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Video Game Systems

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General-purpose home computer systems, and the various systems created for the express purpose of playing electronic games. This includes attachable accessories, such as the Game Genie.

See also How Video Game Specs Work (which includes computer software like DOS, Windows, and UNIX), The History of Video Games for consoles by generation, and the Console Wars, the Computer Wars, and the PC vs. Console Wars for the different battles of each generation.

Virtual Reality systems, both for games and other media, are mirrored in the Virtual Reality Index.

The Platforms page lists platforms more broadly.

Systems by company:

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    3DO (Three-Dee-Oh) 

    Acorn Computer 


    Apple Computer 









    General Consumer Electronics 
  • 1982 — Vectrexnote 



  • TBA — Intellivision Amiconote 


  • 1991 — Linux note 

    LJN Toys 




  • 1981 — PC-88
  • 1982 — PC-98
  • 1987 — TurboGrafx-16
    • 1988 — TurboGrafx-CDnote 
  • 1994 — PC-FX



    Oculus VR 

  • 2013 — OUYAnote 






  • 1990 — Neo Geo AES
    • 1994 — Neo Geo CDnote 
  • 1998 — Neo Geo Pocket




    Texas Instruments 

    Tiger Electronics 

    Tiger Telematics 


    VM Labs 


    Multi-platform devices 

    Digital Distribution 


  • DOSBox
  • MAME
  • MESS
  • RetroArchnote 
  • ScummVMnote 
  • Winenote