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Is there any reason why the Analysis Sandbox cannot be created?

People were putting Fanon on it, so here's my fanon about Scotland that is all my own work and not copied off a band I found about 2 weeks ago.

The rest is in spoiler tags because it's a sandbox page, to hell with wiki policy!!!!!ONE!!!

Once there was a man named Angus Mc Fife, who was mildly annoyed that the evil Wizard Zargothrax invaded Dundee. The evil wizard did some very naughty things, especially to the beautiful princess Iona Mc Doughall, and he killed a lot of people, so Angus Mcfife decided to get his princess back. He defeated the evil wizard and he fell into liquid ice, frozen until 1000 years later, he was resurrected by Chaos Wizards, and with the aid of the Goblin King of a far distant Galaxy, who was also very naughty, he decided to unleash Korviliath the Elder God, an even naughtier person. This resulted in the Destruction of the Universe. So the moral is if you want to achieve your goals don't let being frozen in liquid ice for 1000 years Stop you.


So....if I have $5 and Chuck Norris has $5, does that mean Chuck Norris has more money than me?
  • As Manuel puts it — Qué???

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