fashion in browns accented with yellow, orange and purple.

  • Aqua Regia: While the characters change outfits pretty often, but wear consistent fashion, e.g. Rouge wears goth fashion, Anahí wears punk-ish outfits, Daniel is a fan of leather even at home, etc.
  • Laura of Candi usually wears off-the-shoulder tops with sweetheart necklines.
  • In Dumbing of Age, Joyce usually wears sweater vests, at least initially.
  • The Petri Dish:
    • Thaddeus usually wears polo shirts.
    • Gordon likes to wear colourful ties.
  • SWAP Ensemble:
    • Vincent and Trudy both wear striped shirts and torn jeans. Vincent wears polo shirts while Trudy wears long-sleeved shirts.
    • Cedric wears tank tops that are usually green and/or brown, while Braeden wears them in a wider variety of colors.
    • Claire and Cyrissa wear knee-length skirts and dresses. Claire wears cool colors and sleeves while Cyrissa wears warm colors with no sleeves.
    • Turie and Corbin pull off the bookish look in different ways. Turie is a Dork in a Sweater while Corbin is an Insufferable Genius in a suit.
    • Cassie typically wears plain T-shirts and short shorts that apparently aren't cold.
    • Caroline, the host of the competition, always wears warm-colored floor-length dresses.
  • True Villains: Xaneth the demon always wears yellow shoes. A Blithe Spirit Archmage eventually admits to Sebastian that he Cursed him as a joke — Xaneth's shoes actually turn yellow, or, if he goes barefoot, his feet do.

    Western Animation 
  • Marceline in Adventure Time favors a dark, muted color palette (greys, blacks, dark blues and purples, red accents), denim, and either boots or sneakers.
  • As Told by Ginger: being a rare cartoon where characters change their clothes, this is often seen on the main female characters.
    • Ginger Foutley is seen in bohemian style peasant blouses with long sleeves, long skirts, sweaters, bright patterns, lace trim, baggy pants (even cargos) in warm tones and blues.
    • Her mother Lois, when she's outside of her uniform, often wears casual turtlenecks or cleavage-enhancing tank tops with tight slacks and high heels.
    • Popular girl Courtney Gripling wears pinks, blues, purples, and ice colors in feminine and trendy preppy separates and ensembles to reflect her wealth and popularity.
    • Ginger's friends Dodie and Macie often wear clothing that makes them appear more childish than their peers with the key difference of Dodie wearing bold patterns and clothing items that run the risk of appearing like Rummage Sale Reject and Macie wears a nerd-chic look of sweaters or sweater vests with long sleeved blouses and skirts.
  • In Blue's Clues, Joe wears different shirts but they always have a pattern of three squares on them.
  • In Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Daniel always wears knitted hoodies. The red one he normally wears is his favourite, but he also owns a blue one, a green one, and a yellow one.
  • Fireman Sam: Across the three animation styles, these clothing traits remain consistent:
    • Sam always wears blue; in the original series, he had a navy-blue (almost black) fireman coat, as well as a blue undershirt and jeans for his casual wear. The 2003 redesign changes the fireman coat colour to more of a royal blue, which carries over into the CGI era.
    • Sarah always wears pink, however the amount of pink decreases with time; she wore all pink in the original series, then only pink pants and shoes in the 2003 series, down to only a pink undershirt and pink shoes in the CGI era.
  • Gravity Falls: Mabel's various outfits always consist of a colorful hand-made sweater (a different one every episode), a skirt, and a headband, coupled with the same white socks and black shoes.note  This contrasts with her brother, who has been stated to wear the exact same outfit every day.
  • In The Magic School Bus, Ms. Frizzle wears a different dress and earrings every episode, but it's themed to match the subject being learned about in the episode.
  • Steven Universe:
    • Connie generally tends to dress in minty green or blue, and a lot of her outfits consist of lightly-colored shirts paired with a navy blue skirt or pants.
    • Greg almost always wears a pair of dark grey pants and teal flip-flops as part of his casual outfits.
    • Lars' outfits generally consist of skinny jeans with a rip in one of the knees, green sneakers, a long-sleeved undershirt, and a t-shirt. After he's revived and becomes a space pirate, he wears a captain's cape with skull earrings.
    • Sadie's outfits usually include a pair of dark grey jeans and red shoes.

    Real Life 
  • Queen Elizabeth II spent decades with her matching hat and dress ensemble in a monochrome colour because she was convinced that her own face and presence were rather invisible otherwise.
  • Former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was frequently seen in shirtsleeves wearing a loosened red tie, in both real life and as depicted in political cartoons.