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Go To is a Real-Time Strategy Web Game, created by Matej Strnad in 2018. It is deceptively simple: you just click on the hexes next to those you already own, and they soon get taken over, at which point you get to do it again. The more hexes you own around one to be captured, the faster the process happens. There are also towers to construct, and a few special hexes with their bonuses. Still, simple, right?

Of course, this is an .io Game, and so there are multiple players trying to do the exact same thing. Moreover, they are also trying to reach your capital, knowing that you'll immediately lose as a result, so you'll soon have to learn to defend and counter-attack. You may protect yourself from a nearby player through sending an alliance request, but even if it works, you can't be in alliances with more than two players at once, and if you happen to be allied with neighbours who essentially enclose you, then you have no way to expand while they, or yet another player, will make their way towards a 500-hex victory condition.


Tropes present in

  • Capital Offensive: Taking over another player's capital city immediately ends the game for them, and converts all their hexes of territory to that of the capturing player.
  • Cheap Gold Coins: Averted. It costs a 1000 gold coins to build a defensive fortification, which is not far off, given the actual value of gold at the time. Taking over territories only gives exactly 50 coins as well.
  • Counter Attack: Enemy offensives on your hexes can be repelled, but this generally requires to have a larger number of hexes surrounding the place in question than the enemy player does.
  • Easy Logistics: A minor example: taking over territory gets easier in direct proportion to how many more hexes of territory you have next to it. Since the game appears to be set in the early medieval period or thereabouts, that implies a notable amount of coordination amongst neighbouring territories, which all have to raise troops and march at exactly the same time.
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  • Fog of War: Drawn as a thick layer of clouds all over the territory too far away from yours. As you take over new hexes, it'll start shrinking, of course. Taking over mountains in particular will make it recede faster.
  • Geo Effects: Besides the capital, there are several special hexes in the game. Towers are player-constructed improvements that make a hex much harder to take over, but they cost a whole 1000 coins, so only a few can ever be constructed. Forests need to be cut down before a tower can be placed there, but they provide coins when they are cut down. Mountains take longer to take over than the other territory, and dispel Fog of War to a greater extent than a normal cell, but it is impossible to build a tower there. Towns provide a whole 400 coins when they are taken over, and convert the surrounding territory to your side as well. Water hexes are completely useless and simply provide hard barriers.
  • Instant-Win Condition: The round ends as soon as one player manages to gain 500 hexes.
  • No Plot? No Problem!: Like in nearly every .io Game, the history behind these city states and the reasons for their conflict do not exist, and are not very relevant.
  • Salt the Earth: The battles in the game certainly appear to happen in this manner. Whenever you take over a non-capital city/town, represented by the tent icon, you'll gain a whole 400 coins, and take over all the surrounding territory as well. However, the town will disappear as well. If a town appears on your territory, the best thing to do is to again remove it (clicking on it will literally have an axe icon), which again gives gold and takes over any hostile or unaligned territory within a single tile radius around it. Otherwise, an enemy could take over a nice chunk of your territory in this manner as well.
    • Equally, the only thing to do with the woods on your territory is to cut them down, gaining coins and clearing the space to construct defensive fortifications.
  • Skeleton Motif: When a player quits the game in progress, all of their territory gets greyed-out, and every hex gets a skull icon on it. You can still take over all of that "zombie" territory by reaching the capital.


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