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Object shows are a series of web-animated cartoons starring a cast of living inanimate objects. Typically, it involves these objects participating in Total Drama-inspired competition game shows for a prize with the setting usually taking place in vast, open fields of unknown location. Cast-wise, it invokes all the stereotypes known in reality TV which includes, but not limited to, the Sadistic Gameshow Host, the Jerk Jock, the Nerdy Intellect, the Casanova Wannabe, the Nice Guy, the Chew Toy (Characters who constantly die or get unjustifiably hated on) and the Valley Girl.


The first-ever object show was Battle for Dream Island (BFDI), created by Michael and Cary Huang and released on the 1st of January 2010.note  BFDI has its first episode garnered over 60 million views to date, signifying the popularity of the show. Later on 1st April 2011, Adam Katz released Inanimate Insanity (II), the second major object show,*  which would find major success and a sizable fanbase although not as comparable to BFDI. From these two shows, it would spawn countless other similar object shows and form the backbone of many common tropes found on these shows as the norm.


However, some object shows deviate from the source material such as the Slice of Life comedy and the action-adventure instead of competition-based ones while others are more mature than the usual kid-friendly fare like the gory bloodbath known as Object Terror which tend to be more controversial. This also gives rise to a new sub-genre called "Joke Shows" - described as unconventional object shows with nonsensical plots, joke characters (aka non-objects), deliberately bad humor and Stylistic Suck that pokes fun at traditional but run-of-the-mill shows. Almost forgot, there are object show camps like The Race of Children (TROC), Ten Words Of Wisdom or CRAPThatsCool, where people can participate as their own object characters and play against each other.

The term "Object Show" coined for these cartoons likely originated from this video. The avid fanbase and creators of Object Shows are collectively known as the "Object Show Community" (the OSC for short). Although the staggering numbers in Object Shows is a sight to beholdnote , this can't be said for its popularity with the exception of BFDI and II. Needless to say, Object Shows are considered to be a niche genre, small enough that it is not well-recognized in mainstream culture but large enough to have its own massive fanbase enjoyed by all ages worldwide.


Most of these object shows can be found on YouTube and various sites as well. Most object shows have their own wiki too. For those wanting to binge-watch multiple shows, check out Teh Canadian Spartan's playlist which compiles most of the major, high-quality and/or better-produced object shows to date or alternatively see Cloudy TPOT's if you additionally want more obscure, lesser-known object shows that regularly update when an episode is released.

List of Object Shows:

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  • Camp Objects
  • Challenge to Win
  • Code Red: A 2018 well-known and beloved object show in the OSC despite it having only an intro and teaser with zero episodes to date, talk about being trapped in Development Hellnote .
  • Contest for Millions of Thousands
  • Corporate Businessman's Telethon: A not-so-well-known “Wiki Script Show” (all episodes are written out like a transcript and posted as such), where 21 objects compete under the influence of an entrepreneur chicken controlling the city.
  • The Color Challenge
  • The Daily Object Show
  • Entity Frenzy
  • Epic Jungle Show: Lost in the middle of a massive jungle, two objects try desperately to find their way out.
  • Escape from Abject Reality: A webcomic about 12 objects escaping a competition run by a cruel host.
  • Excellent Entities: Notably the first object show ever (barring the likes of The Daily Object Show) to finish its second season, only took about 11 years.