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Scott The Woz (real name: Scott Wozniak) is a YouTube personality who primarily makes content focused on, in his own words, "stupid Nintendo games" who is mostly known for his fast paced narration and the overall humorous tone of his videos.

While he started out his video making in 2011 for school projects, he started making YouTube content around the same time, making top tens and comedy skits under the name "Woznaki News TV", most of which have been removed from the main channel and reuploaded to a secondary channel called Scott's Stash. He adopted the "Scott the Woz" moniker at the start of 2017.

His videos vary from comedy skits, straight game reviews, and retrospectives on video game-related topics usually under-discussed about in the industry. No matter what, this is all coated within a very off-beat sense of humor, which gets even wackier in his later videos.


No relation to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Hey all, tropes here:

  • 555: Scott's phone number as seen in the "Nintendo DS" video.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Scott may have scoliosis; he's alluded to it before, even outright said he thinks he does at the end of the "Microconsoles" video, but it's still not clear.
  • Apocalypse How Caused when Scott hacks a satelite to broadcast a message about Madden 08, causing everyone to go mad, starting an apocalypse.
  • Arc Fatigue: invoked The Wii Shop Channel closed on January 30th, 2019, but "The WiiWare Chronicles" has the Apocalypse start on the 21st. By the final episode, Scott is clearly annoyed that it hasn't ended yet.
    (JANUARY 25, 2019)
  • Aside Glance: RelaxAlax does this in “It’s Awesome Baby” when Scott tells him to relax.
  • Bad Future: Played for Laughs in "The WiiWare Chronicles", which imagines a post-apocalyptic world after the Wii Shop Channel closes on January 30th, 2019, where Wii consoles with pre-downloaded WiiWare titles are treasured as highly valuable currency. Inverted at the end of the final episode when everyone realized how dumb it was to think the world was ending because of the Wii Shop closing.
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  • Bait-and-Switch Comparison: From his Launch Titles episode regarding the Nintendo 64's Launch:
    Scott: Sure, onenote  is one of the most influential games of all time, and the other is Mario 64...
  • Big Damn Movie: "It's Awesome Baby!" involves Scott going on a journey to save the world from an evil dictator obsessed with "Dick Vitale's 'Awesome Baby!' College Hoops". The video is in collaboration with a lot of popular YouTubers as well as some fan sent content.
  • Big "WHAT?!": Lets one out during "Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival" in response to his usual "'But Scott!', you may ask."
  • Bittersweet Ending: At the end of It's Awesome Baby, Madden 08 is destroyed forever in exchange for a non- Dick Vitale's "It's Awesome Baby" College Hoops obsessed timeline. Subverted when Scott wins a sweepstakes to create any game he wants.
  • Book-Ends: Shovelware Variety Hour: Round Two both starts and ends with Scott laying in a pile of something. In the beginning, it's shovelware Wii games while at the end it's Duncan Hines food products.
  • Broke the Rating Scale: In his video about the first E3 conference in 1995, the same video that introduced his knee slap rating scale, Sony's "$299" moment led to Scott slapping his knee at such a rapid, continuous pace that he was noticeably scared and his knee was bloody. He was up to 14 slaps before the video cut away.
  • Brutal Honesty: "Who Will Be the Next Sega?"note  sees Scott look at the three major video game companies currently operating, and tries to speculate which of the three is most likely to drop out of the hardware busin-
    Scott: It's Microsoft.
  • Catchphrase: Begins every video with "Hey all, Scott here!" or some variation of it.
  • The Cameo:
    • "It's Awesome, Baby!" features cameos from AntDude, Indiejacob, Caddicarus, TetraBitGaming and The Completionist, in addition to featuring RelaxAlax as the Dick Vitale-obsessed Big Bad.
    • "It's a Bargain Bin Christmas" features opening narration by James Rolfe and a brief appearance from Vince Young.
  • Cerebus Retcon: Downplayed: In "Game Stores", Scott's tenure at Games on a Shelf comes to an abrupt end when the store goes under. "The Great Mysteries of Gaming" has him admit that he partially was responsible for it crashing and burning.
  • Character Development: "A Very Madden 08 Christmas" revolves around Scott learning to not force Madden 08 on everyone and that different people have different preferences. "It's Awesome, Baby!" starts with Scott singing a musical number about how all Madden games have value (except Madden '09).
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • The Sega Genesis with Dick Vitale's Awesome Baby! College Hoops sat on Scott's desk from the start, and became the focus of Episode 100.
    • invoked Scott's "Madden" sign in "The Great Mysteries of Gaming" is what saves his life during the climax via the Madden Curse Pop Culture Urban Legend.
  • Clip Show: Scott ended 2018 with a 1 hour Best of 2018 compilation.
  • Compensating for Something: Scott's alternate title for the Call of Duty franchise is My Crotch is Huge, I Swear!
  • Cutting the Knot: The end of "The Art of Box Art" sees Scott's solution for serial killers: Yelling the word "STOP!"
  • Death Is Cheap: Over the course of "The Great Mysteries of Gaming", six people die. Scott tells the audience that they are getting treated for it at the hospital, and will be fine.
  • Deliberate VHS Quality: "The Internet and You", to the point where it actually received a limited VHS release during a charity drive in 2019.
  • Deus ex Machina: At the end of "It's Awesome Baby!", Scott managed to restore the timeline... at the cost of having Madden '08 be erased from it as a result... only to then immediately receive a phone call stating he won a contest that allows him to make any video game he wants...
  • Disappointed by the Motive: Scott is unimpressed to learn that four people were murdered because Steel Wool was too shy to admit he killed Chet for money laundering.
  • Downer Ending: "The WiiWare Chronicles" saga as a whole: in the fifth and final episode, the Wii Shop channel closes, and after a brief apocalypse, everyone realizes how stupid the apocalypse was and things calm back down. Meanwhile, Scott ends the video monologuing how upsetting it is that it's now gone... before bluntly admitting it wasn't worth doing five videos about the subject.
  • Dumbass DJ: The DJ Scott hired in "Homecoming"... isn't especially bright.
    DJ Abstinence: <speaking into a microphone> Hey, I'm just throwing it out there; I called the police, asking them if it was illegal to give beer to kids without asking for their IDs. They're gonna be here in ten minutes.
    Scott: Alright, Homecoming's over. Take your goodie bags.
    <The attendants go through their goodie bags>
    Attendant: This is just a copy of Premium Rush.
    Scott: Get out.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: His earlier videos, while still very much present, relied less on his surreal humour and had him speaking in a more subdued and deadpan tone. When his videos became more wacky, Scott became a lot more expressive and eccentric. Notably, his first Scott the Woz video ends on a goodbye rather than a gag. See the “evolution” for yourself.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: Although Scott accidentally uncovered the part of the label on the product itself before the punchline, when talking about "Call of Duty: World at War"'s collector's edition, he makes a point of showing the back of the box. As he does this, his thumb covers up part of a blurb concerning the collectible canteen. As we soon learn, the blurb was a warning that the canteen can't actually be used for consumption.
  • Foreshadowing: In "The Great Mysteries of Gaming", Steel Wool is the only person at the dinner table to not be shocked alongside everyone else about Chet's sudden murder, foreshadowing The Reveal of him being the culprit.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: Lampshaded in his The First E3 video with "The Pause This Frame Times".
  • Gargle Blaster:
    • The end of "Star Fox Zero | Bad Game or Baddest Game?" reveals that the alcohol Scott had been drinking was actually rubbing alcohol.
    • Scott drinks milk that's been out on the counter for a week, assuming it'd be fine as he hadn't opened it, hence it was "new".
  • Grade System Snark: Scott ranks E3 press conferences on a scale of one to five knee-slaps, with a flick counting as a half.
  • Gone Horribly Right: When working at Games on a Shelf, Scott is told by Chett to lose subtleties and manners and just push the store membership.
    Scott: (cheerily) Join our membership, f*ckhead!
  • His Name Really Is "Barkeep": As the Wendy's Employee introduces himself in "The Great Mysteries of Gaming."
    Wendy's Employee: Wendy's Employee, Wendy's Employee.
  • How We Got Here: Downplayed: the final WiiWare Chronicles video explains why Scott's room was wrecked in the fourth installment. As it happens, when word of him owning a Wii full of WiiWare games got out, someone lobbed a grenade into his room, prompting him to flee, leading into the intro of the first installment.
  • Humongous Mecha: Two fight in episode 100, "It's Awesome Baby" and episode 151, "Anime Games"
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Any episode that talks about a specific video game/video game series are named (insert game name here)| (insert a phrase describing the game) example's: "Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U | For Here or To Go?", "The Legend of Zelda (NES) | Tales from the Backlog", and "Super Mario Galaxy | Ten Years of Bliss"
  • I Knew It!: invoked During "A Very Madden 08 Christmas", a prerecorded "News: The News" report from August 2016 airs, where the news anchor guesses that Target had all of its copies of "Madden 18" stolen. And then a breaking news report starts up:
    News Anchor: HOLY SH*T, I CALLED IT!
  • Implied Death Threat: Inverted: in talking about "Wonder World Amusement Park" for the "Shovelware Variety Hour" video, Scott highlights the behavior of the carnival's employees:
    Scottnote : But one of the most memorable things about this game is how the employees treat you like sh*t! "Partner, ya have two ways to leave this establishment... immediately or dead-" yep, that's a threat!
  • Insane Troll Logic:
    • Near the end of "A Very Madden 08 Christmas", right as Scott attempts to turn himself in for stealing all of Target's "Madden 18" copies, the police no longer consider it to be a crime due to "Madden 28" being recently announced.
    • The end of "Game Consoles That Refused to Die" sees Scott put the saying "If you can survive the first 13 years of your life, you can survive just about anything" to the test... by plugging in the PS2 he had been smashing with a hammer.
    • The bottle of alcohol Scott was drinking in "Star Fox Zero | Bad Game or Baddest Game?" apparently derives its flavor from how Scott had his thumb placed over the label. The end of the episode reveals he was covering the word "rubbing".
    • The plot twist of "The Great Mysteries of Gaming" is that Officer Steel Wool had killed Chet because of his money laundering, but he was too embarrassed to admit it. So he decided to kill everyone else.
    • "They should just make death illegal."
  • Is That a Threat?: The Running Gag of the "Wii Play" video is Scott wondering if the box's variations of "Wii Play. Do You?" is this.
  • Jerkass Realization:
    • It takes talking to Wendy's Employee in "A Very Madden 08 Christmas" for it to sink into Scott's head that framing the vegans for his mass "Madden 18" theft was a dick move.
      Scott: ... (cheerfully) Sh*t, I'm an asshole!
  • Killed Off for Real: Chet Shaft, unlike all the other people who was cured for murder, stays dead and appears as a ghost in "It's A Bargain Bin Christmas".
  • Malaproper: Combined with frequent use of Spoonerism and switching around the order of words in a sentence, it's a trademark of his brand of Surreal Humor.
  • Mathematician's Answer: He brought up the debate of whether Mario Kart 64 had controls that stood the test of time or have aged poorly, then answered with a gavel hit and a "Yes".
  • Mood Whiplash: "Hey, all! Scott here, and you know what I could go for right now, a working kidney, I have three days to live."
  • Nerds Are Virgins:
    • A running gag. For example, he only joined the Vegans Anonymous Group in "A Very Madden '08 Christmas" because he thought it was a V.A.G. club.
    • His video on "Viral Games" plays with the trope: the sole point of the video was talking about enough viral video game in order to be labeled a virginnote . But at the end of the video, as he was listing off other viral games in order to put himself over the top, Scott accidentally mentions "Donkey Kong Barrel Blast", shooting him severely into the negative Virgin Points rangenote .
  • Noodle Incident: Scott’s neighbors are said to constantly scream “Pine Time”note  in “It’s Awesome Baby!”
  • No, You: In "The WiiWare Chronicles IV", Scott decides to read from a paper that lists how many of the games spotlighted he didn't care about, which reads "Most of them". However, before we cut to the paper, we can clearly see that Scott wrote "No JonTron YOU sound like a terminal illness".note 
  • Overly Narrow Superlative: A lot of his jokes are based on this trope.
  • Paste Eater: Literally; "The WiiWare Chronicles V" has Scott mistake a jug of glue for a jug of milk.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Quite literally, Scott was tricked into playing "Devil's Third" because the game was covered by a paper cover of the Wii U game "YUP, IT'S A GOOD GAME".
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: invoked Unsurprisingly, the Madden Curse gets spotlighted towards the end of the "Great Mysteries of Gaming" video, with Scott being surprised how "Madden on your chest could lead to injuries". And when Officer Steel Wool attempts to kill Scott to cover up his crimes, Scott abuses this notion.
    Scott: (while on the ground, fending off a gun) You ever hear of the Madden Curse? (slaps his Madden sign onto Steel Wool's chest, causing him to collapse from foot pain)
  • Rage Breaking Point: After mentioning that people in 2013 thought that microconsoles had a chance to succeed, Scott goes off an almost two minute long rant about how stupid they are, wrapping up by voicing his concerns that he may have scoliosis (and yes, he's still yelling when he does this).
  • Real Life Writes the Plot:
    • It's blatantly clear in hindsight that the reason why Scott's house burned down at the end of "Game Compilations Compilation" was because he was moving.
    • The sole point of "The WiiWare Chronicles" was to go over as many WiiWare games as possible before the Wii Shop Channel closed on January 30th, 2019. Part 2 in particular had a brief tangent about the ability to add Wii Shop Points being removed not too long before the video was posted.
    • "Limited Edition Consoles" sees Scott being sick during the duration. In reality, Scott was in fact sick at the time of that particular episode being done.
  • Reality Ensues: In Gaming on a Budget, Scott quickly realizes that homelessness isn't as nice as he thinks it is.
    Scott: I should be in poverty!
    Cut to Scott squatting in an attic
    Scott: This blows!
  • Refuge in Audacity: invoked Due to coming into some pretty bad financial trouble in "It's a Bargain Bin Christmas", to the point where he risked having the bank repossess his stuff, Scott managed to work out a deal with the bank's bankruptcy patrolman, Kay Swiss: 50 hours of charity work, and his debt is settled. Eventually, Scott happens upon the idea of having a charity dinner for "The Foundation for Recent Murderees"... except he needed to fund it. His initial plan?
    Kay Swiss: What the f*ck is wrong with you?!
  • Replacement Goldfish: Played for Laughs in the Chia Pet episode where Scott replaces his dead Chia Pets no less than three times.
    Scott: What better way to mourn the loss of a loved one than to fully replace them?
  • Ripple Effect Indicator: While he soon takes to Google to find out the full scope, the key sign for Scott that the timeline was altered in "It's Awesome Baby!" was all of his copies of Madden '08 turning into copies of "Dick Vitale's 'Awesome Baby!' College Hoops".
  • Running Gag:
    • Scott's obsession with Madden '08, the last game ever released for the Nintendo GameCube and equally unexplained and extreme hatred of Madden '09.
    • Scott also likes to make potshots at Wii Music, Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash, and occasionally Madden '09.
    • Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast has also become this as of recent, as it constantly makes appearances in his videos, most of the time for no particular reason. It's recently been joined by Fling Smash in a similar capacity.
    • Scott entering his name as Scitt or Scatt.
    • Scott buying or obtaining way too much of random objects from Super Smash Bros. Melee to cake mix to houses.
    • Scott's palms suddenly bleeding and his undereaction to it.
    • Most of the time cards used throughout Scott's videos are usually played off with the final five notes of the original Thomas the Tank Engine theme song.
    • Scott's complicated relationship with his virginity: the full range from being ashamed, being in denial, being proud and even trying to become a virgin.
    • Scott evading his taxes.
  • Serial Escalation: So far, every Christmas episode has been much bigger than the last.
    • "A Very Madden 08 Christmas" was just a simple, goofy Christmas skit that wasn't much longer than any of Scott's other episodes.
    • "It's Awesome, Baby!" had a much more ambitious plot about alternate universes and included musical numbers, art-style shifts, and an giant robot fight between two video games.
    • While not as ambitious as the previous Christmas special, "It's A Bargain Bin Christmas" included two of the biggest cameos in any Scott The Woz episode, and ended with an actual change to the status quo, being Scott selling his desk and getting a new, albeit broken, one.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: Invoked in "Subscription Services":
    Scott: Netflix is amazing!
    Scott: Netflix is okay!
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story:
    • Scott's journey at experiencing a midnight launch for Pokémon Sword and Shield results in him wasting his time waiting outside of Best Buy (which wasn't doing a midnight launch), finding himself unable to do Gamestop's midnight launch due to not having pre-ordered the game beforehand, buying it at Walmart around 1:03am, and once he finally gets home at 1:30am and starts playing (specifically, we see him load up the digital version of Pokemon Sword, implying he already pre-ordered that):
      Scott: (zoned out on the couch with a controller) ...wait, I don't even like Pokemon...
  • Skewed Priorities: After Scott realizes his PS2 doesn't work anymore (after pummeling it with a hammer), his reaction?
  • Sick Episode: "Limited Edition Consoles" saw Scott trying to recuperate from having come down with mild congestion throughout the video, and at the end he got a note from his doctor saying that without treatment, Scott's going to die in 60 to 70 years.
  • Something Completely Different:
    • Since starting his main series, Scott has made eight videos that have nothing to do with video games ("Tinder", "On Your Mark, Get Set...Munch!! - From Struggling to Bankruptcy", "Top 10 Commandments", "Stop Smoking!", "Cookin' Hard", "Get Rich Quick!", "As Seen on TV", and "Homecoming").
    • Played with "Subscription Services". While the video covers some video game streaming services like Xbox Game Pass and Playstation Now, the bulk of the video is really the streaming services with movies and TV such as Netflix and Hulu, since that was where the streaming craze began from.
  • Spiritual Successor: The “Shovelware Variety Hour” is this to “The WiiWare Chronicles”, both being marathon review series of mediocre to terrible third-party Wii games.
  • Spoonerism: Alluded to in "Shovelware Variety Hour"
    Hunting games are all over the place but Buck Fever is the only one that has a funny title if you swap the first letters of Buck and Fever.
  • Surreal Humor: Most definitely. Taken Up to Eleven with "A Very Madden '08 Christmas", an 18-minute long Christmas Special featuring terrific "acting", reviews of four different ports of Madden '08, vegans, someone robbing Target, a police procedural parody, and a brief stop-motion segment.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: In It's Awesome Baby, when the world leader questions how someone got their ringtone.
    Not from somebody who tole me all about the wonders of Madden NFL Football, that's for sure!
  • Take Our Word for It: Somehow, Scott managed to get 23 minutes out of talking about the L button. We don't get to see the end result, though, in lieu of 10 minutes about instruction manuals.
  • Take That!:
    • The very first Scott the Woz video, concerning the Switch announcement, opens with Scott chucking his Wii U out his window.
      • A few videos later, in "Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Games", he shows off how he's passing the time waiting for the Switch launch... by cutting to him driving around a parking lot with his Wii U, before smashing it into the pavement.
    • In "Call of Duty on Wii", he states that there are two kinds of Wii games: Anti Nazi, and Pro Nazi. Wii Music is the only game in the Pro Nazi pile.
    • "This game blows! (chucks case into toilet)"
    • Right before Scott gets into discussing Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct, he pauses briefly to "wipe some sh*t off of [his] shoe". Cue him slamming a shoe onto his table, adorned with a piece of paper reading "Nintendo's E3 Conference 2018".
    • "The Art of Box Art" sees Scott's take on the "Are video games art?" debate, which can best be summarized with his blunt remark that "[The question] is one of the dumbest questions out there[...]; of course they are."
    • "I've seen enough things sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends to the point where I truly know I never want to play it."
    • "It's A Bargain Bin Christmas" has characters repeatedly express ire at Scott for getting them Battleborn.
  • Tempting Fate: In discussing which version of Resident Evil 4 to use for his "Tales from the Backlog" video about it, Scott decides to not use a Nintendo version, as he wants to spice things up and talk more about games outside of Nintendo. And no sooner does he decide to do this:
    Scott: So, let's start playing (holds up the Wii edition) Resident Evil 4... (looks at hand) ...damnit.
  • The Unishment:
    • The reason for the "Launch Titles" video: Scott tried to combine illegal gambling with pregnancy, and his punishment was 14 minutes of community service... of talking about console launch titles.
    • Scott is put under house arrest in "It's Awesome Baby" after ranting negatively against Dick Vitale in public following the timeline being altered to where "Dick Vitale's 'Awesome Baby!' College Hoops" rules the land. Scott's response was to spin a review out of it.
      Scott: Hey all, Scott here! I've heard the requests, and yep, I'm finally gonna do it, (reveals his ankle bracelet) today, we're gonna be taking a look at house arrest!
  • To Be Continued: Jokingly done in the end of his "Eye Toy" episode, where he goes to a store called "To Be Continued" to buy yet another shoelace and it turns out he bought the Xbox Kinect (which is Xbox's take on the PS2's Eye Toy).
  • Trash the Set:
  • What the Hell, Hero?: After Chett dies in "The Great Mysteries of Gaming", Scott's immediate reaction is to playing his recorded episode about game mysteries.
    Rex Mose: (incredulous; punches the table) SOMEBODY F*CKING DIED!
  • Younger Than They Look: Despite being well-versed in the history of video games and looking like someone in his mid 20's, Scott was only 19 years old when he started his channel.

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