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•Even Jerks Have Hearts

•Third Person

Dust Devils - A Girls Und Panzer Story by AAHW

  • Recommended by: Web Worm 20
  • Status: On Hiatus
  • Synopsis: Valarie Woodlin is a student at Mojave Rose High School in Barstow, California, and she's a massive fan of tankery. After learning that her school is reviving its tankery team, she jumps at the chance to be its commander, kickstarting the adventure of a lifetime for her and her friends.
  • Tags: Original Characters, Adventure

Dust Devils - A Girls Und Panzer Story

Harry Potter and the Underground's Saviour


  • Bad grammar: Kinda, its sparse
  • Out of Character moments: Luan isn't as punny as she is in the show, Ronnie Anne and Bobby are downright cruel, sadistic, and evil, Bobby especially
  • Romantic Plot Tumor / Shipping: it's a Lincoln Harem story, nuff said
  • Author Avatar: Despite making themselves known in Our favorite Brother and More recently Attack of the Duplicates Geo and Logan aren't featured in this story however Jack has been Confirmed to be an Expy of Logan
Average At Best Fan-fic: More or less
  • Written by: Geo Soul,Red the Pokémon Master and on occasions Yugiohfan 163
Context: Lucy tries to commit Suicide but Lincoln stops her this Leads to a massive chain of events that shakes the world of the Loud House

[[Hopesparkle's Sparkle of Hope]]

Unusual Troubles

The Other Wiki [1]

Tropes under the Main/ Sandbox in that folder called... I forgot what it's called, but it's about the one that says "Card Game."

Main Heroes, Excluding Elementals

    Soap/The Protagonist 

Voiced by: NeedsMoreDeepWater (male version), (female version)

The eponymous protagonist; depending on the player's choice, a man or woman who was in the middle of the Fawncy Castle when it was attacked by the Economy Lord, who made a run for it when he started inflicting magic debt and forced servitude on everyone with his Economy Jewel. Soap managed to escape... by going out the sole window on the first floor that just-so-happened to overlook a gigantic cliff, falling to their death in Tooreal Forest. They meet their first Elemental there, disappointed in the premature death of someone with so much potential, and out of pity lets them in on the whole Elemental business, picking them to be their "holder" and someone who will free them from their awful transformations.

  • Berserk Button:
  • Butt-Monkey: The game starts with them falling to their death from sheer bad luck, and believe it or not, things get worse for them as the game goes on.
  • Pals with Jesus: Can befriend 1,500 ancient beings who represent various pieces of reality/the universe, as well as their overarching... leader?-esque figure. Even in a low% run,at bare minumum, they end up having 100 of them working with them, one of which represents the "element" of existence/reality, and the other noteworthy required one being the elemental of time.
  • What the Hell Is That Accent?: Male-Soap's voice sounds like a bad impersonation of Tommy Wiseau mixed with some kind of strange Southern/vaguely German-sounding mix. Female-Soap is even worse, and not only sounds nothing like Male-Soap's accent despite supposedly just being two different sexes of the same "base" protagonist, but
  • Would Hit a Girl: Inevidable if you pick Soap to be male. Especially since the first boss is a woman, as will his rival Mirror Boss (but only if Soap is a man), and the true antagonist and final boss.

    Princess/Prince [something] (Spoiler Character) 

    Hand "Handy" Sanitizer 

Soap's best friend.

  • Theme Naming: Parodied. "Soap" could... at least kinda pass as being used in some weird fantasy name, but a name like "Hand Sanitizer" is right out.

    Dave Buyit 

The shopkeeper who travels around and sells stuff.

  • Creators Thumbprint: Yet another rather ditzy but well-meaning (except in Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group, where the "Dave" there was legitimately an arrogant douche) character named "Dave" in a Water Work, which, yet again, started out as an accident, as Water forgot that he already had a Dave in IG by the time he came up with Dave Highya of -Roy: Master of Debate.


    In General 

Fifteen-hundred (and one, counting the Grand Elemental) beings

    [Not-Prescilla... fuck it, should I used the dumb names from that "Above Paradise" crap? Well, not for the main ones. This is not Whitney]  

The Existence/Reality Elemental, and your main guide throughout the game. S/he first appears in "Beevine" form after Soap's poorly-planned leap out a window, helping them get back in their body and bring that body back to life. After that,





    [Not-Ninthee] (Unmarked Spoiler Warning) 

The Time Elemental.

  • Expy: Of Father Balder; they're both the not-quite final boss of their respective games, use a heavy array of light-themed attacks with an angelic motif, are technically fought going down a massive Star Scraper (although Balder's fight is on chunks of the building falling as it's being blown up, [name]'s fight is spent running down the side of a building as s/he chases you constantly), and there's even a twist that both of them are actually heroic, just possessed by some evil entity (Loptr and the F'gitb'tit, respectively)
  • Full-Frontal Assault: Inverted. They're the only elemental seen wearing clothes, which is a huge red flag in general. It turns out that they're possessed by an entity who, despite looking utterly nonhuman, has a huge sense of modesty, and even has a Naked Freak-Out despite not having "anything to hide," from the perspective of the completely human Soap and the humanoid Elementals. Meanwhile, [Chrono-something might be a good name?], on the other hand, has a clothed freak out after snapping out of it.
  • Palette Swap: Averted. Her/his EX version is the only EX boss that is not a simple palette change, but rather has a shadowy body with

    The Grand Elemental 

Tooreal Forest

A simple forest behind the Royal Castle.

    "Too Real Statue" 

The tutorial-giving statue who helps Soap get back in their body, and bring that body to life.

Havaage Hospital

A half-finishednote  hospital in the center of the game's main region, Soap is escorted there by Dr. Cleave after a (barely) failed attempt at unifying their soul and body, and is involuntarily kept there. This serves as the opening "overworld section" and the first dungeon, and needs to be beaten to explore the other four overworlds. (Technically five, but heading to the Suburb Skyscraper early is considered a bad idea.)

    Dr. Cleave Havaage 

  • Expy: She's basically a less deranged (not that that's saying very much) Revealica of Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group, and neither fifty feet tall nor an anthro wolf monster. Both of them are still bloodlusted characters who have a common joke in that a more "typical" work, they'd be a sort of Ms. Fanservice character and their outfit would be considered revealing, except they're in a story with many, many regulars that effectively go around nude,
  • Fan Disservice: Her breast-exposing outfit would normally be considered fanservice, except that she's constantly carrying her namesake weapons and a psychotic grin around, and she's covered in some sort of teal liquid. Even worse to those who read Joy|: Cunning Underling, as that liquid is the exact same color as the blood of Perpendicular World humans. If this game has some version of the Perpendicular World in addition to the Non-Dimension, and it's strongly implied that it does (and half of the Elementals "originated" from there), then she's basically going around covered in blood. Not to mention there's the obvious elephant in the room in that if you're desperate for fanservice, you've got the hundreds of completely nude Elementals by Soap's side, and unlike Dr. Cleave, they can be women or men depending on the setting.
  • Meaningful Name: It's a pun of "cleavage," which her outfit has and makes blatant, and how she cleaves a lot. Also, the "Hav" part of her name is pronounced sounding similar to "half," which fits the general "half and half" nature (including its half-finished state) of her hospital-dungeon.
  • Mythology Gag: Her surname is literally Poixer's surname of Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group, but with an "H" in front to make it vaguely sound like "half." Word of God is that this is just done to fuck with people trying to connect his works together; she has no relation to the Avaage family, and IG is not related to Soap's Adventures.
  • Opening the Sandbox: You have to do Havaage Hospital first, as you're forced there immediately after Tooreal Forest, and you're locked in there until after getting the key card — which Doctor Cleave invariably has. After you go through her dungeon and beat her, however, you are free to explore the next four/five areas as you wish. You can't go back to Tooreal Forest though (it's separated from the rest of the world by a gigantic cliff that Soap refuses to climb again), at least not until the Playable Epilogue. (Where a ladder was built.)
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: She is completely correct in that there is something wrong with Soap's state and his/her strange detachment between body and soul. However, by Insane Troll Logic, she thinks that the only solution is to kill them outright (according to the Elementals, this is actually true). She keeps them alive until they enter the boss room of the dungeon
  • Shout-Out:
    • In the Various Challenges, using the Hint Phone will have a random boss/other major character chime in rather than an Elemental, giving a quote. Her line is basically the same line that pops up in M.U.G.E.N should you pit (the old) Omega Tiger Woods against the Rox Howard Clones, where she'll comment that her "masterpiece" (Soap) is "training."
  • Small Name, Big Ego: She constantly credits herself for fixing up Soap and calls them her "masterpiece," even in the post-game. (Her quote during the Champions is "Ah... it seems my masterpiece is training..." to name just one example.)

    Havaage Clones 

Various clones of Havaage

Life/Truth Mountain

A gigantic mountain range composed of one large central mountain surrounded by a variety of color-coded other mountains that each correspond to a "typical" video game setting, with the unifying theme being that they are "plantless" areas. (Deserts, tundras, "swamps" that are mainly mud, etc are fine, but you won't see any forests or jungles here.)

    The King 

    Lava Spirits 

    The Four Watchers (Sand, Ice, Brine, Blood) 

A team of four unusual "superheroes" who are found in four corners of the confusingly complex Life Mountain.

Hallowstmas Woods and Hallowstmas Street

A place that can best be described as a Christmas-themed/Halloween-themed hybrid of sorts, generally split down the middle (a snowy pine forest on one side and a dark, purple forest with dead trees on the other), except the middle neighborhood where the residents are at a constant war over a certain piece of central territory.


A self-proclaimed "Halloween Spirit" and the owner of the store "Jack's Hits." He has a colossal ego and desperately wants to be an Elemental, despite being informed (usually politely, but some elementals are much less patient than that) that he really can't, at least he physically cannot be "an Elemental" by their definition. He's always competing against Klaus

  • Enemy Mine: Twice over. First is in the general Hallowstmas Street "Arc," where they put aside their differences and fight one common enemy: you. The second is in the finale, as along with everyone else, they reluctantly team up once again and with you to help them get out of the Realm of What's Not.


A self-proclaimed "Christmas Spirit," even though in this world, very few people outside of Hallowstmas Street know what that is. He

Oldaz Caverns

An underground series of ruins that


Smitt Creek

A waste disposal region and nuclear power plant/water treatment plant hybrid.


    The Smittener 


Identical-looking employees who run the place. They also break the fourth wall constantly.

[name of the suburbs themselves] & Suburb Skyscraper

    The CEO (Spoiler Character) 

See the folder on the Time Elemental. Or F'gitb'tit, for the Time Elemenal's possessor.

Main Antagonists (Unmarked Spoilers)


A very bizarre, bike-riding fellow who is always the other gender of what is selected for Soap. Follows around the Economy Lord and has a number of spirit-like beings called "Economentals" who assist them in battle.

  • Cloudcuckoolander: Even moreso than Soap.
  • Mirror Boss: In regular Water Work tradition, copying from PlatinumGames tradition, they're Soap's Adventure's answer to Crim-Sin, Flaoette, Tae-Min, and Undercard before, and the Bigger Trucker and Diana after. (And, counting prose stories, Mudvin, Ninjssassin, Yuullieke, the Ninja and Suit Squads, Roxy/Joxy, etc) They use the same moves as Soap, and have their own army of identitical money-themed elemental knockoffs. And, as with most of the Water Mirror Bosses, you fight them four times, at least "canonically."
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: The first three fights are generally passed off as jokes. The fourth and final showdown, where their Economentals turn in to the far more vicious-looking and powerful Nonmentals with a full count at 1,500,

    The Economentals/Nonmentals 

Artificial clones of the Elementals who are of the opposite gender of what the player selected the Elemenetals to be at the start. They assist Grime in their

  • Meaningful Name: "Economentals" obviously has connotations with the economy, but can also be taken to mean that they are built economically, IE only using the minimum required material, as the Economy Lord didn't care too much about Grime and half-assed the creation of the Economentals. "Nonmentals," on the other hand, could be seen as "non mental," which fits as in either form, these beings are effectively mindless robots.

    The Economy Lord 

A wizard who tampered with the Existence Jewel to create his own offshoot, dubbed the Economy Jewel, who can apparently warp reality in ways specifically tied to the economy. His main attack is putting people in severe debt to him just by touch; Soap barely managing to avoid this fate is what kicks off the plot to this game.

    The F'gitb'tit (SPOILERS) 

An Eldritch Abomination from the Un-Existence that was taking control of the Time Elemental to try to

  • Bathos: A horror from an incomprehencible "non-dimension" that requires six reality-bending artifacts just to even be able to be in the damn place without fizzing out existentially possessing the closest thing their world has to a time god(dess) for at least a decade and making that time god/time goddess go rouge and evil? Would actually be a pretty scary thought. That abomintation being the size of a nickel, instead freaking out because he's naked while his possess-ie freaks out because they're clothed, and then putting on a ridiculous "wannabe gangsta" teenage getup — backwards cap and everything — while speaking in cringe-worthy slang like someone trying to badly immitate a '90s commercial, well... basically, he's almost impossible to take seriously once he makes his actual apperance, no matter how much context you slather on about him. Him being stepped on casually by Soap doesn't help matters.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • He's basically the same thing as the "Horrorterror" from KIDS FIT THE TROLLS, a tiny being that possessed the then-apparent Big Bad (who is also somewhat pink-themed, to boot) and is anti-climactically stepped on by the heroes. In fact, the way that the protagonist finds out that [Chrono-something] is possessed is similar; he (or she) literally just gets the flashback of the incident from the battle thanks to strangely-defined mind powers.
    • His name is basically "FUGGETABOUTIT" "Cthulhu-itized." Water has a Running Gag in his Youtube Poops with Enzo, who says this a lot, both in his home games and especially in Water's video edits.
  • Zero-Effort Boss: His "encounter" eventually turns in to a boss fight, but all you do is walk over to him. Any attack, even sword slashes and the like that should go right over him, can kill him. Alternatively, you can just step on him, taking him out instantly. This despite him charging up a whopping fifteen life bars, more than any boss in the game. He does have an EX form, where he does survive your first attack... but hitting him again should take him out.

    The Final Boss (MAJOR SPOILERS) 

The Grand, and Only, Antimental

The Evil Counterpart to the Grand Elemental,

  • Humanoid Abomination: Oh lord, this is probably one of the weirdest and most abstract villains in any Water Work, and that's saying something since Water Works typically involve fighting gods and extradimensional beings. For starters, the Antimental doesn't actually exist. What they "are" is apparently some completely seperate form of being that doesn't really "exist" so much as it does something else entirely, and what that something else isn't clear. They are also the embodiment of their own home "non-dimension," a place that somehow not-exists entangled directly within our own actual dimension, and where space and time work very differently, detailed under Eldritch Location in the main page. The main reason why the Grand Elemental does not like people fucking around with the Jewels too much is not because of the potentials of getting trapped in time or some spatial nightmare (although those are reasons, but comparatively small and easily-fixable ones), it's that it's apparently way too easy to accidentally pump existence in between the cracks of our own existence and fuel the Antimental's non-dimension, making them exist (or exist more than they already did, as evident by their disguise) and thus try to take over the world. Even the Elementals, who are eons-old gods that practically created time and space, get headaches trying to understand how the Antimental "works."
  • Knight of Cerebus: Downplayed as there's still some humor around, but she/he's the most serious villain in the game,
  • The Smurfette Principle: Their gender is determined by the gender of the Elementals. If the Elementals (determining the Antimental's gender and the gender of the Economentals) and Soap (determining the gender of Grime) are both set to be female, then the Antimental becomes the only female member of note in the whole "non-dimensional team," as the Economy Lord and F'gitb'tit are male no matter what.
  • Walking Spoiler: Both their real form as the evil version of the Grand Elemental and their disguise as "the Prince(ss)" are two major twists in the game. Their very existence is a spoiler, since for the most part the Economy Lord is depicted as the Big Bad. It's not until you fight the Time Elemental/F'gitb'tit that the fact that they exist is really even hinted at.
  • You Cannot Grasp the True Form: Played with; there is no "the mind can't get what's in front of it" at play here. Either the Antimental is, for all intents and purposes and putting it simply, "invisible," or they aren't.

The Bonus Bosses (Unmarked Spoilers)

    The Elementals' Final Trial 

The Grand Elemental

Once you have all 1,500 Elementals and have basically maxed out your relationship with them, you can also challenge the Grand Elemental to a fight. Since she/he is literally the exact same character in the Elementals section, tropes on this boss fight will go under there.

    The Last Champion 

Dry Metal Soap

"...We got lazy."

Unlike the other two Bonus Bosses, who do not appear in the Champions Challenge, this Bonus Boss only appears in the Champions.

    The Mystery From Another Multiverse 

The Mysterious Rival/The Tragic Comedian/"Future" Taro [he'll have a last name]

"Surprise, bitch! Thought you saw the last of me?"

The Future Badass version of the male "lead" of The Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan trilogy. Actually summoning him is simple: Just use the Suspicious Looking Mask. Getting an SLM on the other hand is a lot more difficult than that.

Word of God is that this boss fight is non-canon, although the other two bonus battles are. (The whole Challenge portion of the game is in a Pocket Dimension and Dry Metal Soap was just the Elementals getting lazy, while naturally the Grand Elemental taking you on in a fight isn't even remotely far-fetched given her demonstrations of power throughout the entire game.)

Standing on your school's roof thinking about a classmate's underwear? Mysterious Rival!
Walking through a magma(/lava?) cave up a mountain? Mysterious Rival!
Up in the clouds trying to get to the top of the mountain so you can enter the bad guy's castle? Mysterious Rival!
Just averted a nuclear wear? Mysterious Rival!
In a completely different fucking game, you found a mask, and it teleported you somewhere? Mysterious Rival!

Tooreal Forest

This miniscule sprout has the potential to grow and become an oak as mighty as its siblings.

Water splashes through this river. Water that, given time, has the potential to carve a canyon.

Urgh, this... statue... man... statue-man. Has the potential to get out of the damn way!

Locust of Famine: Slowing, okay

Locust of Pestilence: Poisoning, neat

Locust of Death: Extra damage, great

Locust of Conquest: Alright, lots of flies/locusts

Locust of War: Blows up in your face, NO. FUCK THAT SHIT.


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