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Don't laugh in his face. He'll still rip your head off.

Iji: You... y-you promised me a pony... with missiles...
Dan: No missile ponies for you.
Iji, with the Scrambler item enabled

A game option that raises the game to significantly elevated silly levels. Most often this is enabled by a cheat code, or is an Easter Egg. Often called the "B track" particularly when the changes are only audio. This is more common in Japan than in America, where the B track is often used to hold the English dialogue.

Games with a Virtual Paper Doll or unlockable alternate skins may do this by having some customization options look ridiculous, such as having your character dressing up in a silly Halloween costume or crossdressing. In these cases, there's a much higher chance that the comedy will instead come from the game's dialogue not acknowledging your choice of dress.

Big Head Mode is a subtrope.

If one level is always like this, it's Cloudcuckooland or a Joke Level. See also Holiday Mode for holiday or otherwise date-specific shenanigans. If the switch is welded to lower difficulty settings, it's Easy-Mode Mockery.

Video Game Examples:

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    Action Adventure 
  • Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams included various different costumes for all 5 characters (such as dressing as characters from Street Fighter) and silly weapons such as the microphone stand instead of the staff. Sadly the weapons were rarely useful.
  • Spider-Man:
    • Spider-Man for PS1 unlocked What If? mode, which let you play the game with a bunch of really weird changes. Some of these were merely audio (Scorpion and Jonah now yell "Marco!" and "Polo!" during their chase scene) and some were video (Mysterio's helmet now has a goldfish in it). Some made parts easier (Doc Ock is now 1 foot tall and his claw range is similarly shrunk), but others made it harder (instead of merely having to cross an underwater tunnel with electrified walls, turrets, and moving platforms, now you have to do it while racing The Beatles in a Yellow Submarine).
    • Spider-Man: The Movie (the game of the first movie) featured cheats that left you with the frankly absurd situation of a miniature Spider-Man with a head three times his own size. Or how about reskinning Spidey as anything from a generic cop to Mary Jane. Doubly funny is playing the level Coup D'etat as Mary Jane and using her to save herself from a runaway parade balloon. Not to mention the ending cutscene.
  • Tenchu 3 also has a similar mode that changes the cutscene dialogue into nonsensical craziness: the main quest of the story involves finding out what the Big Bad's new invention is (toilet paper) and people referring to their status in the previous games, while the secondary character Tesshu's story turns into a nonending stream of gay jokes and an unsuccessful attempt to get back with his old boyfriend(s). This is made even funnier by the fact that the person who VAs Tesshu is gay in real life as well.
  • In La-Mulana, equipping either the Twinbee or Penguin Adventure ROMs along with Gradius 2 can turn coins into bells or fish; equipping both Yie Ar Kung-Fu ROMs turns weights into tea. This is a Shout-Out to the second-slot cartridge bonus in the Gradius games for MSX as well as a Shout-Out to the other games.
  • In Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, you get "Doughnut Drake", which is a skin for Nathan Drake that adds 200 pounds. There was also the Next Gen Filter, which made everything brown.
    • Similarly, the first game had the "realistic filter" which not only made everything brown, but ramped up the bloom to nearly unplayable extremes.
  • Killer7 has a secret game mode titled hopper7, where the only available difficulty level is Face The Swarm, and most of the enemies are replaced with giant grasshoppers that die in one hit. Unfortunately, only one level is available in this mode, and you have to beat the game once, then beat it again on Bloodbath difficulty in killer8 mode, to unlock it.

    Action Game 
  • Alien Hominid is already silly, but has a flower-blood option (similar to Serious Sam's) for added surrealism.
  • LEGO Adaptation Game
    • LEGO Star Wars had modes that made the silly games look even sillier. Such unlockables range from turning all lightsabers purple to turning all lightsabers into brooms.
      • The GBA port of the Original Trilogy includes such gems as turning every laser bullet into bubbles or chickens.
      • In the second and third games, you could use the in-game character maker to create such characters as Princess Darth 3P0.
      • There's also one that turns all of the Grappling-Hook Pistol cords into daisy chains.
      • The disguise mode: On its own, it's already hilarious to see characters from Princess Leia to R2-D2 wearing a big nose, glasses and a huge handlebar moustache, but it's another thing for the same thing to happen to vehicles, even the vaguely life form-like ones such as AT-ATs.
    • LEGO The Lord of the Rings also has Disguises, as well as Boss Disguises. Shelob on rollerskates is hilarious. There's also the Mithril Disco Phial, which plays a Voice Clip Song and makes characters around you dance.
  • Rebel Assault 2: The Hidden Empire featured a Theater 1138 mode, where the subtitles are replaced with silly parodies. The title is a play on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (you even get the classic 'front row seats' overlay, with Darth Vader and the two droids) and THX 1138.
    Admiral Sarn: Lord Vader, I smell popcorn.
  • So, in No More Heroes, what is your reward for getting all of the clothing from Area 51? Before the final area, you can buy a set of clothing based off of Bizarre Jelly, Travis's favorite anime. The full outfit is ungodly expensive, but it's almost worth it just to see Travis wearing an incredibly silly and gaudy outfit at his most emotional later in the game. Since the cutscenes are in game, he'll be wearing the mess during the most dramatic moments.
  • Hyrule Warriors has several 8-bit weapons available as alternatives to most weapon types that literally look like they came straight from the original Legend of Zelda, pixels and all. They range from Link the original 8-bit Wooden Sword to Ganondorf wielding two keys or Darunia wielding a piece of meat. They double as Lethal Joke Weapons, too, as they're as powerful as the Level 3 weapons for each type, with the only drawback being that they don't always have the same number of skill slots. After being omitted from Legends, the Definitive Edition release brings them back as a more literal "switch", adding an option to the settings to replace the models of the highest-tier weapons with the 8-bit equivalent where possible.

    Adventure Game 
  • Deponia has the "Droggelbecher/Drogglejug" mode for those that beat the game. Be prepared for every single character, 'including the object names and descriptions' turning into Droggelbecher/Drogglejug.
  • As a special case, Deadelic games have the Leopard mode, first introduced in Edna & Harvey: The Breakout. It claims to do a lot of different things, there are screenshots, users that claim to have unlocked it and the manual even gives a few hints on how to activate it. One of the many suggestions is to crawl under your table and yell the cardinal directions so that the game picks up the codeword through its audio port.
  • Quest for Glory I and Quest for Glory II has "Silly Clowns" in the options menu. Turning it on will generate cursing golfers in the desert, et cetera.
  • The Legend of Kyrandia Book 3 had "Helium Mode", which caused all the characters to speak with a squeaky voice.
  • Space Quest IV has a rather dark tone for a normally comic series. This is entirely ruined if you indulge in the SMELL and TASTE commands, allowing you to lick everything you can get your tongue on (and some things you can't!) There's more narrator dialogue for these attempts than there is for the entire rest of the game combined, just to keep you amused. The VGA remake of Space Quest I also has this mechanic.
    Narrator: The air smells damp and oppressive, like a wet nun.
    Narrator: Very well! You give the moving walkway a warm kiss. Now you both feel special.

    Beat 'em Up 
  • If you inserted the disk of Karateka for the Apple ][ into the drive upside-down, the game would load and play... upside down.
  • The video game adaptation of The Incredibles has cheats that allow you to make your head bigger, make your head smaller, make the game go faster or slower, makes every object in the game "flashy" (known as "disco mode"), and make random objects different colors.
  • Justice League Heroes: The Flash will allow you to put cheat codes into the start menu to grow or shrink The Flash and the enemy goons, and they stack. Giant Flash versus tiny thugs? Completely possible.

    Driving Game 
  • The Carmageddon series features standard pick-ups that temporarily do silly things, such as making the pedestrians big-headed, stupid, slow-mo, or lightning-fast, giving your car jelly suspension, tweaking all of the physics to match that in a pinball machine, and much more.

    Fighting Game 
  • After unlocking the cheat mode in WWF War Zone, the player can take the elevator to the secret level with additional settings, two of which are "Beans" and "Ego". The former changes all hit and grunt sounds to farts and burps, even more hilarious when playing with female characters. The "Ego" mode makes the wrestler's head grow bigger with every successful hit or move. It doesn't explode, however, just resets to normal after the max size and starts all over again. Both modes can be turned on simultaneously.
  • Skullgirls does this in the form of the Alternate Voice Pack DLC, free of charge. This includes Republican Double, Female Announcer, Drunk Commentator, Real SOVIET Announcer, Salty Sailor Parasoul, Valley Girl Painwheel, Saxploitation Big Band, and Anime Peacock.
    • There was also Robo-Fortune, but now she's become her own character.
    • There's a separate switch in the form of a hidden mode in the PC version of the game: typing gottatypefast during the intro sequence to the game will turn the game into The Typing of the Skullgirls Encore, one part fighting game and one part Edutainment Game. In this mode, normal attacks do pitiful damage, but build meter much more quickly than in the normal game. When using a super, a command prompt appears on the screen that a separate person must type in under a certain time limit. If they screw up, the super does almost no damage, typing it with a couple mistakes does normal damage, and typing perfect gets massive damage. Thus, the game becomes more of a focus on whether or not the person typing is competent. If they're not, expect hilarity to ensue.
  • BlazBlue masterfully does this in the form of the Gag Reels. Here's one as an example. They're hidden within the main stories, and activated when certain choices are made or certain criteria are fulfilled. You could be playing the game and just suddenly have it swerve off into insanity... and hilarity.
  • The Soulcalibur series from II on has joke weapons. Wielding a BFS against a dude swinging nunchaku? Serious. Wielding a giant squid while he swings sausage links at you? Pretty silly.
  • M.U.G.E.N can be customized by the player to be as silly or serious as they wish, but some characters just by themselves can have "toggles" that swing from one way to another.
    • Ahuron's Mukuro fights like a normal character if the player selects his first six palettes. But by selecting the other six/holding "start" when selecting him, he can summon a large number of characters from other video games (most of which can also hurt him), and he has several goofy crossover intros, victories, and defeats.
    • Team S.M.R.T.'s Homer Simpson has "BEER RIOT MODE," which is this combined with a regular powerup. At the cost of half of his current life, Homer gets drunk and somehow gets the ability to shapeshift in to forms and costumes he has been in over the series, including and especially ones the "Treehouse of Horror" episodes. Even his projectile move turns from him throwing a donut to him suddenly getting Mr. Burn's head on his shoulders, taking the head off, and kicking it at his opponent(s).
    • One version of Batman has multiple color palettes to choose from, one of which not only changes his costume to look like the classic Adam West version from Batman (1966), but also includes separate sound and sprite packs to make him fight that way, too. Hit impacts are changed to things like "POW!" and "WHAM!", and his Level 2 and 3 Supers are respectively pulling out a can of [opponent]-Repellent Bat Spray (with that character's face on the label) and using it on his foe, and dropping them into the show's animated intro to give them great quantities of the what-for (see the latter here).

    First-Person Shooter 
  • GoldenEye (1997) (and by extension GoldenEye (Wii)):
    • The game have an unlockable Paintball Mode and Big Heads Mode. The culmination of this silliness is every enemy in the game having the physique of a gorilla, huge bobble-like heads, and Dr. Doak's face. These two cheats also work on multiplayer, which usually results in many more headshots and rooms being painted rainbow-coloured after a shootout.
    • The N64 version also has the Fast Animations and Slow Animations cheats. Turning these on will either make enemies run extremely fast or run in slow motion like they were in Baywatch. These cheats also apply to James Bond and other NPCs in cut scenes. For one hilarious example, turn Fast Animations on and complete the Antenna mission to watch James fly off into the background without hanging on the helicopter!
  • Serious Sam had four ways of depicting blood: red, green, none or hippy. Hippy mode is by far the most fun, blood turns into floral paint and gibs become vegetables,.
    • Serious Sam also had several "outfits" that Sam could be given upon starting a game, including a Santa Claus outfit. Needless to say, a game with multiple Santa Sams and flowers is about as ridiculous (and funny) as it gets.
    • Serious Sam HD has changes this around a bit - red, green, hippy, kids, or none. Hippies is more or less flowers again, but kids has characters bleed glitter and explode into candy, toys etc.
  • The TimeSplitters series has 8 Bit mode, Human Gun Sounds, Giant Head Mode, Rotating Head mode and (best of all) Monkey Butler mode: A multiplayer deathmatch mode where whoever has the lowest score gets an army of monkeys to help them out.
  • In Team Fortress 2 whoever's running the server can set the "birthday" console variable (cvar) from 0 to 1 to enable "Birthday Mode". Gibs are replaced with presents, health pickups are replaced with cake, and hits cause balloons to rise from the target (several when you kill them). Valve forces servers to enable this by default around the anniversary of the original Team Fortress's release every year.
    • The censored German version is also pretty much set in a similar mode, with gears and toys replacing gibs, and this actually available to everybody else - just launch the game with "-sillygibs" as a parameter.
    • Pyroland is yet another example from the game. All of the features of Birthday Mode are active. People laugh when they get hurt and/or die instead of screaming in pain, and all of their lines are run through a "helium" filter. Textures are altered to make it look like a sunny, grassy vista instead of (most frequently) a drab, dry desert. Some items are only visible in this mode, although they're generally only reskins.
    • The advent of Scream Fortress Halloween mode turns the game from "darkly comedic cartoon FPS" to "nonsensical and hilarious meme generator." Even with some of the more ghastly context to the game (Helltower has you pushing the mummified corpse(s) of your employer(s) to an explosive demise in hell) it's still a game mode where the various classes can cast magic spells at each other while still using normal weapons to blow each other up. It also includes a ghost wizard's funhouse where he tries to kill you all while spreading seasonal cheer and bonus ducks. Yeah, it's that kind of game mode, and yes, servers can elect to flip it on at will.
  • In the Medal of Honor games, there is a cheat that replaces characters hats with random scenery objects including (but not limited to) giant doors, huge chunks of gold, railroad cars, airplanes, guns, human-sized food, and giant 3D renders of the game developers' heads.
    • Medal of Honor: Underground and its Panzerknacker Unleashed! level, full stop. Dancing dogs with guns, evil Terminator nutcrackers (the titular Panzerknackers), and zombies that EXPLODE when killed, for a start.
  • Call of Duty 4 has these which can be unlocked after finding special items in the game, with effects such as making enemies turn into piles of tires upon death and making the game look like a silent movie (with sepia tone and piano soundtrack).
    • World at War's co-op mode gives you the option to spend levels throwing rocks, or using the ubiquitous paintball mode, or even making enemies explode when you shoot them in the head. Not to mention the popular Nazi Zombies mode, which has since received DLC of its own.
  • The already very tongue-in-cheek Wide-Open Sandbox First-Person Shooter Postal 2 had "Insane-o" mode, which armed the citizens of the town with random silly weapons, including throwing scissors, grenades, and molotov cocktails. There was also "Enhanced Mode" made available when you beat the game; you urinated napalm, and your assault rifle fired scissors.
    • It also had a cheat to turn everyone (literally EVERYONE) into Gary Coleman as a (phenomenally tough) police officer complete with police NPC behaviour, and to make shotguns and assault rifles fire screaming, yowling cats. Combine this with infinite ammo cheat, and you're frantically gunning down the onrushing hordes of catchphrase-spouting midgets with an assault rifle that fires cats on full automatic because it's the only thing that'll STOP him. Who needs hallucinogenic drugs when you've got videogames?
  • Halo:
    • The Mythic map pack for Halo 3 included Golf Clubs as a weapon, and giant Golf Balls as props. Before this there was a map which launched random pieces of debris at you. It's a lot stranger than it sounds.
    • Some of the effects of Skulls. From Halo 3 onward, the "Grunt Birthday Party" skull makes a headshot on a Grunt cause its head explode into confetti with children cheering. And in Halo Wars there's one that makes Scarabs shoot a magical beam of rainbows and love.
    • The "I Would Have Been Your Daddy" Skull, which has been in every game since Halo 2, makes characters spout alternate (read: funnier) lines.
    • The Halo 4 Spartan Ops missions each have hidden crates and radios that, if shot, will replace certain dialogue lines with relevant quips from Red vs. Blue.
  • Rise of the Triad had the "dopefish" command line switch, which would add references to the Dopefish from Commander Keen complete with belching noises, replace the level titles with nonsense phrases, and other odd effects.
  • Turok: Dinosaur Hunter featured a number of Silliness Switch cheat codes. The standard small-enemy and big-head modes were there, of course, but perhaps the most notable ones were "Quack Mode" (which severely degraded the quality of the game's graphics, in a Take That! to Quake) and "Disco Mode" (which added rave-like flashing colors to the background and caused the enemies to dance).
  • The Stanley Parable has a console command which replaces all of the Narrator's lines with different variations of the word Stanley. Another console command replaces all the wall and furniture textures with a silly drawing. The Ultra Deluxe addition also adds weirder versions of some endings that play if you have the bucket with you, which, for example, replaces the already somewhat goofy "Real Person" ending, with its spoof PSA about making decisions, with one where the narrator puts on a PSA about telling jokes that gives legitimately the worst advice any human being has ever given about comedy and ends with a wild swing into the necessity of fighting and dying to defend Earth from 12-legged invaders.
  • Wolfenstein (2009) includes a cheat code which turns the heads of every single character into pumpkins. Headshots always cause them to smash into small pieces.
  • Destiny puts one right on your controller with the Dance emote. Later on, other silly emotes became available, such as disappointed clapping, begging for mercy, playing baseball, or praising the sun. Turn an epic battle against a world-eating space god of darkness and corruption into a total farce in an instant by running in front of said space god and doing the Carlton Dance!
  • Ace of Spades, in its original incarnation, had some semi-official server tools that enabled custom skybox colours. This created atmospheres that ranged from foreboding or ominous to just plain weird... And then there was "Disco Mode", which cycled between every colour of the rainbow at high speed.
  • DOOM Eternal: Some of the unlockable skins make the Doom Slayer look absolutely ridiculous, while not affecting how story cutscenes play out. For example, linking your Twitch Prime account will grant you outfits such as the DOOMicorn, which has the Slayer dress up as a white-and-pink pony, and the Mullet Slayer, who has a beer gut and an "EXTRA THICC" t-shirt. There's also the Cosplay Slayer skin, a crappy cardboard costume including a badly duct-tape Doom Blade that he has to pull out by hand, and the Patriot Slayer, who's basically a walking 4th of July parade.

    Hack and Slash 
  • The games in the God of War series generally have silly costumes as unlockables, such as a fish costume, a cow suit or a business suit. Said costumes not only change your weapons, but also have different gameplay attributes (more magic, more red orbs, etc.).
  • The Wii U and Nintendo Switch versions of Bayonetta allow the titular character to change costumes that has her cosplaying as Link, Samus, Fox, Peach and Daisy. Having Bayonetta jumping around in a princess outfit is silly enough and the angel that poses as her before their fight will also wear the same costume as you.

  • One of the language options in Guild Wars (Bork! Bork! Bork!) changes all the text in the game as if spoken by the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show.
  • The now dead and forgotten MMORPG Asheron's Call 2 had a "Batman" blood option — enemies would explode with POW, BIFF, WHAP type 1960s Adam West Batman effects upon being hit, which would also cause the blood textures on NPCs (NPCs skin took battle damage as you fought them) to BIFF style stickers.
  • Kingdom of Loathing is pretty silly by itself, but has a number of options to make it even sillier, like a weapon, the Loathing Legion Hammer, that changes the image of every monster you face to a picture of a nail, and various items and effects that add silly things to anything you post in the in-game chat (like making you Talk Like a Pirate, or end every line with a Lampshaded Double Entendre, or turning your chat posts into bad goth poetry).
  • World of Warcraft: Transmogrification lets you combine the appearance of one piece of gear with the powers of another. You can be a Tank fighting toe-to-toe with gigantic monster that looks like a pirate with a ship wheel strapped to her arm and the dps is a miner in overalls wielding a pickaxe.
    • Many silly holiday items are not allowed to be transmogged on account of being too absurd... and yet still allows the above examples to remain in the game.
  • Final Fantasy XIV likewise features Glamours. Want to tank in a wedding gown? Want to be a snowman ninja? Want to wear a giant jiggly King Slime hat? Go right ahead.
  • Monster Hunter: World has Layered Armor, which works like the two above points. While there are fewer silly costumes overall, one can still hunt dragons while wearing a Santa costume, a flower-themed Idol Singer dress, or Dante's clothes.

  • Guan Yu of Smite is one of the games most dour characters. Treating the battle of the Gods as deadly serious and lacking any sense of humor. Then came his Guan Unicorn skin. Turning the serious warrior into a scatterbrained and overly hammy wizard.
  • League of Legends:
    • Kayn lacks much in the way of humor, aside from the occasional snark at Rhaast. Then came his Odyssey Kayn skin. The skin puts Kayn in a Space Opera universe, and dials up the ham accordingly, turning him into a braggadocios Deadpan Snarker on par with villains like Handsome Jack.
    • Olaf similarly doesn't come with much humor, being a battle happy Viking warrior whose joke emote is a taunt. Then came his Brolaf skin. Turning him into a Tiva sandal-wearing Fratboy stereotype with cardboard axes made from beer cases.
    • Fiddlesticks is a nightmarish, bloodthirsty Ancient Evil that embodies fear as a universal concept, with all its dialogue being incredibly harsh mimicry of its previous victims' final words before it slaughtered them. Then there's the Surprise Party Fiddlesticks skin, which turns it into a much more coherent Monster Clown; he's still murder-crazy, but has a hammy sense of dark humor à la The Joker or Pennywise.

    Party Game 
  • Amazing Island featured the "Piggy" option, which inserted pigs into all of the mini-games. In some, the pigs only appeared in the background, but in others, they became parts of the games—such as standing in for balls and boulders.

    Platform Game 
  • Super Return of the Jedi for SNES has a Debug code that allows you to play as any character you want in any sidescrolling stage. Among these Characters are Wicket the Ewok and Princess Leia in the famous slave bikini. Normally you're restricted to using Luke Skywalker for fighting Darth Vader and the emperor, but with the Debug code...yeah. As a side effect, the Debug code gives you infinite thermal detonators and lets you skip right past the 3D levels, making the game stupidly easy.
  • Banjo-Kazooie had the secret reward of replacing the main character's model with that of... a washing machine with eyes. This transformation recurs in Banjo-Tooie, but as a necessary part of the gameplay. A necessary part of gameplay that shoots tighty-whitey briefs as its main attack. The Banjo-Kazooie series has its odd moments.
  • Prince of Persia had a mode that let you turn the screen upside down.
  • After beating the Special World in Super Mario World, it activates a mode where, for one example, Koopa shells are replaced with costume Mario heads.
  • Obscure puzzle game Zapper has several "silliness cheats." Since the main character is an insect, one of the first is the "Bug Eye," which makes the entire screen look kaleidoscopic. Another is the ability to change the look of the "protection" power-up, which normally looks like a helmet, into things like a top hat or a Funny Afro.
  • In Ratchet: Deadlocked, it is entirely possible (through skins and cheats) to end up as a "Landshark" fighting a million copies of Captain Qwark in a blizzard (indoors), while flanked by two robotic guards with cigars. Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal has the option of playing as a talking snowman with a gun.
    • In the Game Within A Game Vid-Comics in UYA, it is quite possible to put Qwark in a tutu by actually inputting the Konami Code-resembling sequence that Al calls out (it's Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Square, Square).
    • Because of the inherent silliness of the Ratchet & Clank games (a floating disco ball that causes every enemy on-screen to dance uncontrollably is a standard weapon), even outright ridiculous bonuses like a purchasable pair of glasses with a mustache on them seem hardly out of the ordinary.
  • In Iji, fragging Yukabacera gets you his scrambler, which replaces the normal contents in the Tasen and Komato logs (including Dan's) with all sorts of grammatical errors and nonsensical text. You are warned, when you get it, that prolonged use could drive you crazy.
    • A recurring Scrambler error seems to be about some sort of "missile pony".
    • Assassin Asha, who exhibits a vile dialogue in normal circumstances, has every line replaced with single e-motes, heart symbols, or onomatopoeia resembling something of a toy train or car.
      Asha: TOOT TOOT
    • Also, the game's ultimate hidden item, the Null Driver (which requires finding almost every other secret), combines this with Interface Screw to impressive effect. Especially if you use both it and the Scrambler.
  • Shovel Knight has the cheat codes "X&BUTT" and "WSWWAEAW"note  which, if entered at the name entry screen, will replace any instance of the words "Shovel", "Knight", "Health" and "Magic" with "Butt". Seeing Shovel Knight retiring from adventuring to become a farmer following Shield Knight's loss in the opening sequence becomes less tragic and more hilarious when the narration says "His spirit broken, a grieving Butt Butt went into a life of solitude". There are also some other codes with similar odd effects, including one which makes characters talk like Jar-Jar Binks.
  • Nihilumbra: Upon beating Void Mode, you unlock a new language setting which makes all the words in the game into something silly, from the menus to the ingame messages, which now run the gamut from developer's commentary to rambling about whatever comes to mind.
  • Ghost 1.0 has “Geek” items that can be toggled on to make the game sillier in various ways, such has having the player character let out a Tarzan yell whenever she slides down a rope.
  • In Mega Man: The Sequel Wars, playing as the character "Man" reduces all major characters to being heads with feet like the Metool enemies.

    Puzzle Game 
  • The Windows Vista version of Minesweeper has an option to replace the minefield with a flower garden. The explosion sound effects turn to chimes. It is also possible to mix and match the mines and sounds, leading to a minefield chiming as it detonates, or a field of flowers exploding as they bloom.
    • This was actually a response to a Harsher in Hindsight complaint. Since Windows is an international OS, including areas with still-active minefields, "defusing mines" instead of "avoid stepping on pretty little flowers" may feel too close to home for some people.
  • The Talos Principle has a free DLC which gives you the option to change Elohim's voice to Serious Sam's, and Sam is completely irreverent and snarky about everything in-game, rather than the philosophical talks of Elohim. It also lets you change your character from the android you play as normally to Serious Sam as well.

    Rail Shooter 
  • Typing Of The Dead is, contrary to the other examples, is a silliness spin-off. Instead of guns, you're forced to use keyboards (yes, literal keyboards, you even see the keyboard backpacks on James and Gary). Hilarity already ensues, right? Well, with this device, you'll have to shoot zombies by typing out words and sentences! In everything else, though, it doesn't make the game any more Lighter and Softer... at least until the very-very ending.
    • Despite this game's Affectionate Parody status, Fridge Logic ensues as well. First: how the hell James and Gary see what they should type? Second: from where do these backpacks fire?!
    • Not to mention enemies throw things like lollipops and spatulas at you.
  • The Wii version of Ghost Squad has mode where your characters are ninjas versus bad guy ninjas, all armed with shuriken, and another mode where your characters wear swimming trunks, so does your enemies, and all armed with water guns.

    Real Time Strategy 
  • The early 1990s strategy game Global Conquest had two kinds of chance cards - "Tame" (Native Defection) and "Wild" (New Ice Age, Solar Flares).
  • The Age of Empires series includes special cheat units like lazerbears, machine gun cars, a giant animate bust of George Crushington and, in Age of Mythology, the exploding chicken meteor god power. (The code is 'Bawk Bawk Boom' in capitals, if you're dying to try it out.)
    • Type in "GOATUNHEIM". It will turn EVERYTHING into goats. All your villagers, all your heroes, all your soldiers, all your opponent's soldiers... everything. Of course, if you're playing online, this will piss your opponent off, but you gotta admit, it's pretty funny.
    • Age of Mythology also has the cheat TINFOIL HAT, which randomizes who controls every unit and building on the map, adding extra computer players to make it even more random.
    • Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds (built on the same engine) had a super-powerful Simon the Killer Ewok. The wiki claims he's a thousand year old mercenary who has lent his services to anyone who knew how to call him, and has been spotted, along some of his comrades, on either sides. This is said to be as canon as Max aiding Kyle Katarn, which was also an Easter egg.
  • Populous had expansion packs and a level editor that added some perfectly reasonable scenarios (including a desert world, a winter world, and worlds based on historical periods) and some less so (like a candy world, a world of pigs vs. wolves, and a world based on computer components). The SNES version had these built in.
  • The original Command & Conquer game had a file containing mouth-made versions of the gun shot sounds. However, enabling them seemed to require some manipulation.
    • The Dinosaur Fun Park missions in the Covert Operations expansion pack. Or It Came From Red Alert!, the (bastard hard) Giant Ant missions from Red Alert's Counterstrike.
    • Red Alert also had the lunar skirmish map, which not only takes place on the moon but also swaps around all the units' weapons, resulting in flamethrower troopers now throwing artillery shells with their bare hands, helicopters that shoot V2 rockets, machine gun fire coming out of the barrel of tanks' cannons...
    • By editing the "rules.ini", you can potentially create your own Silliness Switch mode similar to the one above for any map. You could train Einsteins who shoot Tesla bolts from their bare hands or technicians who lob V2 rockets before running around in panic.
    • Red Alert's second Expansion Pack had another such mission, namely the last Soviet one. It starts relatively mundane, until suddenly a civilian detonates a NUKE into your face, enemies start using tech combined from the Allies and Soviets, unique hand grenades come into play and more. Suffice to say, it's very crazy, but also quite fun.
  • If you enter the code "disco" into Warcraft II, you get an alternate soundtrack that is... well, you know.
  • StarCraft:
    • The famous "radio free zerg" track - except with one part silly and two parts awesome.
    • The "StarCraft Cartooned" DLC released in 2019 which replaces the graphics and character portraits for silly cartooned ones based upon StarCrafts.
  • In Ground Control the trope was presented as a cheat code "From Massive with love" which painted infantry and vehicles green and purple and turned sparks from explosions into hearts and butterflies.

  • Cataclysm features many silly things as armor, including bondage suits, anime cat girl ears, and even entire fursuits.
  • NetHack has perhaps the silliest example in existence: much like its predecessor Rogue, has a hallucination status effect. This effect not only rewrites most of the in-game messages into Surfer Dude (or maybe Stoner Dude) speak, but also randomly replaces the names of enemies with those of various pop-culture monsters like Vorlons, Daleks, Tribbles, The Luggage, and Godzilla. It also comes, by default, with many of its Silliness Switches turned on. It is possible to compile a much more sensible version of Nethack that removes all the kitchen sinks, Hawaiian shirts, the expensive cameras, the Keystone Kops...

    Role-Playing Game 
  • The Paper Mario games allow you to equip badges that change the sound of your attacks to things like slide whistles and crickets chirping. Using this against the first chapter's boss in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door actually makes the battle easier, though it's not required.
  • The original Japanese .hack games had an alternate comedy dialog track unlocked by beating the game. Among other things, it had characters believing Aura to be the ghost of a pet hamster.
  • Black Isle Games had their share of silliness. Planescape: Torment had 'placeholder' dialogue that could be accessed that is full of Jive Turkey, and Baldur's Gate had a cheatcode that summon killer chickens, and the infamous Cow Kill Spell.
    • In Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, Cow Kill is one of the wild surges that the Wild Mage class randomly gets, and as such becomes accessible without needing any cheat (though it's got a pretty low probability of occurring). In fact the whole Wild Mage class can be considered a sort of in-universe Silliness Switch: it's a legitimate class, but it's only available to the player and wild surge results range from gender-swapping random characters to summoning squirrels.
  • Neverwinter Nights has a console command entitled "dm_cowsfromhell". It summons cows to kill everything in the same area as the player by flying out of a portal from hell and crashing into them in an explosion of Ludicrous Gibs.
  • Ultima VII part two has alternative subtitles for the intro movie that feature an army of muppets.
  • Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden allows you to change the dialogue to Al Bhed. Completing the game unlocks the option to change names and portraits to Victorian Steampunk.
  • Fallout: New Vegas allows players to choose the 'Wild Wasteland' trait at the start of the game, which adds additional weird content and sidequests, such as the ability to find Holy Frag Grenades. J.E. Sawyer called it a compromise between the developers who preferred the goofier humor of Fallout and 2 and those who preferred the somewhat grimmer Fallout 3.
    • The Old World Blues DLC has its own Silliness Switch in the Sink, as you can turn the dysfunctional AIs all the appliances in the sink on and off (except for the computer, which is what switches them on and off).
  • This example very loosely counts as one since it's not from the actual game, but on the day before the long awaited release of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix uploaded a special live stream featuring an exclusive demo called the "Mystery Disc" that absolutely screams this trope. It must be seen to be believed.
  • Mega Man Battle Network 3 and on has a Navi Customizer program called "Humor", which makes MegaMan.exe tell a bad joke instead of help you if you talk with him in the overworld. If you're controlling MegaMan, though, Lan tells the groan makers.
  • Many Tales Series games have unlockable costumes, some of which are quite silly, and which your characters will continue wearing no matter how dramatic the cutscene. They also have (Frequently lethal) joke weapons which similarly can make cutscenes more comical in the games where weapons changes are visible at all times.
    • Tales of Vesperia allows you to up the silliness by introducing attachments like glasses and hats that can be worn in addition to costumes. This feature is later expanded on in Tales of Graces, where you're allowed to equip multiple attachments simultaneously, then taken to an extreme in Tales of Xillia, which allows you to both resize and freely position the attachments, which opens up limitless ways to make your party look ridiculous.
    • Tales of Xillia 2 takes it even further by introducing special costumes allow the wearer to transform into almost any of the major NPCs in the game, which can make things even more ridiculous then the standard costumes. It also has the Second Dash ability, which changes the dashing animations of most of the characters to be a lot sillier; for instance, making Musee swim through the air and having Alvin dive and slide across the ground with his hands stretched forward instead of skidding to a stop like usual. For the game with a story that's Darker and Edgier then any previously seen in the series, they really didn't slack in the silliness department
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines doesn't need any special modes or code when it has the Malkavians. Play as one of them for a touch of hilarious madness in everything, from dialog (your character's regular lines are replaced with "crazy" versions) to armor designs (the female armors include a stripper's cop costume and a cowgirl) to other special events (like your character arguing with a stop sign, or the newscaster on the TV in your apartment talking to you).
  • In Quest of Yipe III, the game features a "silly mode" that changes the names of all weaponry and armor to strange things like "thumbtack" and "nail clippers".
  • Undertale has this in, ironically enough, "hard mode" (activated by entering "Frisk" as your name): enemies from a late-game dungeon appear in the first and only dungeon with the game lampshading their premature appearances, the pedestal where you can take up to four pieces of candy now lets you only take three pieces "in this hellish world", and the boss fight with Toriel ends with the Annoying Dog interrupting the ending, Toriel getting up to brush off her death to bake another pie, the game saying that a full Hard mode is ", don't count on it," and Flowey attempts to call you a tryhard for playing hard mode and gets interrupted by the aforementioned Dog before vanishing, ending the game.
    • The game also reverses this with "Serious Mode," which happens during some of the more serious boss fights. At any other time, item names will often be shortened to something silly (Butterscotch Pie gets shortened to "ButtsPie" and Spider Donut gets shortened to "SpdrDont"note ), and will sometimes give silly narration or play a sound effect when used (Using the Instant Noodles will result in an Overly-Long Gag of waiting for them to be cooked, and using Dog Residue will have a barking sound effect play). However, during more serious moments of the game, the item names and narration when used will be shortened to something more basic (Like the Butterscotch Pie simply being shortened to "Pie", and the noodles being eaten raw). Sound effects will also usually be limited to the healing sound, or make no sound at all if it is not a healing item.
  • Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has The Trickster Mythic Path, which turns your character into a Trickster Archetype who is powerful enough to obtain Medium Awareness and the ability to break the game's 'normal' rules through tricking the game itself. Consequently, a Trickster playthrough can quickly get really silly if you lean into it, to the point that a sufficiently dedicated Trickster can perform a Heroic Sacrifice in the game's final choice only to promptly bring themselves back to life through re-writing the ending slides because they don't feel like dying.

    Shoot 'em Up 
  • Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony has the "farce" option, which replaces the cutscene narration with a Gag Sub.
  • Raptor: Call of the Shadows had a cheat code which caused a number of new, silly enemies to be inserted into the ordinary levels - which also increased the difficulty somewhat, since some of them were genuinely tough. With that activated, your high-tech jet-fighter might come under assault from coconut-throwing monkeys, giant cows packing internal missile-launchers, or cybernetically-enhanced geckos... It is also automatically turned on when the game is run on the dates of some of the developers' birthdays.
  • Tyrian featured the Supercarrot as a playable ship (with a ton of armour to boot) and assorted food-based weaponry — oranges, hotdogs and banana nukes.
    • What makes this doubly absurd is that this is not presented terribly much as an easter egg or cheat code, but rather a frequent and natural consequence of gameplay. Food-based ships and weapons are occasionally mentioned in data packets leading up to this possibility.
    • Tyrian 2000 goes even further. The entire final episode revolves around the fruit-cult you've seen mentioned throughout the game. Also, a new hidden ship is the Pete's Pretzel Truck. It uses pretzel weapons.
  • Space Invaders DX featured this in the form of Parody Mode, which replaces the characters and backgrounds in each round with those of a different Taito Arcade Game, usually a cutesy one like The NewZealand Story.

    Simulation Game 
  • SimAnt had a feature that added cartoon graphics, sound effects and gags. For example, the ants (and the spider) would make various silly comments, like indulging in Trash Talk when fighting ants from a rival nest ("Better dead than red!")
  • Transport Tycoon Deluxe had a Toyland mode, where all the vehicles had faces. It was actually slightly harder than the normal missions, since all the vehicles were really slow and broke down a lot. It was also slightly depressing if your happy Thomas & Friends-esque trains crashed and erupted in a massive fireball.
  • The PC city-building game Pharaoh has cheat codes which trigger some very comically disturbing events. One causes the guards in city towers to shoot cows at enemies, while another causes any hippos grazing on the Nile to dance on their hind legs wearing pink tutus.
  • Typing in "arrrrwalktheplank" as a cheat code in FreeSpace 2 would cause a cartoony pirate ship to warp in, complete with the design team's faces on the crew. That's right. A wooden, old-fashioned pirate ship... IN SPACE!
  • Warship Gunner 2 has extra missions where you go to stop a guy from singing karaoke, cleaning up islands, go on dates, and fight a giant dried squid, among others. While commanding a battleship. Presumably in the shape of a rubber ducky or shark. Also, fourth wall ceases to exist and everyone's probably high.
    • Naval Ops: Commander is similarly silly in its Area G missions, which include swatting dragonfly fighters and shopping by going between ports.
  • Europa Universalis IV presents the option to generate a randomised New World with "fantasy" elements, including (but not limited to) a unified "Obsidian Empire" with Western technology levels, lost Chinese, Norse and Atlantean colonies, and even the whole continent being merely the floating skeleton of a truly massive sea creature.
  • Similarly, Crusader Kings II has the Lunatic trait and "supernatural events." The former causes events where your ruler does extremely goofy things, such as naming a horse as Chancellor (who can then start a dynasty of horse people, with some player intervention). The latter adds immortality, Satanic cults, and werewolves.

    Sports Game 
  • Tony Hawk skating games often let you turn on things like disco mode, which causes colours to change wildly, big head mode and baby mode.
  • Microsoft Golf had the ability to set different .wav files for various sounds in the game. It came packaged with two predefined sets: Regular and Silly. Hitting a tree in Silly mode would result in a bullet ricochet followed by a falling tree sound and someone yelling "Timber!"
  • Backyard Basketball has cheat codes allowing for really big and really small heads.
  • The official game of the 1998 World Cup had a code that let you play on the moon, with all players replaced by aliens.

    Stealth Game 
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater allows players to go through the majority of the game half-naked with the United States flag painted on their face. Combine this with the fact you're on a stealth mission and one of the primary goals is to draw as little attention to yourself as possible and hilarity ensues. This gif sums up just how goofy the game can get.note 
  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag has numerous "Abstergo Challenges" that unlock cheats once completed. One of these cheats turns the sprites of all enemy soldiers into Rabbids. Another causes characters to say cheesy lines, and yet another causes lightning and Dramatic Thunder to strike every time Edward hits an enemy (including stealthy assassinations).

    Survival Horror 
  • Ao Oni: If you enter "SOUTHPARK" as your name, the character sprites are drawn in South Park style and the dialogue is changed to incorporate catchphrases from the show. "Oh my god, they killed Mika! You bastard!"
  • Unlock the Princess Heart costume in Silent Hill 3, wear it, fire the Lethal Joke Weapon Sexy Beam, and see if you can still find the game horrific... There is also the cheat code that makes Douglas wear only his coat, tie and underwear.
  • One of the unlockable outfits in Silent Hill: Origins is a Shiba Inu fursuit, and all outfits persist in custscenes. Good luck making through the game with that lovely number on. Among the other outfits are a "tight-fitting-spacesuit", a Mexican Wrestler outfit, and one that turns you into an Expy of Indiana Jones.
  • If you beat Slender's first two modes, you unlock "20 Dollars mode", which replaces the static sound that plays when Slendy is near with this, which may or may not make the game less scary, but will definitely make it more funny. Sadly, it's since been removed due to copyright issues.
  • If you beat Dead Space 2 on Hardcore mode, you are well rewarded for completing a 10+ hour game on the hardest difficulty with only 3 save points. You receive a foam finger. No, it doesn't make the monsters turn into teddy bears, but it does completely dismember enemies (even bosses), have infinite ammo, and has Isaac yell PEW PEW PEW! when firing it.
  • Appears occasionally in the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil 2 has the minigame "The Tofu Survivor" where you play as a man-sized, knife-wielding block of tofu in a duplicate of HUNK's minigame, and Resident Evil – Code: Veronica has a document known as D.I.J.'s Diary. Comparing what it says to the events of the game brings you the conclusion that it was written by a mouse Claire occasionally encounters.
  • Resident Evil 2 (Remake) has alternate outfits that renders Leon and Claire in their low poly 1998 original look, which makes cutscenes quite hilarious to watch when you see them interacting with the more high quality models of the NPCs.
  • Leon's alternate costumes in Resident Evil 4 (his RPD uniform and a gangster outfit) aren't particularly silly, but Ashley's are both amusing. Her first is a pop-star outfit which shows off her cleavage and is mainly amusing in how thoroughly impractical it is for the situation. Her second outfit is the one that really qualifies, though— a full suit of plate armor, which makes her Immune to Bullets (if you aim at her while she's in the armor, she drops the visor into place, instead of ducking like she normally would). The hilarious part comes when the cultists try to pick her up to carry her off— the weight of the armor will make them collapse and grab their backs in pain.

    Third-Person Shooter 
  • Beating Metal Wolf Chaos gives you lots of extra weapons such as a fireworks gun, a money gun and a shark gun. It also has a second silliness switch, but that one comes jammed in the 'on' position.
  • Oni featured a cheat code that would turn all the characters into bobble heads. This also made fighting quite a bit more difficult, but amusing. It also made headshots quite a bit easier.
  • Jet Force Gemini had three "cheats" that you got for collecting ant heads. The first made all the blood rainbow-colored. The second made the three playable characters proportioned like children (meaning Lupus became a puppy). The third was called "Ants into Pants", and turned all of your ant-like enemies into Rareware's mascot, Mr. Pants: a stick-figure wearing oversized pants.
  • The Third-Person Shooter part of the old Die Hard Trilogy game had several. You could make everyone fat or turn them into stick figures, have killed enemies float up to Heaven, or give them higher or lower pitched voices. You could also mix and match effects, for maximum goofiness.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II has a cheat that unlocks Party Mode, which adds comic book style effects and confetti bursts to attacks, especially lightsabre blows.
  • Gears of War 3 adds Mutators for Arcade and Horde mode. They are grouped into "Easy," "Hard," and "Fun." The "Fun" Mutators are this trope in spades, doing things such as adding a laugh track, causing headshot victims to run around firing at random (called "Headless Chicken"), and making all characters chibi-shaped with high pitch voices.
    • The developers often invoke this for holiday/weekend multiplayer events, which have included things like boomshots that fire exploding chickens and giving everyone jack-o-lanterns for heads on Halloween.
  • Tomb Raider: Anniversary has many unlockable costumes and one of them is an imitation of Lara's low polygon model used in the original game. This makes her look incredibly blocky compared to other characters, her breasts looking like she stuffed traffic cones in her bra, and the fact that her lips don't move during a cut scene makes it even more hilarious.

    Visual Novel 
  • The 3DS Ace Attorney games include downloadable costumes for the playable characters. A completely over-the-top game about defending innocent people in court through lots of shouting and really dramatic pointing not silly enough for you? Try doing it while dressed in a pink sweater or a waitress outfit!
  • In Highway Blossoms, completing the game unlocks "Goofball Mode," which adds new lines of dialogue. that reference memes and other humor. For example, when Amber says she's headed to Palm Springs, she asks, "Isn't that where all the lesbian couples go?" and Marina replies, "Too early in the story for that." There's also an EZ Mode, which provides a highly abridged version of the story in which Marina shows up in Amber's RV, declares that she's Amber's girlfriend, offers Amber some treasure she found and goes to the music festival with her.
  • England Exchange has several settings for "adult content". Have a character briefly appear nude once in a romance scene, have all the characters be nude all the time, and have all the characters nude with giant googly eyes over their nipples and ice cream cones over their groins.

    Wide Open Sandbox 
  • Grand Theft Auto:
    • Grand Theft Auto III had cheats to make all the pedestrians attack you on sight, or make them attack each other, or give them all weapons (making the former two more interesting). Other cheats took away the car bodies so everyone drove around on the chassis, hovering where the seat would be, or made the cars tiny so you dragged full sized people out of nowhere when you stole them. Vice City let you turn all the cars pink or make hordes of women follow the main character around.
    • There's also the exploding cars cheat, which when entered causes all the cars around to explode. Because you can write it real fast on the PC (just type "BANGBANGBANG" over and over again), you can grab an amphetamine pill, type the cheat over and over again, and see how this cheat combined with Amphetamine Bullet Time can send the cars flying hundreds of meters sky-high.
    • Pleasantly, it's possible in Vice City to combine the "Ladies Man" cheat and the helicopter in a very special way to produce flying women.
    • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Possible to have hordes of Elvis (Elvii) and fast food employees rioting through the city while any car hit goes flying into space.
    • The Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories hack which turns all cars into ever-bouncing pinballs of unholy death. Just punch a car and it's down the block and around the corner. Then a bus falls on you.
    • Grand Theft Auto IV also has this. The idea is based on the fact that each car has a stat that governs the car's friction. Higher numbers mean that the car has higher friction and loses speed quicker. Minus values mean that the car gains speed with more friction. The average friction for a car is around 0.49. Guess what happens when it's set to -9.
  • Given the nature of the Saints Row games, it's not surprising that they too have some very off beat "cheat" codes. The second game has raining men, which causes people to randomly fall from the sky, and Ascension, which causes any dead character to float up to the sky. The two combined is quite hilarious.
    • While Saints Row is already a silly series, the third and fourth games have voice options that serve as this. In The Third, it's a "Zombie Voice" that consists entirely of grunts and groans that, conveniently, are subtitled and understandable to the other characters. In IV, it's Nolan North where 90% of his dialogue involves him reaffirming that, yes, he is Nolan North and yes, he is the main character.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, holding LT and RT or L1 and R1 and spinning the right analog stick circle at any point in the game causes every single character in the game to gain a giant head, hands and feet. Amusingly enough, since most of the menu screens are populated with the in-game characters doing various things, this code works on them as well: this is especially noticeable during Riddler's Revenge, where using the code causes his face to fill up most of the stage select screen.
  • Minecraft has more joke options in the language menu than most games have language options period. The first and most well-known is Pirate Speak, but there's also LOLCAT, Shakespearean English, and English but upside-down (likely added by Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams as part of his Running Gag involving upside-down things; he's based in the UK and it's specifically listed as "ɥsᴉlƃuƎ (ɯopƃuᴉʞ pǝʇᴉu∩)"). There are also options for Latin, Quenya (aka Elvish) and Klingon, which are less of a Silliness Switch since there's not much levity to be had from actually trying to play the game that way—and Klingon won't even be recognizable in the menu to an outsider, since (as with all the options) it's named the way its own speakers call it: "tlhIngan Hol". The only reason it doesn't use the Klingon Alphabet is that it's not available in Unicode.

Other Examples:

  • Doing this to films is the concept behind RiffTrax, third-party audio tracks meant to be played in sync with an "official" copy of the movie that feature comedians making snarky asides. Some DVDs, such as certain editions of Reefer Madness, have these sort of secondary audio tracks included.
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail has subtitles "for people who don't like the film," which consists of William Shakespeare, specifically lines from Henry IV, Part 2.
    • Interestingly, they're lines from Shakespeare that pretty much say what the actual line is, but more eloquently.
    • The Meaning of Life DVD has a version of the film for the lonely with sounds like that of friends coming over and watching the film with you.
  • Kung Pow! Enter the Fist had two extra modes, one that showed what the actors were really saying, which consists of most of the regular characters speaking the movie's original Chinese, while the inserted protagonist said strange phrases that followed the rhyme of the movie's lines, and the Book On Tape, where all the lines were said by the same neutral voice actor.
  • The DVD release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show has an audience participation mode that tells you when to interact with the movie and how. It also has a version of the film for the lonely.
  • The Unrated Edition of teen sex comedy Sex Drive opens with several of the actors in front of a goofy green screen lamenting that most "Unrated Editions" essentially just have a couple more curse words and one or two scenes of nudity. They choose to combat this by having their unrated edition not only having those things, but it also leaves in gaffes or deliberately surreal takes of non-specific scenes and naked women randomly spliced into otherwise normal scenes. Some of them simply walk by the foreground and wink at the audience.
  • The special features for Dumb And Dumberer included the option to watch the movie extremely sped up (so that it only took about 2 minutes or so), extremely slowed down, or with all the dialogue done with really bad Scottish accents. The last two don't last beyond the first and second scenes respectively, though.
  • The Galaxy Quest DVD includes a Thermiannote  audio track.

  • In-universe example in Humanity Has Declined. One story has the world around the main character turning into a video game, and when she finds the options menu one option is a slider for "absurdity". She fiddles with it midway through, causing an NPC's serious monologue to turn into a gag.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The "Un-Sets" from Magic: The Gathering (Booster sets Unglued, Unhinged and Unstable, and box set Unsantioned) are exactly this. Using them adds lots of silly mechanics that make the game fun but somewhat insane. How insane? With certain cards you can forbid your opponent from using his hands for the next few turns. In return, he can force you to sing on every turn or pay a hefty penalty. In return return, you can rip up cards and throw the mess onto your opponent's side, destroying every monster and spell the paper bits touch. The average game is less "magical demigods have a duel" and more "magical demigods have a prank war".
  • Catalyst Game Labs has made a habit of releasing a free, silly April Fools product for BattleTech. Examples have included Battlerun, in which they mishmashed the worlds of Battletech and Shadowrun together (playable using either game system's rules) and a technical readout of obscenely overpowered mechs that are all named after Disney Princesses.


    Web Original 
  • The website Everything2 has "Spy On Other Users" in preferences - turning it on will randomly add stupidities like "—is fighting smelly cheese" into the user list.
  • Facebook has "Pirate" as one of its language options. Take a guess what it does.
    • Facebook now also has Leet Speak as a language option. Besides the obvious, it also changes things like relationships to "probably sleeping with" or "hooked up with", and the infamous like button to <3.
    • Similarly, Google has not only Pirate, but also Swedish Chef, Elmer Fudd, and Hacker localizations.
  • The DVD version of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog includes "Commentary: The Musical," a commentary track full of original songs that comment on the film, deconstruct the very concept of commentary tracks, etc. It is brilliant. The series was already fairly silly (until the ending anyway), but this takes it further.
  • On April Fools' Day, some of the pages on the Scratch Wiki were changed into joke versions where the accompanying storyline is that the Scratch Team are evil cats who are trying to Take Over the World by extracting energy units from Scratch projects. They have their own wiki, the April Fools Scratch Wiki.

    Western Animation 

Mindgames, son.

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