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Rape by Proxy

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Two people are coerced into sex by a third party. This can be part of a Sadistic Choice — wherein the villain will threaten one or both of the victims with bodily harm unless the two cooperate — or it can be under pure coercion or Mind Control from one who is more powerful or manipulative.

This is handy for a villain who doesn't like to get his hands dirty. It also lets him use his victims against each other — making it very efficient. Maybe watching gets him turned on. So maybe he does join in a little later.

An extra dimension of angst can be added when two characters have deep feelings for each other, but those feelings are not sexual in nature (e.g., friendship or platonic love); alternatively, they may have latent romantic feelings, but exhibition is not how they would have wanted to express it. Judging by the examples below, it's also disturbingly common for the pairing to be incestuous.

It can be heartwrenching, especially when the victims struggle to comfort each other in the midst of the (usually) mutually traumatic ordeal, or suffer the perversion of their honest affection. It can also be an Excuse Plot for pointless titillation.

Compare/Contrast Sex by Proxy. One might expect Aliens Made Them Do It to be the Sci-Fi counterpart, but in fact that trope is much Lighter and Softer, often played for laughs or a light-hearted Ship Tease.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ayakashi Triangle: After the Gogyosen's remote-controlled male clone of Matsuri fails to seduce Suzu to kill her via a sex-activated curse, they instead corrupt the lust spirit Lippy so she'll lock the two in a room until they have sex, putting her own spell on Suzu that causes Loss of Inhibitions. Suzu almost does the deed (so readily her enemy is caught off guard), but breaks out Lippy's spell thanks to the other (female) Matsuri texting that she loves her.
  • In the Hentai Bible Black, when the Big Bad chooses her protégé's Love Interest as her Virgin Sacrifice, to placate her Deal with the Devil, the Big Bad casts a spell to make him anally rape her. She then taunts them when the act is finished.
  • DEAD Tube has Akari and Mizuno being forced to have sex by Ishizaki
  • In Ōoku: The Inner Chambers, Tsunayoshi ordered the two men she had just bedded to copulate before her during her period of depraved promiscuity after Matsu's death. As they were lovers, both adamantly refused, one even attempting to commit seppuku on the spot. Emmonosuke intervened before things got any worse, and when he reproached Tsunayoshi for her cruelty she pointed out that the shogun was also expected to have frequent sex under constant surveillance.
  • Super Dimension Fortress Macross/Robotech has an episode where Hikaru/Rick, Misa/Lisa, and Hayato/Ben are captured by the Zentraedi and ordered to demonstrate human procreation. Because the Zentraedi are completely ignorant about sex and are hugely disgusted by acts of intimacy, the first two manage to get by with just a forced kiss instead of forced sex. (And it's implied that this is Hikaru/Rick's First Kiss, even.)

    Comic Books 
  • Crossed: The smart Crossed Smokey realizes that he needs uninfected humans if he's going to build an actual civilization rather than the mass-raping, mass-murdering, mass-torturing regular Crossed. So he spares an uninfected man and orders him to impregnate several uninfected female prisoners (the man thinks it's even worse when the women don't fight back). In the end it's all for naught as the Crossed are unable to restrain themselves and tear the women apart when they give birth.
  • Fables:
    • Played with when Bluebeard uses magic on both Snow and Bigby to make them leave town and spend a week in the woods together in order to get them out of the way of his shenanigans. They wake up in the woods with no memories of the past week, and when they realize they had sex during their missing week due to Snow discovering that she's pregnant, Snow at first accuses Bigby of rape. Bigby points out that for all they know she was the one who instigated it. And technically speaking both of them were raped by Bluebeard because he was the origin of the spell that made them do it.
    • The novel "Peter and Max" reveals that following Max creating a magic plague that massively decreased the Fables fertility rate (and as an unintended, yet sadistically embraced, side-effect caused the Spanish Flu epidemic amongst the normal humans,) Frau Totenkinder tried to limit the potential damage to Fabletown's long-term survival by using a combination of her spell-weaving skill and her formidable oracular abilities to create the potion and contrive for it to end up in Bluebeard's possession while keeping him ignorant of its aphrodisiac and fertility-enhancing properties, in the knowledge that he would later use it on Snow and Bigby. This may be the only example of Rape by Proxy by Proxy on this page.
  • The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect: Seemingly played straight at first, but averted in the case of the Hulk. The Maestro, an evil future version of himself from another universe, orders one of his Sex Slaves to have sex with his past self while he was recuperating from his injuries. However,... At the time, they were left alone for the night, so there was no reason to actually do it, and she clearly, visibly feels no hesitation nor remorse about committing the deed even while he's begging and screaming for her to stop.
  • In Irredeemable, the Plutonian is shown forcing a man and woman to make love while roleplaying as him and a former lover.
  • In Justice Society of America, Mordru is able to make Hank Hall, villain Extant and formerly the hero Hawk, rape his old partner Dawn Granger, the second person go by Dove. He did this because he wanted their child, who would be a child of the avatars of Order and Chaos, as a host body. When Hank returned as Hawk years later, after coming back from the dead (he died as Extant), Dawn never brings it up.
  • In Nemesis, the titular antagonist kidnaps Morrow's children and impregnates the sister with her brother's sperm, rigging the womb in case there's an abortion. It is unclear if this involved actual intercourse or artificial insemination, but seeing as it was mostly humiliation for the son being gay, this seems to be implied, and either way the daughter did not consent to impregnation.
  • Played for laughs in the sex comedy series Red Ears. Two Little Green Men land in a park in the middle of the night and force a random man and woman to show them human procreation under threat of being subject to their Disintegrator Ray. When they decide to leave, the man asks them if they can come back the next day.
  • In a controversial Superman story, a villain called Sleez is heavily implied to have forced Superman and Big Barda to make a pornographic film using Mind Control. Word of God has said that nothing was confirmed, so the truth is up to the readers.
  • In the fourth volume of New 52 Teen Titans, Trigon takes control of Tim Drake and then seduces Cassandra Sandsmark and Solstice. When the three of them later realize what's happened, they're even more confused by the fact that they enjoyed it and Tim admits that he wasn't exactly Fighting from the Inside and may have been a participant. He and Wonder Girl continue to have lingering feelings for each other well after the incident, which later evolves into a full relationship.

    Fan Works 
  • Alpha Child, which takes place in an amalgam of DC and Marvel universes during World War II. Goebbels green-lights a plan to capture Captain America and Wonder Woman and force them to copulate though the use of a mating machine. The purpose being for them to produce a child together which would be used as a Nazi supersoldier. The plan is successful, though the two escape immediately after the act. They begin a romance, which is cut short when Cap is lost in the North Atlantic. The epilogue explains that their memories of the event were erased when their respective universes separated after the end of the war.
  • In the Hetalia: Axis Powers Dark Fic An Asian's Harem of Asians, Imperial Japan makes the other East Asian nations his sex slaves and includes this among his sexual abuse of them. The less said, the better
  • Familiar Strangers, a Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfic, which has Picard conduct a diplomatic mission, for resources the Federation needs, with a species that has institutionalized degrading, rape, and prostitution of their women, even whoring them out to diplomatic agents that visit their planet. Picard is offered one such woman, named Yanet, and despite his objections to the matter realizes from her own testimony that refusing to have sex with Yanet would hurt his mission and would cause them to beat her savagely if she failed to entertain him. Forced into a corner Picard has sex with Yanet, and through continued interaction with her learns that she's actually Q who has lost her powers and has been trapped on this planet as punishment. Since Q knows of an alternative way of getting the resources the Federation needs Picard makes it his priority to rescue her, something he eventually succeeds in doing.
  • The Choices That Make Us: While trying to set a trap for the Prewett Brothers by using a family of their friends as bait, Avery and Mulciber use the Imperius curseto make the youngest hostage have sex with his mother. This sadistic distraction ruins the trap by making them miss Molly Weasley arriving with her brothers, who she manages to save, at least for then, along with shone of the hostages.
  • In Hinge of Fate by ramos, Snape and Hermione are forced to do this when the latter is captured by the Death Eaters. It's presented as the lesser of two evils, with Snape being the best choice to perform the act. It is implied others would not be as gentle.
  • The Dragon Age: Inquisition fic Lotus Blossom begins with this set-up, as a female Inquisitor and companion Dorian Pavus are forced to have sex for their captors' amusement. This scenario is made extra traumatizing for Dorian, considering that he is gay.
  • A very thorny case crops up in the TRON: Legacy Dark Fic Obsidian. Clu hands over a "repurposed" Yori as a "prize" for his enforcer, Rinzler. Now, remember who Rinzler really is and the relationship he had with Yori in the first film... Taking the cake? Clu lets Rinzler know later that he had a neural link on the two the entire time.
  • In the Pony POV Series, this happened with Filthy "Onyx Tiara" Rich and his household staff, under the influence of Discord. While Filthy was discorded, anypony he touched (even the one male member of the staff) turned into an imitation of his wife, and, well... Yeah. And of course, they all remembered what happened afterwards. It is unfortunate that the goat-faced creep responsible cannot be permanently dealt with.
  • In order to get Sephiroth to break down and give up information in Prisoners of War, his captors force him to watch Private Cloud Strife get tortured and force them on each other when neither broke down. While they escape, the experience traumatized the both of them.
  • In Prison Island Break, Shadow threatens to kill Doctor Blaze unless Silver has sex with her. This is particularly cruel, as not only are the two good friends but it's also revealed that Silver is in love with her.
  • In the appendix of the Touhou Project Dark Fic A Scarlet-Stained Memoir it is mentioned that Nathaniel was raped by Meiling on the orders of Remilia Scarlet.
  • In Sephirothslave's story Shinra High SOLDIER, Jenova takes control of Sephiroth and forces him to rape his fiancée Julia.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Butterfly Effect: Kayleigh's father orchestrated this between Evan and Kayleigh... as children.
  • The 2009 Mexican film Daniel And Ana, which falls somewhere between Based on a True Story and Based on a Great Big Lie in its graphic nature, concerns a brother and sister whom pornographers kidnap and force at gunpoint to have sex with each other on camera.
  • In Eastern Promises, henchman Nikolai is forced by his boss's son Kirill at gunpoint to have sex with a prostitute.
  • The Last House on the Left: In a moment of poorly expressed empathy, Willow suggests, "Have them do each other!" to divert the villains from the even more vile tortures they were brainstorming.
  • In One Hour Photo, the Villain Protagonist forces this between an unfaithful husband and his lover while he takes pictures.
  • Running Scared: The wealthy paedophile serial killer couple are implied to also engage in this, asking two of their prospective victims (two siblings) if they "like" each other.
  • Se7en has an extremely violent and disturbing example. As always in this movie, we see only the aftereffects. It also results in Murder by Proxy.
  • In the movie Primal Fear, the main character discovers a home video owned by the murdered archbishop, in which the archbishop forced two altar boys to have sex with a girl on camera.
  • In Swordfish, Gabriel forces Stanley at gunpoint to hack into the mainframe of the United States Department of Defense, while he gets a blowjob from a woman who works for Gabriel. Afterwards Stanley is more pissed off about the gun to his head than the fact that he was forced into sex, partly because the film implies the "Not If They Enjoyed It" Rationalization.
  • Tamara: Tamara orders Shawn to have sex with Patrick while they're under her spell. However, they don't get that far before getting interrupted.
  • In Timber Falls, Sheryl and Mike are kidnapped by backwoods fundamentalists Ida and Clyde, who 'marry' them (the legality of said 'marriage' is extremely dubious) and then force them to have sex in order to conceive a child in wedlock. They then intend to murder Mike, have Sheryl carry the child to term, murder Sheryl, and give the child to Ida, who is sterile. Unknown to them, Sheryl is already pregnant.
  • In El Topo, the eponymous protagonist and his female dwarf companion are forced to have sex at gunpoint.

  • Done to Cal and Wendy in Confessions of a D-List Supervillain by her psychic stalker. When he brags about this afterwards, Cal kills him.
  • The Dresden Files: In Blood Rites Lord Raith arranged for Inari, who is as of yet unaware of her family's vampire nature, to be locked in a room with Harry while he is injured and her Hunger awakens. His plan is for Inari to force herself on Harry due to impulses she doesn't even know she has and feed on him without understanding her Hunger which will kill Harry and turn Inari into a full vampire. Thomas has a minor freak out when he realizes what has happened as both victims are his younger half-siblings, but Harry has protection against such attacks.
  • In Mario Puzo's The Familynote , Rodrigo Borgia forces his son to deflower his daughter, believing that a woman will forever be loyal to the man who takes her virginity.
  • In Frostflower and Thorn it is necessary to strip a sorceron of his or her powers in order to safely touch him. Since sorcerous powers are tied to virginity... well, you do the math. Due to the risk involved, this work is often relegated to understandably reluctant hirelings.
  • One Lincoln Rhyme book has a minor Posthumous Character (the brother of the killer) having been pressured by some False Friends into having sex with a girl in a mask who turned out to be drugged, and a girl who had previously refused to have sex with his friends who'd cooked up the whole thing for revenge. The fallout of this led to the proxy's death and became his brother's Start of Darkness (the two rapists being his first victims).
  • In Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned the Pharaoh Enkil orders his steward Khayman to rape the imprisoned twin witches, Maharet and Mekare. After Khayman is forcibly turned into a vampire by Akasha, he would turn the sisters and free them from captivity.
  • Shards of Honor: Vorrutyer orders Bothari to rape the prisoner of war Cordelia Naismith. This is a common enough order from Vorrutyer to Bothari that Vorrutyer does not expect to be disobeyed.
  • In Shadow of the Conqueror, when Dayless grew bored with raping the girls brought to him, he forced them to perform depraved acts on each other.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • It is revealed in the backstory that Tyrion once married a common girl who turned out to be a prostitute, but the marriage was ended when his father Tywin found out about it, and, as punishment, Tywin made Tyrion watch as his guards raped her, finally forcing Tyrion to go last. This becomes even worse when we find out that she wasn't actually a prostitute. She was what she claimed to be, a crofter's daughter met by chance on the road. This is generally considered to be Tywin's Moral Event Horizon and directly leads to his Karmic Death when Tyrion finds out the truth.
    • Also, on more than one occasion Ramsay Bolton forces "Reek" a.k.a. Theon Greyjoy to perform assorted unidentified sex acts, including but almost certainly not limited to cunnilingus, with Ramsay's thirteen-year-old bride Jeyne Poole. Made weirder and creepier because Ramsay had, between now and when we last saw Theon, done undisclosed but doubtlessly horrific things to his genitals.
  • In Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle, Hayes strips the female members of the Seven Dragon Paladins with the implied intention of forcing Lux (whom she has a particular grudge against) to rape them. It's stopped pre-emptively by Hayes' more moral sister Aeril.
  • In White Midnight by Dia Calhoun, Mr. Brae wants an heir to his estate, so he forces Rose to choose between sex with him and sex with his son Raymont (who also has no choice in the matter, and is widely rumored to be a hideous monster). She chooses Raymont and eventually has his child, but she's not happy about either option. Oh, by the way, Rose is fifteen, and Raymont is maybe seventeen.
  • The first Worldwar book has the Race abduct a woman named Liu Han and a number of men from her village. When she succumbs to the urge for Sex for Solace, members of the Race catch her in the act... and proceed to force her to have sex with various other human men so that they can study human mating. This turns out to be a very bad idea on the part of the Race.

    Live-Action TV 
  • On All My Children, after Liza asked her friend Jake to be the father of the baby, her ex-husband Adam bribed an employee at the fertility clinic to switch Jake's sperm sample for his. When Liza finally learned the truth roughly a year after having unknowingly given birth to Adam's daughter, she's horrified and outright tells Adam that he raped her. He scoffs at the idea, but Liza bluntly states that he took it upon himself to decide that she had to have his baby rather than Jake's and grossly manipulated things so as to impregnate her without her knowledge or consent.
  • Criminal Minds:
    • The unsub in "Psychodrama" started out robbing banks, forcing his hostages to disrobe to embarrass them and make them less likely to interfere. Then, when he had naked people under his control, he realized he could work through his mommy issues by forcing them to act out a scenario where an older woman has sex with a younger man (whether he was actually raped by his mother is left unanswered, but she was at least domineering over him).
    • The unsub in "Compromising Positions" would force married couples to have sex with each other before he stepped in to rape the wife to establish himself as the alpha male.
    • Twice in the episode "Broken". In the backstory, at least two boys in a gay conversion camp were raped by a female prostitute at the request of their parents, in an attempted Corrective Rape and Switch. It didn't work, and it screwed one of the boys up so much that, years later, he abducted the other boy, confronted his own father, and attempted to have the boy rape his father to see if the Rape and Switch would work in reverse.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Tyrion once married a prostitute named Tysha, but the marriage ended when his father Tywin found out and punished them both by making Tyrion watch as Tysha was raped by a group of guardsmen.
    • Cersei Lannister unleashing a giant undead abomination on the tied-down Septa Unella, all the while chanting "Shame. Shame. Shame."
  • The Handmaid's Tale:
    • Serena commands Nick to have sex with June. Neither is in a position to refuse. However, after this they have a consensual affair.
    • Later, after suspicions grow of Commander Lawrence not performing the Ceremony, Fred, Aunt Lydia, Serena, and Winslow come to his house with a physician at the time to verify it's been done. June and he are therefore forced to perform it as otherwise they'll be punished (possibly with death).
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
    • "Identity" is a case where a boy was born with a twin brother, but the brother's circumcision was botched, mutilating him, so the doctors "fixed" it by doing a sex change operation at the parents' request. The parents raised the child as a girl with the help of a psychiatrist who strongly believed that with the proper Nurture, they could overcome Nature. To try to teach the "girl" to be a girl, the doctor used "her" brother to teach "her" her part in a physical relationship by putting them into the positions (though there never was penetration), while they were still in Junior High.
    • "Authority", with Robin Williams, although he didn't graduate to actual rape. This was Ripped from the Headlines, based on a long-running scam artist. The real life guy was a rapist.
    • In "Dominance", a pair of spree killers would attack groups of people and force the men to rape the women, and then to rape each other before killing them. Even the seasoned sex crime detectives who deal with "ordinary" rapists and child molesters virtually every episode thought these killers were worse than what they were used to.
    • Another episode has a woman's abusive ex-boyfriend impersonating her on a "fantasy rape" website and luring a man to her apartment under the guise of playing out their fantasy. Unfortunately, the man falls for it.
    • The episode "Theatre Tricks" starts with the rape of an actress by an audience member in an "interactive theater". Her rapist is easily identified and caught, only for him to show the detectives the victim's online dating profile where she specifically mentions wanting to be raped during a performance. The profile is a fake and is eventually tracked down to a jealous friend of the victim who was sick of her "stealing" roles from her. The actual rapist is horrified to realize he actually raped someone.
    • In "Our Words Will Not Be Heard" the criminals of the week kidnap two women, an African-American woman (Sara) and her white wheelchair-bound girlfriend. They then forced Sara to rape her girlfriend.
  • In one episode of The Mentalist, there's a teenager who's terrorizing a summer camp, who among other crimes blackmails the head of the camp and forces him to have intercourse with one of the kids frequently. Regardless of the threats made against him, the man is still charged with statutory rape.
  • The Magicians: Renard possesses Richard when Julia accidentally summons him, raping her in his body.
  • A storyline on Nip/Tuck had the elderly husband of the woman Christian was currently bedding demanding that they have sex in front of him. He was unable to have sex due to his age and health problems but still wanted to get off on seeing her get off and decided to use her affair with Christian to his advantage.
  • Appears to have been endemic in Storybrooke in Once Upon a Time, as under the curse David and Kathryn are mentioned to be trying for a baby, something neither one of them would have consented to if they were in their right minds. Just to make matters worse, this also applies to every sexual encounter in Storybrooke during the first season, as part of Regina's curse was to separate people from their loved ones. Regina, it must be noted, has received no punishment for any of this.
  • Since demons and angels possess live human hosts in Supernatural this kind of thing comes up a lot, most noticeably threatened by Meg-in-Sam's-body when towards Jo.
  • The Orville: Darulio, an alien with potent pheromones and a vague at best notion of sexual consent, came aboard the ship and accidentally "infected" Yaphit (a blob-like alien crewman) with the pheromones. Yaphit had no idea about this, but accidentally dosed Dr. Finn (whom he had a crush on). Finn shows up to Yaphit's quarters, and the two have a few rolls in the hay, but Yaphit is understandably upset when he learns Finn wasn't truly willing. Later downplayed when the crew, out of desperation, doses two squabbling ambassadors to keep their ship from being blown to bits in the crossfire. Darulio, for his part, gets to leave the mess he made with a shrug and words to the effect of "shit happens."
  • The Outer Limits: In "The Human Operators", the AI minds breed their human slaves to produce future operators, with their consent or lack thereof obviously irrelevant (like everything else, failure to comply results in torture). The pair we see do quickly become quite willing though. At the beginning the man had not even yet been aware of what sex is.
  • In Season Three of Shameless, Terry Milkovich catches Mickey and Ian having sex in his house. He beats them severely, then calls a Russian prostitute and forces Mickey to have sex with her and makes Ian watch. He does all of this at gunpoint.
  • In season one of Skins, a bunch of guys tried to force Tony to rape his sister (who was unconscious from a drug overdose at the time). They actually weren't planning on making him do it, though, they just wanted to scare him, which they succeeded at quite spectacularly.
  • In the 5th season of Sons of Anarchy, Carla forces Gemma and Nero at gunpoint to have sex in front of her. She did this out of jealousy, since she had an unrequited crush on Nero (who it turns out is in fact her half-brother). Gemma and Nero start, but refuse to go along with it when Gemma breaks down crying. Carla then shoots herself.
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand:
    • On the whim of a wealthy guest of Batiatus, Gannicus is forced to have sex with his best friend's wife. Though they are attracted to one another, it only makes the fallout more emotionally damaging.
    • The same goes for Diona: She's forced to have sex with Rhaskos, who Cossutius specifically picked because of his questionable hygiene. This is only the first in a long series of rapes by proxy for Diona, who becomes so traumatized that she begins to long for death over continued sexual slavery.
    • In the third episode, Lucretia forces Varro to have sex with a slave for the entertainment of Iliythia and her other guests. It gets worse for Varro as Iliythia gets Lucretia's permission to touch him and when he's finished he's promptly forced to do it again.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In Ben Sisko's backstory, his mother Sarah was possessed by a Prophet (a race of Energy Being Starfish Aliens that live in the Bajoran wormhole and exist outside of linear time - the Bajorans worship them as gods they call the Prophets, hence their name, it is unknown what they call themselves), and forced to marry his father Joseph (for the purpose of conceiving Ben who would become their Emissary in a Stable Time Loop). Joseph was not to blame, because he didn't know his wife was being controlled and the relationship wasn't her desire. Once Ben was born, the Prophet left Sarah, and she immediately left her family and never contacted them again, dying in an accident a few years later. Joseph remarried, and Ben grew up believing his stepmother was his real mother, until he met the Prophet that possessed her. It uses Sarah's appearance in Ben's mind to communicate with him. From Joseph's perspective, he married Sarah and lived happily with her for a couple of years, until she just left one day after their son was born, with no explanation. He had no idea what actually happened until Ben met the Prophet and explained it to him decades later. There is some Fridge Horror in this as well, as when another character is possessed by a Pah Wraith (the Evil Counterparts of the Prophets), they claimed to be able to see and hear everything but unable to act, a prisoner in their own body.
  • Taken: Charlie and Lisa are forced to have sex by the aliens, which results in Allie's conception.
  • In Season Six of True Blood, Jessica is held captive in a vampire testing facility where she is told to have sex with a vampire named James or else both of them will face torture. All in the name of science, of course. Though Jessica gives her very reluctant consent in order to make things easier for James, he ultimately cannot bring himself to rape her and is burned with a UV light for his trouble. (The two later bond over their traumatic experience by having consensual sex. Because this is True Blood.)
  • The Witcher: Yennefer used magic to make a number of people in the town where she's living have an orgy, just for amusement.

    Pro Wrestling 

  • In Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues, Jessica is accosted by a few boys on the way home from school. She forces them to fight each other using her newfound Compelling Voice and then, once the power gets to her head, she nearly makes them have sex with each other. She makes them stop just before it actually happens, but Ivy and Zia are still horrified at her when she recounts what happened.

  • In West Side Story, the "taunting scene" plays out as an attempted, and maybe simulated, version of this. The Jets force Anita to lie on her back, then lift up Baby John and put him on top of her. In many productions, he is portrayed as being nearly as traumatized by this as Anita is.

    Video Games 
  • Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes gives us a very chilling example that's thankfully relegated only to an audio log. Skull Face, the Big Bad, forcing Paz and Chico to have sex with each other in front of him as part of their vicious Cold-Blooded Torture. This serves the purpose of completely breaking Chico, who finally spills the beans, ratting out Big Boss and the MSF, leading to the tragic climax of the game. Made even worse by the fact that Chico is very much in love with Paz.

  • In Dominic Deegan, Stonewater's rape of Melna (as opposed to letting the host tribe execute her) was clearly meant to come off this way. Too bad nobody told them: for years Melna blamed Stonewater and Stonewater blamed himself. Melna eventually figured it out in the rebirth of Maltak arc, and killed the guy responsible.
  • In Forest Hill, the reason why Benni ran away from home was because he not only was forced to have sex with several men by his father for money, but also was forced to have sex with five year old Talitha by her father (who doesn't have sex with her himself because he doesn't fit), and his father broke his arm when he said he didn't want to anymore.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Grandmother demands grandbabies or she will allow her daughter and son-in-law to suffocate in the sealed glass box she calls "the chamber of babies".

  • In 4chan's Reverse Chivalry storytime, the Order's inquisitorial division forces the main character's wife to have sex with him after several weeks of them "persuading" him, using the threat of killing everyone present at her mansion to make her comply.

    Western Animation 
  • In Futurama, the probe "V-Giny" forces Leela and Zap to have sex to reenact Adam and Eve.
  • In Steven Universe, fusion between gems, while not a direct metaphor for sex so much as a physical representation of a relationship, is also a physical act of extreme intimacy that emerges out of emotional closeness and ultimately produces a new being that is a mix of the two partners. It turns out that the Homeworld Gems have been conducting experiments fusing together shards of deceased gems, roughly equivalent to a mix of proxy rape and necrophilia.
    Garnet: Those gems weren't asked permission. Fusion is a choice. Those gems weren't given the choice. It isn't right! It isn't fusion!