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Harry Potter and the Underground's Saviour


  • Bad grammar: Kinda, its sparse
  • Out of Character moments: Luan isn't as punny as she is in the show, Ronnie Anne and Bobby are downright cruel, sadistic, and evil, Bobby especially
  • Romantic Plot Tumor / Shipping: it's a Lincoln Harem story, nuff said
  • Author Avatar / Mary Sue / Marty Stu: Despite making themselves known in Our favorite Brother and More recently Attack of the Duplicates Geo and Logan aren't featured in this story however Jack has been Confirmed to be an Expy of Logan
Average At Best Fan-fic: More or less
  • Written by: Geo Soul,Red the Pokémon Master and on occasions Yugiohfan 163
Context: Lucy tries to commit Suicide but Lincoln stops her this Leads to a massive chain of events that shakes the world of the Loud House

[[Hopesparkle's Sparkle of Hope]]

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