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Double Standard: Rape, Female on Female

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"It's probably worth mentioning that basically every one of those characters is out there to molest the titular Miyuki because that's the entire plot of this cartoon. And because it's girl-on-girl, that means these rape attempts are hilarious instead of deeply disturbing."

Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil—but not if only women are involved.

The Double Standard about female-on-female rape and/or molestation is in large part based on the idea that female sexuality does not contribute to "legitimate" sexual intercourse. Because sexual intercourse is defined by penile penetration, lesbian sex can never escalate beyond what a heterosexual couple considers foreplay.note  To put it bluntly: if there's no penis, there can be no sex; if there's no sex, there can be no rape. Therefore, anything a woman does to another woman is "not a big deal".

This trope is invoked where women raping other women is seen as harmless or even sexy, and therefore not worth fretting over. After all, Girl on Girl Is Hot, no matter what the victim may think of it. In cases where male-on-female and female-on-female rape are both depicted in different incidents, expect the male rapist to be treated like a monster who has inflicted unforgivably horrid pain on his victim, while the female rapist is just "overwhelmed by her emotions", especially if the victim liked it. She's just a girl, after all, she can't help it when her feelings get the better of her!

The emotional impact of the rape is largely dismissed or ignored completely, usually because it would be less appealing to the audience for the victim to be legitimately traumatized (or sexually assaulted by a man), and ideas of consent and personal violation aren't often brought up at all: since a female rapist lacks a penis and therefore has no sexual potency, she is Easily Forgiven. Don't expect victims to think about it too hard, or at all, after the fact.

Obviously, this trope describes an egregiously sexist Double Standard, and it carries serious Unfortunate Implications with it:

  1. Women are so weak and ineffectual they just can't harm another person physically, even another woman.
  2. Lesbian sex is hot and/or hilarious, but doesn't count as "real" sex, especially if it's non-penetrative.
  3. "Real" rapists are, and can only ever be, male.
  4. Female-on-female rape isn't traumatic for the victim or reprehensible for the perpetrator.

One common exception to this trope is when the predator is depicted as a Psycho Lesbian and/or as a paedophile. This trope is related to Double Standard Rape: Female on Male and is the Distaff Counterpart of Double Standard: Rape, Male on Male. See also Skinship Grope. Related to Queer People Are Funny.

Compare Cat Fight, another trope that downplays female-on-female violence as hilarious or "not that serious".


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Love Hina, male characters generally get pummeled for just touching female characters whether they mean to or not, yet intentional female on female assault gets brushed aside or completely overlooked (like what Kanako does to Motoko).
  • A Kiss, Love, and a Prince by Morinaga Milk involves rehearsing for a play, leading to a girl tying another girl to a chair for a kiss scene. What makes it odd is that other characters in the story do point out that this isn't okay, but the girl who was kissed is really only upset because she's worried the kiss wasn't genuine. When she finds out that the girl who tied her up and kissed her likes her for real, she instantly forgives her.
  • In Ikki Tousen during Ryofu's first TV episode she immobilizes and rapes one of the show's most popular characters, Ryoumou, after defeating her. (In the manga she only groped her, but didn't cross straightforwardly into rape.) This is never brought up again (not even by Ryoumou) and she even becomes an Ensemble Dark Horse herself.
    • In Dragon Destiny it was revealed that Shrinking Violet Ten'i was gang-raped at her former school by a sadistic Alpha Bitch and her Girl Posse, and they pretty much used this trope to justify their actions. This is only an in-universe case: the show itself makes it clear that the girls are terrible.
  • In the one-shot manga 08.04 AM Daydream, most of the patrons of the girls-only train seem to believe this.
  • A bit of a Zig-Zagging Trope in Destiny of the Shrine Maiden. Chikane does rape Himeko, yes, and makes a rather dramatic Face–Heel Turn in the process, but the circumstances were more than a little contrived, making for ample debate on whether or not she should still be held accountable. However, there is a notable lack of repercussions or even disapproval of her acts in-universe. Less of a Double Standard than most examples since a male villain (Miyako's brother Girochi) tries to rape Himeko at one point but is treated no less sympathetically in the end when everything gets set straight again and everyone is given their happy ending. For whatever that's worth... and yet it's zigzagged again when Chikane herself is molested and almost raped by Miyako, but the viewer is NOT supposed to be on her side, contrasting by how the audience's supposed to root for Chikane despite being a rapist- and even then, Miyako is treated somewhat sympathetically due to her tragic past and unrequited love for Tsubasa, and she also gets her happy end alongside Girochi.
  • Zigzagged in Macross 7. Mylene Jenius in the second Dynamite OVA gets drugged by her producer, with the episode cutting away from it and making in ambiguous exactly what occurred, though it's clear Mylene is terrified. The companion manga Mylene Beat expands on this by showing that she was indeed sexually assaulted, but Mylene's Zentradi instincts kick in halfway through thanks to a nearby dragon-like creature attacking the colony, sending her into a blind, feral rage and giving her the strength to fight her attacker until the others are able to break in to help her. Ultimately played straight however, as while her friends are rightfully incensed at the attempted rape, once Mylene comes back to her senses and the dragon is taken care of via The Power Of Music, she treats the woman as someone who just came on a smidgen too strong with a Love Confession instead of an attempted rapist.
  • In Cosplay Complex, lesbian pedophile Jenny tries to sneak into the bed of the Token Mini-Moe Athena to sleep with her. However, she ended up in the bed of Chako's mom, Sachiko who says that she is a lonely widow that is glad to have some company in bed. She then rapes the now reluctant teenager.
    • Another episode had a near miss as Ranko the head of a rival cosplay club and the defending champion cornered Reika in a storage room and began to molest her.
  • Girls Bravo narrowly skirts this twice by having Kosame all but actually rape Kirie, due to her always being foiled in some way.
    • When she happens across Kirie in the 4th episode, she coerces her into the bedroom at gunpoint and shoves her onto the bed. Then strips down to her panties and straddles her. But she's foiled before it goes any further when one of the spirits Lisa released charges into the room and tramples her. Which allowed Kirie to escape.
    • In episode 13, they faced each other during the semi-finals of the "Girls Fight!" competition, where they had to wear g-string bikinis. Once Kosame pins her to the mat, she mounts Kirie, while slipping her hands under her bra so she can fondle her directly. Despite this, the tournament concludes with a tender moment between themnote  where Kosame steals Kirie's First Kiss.
  • Boys Empire: Umeko rapes Hitomi's mother right in front of her, to convince her to let Hitomi stay with her family (since Hitomi didn't want to leave her boyfriend, Makoto, who's also Umeko's son). Not only does it work, but days later, after her mother has moved, she calls Hitomi on the phone saying she'll visit during summer and winter breaks and asks to "borrow" Umeko and Makoto when she does.
  • In Shitsurakuen, Sora chooses to molest Reiko rather than beating her. Given the situation, though, it was probably the lesser of two evils.
    • This is a complicated case. Like, really complicated. It's not a double standard, because what the boys at the academy are doing and what Sora's doing are motivated by different things. Sora's assault is done specifically so she can save a battered, abused girl because there is no other way out for that girl. It's very different than one of the boys molesting their possessions. Molestation itself is portrayed distinctly as a bad thing and acknowledged as assault by Sora and the girl while discussing it, which is why Sora is able to use it in her attempt to save this girl. She flat-out explains what she's doing to the girl beforehand, so the girl she's molesting knows why this is happening and that Sora wants to save instead of hurt her. The girl is scared when it starts, having not been expecting it, but Sora even says "This is the least painful way of assaulting," meaning she's doing it specifically to try not to hurt her.
    • At this point in the story, Reiko was trapped in a contract with the most insane, violent boy in the school. That boy was under orders never to fight with or release her. She was badly beaten and in the infirmary when Sora found her and basically begging/challenging Sora to find some way to save her from this boy. Sora took advantage of the rule that if someone's owned girl is being beaten or molested— aka /hurt or assaulted in any way/— by someone who isn't their owner and it continues for too long without the owner saving their girl, there will be a severe penalty. She had to hurt Reiko somehow to save her, and Reiko was already badly injured. It's clear that molestation here is bad even though it's a girl doing it to another girl, but Reiko is intelligent and likely knows that Sora has to do this to her to save her, and Sora's using it as a more compassionate form of assault than beating an already badly injured girl. At WORST, it's portrayed as better to do than to continue beating the girl and risk possibly permanently breaking her or forcing much more time to recover. It's not a good thing or acceptable because it's a girl doing it, but because there isn't anything else save beating her Sora can do to rescue her from someone much worse. That's why there's no real repercussions for Sora: Reiko knows this happened only as a method of rescuing her and is intelligent enough to know it's for the best.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • The series illustrates the double standard extremely well one with one character—Paio Zi, the breast-obsessed bounty hunter. When first encountered, Paio makes no attempt to hide what will follow if Nodoka is captured, and the scene is played out every bit as seriously as you would expect Attempted Rape to be played out. Then in a later chapter Paio makes a return, except in this case it is revealed that she is a girl as well, and her subsequent groping of all the girls in the bathhouse is played up for pure comedy value.
    • On the other hand, Psycho Lesbian Tsukuyomi is portrayed as a seriously dangerous and unbalanced woman, and her Attempted Rape of Setsuna is not played for laughs.
  • Zig-zagged in Penguindrum with the adult Yuri's attempted rape of Ringo, an underage sixteen-year-old girl. The rapist's actions are not framed in a positive light, but she is given a sympathetic backstory and significantly more focus than her victim. The details of the rape are inconsistent between episodes, being portrayed as rape one episode and as a titillating seduction in another, and whether or not the rapist actually went through with it or not is ambiguous. The attempt to rescue the victim is played for laughs, and neither the victim nor rapist are seriously affected by the events, save for being the subject of a brief joke about it a couple of episodes later.
  • Queen's Blade Rebellion: Luna Luna makes a lot of advances on Annelotte, and she does it with her Combat Tentacles, saying she is her destined soul mate.
  • Exploited in Heaven's Lost Property, where Tomoki uses a temporary magic sex change to get away with the kind of sexual harassment he normally gets beaten for. Sure enough, "Tomoko's" antics are tolerated until the transformation reverses itself at an inopportune time.
  • El Hazard: The Alternative World:
    • The final episode has the group return to Arlaman so Qwaool could partake in the purification ritual. While they're there, Princess Fatora comes up with a plan to seduce Shayla and the others, by disguising herself and her girlfriend Alliel as bath attendants. It works for the most part, allowing them to completely feel up Shayla and Nanami, despite their discomfort with being groped and molested.
    • But, in Afura's case, Alliel had her down on all fours and appeared to be doing her doggy-style, complete with Afura asking her to stop and seemed to be getting "into it" at the exact moment Parnase blew Alliel's cover. All of which was Played for Laughs and fanservice though, understandably, not everyone found it funny.
  • Highschool of the Dead: The bath scene in episode 6 combines Not What It Looks Like with "Not If They Enjoyed It" Rationalization. Rei decides to see if Shizuka's giant boobs are real, prompting Shizuka to try to escape by getting out of the tub. When Rei pounces her, Shizuka braces herself against the side of the tub. Except it's animated to make it seem as if Rei's screwing her doggy-style, while her breasts appear to be bouncing from Rei's 'pelvic thrusting'. When Saya looks over her shoulder and sees what's going on, she blushes and quickly turns back around. Two scenes later, Shizuka is shown slumped back in the tub, as if she'd been worn out...
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun: Kuroko repeatedly tries to sneak aphrodisiacs to and grope Misaka. It is all played for laughs, and she is still treated as a completely heroic character.
  • Kill la Kill has a very infamous scene of Ragyo sexually abusing her daughter Satsuki. While the abuser is a very unsympathetic character whose actions implicitly contribute to her child's betrayal, many viewers still found the portrayal of the act more exploitative than disturbing.
  • Maken-ki! has two separate incidents of attempted rape, that're both treated as heinous since it was guys doing it. Yet, the incident where Love Espada forcibly stripped Takaki, Haruko, Minori, and Aki, then raped them, is treated as fanservice. Not only was Takeru A-OK with it, he and Usui lamented not being there to see it.
  • Recently, My Sister Is Unusual: Hiyori rapes Mitsuki within minutes of her first appearance; this is played for fanservice and humor. Mitsuki is only slightly upset afterward, and is outright stated to have secretly enjoyed it.
  • Happens a lot in Freezing. While in the omakes, girls groping Satellizer is played for fanservice and humor, when it happens in the series proper, it's treated a lot more seriously.
  • Nyu in Elfen Lied will go after pretty much anything that moves, so long as it has breasts. In the anime, it's mostly restricted to groping Yuka, much to the latter's annoyance. The manga takes it much farther, particularly with poor Nozomi. Despite this, Nyu never receives anything more than a mild scolding from the other characters for her actions (partially justified, or as much as it can be at any rate, by Nyu having the intellectual capacity of a two-year-old).
    • It's Played for Laughs mostly (including a Lampshade Hanging by Lucy, wondering why she has the sudden urge to grope women's breasts when her personality surfaces), but the manga does at least treat it semi-seriously once. When Nyu tries to get close to Mayu during a Furo Scene, Mayu (who fled a home with a sexually abusive stepfather) reacts quite badly and manages to get Nyu to leave her alone.
  • In the last episode of Sabagebu!, the other girls tie up Momoka and give her as a "birthday present" to Clingy Jealous Girl Urara, even going so far as to tell Urara that she can do what she pleases with Momoka. The show ends with a Bound and Gagged Furo Scene that is entirely Played for Laughs, despite the implication that Urara plans to rape or molest Momoka.
  • Yuri Kuma Arashi has two examples:
    • Ginko's sexual assault on Kureha in episode 2, which involves Ginko pinning Kureha down onto a couch, choking her with her tie, and giving a confused Kureha no leverage or way out whatsoever, and would've continued if it hadn't been for Mitsuko interrupting them; all while a seductive voice and music plays in the background. Ginko doesn't get called out at all for this, either by the narrative or the characters, and the incident is quickly dropped upon the arrival of the next plot development and forgotten — except for the one time the scene is brought up again, where it's used as part of a montage of Kureha remembering all the things Ginko did for her out of her love for Kureha. Essentially, the show sees Ginko's attempted rape on Kureha as a good thing.
    • The adult Yurika's attempted rape of the underage Kureha, which includes explicit focus on the victim getting sensually stripped of her clothing. While the rapist does get mortally wounded during the attempt, it's not part of a narrative/character-related call-out, merely a way to remove her from the story. The rapist's dying moments are portrayed in a sympathetic light, yet she never shows remorse for her attempted rape and said dying moments involve her being held by the victim, who never holds any ill will towards her, as well as being spiritually forgiven by the woman she previously murdered. Like the Ginko example before, this incident is quickly forgotten by the story and never brought up again. Furthermore, the sex scene is in fact completely unnecessary, as the scene in question is a symbolic framing of the rapist, as a bear, attempting to eat her victim — which could've been portrayed as simply that, a bear attempting to eating her prey, rendering the sexuality pointless and a waste of time.
  • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA: Chloe von Einzbern frequently blackmails Illyasviel into kissing her to get the mana she needs to sustain herself, feeling her up and grinding against her while doing so, and has both expressed interest in taking things farther than just kissing and attempted to do so sans Illya's consent under the pretext of Skinship Grope.
  • In Monster Musume, male would-be rapists (and perverts of the non-chivalrous variety) are arrested, punched in the face, or physically restrained depending on the situation. Suu... isn't, and nobody — not even her victims — expresses more than mild irritation about it. In an omake, Miia explains that the girls don't see it as rape because while Suu does feel them up until they orgasm, there's no penetration involved.
    • Double Subverted when Draco tries to force herself on Miia. At first, it's Played for Drama, but by that point, Draco is assumed to be a man by both the characters and the reader. After she's revealed to be a girl, her assault on Miia is more or less forgotten and she's treated mostly as comic relief from then on.
  • Tsugumomo: In addition to playing Double Standard Rape: Female on Male and Black Comedy Rape for laughs and fanservice, the manga frequently plays female characters sexually harassing and assaulting each other for comedy. One of the biggest examples is Kiriha, who is revealed to have become boisterous and lewd as a result of repeatedly being raped by Kanaka Kagami, the main character's mother, under the pretence of "skinship" until she began to enjoy it.
  • Cross Ange: Not only is Zola's assault on Ange played for very uncomfortable fanservice, and not only is she indicated to do this to all her other recruits with no repercussions, but after her death, she gets a funeral where the others extol her virtues, and she is overall portrayed as a loving captain who’s sexual assaults are intended to help toughen up recruits, and at worst a “mere” character flaw. By contrast, the male Big Bad Embryo’s repeated assaults on the female Ange are played fully seriously and meant to cement him as irredeemable and pure evil.
  • Averted in Devilman Lady. Lan Asuka's rape of Jun Fudo is played as a horrifically cruel act that sends the victim into a Heroic BSoD; and as for the perpetrator, it is one of many acts that marks her as pure evil. She does use her penis to rape Jun, but she is still considered female, so the double standard is not present.
  • Subverted in one of the Exam Diary side stories for Sailor Moon when Rei gets possessed by Ghost Sistern. Sistern goes around trying to kiss Rei's classmates in order to drain their energy. While it's not shown to be okay, the situation is still played for laughs due to the ridiculousness of the possessed Rei calling her flustered schoolmates "vulgar."
  • Ayakashi Triangle: Yayo, Reo, and Matoi have all groped other female characters with little consequence. Overlapping with Double Standard Rape: Female on Male, the usual victim is Matsuri, who is female but was originally male—something his mother confirmed by sticking her hand down his underwear. Despite responding with little more than passive-aggressive discomfort (and not even noticing the sexual nature of Reo's advances), Matsuri gets absolutely livid at any boy hitting on or starring at him or other girls.
  • Osananajimi wa Onnanoko ni Naare is another Gender Bender manga that overlaps Double Standard Rape: Female on Male when girls sexually harass the male-turned-female protagonist Iori/Shiori:
    • Shiori's immature teacher Sumire has groped her breasts several times out of jealousy for being more popular than her with their class. Despite Iori's distress, and being an absurd way for a teacher to handle her students, onlookers rarely give more than an awkward glance.
    • Shiori spends one chapter unable to convince the school's reporter Tokuda she was originally male. When Tokuda is confused and thinks Shiori is a crossdressing boy, he confirms Shiori's breasts are real by grabbing another girls' arm to put her hands on them. Shoiri is shocked, but Tokuda's claims his method put him in the clear.
      Tokuda: Since you were touched by Yajima, a girl, it can't possibly be sexual harassment.
      Shiori: Uuu... lately, I'm getting touched a lot...

    Comic Books 
  • In Lost Girls, Alice forces Wendy to have sex with her, though Wendy ends up getting into it. Presumably Wendy's protests were meant to be seen as symbolic of her repressed middle-class lifestyle, which Alice's sex broke her out of.
  • In Empowered, when the girl who will later take up the identity of Ocelotina and her brother kidnap Emp, she gets into the boot of the car with a near-naked Emp and proceeds to grope her, with the dialogue suggesting full-blown forcible digital penetration. This is played totally for laughs at the time and retrospectively in later stories. Similarly the backstory references to Ninjette successfully impersonating the husband of a rival ninja on their wedding night.
  • In Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, according to her diary, Boo Cat first met Tarot when the latter came into her boutique to buy some lingerie, whereupon she pushed Tarot into trying on various fetish outfits, then stole her panties and used her scent to track her back to her home, where she forced herself on Tarot while the latter was sleeping. At no point in the recounting of this story is it suggested that Boo's behavior was inappropriate, though the fairies reading the story suggest that Boo should have just openly expressed her attraction to Tarot.
    • Another issue has Boo forcing herself on Tarot despite knowing full well that Tarot is engaged to be married and has no interest in having sex with her. It's played for laughs.
  • In Runaways, Xavin impersonates Nico in the hopes of getting Karolina into bed with them and almost succeeds in this endeavor before Karolina sees through the disguise. While Karolina rightly calls them out for the deception, no comment is made on the fact that Xavin nearly committed rape by deception.
  • Attempted to be invoked by Nocturna during the New 52 Batwoman series, wherein she claims she's not a rapist because her hypnotic abilities can't force someone to do anything they don't want to do. Nocturna uses this to avoid blame for how she took advantage of Kate and used her mind control abilities to pull a Bed Trick on her, making Kate believe Nocturna was her ex-girlfriend Maggie Sawyer. It's clear that even if Kate wanted to have sex with Nocturna, Nocturna still forced Kate to act on these feelings and violated her. Nocturna gets the shit beaten out of her twice by Kate as vengeance for raping her, and everyone with knowledge of the situation can tell Nocturna raped Kate no matter what bullshit she spouts.

    Fan Works 
  • Averted in Power Girl fic A Force of Four when the lead heroine states that rape is never okay or acceptable, no matter the sex of the perpetrator or the victim.
  • Averted in Children of an Elder God when an Eldritch Abomination takes over Rei's body and rapes Asuka. The event is treated as horrifying, disturbing, and psychologically scarring for both girls, and no one thinks it's hot, sexy, or whatever.
  • Subverted in Supergirl story Hellsister Trilogy. Satan Girl's desire to rape both men and women is regarded as equally horrible.
    She could force herself upon any suitor, male or female or whatever, and destroy them after their job was done.
  • Deconstructed in Supergirl story Kara of Rokyn when rival female wrestler Jasmine tries to force herself upon Kara (and beat her up when turned down). Her actions ensured Kara would never want anything to do with her and all but ruined her wrestling career.
  • In the Revolutionary Girl Utena fanfic, "Thorns" and its sequel "Will of the Rose", Anthy rapes Utena because she is frustrated that they haven't had sex yet (since they are engaged). Anthy's character is completely altered and Utena becomes an Extreme Doormat who stays in an abusive relationship after Wakaba loses interest in their friendship.
  • Ambiguously played in another Degrassi fanfic Bias seems headed toward Manny/Ellie femslash. The chapter started off with some boys coercing Manny into raping Ellie (it was either rape Ellie herself or they rape Ellie). What happened to Ellie is treated like a random drunken encounter and not much else. Neither the male nor female characters involved are given much blame (so far).
  • This trope was invoked by the audience in the Total Drama fanfic Cheer Up, Emo Girl. Bridgette is raped by a female OC named Brittney, and it was intended to be taken as seriously as male-on-female rape. However, every single review that referenced to that scene called it hot, and suggested a threesome take place between Bridgette, Brittney, and Bridgette's then-boyfriend. This resulted in a rather scathing author's note at the beginning of the next chapter, lashing out at the people who wrote this.
  • Full House fanfiction "The Girls Get It On" features a bizarre scene where Kimmy Gibbler drugs and rapes Rebecca Donaldson.
  • Zigzagged and ultimately subverted in the MLP fanfic The Alchemist's Heart, when Aqua Regia rapes Silver Script in the bathroom it is still treated as the former's Morale Event Horizon, despite the latter taking some involuntary pleasure from it.
  • Hellsing Ultimate Abridged has an instance that implies how Integra vents their frustrations over dealing with Alucard.
    Seras: Well, looks like Human Resources has been... processed. I'd feel worse about it if they ever did anything about all the sexual harassment. Yet you'd think Alucard was the worst offender.
  • Averted in the Red vs. Blue fic, Stress Relief. Agent South Dakota regularly and violently molested Agent Connecticut and it is played for all the horror and drama it should. The effects of South’s abuse of C.T. is explored in full and never downplayed or treated as okay and sexy. The scene of South molesting C.T. is played for Fan Disservice and makes it clear that C.T. is not into it. When the other Freelancers and the Director find out, they all react appropriately. Carolina doesn’t even think to make gender a factor in how she feels about the abuse (and she is livid when she finds out).
  • In One Punch Man: Hero's Harem, Kombu Infinity has a tendency to molest women ever since being split into four. Besides Saitama telling them to knock it off and later insisting they can't do it to anyone who's not attacking them, no one ever treats it very seriously.
  • Deconstructed in Ward fanfiction Warp. Victoria is still carrying terrible emotional scars of being raped by her former best friend and adoptive sister over two years ago.
  • Averted in Sun Light. Sunset becomes a vampire, which lowers her moral inhibitions, heightens her sex drive, and amplifying her romantic feelings for Human Twilight. After catching Twilight alone, Vampire Sunset feels Twilight up a bit. Twilight, despite knowing Sunset wasn't in control of herself, still feels angry and traumatized at Sunset for violating her.
  • Averted in A Student Out of Time: Hibiki's fears that she had been sexually abused by her own twin sister while she was in her puppet state are treated with complete seriousness and they leave her with deep emotional scars.
  • Averted in the My-HiME fanfic, Windows of the SoulNatsuki states plainly that what happened to her has left serious emotional scars, and at one point even reflects on the fact that her now considering a physically intimate relationship with Shizuru was an issue, knowing that if a boy had done that to her, her current actions would be messed up.
    Natsuki: Is it even sensible to begin with, thinking of dating someone who pretty much raped you? If Shizuru was a man, wouldn't that be beyond messed up? So isn't it just the same anyway? The fact that my fear and resentment isn't overwhelming is certain, and I can find a lot of comfort in her warmth and hesitant affection. But does that make me the wrong one? Am I weird for forgiving her like this?
  • Averted in Hands (OMORI), where the very real possibility that Mari was trying to isolate and molest Aubrey, to the point of groping her during their picnics together, is treated with the same horror and disgust as her molestation of Sunny.

  • Very much averted in the Made-for-TV Movie Born Innocent. The film’s protagonist, Chris Parker (Linda Blair), a 14-year-old habitual runaway is sent to a girls’ juvenile detention center where she is attacked and raped by a group of girls in the shower room with a toilet brush handle. The scene is portrayed as violent and horrific, with Chris shown lying naked on the floor in tears, visibly traumatized. The assault ultimately starts her transformation into a Good Girl Gone Bad and she becomes just as hardened as the other girls in the center.
  • One (softcore) example from The Stewardesses 3-D: The chief stewardess aggressively puts the moves on one of the junior ones, to which she yields. Later, a male character reveals that his (also male) boss extracted sexual favors from him in return for promotion, leaving him permanently embittered. Moral: Lesbian sexual harassment is fun and sexy; gay male sexual harassment is a soul-blighting trauma.
  • In Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet, Alyssa cracks a long joke about being beaten, gang-raped and branded in the girl's shower room in high school.
  • It's hard to tell if the crazed teenage dominatrix trying to rape another girl in Blood Mask: The Possession of Nicole Lameroux is being Played for Laughs or not.
  • Same goes for the similar sequence in The Cook.
  • The main character raping another woman with a crowbar (don't worry, she put a condom on it) in Johnny Sunshine Maximum Violence is played for dark laughs.
  • In a downplayed example, Vince, the Depraved Bisexual of Where the Truth Lies, drugs the film's heroine, reporter Karen O'Connor (Alison Lohman) and then arranges for Alice, an aspiring young singer he's training (and who, yes, dresses like Alice from Alice In Wonderland), to have sex with Karen while Karen is stoned out of her mind and unable to think clearly. When Karen wakes up in the morning, completely naked and humiliated, even more so when Vince shows off the pictures of her drug-induced tryst (which he intends to use to blackmail her), Vince has the nerve to insinuate that it was no big deal - he even jokes about how Alice couldn't get her pregnant! The film doesn't really focus on it much in the final half but Karen is clearly not happy about what happened.
  • Averting this trope is pretty much the whole point behind the movie Jaded. The female lead is raped by two women, but legally, same-gender rape is not rape, it's "sodomy." She replies that she doesn't feel sodomized, she feels raped. Oh, sodomy charges also carry a dramatically reduced sentence compared to rape. Plus there's the whole "Not If They Enjoyed It" Rationalization, because the main character was skinny-dipping and making out with the two women, before deciding that being penetrated by a wine bottle and repeatedly slapped across the face was not her idea of a good time. In a crowning moment of awesome, the main character's boyfriend helps demonstrate to her that an enjoyable kiss is not consent, and that rape starts as soon as you stop enjoying it.
  • In Jailbait (2014), after Genie learns that Anna is the victim of sexual assault, she starts kissing her and feeling her up, ignoring the requests for her to stop. The film portrays this as uplifting and sexy rather than creepy.
  • In The Duke Of Burgundy when Cynthia ignores her partner Evelyn's safe word, this is never addressed directly and it in fact leads to Evelyn changing her behavior to accommodate Cynthia more.
  • Averted in Double Impact, Danielle is sexually assaulted by Kara and flees from the room frightened and upset.
  • I Spit on Your Grave: Averted in Deja Vu, where Becky tries to force herself on Christy and it's played for horror.
  • Evil Dead (2013): Averted. The scene where the possessed Mia pulls Natalie into the cellar and begins licking her legs, then splits her own tongue with a knife and force-kisses Natalie is just as sickening and violating as it should be.
  • Sick Girl: Averted. Izzy rapes a girl to death with a makeshift strap-on consisting of a severed penis attached to a spike, and it's pure Nightmare Fuel.
  • Blood for Dracula: Averted. The two middle daughters try to rape their older sister and it's played for horror like it should be.
  • Discussed in Soft And Quiet. Leslie rapes Anne because she says that nobody will suspect female perpetrators if the women are raped.

  •, a Harry Potter fansite, has a section for editorials about shipping. The submission rules indicate that essays about particularly squicky pairings would be turned away, including those containing incest, bestiality, and underage characters with adults. Fair enough. Except that one essay made a case for Luna x Trelawney. Apparently that doesn't count under the very clear "no underage characters with adult characters" rule, somehow?

  • Violent, Psycho Lesbian Ume from Ben-To seems to be present to cater to a number of fetishes, including forced yuri and kidnapping.
  • In The Big U by Neal Stephenson, when the male college students drug Sara and try to engage in sexual activity it's rape, but when her female friend rescues her from them and then engages in sexual activity with the same drugged individual, it's for the best.
  • In the anthology Blood Sisters: Lesbian Vampire Tales a female character is raped and "turned" by a female vampire. The rape experiences give her the newfound confidence to pursue her mortal love interest and lead a happier life. Possibly also an example of Sex as Rite-of-Passage, except substitute "rape" for "sex".
  • Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi habitually sexually harasses Mikuru, grabbing her breasts and stripping her to put her in sexual outfits, but since they're both girls it's usually Played for Laughs and/or Fanservice. The one time it's portrayed seriously is when things reach its breaking point when Haruhi outright drugs Mikuru for her movie, causing the normally laid-back Kyon to erupt into rage and have to be restrained from slapping her.
  • In The Irregular at Magic High School's flashback arc, when Maya was raped by her male kidnappers, it was a traumatic event which her family to seek vengeance for and sent her to a hospital to heal from. When the woman Honami sexually assaults Miyuki, it's Played for Laughs, and- despite her ongoing and vocal fear of the act- Miyuki never even thinks of telling her family about it. The implication is that they wouldn't do anything about the assault even if they knew it occurred.
  • Kushiel's Legacy has a complicated version: Phèdre informs the reader that rape is an unforgivable act of treason in their culture. Yet when Melisande drugs her and commits sex acts that could arguably be rape before selling her into slavery this act is never considered rape, despite a cultural understanding that both men and women can be sexually dominant and powerful. Despite the fact that this is not an assignation (which would involve a contract clearly outlining consent) Phèdre does have a safeword which Melisande knows. Phèdre claims that if she’d given the safeword, she believes Melisande would have respected it. Melisande knew damn well Phèdre was a trained spy, working for her enemy, and Phèdre says that if she’d given her safeword that would be a kind of surrender, and then she probably would’ve told Melisande everything else too. So: drugged, and under very dubious circumstances, but the safeword was never given so Phèdre doesn’t consider it rape.
  • Largely Averted in George RR. Martin's A Feast for Crows. Cersei finally has sex with a female friend that's been fawning over her the entire book (as an act of intrigue). Although consensual at first, Cersei soon starts causing pain to the woman and being from her point of view the readers can tell she's reenacting the Marital Rape License that Robert had with her. None of this is portrayed as comical or sexy and is meant to depict Cersei's cruel tendencies as an Asshole Victim. Conversely, a lesbian relationship between Daenerys and one of her handmaidens is cut short because Daenerys realizes that the handmaiden is only participating out of servitude and is not deriving pleasure from the intimacy.
  • In the book The Queen's Gambit, the preteen protagonist is nearly raped by her roommate who had been working to gain her trust for weeks. Later she calls on this person to help her get her life back in order after becoming a drug-addicted mess thanks to her horrific childhood, with zero mention made of the rape.
  • John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces (which was written in the early 1960s but not published until 1980, after Toole's death) has as one of its secondary characters Lana Lee, an ill-tempered female burlesque house owner in New Orleans. A Politically Incorrect Villain, she is (among other things) intensely homophobic and is constantly complaining about "fairies and dykes" showing up in the news. At the climax of the novel, Lee is arrested after trying to bribe an undercover cop with a pornographic picture and thrown into a holding cell with three "butch" lesbians. Although the scene cuts away just before anything truly nasty can happen, it is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that Lee is gang-raped by the trio, thus in effect becoming a lesbian herself.
  • Subverted in Price, where one of the villains is a Cute and Psycho fourteen-year-old girl...who is a rapist. And murderer. And, according to herself, probably insane. Details not lost on the other characters.
  • Happens in Middlesex when the teenaged and intersex protagonist, Callie, has an ambiguous sexual encounter with a female friend dubbed "The Obscure Object." It's treated as a romantic scene even though "the Object" is half asleep while it happens.
  • In The Lyre of Orpheus by Robertson Davies, Dr. Dahl-Soot initiates a sexual relationship with the nineteen-year-old doctoral student she is mentoring. Pretty much every other character in the novel seems to be aware of this relationship and no one voices any disapproval. This state of affairs began with the professor basically ordering the student to take a bath, washing her personally, and finally getting in the tub with her.
  • Averted in Shadow of the Conqueror. Daylen catches a woman molesting a young girl early on, and immediately executes her for it. It isn't clarified whether this involved the brutal methods he previously employed on a male rapist, but it wouldn't be out of Daylen's character.
  • Push: Averted with Mary raping her own daughter, which is done to show how horrible she is.
  • Strawberry Panic! pulls this off with Kaname (and to a lesser extent Momomi) on Hikari. The solution to many troubles Kaname had throughout the series was, "Rape Hikari!" She never succeeds, and while it's clear other people disapprove, she faces no consequences for her obviously creepy intentions.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In an episode of What Would You Do?, bystanders react much less strongly to women putting other women through a sexually humiliating hazing ritual than to men putting other men through a sexually humiliating hazing ritual.
  • In HEX, the lesbian ghost Thelma is seen on-screen to impose a dream of making out with her on her best friend Cassie, and implied to have gone much further with the Alpha Bitch Roxanne. This is played entirely for laughs. (Although it's left vague how much the living girls could have resisted if they'd wanted to).
    • To be fair though, while she can set the scene up and initiate the make-out session, she can't force them into continuing the dream or into carrying things further as evidenced by Cassie realising this was a setup and waking herself up to avoid sleep sexting Thelma.
  • Lost Girl:
    • In Season 4, Lauren tricks Evony into sex in order to poison her with a de-faeing serum that renders Evony a human and powerless. Once the serum takes effect, Lauren makes fun of Evony and then punches her in the face. It is never mentioned by any of the characters later as offensive or troubling even though they know what she did. They even applaud it, as Evony is supposed to be a villain on the show.
    • Bo, as a succubus, can use her powers to remove a person's ability to consent to sex. In the first season, she uses it mostly to get people to tell her things they otherwise won't, but as the series progressed they depicted her using it to overpower unwilling sexual partners, including one scene where she breaks into Evony's place and gets her nearly naked and handcuffed to a bed before taking a photo to use as blackmail.
  • Averted in CSI: NY, where a woman forces her female employee to have sex with her. When she quits and joins another company, the rapist woman threatens the victim that she would make use of her influence to make the victim lose her job and make sure she stays unemployed until she continues to give into her. Eventually, the victim makes use of the rapist's foot fetish to kill her by mixing poison in her nail polish.
  • Averted in 19-2 where one lesbian relationship is portrayed as incredibly toxic and destructive, not because it's lesbian, but because both women involved have severe issues.
  • In one episode of The Nanny Fran ends up in prison after accidentally kidnapping a child (she just wanted to hold the baby for the busy mother, but then a lot of people moved out the subway and pushed the mother away). She heard that she was going to be stripped search, but sees a handsome policeman, and becomes much less upset about it, and goes to the room where it happens (offscreen). Then we see a big, burly looking woman putting on gloves, and then goes to where Fran went. Fran is later seen looking upset.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow and Tara argue and then Willow performs a forget spell, making them all lovey in bed when Tara wouldn't have consented otherwise. While they break up and Tara is disgusted, even singing she can't even trust it was just once, it turns more into "Willow is addicted to magic" and they get back together before Tara's axed off.
  • A very downplayed and ultimately subverted example happens in an early episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca is convinced she has some sort of crush on Josh's new girlfriend Valencia but is really just insanely jealous of her. Near the end the two of them dance and Rebecca abruptly gives Valencia a Forceful Kiss. Valencia immediately takes offense at this and storms off complaining about how everyone is always throwing themselves at her.

  • In Russian sitcome "Univer" Lilya the Cloudcuckoolander and Alla are roommates. In one episode Lilya starts questioning her sexual orientation and becomes obsessed with the idea of having sex with Alla(literally the closest female to her and sobeautiful, only straight woman wouldn't desire her) in order to test it. She started stalking her. Alla got so scared she asked her boyfriend to share the bed with her at nights. Lilya tricked said boyfriend into leaving room and locked the door. Next we switch to Alla's boyfriend and we don't see what happened in the room but we hear Alla crying for help. Considering Lilya's previous actions such as grabbing Alla's covered butt, lying down on the bed Alla was sleeping on, hugging her without content, what was happening off-screen was something even less family friendly(something like talking Alla's clothing by force and uncovering or even touching her genitals). After this all three remained friends, Alla's boyfriend merely yelled at Lilya angrilly(but not hatefully) and throughout Lilya is treated as cute and quirky character. Just switch Lilya with a gay male that tests his bisexuality the same way...

  • In the song "Girl With One Eye" by Florence + the Machine it's implied that the female singer raped the girl with one eye. Whether or not the double standard comes into play is questionable, though considering all the other horrifying things the girl goes through that may not have been the worst part.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • One of the few areas where bookers generally seem ahead of the fan base, usually. For example, Eric Bischoff was treated as a horrible person for trying to arrange this situation on Stephanie McMahon. Dawn Marie was also portrayed as a horrible person for trying to force a Scarpia Ultimatum on Torrie Wilson but while the crowd gave Dawn plenty of boos they also booed when denied footage of how far she got by Torrie's father.

  • The original version of The Vagina Monologues contained an extremely controversial piece about a young girl who was seduced by an older woman, who, regardless of the girl's mental state (some productions say she was already drunk, others change it so she wasn't) and the issue of her consent (she's positive about the experience for the entirety of the piece) is still statutory rape, even when the girl is aged up from 13 to 16 in some productions. The original included the line "if it was rape, it was a good rape", and while later versions removed that line the piece itself is still highly controversial. For what it's worth, the playwright Eve Ensler has gone on record saying she feels much differently about that part after hearing accounts of women abusing prisoners in Abu Ghraib.

    Video Games 
  • Zig-zagged in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls: Komaru being strapped into the "Motivation Machine" and assaulted in an interactive minigame reacts with the horror that you expect... but the fact that the whole sequence is interactive to begin with, how Kotoko (the machine's operator) acts throughout the sequence, and the tutorial essentially attempting to treat the whole situation as a dark joke makes it come across as tastelessly comedic. Making the double standard obvious is that later on, a girl violating a boy's boundaries via Forceful Kiss is rather rightfully Played for Drama.
  • Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle , which is especially jarring as the Duchess reacts to all the other sexual assaults and Abhorrent Admirers inflicted on her with horror, but describes this assault in erotic, titillating terms as she recounts it to her maid, who is openly aroused by the tale. The game tries to present some mitigating factors (it took place in a dream where desires are more magnified, the rapist is explicitly Neutral Evil), which are rather negated by the fact that said rapist has full control over the dreamscape anyway, but the end result is that the Duchess is raped and still has no hesitation to enter a relationship with her.
    • Going hand-in-hand with this trope is Greyghast, who is treated as a monster whose sexual inclinations toward her were so abhorrent as to be cut away from and implied, rather than made explicit like all of her encounters with women, consensual or otherwise.
  • In Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Strangelove performs unwanted, dubiously sexual acts on both Paz (a young teenager) and Cécile (her captive) - she forced Paz to let her give her a massage, and gave Cécile daily sponge baths. Both seem to enjoy it, Cécile even teasing Big Boss for getting aroused by the mental image, and the event with Paz being played for pure fanservice.
  • The H-Game Phantom Thief Silver Cat zig-zags this; Mineko's plan to turn Ginka into her Sex Slave is treated seriously, but the plan is depicted in rather... explicit and fetishizing detail.
  • Rabi-Ribi takes place on an island populated entirely by women, so the various times characters try to molest, rape, or sexually harass Erina and Ribbon (both of whom are underage) are treated as eccentricies at best or annoying at worst by everyone in the game. By contrast, the constant harassment from the male otaku Erina and Ribbon encounter in the Warp Dimension deeply disturbs and upsets them during their stay, and the otaku are definitively identified by the narrative as stalkers and creeps.
  • Played with in Tales of Graces. Pascal constantly tries to "touch" Sophie, even attempting to strike a deal with her along the lines of "You can touch me as much as you want if I can do the same to you"; she usually winds up on the receiving end of a Megaton Punch afterwards. However, despite the almost assuredly intentional innuendo, Pascal usually doesn't do much more than grab Sophie's shoulders (or, at worst, hug her) whenever she does follow through on her whims.
  • Trails of Cold Steel: Angelica Rogner never rapes anyone, but she constantly talks about how she finds other women and girls attractive, and how she intends to have sex with them. Everyone in the game treats this as a charming personality quirk, not as evidence of her being a sexual predator.

    Web Animation 

  • Felicity Flint, of Jodie Troutman's various comics, doesn't always wait for consent. At least one of her victims later slid right into the Romanticized Abuse trope.
  • Misfile has Missi who openly molests Ash and it's played for laughs. Ash being a guy means that this is also Double Standard Rape: Female on Male.
  • In Questionable Content Dora makes a lot of comments towards Faye, (and occasionally even gropes her) that would be considered sexual harassment if she were male or at least wouldn't be Played for Laughs. Especially unfortunate since Dora is Faye's boss.
  • Zigzagged in Grrl Power. Dabbler's tendency to grope or otherwise harass Maxima is played for laughs, but it's made clear that it's only because Maxima is so much more powerful than Dabbler. Max for her part doesn't find it remotely humorous, and Dabbler is frequently faced with disciplinary action for it (or simply gets Punched Across the Room). It's also made clear that if she ever went after someone less able to resist her advances, she would be kicked off the team and face worse punishment.
  • Subverted in Sabrina Online. Zig Zag acts like this towards Sabrina after initially hiring her, engaging in conduct that she later admits was a sexual harassment lawsuit in the making, Zig Zag rationalizing her behavior as getting Sabrina to "loosen up". When Zig Zag corners Sabrina in a shared hotel room, Sabrina punches Zig Zag in the face, which makes Zig Zag realize just how far she'd gone over the line. Zig Zag apologizes to Sabrina, and the two of them make amends and become friends after Zig Zag promises to back off and be more respectful. Zig Zag herself later goes to therapy to work on her aggressive tendencies, as well as her feelings for Sabrina. Zigzagged in that it doesn't stop Zig Zag from lightly flirting with Sabrina for the rest of the strip, and while Sabrina constantly turns her down, Sabrina privately admits to her mother that she finds the flirting a little flattering.

    Western Animation 
  • One American Dad! episode has Francine recall a horrific bullying incident she was involved in as a teenager when a group of girls held her down in the locker room shower and vigorously lathered every inch of her body with soap. Francine recalls how they didn't miss a single spot on her, making it clear they sexually molested her by groping at her breasts and lower region and asks Stan in a pained voice if he can imagine something so awful. Stan's showing sitting down, sweating, his jacket covering his lap, and asking Francine for more details. Stan later pulls out a yearbook asking Francine to point out the girls who attacked her, hopefully pointing to some prettier ones.