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"I ain't never heard of a one-time rapist."
Chief Bill Gillespie, In the Heat of the Night, "Rape"

We all know that Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil. So what's the only thing worse than a rapist? A Serial Rapist.

As the name would indicate, a Serial Rapist is a character who commits (or attempts to commit) three or more rapes, with a cooling-off period in between. The reasons for their actions may vary. Perhaps they suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction, and can only achieve gratification through the infliction of sexual violence on others. Perhaps they feel they have been wronged by the opposite (or same) sex, and are trying to gain their "revenge". Perhaps they have a psychological need to dominate others. Or perhaps they are just a psychopath, for whom sexual violence is simply another outlet for their antisocial tendencies. Irrespective of motivations, expect this character to be one of the most vile in the setting.

The Serial Rapist is usually male and his victims are usually female, but there are exceptions. Male/female, female/male, male/male, and female/female violence are all possible, particularly given the existence of the Depraved Homosexual and Depraved Bisexual tropes. Adult/child and adult/teen predation is also common and given our fears of paedophiles and ephebophiles, serial rapists of this nature are considered especially vile. Might overlap with Serial Killer if they kill their victims after the fact. Given the generally squicky nature of the topic, Serial Rapists feature less frequently in police shows than Serial Killers, but they are still a relatively common occurrence, and will usually evoke revulsion and disgust from the rest of the castincluding other villains. If the rapist uses superpowers to do the deed, see also Power Perversion Potential.

Compare/contrast their pathological cousins, the Serial Killer and Pyromaniac. Liable to be a Sadist. See also Murderers Are Rapists (when those who've killed people are also depicted as having raped them.) May involve learning that the latest person they rape was Not the First Victim.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Baki the Grappler: Ultimate Life Form Yujiro Hanma had a long history of this, in addition to being a Depraved Bisexual as a result of Testosterone Poisoning. His known victims included Jack's mother and Joe William, with the implication they weren't the only ones as he frequently uses this as a threat when annoyed.
  • From the manga Basilisk, we have the Big Bad Tenzen Yakushiji, an evil ninja of the Iga Clan. Tenzen usurps control of the Iga clan from his naive leader Oboro and attempts to rape her before being interrupted. Later on, Tenzen attempts to rape a ninja named Kagero of the Iga's enemies, the Koga clan, after pretending to be her ally. When he captures Kagero, Tenzen tortures her for sport, then tries again to rape Oboro in front of her for kicks. It is only a relief when Oboro regains the use of her sight and makes his head go boom.
  • Beast Tamer: Edgar Fromware, the son of the Lord of Horizon, is despised for his habit of taking a woman a month and committing unspeakable acts on them with it being explicit in both the light novels and manga that he rapes the women besides beating them. One victim, in particular, is a fox spirit named Nina who he savagely beats daily to get off on his perverse sadism.
  • Berserk:
    • Wyald, the second Apostle the Band of the Hawk fight, is probably the most egregious rapist in the series. He is introduced raping and murdering a veritable truckload of women, and it's revealed that he did this to dozens or even hundreds of women while serving the King of Midland. His motivation is a combination of misogyny, unrestrained lust, and sadistic pleasure in dominating and harming people. He later tries to rape Casca, the only female member of the Hawks, in his Apostle form of a gigantic gorilla monster. Seeing him castrated by Guts is very satisfying.
    • Griffith is a disturbingly realistic version. He is defined by his obsession with controlling others and treating them as though they are his property, so he demonstrates a distinct disregard for consent in sexual situations.
      • His first instance was sneaking into Princess Charlotte's bedroom and proceeding to force himself upon her. While she agreed to the act due to her extreme devotion to him, it's pretty obvious that he would have likely done so even if she had not consented.
      • His second instance was his attempted rape of Casca when he was severely crippled. As his body was barely functioning at this point, he's only to limp towards her and agonizingly hump her chest, generating more pity than anything else.
      • His final attempt, and the one that cements his irredeemability is his infamous, brutally graphic rape of Casca during the Eclipse while forcing Guts to watch. To make things even worse, it's his very first act upon becoming the fifth member of the God Hand, Femto, something he'd done by sacrificing his entire army and consigned them to be devoured by The Legions of Hell. And it's implied that Guts himself would have been next if Skull Knight hadn't shown up.
  • Shira from Blade of the Immortal is a depraved Serial Killer and violent Blood Knight with no empathy for anyone who focuses only on his own pleasure. Shira is especially fond of raping women while he's cutting them and does this to several luckless ones who cross his path over the series. Not exactly choosy in regards to "partners", Shira also sexually abuses a young boy named Renzo, keeping Renzo enslaved to him by promising to hunt down the killer of Renzo's father.
  • Cross Ange:
    • It's very strongly implied in the second episode, even before her Attempted Rape of Ange, that Zola made a habit of taking sexual advantage of her subordinates. Later confirmed when Hilda tells Ange that she basically went along to get along. This makes her death in combat in the second episode due to Ange's inexperience rather karmic.
    • The Big Bad is basically a 'divine' rapist; he grows sexually obsessed with any woman who rejects him, quickly disposes of them once he's bored, and Mind Raped the entire world of mana with his science experiments into becoming the bigoted sheep that plague the heroes.
  • Death Note: One of the few non-murderers whom Light kills for crimes is a man who allegedly raped several women and got away due to lack of evidence.note  Light uses his death to prove to FBI Agent Ray Penber that he's Kira and get information about the FBI's Kira investigation, before killing Penber as well.
  • Fate/Apocrypha provides a rare female-on-male example. Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia, is stated to have kidnapped and raped young boys/men out of sadism between jobs in her past, and wants to do the same thing to her own Servant Astolfo. The Double Standard definitely doesn't apply here since she is treated as a despicable person.
  • Genma Wars: The Maoh King's favorite pastime is kidnapping human females to forcibly have sex with them. Sometimes he goes even further and mass rapes several of them at once with his powers. As such, he begets several half-human children with two of them being the main protagonists, and even though he is primarily motivated by sadism and carnal lust, it's revealed this is part of a Super Breeding Program to create even more powerful hybrid offspring with the sole purpose to wage war eternally on Earth for his amusement.
  • Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Two female examples:
    • Goddess Ishtar achieves this both personally and through Rape by Proxy. She runs forced prostitution where many of her familia are coerced into participating and some of the potential "customers" are forced into it as well. She has Phryne Jamil beat them into submission before bringing them to her where she uses her Living Aphrodisiac powers to rape girls into submission to be her slaves (Aisha being one prominent example). It is implied Ishtar also rapes men for her own pleasure since she rapes Hermes later and attempts to rape Bell.
    • The aforementioned Phryne Jamil has a history of dragging young men away, drugging them up, and raping them to the point that they are physically broken and bloodied. Many of the other familia members are concerned that she'll ruin Bell before they get their turn with him.
  • The Jinki:Extend manga, makes Kalis Norman into a Psycho for Hire who specializes in psychologically breaking female pilots by raping them.
  • Jojos Bizarre Adventure:
  • In Legend of the Blue Wolves, Captain Continental is implied to be this — it's fairly unlikely that Jonathan was his first victim, considering how he looks through the files of a group of new recruits to choose his next "target", after having creepy sex with one of his devoted subordinates.
  • Moriarty the Patriot: Flashbacks show that Duke Enoch J. Drebber was a prolific rapist of women, having them kidnapped, tortured, and raped before killing them afterwards.
  • An early chapter of Telepathic Wanderers has Nanase working in a hostess bar and tangling with a customer who rapes one of her coworkers. It's strongly implied he's done it before, and later tries to do the same to Nanase. A telekinetic man who works at the bar forces him to shoot himself with his own gun.
  • In The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls, the corrupt Daimyo Kato Akinari and his pet psycho squad, the Seven Spears of Aizu, love to abuse their power with women. Akinari abducts and rapes countless women, before giving them to the Spears to rape and torture for pleasure when he's finished.

    Comic Books 
  • The DCU:
    • Justice League of America: Dr. Arthur Light was turned into this in Identity Crisis when it was revealed he violated the Elastic Man's wife Sue Dibny. Since then, Light has been a threat to every woman he'd come across with rape being his primary fascination in life. When he was caught and killed by The Spectre, he'd been preparing to rape three women he'd caught and dressed as the female members of the Teen Titans.
    • Secret Six: Junior is a hideously disfigured, sadistic, and murderous crime boss. Junior, in addition to countless other crimes, has, by her own admission, "forced relations, men and women" and shows no sign of ever stopping her depravities.
    • Teen Titans: The demonic Trigon has raped hundreds of women over the centuries, including Raven's mother (whether it was a Bed Trick or rape without any pretense varies with the retelling). This isn't out of lust but in order to sire powerful children to spread his evil and help him conquer.
    • Wonder Woman: Dr. Psycho is a Depraved Dwarf who specializes in deadly mind control. With his sickening sexual appetites, Psycho dominates the minds and bodies of women he encounters and delights in degrading them however he can.
  • Willy Pete of Empowered is an incredibly monstrous example of this. A fire elemental who was once a human being, Willy Pete has raging, wild desires — sexual and otherwise. However, since humans are too fragile for him, he targets superpowered beings so he can both rape and eat them since they're strong enough to take it.
  • Hawley Griffin of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, in addition to being a ruthless snake and traitor, used his invisibility to violate as many women as he could. Prior to his recruitment by the team, Griffin was hiding in a girls' home, where he was thought by the students (including Pollyanna) to be the Holy Spirit. This is Played for Laughs.
  • Marvel Universe:
    • Daredevil:
      • Larry Cranston, the third Mister Fear, became one after he discovered that by altering the chemical makeup of his fear gas, he could use it to induce desire instead of terror. He's regularly seen sleeping with multiple women, all of whom have been drugged into it.
      • Zebediah Kilgrave, the Purple Man, uses his mind control powers for the worst possible means. Kilgrave takes control of women who catch his fancy, mentally dominating them into sleeping with him while getting a sick thrill out of it. Mind Rape, too: in Alias, Jessica says that while he never touched her in the several months he held her in thrall, he would force her to wish she was in the position of the woman he was raping.
    • X-Men: Mystique is a rare female example, with her nature as a Depraved Bisexual used to highlight how truly sick she is. She uses sex as a weapon to manipulate people, and is a sadist who frequently uses her Voluntary Shapeshifting powers to perform Bed Tricks on people For the Evulz.
  • Junior Roark of Sin City is a serial rapist and a serial killer who targets children, focusing on making them scream so he can get aroused. When he encounters the hero who once castrated him, Junior brags about how he's going to rape and kill the one girl Hartigan defended years ago, telling him "they've all screamed! Dozens of them, maybe even a hundred!"
  • In Watchmen, Rorschach's first victim after the passing of the Keene Act was a serial rapist. Rorshach killed him and left his corpse outside a police station to send a message that he categorically refused to give up costumed vigilantism.

    Fan Works 
  • Masayoshi Shido, antagonist of Persona 5 was canonically first introduced trying to assault a woman while drunk. In Dear Old Dad it is very clear that this is not an isolated incident: so much so that the Phantom Thieves have a majority of its members being made up of his Heroic Bastard children. All of whom are quite fine with killing him for this and much more.
  • Hivefled's villains take it to extremes, to the point that their final victim and only escapee is now being followed by the ghosts of two thousand, four hundred and sixty previous victims.
  • In Prison Island Break, Shadow the Hedgehog states that he has in his life raped almost 3000 women and has completely lost count - at one point he admits he was raping up to 3 women a week. He also admits that he didn't do it for the numbers.
    Shadow: Although they started to blur together after about two...
  • A Rabbit Among Wolves: A rare female-on-male example. The SDC manager is revealed to be a sex offender, using her power to rape faunus men.
  • In a rare female/female example, the RWBY fanfic Ruby and Nora has Neo, who's a Psycho Lesbian and raped Emerald and countless others before her.
  • Shadow of the Dragon: Ryujin Satome, the resident school bully at Sakura's school, is stated in chapter 19 to have raped at least seven girls.
  • Trauma is a Teen Titans fic that starts with Beast Boy brutally killing a serial rapist that targets girls that the Titans personally know (namely, Kitten, Jinx, Bumblebee, Terra, and Raven). The rest of the fic goes into what caused this, from the start.
  • With Pearl and Ruby Glowing has a few villains who have raped several people:
    • Ratigan targets young geniuses, preferably male.
    • Bill Cipher has assaulted many men such as Ford, McGucket, and Mr. Peabody, but he also assaulted Entrapta.
    • Hans has assaulted several red-headed girls and his preferred modus operandi is Date Rape.
    • Vicky and Ricky have sexually abused several children, Vicky through babysitting and Ricky through tutoring them.
    • At least two gang-rape gangs with multiple victims exist or used to in the fic's universe; the Knight Templar cult God's Will First, which targets the supposed sexually immoral (queer people, unwed mothers, and people who refuse to have children), and a group of Dirty Cop friends of the sheriff who abuse detainees and prisoners, plus Rango, a fellow cop who they blackmailed into silence.
    • Rattlesnake Jake has assaulted several characters outside his association with GWF: Rango, Beans, Spinel, Skipper, Hansel, Darnell, and Lucky Luke.
    • King Haggard is a therapist who kidnaps patients with Cluster B disorders (who were all unicorns in their respective canons) and keeps them as lobotomised Sex Slaves in a derelict submarine, using their disorders to justify it to himself as them "deserving" it.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In Act of Vengeance, five women who have all been the victims of the same serial rapist band together to track him down and exact their revenge. The rapist is nicknamed 'Jingle Bells' by the police because he makes his victims sing "Jingle Bells" while he rapes them.
  • American Mary: Drs. Grant and Walsh turn out to be a serial rapist duo, frequently raping women whom they drug while at their parties, videotaping their crimes too. Mary is simply the latest victim.
  • Big Driver: Lester raped many women with the help of his mother and brother.
  • The killer in The Boston Strangler is responsible for the rapes and murders of thirteen women. He was based on a real man who actually did this (although very loosely).
  • Con Air gives us the inmate Johnny 23 (played by Danny Trejo), named for his twenty-three counts of rape, although he boasts "They'd call me Johnny 600 if they knew the truth". Cyrus "the Virus" Grissom, the resident Big Bad, despises rapists, making a point of telling him to keep it in his pants when around the only female guard, or "you jump out of this plane." He later tries to attack her, leading to a very well-deserved beatdown from Cameron Poe.
  • True to life, Lavrentiy Beria in The Death of Stalin is well-known to be a serial rapist, who got away with his crimes for years as he was the head of the NKVD, Stalin's infamous Secret Police. He's charged with over three hundred counts of rape, some even involving prepubescent girls, before he's summarily executed.note  However, at his actual trial, he wasn't really charged with this.
  • Nathan from Ex Machina. It is strongly implied that he had sex with other robots besides Kyoko and that it may have involved violence or other forms of coercion. Also, he has sex with Kyoko, but given that she cannot speak to him, is much less muscular, is stuck with him in a house with strict security protocols of his own design in the middle of nowhere, and is a robot he programmed, how much actual consent was it possible for her to give? Considering all the things he could do to her if she refused him, it would have been really hard to say no. And the way she mockingly caresses his face after stabbing him in the back, a deliberate dark parody of the way she touches him in the scene where they have sex, implies that she didn't want to sleep with him.
  • The Big Bad of the Slasher Movie Eyes of a Stranger is a serial rapist who also kills his victims, whose activities are investigated by the main character. Unfortunately, he turns out to be her neighbor, and he starts targeting her blind sister.
  • In Faster, one of Driver's Targets, Old Guy, is indicated to have raped several girls on camera before killing them.
  • The major reveal in Gothika is that Miranda's late husband Doug and Sheriff Ryan were a duo of serial rapists/killers who kidnapped numerous women to molest them repeatedly and force them to do whatever they wanted.
  • A Haunting at Silver Falls:
    • Robbie is implied to be one, as he's referred to as thinking that "no means yes". When he calls Jordan one day in an effort to get her alone, she panics and refuses as a result.
    • Kevin explains to Jordan that while Anne is really all about the pain, he prefers the "pleasure" aspect, seconds before trying to rape her as well.
  • In The Incubus, a small town is terrorized by someone who attacks and brutally rapes women. It turns out that not just any serial rapist isn't behind it: it's a demon summoned by a cult. Incubi in mythology were all about this, along with their female counterparts, succubi.
  • Kiss the Girls features as its main villain a serial rapist known as "Casanova", who kidnaps numerous women to form a captive harem so he can break their minds down through endless torture and rape.
  • Stans from Predators is implied to be one, bragging about how when he gets home he's going to "snort so much cocaine, and rape some fine bitches." It's Played for Laughs in this case, and we never find out if he'd actually follow through - he's a useful and reliable ally to the protagonists throughout his screentime, and the film leaves the possibility open that he may have played up his backstory and Ax-Crazy attitude to some degree.
  • Saw IV: Ivan Landsness is a morbidly obese man who brutally raped at least three women, beating them to the brink of death and even recording the rapes and taking photos of the raped and nearly dead women so he could get off. He ends up getting one of the most brutal deaths in the series, having three of his limbs torn off.
  • Tamara: It's revealed that Shawn and Patrick raped many girls after drugging them.
  • In the sex comedy Video Vixens, a film-within-the-film, an X-rated Dragnet parody, involves a serial rapist who is actually identical twins; one would go out raping while the other is seen in public doing something mundane as an alibi. The next night they'd switch places. (Yes, despite the description, it's a comedy.)


By Author:

  • Bernard Cornwell has portrayed several of these in his many historical fiction novels.
    • Obadiah Hakeswill of the Sharpe series is a brutal, corrupt British sergeant who uses his position to elicit sexual favors from the wives of soldiers he has lined up for flogging. He also preys on any women he can find when he can, becoming the leader of a group of brigands who favor pillaging and raping their way across Spain.
    • Sir Martin of Azincourt is a corrupt priest who takes advantage of being the local lord's brother to get away with whatever he wants. Martin routinely violates women and begins the novel by raping a 'heretical' girl named Sarah and having her throat slit after. Later in the book, he attempts to rape the hero's lover after catching her outside of the titular fields.

By Title:

  • The 87th Precinct novel Lightning involves one of these, and to make it even more grisly he keeps re-attacking the same women.
  • In A Brother's Price, Keifer Porter is hinted to have been this. The only rape that is explicitly stated to be one is that of Trini, but given his sexual sadism, it can be assumed that he raped his other wives, too.
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone:
    • Emperor Joram has seraphim women who take his fancy captured and forced into his harem as Sex Slaves with many of them unwilling. These women are so abused by him that he has to post guards to prevent them from killing themselves to get away from him. With even some of his own guards disgusted at his horrific lust.
    • Jael is Joram's brother and is also a serial rapist just like his brother. Jael forces women to sleep with him by threat of death and uses his own female soldiers as he demands a new woman every night with them brutalized after the act. Jael's lust extends to even his own niece who he plans to turn into his personal Sex Slave.
  • John Coffey from The Green Mile is sentenced to death for the rape and murder of two young girls. However, after seeing Coffey's timidity, gentle nature, and healing powers, Paul, the head guard of Death Row, comes to believe that Coffey is innocent and tries looking into the case. When speaking to a journalist who covered Coffey's trial, Paul points out that most rapists have a taste for it and usually have past victims or at least questionable encounters long before they are caught, while there are no hints of any such past incidents with Coffey. Towards the end of the story we learn that the real culprit did, in fact, have a past history of sexual impropriety and assault among his many crimes.
  • The Heaven Cycle has Ashton Sharpe, who purchased prostitutes from human traffickers so he could rape them, and he even raped his son Andrew and Jenny.
  • A major plot point in Hurting Distance, as Naomi Jenkins was kidnapped and raped by a man who is later revealed to have done the exact same thing to several women before her - onstage in front of paying customers, to make it even more horrifying.
  • The Kindness of Devils:
  • Legatum:
  • Orcs: Queen Jennesta is a rare female example, violating men and women alike - and in the case of women, she loves to use unicorn horns.
  • William Hamleigh, the Big Bad of the medieval romance The Pillars of the Earth, is a brutal lord who is sexually impotent with willing women. He can only get aroused through sexual brutality, either beating up prostitutes first or else by rape. He discovers this when he rapes heroine Aliena as revenge for her turning him down as a husband. After this, he gets a taste for rape. His wife betrays him in disgust after being on the receiving end of his rather basic attention.
  • We learn in the third book of Protector of the Small that Vinson of Genlith is one, which comes as little surprise considering how he behaved in book two. He raped two city women and beat a third (which is obliquely referenced as 'the rapes last winter' resulting in a new, aggressive commander for the local Goddess temple). When he enters the Chamber of the Ordeal for his knighthood, it spits him out and inflicts some Laser-Guided Karma by forcing him to endure all the injuries he inflicted as well as confessing before the royal court.
  • RCN: Adele and Tovera once kill a serial child predator they encounter on a mission. Tovera remarks that even though her former employer, Guarantor Porra of the Alliance, doesn't have a problem killing even young children to achieve political goals, even he would turn his nose up at doing it for sexual pleasure.
  • In the final book of R.A. Salvatore's The Sellswords, Artemis Entreri returns to the town of his birth, which is lorded over by a corrupt church of Selune (Chaotic Good goddess of the moon) whose clerics frequently rape young villagers, including Entreri himself when he was a child. Entreri, now a Professional Killer, butchers them all.
  • In the backstory of Shadow of the Conqueror, Dayless initially thought that rape was so evil that even he couldn't do it, trying to convince himself that all the girls he took were either willing or at least giving Questionable Consent. By the end, he knew that wasn't true, and that he'd become a compulsive rapist of young women in every way, racking up over four hundred victims.
  • Given its crapsack medieval setting, there's a fair amount of rape in A Song of Ice and Fire, and many soldiers and civilians alike have a distressingly casual attitude towards the topic. That said, there are still those who stand out, including Gregor Clegane, Ramsay Bolton, and most disgustingly, Rorge, all of whom are sexual sadists in peace and wartime.
    • Khal Drogo's pledge to sail to Westeros in order to rape and enslave women and children in the name of his wife Daenerys in the first book is portrayed as a triumphant Badass Boast. Yikes.
  • Jerk Jock Andy Evans of Speak is revealed to have sexually assaulted young high school girls throughout his four years of high school via writing on a mirror in the girls' room. His horrific raping of protagonist Melinda Sordino is what sets the plot of the book in motion.
  • Strange the Dreamer: Skathis upon taking over the city of Weep, would exult in his power, dominating those who lived in Weep. Skathis would ride out to kidnap young men and women, teens to adults, to be delivered to "serve" the gods. By which we mean, they were subjected to rape, either forcibly or magical coercion, turned into Sex Slaves for Skathis and his followers (including his own consort Isagol) for centuries.
  • The Survivor's Club has both David Price and Ron Viggio. David is a serial rapist and murderer of children, who was imprisoned before the series began. Viggio is a serial rapist of adult women, who asks for David's help in devising a foolproof way to prey on women; they settle on leaving another man's DNA at each of the crime scenes, framing him for Viggio's rapes.
  • Many, many villains in The Sword of Truth, but especially Darken Rahl, Emperor Jagang, and Demmin Nass. Darken Rahl is known to take any woman who catches his fancy and the series' hero was fathered through one such rape. Emperor Jagang is a serial rapist who keeps a harem of sex slaves, most mind-controlled to be with him. Demmin Nass is especially nasty, as his victims are young boys (who he murders afterward).
  • Tails Series:
  • To Welcome Oblivion has Rhett Talbot, who was a teenage babysitter who raped several children while he was tasked with taking care of them. After he got older and was experimented on by Old Brotherhood, he turned into a Serial Killer to boot.

    Live-Action TV 
  • So far, we've seen Bryce Walker of 13 Reasons Why rape three girls. It's very likely that he's had more victims.
  • All in the Family: The rapist who went to work on "Edith's Fiftieth Birthday" is implied to be a serial rapist.
  • Banshee:
    • A flashback to Lucas's time in prison shows us the Albino, a Depraved Homosexual sadist inmate who likes to rape young New Meat prisoners. He specifically targets Lucas because he is being paid to do so by the mob boss Lucas betrayed.
    • Sanchez is an MMA champion fighter who initially has consensual sex with a waitress but does not stop when she protests his roughness. He ends up beating her bloody and then raping her. Comments by his manager imply that this has happened numerous times before and each time the manager paid off the victims so they keep silent.
  • Blue Bloods:
    • "Re-Do" has Dick Reed, a Serial Killer whose M.O. was to tie a woman up to her bed with electrical cords, beat them, torture them, rape them, then finish them off by lighting their bed on fire. He did this to four women, three of whom were killed. He got caught thanks to the adequate description given to the NYPD by Rebecca Watalski, the only surviving victim. He's then released five years later when the DNA evidence that convicted him is ruled inadmissible on appeal due to a protocol mistake by an overworked lab tech. At the end of the episode, he tries to do his usual M.O. on Erin, the D.A. who convicted him, but is fatally interrupted by her father Frank.
    • Arc Villain Thomas Wilder kidnapped, beat up, raped, and killed 22 women that we know of, and threatened to do so to Nicky Reagan but only got as far as the kidnapping part.
  • Bonanza: The late Season 4 episode "Thunder Man" has a likely one in William Poole, that episode's villain and a munitions expert who, after claiming he is a journeyman explosives expert, gets a job in clearing land for a widowed rancher. At the episode's beginning, after coming upon a wagon where an elderly man is suffering a severe stroke, rapes and kills the man's niece, Ann Wilson (Little Joe's girlfriend). In the end, after Poole kills the widowed rancher (after she realized his true character), Joe returns to the scene of the crime and, upon his realization that Poole killed his girlfriend and the widowed rancher, confronts him and tells him his suspicion that he likely is responsible for more brutal rapes and deaths of young women. Poole tries to throw a vial of nitroglycerin at Joe, but he is shot down.
  • Burden of Truth: David is revealed to have committed statutory rape with multiple underage girls, fathering a child by one.
  • City on a Hill: Jackie learns his new employer Sinclair Dryden is one, having drugged and raped a number of young women. He gets Decourcy to start building a case, finding the victims had been paid off and or intimidated into silence.
  • Cold Case:
    • The one-shot villain Mike Delaney, the most popular guy at his college who could have any woman he wanted and yet still felt the need to force himself on others. He's the episode's victim, and when the police learn precisely what kind of person he was, they outright tell his killer to plead self-defense.
    • The second episode, "Our Boy Is Back", features one of these, who is returning to town after a five-year absence. During his previous crime spree, he raped half a dozen women, killing his final victim. Detective Vera is revealed to have been (and still be) utterly obsessed with finding the guy, to the point that he relentlessly browbeat two (ultimately proven innocent) suspects (the last victim's neighbor and her boyfriend) until the DA had to finally warn him to leave both men alone.
    • In the 7th season, Scotty's mother falls victim to one of these, though he doesn't realize it until he talks to another victim (he thought it was just a mugging). When he tracks the guy down, he finds multiple driver's licenses of the other women he's attacked.
  • CSI: NY:
    • D.J. Pratt, who combined this with Serial Killer. He made a game of not leaving enough evidence to get caught, and the surviving victim wouldn't testify. But when he attacked ex-CSI Aiden Burn, it got personal and Aiden left enough evidence to nail him.
    • The "Crossroads"/"Means to an End" two-parter has John Curtis, who escaped justice the first time around because an employee at the FBI crime lab Jo Danville used to work at screwed up the DNA test. He raped and beat two women that we know of, one of them the daughter of a senator, and the crime lab tech who let him escape was so consumed with guilt that he tried to frame Curtis for rape number three. Then Curtis tries it on Jo when she finds the second victim, but she shoots him dead.
  • Cracked (2013) has an episode featuring a serial rapist who breaks into homes and assaults women while using a nanny cam to record his activities. He eventually makes the mistake of attacking a triathlete and receives the beating of his life when she comes at him with a baseball bat.
  • Criminal Minds: The show has had more than its fair share of these, of whom the most notable and prolific include Karl "The Fox" Arnold, Billy "The Prince of Darkness" Flynn, and the Piano Man. Some of the show’s most despicable villains are the serial child molesters, including one who victimized Agent Morgan as a teenager.
  • Jordan Chase and his followers, the Barrel Girl Gang, from Dexter season five combine this with being Serial Killers. He and his group capture, torture, and rape women for months before finally disposing of them in barrels, hence their name. Notably, unlike other Big Bads from the series, who are usually given something to humanize them, the show treats Chase and his accomplices like pure evil scum. Curiously, Chase himself by all indications didn't directly participate in the nightmarish gang rapes that he orchestrated; instead, he seemed to get off on the power he had over people by goading his buddies to brutalize his gang's victims and mentally torment the girls about how they were about to die.
  • The Five (2016):
    • Jakob Marosi's second stage of his ritual turned out to be "pain", i.e. raping children.
    • Jay Newman is a serial rapist too, who kidnaps and imprisons his many victims.
  • Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl tries to rape two different characters in the pilot episode. As the series goes on, he himself says that this behavior was a common occurrence in his younger years.
  • In the first season of Heroes, quarterback Brody Mitchum attempts to rape Claire, in the process accidentally killing her (she gets better once the branch is pulled out of her head). After she offers to drive Brody home one night, she confronts him about it. He blames her for letting it happen, makes it clear he's raped another classmate of theirs and is going to keep at it, then gloats about how there's nothing she can do about it. Claire then proceeds to ram the car into a brick wall at high speed. Once again, she gets better, while he's left hospitalized. Claire's father, after hearing about his rape attempt, has Brody's mind completely erased.
  • House of the Dragon: Prince Aegon Targaryen is a hormonal Royal Brat with a habit of groping serving girls and is caught by his mother for sexually abusing one. While we only see him rape one girl, his mother's chastising that he "can't keep carrying on like this" indicates he's a repeated sex offender who uses his position to cover up his crimes.
  • In the Heat of the Night:
    • In the episode "Rape," Chief Gillespie gets a hunch that Steven Ainslee, who raped Virgil's wife Althea as the Crime of the Week, has done it before—the particulars of the crime strike him as having experience behind them. He's right: he finds circumstantial evidence that Ainslee raped at least two other women in the last two towns he worked in and uses it to convince Ainslee's wife to break the alibi she gave him.
      "It's not over for Althea Tibbs. And it's not over for the next woman he rapes. And we both know he's going to rape again."
    • In another episode, the Sparta police go after a cult leader for reported rapes of young girls.
  • Dennis Reynolds from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has "an extensive history of felonious behavior" and multiple bench warrants for "sexual misconduct". As a teenager, he was accused of statutory rape and in college, he would "take the tip of [his] penis and stick it in a guy's mouth for, like, just a second...while he was sleeping." Even his friends refer to his actions as rape on multiple occasions.
  • Kilgrave in Jessica Jones (2015), like his comic book counterpart, uses his mind control powers to compel women into sleeping with him. At the start of the show, he already raped the protagonist Jessica and Hope repeatedly and it's implied that they're not his first victims. He tries to argue to Jessica that he didn't know that she didn't want to have sex with him.note  Kilgrave later threatens to do the same thing to Jessica's friend Trish saying "From your perspective, I'll be raping her every day".
  • Justified certainly implied this to be the case with Hestler Jones and Jimmy Earl Deen, a pair of statutory rapists who appear in Season 1 and Season 2 respectively. It's not until the third season, however, that we get a definite example in Robert Quarles, a Detroit mobster who is also a serial kidnapper, abuser, rapist, and murderer of male prostitutes. This stems from his own hideous childhood, wherein his father pimped him out to male clients; much of what Quarles does comes off as an attempt to process what was done to him.
  • Las Vegas: In an early episode, there was a guy who went around parties slipping roofies into girls' drinks to rape them. Delinda almost becomes one of the rapist's victims, which means It's Personal for her father Ed, who runs the casino. He tracks down the guy together with Danny and drives him out to the desert before forcing him at gunpoint to dig his own grave which turns out to be a bluff on Ed's part.
  • In Law & Order (and the Law & Order: UK episode based on it), the detectives are certain that Olivet/Alesha is not the first victim of the doctor she has filed a complaint against. To that end, they make a point of arresting him in public, in full view of dozens of TV cameras. The gambit pays off — within days, numerous women who the doctor has assaulted come forward.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, as a show dealing with sex crimes, has had a sizable number of these over the years as well. A particularly stomach-churning one was a man who would rape his victims based on their menstrual cycles so that they would conceive and bear his children. "Design" is notable for having a female example, raping several men to get sperm from them.
  • Liar (2017): Andrew is not only a rapist, but raped nineteen women overall. He also met another in the past who he blackmailed into "mentoring" him in how to get away with rape.
  • Lie to Me has an episode with a serial rapist who blinded his victims so that they could not identify him after the fact. He had a protege who picks up where he left off, even marrying one of the victims so that he could be closer to his master's work.
  • The Carver from Nip/Tuck is a masked rapist who seeks out those who are beautiful, viewing beauty as a 'curse on the world.' The Carver drugs them to paralyze them but leave them conscious and aware before raping them — men and women alike — and scarring their faces after.
  • October Faction: Rob, it turns out, date raped at least three other girls before he tried to do this with Van. When she publicly accuses him, they all come forward to back her up.
  • The Power (2023): The voice is confident that Mr. Montgomery, Allie's foster father, is one and he had raped many other girls he fostered before. Given he unhesitatingly tries to rape her, it's very probable.
  • Several villains on The Shield:
    • There's Armadillo Quintero, a serial rapist Mexican drug lord who first raped a teacher at his juvenile school when he was a child. Armadillo rapes women for revenge toward others, including a 12-year-old girl who testified against him.
    • An especially vile rapist in season 3 was one who targeted only elderly women as a power trip.
  • True Blood: Franklin Mott fits this trope to a tee. In season 3, he kidnaps Tara, takes her to a plantation, proceeds to rape her, and later intends to turn her into a vampire against her will (with the implication being that he is going to continue to rape her when she becomes bound to him as her maker). And based on dialogue from the other characters, it's all but stated that isn't the first woman he's raped or ripped to shreds for rejecting him.
  • Unbelievable: The perpetrator of the attack on Marie is found to be one. He not only raped many other women in his home state but there may well be others the police still haven't discovered even when he's convicted, as the encryption on his hard drive can't be cracked, where they suspect he kept far more photos of victims.
  • In Veronica Mars, Mercer Hayes selects college girls with his accomplice, who sets it up for him to drug random girls at the local parties, creating a panic on the campus. He rapes the girls and shaves their heads afterwards just to humiliate them further. His reasoning amounts to "getting into a girl's pants the normal way takes too long".
  • Walker, Texas Ranger has the titular Ranger's biggest foe, Victor LaRue. Walker would love nothing more than to tear this asshole limb from limb, because he had done so to Alex several times after his first appearance in "Cowboy" to the point, following his second appearance in "The Return of LaRue", she made certain he would never get released on technicalities again. It is during his final appearance in "The Trial of LaRue", when he takes a courtroom full of people, including Alex, hostage, it is clear that he finally pushed Walker way too far to the point he has had enough and coldly shoots him dead.


    Mythology and Religion 

    Tabletop Games 
  • In the backstory of Theo Bell in Vampire: The Masquerade, before becoming a vampire, Theo grew up on a plantation in Antebellum-Era United States. Theo would often witness Master Bell arriving at the slave quarters at night to 'pump some white blood' into the slaves, with Theo's mother and sisters being frequent victims.

    Video Games 
  • Bann Vaughan Kendalls from Dragon Age: Origins is a serial rapist of elven women, despite, or perhaps because of, being so bigoted against them that he doesn't even consider them real people. In the City Elf Warden origin story, he'll abduct the entire female half of the Warden's wedding party, including the Warden herself if female, so that he and his men can have their twisted fun with them. He not only succeeds in killing one and raping the Warden's cousin, Shianni, but he'll also try to bribe the Warden to let him keep the other girls for the rest of the night when he or she finally catches up to him. A dialogue branch also reveals Vaughan has a reputation for this, once raping an elven maid then dumping her body by the docks. If you didn't play through as a City Elf, Soris, an elven man you find in the dungeons in Howe's manor, tells you about how Vaughan had his way with his bride.
  • Jo Slade from Dead Rising stands out as exceptionally disgusting contrasting to many other villains in the setting as a serial rapist with at least 7 victims to her name, sodomizing them with a nightstick and even attempting to take Frank West hostage so she can rape him before she goes through her hostage, Kay Nelson again. The experiences that Jo put her hostages through were so horrifying that they were all traumatized or negatively affected by her experience with her after being rescued, showing that she still haunts them even after her death.
  • Implied to be the case with the Loathsome Dung Eater in Elden Ring, Hated by All for good reason. He's a Serial Killer infamous for torturing, mutilating, and "defiling" his victims and their corpses so badly even the gods want nothing to do with them, rendering them Barred from the Afterlife. And he's done this to thousands over the years.
  • From Fallout: New Vegas, there's Cook-cook, a Fiend leader, who has a penchant for raping women and then burning them alive afterwards. He raped Corporal Betsy and raped and disfigured Pretty Sarah. Even two slavers who sold him a family were disgusted by him, as he didn't even wait until they had left before "enjoying" his purchase, starting with the young boy. Also Clanden, a seemingly normal man working for the Omertas, secretly makes Snuff Films of him torturing and raping prostitutes that the Omertas provide for him.
  • Eddie Low in Grand Theft Auto IV, who takes Extreme Omnisexual to a truly horrifying extreme. He even threatens to rape Niko at one point, who thankfully kills him.
  • In the video game adaptation of I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, Ellen was confronted by a rapist on her way home from work. Disguising himself as a maintenance man allowed him to sneak into office buildings and trap his victims in elevators for the pleasure. The event was so traumatizing that Ellen continually dreaded the color yellow from there on and often had bouts of hysteria. Later on, the omnipotent supercomputer AM recreated such a scenario for her, to find out how much he could toy with the woman. It's only by Ellen confronting her fears that the illusion could be shattered and her fears conquered.
  • Ronald Taylor from Mass Effect 2, who turned the female members of his marooned crew into a harem of unwilling Sex Slaves for himself and his officers after forcing them to partake of toxic food that caused memory loss and neural decay. This, as well as the other horrible things he did upon letting his power go to his head, was what earned him the hatred of his son Jacob during his loyalty mission.
  • Peret em Heru: For the Prisoners: Soji Mizumi is eventually revealed to be this, trying to blackmail the tour guide into having sex with him while gloating about how many women he has done this to in the past. Depending on how charitable the player is, this revelation could be enough for Ayuto Asaki to let him die.
  • Implied in the case of Kamoshida in Persona 5. We only see one of his victims (Shiho) attempting suicide on-screen after evidently being molested, but earlier on you can eavesdrop several students who talk about "screams and other weird noises" from the P.E. Faculty Office, suggesting that Kamoshida had his way on a few other students before he made his way to Shiho.
  • One random encounter in Red Dead Redemption II concerns a deformed man named Sonny who knocks Arthur out with a wooden plank, ties him to the bed, rapes him, and dumps him in the bayou. Judging from the skeletons nearby, this isn't the first time he's done this, making him a Serial Killer as well.
  • Evidently the case with Sohei Dojima of Yakuza, as when he kidnaps Yumi, Kazuma immediately realizes how much danger she's in due to Dojima having done it before with other women.

    Visual Novels 
  • In the free horror Visual Novel Funeral, the protagonist, once the CEO of a multinational corporation, is revealed to have slept with many women, many of them by coercion, and this came to light due to his victims coming forward #metoo style, with devastating effects upon both his business and his family, the latter of whom have never forgiven him for his actions or his lies.


    Western Animation 
  • Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy is known for drugging, kidnapping, and enslaving various women before eventually sexually assaulting them against their will, even happily giving them STDs. Several of his victims even included underaged high schoolers. One of his staple drinks is a "Roofie Colada". He often gets away with it, though he does get charged with statutory rape in one episode, in ironically enough one of the consensual cases.
  • In the Moral Orel episode "Alone", it is shown that local ice cream man Cecil Creepler had kidnapped and raped a bunch of black-haired women, his latest victim being elementary school teacher Agnes Sculptam. Sculptam had been impregnated by Creepler after she dyed her hair black as bait. It is shown that even after Creepler had killed himself in his prison cell, his sexual assault against her had psychologically damaged her profoundly.
  • Rick and Morty: After King Jellybean attempted to molest Morty and is killed courtesy of Rick, it is revealed that he has a record of molesting underage boys in the past.