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FE000000 is an Idle Game by Dan Simon released in 2020. The main objective is earning stars, with the first generator producing stars and later ones producing generators one level below them. Every generator purchased for stars adds a multiplier to production. There's not much to it initially, but you soon unlock new mechanics like sacrifice, prestige, infinity, and challenges to name just a few, with the game ending once you complete 16 goals related to them.

It is available on Github.

Compare Antimatter Dimensions, which inspired a lot of the game's mechanics.

This game provides examples of:

  • Ability Required to Proceed: Just like Eternity Challenge 4 in Antimatter Dimensions, this game's Eternity Challenge 4 requires you to perform zero Infinities in order to pass the final completion, requiring the ability to passively generate infinity points (which is obtained from getting 24 Eternity Challenge completions here).
  • A.I.-Generated Economy: You can buy slow autobuyers that trigger every 16 seconds for Stars and unlock fast autobuyers that trigger every tick by beating challenges. They can be turned off or have their frequency adjusted.
  • All the Worlds Are a Stage: Infinity Challenge 1 has the restrictions of Normal Challenges 2 to 7 and a goal of 1.798e308 stars.
  • Cap:
    • All of the "start with a resource based on eternities" Eternity Milestones have a hard cap that never increases (3.403e38 for stars and infinity points, 256 for infinities).
    • Study 7 is capped at a 1.845e19 multiplier. It's removed once you get the "3 * 7 * 11" complexity achievement later in the game.
    • The eternity power extra multiplier caps at 3, based on complexity stars and time spent in complexity.
    • It's impossible to get more than 9.647e8.473e13 stars, as the multiverse will collapse at this point.
  • Challenge Run: Almost every reset tier has challenges that have a specific goal that has to be reached under a restriction for a reward. Normal Challenges require 1.158e77 stars to infinity, Infinity Challenges have a variable star goal for each, Eternity Challenges can be beaten four times each with an increasing Infinity Points goal, and Complexity Challenges can be beaten as many times as possible with an increasing star goal (the reward increases with each completion for the latter two types and based on complexity stars for the last one).
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Normally buttons for tabs are gray, but some of them are colored to make them more noticeable. You can make them duller, use redshift or blueshift options, or turn them off entirely.
    • Main and Autobuyers: Yellow (pink if redshifted, cyan if blueshifted)
    • Anything related to Infinity: Magenta (cyan if redshifted, yellow if blueshifted)
    • Anything related to Eternity: Cyan (yellow if redshifted, magenta if blueshifted)
    • Studies: Green (red if redshifted, dark blue if blueshifted)
    • Eternity Producer: Lavender (snowy mint if redshifted, salmon if blueshifted)
    • Chroma: Orange
    • Anything related to Complexity: Maroon (blueberry if redshifted, sage if blueshifted)
    • Powers and Galaxies: Most of the previous colors
    • Anything related to Finality: Gold
  • Diminishing Returns for Balance: Normal generator multipliers are reduced after 2.049e161,614,248x. Given a multiplier x, let y be log(x, 2.049e161,614,248). x is reduced to 2.049e161,614,248^(y^(y^-0.00781)). Red chroma raises the softcap once you start producing it, though.
  • Double Unlock: To unlock an Eternity Challenge, you have to both reach a number of some resource (stars, boosts, prestige power, etc.) and spend a few unspent theorems. There's a very useful Complexity Achievement ("Broke every stone") that removes both the resource and theorem needs entirely.
  • Early Game Hell: The first few prestiges of a layer tend to be the most painful, as many of the conveniences don't appear until more prestiges.
  • Easy Level Trick: To beat Infinity Challenge 1, you need to manage the 343 purchasables limit carefully and prestige only when you need to... Or just buy a few generator 1s and wait since Normal Challenge 3's gradual multiplier that carries over here will eventually exponentiate past the e308 mark. That said, as it only doubles every 256 seconds, it will take somewhere between a few hours to a day to finish it this way.
  • Effortless Achievement: Just like Antimatter Dimensions, the first row of achievements involves just buying one of each generator, which takes nothing more than time to build things up, and unlike its inspiration is even more effortless due to not having a Dimension Shift equivalent needed for unlocking generators 5-8.
  • Exact Words: The Complexity Achievement "Thousand-theorem Twilight" requires you to be in Complexity Challenge 4 and get 3.374e34524 Eternity Points without buying any theorems. This only refers to buying theorems via clicking the buy button or the theorem autobuyer, you are allowed to buy studies and get theorems from other means (Boost power, Eternity Challenges, Complexity Challenge 6, and Theorems carried over from "On The Other Side".)
  • Export Save: You can export the 4KB+ save file into the clipboard or have it appear in a window and paste it into the game. There's also the option of having the game remind you to export every x seconds.
  • "Help! Help! Trapped in Title Factory!": One of the news tickers reads "help im trapped in a news ticker factory".
  • Infinite: The game defines infinity as 1.158e77, or 2^256 (so ^0.25 of the infinity you'd normally see). At the point you have that many stars you can do the first Infinity reset, but as expected, it can be broken by beating all 12 normal challenges.
  • Loads and Loads of Loading: Depending on how many ticks of offline progress you've made, the game will spend some time simulating them. The time for how long it loads depends on how strong the CPU is and how far you've progressed, though it's likely to take at least a few minutes if you set the limit to 1.049e6. Still, to prevent offline progress from taking too long, you can get at most 1024 powers in a single tick.
  • Loophole Abuse: After your first Eternity/Complexity/Finality, your best course of action is to immediately perform Normal Challenge 12, which disables all Infinity Generators. Since you don't have any Infinities nor Infinity Generators until you get back to your first Infinity again, that disadvantage is immediately nullified.
  • Ludicrous Precision: You can set up to 10 digits shown after the point. However, 3 digits of precision for most values and 5 for some which are generally better when shown more precisely are more than enough.
  • New Game Plus: Quite a few tiers of them.
    • Firstly, once you have 3.403e38 stars, you can Prestige to lose all generators and the sacrifice multiplier, but all multipliers are improved.
    • Slightly later, once you have 1.158e77 stars, you can perform an Infinity to gain infinity points and spend them on infinity generators that produce infinity stars that multiply all normal generators by their amount^0.5 (their power can be upgraded, though), but you lose the sacrifice and prestige multipliers, all generators, and currently owned infinity stars.
    • After a while, once you have 1.158e77 infinity points, you can perform an Eternity to gain eternity points and spend them on eternity generators that produce eternity stars that multiply normal and infinity generators as well as raise their multipliers exponentially, but you lose all things normally lost upon an infinity reset, infinity generators, normal and infinity challenge completions, and currently owned eternity stars (some of these are mitigated by eternity milestones).
    • Much later, once you have 2.004e19278 eternity points, you can perform a Complexity to gain complexity points and spend them on complexity generators that produce complexity stars that make complexity challenges' rewards stronger (and you gain access to them if this is the first reset of this type), but you lose everything that's normally lost upon an eternity reset, eternity generators, eternity challenge completions, permanence upgrades, and chroma.
    • Much later again, once you have 2.004e19728 complexity points, you can perform a Finality to gain finality points and spend them on finality generators that produce finality stars that multiply non-finality generators and finality shards to spend on upgrades, but you lose everything that's normally lost upon a complexity reset, complexity challenges, complexity achievements, powers, and galaxies (some of these are mitigated by finality milestones).
  • Not-Actually-Cosmetic Award: Every achievement gives a small reward that multiplies all generators, chroma buildup speed, power gain speed, and galaxy effect buildup speed. You can turn them off if you somehow think that ruins the game.
  • Rainbow Text: Names of colors in the chroma tab and their effects are written in their respective colors, unlike most other text which is white, or black if you're using light mode.
  • Reset Milestones: Both Eternity and Finality have sixteen milestones that are unlocked for resetting that layer enough times (the former has to be done 16 times for all benefits, while the latter needs to be done 64 times). They provide improved starts, feature autobuyers/autounlockers, and for the final Finality Milestone, Complexity Point generation.
  • Shout-Out: One of the news messages reads "Star Trek: The Next Generators".
  • Skill Point Reset: You can respec studies while performing an eternity reset. It's useful since theorems are a limited resource and every one of them bought adds 2 to the price of studies in the other two rows and may need to be re-applied when you unlock the fourth row anyway.
  • Strategy Guide: The game links to a guide that details an optimal way to progress through the game which is divided into sections. It's thourough for every section, though it has been written before achievements began boosting stuff.
  • Title by Number: FE000000 is actually 2.008e19728, which is the number of eternity points for a complexity and complexity points for a finality. You can see it with the Hex notation.
  • The Very Definitely Final Dungeon: With a name like Finality, getting the achievement "Nearing the end" after performing it for the first time, reaching the star cap before it, and having golden buttons, you know that you're in the last stretch of the game from this layer onwards.
  • A Winner Is You: All you get for accomplishing all 16 goals are the words "You have won the game! Congratulations!"