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A Haunting at Silver Falls is a horror movie directed by Brett Donowho in the year 2013.

Jordan (Alix Elizabeth Glitter) has recently lost her father to Leukemia, and so is forced to live with her Aunt Anne (Tara Westwood) and Uncle Kevin (Steve Bacic) in the supposedly haunted town of Silver Falls. Her boyfriend, Larry (James Calvo) decides to take her out that night to the burning mannequin, and tells her about the ghosts. That same night, she finds a ring and puts it on without even realizing it... And from that moment on, she finds herself being haunted by the ghosts of the Dahl twins (Jade and Nikita Ramsey), who were supposedly murdered by their father 20 years ago. Jordan must figure out what the ghosts want to end her haunting.

In June 2019, a sequel was released called A Haunting At Silver Falls: The Return. Jordan and Larry star once again, as the ghosts return and more murders keep happening in Silver Falls.

This Film and The Sequel Feature Examples Of:

  • Always Identical Twins: There are two pairs of twins in the story, and both are identical. There's the Dahl twins, who can only be separately identified by their clothes and rings, and there's Anne and Jordan's mother, both of whom are so identical that Jordan struggles to get attached to Anne as a result.
  • Ax-Crazy: Jack, from the sequel, is a cruel murderer who attacks rather indiscriminately. At first, it seems that he's doing it because it keeps him from being haunted by Anne, but after Anne is defeated for good, he continues to torture Jordan's friends until being killed as well. It's clear that he's not only unstable, but that he does enjoy killing for killing's sake.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Anne and Kevin present themselves as nice, normal, empathetic people... But they're also responsible for the death of the Dahl Twins and many more women as well.
  • The Bully: Robbie is a powerful boy who "gets away with murder" because his father is the police sheriff. He starts out the movie seeming relatively charming, but proves to be a jerk when he attacks Larry at lunch and is later called "the type of guy who believes "no" means "yes"."
  • Cain and Abel: Anne was the one who murdered her own sister and Jordan's mother. She also enlisted Kevin's help in doing so, which meant that she undoubtedly let Kevin get his pleasure first before she went on to torture and kill her sister.
  • Clingy MacGuffin: The rings. After Jorden puts one on, she can't get it off, no matter what she tries — and no matter what Holly tries, as the ghosts only began haunting her in an effort to get their rings back.
  • Creepy Uncle: Kevin spends most of the film as a normal, caring uncle, until Jordan discovers the truth. He then goes along with Anne's plot to murder her, but attempts to rape her first. There's some foreshadowing as well, when he strokes her hair at one point for a brief moment, long enough to be creepy but not long enough for Jordan to comment on it.
  • Demonic Head Shake: After leading Jordan down to a convenience store with a TV, Holly begins to shriek, point, and move her head around rapidly. Jordan then discovers that the TV is talking about Wyatt Dahl, who is being put to death that night for murdering the twins.
  • Dream Walker: The hauntings start with Holly invading Jordan's dreams in an effort to get the ring back.
  • Electric Torture: In the sequel, Jack makes some use out of an electro-shock therapy headband in order to torture Larry.
  • Foreshadowing: There are a few clues laid out that point to Kevin and Anne being the killers:
    • They joke about having dead bodies in their basement.
    • When buckling Jordan's seatbelt, Kevin pauses for a moment and strokes her hair.
    • They both know how to imprison someone in a bathroom.
    • While on their "date night", it's mentioned that they're glad Jordan didn't "find their stash".
  • Ghost Amnesia: Played With. The twins are implied to have been dead long enough to not remember anything if they don't have their rings; this results in them going feral and attacking innocents in the sequel, and only helping Jordan when she gets their rings back to them. Anne, on the other hand, has much more awareness and continues to pursue her old "hobbies" even after death; this is likely because she hasn't been dead for nearly as long.
  • Mistaken for Thief: Anne and Kevin notice things, like Anne's expensive scarf, going missing. Due to finding them in Jordan's dresser, they assume she's stealing them to act up, helped by her 12 year old police record of petty theft and drug abuse. Though she insists she's innocent, she still gets locked in the bathroom all night while they go out on a date.
  • Or Was It a Dream?: Jordan's ghost dreams begin to bleed into the real world. She wakes up from one with her finger covered in ghost saliva and her feet dirty from walking in the forest, and in another instance, the ghost begins to drown her in the bathtub; Anne and Kevin come in after hearing her scream to find her on the floor of the dry bathroom, soaking wet and unconscious.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: The ghosts in these films only show up to specific people, such as anyone who finds their rings. They're mostly around for Revenge and Unfinished Business, such as the Dahl twins trying to clear their father's name and find their real killer. In the sequel, Jordan has to give them their rings back in order to get them to help her, as they've regressed to mindless violence without them. They also all share the same ghostly white face, black eyes, and stringy black hair.
  • Outlaw Couple: Anne and Kevin are a loving married couple. They're also a pair of murderers who like to torture their victims.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: The Dahl twins. When Jordan goes to meet with their father, Holly is described as having been a good Christian girl, while Heather acted out because she was afraid of being forgotten.
  • Psycho Psychologist: Larry's father, Dr. Parrish, is a very pushy psychologist who spends more time grilling Jordan than listening to her. When he finds that she's seeing the ghosts, he pressures her into visiting Wyatt, claiming that every other girl has stopped seeing the ghosts afterward. Due to his awkwardness when Jordan asks if she can meet with those girls, it's implied that he may be working with Anne and Kevin. At the very least, he has no sense of Patient Confidentiality, and forces her to talk in front of her aunt, uncle, and Larry. In the sequel, Larry's mother also turns out to be a psychologist — and a far more responsible one at that.
  • Red Herring: Aside from Wyatt, who initially presented as his daughters' killer but is quickly revealed to be an innocent and grieving man on death row, there's also Sheriff O'Leary and his son Robbie, both of whom are repeatedly referred to as "getting away with murder", with Robbie also implied to get away with more than that. However, they're not the killers of the Dahl twins story, either.
  • Resurrected Murderer: Anne Sanders, the Serial Killer who was responsible for the deaths of the Dahl Twins and Jordan's mother (who also happened to be her identical twin), is killed at the end of the first movie when Jordan and the Dahl Twin's ghosts work together. They come back in the sequel to continue their murder spree, this time tormenting a man named Jack into murdering in their name. After they get killed for a second time, Jack also gets killed, and he also returns as a ghost to presumably continue the cycle.
  • Serial Killer:
    • Anne is responsible for killing the Dahl twins, and many others, including her own sister.
    • In the sequel, Silver Falls is being terrorized by a serial killer named Jack who is being haunted by and working with the ghost of Anne.
  • Serial Rapist:
    • Robbie is implied to be one, as he's referred to as thinking that "no means yes". When he calls Jordan one day in an effort to get her alone, she panics and refuses as a result.
    • Kevin explains to Jordan that while Anne is really all about the pain, he prefers the "pleasure" aspect, seconds before trying to rape her as well.
  • Sequel Hook: The second film ends with Jack coming back as a ghost to continue murdering people.