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The Great Wall of LinaMade to divide the page into two parts: the funny...and the... uh,




boi funny

  • This Troper: Happens in episode 5.

  • Badass Boast: Izuku, naturally. A notable example from chapter 19 when he gives one to One For All of all people:
Izuku: “Let me make something clear for you right now, though. I have no interest in the feud you have going with the number one for some reason. I don’t even particularly care why. But if you come after one of my own? I will make your life a living hell. I don’t have the qualms that normal heroes have. I will hunt and kill anyone and everyone that chooses to associate with you. I wonder. How will you explain to Tomura in Hell why his last moments were him choking on his own blood. Make an appointment like a normal person, and come with a proper business deal. For now however, last warning before I get impolite. Get out of my office.”

  • Easily Elected: Lampshaded After dudemcexample's final thingy in the second thang. Bobley questions how a mass gamer managed to get elected president in a disguise despite being arrested for gaming past bedtime.
...but I think I'd rather we went and visited some of our family, and started rebuilding some couches! Whaddya say?

  • Shout-Out: Several so far:
    • In chapter 5 when discussing Izuku’s equipment, he mentions that it needs to be capable of underwater combat, in case he runs into someone with a “water bending quirk”.
    • The end of chapter 16 has Mei remembering a quote from “an old fantasy novel”.
It was then that a passage from an old fantasy novel she’d read popped into her head. She hadn’t understood it when she'd read it. Not fully, not its deeper meaning. Now she did, and she whispered it to the sun as it crept up for all to see. “Ten spears go to battle and nine shatter. War didn’t forge the one that remained. No, it identified the one that wouldn’t break.”

1Darth Manchild here to ruin your day!.... and sell some seasonal lakefront property. I have invaded the vertical, the horizontal, the twilight zone and the whole hour of 60 minutes! BEHOLD The living embodiment of GIFT. How would you like it wrapped?

'Sir, please, could you not...'

SHUT UP, CHACHI! STOP IT! what kind of minion are you?

'I am a butler, hired by your father to keep a watch on you, a pathetic little man in his 20's who lives in the basement.'


'That is really not up to you, sir. Besides you say that at almost any aggravation. It really lost all meaning'

Don't make me call McNinja! I will

  • sigh*'Nerds'

"I'm just testing out quotes myself. Don't mind this."
—A confused user

"the massive pork is much thicker than we have anticipated"
—The Butter


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  • In the intro to the second part of the dating sim episode, MatPat gets a mail from Markiplier, then opens the pictures attached on it. The next scene shows two pictures from HuniePop with Mark's face placed over them, while MatPat looks for the Brain Bleach.

001: Sequinox Sequence Pt. 1
  • The episode starts with Jake describing the new arc as “wet and wild”, which leads to a conversation on how a) things being described as anything wet is terrible, and b) how Jake describes almost anything he likes as wet.
    • Gets a callback when Caiden accidentally says the photo he took of the girls is for his “personal collection”.
    ’’’Cassidy:’’’ This is where the wet and wild I was promised comes in!
  • Syd does her eyeliner with a knife, which is both metal and terrifyingly stupid.
  • Tellie takes on different forms when it appears to each girl. For Chel it's a fox wearing sunglasses and with bikini tan lines.
  • When Caiden takes the girls’ picture, Hannah tries to get out because she doesn’t want to be seen with three losers, and Syd turns into a cryptid-style blur.
  • Chel and Yuki try to invite Syd out for milkshakes.
    ’’’Yuki:’’’ Do you like milkshakes?
    ’’’Syd:’’’ Uh, is the Pope Catholic?
    ’’’Chel:’’’ Is he? ‘’*pulls out phone to check*’’
    ‘’’Yuki:’’’ ‘’*shoves Chel’s phone back in her pocket*’’ Yes. Yes he is.
  • Syd’s Suspiciously Specific Denial about previously living in a city in a state that exists.
  • Syd pulls a knife on Tellie as soon as it appears.
    ’’’Syd:’’’ No sudden movements!
    ‘’’Tellie:’’’ I’m a fox! All my movements are sudden!
  • After Tellie appears, Caiden tells the girls they’re not allowed to have a cat in his family’s diner, so the girls blame it on Syd being new. Syd isn’t having it though.
    ’’’Syd:’’’ Hey, do I come in to your house and tell you where to put your animals? I don’t!
    ‘’’Caiden:’’’ But…you ‘’are’’ in my place of employment…
  • Syd and Hannah tell Tellie that it looks like a cereal mascot, despite it’s protests that it serve an ancient and powerful deity.

002: Sequinox Sequence Pt. 2

  • When Cassidy and Shannon hang out, apparently they either win Emmies or shut down Pokemon tournaments.
  • The episode begins with Jake declaring that his southern accent for Chel is the best. Alan vehemently disagrees but Shannon and Cassidy are on his side.
    ’’’Alan:’’’ It was like being boiled alive in vitriol.
    ’’’Shannon:’’’ There are two other southerners here, and we have Emmies, and we have a southern accent, so I’m just saying…
    ‘’’Cassidy:’’’ It was so good that my southern accent started to come out.
  • Alan excitedly describes Yuki’s Transformation Sequence, but neglects to mention she’s wearing a shirt. He gets met by a chorus of “No shirt, titties out!”
    ’’’Shannon:’’’ It’s the real way to fight as a woman!
  • Chel finds it disrespectful that Earth is the last planet that the stars targeted, even though if they had done it earlier they likely would’ve destroyed everything.
  • Spring and Antares are both wielding whips, but Spring isn’t as experienced.
    ’’’Josh:’’’ It’s my first day with a whip.
    ‘’’Jake:’’’You should’ve shown up with a nay-nay. Thank you! I’ll be here all week!
    ‘’’Josh:’’’ Like the song!
    ‘’’Jake:’’’ Podcast is over, thank you. Josh had to shoot it in it’s crib. It was a baby infant joke, and Josh smothered it with a pillow. Congratulations Josh, the baby joke smotherer.
    ‘’’Josh:’’’ ‘’*Evil Laugh*’’ I’m the villain!
    ‘’’Jake:’’’ I’m glad you got whipped.
  • One Scorpie that gives the group continued trouble due to either high-powered attacks or dodging all of theirs eventually gets named Kevin by the players, who decide that he's a Punch-Clock Villain and try to finish the fight without killing him. They fail, but he gets mentioned several times throughout the story much to Chel's chagrin.
  • Antares declares that she doesn't know how to count because numbers don't exist in space. This dumbfounds everyone.
  • Thanks to Hannah’s last attack, Antares is still covered in pollen when she returns to space.
‘’’Shannon:’’’ All the other stars now have allergies, good job.
‘’’Hannah:’’’ I did it! I ruined space!
** They then state that Springs pollen is magic and disappears after a few minutes, unless for story reasons or pettiness.‘’’Hannah:’’’ Oh, I can be petty with the best of them.
‘’’Chel:’’’ I’m the best of them.
  • When the group tries to give Tellie a snack, it avoids the food and eats the plate. Thus begins the wonderful saga of Tellie eating ‘’anything but food’’.
    • This gets a call back when Tellie tells the girls it took a bite out of someone’s car, and they remember Caiden wrecking his car in an earlier episode.
  • The Stinger is the end of an apparently excited conversation between the five about cheese before they started the episode proper. When Jake prompts Josh to start the episode he calls it “the Cheese Kids Table”.

003: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Pt. 1

  • The preamble this time involves the five of them making fun of the Soundtrack Dissonance on ‘’Sailor Moon’’’s previously on segments, which usually involves happy music playing over scenes of death and destruction.
  • Any time Chel goes out of her way to antagonize Hannah by making her hang out with “unpopular” kids.
  • Chel believes that all street signs and traffic laws are just suggestions. As she tells this to her passengers, Yuki (who does not enter Chel’s car unless forced to) has a sudden extrasensory moment where she’s glad she walked to school that day.
  • Josh asking about Hannah's gym clothes.
    Josh: On a scale of 1-10, how good do the pants make my butt look?
    Shannon: 10, it's a fantasy world.
  • When Hannah hears that Chel is going to be one team captain for dodgeball, she demands that Harmony make her the other captain while declaring “NON-NEGOTIABLE!”
  • Chel trying to assuage Yuki’s fears that they’re going to die.
    ‘’’Syd:’’’ That’s just Plan B. We gotta have a Plan A.
    ‘’’Chel:’’’ Plan B, die violently. Plan A, win!
    ‘’’Hannah:’’’ Can’t that be something closer than Plan O or Q?
    ‘’’Syd:’’’ Plan Q, die violently.
  • Chel demanding to be able to hit Sargas with a chair, despite her actual magical powers being far more effective. Though to be fair she does manage to smack him around a little with it.
  • Summer and Autumn awkwardly introduce themselves to Sargas, much to his surprise. Winter tries to say her In the Name of the Moon speech before Spring interrupts her. Then Summer wonders if Yuki’s reading it off of her app, since she can’t find it in hers. ‘’Then’’ Sargas cordially allows them to check their apps for a few minutes, commenting he doesn’t mind waiting since he’s an ageless undying star. So Summer decides to stab him to test that theory. ‘’Sargas keeps talking’’, saying how it’s nice to be humanized once in a while. And the whole while Autumn is being just as polite to him.

004: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Pt. 2

  • Shannon states from character notes for Sargas: he has a nice garden, likes ice cream and the colour orange, and his strengths are his thighs and hair.
  • The girls come up with a plan to freeze Sargas, then weaken him with fire, and then shatter him using Autumn’s powers. Vivaldi awkwardly points out that they never retreated and Sargas probably heard the entire plan.
    ’’’Syd:’’’ Hey burly man, did you hear any of that?
    ‘’’Sargas:’’’ Uh, yeah. I’m a magic space rock.
    ‘’’Syd:’’’ Shit.
    ‘’’Hannah:’’’ Do you think it’ll work?
    ‘’’Sargasl:’’’ Uh, I don’t think so?
    • Then they realize that nobody has the proper stats to pull a combination attack off.
    Jake: We got points when we started but we blew it on hitting people!
    • When they try to come up with a new plan they still haven’t moved, so Vivaldi awkwardly asks if he should just start playing louder to drown them out.
  • When trying to figure out how to get Tellie out of the school without attracting unwanted attention (already a difficult task after the fight since they were missing for most of it their friends are looking for them), Tellie just runs down the hall shouting “I’m a talking fox! Don’t look at me!”
    • It then realizes all the stuff it could eat in the school, and the girls realize Vivaldi had a good reason for telling it not to come into the building unless necessary.
  • Yuki and Chel get into an argument about the latter’s driving skills. Chel argues that she must be fine because someone gave her a license. Yuki straight-up asks if that person was drunk.

005: First Strike Pt. 1

  • The previously on segment gets derailed into the possibility that, if the team had followed Syd’s plan to go in the vents, they would’ve ran into Vivaldi and become a Human Centipede. Alan is suitably disturbed.
  • Spring starts the episode covered in Scorpie goo after a fight. Winter, offers to freeze it off, then suggests Summer wash it off with her Misirlou Beach Blast. Summer agrees and does that before Spring can say anything, leading to the latter getting soaked through and her hair getting ruined.
  • Vivaldi announces that he has an idea to contact Tellie quicker. Syd asks if it’s just teaching it to use a phone, but Vivaldi points out that Tellie would probably eat it.
    • Vivaldi desperately trying to explain his idea while the four girls continuously derail the conversation, and after a good five minutes Winter asks if he’s going to explain.
    ’’’Vivaldi:’’’ I’m trying real hard to…
    ** And Alan points out that this is the kind of shenanigans he has to deal with ‘’all the time’’.
  • Tellie doesn’t like being summoned by the girls…until they promise to give it treats when it does.
  • Syd tells the group that she’s never been to a fall festival, and that the only festivals they had in her old town was if they survived the winter. Shannon starts wondering if Syd comes from some sort of ‘’Mad Max’’-esque alternate world.
  • Jake starts wondering if Chel can use her Sequinox magic to transform her car into a magical girl too, which leads to the mental image of all the Scorpies and the Star wondering where the girls are before they crash through them in Chel’s 2003 Pontiac Firefly with a magical girl ribbon on its rear bumper.
  • Shannon almost says "car things" because she forgot the word for roads, and Allen starts hyperventilating. "I think I made him spring a leak."
  • Tellie finally explains that the reason it always eats trash and inanimate objects is that its cleaning up the Earth. When Hannah asks why it ate her dress then, Tellie answers that it was trash.
  • Yuki puts Tellie in her bag so that it can come to the Festival with them without attracting unwanted attention. Whenever it manages to stick its head out, Yuki slowly pushes it back in while Tellie gives a dramatic little “noooo!”. And whines about them being more boring than Vivaldi, who it refers to as “the bird”.
  • Syd tells Yuki and Tellie that she knows how to throw and read chicken bones to tell fortunes. Tellie asks if she could do the same thing with a whole chicken, and Syd considers it.
    ’’’Tellie:’’’ I feel like it would be mean to take bones from chickens.
    ‘’’Syd:’’’ I mean, they don’t need them where they’re going.
    ‘’’Chel:’’’ Where we’re going, we don’t need bones!
  • Yuki buys little glass sculptures for all the girls, including a bee for Hannah. Chel asks if it’s because she’s a pain in the ass.
  • When Alan talks about getting apple cider with whipped cream and crushed up red hots at Dollywood, Jake and Shannon agree that he should be arrested for food crimes. Though Jake does admit that the all-seeing all-knowing Dolly Parton is allowed to do anything she wants.
    • Cassidy says that she’s from the area, and Josh asks if she’s from Dollywood itself. Cassidy tells him she was born on the roller coaster.
  • The girls come across a group of children playing Sequinox. One of them, who turns out to be Caiden’s sister Gel, is clearly Spring on account of she’s beating the other three with a stick. Hannah declares that that means she’s winning.
    • Second place goes to fall, who is just straight-up punching her friends.

006: First Strike, Pt. 2

  • The episode opens with the group talking about the festivals they’ve been to, and Cassidy complains that the one from her hometown no longer sells fried possum. Shannon asks her what cartoon world she comes from. Alan and Jake haven’t had that, but they have had three-squirrel pie.
  • In contrast to Antares, Tellie does know numbers. There are at least five.

007: Inferno Pt. 1

  • Syd’s mom is suspicious that her daughter knows exactly how to dispose of a broken fire alarm and considers talking to her teachers about her behaviour. Syd replies that they’d never believe her, which her mother accepts.
  • Mrs. Diaz dresses as ‘’The Predator’’ for Halloween, and ends up giving Yuki a Jump Scare.
  • Shannon says that Tellie is dressed as a hotdog for Halloween, causing Alan to ‘’screech’’ in delight.
  • In this episode we discover that the one food Tellie will eat is Tootsie Rolls.
  • Syd’s plan for figuring out Vivaldi’s secret identity is to start killing people, and when Vivaldi doesn’t show up they’ll know who it is.
    • After the group hears Caiden complain of a smoke alarm going off in the morning, which also happened to the four of them, Syd jumps to the completely wrong conclusion: the Stars have taken over a fire alarm factory and sabotaged the main export.
    ’’’Tellie:’’’ That sounds fake and I’m from space.
  • Shannon accidentally says lyrics similar to "Enter Sandman" while setting the scene, leading to a five-minute long Waxing Lyrical segment between the others.
  • Despite the group being hidden behind a fence, Yuki insists on transforming in a dog house.

008: Inferno Pt. 2

  • The episode begins with Jake insisting that Chel didn’t kill Syd, Syd was killed ‘’with Chel’’!
  • As Shannon describes a scene with Harmony, she accidentally says that a few of her dads are there. The others immediately take this and run with it, declaring Harmony to be a dad collector.

Bonus Comics

Filler 001: In the Meantime

  • Shannon’s notes on Ethan’s character sheet she tweeted prior to this episode.
  • The filler episode features Sequinox going to each member’s house to discuss their plans for fighting future constellations, only to declare that each house is a bad idea due to the antics of their families each time. What’s more, the decision to go to someone else’s house happens faster and faster each time, to the point where when they get to Hannah’s house she just declares that she’s not letting anybody from that group inside and they jump to the next one.
  • Also in the filler episode, the girls try to figure out what powers other constellations could have, and decide that Perseus will be easy because it’s “just a guy”.
    ’’’Hannah:’’’ Pisces is…a fish.
    ‘’’Chel:’’’ But it’s ‘’double fish nunchucks!’’

  • Feed It a Bomb: In ''The Fallen Gods’’, Tuatha shoves a Chromatic Orb spell down the mouth of a dire wilve to poison it

  • Why did the chicken cross the road?

  • Funniest thing ever: A text to speech bot trying to spell "wetigflksit6odergkitrkugdjoi"

  • Haha! Comedy.