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Video Game / The Incrementreeverse

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The tree (not shown: rest of row 2 and lower rows).

The Incrementreeverse is an Idle Game by pg132 released in 2020 which is a Game Mod of Prestige Tree. Initially, there's one node that produces a resource called "Incrementy", which is spent on additional upgrades towards Incrementy production, but you quickly unlock other nodes that reset it while granting new resources. Can you unlock all 16 layers?

This game provides examples of:

  • All the Worlds Are a Stage: The Banned challenge in the Boson node combines all three previous Boson challenges (that said, the effects of the third one are kinda superfluous with the second).
  • Challenge Run: There are several challenges where you have to reset and reach a certain point requirement without something or under a significant profit reduction which show on a lot of nodes (antimatter, matter, quarks, etc.).
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  • Export Save: You can export the 5KB+ savefile into the clipboard and paste it into a window that pops up.
  • Game Mod: This is a mod for Prestige Tree, with more linear ways of unlocking stuff and a weirder tree.
  • New Game+: Again, there are times where you have to reset all previous tiers to progress, but they're not that frequent (most of row 3 lacks such a thing, but row 4 has shards reset everything up to row 3).
  • Rhyme Theme Naming: Most upgrades follow a two-rhyme scheme, like Cache - Cash, Faze - Phase, Kernel - Colonel, etc.


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