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In fiction, the audience (and sometimes the hero) often doesn't just want the villains stopped, they want to see them punished. Often, and especially when the heroes are a little too heroic to get their hands dirty, this comes in the form of a Karmic Death.

But some villains are so villainous, so incredibly evil, that "merely" dying seems like they're getting off just a tad too easy. For these villains, A Fate Worse Than Death is in order. To Pay Evil unto Evil, for the very worst of the worst, we have Karmic Rape. Common for those who are rapists themselves, especially child molesters, as a sort of Irony.


A Sub-Trope of Sexual Karma and Laser-Guided Karma. Often implied if the villain is imprisoned. Commonly Played for Laughs a la Black Comedy Rape, but can be portrayed seriously. When played for laughs, often overlaps with Disproportionate Retribution. Most victims are male, but the odd Rare Female Example pops up from time to time. Can overlap with Rape Portrayed as Redemption if this starts the villain on the long hard road to a Heel–Face Turn. May also overlap with Death by Sex and Redemption Equals Death. See also Victim-Blaming. Almost by definition comes with a heaping helping of Unfortunate Implications and Karmic Overkill. It may also overlap with Prison Rape, or an Ironic Hell. Compare and Contrast with Rape and Revenge as it can turn into this trope if the original rape victim, later on, ends up raping their rapist.


Of course, many people would argue that no one, no matter how evil, deserves rape. Pretty much every civilized nation in the world has laws meant to protect both free citizens and criminals from rape, and international law considers it a crime against humanity to allow or commit rape as part of a punishment for a crime, and there are countless human-rights organizations that work to eliminate rape against prisoners. This trope is when rape is treated by the narrative and/or the characters as a just punishment for the villain's crimes. Since Real Life, as far as we know, lacks a narrative to pass judgment, No Real Life Examples, Please!

These days, including Karmic Rape in a work of fiction is likely to result in at least some backlash, which indicates that it might be on the way to becoming a Discredited Trope.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • In the H-manga Bullied Hypno Revenge, a trio of of girls are the most feared students in school due to their ability to put down anyone, and their wanton use of Blackmail to keep everyone subservient. Their leader is a Spoiled Brat who has been manipulating everyone around her, including teachers for years, just for the sake of her amusement. However, their latest victim manages to trick them into getting hypnotized, and turns them into his personal harem, though when the hypnosis wears briefly wears off, he tells them that their reign of terror has come to an end, and once their free will is completely eliminated, he happily becomes their demented overlord.
  • In Karin, Bridget Brownlick is one of the masterminds behind the plan to kidnap Karin, rape, and forcibly impregnate her. When the Maka family find out about this and come to her rescue, Bridget herself ends up getting raped by Karin's brother Ren, and gets pregnant. Of course, it loses some of its meaning when it turns out she's actually thrilled to have the baby; it's Ren who's less amused by this turn of events.
  • Kayoko Kasuga from Mofuku Tsuma rapes Honami and orders Manabu to do it, only to end up raped by Manabu and Honami.
  • In The Rising of the Shield Hero, Princess Malty, who falsely accused the hero Naofumi of rape (among other things), ends up herself raped to death by the King of Faubley, who records the whole thing. Subverted, though, in that even Naofumi himself, who despises Malty for what she did to him, is so disgusted by this that he cannot bring himself to watch, and the King is treated as a vile monster who gets killed off not long afterward.
  • Redo of Healer: This is Keyaru's go-to method for enacting revenge on his abusers. Most notable examples would be Princess Flare (who also received Cold-Blooded Torture and Heel–Face Brainwashing) and Captain Renard (who is transformed into a woman and left with his drugged-up soldiers).

    Comic Books 
  • In The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the Invisible Man's rape by Mr. Hyde is treated this way (the Invisible Man is introduced having raped several young women at a boarding school, besides spying for the Martians). May overlap with Evil Versus Evil depending on whether you consider Hyde an Anti-Hero or just another villain.
  • In Preacher, the exceptionally vile Herr Starr is raped in an alleyway by a man after a truly disastrous misunderstanding arising from his sheltered underling's incompetent attempt to hire a (female) prostitute for him. This is actually just the beginning of his series-long Humiliation Conga.
  • Mirage of the Team Titans once raped Nightwing by using her powers to make him think she was Starfire. When the deception was revealed, she laughed at the idea of his relationship being ruined and Dick was jokingly called a slut. Then a few issues later, Mirage's actual boyfriend (her time's version of Nightwing) was driven insane by Raven and became "Deathwing." Their first night together following his Face–Heel Turn, Deathwing violently assaulted and raped Mirage. Given how incredibly unpopular Mirage was for raping Dick Grayson, it's difficult not to read Mirage being raped as her intended karma.
  • In Gold Digger, the evil genie Madrid, trapped in a form resembling Gina Diggers and without any of her powers, was kept as a pet by two dragonesses who once served a villain named Fauntleroy, one of whom 'asserted dominance' over her repeatedly. To make matters worse, Madrid was only in this situation because of a backfired attempt at betrayal. She learns that if she had simply waited, she could have gotten out of the situation without any problems. This brutal treatment plus the knowledge that it was her own scheming ways that got her into this are what catalyzes Madrid's complete Heel–Face Turn.
  • The Authority
    • This is Seth's ultimate fate. He's Too Kinky to Torture, so the Doctor turns him into a flock of chickens outside his uncles' home. We don't see it happen but it's very strongly implied the chickens are then raped/eaten. Seth is a racist, homophobic monstrosity who brags about being a pedophile, gleefully slaughters/tortures on behalf of a cabal of amoral rich people and at various points declared his intention to murder, eat and/or rape a baby, plus made his big entrance by exploding out of an innocent woman's uterus, so no one's shedding any tears over it.
    • Implied to happen to the Commander, after he raped Apollo. Apollo leaves him unable to walk and flies off but then Apollo's boyfriend shows up with a jackhammer
  • In The Walking Dead, The Governor uses Michonne as a Sex Slave. When she gets her revenge, part of it includes sodomizing him with a spoon.

    Fan Fiction 
  • Soi-Fon's ultimate fate after Aizen becomes Soul Queen in The Defeated is being brought before Barragan to serve as his concubine as punishment for raping and torturing Ichigo, having blamed the Substitute for Yoruichi's death (despite Soi-Fon having killed Yoruichi herself). Notably, while the revived Yoruichi believes it to be a just punishment, she still breaks down crying after leaving Soi-Fon to her fate.
  • A brothel owner in A Discordant Note paid some men to kill Harry Potter and kidnap his part-giant wife Ava to be used as an exotic sex slave. Ava uses a wooden strap-on to rape the brothel owner before killing her, claiming she wanted the woman to experience some of what Ava would have.
  • In the New Tamaran sequel Justice Returns, Belle Reeve has been converted into a playpen for Killer Frost, who gleefully tortures and rapes the other prisoners, who are kept alive and healed for her amusement. Said victims include Vandal Savage (who had become a third world dictator to commit genocide and the next world war) and Lex Luthor (who is directly responsible for the Tamaranean invasion and the death of Supergirl.)
  • After Bark and Storm rape Tails in Prison Island Break, Knuckles beats them up and, in the case of the former, gives him an Ass Shove. This is not done out of any sense of payback, however, since Knuckles is their rival.

    Films — Animation 
  • In Queer Duck: The Movie, the homophobic Reverend Vandergelding attempts to spray every gay man at the theme park with his gay cure to make them straight. He ends up crashing down in a gay rodeo and doused with his own concoction, causing him to be covered in pink fur. This results in a gay bull becoming attracted to him and this is treated as his comeuppance.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Played for Laughs in Little Nicky, where part of Hitler's eternal punishment in Hell is to be periodically anally violated by the Devil with a pineapple. Overlaps with Pay Evil unto Evil considering that the Devil and some of his family are treated sympathetically.
  • In Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, the main bad guy, after his plans to bring the Wachati and Wachootoo tribes into war with each other are brought crashing down around his ears, tries to escape their wrath, but is cornered by a silverback gorilla with... amorous intentions. Cue "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."
  • In Trading Places, Clarence Beeks finds himself in a cage with a horny male gorilla, in what is supposed to be karmic justice. They're both last seen being loaded on a freighter bound for Africa, for release into the wild.
  • In Reefer Madness: The Musical, this happens in the musical number "Little Mary Sunshine," in which Ralph's marijuana-facilitated attempted seduction of Mary goes horribly, horribly wrong.
    Ralph: Help! This crazy tomato's RAPIN' me!
  • At the end of The Hot Chick, the villain (now male again, but in a female stripper's outfit and handcuffs) is making his escape from the police and climbs into the back of a car in a back alley, thinking that he will be driven to freedom. Unfortunately for him, the doors immediately lock and the driver turns around with a lecherous smile on his face before driving off as the villain screams in terror. It's insinuated that said driver is going to rape him after the fade-to-black.
  • Mallrats has the jerkass love interest of one of the girls who is obsessed with doing it someplace uncomfortable (and no, not the back of a Volkswagen) get sent to prison, where this is strongly implied to happen to him by a larger inmate. Note that although he is unscrupulous and manipulative and intentionally seduces women who are emotionally vulnerable, he is never stated to use force.
  • In Tamara, Shawn and Patrick frequently Date Rape their female classmates at parties. Tamara, using her newfound mind-control powers, retaliates by forcing them to have sex... with each other. They get interrupted before it gets that far though.
  • In Dangerous Worry Dolls, Eva rapes a prison guard using the same strap-on that the guard had earlier used to rape her.
  • In This Is the End, Jonah Hill's character is at first nothing but nice to Jay in that overly-nice way of someone who knows they aren't liked and is trying really hard to change that opinion. Then he reveals in a monologued prayer to God that he really hates Jay, thinks he's a bad influence on Seth Rogen, and wishes he died. Well, his prayer was heard... by a demon. Who comes at night and forces himself on Jonah Hill's character, leading to him being traumatized and soon after getting Demonically Possessed.
  • In the epilogue of Animal House, Greg Marmalard, one of the adversaries of the Delta House, was mentioned to have been raped in prison after taking part in the break-in of the Watergate Hotel in 1974.
  • In Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects, Charles Bronson's character decides to let the villain (who rapes and pimps out teenage girls) live, because that is real "justice...poetic justice." The catcalls from the prison block and the "new mama" speech from his new cellie leave no doubt as to what that means.
  • In My Favorite Martian the evil reporter played by Elizabeth Hurley ends tied to a litter and molested by another villain, Dr. Coleye.
  • The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl: After being defeated by Kirasagi, Shimotsuki—one of eunuchs who kidnap women to serve as sex slaves in the Iga village—is raped by the diseased man, and then left to return to his village and spread the infection.
  • Descent: At the beginning of the film, Maya is raped by Jared. Her life then goes downhill, until the end, when she lures Jared back to her room, ties him to the bed and has a gay friend brutally sodomize him while she watches.
  • Top Secret!. While breaking into a top secret facility, Nigel is dressed in the rear half of a cow costume. After he reveals himself to be The Mole who has betrayed the Resistance to the East German government, he is attacked and anally raped by a bull.
  • Holidays: Halloween has Ian, a pimp who abuses the women he employs, get a vibrator up the ass that then gets superglued in, with them shocking him using a car battery. Earlier he'd sought to rape one, and by his attitude was implied to have raped them all in the past. It's shown as part of their revenge.

  • In The Spider novel The Red Death Rain, the villainess is raped to death off-screen by an orangutan. Both a Karmic Rape and a Karmic Death as she had planned to do this to Nita van Sloane, in addition to killing large numbers of people with poisoned tobacco.
  • In Myra Breckinridge, the title character anally rapes a man using a strap-on dildo. This act is generally construed as teaching the man a lesson and making a statement for sexual equality. The entire work satirized sex, gender, and sexual practices.
  • Seen repeatedly in The Wheel of Time:
    • The enslavement, degradation, and sexual abuse of the minor villain Galina Casban by another woman plays this trope straight: she is captured shortly after kidnapping and horribly abusing Rand al'Thor on the Forsaken's orders. She gets this twice over, since her fellow captives' help gets her within a Hope Spot of escaping before she picks up the Villain Ball, betrays them, gets caught by her abuser while trying to escape alone, and is irrevocably broken.
    • A similar fate befalls early story villain and haughty sociopath Liandrin, who is permanently blocked from the Source by Moghedien, who then Compels her to live, meaning she does not even have suicide for an option when she is shortly captured by the Seanchan and made into a Sex Slave and plaything of High Lady Suroth.
    • Ultimately Suroth meets a particularly brutal form the trope herself: when her treachery is ultimately thwarted and exposed, Tuon revokes the noble status of her family, makes her da'cavole and (because a shaved head is a sign of nobility) orders that until her hair has grown out, she is to be given to the Deathwatch Guard for their "entertainment", with the rest of the scene making it clear that she is going to spend her first weeks in slavery being gang raped.
    • Myrddraal are Humanoid Abominations known for raping women, which usually either kills them or drives them insane. The Mouth of Sauron, Shaidar Haran, takes the form of a Myrddraal and on three occasions focuses his "attention" on a female Forsaken, first Mesaana, then Mogheiden, and ultimately Graendal, as punishment for failure. In Graendal's case, she actually dies and has to be given a new body. Additionally, both Cydane and Moghedein are Soul Trapped for their failures and "given" to Moridin, who can make them feel any mental or psychical sensation he wishes.
    • A variation of this exists for several female villains who are enslaved as damane. The a'dam allows damane to be forced to feel literally any physical stimuli the sul'dam can conceive, and every possible form of violation this implies is shown to be on the table for the sake of "breaking" the damane to make her docile and compliant; numerous of these assaults are described in detail. Not one but two of the story's arch villains have their narratives end in this way: Elaida and Moghedein are both last seen screaming in terror at this fate. In fact, Moghedein is made damane mere minutes after Moridin's death frees her from her previous abuser.
    • Mat's repeated rape at knife-point by Queen Tylin is generally Played for Laughs, and the other female characters see it as this trope until he, after much pleading for help, finally impresses the severity of the situation on them. Even after they help him, they (and the narrative) treat the situation much less seriously than they would if the genders had been reversed. Word of God is that the reader is not supposed to agree with the ladies' quip that he "had it coming" thanks to his Chivalrous Pervert habits.
  • In one of the SERRAted Edge novels by Mercedes Lackey, the villain of the book has been sexually molesting his daughter since she was 2 or 3. At the end of the book, he's dumped in an extradimensional prison cell with an entity that will put him through everything he did to the girl.
  • In The Dresden Files, Lord Raith raped his daughters into submission. But when it turns out he can't feed after Harry's mother cursed him, his oldest daughter decides to turn the tables. While a horrific scene, he definitely doesn't get any sympathy. Said daughter, Lara, does this again in a later book, against her cousin Madeline, The Heavy for the book. This time, despite her victim generally being unpleasant, it's treated more of a reminder of her own monstrosity than a karmic punishment, in part due to the fact that Lara disembowls (and, it's implied, eats) the victim as well.
  • Millennium Series: In The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, anti-heroine Lisbeth Salander gets revenge on her abusive social worker by secretly filming him raping her and then anally raping him with a dildo, tattooing the words "I'm a pig and a rapist" on his torso, and threatening to show the tape recording of his abuses on her if he doesn't comply with her demands.
  • In A Land Fit for Heroes, in retaliation for his cousin being sold as a sex slave, Ringil has the female crime boss responsible gang-raped for almost a whole day.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Only a few episodes after he raped his ex-wife, Tommy on the dark comedy/drama series Rescue Me is drugged with roofies and raped by his needy, obsessive, psychotic girlfriend Sheila after turning down her offer to retire and run away with her with to live at her beach house.
  • In The Boys (2019), Aquaman expy The Deep's Establishing Character Moment is him using Sexual Extortion on Naïve Newcomer Starlight. After this gets out he goes through a two-season long Trauma Conga Line that starts with a groupie raping him while painfully jamming her hands into his gills.
  • The episode "Go Fish" of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The evil swim coach forces Buffy into the water below his office with the mutant fish-men, but not to feed them: "Boys have other needs." (Buffy herself doesn't like the idea that she'd "made it with the whole swim team"). Xander helps her out, the coach falls through the trap door, and while he yells and splashes below, Buffy quips "Boy, those boys sure like their coach!"
  • At one point during his tenure as host of Weekend Update, Norm McDonald joked that Prison Rape, being the worst part of the whole experience, should be formally portioned out during sentencing.
  • The Mentalist: Referenced at the denouement of "Red, White and Blue" when Rigsby gets annoyed at a Killer of the Week who's convinced it's Never My Fault.
    Rigsby: Oh, well, look on the the bright side. In prison, you won't have to pay for dates.
  • In Torchwood, a couple of episodes after he drugs and is strongly implied to rape a man and a woman with Alien Sex Pollen, Owen gets the experience of being raped and murdered implanted into his memory by a time-viewing alien artifact.
  • In the first episode of American Horror Story: Coven, Madison gets gang raped by frat boys during a party. They later end up in a bus accident and one of them is brought to the hospital. Zoe then avenges Madison by raping the comatose boy, causing him to bleed from every orifice and die.
  • Implied on an episode of My Name Is Earl. Earl punches his Bad Boss in the face, which leads to his wife and his girlfriend finding out about each other, and his (soon-to-be-ex) wife finding the money he stole from the fast-food restaurant he managed, which leads to him being sent to prison. In the end, he is drinking coffee out of a tin mug with the words "World's Best Bottom" scrawled on it, while his cellmate looks on.
  • Black Comedy Rape version in one episode of Married... with Children: Seeking revenge on a girl who's been stringing him along and humiliated him years ago, Bud convinces the guy she's really interested in (and who couldn't care less about her) to go along with his plan — entice the girl into meeting him under the bleachers for a round of quickie sex. Later, the girl is seen emerging from the bleachers, adjusting her clothes, apparently completely unaware—thanks to the darkness—that she just had sex with Bud, who the audience soon sees coming out a few minutes after she did.
  • Subverted in Orange Is the New Black. After Coates rapes Pennsatucky, she and Big Boo plan to drug him and rape him with a broom handle. However, Pennsatucky changes her mind—she's been raped, and she's not going to do that to someone else.
  • One Life to Live Roughly a decade after leading the gang-rape of Marty Saybrooke, Todd Manning is kidnapped by an obsessed woman and raped by her (she wants to have his baby). He clearly views his ordeal as this trope, even hallucinating Marty taunting him, "Todd rapes Margaret (her proper name) and Margaret rapes Todd."
  • Guiding Light. After his Date Rape of Lucy Cooper, Brent Lawrence flees town to avoid prosecution and returns as a Creepy Crossdresser, disguised as a woman named Marian. He is attacked on the docks at one point and although he manages to fend the guy off and kill him before he can complete the assault, for several moments, he's legitimately terrified that he's going to be subjected to what he did to Lucy (though this actually failed to cause any kind of Heel Realization about it).
  • Oz: The male-on-male rape that occurs in the Oswald prison is always treated as horrific and unjust, except a few instances where it's very clearly Laser-Guided Karma. Examples of such include Franklin Winthrop, who was convicted in the first place for raping a woman in public; and Robbson, who frequently raped other inmates himself before he was later ousted from his gang and had to become a sex slave to a stronger inmate.
  • In the Firefly episode "Heart of Gold," a prostitute named Chari betrays the heroes and her brothel by reporting their activities to the villain Rance Burgess. Burgess then proceeds to force Chari to service him in front of his men.

  • Played straight and for laughs in Sublime's "Date Rape", in which a date rapist is sentenced to prison where he himself is Prison Raped, making him a literal Asshole Victim.
    Well I can't take pity on a man of his kind,
    Even though he now takes it in the behind.
  • Locusta in Macabre's song of the same name, when her crimes are figured out, was raped by a trained giraffe before being torn apart by animals as punishment.
  • Nirvana's song "Rape Me" from In Utero is, according to one of Kurt Cobain's explanations, about a male rapist of women being raped in jail as some sort of "poetic justice".

    Mythology and Religion 
  • In the Book of Judges, an unnamed Levite man's concubine runs away from him, and allegedly cheats on him with several different men before running home to her father. In turn, he gives her over to a bunch of townsmen that wanted to rape him, and she is raped to death. The narrative is not shy about connecting her alleged cheating with her rape and her most unfortunate demise.
  • In another, earlier incident involving Lot and his daughters, after their Doomed Hometown is destroyed and they take shelter in a cave, Lot is raped by his daughters, and has a son/grandson by each of them. Some interpret this as divine punishment for offering the girls to be raped. The reason given in the narrative, however, is that the girls (erroneously) believed themselves and their father to be the last people on Earth alive After the End, their fiances had been killed, and they felt compelled to have children for future security. In other words, they viewed sex with their father as Necessarily Evil, but knew that he'd never go for it sober.
  • A midrash of the Book of Ruth says that the moabite Orpah after abandonning Ruth and Naomi to return to her people was then gang raped by hundred men and a dog. (The text itself says nothing about what might have happened to her. She isn't seen in the text as a "bad person" or deserving of punishment for choosing to go back home, and Naomi actually encouraged it.)
  • The 23rd chapter of Book of Ezekiel has the parable of the two adulterous sisters Aholah and Aholibah. Aholah commits adultery with Assyrians and ends up gang raped and killed by her lovers. Aholibah then commits adultury with the Babylonians and God announces a fate similiar to her sister's.
  • In the Yashts the God of Evil Ahriman is fisted by the heroic Jamshid. Not only had Ahriman caused all worldly evil by that point, he also ate Jamshid's brother.
  • In the Mabinogion, Gilfaethwy and Gwydion are punished for raping Goewin by being transformed into animals and forced to breed with each other every year for several years until they produce multiple offspring.


    Video Games 
  • The Korean arcade game Boon-Ga Boon-Ga allows you to select from a number of unpleasant characters, then use the attached stick to anally violate them by shoving the stick through a hole on the front of the cabinet, upon which the character will then make comically exaggerated motions and facial expressions. Well, calling it a "game" is stretching the definition very thin, as there is no story to it or in-game goals (though it does drop prizes). It was marketed as stress relief. Boon-Ga Boon-Ga was never exported to any other region because this premise wouldn't fly anywhere but Korea and its intended audience of Japan.
  • Sunless Sea: The Not-So-Delightful Adventuress screws you, the local monkey mayor, and even her Golem bodyguard over with murderous intent. And she would have gotten away with it too - except said bodyguard is Unfinished enough to not be completely loyal to her, allowing him to kick her ass. At this point, you can let the Clay Man or the monkeys do their 'thing' with her, or let her leave unscathed to prevent this trope.
  • In Resident Evil 2 and its remake, corrupt Police Chief Brian Irons, who is explicitly stated in the former to be a rapist, is impregnated with an embryo via a very sexually suggestive method by the virus-transformed William Birkin, and then dies giving 'birth' to it.
  • General Retreat, a sequel to the infamous Custer's Revenge game, has you play as the Native American woman Custer raped in the first game, as you try and rape him in return.

    Web Original 
  • An article on Cracked mentions an infamous Harry Potter fan theory that Dolores Umbridge—a thoroughly terrible woman who, among other things, tortures children—got gang-raped by centaurs at the end of the fifth book. In the text itself, said centaurs drag Umbridge deep into the Forbidden Forest. After Dumbledore rescues her, she shows little physical damage but remains temporarily catatonic from whatever she endured—until the students start making hoofbeat sounds, at which point Umbridge goes into a panic. As Cracked points out, this has led many fans to conclude exactly what you'd expect. It doesn't help that the original centaurs of Classical Mythology are among the ur-examples of Mars Needs Women, and J. K. Rowling likes to show her work regarding myths that she borrows from, even though the centaurs of the Wizarding World are a far cry from their savage mythological counterparts.
  • Tails of the Bounty Hunter has a scene in the final chapter where Gobor Grizzer gets raped in the showers while he's in prison. That being said, Gobor himself is a Serial Rapist who sexually assaulted over a dozen football players in high school, and later grew up to rape civilians indiscriminately on top of being a terrorist who is responsible for killing thousands. It's very difficult to say he didn't have this coming.
  • Whateley Universe, Jade 4: Bottle a Jinn
    • Alpha Bitch Solange enters a horrific contract with Thuban: in exchange for keeping her rival Hekate out of her hair for a week, she would allow her body to be possessed for two days and let herself, in effect, be raped by Montana, whom she had previously offered sexual favors with no intention of following through. Having absorbed a powerful spirit (Jinn, who is essentially a part of another student's astral self), she is convinced she can withstand the possession and get around the terms of the contract... but Jinn has been harassing Solange from inside her mind, trying to get Solange to free her, and eventually Solange does - just before the terms of the agreement come due.
    • Jobe Wilkins finds himself in a bind: he's accidentally injected himself with a formula he created which irreversibly turns the recipient into a female dark elf. Desperate to prevent this, he goes to his arch-rival, Carmilla, and asks her to use her magic to undo the serum. Assuming his unparalleled genius would be sufficient to make a Deal with the Devil that wouldn't backfire on him, her fails to notice that she'd 'signed' it with an insult, leaving her free to do whatever she would. She uses her power to seduce him, while simultaneously completing the Gender Bender transformation he was hoping to avoid.

    Western Animation 
  • It's hard to tell whether it's also specifically this or just the show's general, usual, karma-free Black Comedy, but in an early episode of Family Guy, an Alpha Bitch cheerleader is tied up by Stewie and left in a bathroom stall, where Quagmire finds her.
    Quagmire: Dear Diary: jackpot!
  • In an episode of South Park, Nathan who repeatedly tries to get Jimmy killed is raped by a shark. On screen. Twice. And in a later episode, he's raped by a transvestite, and it was apparently worse than the shark!
  • In the Justice League episode "Injustice for All" which features the Injustice Gang, Cheetah appears for the first time and meets Solomon Grundy who clearly shows an unwelcomed attraction to her which she rejects violently. At the end of the two-part episode she's left alone trapped with a smiling Grundy, nothing is shown obviously but the implications are clear.


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