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Is there any reason why the Analysis Sandbox cannot be created?

People were putting Fanon on it, so here's my fanon about Scotland that is all my own work and not copied off a band I found about 2 weeks ago.

The rest is in spoiler tags because it's a sandbox page, to hell with wiki policy!!!!!ONE!!!

Once there was a man named Angus McFife, who was mildly annoyed that the evil Wizard Zargothrax invaded Dundee. The evil wizard did some very naughty things, especially to the beautiful princess Iona McDoughall, and he killed a lot of people, so Angus Mcfife decided to get his princess back. He defeated the evil wizard and he fell into liquid ice, frozen until 1000 years later, he was resurrected by Chaos Wizards, and with the aid of the Goblin King of a far distant Galaxy, who was also very naughty, he decided to unleash Korviliath the Elder God, an even naughtier person. This resulted in the Destruction of the Universe. So the moral is if you want to achieve your goals don't let being frozen in liquid ice for 1000 years Stop you.

So....if I have $5 and Chuck Norris has $5, does that mean Chuck Norris has more money than me?
well how many does it take???

"Did you ever notice how men leave the toilet seat up?...[Chirping Crickets]...That's the joke."

The stand-up comedy shticks that've been used, referenced, parodied, and satirized so much that they're tropes of their own, and possibly even cliches. Overlaps with Stock Phrases and Acceptable Targets to some extent.

Often a case of "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny (literally, in some cases) if a perfectly serviceable joke is ruined by sheer overexposure. Others fall victim to Values Dissonance (see: most racial humour). May also be Outside Jokes if they're based solely on the listener's ignorance. Often cause listeners to think, "Never Heard That One Before!"

Another form is Bottom of the Barrel Joke, when the comedian uses a raunchy or off-color remark as low-effort "humor." There's also Stock Jokes, for all the specific jokes and punch lines we've all heard a million times, as well as Stock Parody Jokes about a certain work.

Even if it's followed with a Rimshot, unruly audiences have been known to respond with a Collective Groan, or, if the comedian keeps it up too long, Produce Pelting.


  • Starting off an act with "I just flew in from ______, and boy are my arms tired!"
  • "Say 'good night', X!" "Good night, X!"
  • "A funny thing happened to me on the way to..."
  • "What's the deal with airline food?"
    • "Why are the peanuts so hard to get into?"
    • "The food on airlines is BULLSHIT!"
    • While it's associated with him, Seinfeld himself only ever did that shtick to make fun of how cliched it was.
    • In the show proper itself, there is no mention of airline food, especially in the episode "The Deal". The closest reference to the shtick is in the season 8 episode "The Summer of George", when George is invited by a guy to play frolf (a portmanteau of frisbee and golf), he has to choose to between frolf, and Jerry, whom George imagines him saying "What's the deal with airplane peanuts?", to which George picks frolf.
  • Space
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A question about the movie "Luca" vs the short "Ciao, Alberto":

An Example of Limited Animation for the Pixar Short Ciao, Alberto has been contested and I'd appreciate feedback on the appearance of these two food items.

  • Given the Food Porn depiction of Trenette al Pesto in Luca, it is surprising to see the tomato that Massimo chops in half rendered as a dull, plastic-looking prop instead of a piece of fresh produce.

  • Does the tomato from Ciao, Alberto seem more like a plastic prop?

  • In comparison to this pasta from Luca?