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The ability to manipulate sound. In its most common form, sound is used as a concussive weapon that can do everything from knock people out to shattering concrete. But it can also take on more esoteric forms, like forcibly muting everything around the user or using it to accelerate healing.

This is often folded in with Master of Illusion, likely because non-harmful sound isn't perceived as "real" in the same way as tangible phenomena are.


Super-Trope to Make Me Wanna Shout. Compare and contrast Musical Assassin, Gale-Force Sound, and Magic Music. Users may have the ability to use a Brown Note.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Bleach: Kaname Tosen's zanpakuto has the ability to release a high-pitched tone that can overload the senses of anyone who hears it and knock them out. Additionally, his Ressurecion form has a move in which he fires sound-based concussive force.
  • In one chapter of Doraemon, the device of the day is a potion that "solidifies" one's voice. When Nobita shouts "Aaah", the letters AAA (in Japanese) flies out of his mouth. He has used it to shout at Giant and Suneo, knocking them out, as well as shouting towards walls to make the solid voice bounce off towards himself, giving him the ability to fly.
  • Fairy Tail: Cobra originally could only use Sound Magic to function as a form of Telepathy, but after sacrificing one of his eyes in the anime he was able to enhance it to the point he can absorb and amplify sound waves into walls of concussive force to blast foes or act as improvised shields.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • In Diamond is Unbreakable, Koichi Hirose's Stands, Echoes ACT 1 and ACT 2, weaponize Written Sound Effects by writing them on/shooting them at targets, which are then affected by the onomatopoeia in some way. For ACT 1, the sound the onomatopoeia makes is repeated on the object it's attached to, while ACT 2 makes the effect of the onomatopoeia happen to the object it's attached tonote .
    • In Steel Ball Run, Sandman's Stand, In A Silent Way, has the basic ability of "storing" sounds in objects. These sounds then affect people who touch the objects. He offensively uses it by storing hazardous sounds in things and setting traps with themnote . In A Silent Way can also make physical constructs out of sound.
  • In My Hero Academia, Jiro's Quirk, "Earphone Jack", allows her to painfully project the sound of her heartbeat inside things she sticks the jacks on her earlobes into. When plugged into the speakers of her costume, she can project this into the air and ground with earth-shattering force.
    • Present Mic's Quirk, "Voice", allows him to amplify the loudness of his own voice. It can be an absolutely devastating Quirk when used right, with him being able to blow out people's eardrums, destroy bodies and shatter concrete through carefully controlled vibrations, and create sonic booms that level everything in their path.
  • In One Piece, Rocinante (aka "Corazon") has a Devil Fruit power that lets him silence sounds and voices. He can either project a field where no sound gets in or out, or makes anything he touches into producing no sound/voice, including a bazooka and its projectile's explosion.

    Comic Books 
  • During the time she lost her Canary Cry, the Black Canary used bombs that could emit powerful sonic frequencies. Her depiction in Injustice 2 has her using these weapons in conjunction with her signature Canary Cry.
  • Cyborg's signature weapon in his sonic cannon, which fires a beam of concussive sound waves.
  • Warcry from DC's second Electric Warriors title can manipulate sound, usually making concussive blasts in battle. Outside of it, he can covertly eavesdrop on conversations through walls by amplifying muffled speech until it's clear and audible.
  • Klaw, a villain who is primarily an enemy of the Fantastic Four and the Black Panther, is a being made of solid sound energy which he can channel through his Arm Cannon to create sonic blasts or constructs of sound energy.
  • All three versions of the DC villain Sonar have this. The first version was a Green Lantern villain named Bito Wladon whose Sonic Scepter allowed him to absorb sound energy for flight and sonic blasts. The second version was a Doom Patrol villain who fought with a sonic scream. The third version, who is implied to be the original's son, was a Cyborg who was enhanced with sound technology.
  • Vibe, a member of the Justice League, has the power to project sonic shock waves from his hands that can shatter concrete and steel. Later versions of his character turned it into straight-up manipulation of vibrations, allowing him to start earthquakes that can level mountains and even mess with the fabric of reality.
  • Cyclone a member of the Justice Society of America has aerokinesis that also allows her to manipulate sound waves.
  • The titular character of The Silencer has the ability to generate a "Zone of Silence" around herself that completely smothers any sound within, allowing her to silently take down her many targets. She can also apply it to a bullet for long-range assassinations.
  • Spider-Man villain Clayton Cole, a.k.a. Clash, is a self-proclaimed "Superstar of Sound", allowing him to torture Spidey with painful sound waves without causing damage to their surroundings. But he can still demolish walls and even bring down buildings with his sonic pulse generators.
  • Teen Titans: The brothers Thunder and Lightning can control two aspects of a thunderstorm. Lightning can control lightning bolts while Thunder can generate powerful blasts of sound that he can control to varying degrees.
  • Songbird of the Thunderbolts was formerly Screaming Mimi, who had traditional sonic powers. After her lover, Angar the Screamer (whose screams could induce hallucinations) died, she screamed so loud that she essentially melted a forest and blew her throat out. Zemo recruited her and gave her a harness that turned her screams into energy constructs, using technology pirated from the supervillain Klaw, who does the same. Of course, Klaw was not thrilled to learn of this theft... Later on, in the New Thunderbolts title, Songbird temporarily lost her powers while using them to hold up the UN building, but eventually got her voice back.
  • X-Men: Banshee can manipulate sound in several ways. In addition to the standard sonic scream, he can also "tighten" sound around him to create a barrier, use sonar, and change the tones of his voice to make it more persuasive and subtly influence people.

    Fan Works 
  • In Amazing Fantasy, Clash is supplied with the equipment of the original Clash by Mysterio. As the leader of Mysterio's Enforcers, she uses it to perform hits on those who fail to pay Mysterio back for using his equipment, silencing the area to prevent outside interference before making her foes bleed from their eyes, ears, and nose with painful sound waves.
  • This is what Sean Cassidy's mutant power turns out to be in Child of the Storm. What was originally a simple case of Make Me Wanna Shout has now become full-blown sound-wave manipulation. On top of his cannonical powers of flight and creating sonic waves, he can, among other things, hit the frequency resonance of absolutely anything (the results of that are liquified Hydra agents) and can silence the sound around him for perfect stealth.
  • Equestria Girls: Friendship Souls: Sternritters "E - The Echo" and "O - The Octave" have powers around the manipulation of sound, but in different ways. The Octave generates sound to then control as needed, while the Echo senses and affects all existing sound around its user who can also then increase the reverberation of that sound to any degree they want. This makes The Echo less suited for direct combat, but more useful for spying and reconnaissance.
  • Codex Equus:
    • As an Alicorn god of Music, Blue Suede Heartstrings can use sonokinetic magic, which allows him to manipulate sounds in general. He can unleash powerful, disorienting screams, induce vertigo in his opponents, hypnotize people with his singing, create violent earthquakes by sending powerful soundwaves through the ground, making powerful shockwaves to damage and blow back enemies, creating sound-based illusions, and nullifying sound indefinitely either to mask his own presence or make someone unable to create sounds of their own, effectively making them deaf and mute. However, Blue loathes using the latter ability as it robs them of their ability to listen to (and enjoy) his music. His entry notes that since his sonokinetic magic can be used without relying on his magitech guitar, he can still have an advantage should he lose his guitar somehow.
    • Bossa Nova Heartstrings is another Alicorn god of Music, and due to sharing the domain of Music with his twin brother, Blue Suede Heartstrings, he can also wield sonokinetic magic. Bossa Nova's entry notes that much of his capabilities are more or less the same, including hypnotizing and lulling people to sleep with his singing voice, creating shockwaves, unleashing powerful and disorienting screams, and nullifying sound indefinitely.
    • Prince Healing Song, as an Alicorn god of Music, can wield sound magic, though as is the case with his Magic Music, he mostly focuses on the supportive aspects of it. He can nullify sound indefinitely for stealth, or amplify existing sounds and/or alter them to make new ones so he could distract his enemies. He has a beautiful singing voice that, thanks to his domain, allows him to calm agitated listeners and lull his targets to sleep.
  • In Change Happens Over Time, Seismic, Starscream's ward, has audiokinesis.
  • The Legend of Genji: The webcomic introduces a new subset of airbending called "soundbending", which involves manipulating air currents to muffle or amplify soundwaves. It was invented by Ikki during her time with the Republic City Orchestra. She also passed down the ability to her son Songtai.
  • Phantastical Boundaries: Kiki Setsuko, introduced at the end of Stage 1 and in the omake for "Charming Domination", is a long-lived Oni with the ability to manipulate the very concept of sound. This allows her to steal most sounds across Gensokyo to fuel her "party of remembrance", generate sound-wave danmaku with a punch, create literal thunderclaps that's followed by lightning, and forcibly stop the beating of a heart; she nearly killed Reimu with that last ability her had conscience decided against angering Yukari.

  • In Fate/Apocrypha, Astolfo's La Black Luna is a horn that can produce a massive sound that is akin to "the roar of a dragon, the cry of a giant bird, and the neighing of a divine horse". This is powerful enough to pulverize people's skeletons into dust and renders all targets deaf from the noise.
  • Wild Cards:
    • Howler, whose voice became enhanced through the infection with the eponymous Wild Card virus. He could produce a range of effects from basic sonic blasts to large-area voice projections to resonance-carried demolitions (selective enough to break walls without shattering nearby windows).
    • Drummer Boy, who survived the same virus but suffered highly visible mutations. He has six arms, his elongated torso features a set of six membranes and his neck boasts 2 additional side mouths. As his chosen moniker suggests, he uses these features to play himself as a percussion set in a band. Similar to the Howler, he can both amplify the volume to become debilitating and project destructive (up to lethal level) sonic resonances.
  • Worm:
    • Screamer: sound manipulator with total control over all sounds within her power's area of effect. She can e.g. suppress all verbal communication in the area or make people literally hear voices. The cape name came from the simplest application of the power — projecting a debilitating scream to everybody in the area, although not truly up to Make Me Wanna Shout volumes.
    • Canary, a supernaturally talented singer. Her superpower is to influence and control all who hear her song in both emotions and actions to an extreme degree, e.g. overriding self-preservation instincts.
    • Skitter can use the swarms of insects under her control to produce drowning amounts of noise and to simulate speech.
    • Grue's darkness projection has sound suppression as one of its secondary effects.
    • Triumph has sonic blasts as part of his Combo Platter Powers.

    Live Action Film 

    • Toa of Sonics, who can manipulate sound in a variety of ways.
    • Kohrak-Kal of the Bohrok-Kal could also manipulate sound in various ways. When it underwent a Super-Power Meltdown, its sonic powers eventually vibrated its body to the just the right frequency that caused it to forcibly disassemble.
    • Makuta have this as part of their power set, which is divided into three "separate" powers: The ability to manipulate sound offensively, the ability to remove all sound from a target or area, and a "power scream" move with enough force to shatter solid stone.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Ars Magica: The Imaginem magical form manipulates the five senses, including sound. Practitioners can create, control, or suppress sound in an area or around specific targets; this can be as blatant as trapping someone's voice in a sack, or as subtle as modifying the voice to sound especially noble and authoritative.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Most sound-creating spells are either of the Make Me Wanna Shout variety or illusions, which usually affect other senses as well. Depending on the edition, listeners have a chance to disbelieve auditory illusions and tune them out.
    • The "Control Sound" Psychic Power lets the user suppress, amplify, or replace any one sound or related combination of sounds in the area of effect.
    • The Boring, but Practical "Silence" spell suppresses all sound in an area. It serves as the poor man's Anti-Magic, since it makes Magical Incantations impossible. It has the extra benefit of making the area immune to sonic damage.
  • Mage: The Awakening: Mages can train in the Arcanum of Forces to manipulate sound and other forms of energy. At the most basic level, they can displace sounds from their source; more advanced Forces spells can selectively control all sound in an area or around specific targets.

    Video Games 
  • In Cadence of Hyrule, Green Wizzrobe's projectiles silence the music when they hit the player, making it harder to stay on beat.
  • Crimson Sea takes this in a mystical direction with Neo-Psionics, near-magical powers which stem from manipulating resonant sound frequencies, usually taking the form of some kind of concussive blast. They can also provide status buffs or affect the battlefield in some form.
  • In Crypt Of The Necrodancer, getting hit with the Banshee boss's attack mutes the music for a few seconds, forcing the player to rely on the beat meter to keep time.
  • DOTA 2:
    • Silence is a Status Effect which prevents the use of active skills while also disabling any active channeling abilities. It does not, however, disrupt passive effects or any non-channeling skills that are already active. Several heroes have access to Silence in various forms. A rarer status effect, Mute, has a similar effect in that it disables the use of items.
    • Naturally, Silencer uses this as his stock and trade. His Ultimate ability, Global Silence, comes with an Interface Screw on top of applying Silence to every enemy unit on the field, as all in-game sound is muffled for the affected players for the duration.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim there is the dragon shout throw voice, which is very useful for distracting enemies when sneaking around.
  • Fate/Grand Order
    • Tristan's "arrows" are actually magical sonic attacks from his bow, Failnaught. In addition to acting as invisible homing arrows that are difficult to dodge and even harder to intercept, he can have their effects linger to create traps, entrapping foes in a web of invisible snares before tearing them to pieces all at once. This is depicted in his Noble Phantasm animation, where he wraps his opponent in sonic strings to prevent them from dodging his strongest shot.
    • Berserker of El Dorado leads the Amazons in a powerful war cry that greatly increases their fighting strength. It takes Astolfo's La Black Luna to dispel it.
  • Silence is a Status Effect across the Final Fantasy series, preventing the afflicted from casting spells by rendering them mute.
  • In League of Legends, Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath's Feral Scream is powered by "451 Exawatt Omnisonic Speakers" mounted on its back.note 
  • Mega Man:
    • In Mega Man (Classic), Shade Man's special weapon is the Noise Crush, which fires off a sound wave that bounces off objects to hit additional targets. His NetNavi counterpart in Mega Man Battle Network shares this ability.
    • Vulturon from Mega Man ZX Advent attacks with sound waves from strumming his guitar, which take the form of Razor Wind or a sound barrier around his body that can both block projectiles and be used to help him ram into his targets as he flies at them. He can even send them into the ground to raise junk zombies.
  • In Memoria Freese, Alfia's first magic, "Satanas Verion", is a sonic attack powerful enough to easily defeat all of the Ganesha Familia's strongest members at the same time. Its overwhelming power is only matched by its incredibly short single-word chant, making it nearly impossible to stop.
  • Siren Grenades from The Persistence manipulate sound to fool enemies into thinking they are a vulnerable bit of prey hiding out. Instead, once enemies enter proximity, they explode in a thunderous burst of noise.
  • Pokémon:
    • There are multiple sound-based moves;this is a list of them.
    • The ability "Punk Rock" increases the sound-based attacks oft the by 30% and halves damage from sound-based moves.
  • Street Fighter:
    • Guile's moves consist of sonic energy. His two main special attacks involve throwing his arms quickly and creating a sonic projectile and somersaulting with sonic energy.
  • In Warframe, Banshee is a Warframe focused around manipulating sound, rendering her weapons and the surrounding area silent to disorient her foes and pick them off one by one. Her Sonar ability uses echolocation to expose weak points on her enemies' bodies, while her Sonic Boom and Sound Quake abilities push back foes with bursts of sound powerful enough to create earthquakes.

    Western Animation 
  • Batman Beyond villain Shriek uses his sound manipulation tech to try and convince Bruce that he was hearing voices and going insane. He can use the same technology to stimulate pleasure centers of the brain with vibrations, drive animals berserk with a special frequency only they can hear, and track someone by cancelling out all sounds but their footsteps. When that fails, he often goes the conventional route of pummeling Batman with concussive blasts of sound.
  • MP4orce hero Reverb describes his force constructs in virtual form as being made of sound.
  • Teen Titans: Like his comic counterpart, Thunder can generate sonic blasts.
  • W.I.T.C.H.: On at least two occasions, Hay Lin used her power over air to hear sounds from a long distance.

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