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Violence Tropes

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What they're about to do most certainly won't be peaceful or pretty!

This is a list of tropes about any form of violent conflict or acts of physical harm that are (deliberately) inflicted by one living being against another.

This is the inverse of Peace Tropes. Also see Injury Tropes, Bloody Tropes, Breaking and Destruction Tropes. This index is often (though not always) related to Death Tropes, which has quite a bit of overlap.


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    Sub-categories and trope indexes 
  • Abuse Tropes: Tropes about the infliction of (usually non-lethal) mental and/or physical trauma against other people, making them suffer.
    • Child Abuse Tropes: Tropes about children getting abused by their parents or other adults.
    • Sadism Index: Tropes about violence committed primarily for the perpetrator's enjoyment at the expense of their victim.
    • Sexual Harassment and Rape Tropes: Tropes about acts of sexual violence that are forced on people out of ruthless lust.
    • A Tortured Index: Tropes about painfully harming people as a method of interrogation, punishment, or just plain sadism.
  • Big Trope Hunting: Tropes about hunters/predators methodically chasing down, then violently capturing or killing, their quarry/prey.
  • Choosing Death: Tropes about suicide, which is an extreme form of violent self-harm.
  • Civil Unrest Tropes: Tropes about rioting and other forms of violent rebellion against authority or society in general.
  • Combat Tropes: Tropes about fighting between two or more combatants.
  • This Index Slaps: Tropes about slapping or spanking someone.
  • Murder Tropes: Tropes about homicide, which is when people (intentionally) kill other people.
    • Execution Tropes: Tropes about killing captive people (especially, but not limited to, capital punishment for condemned criminals in prison).
    • Genocide Tropes: Tropes about the systematic, targeted mass murder of large groups of people.
    • Murder in the Family: Tropes about the act of killing one's own kin.
  • Terrorism Tropes: Tropes about violent actions that are committed in an effort to promote an extremist political ideology.
  • Threatening Tropes: Tropes about intimidating people with threats of violent harm to coerce them into doing your bidding.
    • I Have Your Index: Tropes about kidnapping people and holding hostages captive, threatening them for personal gain.
    • Index at Gunpoint: Tropes about threatening people at (literal) gunpoint.

    General/miscellaneous violence tropes 

    Physical violence tropes 

    Psychological violence tropes 

    Violent characters