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Starring a virgin who talks about stupid Nintendo games!note 
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Scott The Woz (real name: Scott Wozniak) is a YouTube personality who primarily makes content focused on, in his own words, "stupid Nintendo games" who is mostly known for his fast paced narration and the overall humorous tone of his videos.

While he started out his video making in 2011 for school projects, he started making YouTube content around the same time, making top tens and comedy skits under the name "Wozniak News TV", most of which have been removed from the main channel and reuploaded to a secondary channel called Scott's Stash. He adopted the "Scott The Woz" moniker at the start of 2017.

His videos vary from comedy skits, straight game reviews, and retrospectives on video game-related topics usually under-discussed about in the industry. No matter what, this is all coated within a very off-beat sense of humor, which gets even wackier in his later videos.


In the early days of the channel, Scott made a few non-gaming skits and short films under the name of "Originals", one of which is The Internet and You. Nowadays, non-gaming skits have been released as "Scott The Woz" videos along with gaming videos.

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  • 555: Scott's phone number is 555-555-5555, as seen in Nintendo DS: Touched at First Sight.
  • Accidental Aiming Skills: Parodied. Scott throws his Sega Classic box of Sonic the Hedgehog and it "accidentally" (as in, through a series of Jump Cuts) plunges into his toilet, which Scott chalks up to luck. He later throws the game cartridge, which ends up landing right on the cartridge slot of his Sega Genesis that he inexplicably had set up inside his bathroom.
    Scott: Son of a bitch I'm so lucky!
  • Achievements in Ignorance: Scott managed to get a Nintendo Switch the day it had its midnight release at Gamestop... unintentionally. He only showed up because he thought it was a Black Lives Matter rally.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • In Chibi-Robo Zip Lash | The Darkest Age of Nintendo, Scott's therapist mentions that he previously tried to be a news anchor. His actor previously played the news anchor in A Very Madden 08 Christmas.
    • You're Not an RPG Guy: A Scott the Woz Christmas sees Scott have an at-length conversation with God about how it's perfectly fine to not actually like RPGs. The person playing God has had a history in the past expressing his own non-interest in the genre.
  • An Aesop: A Very Madden 08 Christmas: It is perfectly okay to have beliefs, but you should not force your beliefs onto others just because theirs are different from yours.
    Wendy's Employee: You can't expect people to believe in what you believe. What's the point of beliefs if there's only one thing people can believe?
  • Alternative Calendar: Parodied. Scott hates the fact that first 23 days of December feel like filler, so he moved them back to a new month he dubbed "Bluth", with each day being its own "holiday" (such as "Why Is Scott Wearing That Hat?" Day and National "Shoot, Delaware's a State!" Day). The last six days of Bluth are simply labeled "Empathy."
  • Ambiguous Situation: Scott may have scoliosis; he's alluded to it before, even outright said he thinks he does at the end of Microconsoles, but it's still not clear.
  • Ambulance Cut: In the Super Smash Bros. Melee | The Best One, Apparently, Scott attempts to do a wavedash, and then the scene cuts to a rushing ambulance.
  • ...And That Little Girl Was Me: Played for Laughs in To Delay a Game where Scott immediately admits that the story he's about to tell is about himself.
    Scott: This is a story of a brown haired white boy with glasses.
    Scott: Guess who.
  • And the Rest: In Retro Gaming Merchandise, Scott lists the built-in titles on the NES Classic Edition as "Ice Climber and twenty-nine more games".
    • In We Dare (Wii), Scott described the Wii's varied library as "Fortune Street and the rest of them".
    • In Game Compilations Compilation Vol. 2, Scott points out that the first Midway Arcade Treasures has "Klax and more".
  • Animesque: The last third of Anime Games, appropriately enough, has Scott pulled over into an anime fight scene (with explosions, hand beams and giant mechas) against one Dr. Anna May, who attempts to eliminate Scott for his distaste in all things anime.
  • The Anti-Nihilist: His views on finding meaning in life, as explained in History of 3DS Rumors and Leaks:
    Scott (on Critique That Leak): You just have to look...REALLY hard.
  • Apocalypse How: In It's Awesome Baby!, caused when Scott hacks a satellite to broadcast a message about Madden 08 in a world where Dick Vitale's "Awesome, Baby!" College Hoops is the only game, causing everyone to go mad, starting an apocalypse.
  • Appliance Defenestration: The very first episode opens with Scott throwing his box of Wii U out the window. 62 episodes later, in Nintendo Before Video Games, Scott parted ways with an inflatable gator he bought by similar means, although the gator (or at least the box it came in) is on his desk in all episodes since. He also threw his high school diploma out the window in Nintendo Labo | Adventures With the Variety Kit.
  • April Fools' Day: Had one on the subject of Raid: Shadow Legends and how it's usually sponsoring too many people on YouTube. It ends with him being sponsored by Ziploc (a brand of plastic cling wrap) instead.
  • Arc Fatigue: invoked The Wii Shop Channel closed on January 30th, 2019, but The WiiWare Chronicles has the Apocalypse start on the 21st. By the final episode, Scott is clearly annoyed that it hasn't ended yet.
    (JANUARY 25, 2019)
  • Aside Glance:
    • RelaxAlax does this in It’s Awesome Baby! when Scott tells him to relax.
    • Scott does this at the end of Game Show Games after being asked what the second question in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on Playstation 1 was.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Interruption: In Microconsoles, Scott looks up the price of the Mad Catz Mojo to order one online and review it, when his phone rings:
    Scott: (picks up phone) Y'ello?
    Questioning Max: Hey, Scott! Your old pal Questioning Max here. (Scott sees the Mojo's price) Who is our lord and savior?
    Scott: JESUS CHRIST!
  • Back from the Dead: Chet Shaft and Officer Steel Wool rise from their graves at the end of Memory Cards.
  • Backup Twin: After Wendy's Employee is killed in Memory Cards, his identical brother appears in Speed Dating to take his role in Scott's friend group.
  • Bad Future:
    • Played for Laughs in The WiiWare Chronicles, which imagines a post-apocalyptic world after the Wii Shop Channel closes on January 30th, 2019, where Wii consoles with pre-downloaded WiiWare titles are treasured as highly valuable currency. Inverted at the end of the final episode when everyone realized how dumb it was to think the world was ending because of the Wii Shop closing.
    • Super Mario Galaxy | Ten Years of Bliss opens with Scott looking forward to the year 2027, which is overrun by a Robo Ebola epidemic.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comparison: From Launch Titles regarding the Nintendo 64's Launch:
    Scott: Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64. Sure, one is one of the most revolutionary games of all time, and the other is Mario 64...
  • Big Damn Movie: It's Awesome Baby! involves Scott going on a journey to save the world from an evil dictator obsessed with Dick Vitale's "Awesome, Baby!" College Hoops. The video is in collaboration with a lot of popular YouTubers as well as some fan-submitted content.
    • Also, he edited his Dark Age of Nintendo series together as if it was one, big, hour-and-forty-five-minute long movie.
  • Big "NO!":
    • Scott yells one at the end Sonic the Hedgehog 3 | Half of a Masterpiece when he sees a billboard that says "Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball exists".
    • Happens during Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash | The Darkest Age of Nintendo in response to hearing that the titular game exists, after hearing a statement that he was adopted (in which he gave a much more positive response to, instead).
    • Multiple times throughout his Shovelware Variety Hour mini-series, especially in Round Three in response to Data Design Interactive and its games.
    • A really big one in You're Not An RPG Guy, once he discovered that Madden 08 can technically qualify as an RPG because of how broad the term encompasses.
  • Big "WHAT?!": Lets one out during Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival | The Dark Age of Nintendo in response to his usual "'But Scott!', you may say!"
  • Bill... Bill... Junk... Bill...: From the opening of Mario Kart 7 | Burnin' Rubber and Retinas:
    Scott: I have hobbies; I'm only human! I like talking harshly about Mario Kart 7, being somewhat critical of Mario Kart 7, negatively speaking about Mario Kart 7, hiking, f**king despising Mario Kart 7...
  • Bittersweet Ending: At the end of It's Awesome Baby!, Madden 08 is destroyed forever in exchange for a non-Dick Vitale's "Awesome, Baby!" College Hoops obsessed timeline. Subverted when Scott wins a sweepstakes to create any game he wants. He chooses to recreate Madden 08, obviously.
  • Black Comedy Pet Death: Death of a Franchise opens with Scott adopting a pet fly he named Ringo. He had to bury it 20 seconds into the episode after he accidentally swatted it.
  • Blatant Lies:
    • In the first two parts of The Dark Age of Nintendo, he manages to lure in his friends to play bad games through these: the first time, he claims they're playing Gex, the second time, he claims their uncle died. Rex Mohs isn't fooled, but knows Scott just wants him to come over and play games, and the other, Jeb, is still convinced that they're playing Gex even while the game is right in front of him (and also that his uncle has somehow died more than once).
    • When saying that he was a big fan of Wii Chess, he lampshades this by saying that he was also a big fan of lying.
  • Bonus Feature Failure: invokedHis biggest critique of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is that "Mega Battles", the game's main selling point, don't work all that well—if one player is giant and the other isn't, the game becomes one-sided, but if both players are giant, then the game isn't really any different from playing normally. He argues that there's no real strategy, since Mega Mushrooms aren't contested or hard to reach, but at the same time, they're not crazy and chaotic enough to make the game a hilariously unbalanced rollercoaster.
  • Book-Ends:
    • Shovelware Variety Hour: Round Two both starts and ends with Scott laying in a pile of something. In the beginning, it's shovelware Wii games while at the end it's Duncan Hines food products.
    • Season 4's first and last episodes, Anime Games and You're Not an RPG Guy respectively, both involve Scott talking about interests that he's not a fan of and ultimately coming to accept that it's okay if he's not a fan of them and that other people are welcome to enjoy them.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: A Very Madden 08 Christmas sees two people adopting Scott's "Hey all, Scott here!" catchphrase: Terry, one of the vegans, with "Hey Scott, all here," and the police with "Hey all, 911 here."
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick:
    • From "Get Rich Quick!":
      Scott: Woah, "two truths and a lie"? Uhh, I'm white, I'm near sighted and I eat f**king dogs.
    • From "Super Smash Bros. Melee | The Best One, Apparently":
      Scott: Man, look at all the features this thing touts on the back [of the box]! The characters, stages, secrets, trophies, epilepsynote ; this game has it all!
  • Brick Joke:
    • In Homecoming, Scott discloses that, rather than actually go to his school's homecoming dance, he would stay home and count all of his copies of Premium Rush. At the end, when Scott's forced to abruptly end his homecoming dance, it's discovered that the goodie bags he made only contain Premium Rush.
    • In Gaming Press Conferences, Scott decides to squeeze in some laughter about Ubisoft's "funny host" four minutes from then into his schedule. Almost exactly four minutes later, after criticizing Nintendo's E3 2015 presentation for its slow pacing, he suddenly lets out a giggle.
    • In Memory Cards, one of the Halloween costumes Scott considers choosing is "somebody who ate a f**king Wii." At the end of the episode, he had to eat his own Wii because it was possessed by the spirit of a pumpkin.
  • Broke the Rating Scale: Of the Out Of Bounds variety in his video about the first E3 conference in 1995, the same video that introduced his knee slap rating scale. Sony's "$299" moment led to Scott slapping his knee at such a rapid, continuous pace that he was noticeably scarred and his knee was bloody. He was up to 14 slaps before the video cut away.
    • The Meaningless Value type shows up in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U | For Here or To Go?, he considers the ability to use the 3DS as a controller in the Wii U version a feature worth a (cough cough) out of 10.
    • Development Hell brings up another Meaningless Value when Scott claims that the general consensus regarding The Last Guardian when it finally released was "eh/10".
  • Brutal Honesty: Who Will Be the Next Sega?note  sees Scott look at the three major video game console companies currently operating, and tries to speculate which of the three is most likely to drop out of the hardware busin-
    Scott: It's Microsoft.
  • Buffy Speak: A pretty recurring staple of the series. For example, his description of the Nintendo Entertainment System boxart header in Game Packaging is, verbatim, "It was red, and, small... (Beat as Scott looks at a piece of paper that says 'Tip of the Day: Explain things better') Like ants."
  • Call-Back:
    • In Console Redesigns, Scott pans the original PlayStation 2 design and says it "fell apart with two swings of a hammer," thinking back to when he pummeled a PS2 with a hammer in Game Consoles That Refused to Die.
    • It's Awesome Baby! has Scott accidentally causing a city wide apocalypse after broadcasting a message about Madden 08. His reaction calls back to the WiiWare Chronicles series, where there's a similar mass hysteria caused by another video game-related subject:
      Scott: Well, looks like the Wii Shop Channel closed early.
    • In It's a Bargain Bin Christmas, Kay Swiss asks why all of Scott's copies of Fling Smash are wet, a reference to the end of Legend of Zelda (NES) | Tales from the Backlog, where Scott wonders why his copy of Fling Smash is always wet.
    • In Nintendo 64: Nintendo's Best Mistake, Scott still heralds Pilotwings 64 as one of the greatest games ever made like he did in Launch Titles.
    • In Memory Cards, Scott mentions that he usually uses a watermelon to make a jack-o-lantern instead of a pumpkin, a nod to the watermelon jack-o-lantern he made in Polybius.
    • Also in Memory Cards, Jeb dresses up as Gex's pirate costume from Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, a nod to the Dark Age of Nintendo arc wherein he openly expresses his love for Gex.
    • The description of Cross Generation Games is, "Scott finally has a reason to talk about FIFA 14 on the PlayStation 2," calling back to Game Collecting wherein one of the highlights of Scott's collection that he brings up is "FIFA 14 on the PS2, I just like how this exists."
    • Console Launches has two call-backs to season one episodes, both in the form of flashbacks. The first is a flashback to Scott buying the Nintendo Switch at launch while commenting that it was "a weird civil rights rally", references his claim in Mini Consoles Wish List that he attended the Nintendo Switch launch because he thought it was a Black Lives Matter Rally. Likewise, the other flashback shows him waiting outside a Bed, Bath & Beyond for the Xbox One X launch, a nod to the opening gag of Black Friday.
    • In the Personal Trainer: Cooking episode, Scott says, "I'm gonna wear this chef's hat like it's 2027," calling back to the time Scott looked into the year 2027 in Super Mario Galaxy | Ten Years of Bliss.
  • The Cameo:
    • Get Rich Quick! features Indiejacob advertising Scamo.
    • AntDude has a very brief cameo as the Styrofoam Productions CS that Scott prank-called in Nintendo Labo | Adventures with the Variety Kit.
    • It's Awesome Baby! features cameos from AntDude, Indiejacob, Caddicarus, TetraBitGaming and The Completionist, in addition to featuring RelaxAlax as the Dick Vitale-obsessed Big Bad.
    • It's a Bargain Bin Christmas features opening narration by James Rolfe and a brief appearance from Vince Young, former NFL quarterback and the featured athlete on the Madden 08 cover.
    • Speed Dating features Shelby from Girlfriend Reviews acting as a 911 operator.
    • You're Not An RPG Guy: A Scott the Woz Christmas features videogamedunkey as the voice of God.
  • Catchphrase: Begins almost every video with "Hey all, Scott here!" or some variation of it.
  • Cerebus Retcon:
    • His summation of why Chibi Robo: Zip Lash blows is examined more thoroughly in the full review, and his tone of the delivery in the final summation is in a more serious light than it had been previously.
    • In You're Not A RPG Guy, Scott's friends are all trying to get him into RPGs but turn out to not even know what a RPG is: among other things, Terry thinks it's a gun and Dr. Attricks thinks it's a Guinean political party.note  Much later, Scott realizes... that he doesn't really know either. The genre has evolved in so many ways and "RPG elements" are so varied and widespread in the medium that a game's status as a RPG can be very debatable (most notably The Legend of Zelda). He reacts with horror when the game the "RPG Delivery Guy" gives him turns out to be his beloved Madden 08.
  • Character Development: A Very Madden 08 Christmas revolves around Scott learning to not force Madden 08 on everyone and that different people have different preferences. It's Awesome Baby! starts with Scott singing a musical number about how all Madden games have value (except Madden 09).
  • Chekhov's Gag: The Polybius episode begins with Scott carving a watermelon into a jack-o-lantern. At the end of the episode, he uses the jack-o-lantern to trap the spirit of Polybius.
    • Early on in Super Mario Kart | Baby on Board, Scott receives a video message from his future self with an eyepatch warning present Scott that he thinks Super Mario Kart is just okay. Later on in the video, we learn that what led to Scott wearing an eyepatch was a paddle ball to the eye.
    • Midway through Game Packaging, Scott makes fun of the boxes for DSi games, and claims that he's free to do so because karma doesn't exist. At the end of the episode, he finds out karma *does* in fact exist, and that it has made him sick again because he made fun of the boxes for DSi games.
    • At the beginning of Memory Cards, one of the Halloween costumes Scott considers going as is "somebody who ate a f*cking Wii", but he decides that maybe such a costume would be better for the following year's Halloween. Toward the end, Scott actually eats a Wii to stop a haunting.
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • The Sega Genesis with Dick Vitale's "Awesome, Baby!" College Hoops sat on Scott's desk from the start, and became the focus of Episode 100.
    • invoked Scott's "Madden" sign in The Great Mysteries of Gaming is what saves his life during the climax via the Madden Curse Pop Culture Urban Legend.
    • Scott frequently throws copies of Chibi Robo: Zip Lash in the toilet as a Running Gag. In the episode dedicated to the game, all the copies he's flushed coalesce into a giant monster that threatens to consume him and his friends.
      • In the same episode, the copy of Gex: Enter the Gecko that Rex gives Scott turns out to be the key to defeating the monster at the end.
    • Scott's explanation of the definition of a Role-Playing Game, more so the fact that the broad definitionnote  means that technically any video game could be considered an RPG winds up biting him in the ass later on when Jeb shows up while working as an RPG delivery man to give Scott an RPG... and hands over a copy of Madden 08.
  • Christmas Episode: Happens every year, and is usually the Season Finale, with the exception of Collector's Editions for Christmas 2018. To note:
    • 2017's "A Very Madden 08 Christmas" sees Scott's excessive love for the video game Madden 08 putting him at odds with the vegan community at a gathering he was invited to.
    • 2018's "Collector's Editions" is a regular Scott the Woz episode instead of a finale, with him explaining various forms of video game collector's editions. The very next episode, "It's Awesome Baby!", is the Season Finale.
    • 2019's "It's A Bargain Bin Christmas" has Scott attempting to host a charity gala with cheap bargain bin games as prizes to the attendees, after he landed himself into bankruptcy.
    • 2020's "You're Not an RPG Guy" sees Scott's friends pulling off an intervention on him due to Scott having a major dislike for RPGs, and trying to get him into wanting to play RPGs (even though most of them don't even know what an RPG is). Tons of RPG tropes and elements are explored as Scott explains why he is, as the title puts it, not an RPG guy.
  • Cliffhanger: The end of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash | The Darker Age of Nintendo features Scott preparing to review the third and final game that came out during Nintendo's Dork Ageinvoked phase in 2015 (and is also a game that ruined a beloved series he cares for), Mario Party: The Top 100. He then realized that game came out two years later, but then also realizes a trail of toilet water that leads to him encountering the infamous Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash! game that he chucked in the toilet, ages ago. Cue Scott screaming from the top of his lungs, and a Smash Cut to the endslate.
  • Clip Show: Scott usually ends each year with a "Best Of" compilation video featuring his best/funniest moments of the year.
  • Cluster Bleep-Bomb: The only way Scott can properly introduce Chibi Robo: Zip Lash is with one of these.
    Scott: Chibi Robo: Zip Lash is a stupid f**king f**k sh*t f**k f**k sh*t.
    • A quick one happens when Scott compares Mario Kart 7's method of unlocking characters with its predecessor, Mario Kart Wii.
      Scott: You kinda want there to be a balance between "f**k this f**king sh*t f**k f**k" and "this is a little too easy."
    • One from the cops in A Very Madden 08 Christmas, as they bust down the door to the vegans' gathering in an arrest attempt caused by Scott framing the latter.
  • Colorblind Confusion: Scott is colorblind in real life, which is often brought up for comedic purposes, such as when he's discussing the Game Boy Color.
    • And then parodied in Memory Cards, which reveals that Rex has fruit blindness — the inability to see fruit.
  • Compensating for Something: Scott's alternate title for the Call of Duty franchise is "Hey Guys, My Crotch is Huge, I Swear!"
  • Complaining about Games You Don't Play: Discussed at length in the Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash episode:
    Therapist: So you've barely played this game, and yet you hate it this much?
    Scott: No, I hate it way more than this much.
    Therapist: You can't form an opinion on a game you've barely played. That's unethical! That's why we have HR.
    Scott: So I should play 10 hours of a game I already know I don't like just to have an opinion on it?
    Therapist: Well, if you don't like it, don't play it!
    Scott: But how would I know I don't like it if I don't play it?
  • Confusing Multiple Negatives: In Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash | The Darker Age of Nintendo:
    Scott: I would love to find out what happened to this game in the background, but it'll never make it not totally never not bad.
  • Continuity Nod: Starting with Anime Games, Scott's Madden 08 collection has grown to include the Mac, PSP and 08 Collection versions that the gala attendees gave to him in "It's a Bargain Bin Christmas".
    • In Sonic the Hedgehog 3 | Half of a Masterpiece, Scott's copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 still has the line he drew on it during The Rarest of Games.
    • In Call of Duty on Wii, Scott still has the same Wii Remote that he broke in The Wii: Underpowered but Underrated.
    • Scott still has the framed Wario World cover art he acquired in The Art of Box Art, as shown in various videos like Shovelware Variety Hour: Round Two and Game Collecting.
    • Both Wii Channels and Wii Chess | It Exists! show the same European Wii U that Scott bought to play We Dare on.
    • In Wii Chess | It Exists!, Scott adds a third right to the list of rights first shown in Pre-Orders.
      1. to pre-order
      2. to live
      3. to have access to e-chess on your computer for free
  • Convenience Store Gift Shopping: "It's A Bargain Bin Christmas" has Scott giving his friends cheap bargain bin video games for Christmas because he ran out of money. His friends are understandably upset at him.
    Rex: WHAT THE F—K?!
  • Corpsing: In the Dark Age of Nintendo trilogy, there are many times when Scott's therapist is supposed to be furiously yelling at him, but the actor is clearly trying not to laugh, resulting in him screaming at Scott with an unexplained smile.
    • Also, in the Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash review (the second part of the trilogy), when Rex Rage Quits over Classic Tennis mode not having Mega Mushrooms, Jeb is clearly stifling a laugh.
    • In The Great Mysteries of Gaming, several of the characters can be seen either smiling or holding back laughter while somebody else in the shot is talking.
  • Courtroom Episode: The Trial follows after The Great Mysteries of Gaming, and has Scott representing his murdered friends (except for Wendy's Employee, who instead took up Jury Duty even though he was also murdered) in trying to sue the murderer. Courtroom Antics ensue.
  • Curse Cut Short: You're Not An RPG Guy has Scott letting out a "WHAT THE FU-" (in reaction to being given Xenoblade Chronicles) before Rex tackles him and ties him up.
  • Cutting the Knot: The end of The Art of Box Art sees Scott's solution for serial killers: Yelling the word "STOP!"
  • Damned by Faint Praise: His Shovelware Variety Hour videos involve this frequently, including acclaiming Carnival Games: Mini-Golf as "beyond playable", and referring to Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball as "the best pirate game on our list today" (it's one of two).
    • In New Super Mario Bros. | What's New Is Old, the last thing Scott had to say was that "the New Super Mario Bros. series aren't bad games," followed by a half minute of silence.
    • His quick introduction of Sega for E3 2000:
      Scott: Sega. You know, the company with the name?
  • Dark Reprise: The ending of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash | The Darker Age of Nintendo replaces the usual cheery 8-bit theme song with an intense dark orchestral remix of it, which sets up the next installment of the trilogy, where he reviews none other than Chibi Robo: Zip Lash.
  • Death Is Cheap: In the Scott the Woz world, Death is basically just an ailment you come down with, like the flu.
    • Over the course of The Great Mysteries of Gaming, six people die. Scott tells the audience that they are getting treated for it at the hospital, and will be fine. He's actually right—they're all just fine come It's A Bargain Bin Christmas, with the exception of Chet Shaft, and Officer Steel Wool... The former of which is only a ghost on weekends as a hobby, and both of them come back to life on their own without much fanfare as of Memory Cards.
    • When Wendy's Employee dies in Memory Cards, everyone hardly remarks on it outside of lamenting that they wanted to be the first to die, and the only real protocol being that his brother Target Employee shows up in his stead for the following videos... and his brother discusses Wendy's Employee's status like he's on vacation, rather than anything resembling dead.
  • Deliberate VHS Quality: In "E3 1999" Scott puts up a VHS tape of himself at E3 1999 as a proof that he was there, even though he was only 2 years old at the time. The video ended up being fully grown Scott "reporting" the event, in a VHS filter.
  • Deserted Island: Played straight and discussed. Scott ended up on one after getting into a freak train crash, with barely any supplies with him, and then the first thing he does is thinking about ordering some games to play, and then passing out from heatstroke. His inner monologue then proceeds to talk about games he'd play if he was stranded on a deserted island.
  • Deus ex Machina: At the end of It's Awesome Baby!, Scott managed to restore the timeline... at the cost of having Madden 08 be erased from it as a result... only to then immediately receive a phone call stating he won a contest that allows him to make any video game he wants...
  • Disappointed by the Motive: Scott is unimpressed to learn that four people were murdered because Steel Wool was too shy to admit he killed Chet for money laundering.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: invoked After Scott has an emotional breakdown during his RPG intervention and leaves the room, Terry decides to order food from Stale Pretzels, only for Target Employee to keep hounding him to order ribs from there (when he's the only one in the room who wants ribs). This causes Terry to ask if this is how the others sounded when fighting with Scott over his reluctance to play RPGs.
    Jerry Attricks: Depends on how he pronounces "ribs".
  • Don't Explain the Joke: Inverted in The Trial.
    Terry: Focus, we gotta reel this [case] in!
    Terry: a fish!
    [everybody cheered and high fived]
  • Dork Age:invoked His Dark Age of Nintendo videos focus on the late days of the Wii U (and, to a lesser extent, the 3DS), which he regards as such. During 2015, Nintendo was essentially forced to support their consoles by themselves due to lack of interest, and was already planning their transition to the Switch. His "big three" of the period (Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, and Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash) all came out within two months of each other.
  • Double Entendre: Used quite a few times in It's Awesome Baby!, usually when Dick Vitale is mentioned.
    Wendy's Employee: [Dick Vitale's] just the perfect blend of Dick and Vitale.
  • Downer Ending: The WiiWare Chronicles saga as a whole: in the fifth and final episode, the Wii Shop channel closes, and after a brief apocalypse, everyone realizes how stupid the apocalypse was and things calm back down. Meanwhile, Scott ends the video monologuing how upsetting it is that it's now gone... before bluntly admitting it wasn't worth doing five videos about the subject.
  • Dumbass DJ: The DJ Scott hired in Homecoming... isn't especially bright.
    DJ Abstinence: <speaking into a microphone> Hey, I'm just throwing it out there; I called the police, asking them if it was illegal to give beer to kids without asking for their IDs. They're gonna be here in ten minutes.
    Scott: Alright, Homecoming's over. Take your goodie bags.
    <the attendants go through their goodie bags>
    Attendant: This is just a copy of Premium Rush.
    Scott: Get out.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: His earlier videos relied less on his surreal humor (although it's still very much present) and had him speaking in a more subdued and deadpan tone. When his videos became more wacky, Scott became a lot more expressive and eccentric. Notably, his first Scott the Woz video ends on a goodbye rather than a gag. See the “evolution” for yourself.
    • Scott makes it a rule to avoid directly mentioning the fact that his show is a web series or that he has a YouTube channel. However, several early episodes do not follow this rule, and will suggest the viewer "leave a comment" or something similar.
    • Also, in early episodes a lot of the characters' personalities are less defined. This is most notable with Rex Mohs (he was far more unhinged and seemed more like an animal than a human), and Jeb Jab (lacking his now-famous love for Gex).
    • The very first season finale, A Very Madden 08 Christmas, uses an original theme instead of an iteration of the famous "Breakout" theme that the later finales have.
  • Embarrassing Cover Up: From Memory Cards, when Scott reenacts a scene of a parent finding their kid's notes of game passwords and asking what the notes are for:
    Uh, coordinates... For a bomb.
  • End of an Era: The 175th episode is all about Chibi Robo: Zip Lash, and by the end, Scott confidently states he got all his hatred over the game out of his system.
  • Epic Fail: Scott plays Wheel of Fortune on the PS2, and manages to land on "Bankrupt" on his very first turn.
    Vanna White: Too bad. But I guess it could've been worse.
    Scott: Yeah, if I die.
  • Eyepatch After Time Skip: The Super Mario Kart episode has Scott being visited by himself 14 minutes from the future, wearing an eyepatch. It turns out that future Scott got the eyepatch from accidentally swatting his eye out with a paddleball. Also, the now-future Scott (which was the regular Scott from 14 minutes ago) is then visited by another Scott from farther into the future, with eyepatches over both of his eyes.
  • Face on a Milk Carton: Parodied. Scott's face is on a carton of almond milk alongside the caption "MISSING — Scott's Ability to Drift Well in Super Mario Kart."
    • Come the Mario Kart: Double Dash episode, the poster on the side of the milk carton is changed with the caption "MISSING — Scott's Ability to Complain About Mario Kart: Double Dash's Drifting."
  • Fake Longevity: Discussed in Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash, on two points:
    • The Destination Wheel, which determines what the next level you will be playing in the world is, even though the levels were clearly designed with a logical order in mind with increasing difficulty and you still have to beat them all anyway. He also points out that you're forced to play a level all over again if you land on one you've already played.
    • The fact that the final boss is locked behind a certain amount of cash. He laments that this was never done anywhere else in the game and since he didn't know he was supposed to be saving coins, he is now forced to backtrack through the rest of the game (and ultimately decides that this is the final straw).
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: invoked Although Scott accidentally uncovered the part of the label on the product itself before the punchline, when talking about Call of Duty: World at War's collector's edition, he makes a point of showing the back of the box. As he does this, his thumb covers up part of a blurb concerning the collectible canteen. As we soon learn, the blurb was a warning that the canteen can't actually be used for consumption.
  • Foreshadowing: In The Great Mysteries of Gaming, Steel Wool is the only person at the dinner table to not be shocked alongside everyone else about Chet's sudden murder, foreshadowing The Reveal of him being the culprit.
    • Later in the same episode, the glowstick used by Jeb's killer is the same color as Steel Wool's, implicating him further.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: Lampshaded in The First E3 (1995) with "The Pause This Frame Times".
  • Frying Pan of Doom: Scott uses a frying pan to swat a copy of Paper Mario: Color Splash he encountered on his desk in The Best Games of All Time.
    Scott: Always keep a frying pan handy, you'll never know when a 7/10 game is gonna strike.
  • Funny Background Event: In his video covering The Bible Game, a person is seen failing a backflip in the background near the end.
  • Fun with Acronyms:
    • When Gimmicks Go Too Far has Scott as part of a space federation of sorts in a B-movie setting, with the name of said federation being the Fellow Unity of Certified Killers of Bad Astronomic Resistant Ne'er-do-wells, which is lampshaded when Scott considers abbreviating the name.
    • Rated E for Irrelevant starts off with Scott starting his own ratings board for food and all other goods and services, which he calls the Food Eating And Ratings association, or FEAR for short.
    • Lampshaded in Shovelware Variety Hour: Round Three when Scott notices that the subtitle for Calvin Tucker's Redneck: Farm Animals Racing Tournament can be shortened to the F.A.R.T.
      Scott: That's funny.
  • Fun with Subtitles: The Animesque scene in Anime Games has Gratuitous Japanese subtitles; as in, they're Google Translated gibberish which has nothing to do with the dialogue that plays along with them. An excerpt (translated back to English):
    Do you think you can enter this into the translation website?
    This is a kanji
    I just typed something like this, so I could have copied the lines word by word.
    But who actually reads it?
  • Game Show Goofballs: The entire plot of Game Show Games is that Scott is trying to learn stuff by playing game show video games so he can do better on a game show he flopped on.
  • Gargle Blaster:
    • The end of Star Fox Zero | Bad Game or Baddest Game? reveals that the alcohol Scott had been drinking was actually rubbing alcohol.
    • In New Super Mario Bros. | What's New Is Old, Scott drinks milk that's been out on the counter for a week, assuming it'd be fine as he hadn't opened it, hence it was "new".
  • Geek: "A carnival performer who bites the heads off live chickens," apparently according to the Jeopardy! NES game that Scott reviewed in Game Show Games.note 
    Scott: I really need to re-evaluate what I am.
  • Get Out!:
    • Said by Scott to his party guests in Homecoming, after the DJ called the cops on him.
    • Also in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival | The Dark Age of Nintendo:
      Scott: But we've played the entirety of what [the game] had to offer!
      Rex: Didn't we forget the Fruit Path game?
      Scott: ...Get the f**k out of my house.
  • Get-Rich-Quick Scheme: The appropriately named Get Rich Quick! episode has Scott attempt to join a multitude of these after he accidentally bought 20 houses with no money to pay for them.
  • Gilligan Cut: At the end of Console Gaming on the Go, Scott comes to the conclusion that he doesn't want to go inside ever again...only for it to rain. Subverted in that it only convinces Scott to double down.
  • Grade System Snark: Scott ranks E3 press conferences on a scale of one to five knee-slaps, with a flick counting as a half.
  • Gone Horribly Right: When working at Games on a Shelf in Game Stores, Scott is told by Chett to lose subtleties and manners and just push the store membership.
    Scott: (cheerily) Join our membership, f*ckhead!
  • Halloween Costume Characterization: The costumes everyone wears in Memory Cards mostly reflect (sort of) the things they fear the most. Scott's costume is the front cover of Madden 09, Terry's is "a person" (i.e. himself carrying ground beef, although it helps that Terry is vegan), Wendy's Employee also dresses as himself, Jeb dresses as a pirate (which he says is a Gex costume; the only costume in the episode to not reflect someone's fears), and Rex tapes a mirror onto his face in order to "dress up" as Scott.
  • Halloween Episode: Happens every year.
    • 2017's episode covers the rumors surrounding the fabled Polybius arcade machine.
    • 2018's episode has Scott play Night Trap in a haunted house in an attempt to scare the piss out of himself.
    • 2019's The Great Mysteries of Gaming shows a murder mystery happening in real time while an audio recording of Scott's voice talks about video game rumors and mysteries.
    • In 2020's Memory Cards, Scott invites some of his friends over for a half-pumpkin party, half-Halloween party only for the five of them to have to deal with a haunting.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Scott's custom "glorious victory noises" and "scream of defeat" sounds for Wheel of Fortune in Wii Accessories are screams that are exacerbated by the Wii Speak's poor microphone quality.
  • High-School Dance: Homecoming, as the name implies, is an episode where Scott attempts his best to plan and hold his own homecoming dance, to make up for the underwhelming one he attended 7 years ago in high school.
  • Hilarious Outtakes: His secondary channel, Scott's Stash, features outtakes for several episodes.
  • His Name Really Is "Barkeep": As the Wendy's Employee introduces himself in The Great Mysteries of Gaming.
    Wendy's Employee: Wendy's Employee, Wendy's Employee.
  • Hitler Ate Sugar: Parodied. In You're Not An RPG Guy, Scott's friends chastised him for not liking RPGs by comparing him to Stalin.
    Rex: Stalin f**king hated RPGs, but loved Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.
  • Hollywood Restraining Order: "Launch Titles" sees Scott getting one after trying to set up bets on "which pregnant woman will square one out first" at a local hospital. His punishment includes staying 50 feet away from any pregnant woman and talking about console launch titles for 14 minutes as community service. At the end of the episode he gets another restraining order for heckling dogs at a local pound.
  • How We Got Here: Downplayed: the final WiiWare Chronicles video explains why Scott's room was wrecked in the fourth installment. As it happens, when word of him owning a Wii full of WiiWare games got out, someone lobbed a grenade into his room, prompting him to flee, leading into the intro of the first installment.
    • The first two Dark Age of Nintendo videos have Scott relaying his experiences with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash to a therapist, with the events catching up to the present in the Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash | The Darkest Age of Nintendo.
    • To Delay a Game has Scott realize he should get around to doing the laundry, only to find out the washing machine is broken. While waiting to repair it, he tells the story of a brown-haired white boy - i.e, Scott before realizing he should get around to doing the laundry.
  • Humongous Mecha: Two fight in episode 100, It's Awesome Baby and another two fight in episode 151, Anime Games.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • In Midnight Releases, Scott decides against buying snow pants for the midnight launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield due to them not being something he realistically needs, despite him buying, among other things, lots of food rations, an emergency snake bite kit, bug spray, and camouflaged clothes.
    • In Used Games, he goes on a rant about game cases and cartridges that are worn or have been damaged in any way, and to illustrate it, he deliberately damages some game cases.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Any episode that talks about a specific video game/video game series are named (insert game name here)| (insert a phrase describing the game) example's: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U | For Here or To Go?, Star Fox Zero | Bad Game or Baddest Game?, and Super Mario Galaxy | Ten Years of Bliss
    • The Dark Age of Nintendo arc videos all have similar subtitles, going from Dark for Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival to Darker for Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash to Darkest for Chibi-Robo: Zip-Lash.
    • Both of the videos covering game compilations are labeled Game Compilations Compilation as if naming a game compilation, complete with the second video being called "Volume 2".
    • The Shovelware Variety Hour series of videos are titled as "Rounds".
  • I Knew It!: invoked Shortly after Scott steals Madden 18 from Target, a prerecorded News: The News segment from August 2016 airs, where the news anchor takes a stab in the dark and reports that Target had its copies of Madden 18 stolen. And then the segment is interrupted by breaking news:
    Anchor: (gleeful) HOLY SH*T, I CALLED IT!
  • Implausible Deniability: In Sonic the Hedgehog 3 | Half of a Masterpiece, Scott continually convinces himself that Sonic Spinball was just a lucid dream, which he admits - while holding the game's case - gets more difficult to do by the minute.
  • Implied Death Threat: Inverted: in talking about Wonder World Amusement Park for the Shovelware Variety Hour video, Scott highlights the behavior of the carnival's employees:
    Scottnote : But one of the most memorable things about this game is how the employees treat you like sh*t! "Partner, ya have two ways to leave this establishment... immediately or dead-" yep, that's a threat!
  • Improbable Weapon User: One of the cops in A Very Madden 08 Christmas is armed with a pair of stapling pliers, instead of a gun like the one his partner uses.
  • Insane Troll Logic:
    • Near the end of A Very Madden 08 Christmas, right as Scott attempts to turn himself in for stealing all of Target's Madden 18 copies, the police no longer consider it to be a crime due to Madden 28 being recently announced.
    • The end of Game Consoles That Refused to Die sees Scott put the saying "If you can survive the first 13 years of your life, you can survive just about anything" to the test... by plugging in the PS2 he had been smashing with a hammer.
    • The bottle of alcohol Scott was drinking in Star Fox Zero | Bad Game or Baddest Game? apparently derives its flavor from how Scott had his thumb placed over the label. The end of the episode reveals he was covering the word "rubbing".
    • The plot twist of The Great Mysteries of Gaming is that Officer Steel Wool had killed Chet because of his money laundering, but he was too shy to admit it. So he decided to kill everyone else.
    • As Scott gets more and more anxious over the Wii Shop Channel closing down in The WiiWare Chronicles V, one of the things he says to himself is, "They should just make death illegal."
    • Most of the humor in The Trial comes from this trope.
      Steel Wool: I think I might have killed some people.
      Liza Lots: Your honor, that wasn't a confirmation. If anything, it makes him less likely to be the killer.
      Judge: That is true. A real killer would remember killing.
    • In Speed Dating, when Terry asks why what is supposedly Scott's blood in a jar yellow, Scott explains that it's because he's colorblind.
    • Kay Swiss shows up to Scott's intervention in You're Not an RPG Guy to essentially accuse Scott of ruining the economy by buying RPGs and not playing them. Essentially, because Scott keeps buying them, that causes game companies to produce more of them because he apparently wants to play them... only for people to wind up not buying them because he keeps complaining about them being made.
  • Is That a Threat?: The Running Gag of the Wii Play video is Scott wondering if the box's variations of "Wii Play. Do You?" is this.
  • It's the Journey That Counts: Scott's main takeaway from the experience he had in Midnight Releases.
  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: The complete compilation video for The Dark Age of Nintendo retroactively makes Scott's therapy session during the Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival part into one of these.
  • Jerkass Realization:
    • It takes talking to Wendy's Employee in A Very Madden 08 Christmas for it to sink into Scott's head that framing the vegans for his mass Madden 18 theft was a dick move.
      Scott: ... (cheerfully) Sh*t, I'm an asshole!
  • Jump Scare: In It's Awesome Baby! after Scott quietly walks around inside the giant rampaging SEGA Genesis, he turns around and is suddenly assaulted by the Big Bad.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: Officer Steel Wool was left in a state of Uncertain Doom after the dinner party, but The Trial confirms his survival. However, he is sentenced to death for the murders and formally executed.
  • Killed Off for Real: Chet Shaft, unlike all the other people who were treated for murder, stays dead and appears as a ghost in It's A Bargain Bin Christmas.note  What's strange about this is that Chet was seemingly murdered over television.
    • Same with Officer Steel Wool after The Trial.
    • Speed Dating reveals that Wendy's Employee really did die for real during the events of Memory Cards.
  • Lampshade Wearing: "History of Nintendo Switch (NX) Rumors and Leaks" opens with Scott wearing a lampshade on his head, after attending a so-called "leak party" the night before.
  • Large Ham: Scott's therapist in The Dark Age of Nintendo trilogy loves hamming it up with his dialogue. His voice is so loud that his audio often clips whenever he talks.
  • Let's Split Up, Gang!: What Scott suggests everyone at the dinner party do in The Great Mysteries of Gaming, after the dinner host was killed.
    "Listen, maybe the murderer isn't one of us. Maybe the murderer is hiding somewhere in the building. We should split up into groups - that way, we can't all get murdered!"
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Rex reveals in You're Not an RPG Guy that he's been Scott's roommate for nine months... something that Scott only now was informed about.
    Rex: ...I thought you knew.
  • Look Behind You: During It's Awesome Baby!, Jeb pulls one on the Supreme Leader after the latter attempts to execute the guys for knowing about the NFL.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Happens often. Scott can get his hands bleeding all over or a gunshot wound on his leg and he'd only be slightly irritated.
  • Malaproper: Combined with frequent use of Spoonerism and switching around the order of words in a sentence, it's a trademark of his brand of Surreal Humor.
  • Malicious Misnaming: He constantly refers to Toadette as Grover Cleveland in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash | The Darker Age of Nintendo.
  • Master of None: His video on microconsoles makes this conclusion: they're supposed to marry mobile and console gaming, but they fail to appeal to mobile gamers because they're less convenient and require a separate device, and they fail to appeal to console gamers because they're too underpowered and most of their titles can be played on something you already own.
  • Mathematician's Answer: He brought up the debate of whether Mario Kart 64 had controls that stood the test of time or have aged poorly, then answered with a gavel hit and a "Yes".
    • You're Not an RPG Guy has Jerry pulling out Scott's biodata written on a piece of paper. Said bio lists Scott's sex as "no."
  • Metaphorgotten: "I tried being Activision once, and it was hard. Nobody liked me, I was too scary, and I laid off over 800 people."
  • "Metaphor" Is My Middle Name: When he checks his birth certificate, it turns out his full name is Scott Will Eventually Take A Look At The First Mega Man Wozniak. In a twist, whenever his full name comes up on degrees and other paperwork, it's always Scott W.E.T.A.L.A.T.F.M.M. Wozniak, even years after Mega Man (NES) | Growing Pains.
  • Mood Whiplash: "Hey, all! Scott here, and you know what I could go for right now, a working kidney, I have three days to live."
  • Motor Mouth: His delivery of jokes and lines is often really quick.
  • Mouth Full of Smokes: The guy in the Wario hat Scott hires to play Mario Party does this after Scott agrees to the $10 nicotine fee.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg:
    • In E3 1997, Scott states that 1997 "was a year featuring some of the most iconic and greatest games of all time...and Sega was there, too!"
    • The description for Cancelled Games is "Scott takes a look at games that sadly will never come out and Project Giant Robot for Wii U."
    • In Games Compilation Compilation Vol. 2, Scott refers to The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition as "three of the most beloved games of all time and Zelda 2".
    • In Game Packaging, he compares the arrival of a new console to having a new child, "picturing what it'll look on the shelf next to the rest of your children and Sega Saturn."
  • Mythology Gag:
    • The end of "Instruction Manuals" has Scott attempting to follow a manual for a game titled "You Should Put Your Fork in the Microwave: The Video Game". A good joke on its own, but it's also a reference to one of Scott's older videos, "Cookin' Hard".
    • The revelation of Wendy's Employee having a brother named Target Employee calls back to Scott having first met Wendy's Employee at Target in A Very Madden 08 Christmas.

    Tropes N - Z 
  • Nerds Are Virgins:
    • A running gag. For example, he only joined the Vegans Anonymous Group in A Very Madden 08 Christmas because he thought it was a V.A.G. club.
    • His video on Viral Games plays with the trope: the sole point of the video was talking about enough viral video game in order to be labeled a virginnote . But at the end of the video, as he was listing off other viral games in order to put himself over the top, Scott accidentally mentions Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, shooting him severely into the negative Virgin Points rangenote .
    • His video on Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball reveals that prior to February 2019, he used to think the word "breasts" was pronounced "beans".
    • In E3 2018, Scott claimed that the EA Play demo of a mobile game dragged on for so long that he defied virginity, conceived, and had a biological child in the time it took for said demo to finish.
    • Speed Dating ends with Scott getting certified as a virgin.
  • Never My Fault:
    • In Plug and Play Games, Scott recklessly cuts open the package one game was shipped to him in, accidentally cutting a vital wire in half. After a beat, he claims that it was shipped to him "with the wires pre-cut for some reason".
    • Brought up frequently in Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash | The Darkest Age of Nintendo, where he notes that Nintendo seemed to be pathologically averse to admitting that the franchise was struggling not because the games were inherently bad, but because Nintendo, the distributor, kept persistently screwing up how to market and sell the games — the original was released at the end of a low-selling console's lifespan and got very little advertising, Park Patrol was made Wal-Mart exclusive at the last minute, the remake of the first game and Clean Sweep never made it out of Japaninvoked, and Photo Finder was a gimmicky title that came out at a point when people had lost interest in the 3DS's gimmicks.
  • The New Adventures: Discussed as one of the reasons for why New Super Mario Bros. for the DS isn't looked back upon with the same admiration that the older 2D Mario titles have.
  • Noodle Incident:
    • Scott’s neighbors are said to constantly scream "Pine Time"note  in It’s Awesome Baby!
    • The "L Button" episode that Scott apparently managed to make 23 minutes out of in Instruction Manuals. He also did something similar a few years later in E3 2000, somehow getting distracted enough to talk about the Nintendo DS stylus for 20 minutes offscreen.
    • E3 1999 has Scott saying that he's legally obligated to warn viewers about the knee slap rating "after the last E3 1999 retrospective incident." There are no E3 1999 episodes before or after this.
    • In Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash | The Darker Age of Nintendo, Jeb reveals that his uncle somehow managed to die twice prior to Scott contacting him.
    • The therapist asks for a death certificate in Speed Dating, because he is "not f**king a ghost again."
  • No, You: In The WiiWare Chronicles IV, Scott decides to read from a paper that lists how many of the games spotlighted he didn't care about, which reads "Most of them". However, before we cut to the paper, we can clearly see that Scott wrote "No JonTron YOU sound like a terminal illness".note 
    • Scott hits his former therapist with one in the Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash video.
      Therapist: Listen, can you just get over this trauma so I can enjoy my therapy in peace?
      Scott: No, you need to get over your trauma!
  • Ominous Latin Chanting: The opening music for "It's Awesome Baby!" is accompanied by chants of "Scott the Woz", as revealed in the official upload of the track by composer Nick Karr.
  • Once a Season: There are a few Scott staples that usually occur once each season, which Scott counts as a year's worth of episodes:
    • As of season 4, every season has had exactly one episode based around a Sonic game, usually uploaded in August.note 
    • Every season in early March, Scott uploads a video discussing the Nintendo Switch. All but the first of these videosnote  follow incredibly similar formats.
    • Every season except season 4 has a video covering that year's E3 note . You can also count on at least one video about an older E3 each season, though the first two seasons actually had two of these.
    • An April Fools' Day episode (and usually one of the rare cases where the Sunday release schedule is almost always broken for reasons unrelated to Schedule slip).
    • At least one non-game related sketch episode.
    • The Season Finale will always be a much longer, higher production values episode than usual, with an actual plot and heavily featuring Scott's friends. Often, but not always, doubles as the Christmas Episode.
  • Once an Episode: The Dark Age of Nintendo trilogy has several gags that are used in all three episodes:
    • Scott calling his friends over for a game night, and Rex rushing as fast as possible to do the door with Scott responding with a sentence that starts with "Did not take you as...", with a response "I'm not, I just..."
    • Scott pretending they're playing Gex, and the TV (or 3DS in the final episode) having a piece of paper with "GEX" written on it taped to it.
    • The line "So...tell me where it all began" being used, mostly by the therapist but it gets subverted several times throughout the series.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted; about two humans named Jim have been seen or heard from in the series - the deceased Reporty Jim in Console Wars and Sweepstakes Winner Announcery Jim in It's Awesome Baby! - as well as two Mikes - Game Fan Mike in The Video Game Walkthrough and Wrong Opiniony Mike in It's Awesome Baby!
    • Defied in Shovelware Variety Hour: Round Two when Scott plays Puppy Luv and names both his character and his dog "Tums" and later on when Scott plays Petz: Crazy Monkeyz and names all three of his monkeys Jim.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: In Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash | The Darkest Age of Nintendo, the fact that Scott doesn't say "Hey all, Scott here" until about four minutes in hints at the Sanity Slippage his experience with the game has caused.
  • Overly Long Name: Scott's full name is Scott "Will Eventually Take a Look at the First Mega Man" Wozniak.
    I Don't Know How I Didn't Realize I Had To Twist The Joystick To Play Pole Position I Was Just A Kid Leave Me Alone: I hate my parents.
  • Overly Long Scream: Scott has one after he played the top 10 worst reviewed games on Metacritic, only stopping while signing a timeshare.
    • He lets out another one (although it's more of a mix between a scream and a groan) at the beginning of Console Gaming on the Go.
  • Overly Narrow Superlative: A sizable staple of his humor. Such gems include:
    • In The Worst Games of All Time, when talking about Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta Episode 1, Scott points out, "At least they saw the growing market for cinematic action-adventure games that begin with 'Un'."
    • In The Wii: Underpowered Yet Underrated, Scott refers to the Wii as "everybody's least favorite favorite console".
    • In E3 1997, Scott calls the Sega E3 1997 brochure "everybody's favorite brochure from E3 1997".
    • In Super Smash Bros. (N64) | Smash Hit, the Kirby series is referred to as "everybody's favorite pink-tumor-based platformer".
    • In Sonic the Hedgehog 2 | Return of a Laughing Stock, Scott considers the first Sonic the Hedgehog game to be "the worst first entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog series out there".
    • In Collectors Editions, as Scott covers the collector's edition of Saint's Row 2, he calls it "everybody's favorite Grand Theft Auto game until a real Grand Theft Auto game comes out".
    • In Game of the Year Throughout the Years, Scott calls 2016 "[his] favorite garbage year in gaming" and later on calls the Wii U "[his] favorite worst Nintendo console".
    • In Mario Kart 64 | The Original King of Kart, Scott compares the back of Yoshi's head to Warren Harding, "[Scott's] favorite 29th President of the United States". Later on in the same video, he sarcastically expresses anger over Mario Kart 64 excluding "[his] favorite thing to waste so [he] can get a shell or something".
    • In Mario Kart: Super Circuit | Oh Yeah, That One, Scott points out that "unlocking tracks is what some Scotts playing Super Circuit right now would consider a pain."
    • In E3 2019, Scott calls the titular event "[his] favorite E3 of 2019!"
    • In Reboots, Scott says that the price of Super Bomberman R is "something us people who are talking about reboots right now call bullsh*t."
    • In Mario Kart: Double Dash!! | Double Trouble, as Scott goes over the prerelease period of the game, he says that it was "looking to be the greatest Mario Kart: Double Dash!! of all time".
    • In Mario Kart Wii | Motion Sickness, Scott calls Mario Kart Wii "the best Mario Kart for the Wii" and proceeds to lampshade the narrowness of the superlative by adding, "But at that point, it's also the worst."
    • In Wii Play Motion | Eh, Why?, Scott calls the Flutter Fly minigame lame, and then follows it up with, "'But Scott,' you say, 'There's no way a game where you flap a balloon with a leaf named Flutter Fly in a game called Wii Play Motion can be lame!'"
    • In Call of Duty on Nintendo DS, Call of Duty is referred to as "everybody's favorite best-selling first-person war shooter franchise".
    • Scott puts the first Mario Party game at the #1 rank... on the list of Mario Party games he has reviewed, of which there's only the one game, at the time of the episode's upload.
    • Toward the end of Wii Chess | It Exists!, Scott says, "Introducing Wii Chess, the only chess game on Wii called Wii Chess!"
    • When talking about Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball in Shovelware Variety Hour: Round Three, Scott calls it "the best pirate game on our list today."
  • Paste Eater: Literally; The WiiWare Chronicles V has Scott mistake a jug of glue for a jug of milk.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Quite literally, Scott was tricked into playing Devil's Third because the game was covered by a paper cover of the Wii U game "YUP, IT'S A GOOD GAME".
  • Perfectly Cromulent Word: Scott opens 2D to 3D by coining a new word to describe "that dimension fever we all have from time to time." The new word is "dimentia."
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends:
    • invoked Unsurprisingly, the Madden Curse gets spotlighted towards the end of The Great Mysteries of Gaming, with Scott being surprised how "Madden on your chest could lead to injuries". And when Officer Steel Wool attempts to kill Scott to cover up his crimes, Scott abuses this notion.
    Scott: (while on the ground, fending off a gun) You ever hear of the Madden Curse? (slaps his Madden sign onto Steel Wool's chest, causing him to collapse from foot pain)
    • invoked Scott comes to the conclusion that the infamous arcade title Polybius is one, as the evidence just doesn't add up. Of course, that's before the titular arcade cabinet tries to murder him in the woods.
  • Prank Call: In Nintendo Labo | Adventures with the Variety Kit, Scott prank calls a styrofoam company to mess with them.
    Scott: Hi, yeah, I'd like some packing peanuts, hold the packing.
    [closes phone, holds back laughter]
    Scott: I'm a f**king maniac!
    Styrofoam Productions CS Center: [nonchalant] ...Well, he sure got me.
  • Precision F-Strike: The original upload of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 | Return of a Laughing Stock left one instance of him dropping an F-bomb while talking about the Special Stages uncensored. Despite the video quickly being reuploaded to censor said F-bomb, he left the original take on his Scott's Stash channel for all to hear.
    Scott: [The Special Stages] require so much memorization, the fake 3D makes the perspective difficult to judge at times and fuckin' Tails!
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: From Anime Games, as Scott finishes off Dr. Anna May by using his copy of Mighty No. 9:
  • Puff of Logic: At the end of Shovelware Variety Hour: Round Three, Scott declares that whoever contributed to the Wii's shovelware problems by buying these obviously terrible games "should disappear." He then pops out of existence.
  • Punny Name: Several of the characters in the series, such as Dr. Jerry Attricksnote  and lawyer Liza Lotsnote .
  • Rage Breaking Point: After mentioning that people in 2013 thought that microconsoles had a chance to succeed, Scott goes off an almost two minute long rant about how stupid they are, wrapping up by voicing his concerns that he may have scoliosis (and yes, he's still yelling when he does this).
    • He goes on similar rants at the end of Third Party Controllers and Pre-Orders about those videos' respective subjects.
    • Scott becomes so angry at Mario Kart 8's lackluster Battle Mode that he swings a hammer at the shelf on his desk, breaking it apart.
    • As for the other characters, Rex becomes increasingly frustrated at Mario Tennis Ultra Smash's modes that lack the Mega Mushroom feature. He loses it once Scott gets to review the Classic Mode (i.e. basically just regular tennis).
      Rex: Alright, you know what? That's the last f**king straw, alright? I don't f**king need this, ALRIGHT?! F**K YOU, F**K THIS, AND F**K TENNIS!!
  • Rapid-Fire Comedy: Absolutely. Game Show Games in particular averages a joke every five seconds, in a video that is 12 minutes long.
  • Rapid-Fire "No!": Said by the therapist in the Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash episode, after learning that there's a third bad Nintendo game from 2015 that ruined Scott's mental state.
  • A Rare Sentence: A major source of comedy in his videos.
    • In Game Packaging, in regards to the sentence, "I mean, the PlayStation box art sort of ripped off the original Game Boy box art," Scott adds the first tally to a "How Many Times Somebody Has Said This" chart.
    • In The WiiWare Chronicles II regarding Muscle March: "I'm part of a band of greased-up muscle freaks trying to regain their protein powder, and that's only the third time I've said that today."
    • In Shovelware Variety Hour: Round Two: "I'm sure you've heard this today already, but I have to reiterate it: Smurf Dance Party's main problem is a lack of content."
    • In Wii Play Motion | Eh, Why?: "There's not much to Pose Mii Plus. I didn't think I'd say that today."
    • In Gamecube Was Best:
      Scott: The Gamecube's like Van Gogh — it really started to get recognition after its death. And the PS2 and original Xbox are moreso like... Pogs — popular at the time, not as loved these days.
      Offscreen voice: (fanfare plays) CONGRATULATIONS! That was the first use of that analogy ever!
  • Real Life Writes the Plot:
    • It's blatantly clear in hindsight that the reason why Scott's house burned down at the end of Game Compilations Compilation was because he was moving.
    • The sole point of The WiiWare Chronicles was to go over as many WiiWare games as possible before the Wii Shop Channel closed on January 30th, 2019. Part 2 in particular had a brief tangent about the ability to add Wii Shop Points being removed not too long before the video was posted.
    • Limited Edition Consoles sees Scott being sick during the duration. In reality, Scott was in fact sick at the time of that particular episode being done.
    • Shortly before the characters enter the sewer in Chibi Robo: Zip Lash, Rex runs away, and does not appear again until after Jeb and Dr. Attricks are attacked by the Anti-Gex. Rex explains that he left to get a corn dog, but the real life reason is that they needed somebody to hold the camera in the scenes following Rex's departure, and therefore needed one of the actors to be off screen for a while.
    • The commentary for Great Mysteries of Gaming confirms several examples of this. Originally, the person inviting everyone to dinner was a new character, but the actor who was supposed to play him wasn't available. So then Chet Shaft took his place - but the actor who played him also wasn't available that day. As a result, Chet Shaft appears on a television rather than in-person. Oh yeah, and at one point the episode was going to take place on a train, but this was scrapped because of difficulty finding a suitable location to film.
  • Reality-Breaking Paradox: Apparently talking about the same game twice causes the space-time continuum to "give up", as seen in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | Newton's Worst Nightmare Again.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • In Gaming on a Budget, Scott quickly realizes that homelessness isn't as nice as he thinks it is.
    Scott: I should be in poverty!
    Cut to Scott squatting in an attic
    Scott: This blows!
    • In The Worst Games of All Time, Scott assumes that the creation of the worst games of all time is the work of someone called Mr. Scoliosis. Once Scott finds him, however...
    Scott: Yeah, it turns out those games were bad due to mismanagement and not because of a guy with a curved spine.
    • At the end of Game Consoles That Refused to Die, Scott tests his PlayStation 2 after hammering half of its outer casing off under the assumption that it'll still work, and sure enough, it doesn't.
    • In Shovelware Variety Hour: Round Two, Scott finds some Duncan Hines coupons in a copy of Birthday Party Bash. Cut to Scott lying down, surrounded by boxes of Duncan Hines cake mix, but as it turns out, the coupons had nothing to do with that.
    Scott: The coupons were expired; I just couldn't help myself.
  • Refuge in Audacity: invoked Due to coming into some pretty bad financial trouble in It's a Bargain Bin Christmas, to the point where he risked having the bank repossess his stuff, Scott managed to work out a deal with the bank's bankruptcy patrolman, Kay Swiss: 50 hours of charity work, and his debt is settled. Eventually, Scott happens upon the idea of having a charity dinner for "The Foundation for Recent Murderees"... except he needed to fund it. His initial plan?
    Kay Swiss: What the f*ck is wrong with you?!
  • Replacement Goldfish: Played for Laughs in Chia Pet where Scott replaces his dead Chia Pets no less than three times.
    Scott: What better way to mourn the loss of a loved one than to fully replace them?
  • The Reveal: Not only does Chibi-Robo Zip Lash | The Darkest Age of Nintendo reveal that Scott's therapist and the news anchor from A Very Madden 08 Christmas are the same character, but at the end, he reveals his name is Dr. Jerry Attricks.
  • Review Ironic Echo: From his review of Ride to Hell: Retribution, on the episode "The Worst Games of All Time".
    Game dialogue: "You look like shit, Jake."
    Scott: Thank God this game is self-aware, now I don't need to comment on how the visuals look like if arthritis could code.
  • Ripple Effect Indicator: While he soon takes to Google to find out the full scope, the key sign for Scott that the timeline was altered in It's Awesome Baby! was all of his copies of Madden 08 turning into copies of Dick Vitale's "Awesome, Baby!" College Hoops.
  • Running Gag:
    • Scott's obsession with Madden 08, the last game ever released for the Nintendo GameCube, and equally unexplained and extreme hatred of Madden 09.
    • Scott also likes to make potshots at Wii Music and Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash.
    • Donkey Kong Barrel Blast has also become this as of recent, as it constantly makes appearances in his videos, sometimes in the context of getting laid, but most of the time for no particular reason. It's also been joined by FlingSmash in a similar capacity and Wario: Master of Disguise to a lesser extent.
    • Scott misspelling his own name when entering it in a game, usually as Scitt or Scatt.
    • Scott buying or obtaining way too much of random objects from Super Smash Bros. Melee to cake mix to houses.
    • Scott's palms suddenly bleeding and his underreaction to it.
    • Most of the time cards used throughout Scott's videos are usually played off with the final five notes of the original Thomas the Tank Engine theme song.
    • Scott's complicated relationship with his virginity: the full range from being ashamed, being in denial, being proud and even trying to get officially declared a virgin.
    • Scott evading his taxes.
    • Scott dismissing something/one by simply saying its/their name and pausing briefly before moving on to the next subject.
    • Scott referring to a cast of characters using the names of the Seven Dwarves or the ghosts from Pac-Man.
    • Whenever the PC is brought up, Scott always brings attention to the fact that he only owns a Mac computer.
    • Scott's bizarre ratings scales for various things, such as his 5 kneeslap rating scale for E3 press conference, and the "Piss-o-meter" for measuring how close he is to pissing himself.
    • Any time Scott brings up ailments, scoliosis and bed bugs are the two most likely candidates to be mentioned. Mentions of scoliosis are most prevalent in the first season, but it's been brought up as recently as Game Packaging.
    • Scott finding something out, and responding with a simple "...huh."
    • Unusual age rating descriptions such as "Hitler Sh*t" for Call of Duty: World at War from Call of Duty on Wii, "Ethan ass" from Heavy Rain | Interactive? Drama?, and "Hahahahahahahahaha oh wait Nintendo you're actually releasing this?" for Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash from Shovelware Variety Hour.
    • Whenever Scott talks on the phone, instead of lifting the phone off its cradle he will always pick up the entire device including the base, and talk to the underside of it instead of the actual phone.
    • Scott denying the existence of Sonic Spinball during the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 episode.
    • Throughout Demo Discs, whenever Scott mentions Pizza Hut he goes on a brief tangent saying, "You know Pizza Hut," followed by a slogan for something other than Pizza Hut.
    • Console Gaming on the Go constantly sees Scott going outside to try out hardware that allows to play console games portably, only for him to reluctantly go back inside anyway because he has to plug the hardware in or the screen isn't bright enough against outdoor sunlight.
    • Scott constantly being freaked out at the clock on a console's hub menu in Wii Channels.
    • Everyone being an overly huge fan of the economy in You're Not an RPG Guy, high fiving each other and cheering loudly at the mere mention of it.
      Rex: God, I want to f*ck the economy.
  • Running Gagged: In a sense: Mario Tennis Ultra Smash | The Darker Age of Nintendo ends with Scott realizing he has to talk about Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash by pulling it out of his toilet in horror.
    • Super Mario Kart | Baby on Board began a running gag of Scott complaining about the controls in Mario Kart games, only for that to come to a close in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! | Double Trouble, complete with a change of "MISSING" poster.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: Invoked in Subscription Services:
    Scott: Netflix is amazing!
    Scott: Netflix is okay!
  • Self-Deprecation: Scott laments about the borders that can't be turned off in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection by comparing it directly to the blue border he uses in every episode of his.
  • Serial Escalation: So far, every season finale has been much bigger than the last.
    • A Very Madden 08 Christmas was just a simple, goofy Christmas skit that wasn't much longer than any of Scott's other episodes.
    • It's Awesome Baby! had a much more ambitious plot about alternate universes and included musical numbers, art-style shifts, and an giant robot fight between two video games.
    • While not as ambitious as the previous Christmas special, It's A Bargain Bin Christmas included two of the biggest cameos in any Scott The Woz episode, and ended with an actual change to the status quo, being Scott selling his desk and getting a new, albeit broken, one.
    • The Dark Age of Nintendo trilogy uses this trope and runs with it, with each sketch subplot becoming more and more absurd as each video goes on.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story:
    • Scott's attempt to work on a video game in Development Hell has him start work, meet with disaster, have to explain himself, and then the cycle repeats. Once he finally submits his game to the publisher, he finds out that he wasn't even supposed to make a game. What Scott was making was supposed to be a Snickers bar.
    • In Midnight Releases, Scott's journey at experiencing a midnight launch for Pokémon Sword and Shield results in him wasting his time waiting outside of Best Buy (which wasn't doing a midnight launch), finding himself unable to do Gamestop's midnight launch due to not having pre-ordered the game beforehand, buying it at Walmart around 1:03am, and once he finally gets home at 1:30am and starts playing (specifically, we see him load up the digital version of Pokemon Sword, implying he already pre-ordered that):
      Scott: (zoned out on the couch with a controller) ...wait, I don't even like Pokemon...
    • In Game Boy Color: It Just Sorta Happened, Scott tries to figure out whether the Game Boy Color was its own system or an upgrade of the original Game Boy. Scott's final verdict is that it was an excuse for him to waste seventeen minutes.
  • Shaped Like Itself: His introduction of Devil's Third pondered "But how does something so bad... become so bad?"
    • It's a running gag in his Mario Kart retrospectives. Aside from Double Dash!!, the series doesn't exactly reinvent itself often, which isn't bad considering the core gameplay is really strong (he does hold against Mario Kart 8 that the antigravity gimmick doesn't really change anything gameplay-wise, besides wackier track design). But it does make for some funny reactions.
      Scott: Well, let's hop into the first cup. And... IT'S F***ING MARIO KART AGAIN!
  • Skewed Priorities: After Scott realizes his PS2 doesn't work anymore (after pummeling it with a hammer), his reaction?
    • God's priorities also seem to be skewed, from punishing Scott for daring to play console games outdoors to having created humans to not like RPGs.
  • Sick Episode: Limited Edition Consoles saw Scott trying to recuperate from having come down with mild congestion throughout the video, and at the end he got a note from his doctor saying that without treatment, Scott's going to die in 60 to 70 years.
  • So Bad, It's Horrible: In-Universe. This is Scott's general thoughts on the Data Design Interactive games due to their games being mostly the exact same (right down to the menus and the back of the box having the same template), having an awful lack of content, poor controls, awful camera and unresponsive attack buttons. In the first Shovelware Variety Hour, he only completed one of them, and the game didn't have an actual ending.
    "I can't really think of more deserving games to be the worst of all time. I don't think I consider them my least favorite, I mean I had no expectations for them. But I think in general they have to be some of the worst things ever conceived."
  • Something Completely Different:
    • Since starting his main series, Scott has made seven videos that have nothing to do with video games (Tinder, Stop Smoking!, Get Rich Quick!, As Seen on TV, Homecoming, Chia Pet, and The Trial). He has also made three videos that aren't even part of the Scott the Woz series at all, and are simply standalone sketches (On Your Mark, Get Set...Munch!! - From Struggling to Bankruptcy, Top 10 Commandments, and Cookin' Hard).
    • Of the videos connected to previous ones plot-wise, The Trial is the only one that doesn't cover video games.
    • Played with Subscription Services. While the video covers some video game streaming services like Xbox Game Pass and Playstation Now, the bulk of the video is really the streaming services with movies and TV such as Netflix and Hulu, since that was where the streaming craze began from.
    • The Season 4 finale, You're Not an RPG Guy, doesn't begin with Scott's signature catchphrase, "Hey all, Scott here." Rather, the episode ends with it.
  • Sound-Effect Bleep: Extreme swear words are always bleeped out of each video.
  • Spiritual Successor: The Shovelware Variety Hour is this to The WiiWare Chronicles, both being marathon review series of mediocre to terrible third-party Wii games.
  • Spit Take: Often lampshaded whenever it happens. An example from "Physical vs. Digital Games":
    Scott: Now if you'll excuse me, before I reenact what checking the prices of PlayStation Now was like back in 2015, I need to take a hearty gulp out of my hourly bottle of water.
    [Scott notices the price of rent for Final Fantasy XIII-2 and spits out the water]
    Scott: God, that's such tart water! And what gross prices!
  • Spoof Aesop:
    • The grand conclusion of The Dark Age of Nintendo series:
      So what if somebody likes a game I dislike? It doesn't matter! They're wrong anyways!
    • Scott's main takeaway from the events of Memory Cards:
      What a pumpkin means to those guys, memory cards mean to me! They're just such fun little experiences to have, with or without possession, and that's how you know you truly care about something...if you don't need possession to enjoy it.
    • Zig-zagged: The main takeaways Scott gets from the events of "You're Not an RPG Guy" are that it's perfectly okay that he's not an RPG guy, as that's just his own opinion (and that he at least likes some RPGs) and he shouldn't have to force himself to be something he isn't... and that sharks are just sexy fish at the end of the day.
  • Spoonerism: Discussed in Shovelware Variety Hour
    Hunting games are all over the place but Buck Fever is the only one that has a funny title if you swap the first letters of Buck and Fever.
  • Start X to Stop X: In Stop Smoking!, Scott decided that the best way to stop smoking is to start smoking himself.
  • Story Arc: Of course, there were the WiiWare Chronicles and Dark Age of Nintendo arcs. There was also an arc revolving around Chet Shaft, starting with his introduction in Game Stores, followed by The Great Mysteries of Gaming with his death at the hands of Officer Steel Wool, and leading up to The Trial where the arc was for the most part resolved until he and Steel Wool rise from their graves at the end of Memory Cards.
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: Scott spends a chunk of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash | The Darker Age of Nintendo talking about how the "you can randomly become a giant" feature doesn't really work as a selling point. When Scott invites Rex Mohs over to play, he announces that he despises tennis games and would never want to play them, unless they were to add a feature where the players can turn into giants.
  • Straw Vegetarian: A Very Madden 08 Christmas has Scott being invited to the third annual Vegans Anonymous Gathering, a convention/cult meeting of vegans during the holiday season. Said vegans aren't too happy when they discover that Scott has brought milk strapped onto his person to the gathering. They also later talk about the joys of consuming vegan bread and coffee.
    Terry: [commenting on Scott having a jug of milk taped on his clothes] To me, you're basically wearing a racial slur on a shirt.
  • Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion: In The Bible Game, Scott sings a song at the end of the video. The rest of the song rhymes, but Scott gives this line near the start:
    Regardless of faith, you gotta admit
    This game right here is pretty sick
  • Sudden Soundtrack Stop: In Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash | The Darkest Age of Nintendo when the Anti-Gex explodes, the swelling and triumphant orchestral music abruptly stops to accompany the Anticlimax.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: Done twice in the Dark Age of Nintendo arc:
    • The first time, in the Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash part of the trilogy, Scott calls Rex and Jeb to inform them that their uncles died. When Jeb asks if it's Gex night again, Scott decides that that's easier than trying to explain how Jeb's uncle died for the third time.
    • The second time, in the Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash part, Dr. Jerry Attricks diagnoses that Scott's problem with the game is that it's so good that Scott feels inadequate in its presence. Scott's response is a simple, "...Sure."
  • Surreal Humor: Most definitely. Taken Up to Eleven with A Very Madden 08 Christmas, an 18-minute long Christmas Special featuring terrific "acting", reviews of four different ports of Madden 08, vegans, someone robbing Target, a police procedural parody, and a brief stop-motion segment.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: In It's Awesome Baby!, when the world leader questions how someone got their ringtone.
    Not from somebody who tole me all about the wonders of Madden NFL Football, that's for sure!
  • Sweeping the Table: Scott clears everything off his desk in Remakes, Remasters and Rereleases because he wants start "cutting content" in order to properly remake himself. The desk remains empty throughout the entirety of the episode.
  • Take Our Word for It: Somehow, Scott managed to get 23 minutes out of talking about the L button. We don't get to see the end result, though, in lieu of 10 minutes about instruction manuals.
  • Take That!:
    • The very first Scott the Woz video, concerning the Switch announcement, opens with Scott chucking his Wii U out his window.
      • A few videos later, in Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Games, he shows off how he's passing the time waiting for the Switch launch... by cutting to him driving around a parking lot with his Wii U, before smashing it into the pavement.
    • In Call of Duty on Wii, he states that there are two kinds of Wii games: Anti Nazi, and Pro Nazi. Wii Music is the only game in the Pro Nazi pile.
    • "This game blows! (chucks Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash case into toilet)"
    • Right before Scott gets into discussing Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct, he pauses briefly to "wipe some sh*t off of [his] shoe". Cue him slamming a shoe onto his table, adorned with a piece of paper reading "Nintendo's E3 Conference 2018".
    • The Art of Box Art sees Scott's take on the "Are video games art?" debate, which can best be summarized with his blunt remark that "[The question] is one of the dumbest questions out there[...]; of course they are."
    • Scott points toward a Burger King as proof that he has a mental breakdown after learning about the origins of his name.
      Scott: And just to show you how insane I've been lately...
      [cut to the parking lot of a Burger King]
      Scott: I ATE HERE.
    • "I've seen enough things sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends to the point where I truly know I never want to play it."
    • It's A Bargain Bin Christmas has characters repeatedly express ire at Scott for getting them Battleborn. Also, a clip of all the Recent Murderees groaning, with Rex shouting "WHAT THE F*CK?!", used in reaction to anything from Scott giving them all of the bargain bin games, to... Spree Candy Canes.
    • During You're Not an RPG Guy, Target Employee reveals that his brother, Wendy's Employee, had desired to see Scott play NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...... only to wind up giving up saying the full title, and assuming his brother was having a stroke.
    • Whenever the Nintendo 64 is mentioned, you can count on Scott to mention the controller, and not in a positive light.
  • Talkative Loon: Goes on long, nonsensical diatribes, as per his brand of humor.
  • Tampering with Food and Drink: Parodied. In Homecoming, after Scott decided he wants his homecoming party to allow alcohol and drugs, he starts to deliberately spike all the food and drinks. Cue Scott filling the punch bowl with cigarettes, putting a beer can between two halves of a slider sandwich, and pouring beer into the homecoming ballot box.
  • Tempting Fate: In discussing which version of Resident Evil 4 to use for his Tales from the Backlog video about it, Scott decides to not use a Nintendo version, as he wants to spice things up and talk more about games outside of Nintendo. And no sooner does he decide to do this:
    Scott: So, let's start playing (holds up the Wii edition) Resident Evil 4... (looks at hand) ...damnit.
    • The last thing Scott wears before he got into a train crash in "Desert Island Gaming" is a shirt with "# of Train Crashes Today: 0" written on it.
  • Ten Little Murder Victims: The Great Mysteries of Gaming has Scott attending a dinner party with a few other people, and all goes well until the host is suddenly murdered. Scott refuses to let anyone else leave because the party is over at 9 and "we at least owe [the host] this." Scott and the others then attempt to figure out who the murderer is between all of them.
  • Thanksgiving Episode: Personal Trainer: Cooking serves as one, with Scott attempting to use the game as a way to prepare food for Thanksgiving dinner. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Theme Tune: A portion of the track "Breakout" from the game 3D Dot Game Heroes.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Scott's response to having to look at anime in Anime Games is a simple, "This is gonna sting."
  • Time Crash: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | Newton's Worst Nightmare Again starts with Scott repeating his bit from the Mario Kart 8 video (pretending his desk is a bar)... but after a moment's pause, the timeline glitches out and breaks due to Scott talking about Mario Kart 8 a second time. He attempts to rectify it by making a case that Deluxe is a different enough game, only for time to collapse further due to him failing.
    Mario Kart 8!Scott: Hey all, Scott here. What'll it be?
    Audience!Scott: Mario Kart 8!
    Mario Kart 8!Scott: This is a bar. ...wait-
    Mario Kart 7!Scott: What-
    Mario Kart Wii!Scott: Is-
    Mario Kart DS!Scott: Happening-
    Mario Kart: Double Dash!Scott: I-
    Mario Kart: Super Circuit!Scott: Already-
    Mario Kart 64!Scott: Talked-
    Super Mario Kart!Scott: Mario Kart 8-
    Scott: (appears in a glitched out version of his room) Before. ... (looks around the glitching landscape) Wow... See, that's a fun quirk in talking about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the space time continuum thinks you're just talking about Mario Kart 8 again, so it just... gives up.
  • Title Theme Drop: The show's Theme Tune appears as a subtle backing track near the end of Scott's song in The Bible Game, and as a brief snippet in "Why Don't You Play Them?" from You're Not An RPG Guy.
  • To Be Continued:
    • Lampshaded in the end of EyeToy for PlayStation 2, where he goes to a store called "To Be Continued" to buy yet another shoelace and it turns out he bought the Xbox Kinect (which is Xbox's take on the PS2's Eye Toy).
    • Done more seriously at the end of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash | The Darker Age of Nintendo when Scott realizes to his mounting horror that the final game from the Dark Age of Nintendo he has to talk about is "Chibi-Robo Zip Lash".
  • Trash the Set:
    • At the end of Game Compilations Compilation, Scott realizes too late (when filming the ending of the video outside) that he left his s'mores maker on.
      Scott: (is watching his house burn; annoyed) God, (looks at his copy of "Propane Classics Collection") I deliberately left this one out to avoid this from happening.
    • Scott unintentionally punches a hole in his wall at the start of The Game Room.
    • Downplayed: in order to fund his charity dinner in It's a Bargain Bin Christmas, Scott is forced to sell his famous desk, but gets a new one as a Christmas present at the end of the episode.
    • In Mario Kart 8 | Newton's Worst Nightmare, Scott smashes the mini bookcase on his desk with a hammer while ranting about the game's Battle Mode.
    • The beginning of Remakes, Remasters and Rereleases, where Scott says if he wants to remake his entire life he'd have to start cutting content. Seconds later, he shoves everything off of his desk.
    • The beginning of Physical vs. Digital Games shows Scott complaining about clutter, also leading to Scott shoving everything off of his desk.
    • In Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash | The Darkest Age of Nintendo, Scott's therapist throws Scott onto his desk, knocking over nearly everything on it in the process.
  • The Triple: In Scott's deep dive of Super Smash Bros. 64:
    Scott: Super Smash Bros., the most prolific crossover series on the planet, allowing you to pit Nintendo and gaming icons against each other. Mario versus Link, Samus versus Kirby, Brown versus Board of Education...
  • Two Aliases, One Character: Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash | The Darkest Age of Nintendo reveals that prior to being a therapist, Jerry Attricks originally was a news anchor, confirming that he's the "News: The News" anchor from A Very Madden 08 Christmas.
    • The judge shown on the advertising in The Trial introduces himself as Judge Abstinence, calling back to his previous appearance as DJ Abstinence in Homecoming.
  • Uncertain Audience: Invoked in Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash | The Darkest Age of Nintendo: he points out that the game was too radically different to appeal to longtime fans, but it was also too generic to stand out from the tidal wave of high-quality 2D platformers on the 3DS, especially when Chibi-Robo! as a series had never been popular enough to sell by name recognition alone.
  • The Unishment:
    • The reason for talking about launch titles in the video about them: Scott tried to combine illegal gambling with pregnancy, and his punishment was 14 minutes of community service... of talking about console launch titles.
    • Scott is put under house arrest in It's Awesome Baby! after ranting negatively against Dick Vitale in public following the timeline being altered to where Dick Vitale's "Awesome, Baby!" College Hoops rules the land. Scott's response was to spin a review out of it.
      Scott: Hey all, Scott here! I've heard the requests, and yep, I'm finally gonna do it, (reveals his ankle bracelet) today, we're gonna be taking a look at house arrest!
  • Valentine's Day Episode: Happens almost every year, with all of them as of yet emphasizing Scott's loneliness and focusing on him either trying to break his streak of loneliness or coping with not having a mate. 2021 never saw a Valentine's Day episode since Scott was taking a two month long break at the beginning of the year.
    • 2017's episode covers Tinder and Scott's attempts of finding a date using the app.
    • 2018's episode has Scott covering The Guy Game, an infamous NSFW quiz game.
    • 2019's episode features the Fanservice-y spinoff of the Dead or Alive fighting game series, Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.
    • 2020's episode has Scott talking about We Dare, an "adult-oriented" Wii party game released only in Europe and Australia.
  • Video Game Perversity Potential: Discussed with the PictoChat (which kinda stretches the definition of "video game") in Nintendo DS: Touched at First Sight and Wii Channels, shown below in respective order:
    Scott: You may ask, "Scott, what's the point of messaging people if you have to be in the same room?" Well, just ask the Nintendo DS Stylus, or as I like to call it, the Crotch Doodler!
    Scott: Yeah, opening up the Nintendo DS and seeing a little option called PictoChat? You could draw whatever you want and crotches. [posts a hand-drawn huge "CENSORED" bar into the chat log]
  • Watching the Sunset: After Scott learns in Mario Kart 8 | Newton's Worst Nightmare that the final new racer addition to the game is Pink Gold Peach, the video cuts to a clip of Scott watching the sun setting over the sea, wondering what's the point of it all.
  • Way Past the Expiration Date:
    • New Super Mario Bros. | What's New Is Old opens with Scott drinking (and spitting out) milk that he left outside but had never opened for a week, believing that not opening it makes it technically still "new."
    • Game Foods ends with Scott eating a can of Super Mario soup, not realizing until it was too late that the soup expired 3 years ago. He ended up being admitted to the hospital again.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Reporty Jim, who died while reporting on the console war grounds in Console Wars.
  • Wham Shot: Chet Shaft and Steel Wool rising from their graves at the end of Memory Cards.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: After Chet dies in The Great Mysteries of Gaming, Scott's immediate reaction is to continue playing his recorded episode about game mysteries.
    Rex Mohs: (incredulous; punches the table) SOMEBODY F*CKING DIED!
  • Wheel o' Feet: Discussed when talking about Sonic's design on a can of energy drink in Game Foods.
    "What is going on with Sonic's legs here? Like, yeah, Sonic usually runs so fast his legs are nothing more than a figure-8 or something, but... there's that, and then there's having no legs but just scribbles below you."
  • Working Title: Invoked and parodied. Turns out his name in his birth certificate (Scott "Will Eventually Take a Look at the First Mega Man" Wozniak) was intended to be a placeholder name, denoted with a "(working title)" at the very bottom; the name ended up never being changed at all.
  • World of Weirdness: Every cast member is their own brand of Cloud Cuckoolander, nearly everyone has one iteration of a yearly sports game to obsess over, Virginity reigns supreme, death is like the common cold... The world of Scott the Woz is a strange one, to put it lightly.
  • Wrong Turn at Albuquerque: Scott tried to go to the Microsoft offices to pitch his idea for a new Xbox console, but thanks to Google Maps and a few wrong turns he ended up in the W. K. Kellogg Institute for Food and Nutrition Research.
  • X Meets Y: In The WiiWare Chronicles III, Scott describes TV Show King as "Wheel of Fortune meets Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? meets a 65 on Metacritic".
  • You Just Had to Say It: In The Trial, Jeb says that they should be fine as long as they aren't up against a real lawyer. Immediately afterwards, guess who shows up?
    Liza Lots: Hi. Liza Lots. Real lawyer.
    Rex Mohs: ...DAMNIT!
  • Younger Than They Look: Despite being well-versed in the history of video games and looking like someone in his mid 20's, Scott was only 19 years old when he started his channel.


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