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Heading test

Heading test

Heading test

you are good Toppatakkeja Ja Toledon Terästä [[Toppatakkeja Ja Toledon Terästä hello]] Music/{{Toppatakkeja Ja Toledon Terästä}}

  • Marianne and The Bog King bonding over how much they hate love. They're both so grouchy about it but at least they're grouchy together.
  • The Bog King calling Dawn's boutonniere lovely. Its the first time you see him doing something besides scowling and angry. He's just trying to not hurt her feelings because he knows she's not in her right mind because of the Love Potion.
  • The Bog King and Marianne's interactions when the Sugar Plum Fairy reveals the Bog King's secret:
    • The Bog King starts out yelling no only to softly peter it to a reluctant ok because he sees Marianne's desperate face.
    • Marianne telling the Bog King he's not hideous after he's relived being rejected by his love.
    • The Bog King telling Marianne telling her that she's different and having a major Freudian Slip by telling her that's what he likes.
    • The two of them commiserating over their terrible luck with love and how both of them have decided to trust nobody. Even as they say that, its pretty obvious the two are opening up to each other.
  • The entire "Strange Magic" duet between the two.
    • The Bog King shows Marianne the beauty of the Dark Forest, and that the things that had scared her like the unrolling ferns could be a source of wonder. Its a nice metaphor for their relationship.
    • Marianne taking the Bog King's hand and trusting him to fly them through the thorny bush. They've come very far from their first interactions of trying to kill each other.
  • The Sugar Plum fairy saving Griselda's life when the castle is crumbling. Despite their frosty relationship, and the fact that her son locked Sugar Plum away for years, she still carries her out of the there.
  • The Bog King and Marianne trying to not be the first one to confess is both cringe inducing and adorable. Each of their faces light up when the other starts to speak only to be disappointed. Its so obvious that everyone, despite being members of opposing armies facing off join together to force them to confess.
  • The end credits show the Dark Forest branches mixed in with the Fairy Kingdom, showing that Marianne's dream that people would be free to go wherever they wanted was realized.
  • "Goodbye then. Be safe, friend. Don't you dare go hollow." The genuine concern Laurentius shows for you after saving him in the depths warmed this tropers heart.